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Spittin' Chiclets Episode 166: Featuring Brandon Yip


Whoa. Now. Everybody to episode one hundred sixty six of spitting chiklis presented by new Amsterdam vodka, gentlemen. It is the playoff season injected into my veins three games going on right now as we record. We'll be checking in periodically. Let's say hi Joan. And I Ryan Whitney will go to you. I where you right now. How are you guys at Pinehurst? It's actually I don't know if I'm getting this, right? It might be the home of American golf beautiful place. I'm here with eleven buddies. So as everyone parties and drinks and watches the playoffs in Campbell's. You know what I did? I played golf, and I came in here, and I prepared and I looked up what we're gonna talk about. And I'm ready to go. There we go next up Paul Bissonnette, dude, you up all over the fucking internet lately. I every time I turn around video drop, a new content drop, and where are you right now. I'm in Toronto. I did that fund content piece for John Scott off you guys watch it. But it is on YouTube through sports that you can check out my Twitter. Us sports that an Amazon it was we we raise Sam bones in Toronto. John Scott was lucky enough to beat me. I think I had a slower machine though. So you guys can watch video, and and you know, make your own your own predictions are not predictions. But I mean your own assessment of what went down. But yeah, what's what's up? I watched it. It was funny. I was laughing like the hairpin the hairpin turn. You took is was like harder. Just natural. Yeah. It was just weird. I mean, we got a few tests laps just to align. The course with Zamboni, but driving them is definitely hard the center of gravity on them is is more towards the back. So like, it's almost like the the front just turned Sasser. So anyway, I I thought I did. Okay. Once again, I do think my machine was a little bit slower. So John Scott, congratulations on your victory. And yeah, I got that meet-and-greet tomorrow. And then on Monday doing that NHL first timer game three of the Leafs Boston series, folks. As we mentioned last pod, we will be breaking down the games that are going on right now while we're recording on Wednesday night, especially the eastern ones because those will be finished by the time, we're done recording. And of course, we still have the three playoff series that breakdown that's are on Thursday. So while we are excited and great to see a fellas yet will be doing those reviews previews in a second and last, but not least reduce my eager. And who it's at their brother. What's up? Boys guys, I just like to make a special anniversary to our guy Paul Bissonnette one year ago today when the podcast dropped is when he joined us. So what does you've taken us to the promised land. And we we can't thank enough, buddy. It's boys it's been such a fun run. And how ironic that we drop the Avery content. Just before our one year anniversary people are loving that one. Some people hating it. But we don't care about those types of people in. We'll also be doing a busy twenty twenty percent off sale on all spitting chick lit Smerch for this Thursday April eleventh on on the one year anniversary. So I mean, there's we're dropping a ton of new playoff March right now. Johnny hamming cheese shirts. Russia, mafia shirts. We'll go get twenty percents. And just reminder to all you people out there. Never go up to a strange woman on the street with the Boston Bruins shirt and ask him if she knows who Rear Admiral is because she will tell you to go fuck yourself. That was unbelievable. Yeah. That could sound wrong. We do have a guest coming up a little later. You played with him at BU, right, Brandon. Yep. You didn't you? So you're I missed we missed playing with each other. But he went on to win a national title BU incredible group guys he was on the team with their lot of NHL. He goes into that. And this is one of those things that I brought up a bunch of times where I have a lot of fun. I think you guys do to interview in that bodies of mine close personal friends that maybe didn't play a huge role in the NHL, but have had pretty cool. Interesting careers and yipper spent some time in the NHL, but he's a great guy. And now he's playing over in China. He talks a lot about playing and he's Asian. He'll go into how he's a phase in actually that's the funny. But either way I think that a lot of people are going to see that we have some interviews coming up with friends of mine who played pro hockey and still play pro hockey that aren't well known names put if you listen to them, I think you'll enjoy Grenell. I said to you after two did you think those is good as I didn't you thought it was awesome. Yeah. I thought it was unbelievable and just the type of guy Brandon. Yep. Is after we went out that night in Boston on Thursday night. I just had one message on my phone the next day from him, Instagram, DM, just saying dot dot dot what a league. Yes. And I say this, and it kind of sounds like on like trying to defend if people are chirping that. Oh, you don't have any all serves on who's this? I actually don't give a fuck because our podcast, and I have a lot of fun and my buddies. But I think if you give it a chance everyone will enjoy it. And so you're was a blast. We appreciate him coming on. I actually had a different DM on Instagram from him. He wrote dot dot dot what happened I blacked out. So I don't know what happened that night, but he disappeared on thin air. And hope I'm glad that he found his way home. So what what are we going up by the way quickly before we won the big spitting chick outside is just like when you're at a club in you have like bottles and signs coming out. You just that's still wash look in the world. If you asked me like, I'll never I remember. Clubs when I used to rip up clubs. I said, hey, yeah. We need some more bottles. Do not even fucking think about bringing a sprinkle or do they call sparkle sparkle? Bringing fire alarm went off. Over and you guys I was so happy, and you guys looked like you both wanted to kill me. I run away. I would have strangled doing fucking popularize out like the mountain to the viper in game of thrones. If I could've at that moment. I didn't tell them to do that. I did not tell them to do that. That was what we didn't say did. I just I'm one to if I'm going to club, and I'm going to do stuff. I I wanna dark in the corner, and let's get into the dark stuff not lie. Hey, whereas laser light show, I want everyone to see that. I'm buying a bottle of grey goose. So I'm not a club guy right there. I quick score. Update actually Tampa Bay up three to one after two island is in penguins to two in the second in Winnipeg up one nothing after one, and I wonder if Patrick line is spitting chiklis listener a little fight up with episode. Listen anytime, I criticize a hockey player on this podcast about their game. I want nothing more than for them to shove it right up my hoop. You it go. Go light the lamp it was a beautiful goal by line. Just a flick of the wrist bar down. And you're gonna have to shoot like that in order to beat been nasty and that and then net for Saint Louis. So that's definitely a series. That has already gotten chippy. We don't want to get to the breakdowns. Just let's move onto the playoff series analysis for the Thursday games. Exactly. Potential monkey off the back though. Yeah. After five series kicked off last night. We got three months starting tonight Thursday. Now, we're gonna take a closer look at each one. I get a rematch of last year's highly entertaining first round series between the Toronto Maple Leafs in my Boston Bruins. This death. Third match up in the last seven years with Bruins win in the first two and seven games each. Moneywise? Bruins are six seven favorite which is hundred forty one hundred on the Bruins or one hundred to make hundred twenty Rondeau the season series of Bruins took that three. One Toronto hasn't made the second round since two thousand four it's been a while Bruins allowed the third fewest goals per game this year while Toronto was fourth in scoring goals per game. So it's kind of like. Resistible immovable object type thing here. We got obviously, Raskin Anderson, that's the big deal. Neither one was good in the series last year was very running gun series. Each was kind of the inverse of the other the other this year. Rask's started slow got into some hot early kinda tail off late. So gonna be interesting to see what version we got biz. What do you what do you got on this one while this one there's a lot to breakdown? Lot of story lines on the Toronto side, of course, kneeland or getting paid didn't have the best playoff last year. Of course, a lot of expectations. Come at a Matthews Taveras is is I mean to me going to be the biggest difference considering that series went to seven games last year. And they didn't have Johnny t very interesting to now at him into that mix. Another story line is. I mean, you know, Jake Gardner needing to bounce back. I know he's coming back from injury. I don't know how much that's affecting him. Another. Another storyline is house. Anderson gonna play he had that tough tough game seven last year and last banal lease man, I'd say there's a little bit of pressure on Babcock too. I mean Wednesay gonna turn the corner with this. This group of Toronto players to break down the lease more. Because I know you guys are going to want to do do do Boston. I would give slight advantage as far as old overall skill in depth upfront to Toronto and some people may think I'm crazy that's fine on as far as the back ends concern. I mean, I call it a wash I mean them adding Muhsin was huge depending on the health of Dermott who came back and Gardner, of course, who who we don't know how injuries lagging on will determine on how they actually play and how much pressure will be baby on on a guy like Morgan Riley. If those guys are one hundred percent, so very interested to see how that the D ups. Come out depends. I should say. And then as I said goal timing. I I'm feeling a big year for Anderson playoffs. Now, I'm gonna pass it over to wait for the boss and break down. And then I'll give you guys my overall breakdown who I think a win that series. Yet. It's a it's probably the most anticipated first round matchup original six and also how good both teams are. I went on Toronto sports radio. And we were talking. I wanna say it was February ish, and we were kind of talking Bruins leaves and. I wouldn't to the point of that Toronto should have confidence this year that that it's pretty much the same team, you know, adding Varas and Muhsin, right? Like we got to game seven against this team. And we had to spectacular pieces one being a legit superstar interest. But then the Bruins went on that run. And it was a fifteen own four run in the year. They got pointed nineteen nineteenth straight games. In the craziest part about the entire situation for Boston for me was that. I mean, not one guy on the team played in all eighty two games. Right. They dealt with injuries to almost every key player on the team. I know Berge on mistime chara mistime posture knock miss time. And it's like they just kept winning the train kep role in CHU CHU? Chu CHU here that I'm not Bruins down that tracks. So the fact that they never slowed down with. Key guys being out. I almost said why I did say to myself like I don't know if Toronto could beat these guys in. The one issues that like Toronto for me. I look at a team that has a ton of skill. I don't think there d is is great. I think they got some good players, but there's also kind of a lack of depth a little bit. I would say Anderson is a little bit of a question, Mark. The Bruins on the other on the other hand Rask has been great. And people say Raskin the playoffs the questions arise. You'll how will he be? He's gotta be better. It's like the first bad goal. Rask gives up, you know, the the Bruins fans. Go bananas. Well, you know, he may not give up another one the rest of the game. But even if he struggles a lock was so good this year. I mean, what a signing and what a job by the Bruins to bring that guy in and it's insurance and you remember her lock, and this is a long time ago, but fucking people in much our saying trade carry price keep heloc. This guy has done it in the playoffs. No matter if it was eight nine ten years ago, they have a backup plan case to really struggle. So there's so much more to go into in this entire series. But but Boston being as good as they were this year. Really really did surprise me. I thought they were playoff the thick. They were this good. But they have not slowed down. No, mater what adversity they've hit and for them to have home-ice. I just think they're they're not a huge favorite. But definitely the favourite in this series. I mean, would you guys agree that even leave spans would say that the Bruins of the favorites here? Yeah. I don't I don't see how you can say that not favorites right now. I mean, if you gonna rely on the season series of Bruins, Adam three to one there. They had a better record them. I did just even on paper. They're better team Toronto's de lash last players. There was an absolute disaster. They should be like said they picked up Jake Muhsin. I still give the Bruins the overall edge. Like, you said what's did the D debt? Just isn't really that. Great. The bruins. I think they're spread out pretty nice as far as forwards the loads of talent on bowl teams. But you know, Toronto. I mean, they they got does them Qadri is third Senate. That's not too shabby when you get a thirty stores you third Senna. I actually give the edge of info. Rondo I agree with you? There biz off the magic saviours. I mean knee land in modern. I mean, that's that's ridiculous talent. I know we got pasta Birger on my Sean, and I'll tell you who to keep an island David Creech net. He had his best season and probably four or five years. I'd say he looked good out there really have any injuries. And if you remember the two seasons the Bruins went to the Stanley Cup. He was the leading score old seasons. Twenty eleven and twenty thirteen. So keep an eye on him. You know, we've already had to fun series this decade with these two teams. I'd expect another the Bruins of look almost unbeatable in the last couple of months, I I don't think that we could say the same for Toronto show. I'm also expecting the same result except in six time instead of seven bronze and six. Are a great point about David Krejci. And this is a guy who like you said really just had such a key part of lead knows teams to the Cup win in the Cup finals he actually tied his career high seventy three points this year. And he's thirty two years old. He turns thirty three at some point Naperville might might have already happened but incredible year by him. And and for me looking at this. I mean. Picking the Bruins. I'm saying seven. I mean, I don't think anyone would be surprised in the least to see this this series. Go seven the way. These teams have battled back and forth. And for me, I'm gonna pick two guys that are really watching. And and I think that this is a huge playoffs for them. And that in Toronto it's Austin Matthews and last year was two points in the seven games, and he signs huge ticket and incredible player world class talent. But