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Today is a powerful podcast that you want to not only listen to share with your friends a lot of comedy and then a lot of really scare yourself till you crap your pants kind of news that you don't want to miss department of homeland security. What's happening with the commission on january. Six a lot more than you think. Also what the american medical association and now what. The american psychiatric association is telling doctors and psychiatrists to include in all of their diagnosis. The doors coming closed quickly. Also we have the one and only jason whitlock joining us. You don't wanna miss minute of today's podcast. Thank you to def leppard for our theme. Welcome to the glenn beck program The the news today is disturbing. But i want you to know that this is all on the federal level to win. You must go to the local level and you need to stand in your own hometown in your county. Let me give you a reason. Why top prosecutor in loudon county virginia has participated in the facebook group whose members infamously created a list of parents who disagreed with school system policies of critical race theory. The the intention of this facebook group is to hack infield. I'm i'm quoting hack. Infiltrate and expose parents this all. According to screenshots march sixteenth this was exposed and now the anti rayson racist parents of loudon county have double down and now they appear to be going after children and gathering information of children of at least one adult. There is the group administrator who was saying. Hey anyone else with racist tick talks of kids. Please pm me especially more with the n. Word okay alright. Another member responded to that post saying we have to fight. This asked together. That's when the county's top prosecutor chimed in and said exactly. You are where we need you what you are where we need you. The top prosecutor is getting involved with this and is in support of the hackers and people who are trying to expose. You need to stand up together you know. I read a story today that that people are concerned that liberals liberal starting to worry about all this woke kness. They're they're thinking this might play out badly because a lot of people don't like it and it'll play badly in the next election. Forget about the election. It's playing out badly for all humankind if we continue to go down this road one more thing then. We bring pat gray in talk about atf. Try this on the. Tsa began implementing president batlle biden's mask mandate at airports. It has now been extended through september thirteenth twenty twenty one. The senior official performing the duties of transportation security administration administrator confirmed yesterday quote that. Tsa agents must handle mask mandate violations in airports the same way they would treat travelers trying to take firearms through security checkpoints. Now listen to me. If you're in cop please listen to me. If you're a cop. I understand why you would wanna walk away. I get it. I get it but if you walk away if you walk away. You're going to leave us with the police force. That is like the tsa. There's a lot of great people in the tsa. I meet them at airports all the time. That are doing their jobs. But i also meet an equal amount of just dumb dumb dummies. Who are are shouldn't work. The fryolater honest to god. They might fried their own hands or face would open my hand. I'm gonna look. They shouldn't work a fryolater. they don't care. Please stay in place. You cannot abandon that post because it's going to get bad if we have if we have that half of the tsa being police force. We're in real trouble by the way the good news. We won't have any guns. I love the new. I love the new. Atf guy. how many great. He's fun rate. yeah Do i particularly liked him with posing for a selfie in front of the destruction at waco after ninety one people were killed her. That was really cool to for him to stand in front of that wreckage and take a little selfie. Yes proud of it i guess. Yeah well you know. I it was. It was a lantern you know. Yeah they homer. Cleary's cow kicked over a lantern. And that's how they all died. It had nothing to do with janet reno just And you know. But i think it's great to see the backlash from the left on that you know. Oh they're upset. Oh they've got to be upset standing there with you know it's you know. I know how they respond. When somebody kills a lion rhino. And i mean they kill a lion and everybody goes crazy like a trophy pose. It really was despicable. Okay so let me let me Let me play some of the audio Let me just play cruise with chipman does he. Does he plan on banning. Ar fifteen listen to this. They are fifteen is one of if not the most popular rifle in america. It's not a machine gun to rifle your public position. Is that you wanna ban. Ar fifteen is that correct. Senator thank you for the question and thank you for visit yesterday dr pepper. It made me reminisce about my time in central texas but now to your question with respect to the fifteen on. I support a ban as as has been presented in a senate bill