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That's right. It's Spain and fit sarahspain Jason Fitz on ESPN radio ESPN app and Sirius XM channel eighty ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. And NFL rumor mill continues to turn about a bunch of big name wide receivers about guys who are in the combine looking to get drafted quarterback on the move. And to get more information on all of it. We'll head to the shell Pennzoil performance where ESPN dot com senior NFL writer. Mike Sando joins us before we get to some of the other more breaking news. You had a story up in which you said, I can't imagine there being a worse year for free agency. Explain. Yeah. I think teams have gotten was a quote from fern office person in the league this looking at the last actually had list in front of me. And I was talking to people at the combine, and that was sort of a gut reaction. I think teams have done a better job of, you know, restarting their their guys. And so, yeah, you're just with between the franchise tag and the resigning 's I'm you're just not looking at a great group. So Mike, what do you do with that in a world where there are several teams in the NFL this year upwards of seventy million dollars in available cap money. Well, there's a couple of ways look at the cap money. Number one is it's not necessarily an authorization or a mandate spend cash and number two note all cap spaces created the same because some teams through rolling over unused space from previous. Here's how space, but they also have a lot of money committed. So like the colts and the jets both have around one hundred million dollars cap space, but the colts have way more cash committed next year. There's there's less of an expectation. They're going to be a big spender. You're just not going to spend as much money as you possibly. Can. It doesn't happen. The jets on the other hand could be a more active team. So, you know, it's interesting watch teams like the Rams, you know, the Rams are very interesting to me because like they were they were active in the veteran player market last year without being active in free agency. So they're trading for Marcus Peters, right there signing Sube nominee to who's been cut their trading for Brandin cooks. So like a team like that. That has Donna consumed come off the books issue. It's a fourteen million dollar slot. So are they, you know, going to be looking to acquire a player who fits into that those types of things to look for because there really aren't a lot of great players. You know, that are just going to be unrestricted free agents talking to NFL writer, Mike Sando you can follow him at Sando ESPN on Twitter. If you combine the top three agents, that's like levian bell. And then guys looking to be traded or who might be traded like Beckham junior. We're Antonio Brown. Do you think it helps the fact that they've got this potentially? Some question marks around them about their their desire to play diva behavior, etc. To think it helps the teams either trying to trade them require them that there aren't that many other big name game changers out there? You know? I think it does. And also helps is a are there any desperate Enes out there? There's degrees of desperation. But, you know, the jets situation with their GM, you know, you know, being up against a little bit this year. That's one. I don't think the forty Niners are in trouble like their coach GM are going lose their jobs. But I think there's been some big mutations that weren't built there. So Garoppolo is gonna come back, and it's really going to be important for everybody there. They have a good year. So, you know, that's a team called desperate or hungry or whatever. But I think there's going to be real pressure to win their those with the factors. I think that can drive. The some of the bigger numbers in free agency. So we're talking to Mike Sando on the shell Pennzoil performance on ESPN dot com. Senior NFL writer, Mike when you think about a old L Beckham junior in Antonio Brown. Both have you been able to sort of figure out what the trade value should be for those types of players. Yeah. For Beckham, there's L real impetus for the giants to get rid of them. You know, there's there's no conflict like there is with uncomfortable situation. So I think they've got to get a huge hall to move in on. They've signed him relatively recently. Yeah. You know, there's been some swear. He was a distraction, but for the most part no-one feigns a bad guy or he's ruining the locker room. You know, he's exactly what you want on your team star playmaker. So I think the price there you've got to go, you know, more than a first round pick. Right. It's got to be a couple of them. It's going to be a player involved to me. Someone just gotta blow away the giants for Antonio Brown. I feel like the price is lower. And I mean, they they sort of have to get rid of them. And they've doubled down their support for Ben Rothlisberger whose relationship with Tonio Brown. Obviously isn't great. So, you know, maybe they try to get a first, but are lucky to get a second. If they do get a I do they have to give up something with him, you know, to sort of lower that price. And then you see that where? Yeah, we got a first round pick for Antonio Brown. And they don't really mentioned that we gave back third or fourth. I think those the price for him would be lower. ESPN dot com. Senior NFL writer Mike Sando on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Landon Collins really surprising that the giants didn't franchise tag and hang onto him. He's a three time pro bowler only twenty five when teams are looking at him. Are they just assuming