in a market like Toronto you have another seven game series six game series. You get two points questions here. They come. And then on the Boston side. I'm actually looking at Charlie McEvoy. And I think that for him to hop out a B you and join that playoff run against auto. He played great. He looked awesome last year. He didn't have a great playoff. And I think he'll be the first he was battling injury. It was a tough time. And I think that he's going to dominate. I think he's going to come in. And be that if defenseman the place twenty five minutes a game in the playoffs and this. Playing power play PK and a true number on demand for the Bruins. And if he does do that. They're going to move on. I mean, I'm not saying he's the he's the only reason they would, but he's a huge part of the Bruins seen. I think he's gonna take a huge step. We got Bruins and seven, okay. Going back to two Rask. I would I would say that last year. I know that series went to seven games. But I would say Boston fans would agree that the reason it did. So as Rastogi struggle in that series against leaves. He was not very good. You know? Luckily, the offense built him out. No room for error for him. He's got he's got to be sharp in this series and helped that team out. You mentioned it to with as a backup. Nice little nice little signing by the bees to have a guy to go to if things go south the net. Quick I would say the bees overall team game. It's battle-tested they play better team defense. That's my opinion. So I will give him the edge on that. Lease leaves not taking the underdog title lightly, though, they're saying we're very coffin this group. We're not taking that that that Labone here. Number two going against number three. We weren't far off this season guys. My segment of is this I have the same feeling of this series as I did of the Pittsburgh Washington series last year. I have a feeling that for whatever reason it may be the least you're going to win the series in seven games and all all signs point to Boston. And I will concede and say that is the better team to me based on all overall analysis. I just I got a in. You said this yet what did you say wash last year? Right. I just I have that Yeary feeling about it. And as I said Toronto there's a lot to prove here from from from goaltending to their back end where it comes Gardner. He's got step up. Morgan Riley's gotta show. He's got to do it in play offs. And of course, those two names. Upfront that you mentioned in in Matthew's in the land or so that's what I got boys. I'm not just going against the grain. 'cause I just got this weird fee. Now that's team. That's gonna come back later in these previews and one more note on the backup. Should they really come into play? Like, we've mentioned to lock was basically a one eight this year Rask while Toronto rod. They just brought in Michael Hutchinson. They drop GARRETT'S box down to the minors. After his last appearance. They picked up Hutchinson guy who hasn't played since January. So they better hope, and you know on his game because you don't really want to throw a guy ice cold out there in the playoff. So. A little note. Enter boy Anderson just bought a nice gold AP off Larry flowers a beautiful timepiece. So I just feel like that's going to give that actual spark walking into the rink with confidence that big swing in dick Davey, and he don't let me down. But. Next is the final series in the Easter kick off. It's the Cup champs Washington gap rose versus a team that hasn't been in the postseason for decade. The Carolina Hurricanes capture seven eight favorites. Not a huge favourite. That's a buck. Sixty to make a buck on the caps or one hundred make one forty on Carolina. The caps won all four games in the season series. But I think this is another interesting matchup if only because we've never seen the canes here before so we really don't know what to expect them their team that has a phenomenal worth at work ethic. Much like their coach when he played rod rod Brindamour. They kind of rotate a bunch of guys out your they got some nice high end talent Sebastian I'll let a thirty goal year their goal tending their another two headed monster similar to the island. Is they got Marazov mcelhinney have a combined thirteen playoff games played. Whereas Brayden hope he played in twenty three playoff games just last season. So that's a huge probably question Mark for the the hurricanes. But I I don't think that's a big story for this Whitney when you got on this one. Am I crazy to think that everyone's not giving Washington enough credit? I feel like they could they could go repeat that's very hard. But I I would be shocked if they lose this series so much show that before I even give him a little breakdown. I'm taking Washington five games. I think Washington Washington ran over them and every regular season game. They played against them this year. They're better team one thing that a little Where're some and and a lot of fringe hockey fans may say this doesn't matter. They would be like what are you talking about? But Michael company is defenseman who came over to Washington had a huge role in that team going to the Cup and winning the Stanley Cup last year. And he's gone. He's over the years, so Christian juice, hops, and he played like ten minutes a game last year when he was in the lineup on the run to the Cup. So losing defensman of of of that caliber. I mean, it hurts at the top four maybe maybe the fifth defense, but either way similar to Boston and Kevin. Miller it sucks, and so that's that's a loss but looking past that their offense and how hard they came on at the end of the year and how good they looked. And hope he finished the season. Great to he was feeling it from the all-star break on and Jacob Ron a guy who took that huge step a big year for him that I think we interviewed Brooks or pick. He said the kids. Unbelievable. I remember he was taught he was talking. I'll good he is. And so it's no surprise. But Washington, I mean, they fucking did it last year. They finally figured it out. And I think Carolina said a hell the year. I think that they've had a special season and making the playoffs. Great. But I don't think they stand a chance against this cap seen biz while auger start off by saying I wanted an apology. So the Carolina Hurricanes fan base because I was a little bit critical of their antics season. Not heavily like, Don. Sherry, I wasn't calling them jerks. I just said, you know, it wasn't wasn't my Cup of tea, and you know, when they. Ended up Clinton a playoff berth. Just see in the fans reactions and everything that considering that they'd been through in the last few years, you know, not having greet teams. Not having much to route about after they last won their Stanley Cup seems like the hockey culture kind of disappeared there. And that team rob Brindamour, and Justin Williams, it what they have gone in there and done in Indiana shifted that culture has been pretty cool to see in for a group of guys right here on this podcast at all were about as entertaining hockey fans and given back to the hockey community and drawing the game and they're doing that in a place that's not traditional. So I wanna apologize for being critical. And I wanna wish you guys luck against the Washington Capitals. And I hope you guys make a series of it. Now, I'm gonna start by breaking down the caps and start with the goaltending. I think that there is an advantage to be had about the fact that they got it done as a pair of this year, very similar to the islanders goaltending situation where they share the net. So so none of them going. Into playoffs really burnt out. I mean, I would imagine Meraz it gets the start. He was pretty fired up when he got interviewed on the bench after they after they had clinched. I don't know if you guys saw that video. There was a bunch of IRA videos of their canes when they when they had the one of Brindamour getting confirmation that they had clinched Razek on the bench. And of course, all the fans and the top section. So do I think that they have the goaltending advantage going in Faulk? No. But hey, something to to maybe help their spirits is the fact that Razek will be will be fresh onto the I to me I look at this de and in a Finney thing, I'm might give them the slight advantage because they get done by committee kind of like a poor man's Nashville. And once again, that's not an insult. They have four guys back there with twenty nine or more points. Of course, led by Dougie Hamilton who had a big year offensively eighteen talks. So if they're going to have any chance in this series. They're going to need that secondary scoring from the back end for them to contribute. Of course Falk is another guy back there who had double digits and goals. I believe he had eleven this year another puck moving guy. So they got some guys back there who can move a North America Deekor four American players to Canadians. So as I said, I would give them slight edge and up front. They got those few high end guys. But I mean man, this is this is like a David versus Goliath type situation on the offense. In order for Carolina to win this series. Everything is going to have to go, right? They're going to have to to fuck and dial it in mentally and be disciplined stay out of the box. And as I said just play the perfect series. So I pretty much shut it all about Washington. We know exactly what they're bringing our A. And I'm going to have to go with Washington. I'll be generous and say six K. What did you give it number? Did you said five right gaps and five? Okay. Yeah. I agree. It's obviously the couch. Get the edge offense in on defense old. They got seven guys. But at least twenty goals. I mean, it came no slouch they had four guys wet at least twenty on paper. I don't know how you pick against the caps. But you know, what I think the canes just going to be one of those teams that doesn't stop common. They're going to give them a series. They just had that kind of Jenny say Kuala right now with I don't know. I could see them upset in them. I could see maybe the capital's maybe a little sluggish to having such a long season last year. They won the Cup. They played well into June. I don't think. Anyone's really bringing that up. They could be maybe a little tire little prone to be tied more than other teams show. I think the canes are going to upset him. I do I'm going to take the canes and seven so I know that's off the grid a little bit. But you've been picking up sets before we got finished your tonight. I wanted to go back on all bizarre trip. I know this guy because he gets one right? He's going to go on fuck and on and on. I picked this one. You take nine of them and one of them go. I trust me. I know are a and how this is working. I tell you what after he gave his Dallas breakdown which we had to cover a lot of series. I feel like we didn't Dallas enough credit and already did. And one thing. I don't even know if you mentioned was the fact that zuccarello is coming back, and that's just another spark to the offense. And then I blab during on about how good Nashville is defensively. Well. Dallas was better as far as how many goals they gave up last year. So that totally went by my head. So Bishop had a great season got a great backup there. So already you're going off the grid a little bit. But at least you're bringing some good breakdown. And and you might have shifted my opinion on the Dallas series, not so much this one. But I'll give you that. Thanks, man. And like you were saying about Toronto on paper. You don't know why pick them. Well, that's kind of my reason with what the canes. I just I don't know. Just something about him. I think they got a little something not the sound Coney outrageous stroke in each other off with the Kenai brand CBD. This get a little fuck in. His mother in law's foot. You'll foot job a busy. I know we weren't going to bring it up between series right now. I I don't we've been sitting on our hands for the last vowel but Columbus was down three nothing. When we started these previews they've scored three I'm sorry. Three to one dollars three times since we've been talking. They'll take a four three lead with two minutes off hockey, man. It's crazy. I know that Columbus locker room believes. And that's not an easy team. They're not gonna lay down boys. Hey, guys. I already had some stats ready with hippos three enough and all of a sudden on my Jesus Christ. And I saw this once debt the last presidents trophy winner to score three or more goals in the first period of the first game of the bluffs was the avalanche in ninety six ninety seven they lead Chicago three nothing after one period, they won six nothing. You know, what happened though now lightning losing? Are you shitting me with we'll tappan here? And what's crazy? What's absolutely crazy is the Tampa Bay Lightning have won their last one hundred and six games when leading by three or more goals, and all of a sudden now they're about to lose game one at home against pesky blue jackets, who I would be surprised in the least who are down three nothing and maybe toward rela or maybe fully, you know. Maybe anyone in that locker room says guys we're in the world. She got nothing to lose at this point. We got it. Fuck let's play loose. Let's go and I haven't seen the entire game, but to comeback and all of a sudden for three that's crazy. And when they were down three nut and I want to live bed Columbus because I say what the fuck Amine talk about. How three nothing's call three zero zoo big comeback when I went to bed. It was there was three one. But I still took Columbus on the live bed plus a thousand. Nickle on it. No, I don't even fuck and put a chintzy as hundred on actually might my lag. That's max the two hundred. So I can only put two hundred what does that mean hundred one thousand one hundred one Columbus was down three one. I put one hundred on them to win a thousand. Yeah. All man. I hope you win that bet RA. You're a savage to fuck it. You know, when in Rome, so yeah, I figured we'd take a little while we were in between Sierras you take a little a look at that game. And what you love this guy. Your boy Anderson golden assist in this one. So far, you call that you need you said he needed to have a big series, and he's already been bringing it. So he thinks you help ease like that Hemsworth guy in the avenger fucking. He's Jack and he plays like a complete savage, so one one appoint get a fight at the end of the game to already how. And let's not forget to some of those guys in that Columbus lineup. I know they don't have. A resume the NHL level as far as winning, but they came up from that call or Cup winning team the Lake Erie monsters, I played against him in that conference. Final of the west when I was with the on -tario, rain and Anderson was on that team. He was a fucking beast plays with a chip on his shoulder. But I was in his ear, and like I'm not saying I'm like, Mr. fucking crazy tough guy. But I was in. I was barking his ear, and he was looking to me like shut the fuck up and sit out he ain't scared of nothing. So he's old eagle school. I guess and we're rescues on that team. Actually was my good buddies eve imager was on that club. Now a scope for the New York Rangers doing well there, and he was telling me we'll rent scale good. He was and