Are Unequal Societies Unhappier?


To stretch your thinking especially around green issues sustainability and many other questions that you the nerve sentenced to us. This is the people's countryside environmental debate. Podcast thanks once against being with us financially. Mangla photographer and i also hosted a weekly live show on my facebook page shot at an angle every week pm gmt not looking to allow moisture studio is your the co host of the show. I'm still waldman. My job is getting people out there in tonight. Show in many ways as possible. I lead walks do radio show as i've done some filming i'll give talks. We're going to be having a conversation today. Williams from a listener in america's giving us a more of a statement than question and we're gonna chat we're not gonna buy when explorer Just two men in office in experts and just chow in got people thinking about experts but we have a lot of experience. Life experience seventy is stewart. Said we have a very beyond during discussion. I simply have always enjoyed good meandering discussions and the tangents you go off because that's where the good stuff is right. Interestingly the other day it was two days ago Somebody said to me. I thought the people can decide. Environmental debate podcast. I assumed that all our listeners are in the countryside. Actually well i said was most of our listeners seemed to be in cities across the world are wanting to reconnect with nature and my in my experience. Many people who actually live in the countryside see more disconnected to it so that was an interesting interpretation. But what we wanna do through this. Podcast is hopefully inspire anybody who is listening to get out. I mean market difference to the nights. You're on their doorstep. On your doorstep sa- compensation meandering of cloud in the sky for psyches with the with a flatter. This is ridiculous anyways. Here's the question from the statement when it spreads in cal- food you actually come possibly favorite cities in america is cisco actually be He sent me message. Sent me a message william alongside the question and it says okay. He's listed he's listened to this podcast joining the covid series that we did in spring and summer. Twenty two thousand eight drifted a collision right. And he said he's drifted away but is drifted back again recently. And it's nice to see that we're still here and he's actually sent. Thank you to allowing listeners. To set questions even though he hasn't said before. Because you are part of the discussion. Part of this this podcast. You're major buying. We've said before previously that aren't even forties. We are not experts in signed so we just we just have opinions too opinionated forty year old right and we are the same as you. If that makes any sense you know we we all part of this together. We want to be a was like it could be a beginning. Could pick a subset of communities of respects. Yep indeed Do you wanna read out his statement. Also statement statement. Yes it feels more like a standard rather than the question. But there's a lot to unpack in here. So he says unequal societies seemed to be the most unhappy hearing california's office. Manila purpose welfare could be americans. Don't get anybody. Sport is lacking intern. People's lives around. Just a distancing goal now compared from when brent was a child when it was more accept accepted the poor are dismissed. It can happen to anyone the rich while the poor and the poor the rich. It's a lot to unpack. it is in there Where do you. Where do you want to start with that. Because i was just thinking about the whole idea of the possible is president. You know how we can look back our shoulder and feel that he was we we are. The world was a fair replacing the place when we were younger dots to connect to the press. The thing that jumps out at me initially on this is remember what book is one of. My show was because you're looking after molly molly place. The way assuming about trees secret life of trees or something. It's a little book and in that as a statement says the oak trees when you in an woodland that all interlinked by their roots. So you have these big trees. I on that route spread and then you get a younger trees struggling. They connect to the big oak trees. Lee routes on extraction energy from the big tree to allow them to get bigger which means the big oak tree doesn't grow quite so massive. Sounds like a big too in the background to the the big oaktree ceases to be quite so dominant but the smaller trees become a little bit more successful because they're supported so actually and woodland is a community of trees the the large ones sacrifice their ability to dominate for the benefit of the smaller. Ones being a little bit more ibew on this a little bit of a four hour human beings could be as agreed with stronger is listened to what you were saying that you previously almost feels like that those oak trees or actually tree. You know we have one organism. And they're individually trees. They're all attached to each other. Although have those threats right. And i think we this idea of the poor. The rich stowed want the poor and the rich. I just don't think it's that black white rich and poor. I mean i think in this context a brat. You're talking about to about money out. Because richard is important. Importance can be can be anonymous. We've other things. Other things i've read richness