that Gettleman and the giants don't know what they're doing or have some secret plan or do they assume that there's something wrong with this guy that we don't know about? And that's why they let him walk. Well, I think no I think they look into it investigated and watch the tape. You know, I think that's that's the key evaluation. I don't think that there's any any hidden thing with Landon Collins, where he's, you know, somebody you don't want your team, they're making valuation with how much money it's gonna cost apparently in saying it's not worth putting on a tag. Well, I think there's other teams see a guy who's you know, in his mid twenties. And yes, he's not a multidimensional safety. Who's going to run side is inside thank coverage, but for a specific role. I think teams are going to like him. I think you could. Easily. See, you know, that's the type that. He's he would he say ideal type of guy you want to start him because he's young. So I'd be watching for him to have a good market. Wouldn't be surprised if a if a, you know on the come rising team is trying to improve on defense like the coal. You know, we're we're involved with him. But we'll just have to wait and see Mike. Is there anybody that stands out to you that you think is going to be particularly active next week when everything gets rolling? Yeah. To me. I think I mentioned the jets. I think there's an impetus there to stands. So they're an obvious one. San Francisco, I mentioned, I think has the motivation this year to do it. And like you said the Rams are intriguing to me because they're always up to something. I think they're going to try to work system. They ended up coming out of last year's frenzy with two complex this year. Which is usually what you get for not being active yet. They were as active anybody, so always looked to see them. And I kind of a wildcard team that doesn't have it hasn't had the great cap space, but has always sort of found a way to do something. I think Philly's interesting not huge spending screed, but they could be they could do something that, you know, catches your attention quickly before we let you go Santa. We're talking to Mike Sando. He can follow him at Santo ESPN on Twitter it Spain in fits does. The fact that there are fewer free agents big free agents out there is that is that any way possible going to change draft day in terms of teams needing to make more deals too. Get things done than they can just go out on the free agency market and get them. You mean making deals around the draft like trading draft picks, get guys. Yeah. I think so. And the thing that's happened is essentially doesn't seventeen those compensatory picks. They ended up thirty two every year, you can trade them. So I think that is also feeding the increase in activity, and you know, there's a few younger jeans. I think we were just more open to doing that sort of thing. So yeah, I think I think the NFL opened for business, and we have focused so much on free agency free agency for injury. But there's other ways to get players. It's it's not discrepancy and dragons moving those picks to get better and guys it's happened more widely. I think you're right. You're gonna see that again. Awesome steph. Appreciate the time. Mike. Thanks, mike. Thank you. Mike Sando brought to you by Pennzoil synthetics taking synthetic motor oil performance to a whole new level. Make the switch to Pennzoil synthetics today coming up on Spain and fits a great idea in the moment, or maybe it was the plan all along find out next fainting fits on ESPN radio. So when the af started we all. Chose a team based solely on name in my in my case uniform one player, you've heard of how'd you pick your team fits I do a weekly hit with my buddies Jason John on ninety two nine in Memphis. So about this half. No, well, just about sports in general. And so it was like, wow, you know, are invested that. No, no, no. We hang out friend yet. We hang out every Monday on their show and Memphis in in national have a lot of love. So it came down to Birmingham and Memphis for me because they they are the two closest teams to Nashville, and I pick Memphis because I love the Jason John. I love my guys. They got the wrong choice, though, Birmingham much better than Memphis at this point. I went with the Salt Lake stallions because it's a cool name, and we uniforms and helmets. I have no idea how they're doing. I can't name a player. I'm just people. Ask me that's my team. Now. That's how I went with it. But anyway, the has made some interesting headlines since the beginning one with some great ratings the first week to with the. Inability to meet payroll by the second week three with a. A millionaire billionaire stepping in to provide the money to keep them going and take over as the new chairman within the first couple weeks of it being in existence. And now we're hearing that the connection between the AFL and the NFL might not just be that. They're games around the NFL network might not just be that. If you're an af player who plays exceedingly. Well, you can get out of your contract. If you get an NFL one that's always been part of the deal. It's not just that. Now, we're hearing via Bill Polian that the NFL an af might be coming together to create sort of a feeder system that if you are an NFL team, and you've got maybe say a number three quarterback or some other players from the bottom half of the roster and developmental squads. And you want him to get some more reps. You can send him to af franchises in order to do. So now, this is not that surprising for those of us who have already seen the connections between the af and the NFL in ways that do not exist with