apparently those games in Cleveland were like they were getting eighteen thousand and it was sold out. It was Anna lands and in that will Renske is when I saw him play 'em. This guy's j Bohm Easter he's gonna step in at a young age and he's gonna play a fuck and twenty year career. Skill to it. Yeah. A little bit more natural offensive skill and just overall great defense. And speaking of Bom Easter who I just mentioned might as well segue into his contract extension RA. Yeah. Absolutely. Let me scroll down a little. Hey, yes. Saint Louis defenseman j Bubis the signed a one year contract extension for three point two five million. Thirty five year old was scheduled to be UFA to summer, but he likes the situation Saint Louis feel as mutual so reupped three goals. Fourteen assist. This past season. He was paired with golden Perico as a shut down here for the last half of the season. But you know, he's a guy who made a lot of money in his career. Seoul was probably easy for him to take three and a quarter million for this deal. Well, let's go back to the start of the year member. He's he he was healthy scratch the first time in his career. And then Saint Louis blues Twitter ripping apart and I stepped in. They said, hey, show some fucking respect. This guy is the ultimate professional. He shows up to the rank every day with his work boots on and he doesn't get away from the. The path. He stays on his head down fucking works and sure shouldn't turn to season around. And I've been breeding blues Twitter and they're raving about him. Now, all of a sudden, so there's a guy you knew he was going to turn things around especially older and his career, and I'm so happy for that guy to get another year extension and hopefully keep up that plagiar- in playoffs. Oboe me, sir. You're awesome guy to me at training camp one year when I came in as a water bottle, filler and juster and your great guy. We'll get you on the pods. Sometimes even though if we get you on you, probably wouldn't even say a word and the whole thing unless you had twenty four beers. I'll tell you right now to he's made so much God damn cake that guy point two five just so he can have some cash car line for the rest of his life. He's like all right. I'll just sign this one extra year that way every time. I get my car washed. I'll have cash to hand out to these guys. He him are ahead the same more drug. So you know, ain't spending that either Bom I serve was my draft. He was the biggest deal in the world. And I remember I met him. He didn't say one word, then all of a sudden we had some beers. It was actually at the top prospects. Go to the draft biz like who they think's going to be high picks. It was myself Upshaw Lupul Djabel Meister, and I forget the fifth if there was one at Beaumont asserted have beers. And all of a sudden up away from buddy what's up for the summer? What the swearing? He flips switch when the as a couple of pops. How about that crucial? Loops and up. No one else got laid on the soom. I know I was the biggest nerd in the world. Meanwhile, looped and up here's run around the. Whol just crushing anything and everything in sight being the hottest guys in the league. Meanwhile, I got an afro the biggest ears in the world. And I've never had a tan. Those are the first guys ever frost their tips to and back, then it was all so you knew they were just getting all the posts. Let's I think we should break down that Calgary Colorado series. Which is I put that a second to most anticipated other than the Boston Toronto series. That's my opinion. Anyway, RA well as everybody knows game of thrones is back Sunday night. So it's only appropriate that we have a series of fire and ice as the Calgary. Flames Conrado shit. Word play. I ever postseason meeting of the two franchises the flames of the second. Biggest favorite and round one nine eleven favorite favorite. Which means you have to put up two hundred twenty to make a hundred on them or one hundred to make one hundred eighty on Colorado Calgary won all three games of the season series. Only Tampa had more points scored more goals than Calgary this year. The flames have tons of weapons up front. Good dro-, chock, Monaghan Lynn home. The only team would add also at five plays with the least seventy points. Giovanni was the fifth one there. He's gonna be Norris. Final was probably going to win. It this solid on the I think the goal tendons the question, Mark. You know, you got thirty seven year old Mike Smith didn't have a great year though. He did finish strong twenty six year old David Riddick. He's only got I think three or four playoff games in his in his career. I don't know if this is it looks like Calgary on paper. But what do you got on this one biz? I really like Calgary as far as their depth upfront. And I think that's what's going to lead the way they not only do they play with skill speed. Ace, but they got some guys who can get to that net front some guys who play meat and potatoes, style hockey. So I feel like they have the perfect balance line lineup front four playoff hockey. Hey, boy office is different beast, and it should be interesting to see if those guys can continue that offense of pace because we do know after all star break Gujral Monaghan limb home they slowed down a little bit. They weren't producing to that same rate. They were at the start of the year when things were going really well for them offense looking at the back end. I they're solid obviously Jere Dana's the main topic of conversation when it comes to the back end for the flames. He everything kinda runs through him. And I like whether out there, but we I mean, goaltending we don't need to get into this should be very very interesting. The good news for Calgary is have we gotten confirmation on who's starting game. One. Knock-off formation. But it's it's going to be my Smith. That's what I was assuming. And now I mean Riddick played more games than him this season. But hey the minute if smitty has a bad game open up to series. I say they do not they do not hesitate and they go right to the backup. I would say he's got a shorter leash Rask. I would say Rask has a stinker. They're going to go back to them for one at an off. You guys agree with that? But Mike Smith has a very small Asian game wine will be very interesting and considering the Colorado probably one of if not the hottest team coming into the playoffs. They're getting a big boost back in Renton that top line. We'll be back together. I would say the best line in hockey at the start of the year. And it went together and healthy. I would say they're better than the Bergeroo online. And you guys can disagree because they're Boston team Grenell. He's going to have fucking anthrax the my house because I said that I mean the problem with. Colorado to me is just maybe a little bit soft on the back end where they're going to get worked around by team Mike Calgary where their their second third lines. They can wear you down they cycle. They played the big boy game as I mentioned, and then and just just the depth upfront. Just just lose your pack. I gotta have to go Calgary in in six games. Okay. Okay. I'm excited for this too. And I think it's great for Colorado that looks like Ron, and it's going to be back. That's just an incredible three players with Lantis, Gordon McKinnon so to have him back that's meaningful. And what a year it was. I mean, I'm the first to terrible this, by the way little off topic is different team. But Reeves text needs at you, mother fucker picking us you. I love. But I said reason just because I said when when mantis cog went down a call, and you know, right? When I set it, obviously, they picked it up. They got points and ten of the last eleven games. They come in on a high exciting team. We've talked about Tyson Barrie what a year he had a credible. But I do agree with a little bit of the defense kinda struggling not moving the park but defensively a little bit. I think that if you look at dealing with Calgary's offense, it's going to be too much. And I'm with you in a sense that Gdre Monaghan or one thing and you talk about your own the seasons. He had season. He has had offense. How good it can be. But Matthew could truck man. I mean, he kinda changes everything for this team a little bit. Because you look at the fact that. He makes everyone he plays against hate him. And drew out. He's been the biggest story in terms of despising Matthew Chuck on the ice. But dude. When you see anyone he plays against can't stand him. And it's playoff hockey. It's finest. And I think he's gonna be great in that role in the fact that this year he gets thirty four goals, you get seventy seven points. I mean, do this does not just a pain in the ass. He can play its marshawn like into add that to the DRO, and and Monaghan and maybe James Neal takes step. I actually should have said that it's definitely healthy pissed. You know, nealer, I you're asking the wrong guy, exactly show. But if I if he's ready to go, I mean, he's probably looking for a new start. You know what I'm saying up to tough regular season. So I think it's going to be a great series authencity. There's a ton of stuff to get excited about. But I see Calgary getting this done in five five maybe six games, I'll go with five because you should six or you mentioned the James Neal thing in a fresh start in our before Senate over to you some people are like, well, why is gonna flip the switch. It's weird because playoffs play that such a different pace and regular season. All of a sudden. All those like, no bad tendencies you had and regular season. All of a sudden, not hitting your pockets in places at the right specific times. All of a sudden that changes because certain lanes are open up that wouldn't be because guys might be over back checking or guys might be a little bit more tense, or you know, the game just a little bit faster. So that lane ended up opening up sooner than it should have. So who knows for a guy? That's a pure goal score. Like, James Neal. You know, maybe he finds his game. And if he can get hot, then they just added a fuck another thirty goal guy to their lineup which for guy who struggled all season and for for anyone out there. It's like anytime you've played hockey. No matter what level it is. If you do have a regular season where things don't go your way. You don't play great. No matter. No matter where it is. And no matter why tapping your struggles you still can always look and say, oh my God. I'm so fired up for the playoffs. This is like a fresh start because have shitty regular season. You go light it up in the left. No one remembers thing. So it's like a it's like a fresh breath for guys who maybe didn't have the year. They wanted to get to the playoffs. You don't have a lot of guys who struggled but still there can be a certain amount of guys on every team in the playoffs this year. He was like, man. This is my this is my time because this year didn't go as I really hope for in the regular season. All of a sudden, I'm going to step it up in the playoffs and Nobile remember thing. And if Colorado does have a chance to win the series already. I don't think we've talked about him in office the end of the season that grew our had what a pickup by them at the end of the season last year. I believe that was involved in the or pick deal where I don't I don't exactly know the details. But what do you think of him? It's funny. I was just we're going to bring that up as a point on first off. I just miss read. My notes Riddick doesn't have any plant fishery. So don't tweet me at that. I don't know about that one say a word. I was actually well gets when a second. I was grew. Because he's he went nine two and two down the stretch biz with nine five six nine five six eight percentage since February twenty third he'll probably get the nod. He's only got four career playoff game. Does the thing. I just misread Simeon volumme off used to be the Donald longtime. He's got twenty six playoff games on the his belt, but nonesense 2014 Whitney Migo rant and is definitely going to be good to go. I saw checked out on Twitter earlier. So they're going to be able to roll out one of the best lines in the game. They should forty-one percent of Colorado's goals this season. But after that offends out quite a bit. So Calgary's able to shut them down. It's going to be tough. I think for Colorado to have to beat them, basically, regardless even of Calgary's goaltending is power. I think they have so much offense that it's the lack of depth on Colorado. I think that that's gonna fact too much. I see Calgary's maybe even get all played a bit. But I just don't think the apps have enough on on offense. I get Cal. And six on this one. Alright, and our congratulations you on your bet while what a comeback by the Columbus. Jackets Jones with the game winner and boys. I mean that big boy line the big all the big boys for Tampa Bay getting shutdown and game. One at home thoughts on that. I wouldn't panic at all. I mean, I think that it's upsetting you get in the locker room. But those guys are like, dude, it's over grab a dinner. We ready maybe a couple of guys skate tomorrow pre-game skate, depending who wants to be out there. But either way I mean, the Washington Capitals, we're down to nothing to Columbus after games one and two in Washington last year, and they went to frigging double overtime and game three. So by no means are you panicking? If you're Tempa it's a little whereas some to blow a three goal lead for the first time in one hundred six tries and it happens to be the first game of the playoffs. But I think that they approached the game the exact same way they approach tonight when they play on on. Friday and another thing that might be getting off in the shuffle. Here is that, you know, been is nursing something, I don't know if it was a foot or ankle. Did you guys know what he was nursing? He he missed the last full with they turned it up a body injury. But he did bang his head. I think it was haggling whack this face off somebody's helmet. And then they think he might have got mild concussion slight concussion from that. So when a body. Body. I was close. It wasn't his ankle. It was his head. It was out of his body Bishop from the heart either way. Shocker fuck it away off. But all of a sudden you throw that thirty minute defense in back in the lineup. It does shift the rhythm a little bit. And those guys they're very. A very skilled team and their timings of big part of their game. So you know, that might take a small adjustment. But I imagine they get back to themselves in game two because if not boys holy shit pressure will be on in that locker room. I mean, I know Cooper just got that extension. But Jesus Christ man like you. You can't go down around one that we talked about how how bad that matchup was for tap, though, show to my boy Brad may mayday mayday mayday the man who got a hole in one. And then forgot to put the ball in his bag and hit it seven hundred yards out of bounds. The next hole to lose the whole in one ball. But he called e called the Columbus upset around one. I saw on Twitter he was defending his take too. So that's obviously a nice start for for maisy. And went one thing that you actually asked me to remind you of was the fifty fifty in the first game in Boston. And you said it was for charity and a great 'cause I did not wanna forget you to mention. In that. Yeah. Thank you very much for reminding me. And before we go into your present of your this is a really really sad thing to have to bring up, but it's a great cause. And and last summer three year old kid calling McGrath. He was actually killed. He was in south Boston. I don't know if you remember the story RA who's in his stroller and got hit by a car. Just a. Rip off just gives me just to talk about it just makes me shiver, but I feel so bad for the family, and they have an incredible thing going on it. It's they started a project for in honor of him. And it's WWW dot Collins joy project dot ORG and game two of the Bruins game. Bruins Leafs is going to be the fifty fifty going to be going to his charity, and you can actually be a part of this without being at the game. Or in Massachusetts. I believe I can get online. So anyone try to sign up and do that. Because it was a horrible sad story that I think that they're trying to make the best out of it, you know, with this project, and what's going on there. So it's a tough thing to talk about what I think everyone that could maybe look into it. And we hope you enjoy the interview and regarding all that information. We'll have Grenell. Write a blog about it, send it out on the Twitter, and Instagram's of spitting chick lit, so you guys can. Either swipe up or hit the link where you guys can enter the fifty fifty. And you said, you weren't sure what? But RA said he was that you can actually purchase those tickets outside of Massachusetts. So let's get as much money as we camper. A great cause. And we know our listeners are loyal and they'll help out. Thank you. Now. Let's send it over the Brendan. Yep. This is a very interesting interview. I had a lot of fun with this interview is brought you by rake on its twenty nineteen. Everyone needs a great pair of wireless ear buds. But before you go drop in hundreds of dollars on a pay you need to check out. The wireless ear buds from Ray Khan rake on on started about half the price of any other premium. 