and supported by the president. The fifteen is a gun. I was issued on. Atf's swat team. And it's a particularly lethal weapon off and regulating it. As other particularly like weapons smith and wesson three eighty s not particularly. That's only director. If i'm confirmed i was simply enforce the laws on the books. I just gonna fall off those guns all right. Here's here's how he well. First of all cut seven please. He can't seem to identify or define an assault weapon. Listen to this. I got thirty five seconds left. Define it for me. Would you please sir. What's an assault weapon. Senator bill to ban assault weapons. What is your thousands of pages. No way i could define assault. So you don't have you running this agency and you don't have a definition of assault weapon but i would be enforcing the definition. That membership should rules and regulations. Just give me your definition. I'll give you one definition that eighteen year definitions one definition that atf. Current your definition. I can give you forget about this. Okay so he doesn't answer it. Now listen to this. Here's what he finally defines an assault weapon. There are criminal consequences. I to turn to a second matter. Now mr chipman you have called for and assault weapons ban. I've a simple question for you. What is an assault weapon. Senator an assault weapon would be in the context of the question. You asked what congress defines it s. Also you're asking us to ban assault weapons. We have to write legislation. Can you tell me what is an assault weapon. How would you define it if you're the chair the head of the atf. How have you defined it over. The last several years is zero. To send to senator. If i'm confirmed as atf. Director my recollection is the only Process but by which has weighed in. Is they know. There's a demand letter three program which requires multiple reports multiple sale reports on the southwestern board. And atf in that program has defined an assault rifle as any semiautomatic rifle capable of accepting detachable magazine above the caliber of twenty two which would include a two to three which is largely the ar. fifteen round. stop that would also include every handgun that is semiautomatic. Because it's a detachable magazine it feeds into the gun all right. You know much more guns than i do. But he said rifle would handgun be if your defining it based on its feeding from a magazine underneath. He did say rifle but that would include then. If you just wanna look just at rifles that would include the gun we used in world war one world war one so i had a really rough boating accident recently Where of by both flipped over. I had all my guns. And they all went to the bottom of very deep lake And i think into a cave or something we looked at the bottom of lake could not find trace of him but at one point i did have a gun. That was sort of like an on the ar fifteen sort of platform. That was technically a handgun. Would that be included in this band. I would and i would. I feel for you because i had my guns because i was doing some investigation in a cave to i was over in wuhan okay just a few months ago and i absolute accidentally dropped all of my gun. Oh my god and they just can't. I just heard them going. Oh my gosh. Probably very deep all my learns guns. And then i heard all the facts started coming and i was like i gotta get outta here so all. My guns are in china. And you're you're able to transport your guns to the the communist republic of china. Wow wasn't easy wasn't he's that's impressive. Wasn't sure why you ask a question like that bad question. Bad question the enemy of the state right only someone who has guns perhaps in a safe no. I had had a boating accident on. Yeah i just starting at. Yeah yeah i know it was just it was deep body of water and i do so much fishing you know and i always take my gun with me until so i don't remember what body of water i was on. I remember losing the guns over over the edge of the of the bow. Call somebody. I didn't because i lost my phone. That saint figured they're down at the bottom of the lake. Nobody's gonna get them no lake. It might have been the could have been swallowed by whale. You can't remember if you were inland or on the coast. Can't remember saying no right and interesting. I lost it in a boating accident as you mentioned a few times. I'll bet you if they if you replace the metal portion of an ar fifteen with the wood paneling that you know like his on a hunting rifle. They wouldn't have any problem with these. With the average person wouldn't the average person wouldn't However what he just defined is a. I don't remember somebody in the audience will know but it is a gun that we used in world war one. I think we used in world war two and it it feeds from below. And it's a wood-paneled you know it's like a. It's like a plymouth. Woody it's wood paneling on the sides and semiautomatic. Yeah because it feeds from the from the Bottom it seems like whatever they come up with this autumn. Now you're saying that now maybe you do have to cock in. Yeah i wonder yeah. The bottom line is is they're gonna be banning a