other. Upstart leagues. This is never been a competitor to the NFL. It has always seemed like a partnership, but it is surprising fits if you try to dive in deep to the details of how you would accomplish having players be able to go back and forth. Here's the thing to me. I love the idea of a minor league. Feeding system for the NFL frankly is a fan of a team that usually stinks. It would lease give me hope because I could look at it and say, well, you know, what we've got a farm system that's coming up. And I I like some of the guys there, and we're about to get better. There's a lot that I like about it. But suddenly assigning the to that role makes no sense. Because one thing we have to keep in mind is that if they want to be a feeder system for the NFL, the NFL has got to be highly involved, and I don't just mean with the players. I mean with every element of it. I mean, isn't it the best way to start getting better qualified coaches to send coaches into an off season where they can coach they had back when they had the world league of American football like send NFL team, affiliated coaches down. And let them work with the talent. Let let teams feed the talent. Through having your own league. That's also a feeder to the other league doesn't make any sense. It's like the two teams, the two entities would have to work together in absolute harmony, and the NFL would have to dictate everything for this to make sense, the NFL would absolutely have to because think about it this way, you have a NFL coach who has been number of years at the professional level in in Fisher with the Rams who as soon as he was gone, and we got Sean McVay in there the quarterback Jared Goff takes massive step forward. And that's the difference between one professional NFL coach to another imagine sending a developing young quarterback down to the af entrusting that whoever's coaching down. There is going to give him the right habits is going to teach him the right way. I'm not saying that they wouldn't being be able to. But the idea that the NFL teams would trust their players down there with development with injury protection with the proper training staff with the number of reps. They're getting and there aren't enough teams yet. Now, let's say you decided, okay. We're not gonna sign one. Af team Porenta Felton. Instead, you're going to have you know, per division. Let's say you a four four so teams per af. Which developing guys get the reps. How many reps do they get if I've got a young running back? I don't want him to be run to death there. I want him to get the reps necessary to get better. But you know, who's drawing the line there? And who's looking out for the best interest is at the best interest of the team. They're on or the one they're going to go to later if they develop into a good player well into the end of the coaching, wouldn't you want values? Memphis is an example might single Terry is the head coach of the Memphis express. If we wanna feeder system where my where the the express meant to feed, let's say the entire AFC south or or the titans either way wouldn't you want coaches on that staff that are actually on the staff of those other teams like what I would want is my quarterbacks coach to go down and be an offensive coordinator, my offense, coordinator, go down and being head coach and let everybody sort of learned the processes in that other league since it's not taking place during the NFL season. Everybody get their opportunity that. Then a fulltime job. Right. One hundred percent. I mean, but that's the way that's the way you can look at it from a structure and say, okay as a raiders fan if the Reno raiders are -ffiliated with Vegas. Then all of a sudden, you're coaches, get better your players. Get better your practice squad gets reps. Now, it makes sense. But but having an unaffiliated af team from Arizona suddenly feed into the west coast teams that doesn't make any sense at all to me. Yeah. And listen it's Spain Jason Fitz Spain infants on ESPN radio the ESPN app and Sirius XM channel eighty we've sort of seen since the beginning that people are saying this could be a little bit like the NBA G league. This could be a little bit like a great place for people to earn a second chance. It's not even it's it's in some in some ways people would say, maybe better than the CFO. If you're trying to get that second chance, the problem is is that if it's not fully, it's it's not a fully fleshed at idea, if it's just well, we could get some agreement with the NFL where they. They can come up if they play well enough, or maybe we could send this player down from some reps. Like, you said if it's not fully agreed upon with coaching reps amount that they can hit each other training staffs. It's a disaster. It's ever going to have it reeks of desperation to me. Honestly rigs like they put a product up it's doing, okay. And now they're turning around. And they're saying, hey, NFL come bias come by us. We wanna make money and just fold ourselves into the NFL. It just feels like it feels so thirsty for attention. At this point. It feels like there's just looking for a big paycheck right now, they can get them out of wherever they are. And get them where they want to be. We don't they want names. They want more names that people are excited about because they're already attached to a team than you could say, okay, let's say you've got a guy who's the backup to drew Brees tastes them. Hell, right. He could be an alliance franchise QB for a year or two get some reps prove to people what he can do knowing that he's not gonna step up in place of drew Brees. But first of all what if he gets hurt? Right right in in a kind of