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An absolute pleasure now to be joined by good friend of mine. Current member of the con- moon red star in the cage Shanghai fits in very well over boss university national champion terrier played in the NHL, Brandon. Yep. Thanks for joining the spitting Shukla. Hey, boys. Thanks. We have me. This is an absolute pleasure. So people who don't know yipper, and I spent a lot of time in the summer together out on the links, and if I could describe his game he goes from a point to handicapped seating three hundred and twenty are drives on shrink for fourteen holes to attend sprays. One dry was and then fucking golf fuck. And we drive home just at the game. But he probably always birdies a loss hall. And that's what brings them. Back percent, Sears typical thing. I think he had a bad stretch on the back nine. And then everything was maxed out the hog press on eighteen shelf onto two foot. dR Burdette all the. Rat. Around cost. And then I think we're old sandwich last time that happened to you for like five hundred and we're walking back that rock that we hit two hundred fifty years. You're like, okay. Like double or nothing. If we hit this rock, you miss it can Bing right after. Who haven't played old sandwich? It is exactly that you play you have eighteen. So that's where a lot of bets are decided, right course old sandwich. Also has a nineteenth hole. They have a little ninety five yard hole to a green. And they actually had the same green has a different teebox. That's about a buck twenty. It's the nineteenth hole. It's it's it's the settle your toll. So fucking this kid word is eighteen he gets all get all this money already. So I'm like doubling off on the nineteenth. He beats. And then if you drive down around the corner, there's a little Matt an actual driving mangement and there's a rock one hundred forty two yards. Maybe one hundred thirty eight yards on a string right in the middle of the pond or the back end of the point. Nobody's ever hit it with me. I mean, there's win. It's fat. You don't know club to hit. And I'm down five hundred on my fuck that's nothing yet. And what he in. No, he Gerald hit the wrong. The wrong token like you. I was mad. Yeah. That was our last round glass. I never invited him back. Yeah. We gotta get there soon. But I wanna get into what kind of going on for you right now. And that's the last two years play on a new team in the cage L in China for people who are don't own. Don't fall. You had a great year this year. I think you're vegan goals and the right? Yeah. It only took me ten years Perot, but managed to find the back then that so it was a good year. Yeah. So what's going on there? Because you're the captain like I said you fit in people who are seeing it little Asian in them. And it's in perfect in China. So how is it Ben to kind of be the leader of that team to it's been an amazing experience will first of all to to tell you little bit about it. We're we're trying to do kind of like what the NBA did with basketball, but for hockey so bring it over to this huge market. Teach everyone the sport. But. It's not like basketball where it's kind of easy. You know, like you take the ball. You put in the hoop like hockey. There's so many different facets of the game. And you know, it's like hockey stick puck in that. Like, oh, yeah. Shorts worker fusing. Why was there? Why was there the puck employees? Explain this to it's not like we go to Phoenix where it was a new market when you're there people knew what hockey was like in China. They don't even know what the fuck it is like hawks not chopstick hockey stick. Early. It gets lost in translation. So, but it's it's been a great time. And the thing with basketball as they had Yameen and Stefan marberry guys who had a ton of success in the NBA. And unfortunately for hockey like hasn't been like China's guy that's done very well in NHL, but you did pretty no luckily for meals the closest to. I think a big deal with the NBA worldwide popularity is the dream team when they went to the Olympics. And that's why I wanted to ask you like how how much does this hurt NHL worldwide recognition? It's when I wrote on the dream team. Like, you just mentioned the NBA. It seems like there's a huge untapped Michael is a billion people just between alone any tells dropping the ball here. Exactly. They have done a little bit. They had some exhibition games guys seen that Shanghai. Bruins. They played the are one teen that's very involved over there. They actually have a hockey development program. We're going to get Derek on Sean on the podcast talk about it. So are one of the teams that have gone another very smart organization. Their owner and shoots who owns a company. He's like worth probably twenty billion. So he's he's pure business. Mine where he understands that you need to get there first and they doing so get back to your point. That's the whole thing. Like, we're trying to bring hockey they're mainly because they're hosting the Olympics in twenty twenty two and they wanna be, you know, quote, unquote, competitive in men's ice hockey, they obviously get automatic bid by the problem is like there's no Chinese hockey players. I know, you know, but there's there's guys like myself that have played on lake a lower level that are Chinese Canadian Chinese American that we're bringing into kind of coach up and get ready for Olympic similar with the south created this year eight except they had like white guys on their team. But. Was like you're Asian. Yeah. So I'm like like a fake the guy the boys. My boy Brandon defies who I played with them. I I think you guys at Mike Ladd on. Other beauties and they would call us the phases. The fake agents. Could you speak? No. But I'm it's so as manager and you don't. You can I get general speech Mexican. So it's actually pretty funny. You know, like you trying to learn the language because all gonna be think how when he walks up, and he's he's talking English when they're like doing your own off to us all they sniff meal, and they know a fake they come up to me, and they're like street also like taller than everyone. You go to little don't wanna forget this thought because I never thought of this. So you brought this up. But what about you getting your path? Exactly. So that's what they want to do with all the physicians. They wanna get us our passports eventually so we can help help the team and playing the limbic. So it'd be would we show you almost don't wanna think about now because you don't wanna get your hopes up? That's that's get surgery on his eye. Open the NHL guys Trump Asian look that animal speaking a language, man. It's a tough language to learn do like, it's insane. Like just to give an example, although tones so like Ma Ma Ma Ma mean Ford completely different things fall. How would you own away? Are you at the point? Where like, I don't think. I'll learn. Yeah. Kind a half too. But I've only taken like five one one class Charlie's killing. This guy's a fucking idiot right away. They're like a kid went to be you what? Yeah. I can barely speak English. Don't first of all don't be too Harnish has completely do everything with the way your mind works, and what side of the mind, you work left or right. Was that deters because there are certain people who can memorize a textbook, but they can't have normal conversation. Like, I went to school with people who are highly intelligent where you're like, man. Like where the fuck is your common sense. So don't be streets. My you're good at some take with the bed. Now, this is not an insult to char-. Because now people are gonna be oh what you don't think you street smart. But he's a guy who can memorize languages. I believe he knows seven languages. That's crazy isn't Mandarin is that. Yeah. Visi speak Cantonese too. But that's like more south, okay, Shanghai Shanghai. Who would I even could I even picture what I'd be seeing? If I go there, I've not even have a clue so think about this. There's nine million people in New York City, which is so much is twenty five million people in Shanghai. That's a lot of fucking Chinese people whole mind is one way light. Ilian how much one point five billion to it's insane. How much of a horrid horror nightmares is the subway. It's it's fucking packed. But it's actually very clean and to get around. It was actually pretty surprising as good, but the first week I was early. There's so many people. There's people lose like, no. You know, when you grow up, you're like, okay left right left like when you cross the road. Yeah. There's nothing like that. Like, it's three hundred sixty head on swivel. Like, this guy's fucking scooters going everywhere guys walking around, and you know, the first weekend like trying to dodge people. But now, I'm like taking the corn. Just fucking bouncing off goes like a seven year old lady like grandma Chinese lay would not be afraid to just cold shoulder and Barry just keep walking. Russia has that aspect very much to in Russia. There's no lines ever in Russia. So you're going to security at the airport. It's just bully bully and ends up. You know, you go in, but I can kind of picture that is like they're just survival. It's like everywhere on the road, and they banned. Yeah. Man. So yeah. I mean, typically the greatest drivers you understand when you're there because it's kind of like driving like, you just you just go. And if someone gets in the way, like you're either hit them or they're gonna fucking stop. You don't get anywhere being nice. Yeah. Exactly austin. Yeah. Exactly. So you gotta just fucking go. I have so many other questions what about fan wise? How are you guys doing kind of a struggle or like because you as a good, right? It's kind of want here. Just give overall Cessna of what China's light. Yeah. It's true. Yeah. We can get into that to a funny story. Actually, bring on my way for saying show enjoy this if you want chick, that's there's only two things he'd better. Fuck it mention me, and you better tell whit tonight talk about any parting fucking kill them. This. You know, we we can go on party. This is a good story. But how crowded is so it was New Year's Eve, and we're going to meet the boys and everyone else for dinner and. There was just millions of people on the street. Like, we're in the main drag there's fuck and just people everywhere like you can barely walk and to describe like, we're up top at one of the highrises. No big deal. You look down at look just like a bunch of fucking ants on like an end Hillman going in every direction. Yeah. Humans. Oh. So we go back down to street level. And we got across the street, and I'm within we're fucking lead. Obviously. And I'm dancing on people. Whatever across the street, I turn back and you see this in. She's like weren't six inch heels near the blonde hair, dander, just fucking Liz. Liz like, she's like you like if you get a personal space. She has no time for that. So she's like elbowing fucking these Chinese people. I'm sitting there like it's blonde on de LA. That's the paint a picture of how many people how many head turns would she get walking down the do. They just stare you, man. Like did. Steer me stare at her like, blonde hair. Some American anyone ever offer money or anything? And I'm like, well how much? They like Papa rata their person has to be somebody. Why are they here? It's got that alone Germany to they always think she's some celebrity. You know, is it clean. You know, what I do like going over there so worried because you know, you go to like Chinatown everyone's local Chinatown. It's very congested. It can be dirty very crowded, but you get to Shanghai, man. It's like living in the future, so clean. It's very spread out. It's very westernized. A lot of people speaking less you get all the nice restaurants and hotels, all Americanized ones. And so there wasn't much of a culture shock for us. And it's funny because you right away when you went over there. Remember we were golfing, dude. Like, I have this deal in China. But I'm I'm like, I don't like this is like a panic. It's a first your cage LT Macau, he's they could act down. And I remember being like dude, you could be like a monster superstar also over there on billboard. Yes. But quickly I was I was also now. Thinking with what you're saying? It's probably one of the best places to play in the cage L people love Helsinki. But now, I mean, China this is an incredible city, dude. It's it's amazing. We're going to actually move to Beijing next year. A whole attitude is like we struggle that we didn't make the last two years. But now we're going to try and kind of form it into like a north Americanized team. And because we can have unlimited imports. Like if you're in Russia where you play you played in Soji only four five five now, and you could be the only North American on your team, though. So you could have no until like hang out with during the day, and blah, blah, blah. But for our team we have like fifteen North American guys in the phases. Like myself, we're North American too. So it's like you have an North America team in the cage L kind of odd ribs still like that. Right. Yeah. But they folded a couple years very similar it week. I'm going around these crazy like Russian cities and all that it's a blast. Because you with