lot of guns that number one. We won't like number two. They can't actually ban because it's unconstitutional. Notice what he said here and this is the most important thing. This is woodrow wilson. And by the way i believe there is a coming announcement of a president that is going to do more damage to the united states of america. Then woodrow wilson announcement is coming from this program soon. this is what woodrow wilson did. Did you notice how he answered the question. I don't define it. I you know the agency defines it. I just i go with what the agency defines. It's not that senator was wrong. It's not what the senate says. The senate will put in. Charge the agency of the atf. And the atf will define everything. That's the way this all works so there's no one ever to really pin on. He doesn't have to answer that question because really it's in the agency and the agency. Does that technically right they. He can't write a bill right. The guy cannot say okay. This is what i think it is. Which is what is halladay. He's holding out on their correct and it is. It is like obamacare. Remember when we went through obamacare. How many times. It said we'll be left up to the secretary's discretion. Yeah that's the way all of this is done. There is a 'nother it's this is an out in the open shadow government. It is not one that is secretive. It's called the cabinet right. So so he says i can't answer this because congress has to define it and then congress says the way we define it is how the. Atf says it should be defined right and so then eventually he winds up being a big part of that decision making process anyway. Not having to deal with it before it gets correct and the senate doesn't have to deal with. Nobody has to deal with it. There's never anybody responsible for these things. And that is the thing that everyone should be concentrating on. What is it. They're doing at the cabinet level. That's the other hand back in a minute. Thank you pat gray for joining us. Pat gray from pat gray unleashed a great podcast. You can hear every day. Live before this program on the blaze radio network. Also you can hear him wherever you get your podcasts foof. Wow it's been fun hasn't it I take on w. wwe in just a minute. Yeah yeah. I'm taking on you. I'm not afraid you're listening to glenn beck all right. I told you a week ago that the american medical association released a plan to embed racial justice into the medical profession. This went beyond just saying. Hey you know we need more black. So we're going to lower the standards for people in medical school so they can be doctors. Excuse me i know that meritocracy is something that only white people care about. Because i'm sure black people are like no. I want the black doctor. What got fs in the surgery that he's going to give me that's okay. he's black. Brigham on in nobody. Nobody disagrees when meritocracy when your life is at stake so not only are. They lowering the standards at schools for people of color but there are also they released a lengthy anti-racist plan anti racist plan and their new initiatives are going to end embedded racial or. They're going to embed racial justice to rid ourselves of and of of racist people and apparently doctors. I guess doctors are very very racist. They have an eighty six page document. That outlines a three year plan to implement anti-racist initiatives including pushing critical race theory through the medical community. Now what stu what could possibly be a problem with. That could possibly be the problem with critical race theory in with your doctor. Oh it seems like then you'd be able to define people who didn't agree with critical race theory as having a medical or psychological problem. Well no we're talking about the medical field. We're talking about the medical field and you know so. I guess they might have a medical problem sure but need a psychiatrist to deem them as having a true mental. That's true if that happened. I would be more worried. You'd be more worry. Yeah i mean the medical thing is a medical thing is disturbing because you could say hey for equity purposes you white person. Don't get the treatment that person does right. That could be bad. Be bad lead to a death list. You know what i mean. Where you're you're you're making list of. Who dies who doesn't based on race race and we've the thing about this is of course we've seen this in history and i thought we all agreed it was really a bad idea. Got preferential treatment to people for medical now china's new model. So you were saying you were. You would be worried if it jose we you know it'd be another whole another step in the wrong direction if if it was psychiatrists like the apa like the american psychiatric association and kmart said Which they did yesterday The largest psychiatric organization in the world sent an email to their members yesterday that psychiatrists need to incorporate anti racism into their practice. The email encourage psychiatrists to commit themselves to practice anti-racism with their patients and restated its commitment to achieving mental health equity for all anti-racism. Ecorse