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Introducing Verified


Hey there it's clever all in here. Senior producer of mob. Queens. If you're like me you loved Anna Genovese story because Anna wasn't just a victim. She fought back well this week. Where excited show with you. Another story of feel US women. This story is cold verified. It's a new true crime. Podcast from stitcher verified tells the story of a group of women from around the world. Who Band together to bring. A policeman turned sexual. Predator to justice. I've heard parts of this story and it gets me fired up every time. I love the power. These women take back without even the police on their side instead. A team of Italian reporters helped these women build their own case against their attacker. Enough for me. Let's let the show speak for itself. I have here for you. A special sneak preview of the first few minutes of verified a no tour listeners before we get started. This story contains descriptions of assault and sexual violence Mhm Cecilia having etiquette. Good Zag. No I I wasn't so scared until now I was just nervous but not feeling really scared. Oh I don't know if he can come after us for revenge are something sorry so sorry to be bothering out of nowhere else to talk to sorry silly. If you can tell to me a little bit okay bye. That was Maria but she wasn't always this scared seven years ago. She was a care free twenty two year old on her first trip abroad to Italy and so much has happened to her. Since then that it's hard to put into words but I'm GONNA try. I'm your host Natasha del Toro. I'm an investigative journalists that I've worked on a lot of stories about crime corruption and abuses of power. But when I heard this one there was just something about at the really disturbed me and I think the reason is because what happened to Maria and the other women that you're about to meet could have easily happened to me. It could happen to any of us. The Man Maria is talking about who she scared will come. After her for revenge he caused a lot of suffering for a lot of women and he did it in a very calculated way. He used online tools. That the women in this story that all of us have learned to trust whether it's to get a ride or to find a place to stay home but what happens when that trust is broken and you become the victim of a crime if the police won't help you where are you supposed to turn. This is not a story about victims. This is a story about women WHO FIGHT BACK. Verified is out. Now listen in Stitcher podcast spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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