all your buddies, Tim Brent played in the cage. I believe they might have been. He was in many ways shows in Magnitogorsk to remember. He was kind of weird they win. He played on a team at one point. I believe over there that it was similar where they had all North Americans. They might have went to the fine. One year or it may progress. Ugh. Prog as where it was similar where they didn't have an import rule or maybe they were allowed charts. Now check that. And you know, just all gelled and played together. Where of course, you go to Russia. You got a little mix of imports and the Russians he can't even speak to each other. Yeah. Exactly chemistry. Yeah. Exactly. And I remember it, and you get lonely men like you probably went through it. Well, I was lucky because Corey Emerton was. He was a guy from over here. I live like right next door to him. And we had Swede. Andre Pederson great guy and like a fin. But you could be an American or Canadian go over there and actually have imports that you'd never even really hang out with. And then you're because you just don't hang out with in one. And then you in some shit city play with one of my teammates, Kyle trip magnetic. Which is like a. What you talk. Your home. You've never done that to me busy. You kidding me? Right now on. On. I don't know what you guys Chipper Chipper a city. Like is that a sponsor is that you say K U N L U N. Kunlun? Yeah. That's I think the the region. Okay. Okay. Yeah. But I don't really know what it means to be honest. I should find that out. Now the region we read ster if they embraced the team. Yes. So the problem is we have been in Shanghai the last two years and we've originally supposed to be in Beijing. So they haven't dumped a lot of money into marketing and bringing and bringing fans so the game which has been a problem. But now that we're moving to Beijing all our sponsors are and where the lympics is going to be I think we're going to track a lot more fans. Going back to the time you spent in the NHL. So I was actually I don't know if it was your first goal came down to snipe point in Colorado. I was on Anna. Holy fuck yet Bor. But we'll what was that experience. Like because you had a nice little run in Colorado. Is you OBI was the crew that bunch of the Riley Riley would factor. We'd Chris Stewart which Shatti. Yeah. Good team. When young players we were we sort off really hot. I remember that story because he told me in the summer where golfing. I remember my goal of. It was actually my first goal in the NHL. That's what I was wondering. And I think a dump the puck in like hit the demand the demon God through to the wing skews fast. Good hit the winger they brought his own curled up. And then the hit regroup and passing Scott need Myer who retire that. You're probably because I passed them and I went down and sniped on Hiller. And I remember you telling me, and then remember you telling me when we go new like you went back after the first period, and you like. Gets off get came up who the fuck is Chinese guy flying around out there. Dying laugh, but boy. On us. I don't wanna say definitely gets remember somebody in the room goes who. This Chinese guy. Why are on the ice? Goldman he played for you. They won the national championship. Well, should we talk about? Yeah. Man. We missed each other. We miss it by I think couple years, actually, maybe a couple years. Teens who the NHL is on a lot of guys. Who'd we had like when we won my senior year. I think we had like ten to twelve guys playing the NHL the next year or two after that deco ridiculous. You know, MAC you'll ROY Brian street. Kevin shattenkirk Riber I'm looking at the table or soft ski Kobe tone who was studying sex. That was our city. That was our city even name. He didn't even name the forwards. They had all Wilson. Nick Benino Chris Higgins who played in Vancouver. No single taking Krista sukey. The Belfast Datu nobody he he was like one of those guys are just fucking nasty and college, you know. Oh, yeah. Human skills Jason Lawrence's on team, but we had Benino myself. Johnny Mack guys made inch also team was a wagon team. British Columbia grew up. Right. Yeah. Yeah. No. I just ended up there to bunch offers and actually went to Saint Cloud. I and I didn't know college was coming from Canada. And I went to Saint Cloud to visit because they're were the first team that like showed interest in me. So I was kind of being loyal to them. So I went there for the weekend came back, and I was like had the best time. Like, this showed me around, you know. And I was like dad yet. Like, I'm going to say cloud place was fucking amazing. Oh my God. He's like you should really check out another school, go one more. Visit. And he's like, okay, go to Boston go to and I went down and met all the boys, and the I think I probably would have met you. I don't know. They all the boys took me on came back. And I was like I'm going to be you. Some other schools. We just gotta get him for. What they're saying cloud, and there's the sky named Bugsy poor, my drinks. Remember the night? I woke up next to three chicks. Like it was he got game when he ended up sleeping with the two blondes, the huge boobs. Yeah. No. So that well switcheroo sqi. So well, then you give me the the breakdown on how you decided. All right. I'm kind of over here. Trying done over here. Trying to make the NHL going to Europe. That's that's the you guys go through that because you guys playing in a long time. But that's a tough decision, man. It's really tough and. I made it probably a year too late but going back on and looking back like you always want to get back to the NFL. Like, I was like I can't give up, you know. It's my dream. So I was there knowing right? And you know, if you play there, you're not gonna be at a place, you just need that opportunity, blah, blah, blah. But as you guys know the league, it's it's a lot younger and the new crops coming cheer. So Finally, I think like healthy scratch in the and all that. So I got some offers over in in Europe and decide go to Germany, which was awesome. Because I kind of fell in love with the game. Again, you know, it's tough getting called up and down again, healthy scratched, and blah, blah blood. You might get traded you go over there. And you know, you're on the team, and we ended up winning a championship there. So is it really made me fall in love with the again. And it was awesome. And who is the play. Oh, metropolit- Glenn. Rewarded guests face light up? When you say. Give us a story. I don't know. That's tough filter comes out your tell the ten best one. We get the eleventh best. Yeah. He's he's awesome. And he's he's always ready to go. Scrappy backstory to man, not man, you grew up. The projects Toronto at a tough upbringing. And he really he really came Bruin. Right. Yeah. He played like roller hockey tilles fourteen and then decide to play ice hockey went like all the way through the ranks is coast like these crates don't even knows. And then he plays fuck in like five hundred games in the NHL. And he plays till he's like forty two beagle. For for Vancouver. Now. Apparently, he wanna championship in the coast. He getting called up played in the American League and her she ended up winning a call last year. And then last year when he won the Stanley Cup. He was he was the first guy to everyone ever win the championship and all three leagues and people just lumbering home up stories because you know, nowadays you get drafted in the first three rounds. Like, you're going to keep getting opportunity after opportunity just based on your your the fact that you were drafted high like I mean, even back, then if you're a first rounder, you would you would like Gilbert Birla who you play with there's another example he would bounce around from team to team. Get you get extra lives. Get extra lives. You're like a cat. You get nine of them. And he's actually doing really well in the cage. Bruce is always issues making Bank. Yes, he ended up signing late Novosibirsk. You know, what you've been there? It was like a ninety. He's like an idol dos. Working sound his dog light steadily. Lights tally up, but he could time player for the Rangers. And now he's going. He's a superstar in that league much like job relate like there was a little bit of a tough patch here. Considering quitting. Hear the story when I was playing with him in Phoenix. When he was there Domoni want him. He thought he could be the finally the GM to crack the code into them as a full-time guy. Dave tip. It wasn't crazy, but it's two hundred game. So he was just there practising mostly he'd get throwing the lineup, but like in a fourth line role. So they were trying to send him down. He just wasn't answering his phone from Jim O'Neill team security guy head over to his hotel. And he was sitting by the pool, and they're like, hey, man, we've been trying to reach you like you have a flight leaving out here. You're going down the miners. He's like, yeah. I just tell them not going. I quit. O'neill had to call Donnellan in tip and be. Yeah. He's by the pool like he's just enjoying the sun. And he said he's done. I played through ten times. He was nasty and the Wh freak this study. He went like top five overall sex. I think you six if I remember also a crazy story about him. It's there's article article written about it. He was he's a huge music music. I think he loves you too. Well, he was driving along one time. And he saw these two people stuck in the pouring rain. I think it Stanley park in Vancouver. It was pouring. And he picked them up turns out, it was Bano from you bond with somebody else. So it's pretty crazy store. They ended up talk and he wore relates on the on the stage for concert, but what else okay in the middle of conversation. You remind me of something you said he's making Bank over there. A huge year there. No Russian teams looking to pay you some Bank twenty the teams call. Those there's some there's a few teams interested for sure. Is the Russian gas Ville for China team Russian guests. Heard about what what I say. Don't you? Have you heard guys in the league with the with? I've before the game. Yeah. But I can't like I'm still planning. Using it happens in the league. So I feel like it's not like I feel like everyone knows did you ever catch wind about us or more more. So wit getting by the media from the game show. Really? Yeah. There is there were the news. The fact that he was trashing on the country. No, no. It was about me saying that the women were like, oh, yeah. Yeah. I did see something like that. Depends are one back. So with the media women complain. Katharina the eleven point three or all the point six. What are you gonna do? I think it's not really an insult talking with the Russian gas. You can't really. You're not sign what anyone for next year yet. No. But I'm obviously in negotiations with Kuhnen, obviously, that's gonna probably be my spot. Yeah. Coach North America. Yeah. We just go to new coach crew Fraser's in the NHL for several Dallas and Steve Kasper and Kovalov covy. Oh. We still has like he will when you know in the healthy scratches play three on three after practice because you know, about it. So I. So he's still fucking nasty. Like he goes around there and just dangling guys like talk Titi. So he's still sick. He could still play oh easily Stevie cash, but he was known as well, not Wayne Gretzky shutdown guy. Everytime. They when they played them the Bruins plan. They put casper on shut down. They sell shutting them down was like getting to one and said a three and three got coach again, but he got ran out of town, basically. But he's he actually stands Ray Bork nearly evens and he put him in the lineup. And then he stapled to the bench all game. He just let sat in the all game. Which like I offense and sell them to these veterans and then second off you handicap team by fucking bench by to ask night. And then that was it. He was done. So after that hasn't coached the funny story about Casper's. You know, you do the drills where the coach passes the puck, and he was struggling this one drill. And last comes out to me. I see way when the Selke. That's funny. What was he like over there? My vigil. We're talking about we call them lattes. He was on the podcast. Yeah. One of my good buddies over there. Yeah. He's a beauty. You can't really be tough guy there though because you get one fight and you get suspended the next time. You know, it's funny for Russia because it's such a fucking crazy place. Yeah. I think they stopped the fighting when like those crazy like Chris Simon and all those guys over and read the fucking wheels off everywhere on it was always nobody wanted to play. It's gonna drive me nuts the team. I don't remember the team right now sought my head, but we dealt with them. Yeah. You play against him. It wasn't like that. Then already kind kinda change. But they had a couple years. You're right YouTube clip of Jeremy blonde ski and nasty morass ity they played over there too. They played on that team together. And they actually got an off ice bra. You can go watch it on YouTube. I think some people were like a wedding, and they were they were in a bar next door at the next door to the hall or something. And there was an argument that ensued. And then all of a sudden, you blonde skim rasc- just throwing with all these these Russian KGB, boss. I think it's Vitas that team. Moscow. So they play random Osco few times. How bad is the travel? The travel is fucking brutal, man. Like, there's no going around it. I don't mind it because what shows. Yeah. But I can't they little bit can watch two eighty for that. But I play cards like we do the same thing we're doing now shoot the shit. So it's not too bad this one. So when we go to Moscow to to Shanghai. You gotta stop in Nova Siberia sleek halfway to refuel. So this one trip which just went on a heater like we want to get mood. You know, haven't beers wine on the plane, whatever we're two hours outside of Moscow the plane starts turning around. I'm like what everyone's what the FOX going on. I dunno up to the GM. What's going on? Why the fuck turning around? He's like the stewardess forgot to go through customs in Moscow because she thought we were going through in Nova Siberia's. So we had to turn around go back another two hours one for this fucking Stewart ago, go through customs parishes. So this. Ten hour trip just turned into a fourteen hour chill fifteen. So the boys it'd be sixteen. I'm not a math guy, but you drove to you to go back to and then retrace the two yet despite the Asian not very good. S NAMA strong suit. What's the longest flight? You have going from one city to another there. That's the longest one that went to slow van which is in check. But the thing is like you'll fly. It's not like you're going there and back like we go to Moscow, and we'll stick around for like ten days to weeks play all the teams around there. Yeah. Exactly. And then you get long home stands. So we're sometimes we're in Chiang for like a month in Donald move. So that's that's how are the students. Stews pretty decent. Calls them fart sniffer on the plane. You're off at ball, especially your beers. And there have food from Coon. Yeah. Exactly. And they're just. And then they come up there. Hey, you want anything else in there kneeling down beside you, and you're