you know this from the brilliant abram x. candy and his book how to be an anti-racist and and really the only way to rid racist and racism from the world is racism That's the actually dea. He says the word discrimination. He advocates for discrimination racism. Of course but I kinda put those on the same plane. So mental health professionals were given suggestions. Four steps to center racial equity in all their conversations with their patients Why is this a problem. Why is this a problem first of all because it's not true. Critical race theory is something that marxists made up to overthrow the western world and freedom. That's what critical race theory is period. There's no scientific anything backing up. Critical race theory. It was created by marxists so marxists could silence those who were against marxism. That's it that's it so now they're going to they're going to embed it into the medical side and the psychiatric side of medicine. What could possibly go wrong. Well unfortunately for me and unfortunately maybe for you. I know history. So i'll tell you what could go wrong. Do you know who the biggest advocate and professional body was that did more to bring on the holocaust and the death camps than any other profession in nazi germany doctors and nurses more german medical professionals joined the nazi party than any other profession and they also joined it at a faster clip by nine thousand nine hundred thirty three more than half of the german medical profession had joined the nazi party and they were the ones that were pushing. We got to get rid of the unfit. We gotta get rid of the people who are just not good for the reich. They were the ones you do not want your your medical professionals at all. Judging anything regarding politics doctors in germany became tightly integrated into the nazi party and supportive of its ideals. Physicians became not certified more thoroughly and sooner than any other profession and they also did more to. They did more for the final solution than anyone else by one thousand nine hundred thirty nine hundred forty. Two thirty eight thousand physicians had joined the nazi party. Here's how it happened. Now see if any of these ring in kind of a bell now. Before i go down this road i want to say just because history when we go through all of these things and you see one or two. That might be happening now. That doesn't mean you're going to end in a death camp. It just means you're on exactly the same road. So warning bridge maybe icy. It doesn't mean the bridge is always icy. It just means if the conditions are right you could find yourself flying off the side of the bridge because of ice. See if any of these things sound familiar the things that had to happen in the medical field for them to go off the bridge and into the holocaust i the devaluation and dehumanisation of segments of the community. That's happening is that happening at all. What are we going to do with these people. These people just need to be reeducated. They're extremists remember. When you couldn't say that about muslims who were actually terrorists you couldn't say about actual terrorists now. It's fine to say that. About half of america the evaluation and dehumanisation of segments of the community the medicalisation of social and political problems. What does that mean the medicalisation of social and political problems. You mean like adding critical race theory and anti-racism into the medical professions the trainings of physicians to identify with political goals of the government. So that would be like when they have trainings. And they have trading seminars. People like abram candy coming in and training is that what that is then. They also needed the fear of consequences for refusing to cooperate. Well that's not happening then. They just made the bureaucrats in charge of the medical system and when the bureaucrats We came in and just made everything a bureaucracy. The doctors needed to feel some power And they also started to Weaken their ethics and human rights. Because it was all about numbers. Then the nazis the nazi physicians and nurses viewed the state as their primary patient. Now listen to this one. Some came to see quarantine otherwise known as ghettoisation some came to see quarantine exclusion then extermination of an entire people as treatment required. So the state could survive. Quarantine check exclusion facebook. Everybody's banning and we check and then the extermination of entire people as treatment required for states health. Well at least we haven't had extermination yet doctors. I am pleading with you. Do not allow this cancer in. Its you don't you must cut it out and get clean margins. You would be a horrible doctor if you left one cancer cell in and we're like well maybe that cancer cell won't grow with you know what the skin knows better than let that reproducing. Get out of control. You know what i talked to. You know i talk to the people. I said look. I laughed some colon. Cancer in there a few cells. But you're gonna know it when it happens. Don't worry about. Just come and see me. And i'll take it out