meaningless af game. But at least in that case, there'd be a bunch of saints fans invested in seeing if this is going to be there next guy, and that's how it can help the af. But I don't know how much actually helps the NFL player. Well, absolutely. And you know, if the reps are what matter you need reps against great opponents, you need reps against great. You gotta get better practice, right? And one of the things we've heard a lot from af commentators is the backups. Don't get enough reps during the season. That's fine that I'll make sense, but I will go back to the first time ever went to the senior bowl down in mobile, Alabama. I was talking to one of the guys that works in scouting for another team and his comment about the coaching. That was being given at the senior bowl as man. I don't wanna see coaches work these kids. I just wanna see basic drills because I don't want a single minute of bad coaching from them. That's at the senior bowl. Imagine going to an AFC game. And watching coach from another team that you have no attachment to. And you just feel like he's ruining your your backup. Quarterback. I mean, these are the moments. That's why none of it works. The only part of it that works in any way, shape or form is getting a big old fat check in -ffiliated from the NFL. And if that's all you're going for from the af at least be transparent and just tell us that from the get-go instead of asking us to buy into something well on the part that would appeal to the NFL PA would be some extra paychecks for lower level NFL players, right? So they might get extra compensation. But what are the injury settlements are those handled by the NFL who has a lot more money or by the af right service time, a cruel. You have to think about that. How does that affect does? It affect them in any way at the NFL level until I think the issue like you said is it can't be a partial partnership and Bill Polian saying that the talks about trading players is ramping up. There could be a whole lot of conversations. This could have been the point from the start. And we're just going to hear about it when it's all done. But if not it's not going to be something that's going to happen overnight. And ultimately, I think if it does happen. It's going to happen. The way the NFL wants it to happen. And they're not gonna want to concede. Anybody else? Had a great idea. I just can't see the NFL coming in and saying, you know, what good work. We'll take it from here. They'd rather build it from scratch. Yeah. I mean, that's probably not going to happen. Although who who's to say who would be the mastermind behind this again, it might be the NFL, and maybe looking at college football and the need for another feeder system, eventually long-term down the road, it could replace it altogether. But I don't think so it's Spain and Jason Fitz coming up with collar Murray a bust at the NFL combine or not Charley Casserly first reported the critiques of Murray. And the former GM is going to join us to explain what was said. And why he believes the people who said it next. It's Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio ESPN app and Sirius XM channel eighty Sarah Spain and Jason Fitz. Lots of talk about the comments that Charley Casserly sourced out of the combine on Kyle marine. We're the bottom of it. Yes. PM radio's presented by progressive insurance with more than thirty unique coverage options available progressive, no. No small business. Learn more at progressivecommercial dot com. Happy welcome in former NFL GM, Charley Casserly on the shell Pennzoil performance on. You can see him now on the NFL network. Charlie we use apprised at the amount of pushback on the source comments about Kyla Marie? You shared the other day. Ovid supplies by it. I think it's a little bit non Newsday's. What happens? I guess. Itself. Because here's the thing. I mean, I've seen these things before. And I was quite surprised. Nobody else picked up on it to be honest with you. So the interview was five days ago. What would that being said, Charlie? I mean, you're a former NFL GM. So I found it interesting when you when you commented on leadership and study habits that were identified as a problem in the interview process you've been in a lot of these interviews, how do you identify that? When you're talking to a player in the room. Well, leadership is the mayor and presentation and study habits could be come from the interview and asking him sipping question about how he prepared for game and comments a person would meet now, here's the thing. Big picture is it's a fifteen minute interview. No team's gonna make a decision on a fifteen minutes interview. The point is he went in the multiple interviews and did not do. Well, that's that's the statement everything else after that. I don't know. Where you know, where would come from where he'll comments about a different things with me. The reality is that were following up with taping Allison of him. And how his skill set will transfer into any successful quarterback in the NFL nowhere in there that I say anything about my opinion of its ability. What I was doing was resenting with other people. So in the interview, which was a good interview talking to Charlie Casserly. You can follow him on Twitter at Charley Casserly, sources told him. That Cuyler Murray's interviews at the combine did not go. Well, multiple sources were there any concerns for you about alterior motives on behalf of your sources for this information, knowing what we know about how often things are said and passed on in order to help or hurt other teams zero because I know the sources that simple that's stuff about well. They're a set me