like, oh, these are so nice and. Just drop the bomb, and I know she smells it. But she's keeping that smile on real professional real when you guys played like Scott and Tesco today. Just trounce you all my good. Yeah. So sick. They're nasty. Like that Scott team saint-peres they had like last year. They had debts hoop Kovalchuk goose f f guys Seattle nasty. Those guys that that there's like ten Russian names have never even heard of. But they're like disgusting, and they would never even consider coming over. Don't wanna make Bank and Russia and drink vodka and they're making Bank legends in their hometowns edge. Who is there one person that this year in the cage impressed, you the most your that goose office? I know how is he never like I thought erronous how old is the very old as another cease guy. That's really a Capshaw. He's no wild guys. Go to come over soon. I think we've talked about that recently. I apparently he's got like two more years over there because contra really wild. Thing with Kovachev got enough. This was a rumor, but this is what I heard the reason why he left all that money on the table with New Jersey that hundred million dollar contract because he went to Russia and made that money in five years now he's fucking back in. Eighteen didn't get taxed on it either. Yeah. Exactly. So I wanna to ask how's the grub? I know people in America Chinese food is how Chinese food taste and China. But that's not really the case is the food. Really good over there. Yeah. It's awesome. And you can get everything then it's so westernize like you'd have no idea like if you went there and didn't he didn't have to Chinese food. But yeah, I mean, there's there's some fucking weird food out there, but the real like kind of high Chinese, it's awesome. Like, it's never tasted anything better. But you go around to like there's this place called the garden, and it's like a tour spot, and they serve like live squid like on sticks and like scorpions and shit. And you're like what the fuck, and I'm like all four like China everything once, but like I can't even hold a dead square because I'm scared of it still gonna eat it. If you shell it just fry that thing for five minutes. Who was a headache? I think ahead like cow testicles or some shit. But I didn't even know. I was eating it like Tony after it wasn't too bad. You rented the one time Don over there. Right. Donny does. Donnie does. Yeah. We're over. There. We go for beers. Every now, and then and he's a great, dude. He has some great content over you watched city is probably one of the best bar or creating he's a genius recently using Afghantistan or something. He's he's nuts. Yeah. He did. He came out on the road with us one time into the skit for us. So it was pretty good. Yeah. And I think it was against. The next year you beat him. And he wasn't there. Exactly. Which was which was huge. It was right before the trip. I told you you play with Vojtech Wolski, we'll skua, and he he broke his neck a few years ago playing H L he ended up having a miraculous comeback and these back to the top of his game. Yeah. Exactly. What a scary story that was that you guys should actually have monies as some he has some pretty fun rushing stories for you. But yeah, he broke his neck down there and not really the place you wanna break your neck, and he was telling me like every lake procedure. They did they did wrong embraced. But he's he made a full recovery. So good holy shit. One about I know I know we've taken up your time. Here any any like stories that come into your head of Parker. She act Parker be use napping on you, Jackie pack. The rangers. Coach now is your system coach when you guys wanted all xactly. No parker. His typical thing for me would be a twenty mile bike Sunday morning. Just be brutal. Puke up. You know, the story. Nettie haven was originally the guy who told me he's another Boston guy about when the kid had the jammer. And then he still made it on time for the meeting and he. You don't own time one hundred. Oh, yeah. That's like honestly that story would have to be told by net or somebody else. It's like three minutes story that we couldn't even get into right now. That's that was legendary. Boston eagle, but. Story. Tell that one. Well, dude, I man I thank you so much for coming on. I don't know if there was anything else you wanted to chat about boys. Listen over there. Oh, yeah. Everyone listening love it. I love it. That's cool. Let's see what else up top. I wanted to talk a little bit a little bit about owner. So building a agok who's he's he's the best guy in the world multi-billionaire multi like over ten I guess, so funny. Introducing the people I'm like the Billy goat K. This Billy short for billionaire. He's the best and. He would he. So the cell riches are going to tell two stories of hell rich. This guy is because he always has an entourage around him. And the last couple of years, I'm kind of golden boy. So we've been become pretty tight and he came in this year to Shanghai. And he's like, let's go let's go for dinner or something or drinks or whatever. So I met for drinks. And we're losing at the time. We wanted to know what was going on with the team, anyways, he comes there. And this time it's one on one. And there's this guy kind of behind him, and he doesn't introduce them. So I'm kind of like weird like who the hell is whatever we sit down with sitting across each other. This guy's like sitting like a little bit behind him. And Billy takes a sip of his wine and like hits a little dribble on his chin in this guy reaches over with the napkin, insert padding his lips. Oh my God. He is a fucking personal Butler. I'm like holy shit. And before the meal, he like the Butler, take sodas pills starts Phoenix pills gives them as water Billy sitting over his his hands down like that. As you think? Head. Yeah. Oh my God. Like, I'm not used to hanging out with people like, you know, I'm used to hanging out like pigeon millionnaires like you to not like billionaires. So somebody to white my age when I get at me while present guys could've put a my head. If I don't answer the right crashes to why we're on streak. Yeah. Exactly. You're getting again, I'm thinking now shouldn't go sheet that into my next contract have a Bali ticket hundred K off give me a Butler when the Bill comes to even bother trying to reach in fail. Given the courtesy like back, she the Chinese culturally they'll fight over bills. That's a culture thing. Well. I at home the fence man, like literally stay at my house replacement. They're getting sucked off by a geisha. And the other story billion fuck enriches he has. So I met one of his pilots this year. I was over in Sweden. And he was telling me he's like two huge one private jet. That's a two hundred series. Got a twenty seater jet that he uses regularly 100-seater something stupid. So y'all on seven forty. Yeah. Exactly. Like, I dunno planes, seven forty seven and like some crazy three hundred foot or like three hundred yacht in the south of France bolo, which I better be going on soon. Billy. So he tells me he's like any smoke cigarettes, always flying. So he's on his jet and every two months, he gets his whole carpet change and all the upholstery because he spits on the floor. So how much does that cost like change every two months that, you know, you're Levin when you're doing shit like that spitoon, exactly. But that's when you know next time, yet per goes, back and flies player within that. Same guys. Just eating spit. He's. Instead of on the floor. Wiper this guy. Hey, this is going to call you after and be like ham trying to recarpet my apartment in Scottsdale. You wanna maybe, but I'll take that stuff ripping up from the plane. He's actually he's actually very humble besides having like a personal Butler and all that. But he's he's the nicest guy. One finding not really, but he's learning, but one funny story about how like positive this guy. And he's always giving us double bonuses. And triple bonuses. He'll come in there and be like. Double bonus clap. And it's and the boys like. So anyways, we got we played that Saint Petersburg team. And Keenan was coached the first year. So I just got we just got pump seven one I think the only goal. So thank you guy. Did my Dr bonus. So if I spent guy so we're like fuck Billy's at the game like Keenan's gonna come in and rip us, and you know, after you lose a big one like that you're trying to hide and Billy comes in the room. And he's like yoga like what he's like why no music like why not be happy fun. I believe in you guys. It's okay behalf being starts clapping. And everyone's like what the fuck. I look over a key. And there's just steam coming out of his ears. He just wants to fuck and rep someone. That's a story of health like positive the skies. And he really wants to my. This is my cheated stores keen dog he's actually still part of the organization. So I can't go to them. But you told me you guys got along you share? He got along. I got along with them play hard. He likes. You're you're gonna fight and you're gonna respect to me like he obviously can gave it to some guys like really bad the one funny story Keenan. So there's this guy in her team Zach you, and he's another fish, and he came from Vancouver any played in the he planned the east coast. Right. So he's come from the east coast to the cage L, and we had this meeting. We lost like ten in a row on Keenan's going around ripping guys. Like what the fuck you doing other? Like, you're supposed to be a leader. Like what I blow, and you know, you just take it from guys like use like, okay? Like you. Don't talk back all sunny starts giving back and Zach just fucking fires back. We're all like wrong or. Paul. I'm like stop starts up. So they go at it back and forth. Bubba we go to the airport and in we're in line at customs, and he's like, Yup, come here. I'm like fuck. He's like a vol my years plan hockey, I've had to fucking guys talk back to me like that Brad hall, but now Zac fucking UN. Now the other guys a hall of Famer. Thought he was going to like it. I know what you mean by that. So keen and challenges guys, and he has a lot of respect for guys are certain coaches like that or a lot of them that you know, maybe you might have had a bad game. But if they come out you challenge them, and then you go back at them. They liked that. Because now, especially if you say fuck, you put me on there, and I'm gonna deliver now and shove it up your time. Hitch Hitchcock's, very similar. He doesn't care. He's doing it to get you going some coaches take like for sure like that in Adrian Aucoin said the same thing like you said a couple of times, he, you know, he went back, and did you not tell the story about Mogilny going back at them like shit like, oh, really like mcgillion bread hall. That's what I'm saying. Like, of course books, but it's not like Zach you, and you know, pretty good for sack you and be able to say him inbred hall of something in common xactly degree story. I love that. I forgot money family money. He made all his money and energy. So I guess he owns one of the legal energy companies. China all natural caffeine inhaler picture this year of the view in that fight. Maybe the best picture ever seen when you're. Connecting with the guy's face or you just wound up. We gotta get this out and drop this. I don't know if I connected or not. But the guy like I think it was last year and the guy quit he just fell down. So it's like, whatever. And what about the other clip? I saw the share of the fight. When did the guy not swing sticky, humid, you see that was easy? It was six on five and empty net. And I scored the empty net goal. And this guy was just he was just pissed off. I guess like I didn't know it at the time. But he just threw a stick at a frustration was a key theatrical, very similar though. So I just is perfect time. Like, I turn the same way where he threw a stick and all his fucking stick. Come an EMMY. So I ducked an instantly. Chuck my stick back in that direction. Unfortunately, miss him. And I hit a hit Taylor Beck in the chest. But then just an instance grip. For the gory. How to take it? What else you got written down that laptop for the boys? They didn't wanna leave anything. Masseuse got hit in the I like that. God's fuck. I feel so bad for to Topol historic and. Yeah, no, he just just pick me. The worst guy. It's crazy. How diverse team is in. And we because you can't it's hard to find. Chinese hockey players like bottom line. So last year, they did a good job of just looking for all these guys and we had guys like Luke Lockhart played at UB, just graduated and we found this other guy. Brayden jaw who played for years at Harvard. So you know, when you go to camp, and you're introducing yourself to everyone and always like, hey, how's your season last year? Where'd you play last year? So I go to Jauzion Jauzi, you know, would you play last year like how to go like, I was an investment banker. So he was an investment banker for a year. And now came back to play in the cage. L Cal crazy. Is that like all fucked bear we're going to be? Give them credit. They do they plan on fourth line, and they buzz around and they do a great job. And they give the boys a lot of energy. So they've been doing really, well, that's awesome. They build any rinks or anything China to get Chinese pleasure. Need to kind of get some ground going. Good question. So. When the Chinese people want to get something done like fucking, do it, you know, so they wanna bring hockey to to China, and they just built one hundred fifty rinks of this past year. One hundred fifty they now have it part of the curriculum for kids in grade one through seven to play hockey in school, no way, like so they're just trying to it's all government backed like they want hockey to be like basketball or soccer like when you bring these westernize scores into even to early though it hasn't been long enough where there's possibly something like thirteen fourteen year olds are making noise somewhat. You know, what I mean for sure I think there is the problem with it's not popular over there. So you see like the actual Chinese national team the guys who've had been playing in China born and raised and they're really fast a lot of skill. But the team game lacks a little bit. So they need guys like some North American guys that know the game that can kind of help them and teach them strategy and positioning and all that. Have you been to that? You just mentioned gambling Macau Macau. It's it's it's right off a Hong Kong. She went to Hong Kong, but I didn't go to Macau. But I'll be going there for sure I heard it's just fucking Vega. Twenty Shane apparently. If you've done that one yet. Oh, you know. No, it's fun over there. Have you heard of the fake markets? Yeah. Canal street. Yeah. Like, so. No, no. Like there's these fake markets in Blake, you know, rate fake markets in Shanghai. It's very famous so tourists get attracted these spots in its underground like. Say train station with all these kiosks, and there's people trying to sell you like it's all fake shits fake duty. She right. Yeah. Canal. That's what it is. Okay. Yeah. It's like that Matanza million. And they're pretty pretty cold on can't tell but they have everything they have like beats headphones like like anything guys different. Yeah. It's fake. But like