when it becomes a problem. You wouldn't notice you wouldn't knowingly. Do that to someone unless you had no other option critical race theory and anti racism is anti martin luther king and anti judeo christian values. You must not allow this to happen. Nurses you must not allow this to happen psychiatrists. You must not allow this to happen. It's a firewall read history now as if the doctors and the psychiatrists or bad enough. Wait until i tell you what. Joe biden hid in one of the emergency stimulus packages. That you're gonna find wonderful. Yeah indoctrination but for who. You're listening to the best of the glenn beck program nine Mr jason whitlock. Who is course a big fan of this program. Because of all of the heavy heavy sports talk that i do all the time. Welcome jason how are you. I'm awesome and i. I did listen to half of your last hour and wow i mean it was powerful what you were saying. It's frightening what you're saying. I can relate to what you're saying. But i do come here. Filled with hope and energy. Just i'm the most optimistic. I been in quite some time. Who's our little. What are they called rainbow ponies. My little pony. Who's going to bring some rainbow in my life right now. Thank you for that. Tell me why you're hopeful it'll be a name. Your audience may not recognize initially but maybe some of them have heard of what's been going on the past ten days two weeks kwami brown kwami brown. Oh you're you're paying attention. Yes well first of all you know from back in the basketball days but also he's been he's been mixing it up quite a bit lately. He's incredible and he's a bolt of lightning He he's former number one draft pick in two thousand and one in the nba draft by the washington wizards on those two on the team. That jordan played two years for the wizard. He's saying this for me. And about half of the women that are listening and so qualms reputation in the media been there. He was a bus that he didn't work out and he's been kind of laughing stopped for twenty years. There's another narrative in a more truthful narrative. Guys not a bus. That michael jordan actually didn't want him on the wizards and and kinda sabotaged his development early. Those first two years and so but kwami has is fed up and so he never really spoken out about this hour. Okay never know. I mean i guess he had been doing little youtube page for about a year but not really addressing this and not addressing it as passionately and aggressively as he has over the past two weeks but he started attacking these two guys steven jackson and matt barnes who joked about him on their podcast in the past two weeks and basically continuing the narrative of this guy's a bust and a failure so any jokes that were beyond what it only always been set or fame. Okay this was the tipping point and the tipping point really is and people haven't talked about this kwami has a sixteen year old son. Who i think is a sports fan and a bit of an athlete and kwami. He's like hey man. Y'all can't just talk about me like this in my son's listening daughters listening. It's undermining my effectiveness as a dad. I'm not gonna be laughing stock for forever and just a punching bag for you guys forever. But he's basically gone after. Stephen jackson and matt barnes in the most aggressive. It's profane it's in your face. He punk these guys made them apologize. Then charlemagne the god the radio host. The breakfast club is popular. He jumps in and tries to defend matt. Barnes kwami round goes after charlemagne god but but just more important than these individual beefs. Kwami is expressing a message about an redefining manhood. And it's a message specifically for black people but it's for everybody's attracted to it's about masculinity it's about what really is being a good father and a good representation in the media. This does not sound woke. no he is. That's the he's not remotely woke. He's actually on the other side huge fan of thomas. Soul huge fan of larry elder defended. Candace owens publicly. He's unpacking these. Bigger ideas. about changing this very negative culture has been defined for black people and even brace and black people are loving it. They're running towards him. He's not being called michael. Tom a coon. he's not being called a sell out there saying yes. We've been waiting on someone to say this and represent this in a way that we believe in and so. This guy has gone from ten thousand youtube subscribers to two hundred and fifty thousand and ten days. Wow ten thousand instagram followers. Two hundred seventy five thousand inten days. People are running to kwame brown and everybody in the black internet space is talking about him and having a reaction and there's been nothing but support and what he's opening the door even though again it's profane it's not you know. Look i have to tell you something. i used to have to go with my best friend Who living with us. It was broken family. He lived with us for a while. And we'd have to go pick up his dad at the bar. We all from his mom and she'd say could go pick him up at the bar so we had to go in and he was a bastard he was