up to say things to fact other teams. That's ridiculous. I know the people. I know I know how they think there's no question. They told me the truth zero question. So Charlie with that being said, we're talking to Charlie Casserly. You can check out the NFL networks. NFL free agent free agency frenzy. Coverage Sunday at one pm eastern when it kicks off when when you think about sort of the interview process versus the tape from a former GM standpoint, how do you wait if an interview goes poorly? What you saw during that fifteen minutes versus what you've seen when you break down the film on Kyla Murray. Well, the thing you have to understand is that the tape is ninety percent of the great. So that's the first thing. The interview is important. I mean, not gonna hire somebody while. But to combine interview is the beginning of the process if I was a team I would be spending released one whole day. Kyla Mauri at the school and the bring them into offices. So we'd have at least two days with him to do anything we wanted to. Although it's on the field in the classroom at cetera. So that that's the thing that is lost in this. This is only the beginning of the process. But what he does on the field is the most important thing right now you're trying to team you're trying to separate him Dwayne Haskins. I and maybe do quarterback. That's what you're trying to do between the three guys talking to former NFL GM, Charley Casserly on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Charlie knowing what we do about Cuyler Murray. A to sport drafted professional athlete guy who balanced those things at the Cleveland level. Atop system under Lincoln Riley. How surprised were you to be told that he didn't have good study habits and that the board work was bad? I was led to believe by somebody in baseball that he was not going to interview. Well, so when I got the reports it didn't surprise me based on that. I don't have an expectation about an interview if I haven't talked to anybody before him without him. So you know, when I was in the NFL before we did any interview we had a book on every guy going into it on questions. They ask them based on our sources in our research. So that's the way we approached it in the NFL now, I'm obviously not in the NFL more have access to that information. Charlie if you were the GM of the cardinals right now sitting with the first overall pick would you consider Kyla Murray? Or would you stick with with Rosen? Here's the way I'd approach. I would not trade rose. Let's start with that. I if if I teams berry, then I'd rath- Murray. I mean, Kingsbury is the creative mind that that's what these being sold as he is sold on Barry. I got that is terrific quarterback. When you watch the tape. Let's go if we're going to be creative, and you know, start a new trend in something or be a head of the curve. Let's go do it. But bows, and I took give him away for third round draft choice. I wouldn't do that throw outlast yet. If you look at God GOP didn't wanna games Lookie here. We didn't look very good. Get a better team. Maybe they gave us some players change, the coaches and all of a sudden gops a Pro Bowl player Rosen has talent. He was arguably the most talented player lashes right dropped because you know, of whether it's injury issues personality issues, but Kingsbury is is what they say is. He'll take Rosen making the player say so I wouldn't give away a quarterback. Nobody's guaranteed. Success? Murray's questionably body villain holding up. And I am sure canes very will design the right office forum. Stain infant sarahspain and Jason Fitz. Talking to former NFL GM, Charley Casserly, you can see him. Now on the NFL network, Charlie in more recent years, we've been a lot more upfront and open and having conversations about how African American quarterbacks might be judged or perceived differently especially during combine interviews in their prep for the NFL. What do you say to people who think that these comments from from those who met with Kyle Mary might have something to do with his race? It's a joke. If there's any truth to maybe viewing African American quarterbacks differently. We think that's something of the past only. I know who I talked to and I'll leave it attach. Okay. Yeah. Absolutely. Somebody wants to make an accusation. They need to point to the person and proved the accusation. Well. Zero zero truth. That's a joke. Even raise the question. Well, it's at least a conversation that's happening. And I think without making any implications or any accusations at all with the conversation being having happening. Raises twice the question raises an accusation. Well, no because it's not true. It does my point is I know who I talked to I guarantee you those people are colorblind. That's the answer. We're looking for them because we we are aware of the ways that perceptions can affect people even subconsciously how come and do you think it is Charlie for different teams to have completely different reactions at the same player. If we see the cardinals go ahead and take Calum Murray number one that that presumes that his interviews felt very different to them than those who thought he'd tanked him. Well. Well, I think if they take them number one it's based on Kingsbury and Murray has said okay on the record. He would take this guy with the first pick in the draft. Now, he wasn't the cardinals coach then, but you can tell the cardinals have changed their demeanor on this thing. First of all I reported and Steve Weiss show NFL network also reported the cardinals are shopping rose. All right. But let's just think from the outside in of what's going on. I they tell people in the interview Rosen is our quarterback. That's it. All right. Then they make the statement Rosen as our quarterback then it's for now. Then it's we still now we haven't made a decision. So they've changed their tune completely on what they say. That doesn't mean you can't do that. But when we asked the question, do we think they'll do it? And why would you change your tune? If you're not gonna do it or thinking of it. And it did a thing is not that this is gonna affect anything. But the agent for Murray is also pains Burs agent that usually is a marriage. Yeah. And it certainly sounds like Kingsbury is giving us little hints. Of course. Like you mentioned. They were before he became the head coach. Thanks so much for the time. Charlie really. Appreciate it. Charlie. Thanks. Okay. Good to be with you know, it's air Spain and Jason Fitz. Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio the ESPN app and Sirius XM channel eighty really thankful to Charlie for joining us there fits it's really interesting answers. I thought his reaction to the question about whether people think that there's any connection to Kyla Murray's race was a little defensive if he's certain that the people aren't thinking that then that seems like an easy answer. The only hard part is that if you feel like you're being accused of being part of a racist culture. Then are you defensive in response to that? Because I probably would I could see where that would make me defensive too though. I mean, I it's difficult. It's it's different. And if you're hearing that and not able to respond them by the time, you get the answer to a chance to give an answer. You might be frustrated. That's totally possible can always send us your reactions to the interview and the rest of the show on the one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed at sarahspain at Jason Fitz at Spain fits straight ahead. We'll give you more thoughts on that. And can you split a bobble head into? We'll explain next benefits. Sarahspain and Jason Fitz hanging out with you on ESPN radio the SPN app and Sirius XM channel eighty brought to you by Uber. Uber rewards is gonna make you love. Uber. Even more get all the. Info and terms at Uber dot com slash rewards. Good conversation with Charley Casserly, a respect him for coming on with us after that story sort of blew up. And at one point I thought he might hang up on me. You left me the tough questions. I appreciate that. Well, you have things like journalists integrity. Right. I'm just a moron. So I just sit back and say, hey, Cuyler. How how would you like I? But I do have to say all kidding aside. Charlie coming on. And I think it's important. We had to ask the race question. Because frankly, it's minute conversation on every show on every network everywhere. You look ever since this news broke. And I think it would be it'd be blind us to not at least to address it with Charlie. So I give them a lot of credit for for hanging in with us and not backing away from it and being willing to have the conversation. That's not easy to do. Yeah. I agree. And listen, we'll Cain. Dominic Foxworth on the show earlier today, and they were kind of talking about it back and forth. And I think listen it can be. Frustrating for people who don't see race issues. Very commonly to hear about them. And think that they're brought up too often. Now, I think as is the case with a lot of issues whether it's the metoo movement or race or anything else. A lot of stuff was happening that people kept quiet about or didn't feel like they had a voice on. So it's not people looking to insert it all the time where it doesn't fit. It's the fact that it fits in a lot of places, and we used to ignore it. And so I think having an open conversation about whether or not some of the things willing around Kyle Murray might have to do with race is better than simply trying to you know, tamp it down and not discuss it because we've seen this in the past. I mentioned it yesterday, you know, Lamar Jackson. There have been white players who have been told to play a different position. But it happens far more rarely well, and how do we fix that we fix that by having more and more conversation about right? And I listened to will today. And I I do want to say, I think that this isn't one of those moments where one side is right one sides wrong. I know I was. Listening to so much of it. And it's like it's possible that yes, this is conscious or subconscious that there is a racial portion of of anything that's going on with Kyla Murray to Will's point. It's also possible that all of this happened and the he didn't have a good combine. And maybe any of that could be the truth, but it would be blind for us not to at least analyze all of it for what it could be in this situation to figure out sort of the way the way it's been handled how it should be handled. And is it being handled the right way, unless we have those conversations we have no idea. So I commend again Charlie for coming on. I thought willing Dominique today had a really interesting conversation from both sides of it for you know. And I thought I thought both of them had smart things to say. Agreed. It's been infant sarahspain and Jason Fitz. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. I did around the horn earlier today, we're going to get into little after the horn later, but a story that popped up that had me cracking up was about a Braves promotional calendar event. There have a. Bunch of bobble head days. Bunch of guys got their own bobbleheads as you would expect since most of the time bobblehead is just one player. But there are two guys on the Braves Dan's be Swanson and Charlie Culbertson, and they could almost be twins. They both are infielders for the Braves. They've got the nice set ahead lettuce that comes out of the back of their cap. Very similar features very similar faces even sometimes their own teammates can't tell them apart. So they decided instead of giving them separate bobbleheads. They would just make one. And so it literally is says swan Burson it has a half red half. White jersey half SOX up half knows. No high socks. It's got a little bit more beard action on one side than the other. But it is a bobblehead that is split between the two almost like old school Boy, George style. But you know, to baseball players is this fair foul foul this picture of it. And this thing is a monstrosity. Okay. Nobody nobody wants to happen half bobblehead as a as a toy collector. I don't want. Bob, look a Spain and Fitz bobblehead night is a perfect idea, by the way, Hartford you goats hit us up. Yeah. I think I would rather have that sad sad moment. That would be my reality. Where most of the people that get the Jason Fitz one walked back up to the person and say, hey, can I trade that out for a sarahspain? I'd rather have that than have a half Z's bobblehead that makes everybody uncomfortable. And that's what it would do. That's what this does. It's very uncomfortable for me. I think it's funny and awesome. Because here's why everybody's got bobblehead night. I've had a bobble. Well, not you. Everybody has bob'll at night, and especially when you're a professional player, it's cool to have a bobblehead night. But it's cooler to stand out from the crowd when everybody in their mom is how to bobblehead, but nobody has had a combination bobblehead, then that's extra special. I think it's funny. I think it's great. I think the only weird thing would be if one or the other got traded before their day happens. Go. Goma God that would be I need that to happen. Now. Like does it still count? Like when your friends are like, oh, have you ever had a bobble head night? And you're like half a one does that still. I mean, there's being on a on a bobblehead still equal. Yeah. I mean, you would know I would not. I mean again, I've never had one. But you know, I think I just think the half-and-half thing I keep looking at the pictures. You sent us a picture the picture of it is just it's frightening. It is not it is not okay to have a half bobble. I think it's pretty cool. I guess the question is what if you were a massive Braves fan and dance be Swanson was your absolute favorite player and Charlie Culbertson was your absolutely favorite player. What do you do? Then do you take a sought to it? Then you're walking around with the creepy. November rain guns and roses video deep cut. Look it up half body bobblehead. That is amazing that you've just went. You remember that? Yes. That is first of all she got hit by lightening. And it was perfectly in half. Which is amazing. Like the fact that she was sliced directly an app by the lightning bolt and they needed us that mirror pain in her coffin perfect. I still listen to November rain whenever it comes on. And I'm angry at the radio station that plays it if they cut it down like the album's rain like I did. I need minutes of all your your back is I remember his kid hearing, November rain in the car, and I heard the orchestra, and I looked at my mom, and I was like, you know, what I wanna do that someday? I think that's really cool. My mom was like you're not gonna do that turns out playing on a bunch of records like that. So I always think in November rain when when I hear that string section c it's it's the tight you just made. Now, I'm all in on these bobbleheads. Like he won me over the now, you're in half. Axel Hass slash now. We're talking about a bobblehead befall. It takes is for there to be a massive, you know, rainstorm that hits a wedding reception slices the bride completely in half. So that there's a half mirror. Tactic. Get you on board with the double bobblehead. The nets good for me. I'm gonna put it out on the one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed. I'm going to ask the people. Can you have a dance be Swanson, Charlie Culbertson, joint bobblehead that reads on the bottom of it swan Burson is I knew like now I wanna half-and-half it's like Penn and teller at once like whether none the same size. So it really looks awkward like that's that's when when you mentioned earlier Spain and Fitz bobblehead night. I thought you were going like I mentioned before the Boy, George we'd be half and half me, which would be especially where it because you have all torso and no legs and short arms, and I am all legs and very long arms. It would look like a formative like kids kids would actually throw it away. It'd be like we would scare people away for generation it. No, no, no. That's what it's supposed to. Oh that is that is remarkable. I can't even now this is all I want I want oddly sized. Yeah. Give me give me like Damien. Woody Brian Holland. It's in the same on Suzy kolber. Oh, my God even Bamyan Woody Suzy kolber bobblehead double let us know on the one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed, if you think this name or okay, also while you're at it Google Brady fecal F E G L if you want to be really weirded out by two baseball players who look alike guys look the same. They're of the same name. They did a DNA test. They are not related, but this is going to blow your mind, Google Brady Figo and thank me later coming up on Spain and Fitz as the bron- turned into a superstar without a home. Plus the move everyone expected the Lakers to make and they've made it coming up next.

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