a Louis Vitton Bill like the one I'm wearing right now. But yeah, I mean, it's legit. But you can get a fake when you wouldn't be able to tell right, but guide Vialli beats headphones that are figley. Why the fuck you by knows it's going to break in the audio quality sucked. So I don't get something that you're wearing that'll be fine technology though. But but we'd go there on on off days, if we're bored. We'd go there just negotiate with the ladies because it's so funny like you go there, and you walk in and the like you want you want shoes like how much she's a thousand three thousand arm. So it's like one arm Rb. Or one dollars six hundred three thousand five hundred bucks a mask lake around. She's like three thousand fifty. She's like, no, no you. No, I need to feed my family the little she's like twenty five hundred MC. Nope. Fifty five. She's like, no you bad. Boy, Bebel bad blow is this fucking rub and tug Lee with going on trying to buy fucking Gucci shoes. So I'm like eight dollars. Eventually, she's like, you know, one thousand take particularly, and that's what most people would like peer thousand but not fuck that you got to walk out the door. So I walk out and before you get five steps, she's like, okay? Okay. You negotiate and you come back come back. Then you give thousands. I always give her like a little bit more just because I feel bad. But but it's more about you learning go. She actually find is like fucking with an agent. Yeah. Exactly. I'm not gonna love it. Busy love it. I should actually make a trip down there. Yeah. We'll do a couple of cast. Planted and we plan going in the Olympics. They're exactly twenty twenty two but not that far away believing on your playing. Here's my saying right here right now, I'll go to the Olympics and Shanghai. If yipper on team team Cheinal, refusing Beijing Olympic, okay? After still speak Mexican, he's speaking Asian business longer. You wanna play me, you gotta think at least three or four years if we're talking about that we're doing the lympics it's three more seasons. So the only thing that I feel like you don't like, oh, well, you said you found the passion for hockey went Ernie. I really can tell it is back for you like for a while there you like dude, I just wanna play golf. Every year. I feel it still wanna play golf. That's what I'm going to say sucks leaving sorely soul ban Europe. It's got to leave a month or month and a half early, obviously, get home earlier. But like what if you right now? So that's why if you're living in Florida, great you coming back, and it's not doesn't make sense. Why won't they have the season at the same time? I know they don't they wanna enjoy their summer. I don't get it. Well, the cause of the world champ. The NHL is ends before the world championships. A month before the world championships agree because it really I mean guys don't care. They're looking to make money they're doing whatever they need to do. But it does it just sucks when you're leaving August or January thirtieth. You're like see a wet. I'm like, wait. What? All that sunlight for the three day training camps. Yeah. Exactly keep playing so I couldn't anymore. I mean, it's you got fucking all you have is a dull toyed once you're done playing. You gotta like Warren. Yeah. Exactly. And forget is like myself, you kind of pass threshold where you know. It's not like you're playing in the NHL and making tons and tons of money or entire career. But there's there's a time where you hit like twenty eight twenty nine. It's like, okay is do I stop playing hockey and focus on a new career or do? I just ride this fucking thing on make up. Experience. And it's a great way. Like always tell guys, and we're we touched on a little bit earlier when you when you make that decision NHL's over it's a tough one. But and when I'm trying to recruit guys come to my team. I'm like, hey, listen, like, no one can tell you what to do like that you own decision. But when you come over here like when I was in Germany, do I like the great experience, you meet new people, you get these like crazy like two or three times you get like seven day breaks in the military. And so we went to like we went to the mall dis went to do by like my first year in Germany. I went to like twenty different countries went to Europe, Italy, Switzerland. We're going now moving in China Hong Kong, we're going to Moscow Saint period, like a Catholic stand. You're gonna live feel like name the fucking country like we're going there. So it's a pretty cool experience. You get a little bit of a chance to go back to be in the top line guy right at the end of over here. And then you go over there. You're I'm playing power play. Now. Yes. It's fun again. Yeah. Exactly. What it's like to when you're on your way on you only playing like five to ten minutes night. And you just try not to fuck up there. And now you go to and the guy. I mean, it's awesome. Nice of you for joining voice. Thanks for having me. Appreciate X time. We dig into your NHL. Not again, nothing. Billy haven't bringing the gentleman. He will he'll come. Jet. If you re sign their done that interview was also brought to you by door. Dash have a long day at work rough day at school still stuck at the office. Will treat yourself to meal, you deserve on demand from your favorite restaurant restaurants. Come to you with dash door. Dash connects you to all your favorite restaurants, and you city ordering simple just use the door dash app and choose what you want to eat in your Daschle bring it right to you wherever you not only is that burger pressure level Berga place you love on dash already. But over three hundred ten thousand other amazing restaurants to go dash connects Jewett door to door delivery over thirty three hundred cities in all fifty states across the US and Canada or from your local go choose choose me favorite chains like Boley Wendy's chick fillet cheesecake factory don't worry about Denna. Let didn't come to you with door. Dash right now, our listeners can get five dollars off their first order of fifteen dollars or more. When you download the door dash app and enter the promo code Gilad's. That's five. Off your first order when you download the door dash app from the app store and enter the promo code checklists. Again, that's promo code chiklis for five dollars off your first order from door. Dash. Thank you very much to her Brandon year. Pu guys I made a promise during that interview that I could be going. I could be going to fucking China. I mean, can you imagine me in China? No. I'd be towering over people. Seriously. Look like. And game of thrones. I can't imagine. How great that would be me China either way a really cool interview from your burners interesting to hear what's going on in the cage shell and trying to grow hockey and China and and him being in boys. He's ready to go. Are they going to go out there and do a content piece with the want on on? I know really eventually. I mean, you know, you guys know I like to get content for the fans, and it'd be fun for me to go over there and experience the cage, especially in China. Who knows man what if I are brand pops off, they're like boy band style. If you get big in China boys, we'll be living large. We'll be living like that billionaire owner who spit on the ground in the walls of his fucking his PJ. Just say he was chewing when he was spitting luby's. I take us just just like. You don't you? Don't wanna reminded me of when they're when he was talking about that the scene in in ace Ventura like tuna. My boy my poll will bridge we were at Steffi's on Newbury Grenell e one time sitting outside beautiful spring day. So busy, you know? It's a nice restaurant, and it's got the the door seating. And it's right next to the sidewalk there's just like a fence for the door sheeting. So technically like you're kind of on the sidewalk, but you're in a restaurant, even though you're outside. Do it by boys. Spitzer the forum? I read what do you do it is or outside pro like inside the gates role? We're inside the kingdom. It's over on this yet Hakko after agree with you there. I know it's cement, and you feel. You're on the sidewalk. But if you're inside the gates man, you can't be spitting on the four of technically. What is the restaurant you on that RA? I agree. I mean, I'm a city kid to probably was thinking I'm outside. I'll just spit here. But yeah, you once you're entering a restaurant. Even if you're on the patio. Yeah. Allred rose like edibles and falling asleep with Abel's. Find just come on on the ground here. A long day. Was I thought they said five milligrams fifty. How 'bout that draft lottery? And we'd why don't you? Why don't you lead us into that? All right. What a night. Yeah. And New Jersey won the draft lottery. They get shot at Quin Hughes. What was crazy though? Jackie's Accu is I'm sorry. We talked about Quinn so much on here. I write it down. I think my to come up on the auto alley popped up. He's like, that's my boy, exactly. I might get a residual kill at the fact that I like look like if we do the live show at Vancouver this summer, I was looking at you grill. That's why said Quinn, but what was crazy guys that TV blip like twenty minutes before that somehow showed with three finalists were so whoever caught that screen cap like tweeted it out, and then it it proved to be true. Now, the I think people think that it's actually live like nobody knows who won who wins the NHL has to do some sort of rehearsal. I would imagine before for live TV event. Obviously they fucked up majorly because everybody knew who that's refinance roar when I saw the ranges up there. I was definitely thinking like Patrick Ewing all over again with the NBA they're going to rig it they're gonna make sure the Rangers get used. But obviously, that's not how it turned out. The devils had eleven point five chance of getting a top pick. And they got it Colorado. They had an eighteen point five chance. They ended up with the fourth dick. So man that the devils are looking like they make a franchise player, and that'll have a big effect on whether or not he signs another UFA take AU FA ticket. That's right. What's? Yeah. It was crazy and Colorado twice. Now with the best odds to win the lottery and haven't got it done. So that's kind of bad luck. I don't know. Sorry for them considering they got there once in a generation player. Mackinnon. I don't really. I won't feel sorry for efforts overall pick. I understand that. But like, Pittsburgh gut Crosby and Malcolm and flurry. It was like I don't feel bad, but you can change your entire direction of your organization based on how that lottery goes. My main focus on the draft lottery night, though was. The GM's and the guys that were representing the teams. Holy fuck. Guys, spoiling smile. It was like they were just like panting ratio was laughing and kind of telling stories ratios awesome. Yeah. I think he was probably like what's going on right now. Like, you know, there was a Bill Daley. David amber was describing who was representing each team and go-to every guy. It's like just like it's like a mugshot like oh my God. Guys. You're at the trap water mix. Chuck smile in the mix either way, I will say that. I got for sure Chicago who's gonna win once they were in the top three on my wall. Dudes imagine junior k juniors coming to town. I thought it was really fun though, how it went down. And to see these teams that you didn't expect everyone going in figured, it'd be call Arado and the LA kings. And and then all of a sudden these these original sixteen and the devils are involved, and then hauls he just lit. Lit the internet on fire with those tweets. I the first one I was laughing. I was laughing loud at I texted him. But after that, he just kept going. He knew what he knew how to run with it all coming from guy for with an organization who has no lock in the draft lottery. Airasia I won't even consider complaining because it's not as bad as Vancouver. I have never seen a run of with the team who has had such bad luck with the draft. Lottery is Vancouver dropping a couple spots. I don't know from what to what? But it seems like every time they have the opportunity. Let's say top three or you know, maybe even jumping up a little bit. They get back. I don't know what the status, but one of their one of their people who tweets out for the nuts organization was just saying how bad it was and proved it by statistics, somebody Churton me for how I say that am I saying that right statistics. You said it wrong once a couple of weeks ago. That's what you get tripped on this show. You know, you say it's statistics statistics. Speaking statistics, mystics the tissue. I think when you when you bring it up, and you start thinking about it too much, you know, but the Vancouver's pick and tenth, by the way biz. And they got back from where move. I don't want to say at least seventh. Yeah. They dropped few other teams to Arizona. They're picking fourteenth your boys. I think that if they really wanna make that show. Even more exciting, though, busy having you or I or both of us on there. And they would allow us to like maybe like when a team thinks they're getting first overall. And all of a sudden they dropped before we get to interview and be doing how pissed off for you right now, we're trying to get. How is it that the Rangers are getting the second overall, pick Thome your opinion? I just read Twitter and people hate your guts because you think you're the bad luck charm, and they they want you to quit as GM. How do you feel about the pick? It looks like you're in a Morgan the in the in the intro clip for you, guys Jesus. Yeah. Pretty crazy stuff, man. Like, I said halls he you know, as a free agent. That's something to him to think about now. But maybe he could be prognosticate pick and all these friggin draft Laudi when his wits five and nine Brunelli. What what's what's his hot streak get? Yeah. He's actually five for nine in the actually had a funny tweet about it. He said they talk about Gretzky's ninety two goals or sit lers ten points in one game as records, but the in they'll never be broken. But winning five draft lotteries in your I nine years in the league in two different draft lottery. Aaron no less that has a record that will stand forever. That's a long tweet. Twenty two because he was a number draft lottery guy too. So it comes from him on another tweet that maybe that it said in six of nine in the six of nine seasons Taylor halls played in the NHL. He's won the MVP or won the draft lottery. Wrote that I have no idea. But whoever did it you made me love. I don't remember. I we were just talking about front office, boys. Well, we'll switch over to behind the bench. And what we knew pretty much was gonna happen Sunday when recorded became official Monday morning as expected Joel Quenneville was named the next head coach of the far Panthers. Monday morning till I get to that. I just wanna talk to you about Indochino for a second. I'm not sure if you guys have used them yet. But unreal man, I went hooked up with a nice some fat Doug not so long ago. 