son of a bitch and And we'd have to go in the bar and heat calls all kinds of names and everything else and it is from that experience that i have I grew to understand if you wanna help somebody. You can't do it outside of the bar. You have to be in the bar you have to be and you're you can't even do it in the bar if you're if you're in going and jesus says you shouldn't drink on sundays. No no they're not gonna listen to you. You have to beat people where they are and he is meeting people exactly where they are and he's representing working class people of all races he. He's not an elite. he is the opposite. You know he's a plea. He's he's he's just he's anti elite and there's another version of kwami brown. That's having amazing success in the internet youtube instagram space. A guy named kevin samuels. He's not an athlete. He's a former businessman. Who's an image consultant. And he's in a suit and tie and saying really the exact same things as kwami but he's saying it like he's a college professor or he some suited up businessman and he's having incredible impact with black people. He's religious guy member of a church church all and he he and kwami or they're not working together but they are working together and they're reaching a massive audience in opening the doors for people like me and others to come in behind and add are taken spin without being cast out only guy. You're not really four black people. it's i'm hopeful. Like the tide is really turning because these guys are getting so much support and they're so anti woke have you seen it I mean here's the. I see people wake up. They wake up like this. Look i mean what you're saying. I'm i'm with you you're exactly right. It's it's crazy it's getting really crazy. Why are you whispering to me. I don't want anybody to hear you know. I'm seeing people wake up but they're not willing to stand up. That's not help. that's that's not help. are you. Seeing people actually stand up and and clarify why this is right. I'll just say this from what. I'm seeing on the internet people's comments over instagram over you to or what. They're not whispering they are shouting hallelujah. Thank god protect kwami at all calls. Kevin same was doing the right thing. It's an passionate like. We've been waiting for this type of content and this type of representation in the media space and i'm seeing nba players prominent nba players. Jump behind and support kwami and Kenyon martin's another former number one draft pick. He's got some podcast. he offered. Great support of kwami brown I've heard from hall of fame. Nba players personally. Who man the you you watch the requirements during this is great and you know. He's because look like the steven jackson guy is connected to george floyd. He had a relationship with him through childhood and part of his brand went up. In george floyd def- he gained some more popular. I know stephen jackson personally. I know matt barnes personally. They used to come on my tv. Show on speak for yourself. Stephen jackson's well intentioned but misguided matt barnes is an idiot and Kwami has called him out in ways. That you know. I don't know if he'll ever recover from causing becky with the good hair. I'm not sure. Matt barnes going to recover from that. But but they have basically done this podcast where they're in their forties. They're acting like they're still gangster. Tough guys who in khamis like. Hey man y'all grown men what wire y'all portraying to young people that This gangster lifestyle and mentality is the way for us to go and people. It's like their show has been popular. But everybody can spot the ignorance of what they're doing the degeneracy of what they're promoting and people are glad it's being called out and saying there's a better way to represent us This kwami brown and kami brown is not. he's talented. This guy will talk for two hours straight. And he'll be funny. He'll be compelling he'll be insightful it. he's talented and it's like a natural. I don't think anyone's trained him up. He just has this huge personality he. He's a far. He he farms his own ran. He owned his own land. He made sixty five million in the nba. He's not remotely broke but he lives a working class down. He grows his own food. He gets on a tractor every day. There's something about that. Changes people. I think i think when you're working with your hands and especially with the soil you don't lose the connection to the things that are real. Yeah and he. He's not someone that wants to run around with celebrities. He'd rather run around with his brothers or the plumber that comes over to his house. I mean he's saying all this and it's true he just. He calls the little cobol of celebrities the go along to get along gang and he goes there. None of them were man enough to stand on their own two feet. They don't know how to take care of themselves as a by themselves and he goes. I wanna break all that up. I want real men who are producing sustainable him on. He's he's a hat on. Yeah now he's getting into talking for. Why don't we just get him out.

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