of i much rather have richness of review around me a native wild rabbit than that have a huge bank balance and not an concrete jungle. He knows riches. And i mean going back to the oak trees. The dominant could be considered as the rich. You know and the struggling ones could consider the paul. That's a situational thing that some people who go back to the woodland some people would say well. If we cut down the lodge mature tree that will allow the weak ones to actually come up and take over and dominate actually. It doesn't always happen because when you cut the large tree down the main food source of these week of trees is is removed and so they don't come and take over as much as you would think guidance another analogy if you if you remove the rich financial rich or situational rich wherever the working classes in society human society isn't necessarily gonna come on replace because you need a mix of everything. He has the balance this missing in this. Yeah this is about is also mistrust of people that do have a lot of money. And there's there's no decision that if you if you you do have a lot of money then somehow somewhere along the lines you've cheated for it will you've you've you've you've done bad things to get to that point. I'm just thinking adjustment jet bay's offseason sort of what people what people think about him being the first world's the world's first trillion that he really did that cash but it's richness such a bad thing. It depends what he's doing with that cash. Yes but that's the thing. Yeah i've been. There is not going to be based the money. Surely he should be on to decide what he does. This whole this whole this whole statement because it does next statement from the question. There's lot there's still a lot of patchiness really is and we're talking about welfare. America was the welfare in america. Needs americans don't get any money sports landing into people's lives around. I've always stayed in seeing from a european perspective from british perspective. The america's always be a touch of the individual strengthened but also potentially doubtful is always been a frontier nation and historically speaking is quite young nation. Isn't it yeah. And it was founded upon those principles of individuality individuals lights out the most imported that also comes comes with a cost of eight big. You need to make her a little south. Made biden america is the us especially. He's he's a he's a very big business. But something pops into my head before again. I i had some american friends not taking them on a walk around in. We took him to the camera and we were looking at it from the from the the rice exeter college gardens looking down and massey josh. They were lovely couple and massie said to meet you know. This square is older than my entire country. And i said i think your latin mass existed before the pilgrims went over but it was quite a but this square at oxford his older than my entire country young country country. Yeah and we have to remember that about is balancing this bouncing here in the. Us is march goodness much rich and the and the world as well. I mean look abusing. Look at music. Vis-a-vis the great example. Whatever the root rates of those music that is not much to world but getting back to united some people look at the rich. And i don't trust them. He's that another way of showing the other people resent them in an entitlement. They should have that as well. Actually stereotyping on the people say complain. The environmentalists stereo talked but actually are stereotyping. The rich saying you know we don't know how you made your money but it must have been bad. Oh you made it. But i don't think there's any wrong with making money what you do with that. So it's the it's the balancing in judging we need all look at you make a million. You've made to believe house say you must do. You must've stood. Somebody showed us. You must've trump some video. Got rid wraps up. Sort of law to to make that much money rather than it. Just be like you've come up with a really good idea. Yeah that we need. We did what is in this question The poor Dismissed an it could happen to anyone was at jeff as you mentioned snow. Yes yeah he's the richest potentially one of the richest people on the planet. It could something bad could happen to him. He could end up being poll on wall. Shouldn't he have the support when he's down that and so this brings up. Yeah i mean. Everybody needs supporting because in theory i said at the beginning where a group as a stronger in a would be set aside. The rich get richer as a group with stronger. If the if the people who are lower down in society are given the opportunity to meet that potential. I was just trying to strive for a balance in these in these conversations. And i'm fine with this. I have on the to try and try and find out onto this specifically why just because it's especially especially especially really touches upon my life quite considerably. I've been to situations where. It's quite obvious that i am the poor. Not the rich and sometime and situations that that'd be the reverse as well so he's trying to trying to find the ballots and trying to sound of john china preaching trying to sound. I don't wanna would come across talking down to anybody. All ram judging somebody just because of their situation and that's not the pumps are trying to strike with this. The whole idea of