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What you choices then relaxed what you suit gets professionally tail and milch you in a couple of weeks this week, our listeners can get any premium Indochino suit, but just three hundred fifty nine dollars at Indochino dot com when entering chip let's at checkout. That's fifty percent off the regular price for made to measure premium shoot. Again. I got when you can't beat it. Plus, the shipping is free once more that's Indochino dot com, promo code chick for any premium suit for just three hundred fifty nine dollars with free shipping. It's an incredible deal for premium made-to-measure suit. Once you go custom you don't go back. He signed a five-year deal at five and a quarter million per year that can hit seven million with bonuses. I'm guessing those bonuses are probably pretty easy because making less money than other coaches pro per. Per George Richards of the athletic Philly was trying to sign him as well. And they weren't outbid, but that you wanted to work with deal town again, and you want to work with Bach off, which was interesting also worth noting Aaron love plan for Q in Chicago. And which will further fuel the Perry to this room is. But this is a story we surprise here. We basically know what's going to happen. What's? Drager told us that that was probably gonna go down the next day if not during the week, and it's a pretty cool pretty cool move. If you're player on the Panthers. Well, maybe not everyone because of sure KUA, but like he ain't point for me next year. But I talked to Keith ganders. This is unbelievable to get a guy like this is such a big deal. And Dale talent in the press conference. I was watching he said. Giddy right now, I've never been this excited. And I think that he has all the all the respect in the world for Quenneville. And why wouldn't he in what happened with those two guys in Chicago and building that team? And I just think that this is the type of coach that really can kind of change things, and I wouldn't be surprised at all. Now Aaron goes there Abrahams. Maybe they get both. Because I do think goaltending was in enormous issue for the Panthers this year. It does suck. We talked about it with with dregs. Also that Bugno. Noor out -sarily at all think he was a bad coach. But to get Quenneville is definitely a step up, and that's no knock on Bupe ner. But this guy's one of the best coaches of all time, and if a couple other guys sign there because of him and all of a sudden if you're fear a fan of a team in the Atlantic Division, Boston Toronto, Florida Faulk day could be a really good division in what I'm not even saying Tampa yet. So it's a good time to be a Panthers fan the seven of you. Boys. You guys have pretty much covered. It all I don't need to say anything other than the fact that I don't know if you guys listening are aware, but there's zero personal state income tax in the state of Florida. So coach q is going to be taking home a little bit more than he would have if he was in Saint Louis C, Chicago or new unconvenient LA or New York more one of those fancy cities. So he's gonna go to Fort Lauderdale. He's gonna keep a lot more money that he earns because once again, no state income tax. So the biz that's all I got to say about that and boys quick note here Peron is tied things up. So we are one one Saint Louis in Winnipeg right now. So that's another series are going to be very exciting array what else is on the agenda. Just well rounded the island is three minutes, I'm taking a one series lead. But still a little ways to go just while doing scores. One of the coaching note one time Hyannis put president boost Bruce booth drill. We'll be back behind the bench of Minnesota next year. GM Paul Fenton was asked about an extension. He said BRUCE'S my coach next year. So was a little bit of speculation about him coming back, and he will be back. We just talked about Ray shero minute ago. He had a hell of a Tuesday. Not only did he get the number one draft pick also signed a multi year contract with the devil. So he'll be around for a little while. And I'm not sure did you catch that clip? Boys of the Swedish Hockey League vote. John. I don't know if it's Kanoute's cannot not. So what he was found in his gear celebrating a huge win with fins thirty six miles from the arena his team played in. He was celebrating. I can pronounce correctly Alexei IS promotion back to Sweden's top division after winning a best the seven series. He was shirtless in the snow in Sweden. So he's still at his blades on. Nobody know how he got there. A wary ended up the aggressively. They tracked him down two days later. We got that audio. Let's run it men to Larry's. Mostert check on August. Call. Skits. I don't even know what he was saying. And that's funny 'cause you tell how big of a bender he'd just been on. I think I think he thought he was trying to keep up to over Eur something after that Cup way last year. What do you think all right between Lovie and when putting away with what SuperBowl was it? I wouldn't he when he was smoking a cigar. Good talk like this at my God. That's that's exactly what it reminded knows in Russia. And I remember watching the rundowns in Russia because it was like, you know, you look forward to something to watch every day. And that was like the best the best rundown of all time. He's like cat. Couldn't even speak. So. Those those good those could ship. All right. There are a couple of series time tonight. So I gotta give a couple of picks. Do a quick little gambling corner here for the folks who are still tail and me, obviously, I just said like the Bruins. They're only six seven favorite minus one forty put up seven hundreds of making nickel. It's not they're not too big of a favorite. So I thought they'd be a little higher gonna the Bruins for five units during the series also per cost them take them in game one for two and a half units. Also gonna take the canes. I like the canes for an upset them. Title tired. Empty their net. Empty writes? It was hold on. Fuck you Borelli, and you scumbag fan. Poor team it rocket one timer. I'm watching the fucking game in a Amir. So he looks like a lefty he's a Brighty in real life. That's a rocket. That's the game at which big better the money line of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Let's. To the fucking jail in two boys. Everyone's got the Pence tonight in this household seriously. Give a quick show to my boy that haven a hole in one on the cradle course today. Oh, you gotta help them one. Yeah. But kinda doesn't count because the Pinehurst built this awesome nine hole par. Three course the host the distance ranges from about fifty yards to one hundred fifteen yards. So technically, I guess it doesn't really count as a home one. But for everyone here got a hold want. So he ripped his shirt off ran around. We were crushing John Daly's. It was a great day. And we got Thursday. We got Friday. It's just the beginning. But the house is ripping it with that penguins goal. We didn't overtime would are sorry about that. I just went not got a right behind me. So continue your gambling Goerner. No problem, rather. So again Bruins for the series five units ruins game one for two and a half units. And I'm going to go the canes man, fuck put my money where my mouth this canes to win the series for five units in game one for two and a half years. I'm not touching Calgary. Colorado Calgary's too high of a price and I don't like Colorado for an upset. So this week's gambling corner is brought to you by ZipRecruiter. Hiring is jealous. 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That's what one this week, boys. Any other final note before the weekend. Totally off subject. But I got a couple of tweet saying that after talking about free solo the documentary with that dude climate Elcock baton the not. Yeah. Apparently, he did it the night or two nights before. And then went and did it again because he wanted to know he could do it on camera. He was going to die. I don't think he wanted to be on camera. So kind of crazy that that it really did come off as that was his first time, but it makes a little sense to me because he did get to the top. And it wasn't that excited. I didn't maybe he's so weird that he wouldn't have been an exciting when he was alone. But maybe it was obviously, not maybe, but he obviously had a tough time acting if he had already done it before on his own. So I was interested to hear that from a couple of people on Twitter, and I figure I'd give Jimmy Johns update of the week because I continued to get messages in my inbox this from another guy more, Jimmy, Johns slander. Hey, busy. I just listened to new podcast. I have a co worker who was a Jimmy John's store manager for a while and said the same thing about them being cheap. He said they make a real big deal about the napkins too. And that's why they're behind the counter, and you have to reach over the county at them. So holy shit. So so any Jimmy Johns employ who has things to complain about just sending to my inbox because these guys are getting torched. And I mean, this guy this guy would both be in the bathroom waiting for the Bill to be paid. If we went to dinner together, I would never go to a place that kept the napkins by the fucking behind the counter where else would I get the napkins to my glove compartment, if they keep the counter, how are you gonna fucking towel off after shower? Oh, well, what's up with nothing? I also forgot to mention that a while back somebody Pinehurst caddy. Remember, he called into the barstool sports golf fogcast for playing badmouth me. And I said when I went there when I was going there in April. I was going to find this guy will today I went down there. I said I said to this guy. Hey, it's anyone know this guy the cat who calls into four plan. I don't know his name one of my buddies here listened he said, it was Brandon Brandon. The guy goes on your talk about man, we've got a bunch of people here. But I'm going back tomorrow. I'm going to try to re explain it again. And I'm going to try to get some answers for why this little fuck scumbag rat didn't say a word to my Facebook called podcasting slandered my name Cornell. You look on the say, I mean, we have a lot of listeners that I'm sure they listen to four play too. I think they could identify his name real the guy's name. It doesn't. I went down there. I said who's to caddy here who called in the bars reports. I mean, it's a factory here. They have a nineteen courses in the carts coming in say. So I'm like, how do they not know one guy? But you're saying. Fifty employees might not even cross paths that a little. Whatever we're going to get. But don't I didn't want anyone to be like, oh winter partners. He's not going to do what he said. No, I'm gonna do it. I said I got a quick story too. So I did that that Zamboni race with sports that Nambisan to one John Scott, the content piece. I talked about earlier in the show. And I was like why why are we calling these things ice resurfaces and not Zamboni, and they said. Well, yeah. But apparently Ambani's like is an own name. It's like we couldn't use the name because if we would've used the name Zamboni, which everyone calls, those they would have probably sued us, and I think they reach out to them, and they confirmed that they would have came after like what the fuck is that it's like when you can't say the word Super Bowl during the Super Bowl. Like if you're doing a broadcast before the game, and you don't be daft it. They can't say Super Bowl is fucking insane. Out there. So it's Frank Zamboni your new Neo whoever that rapper was wouldn't let us their song. No. It was. Kyko. Kyko. He's he's Frank Tim. Okay. So then even further like we were having a discussion with the crew there. And I'm like really Mike people are out of control like if somebody there's a bar that put up a spit and chiklis chalkboard like where they drew it in and they were serving pink Whitney's like I'm not going to send a cease and desist. Like, you're you know, it's just like. Not to that extent in even the fact that they're profiting off. I mean, maybe there'd be like a deal to work out later if they kept doing it, and he got out of control. But like to say the word Zamboni is ridiculous. And then we talked about it. And they were saying that even in movies or TV shows. Now, if you're like in LA, let's say in behind you. There's a building that has graffiti on it, you have to fucking pay that graffiti artists, and I'm thinking what I'm like that even if he got permission to do graffiti, let's say on a wall. That's that's a property. That's own. How does the guy graffiti on building that's not his get paid? And the guy who's building. It is doesn't see a dollar of it. That guy owns the property place property tax on that land. So all of a sudden, you graffiti on a wall, and you tag it. And all of a sudden, I gotta get a paycheck. If somebody wants to put it in. If it just so happens to be something even in passing by not if you're doing. Piece on that exact tag. I don't know. I just got a little irritated by that. Where just seems like everyone's so sue hap- read, then fucking greed, greed greed is right now that was a great show, boys. I hope everybody enjoys Stanley Cup playoffs anything better than the first round of Stanley Cup. And listen golf season's coming and I'm the happiest like right now. Like, if you need a loan call me now, like, I'm just an incredible mood. So these games are awesome. We get some more ten o'clock ten thirty starting soon and the next two three four weeks. We got games every night. So it's a great time to do a podcast. And it's a great great time to listen, spitting. Schick Lech a lot of free hockey tonight to boys. Yeah. Yeah. That's right. Bucci overtime challenge. I well. Let's do it. That's that's predict. I mean. You know up is I got a good idea. You're not a usual gambler all of us. We're going to throw in. We're going to throw in twenty bucks guy. I'm not going to go high stakes twenty bucks guy, and I'm going to start and I'm gonna pick who scores the goal for the islanders if they win. And then we snake draft. It it'll go ARA biz in green Lincoln pickup. Pittsburgh player. I will twenty bucks guy. I islands Jordan Abberley. Can I step in here for one second? I think to make it fair for the whole group. Grenell bet. So when right, but twenty bucks may be a bit much. I see time out. I see we do the challenge. And if nobody gets it that stays in the pot. So the next game. It's another twenty bucks. One hundred percent. Oh, yeah. So you wanna stick? Rollover. Okay. Roll over two islanders Everley RA, who's your respect? Island is I'm going to go with. Fac cool. Cool Nakamura KU Nakal again tackle your fucking Coon Akyl. I'm gonna go with Andres -ly. I got Casey's Ezekiel and you got Pittsburgh. I prac- I'm gonna go Jake Gansel. Wow. You fucker God. I'm going to go with the fucking golden. Boy, I'm going sit baby come on sitting there. Go judo ball called. So I go forth, and I get kessel fill the thrill. He's only got one a night. All right, boys. Nobody gets it. We got eighty in the pot for next overtime challenge. And guys when when sid signs are send one five all on letter just van moment that money tonight. And thanks for this piece out wet good luck with the caddy. Thank you very much. I said, please don't be a lefty. All my eyes punch shut. I was gonna say shadow boxing in that mirror. Cat the caddy. Oh, yeah. It was me. You have an issue that you have fighters. I don't like.

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