richard paul. That's the thing and i'll go back to gobble. Gobble compensation last year with a friend of and They asserted that the situation. If you've got money basically you'll fine. And i said well that's not necessarily true. You could be very rich And you might have my have access to a lot of things that the people who don't have money you want struggling to get by third have but you also might be somebody. He lives on their own. And we're gonna talk about the next exit about nowadays. The could actually be very lonely. Loaded and this is just as bad as is in itself is is is a form of poor. Port is full of lack of something isn't it. I think the rich In in lockdown aren't necessarily bets up because they fear that might be the people who don't have a fear of what they're going to lose whereas if you've actually got nothing the only fair you have not the only fair i large fair is fair of survival. Are you going to get through. It added the rich. They're gonna know they know they're gonna get through it but what's it gonna look like on the other side you know but what you said about you've seen yourself. You could be considered rich and then tried. It could be considered poll that entry patent lapses of time so fairness and welfare and wellbeing. A momentary lapses in time. So going back to this woodland's where that an oak woodland is stronger if they were together. We're stronger together but we also work together in momentary moments in time. Because that's that's what history is is moments of time will join together. We often say an action or at all in this conversation to for you to think about d listener. How can you make the next set of moments in time better for you and for the people around you in the world. As a whole yeah. That's a good. Nothing is a good conclusion to this. Podcast it's definitely let you are a very long meandering conversation. Going off into different tangents may have made decisions from already experiences and You you will listen to this. You listen to this podcast. Right now will probably agree with will agree with us in equal equal measure. Right so yeah it's not about roy. Wrong is about you know. In the as we said in the previous episode these are conversations that need adding and this is one of them and not having wants with different people multiple times. It has been just in just reflecting them out. There was a word that was on the edge of my. My thinking is just pocketed by down. Which is this whole idea of brutal brutality when it comes to you have to be quite brutal with the truth and not to be with yourself i think. Sometimes that's what aiming for but we ended up being coming across like. I don't really want to be not you have to. You have to have on on on this conversation with yourself and other people around you who really. Yeah i'm honest. Conversations with people not just rich and poor but didn't participate could be black could be disability. Could be nearer divaesque could be could be on and on all the. We had a question recently about. Should we have a mainstream day all the different Groups in society needs to have a voice in this And i don't know where the says. All i have no idea but it is You do rise. A whole kind of wins over there in california. Yeah thanks for. Thanks with in. And i'm glad you enjoyed the series as well. We how series ho series spike in twenty twenty they down and listen to that recently Because it's good. It's about two zero just to just get reflections because we often stewart and i often record a podcast episode. I wanna move on from it so quite quickly because we're moving on to the next question and the nets be of the chevy. What off necessarily forgetting about it but we do. We don't have to move on from this. It's good to reflect back on it and listen back to that and there was really interesting reflections and insights in there. And i i can. I can hear my own mood changing with ever recording. Ny did and go through the whole lockdown process. Say the bundle. If the lockdown of the kobe packages available and patron for two pounds. I think people can download that bundle. So how can they find some patriot. William patriot dot com voice. Us people's patriot is about p. a. t. r. a. dot com first people's countryside. And there's a fourteen is that as the record. Uk on the much. There's a good chance that's going to be an extra tier one office nasty disappears up. We i that go there. There's there are various things that you can use. Get extra stephen gap extra downloads. Extra content behind the scenes material. We we did actually either recently. Where you there's a level where you can actually you can meet and greet us. You know we're gonna have a q. And i called visitation every couple of months couple months. And you know. I was just thinking what i was one of. We will put this together recently. The actually we save fifteen minutes. But there's a good charter. All all new. The you can engage with a online q. And i ask called world protect her so look out for world protector on our patriots. Page On that under our next episode when we will have a question from a frau law in germany. Alberto jim did she specifically where germany fair enough big countries. Jim thanks for listening to this. Podcast we appreciate every. So what if you show five zero french right now before you before we sign off.

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