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Well, you keep up with everything which is. Helpful for me detriment to, like my mental sanity. But yeah. It's more proper than ever. They had great ratings. I don't know if you keep up with that, but I know. And it's going to be a great season to feel confident and this choice. How does killing it? She made the meteorologist weeks. So we're gonna talk about that. I also a few things agree justly wrong on Monday. So I'd like to discuss that, namely someone's name. And Chris, Harrison TRT's we're going to dig into his performance as well. But there's a lot of news about slur nation to go over, and I also feel like the beast is the home for bachelor of capital city about nation. I love it. Let's start with the rising tide of hatred against Lupi coming from all sides started with Nick, vile being very publicly anti. Why did he provide reasoning he just thought he was not here for the right reasons thought super vague Ashley Spivey, and other alum or familiar with her? She too, is coming out against Nick. He's easy to not against Lupi Knicks, people onboard with wise, Luke easy to hate if because look at him. I mean it's like the attitude the massage on night to the second rose ceremony kind of it's that, but that's fine into then like a this is a bold. Nice choice, ingests interesting. I thought it was funny. I was guaranteed and screen time. I've said it goes into it, obviously, that's weird. I just think Sasha's are weird in general like real life. No context of the show. Yes, I feel like Hannah is one of the only bachelor's in recent rounds like think about a few tried to pull it on Becca. She'd be like sir go home right now hana's, like a little. More fun a little bit. Like you know, like you know, she's dasher good times. I feel like that was a Smart Choice. I have new -pinion on backup which is did you watch the reunion? No, I did not share the like, like the anniversary in that she talks, how in the fancy suits, she and garett broke the bed. And she was like, sorry, mom, and I just wanted to hold frisky side tobacco. Does that we didn't get to see that? Hanna is good. So far guess is because she is just like being herself on apologetically. Yes. Beca was very composed. From the moment, Ari dumpster. She's been extremely compose, like even like new awkward from the camera right, Julie, hold together. I think she actually quite fun, interesting. And we're not getting that what we don't get we arguing that from him from Hannah. Which I think makes her good bachelor of Becca. We did really from the moment. She started tearing up before the Roseanne money, just she was overwhelmed at, like, how blessed she fell? Something must have happened that we didn't get to see Lord and I discussed this. There's no issues overwhelmed. I know someone who cries and they get overwhelmed. I can order side time, like I don't I don't know. She also have been drunk already or maybe a lot of indeed as yet. Some people are drunk criers. Yes, I have a feeling. She might be because it seems like she cries it several cocktail parties. Yes, that's tough. That's a really tough drunk to be when you're the bachelorette. Yes. Shoes. I would drink last. Absolutely. Maybe we'll see that going through the season. She likes starts to tone that down. Yeah. Maybe we'll, we'll eventually you drink more, because I feel like you probably like going and say, like hamming, I guess that's true back to Luke p hate because his attitude, his cockiness. It's not like a fun confident. Tyler it's like a it's a detriment to him. So this week Ashley, I said Nick was against him. Ashes against him. Demi Levato who has never watched the show before. And her Instagram story was like no not him be careful. Like everyone is coming out how you can just immediately tell with guys like that. You know. Absolutely. I mean, in the real world, Lupi does not even get a second. Look. I mean he's just like he's obviously jerk. There's no question. He gets a second look from somebody obviously because he was bragging about all the women that he's been with. Yes. Agreed. But, but sure someone under twenty two said it was in. In college. Yeah. I mean it's just it's just completely ridiculous. But then the thing that is pretty interesting is the guys from this season or like going on each other's social media and shading has well, shading him. And it's just sort of like it's open that people don't like him from last season from her coat her. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Said on Twitter, Lupi, using words affirmation to elicit desired response. Opposite sex is not love. It's manipulation. Really? Any contestant knows your best bet at, like more Instagram. Fame is to be friends with your fellow contestants because that's when you get group. Totally. So if they had turn against you this is way too early on he needed. At least a good nother, twelve months of like him being at a group bar in Dallas with, like seven other. It's got to hurt. I think we're gonna talk about what now the new web series with Ashley and, and Jared, Jade Tanner Ning, these people all have more value as a friend group than they do individually and also really make sense. Instagram's the format and yeah. Projecting friendship and happiness on Instagram has a huge part of influence or life. Yes, this is not good for Luke peas, influence, or future. I will say that I'm looking at Lupis in sphere right now. It's pretty like not offensive. It's him working out at some with his knees. It's very standard, but I guess if he's hated as a person, you can go after anything, also he obviously is good. I think I think it's being added Nicaragua's a little bit because I was kinda got it good at it. And he's like, no, she was good. I think that is true with Luke, though. It's definitely he in camera both getting the villain at it right now. Yes. Where? Very clear that the guys are not into them. And like I think the in the early episodes, the easiest way for the at it to manipulate that or manipulated, because I don't think that's right word, but to tell a specific story is by using the conversations between the men when they're not around Hannah in like all those conversations are about Luke and can basically guess an chemists so much less fine to dislike it feels more genuine, he's doing using kind of feel like he's a slime guy. Yeah. Became I like. ABC obviously, I rather be stuck in an elevator ABC. Yeah. Absolutely. I feel like you could be fun in paradise. I don't know. I. You're hang out, by the pool. Goofy and weird. I just think that I have a party theory, which is at a party with a lot of random people. You don't know that. Well, it's really important that one person be sort of, like, the, the gesture of the group ABC is definitely like playing that role. I guess that's you at said party. There's no way, Luke p whatever even like look my ways looking for other people I feel like I'm gonna fall for it. Yes. And I think Canada, at least be kind enough to talk to me. For five minutes definitely a question. Kim a nice person just perhaps insufferable, maybe training, my opinion on camp Kim night. Be a great guy. I think is that it's fair. I, I kind of agree. He's just try hard. He is. But try try hearts can succeed. Parents evan. Oh my God. Yeah. He just needs some do magic and then have to children Soma. Is that what you think happened that Carly censure member? They went they date. And then she came out was, like, you know, what never mind them. You're, you're right. You're right. Yes. Yeah, I Lupi hey is coming fast and furious. I hope you make it through a lot of the season because this is the main storyline. And now I'm gonna get sick of it. Also, his a Gress, if nature is only gonna get worse and not in a fun way. And it's much like Chad. I didn't like watching Chad get angry. And I will not enjoy Lupi doing the same Chad was never a contender. Unfortunately and I went back and I watch the three minute teaser for the season on. There's a lot of Luke peon it, and more importantly, a lot of the making out like she in it. She's completely real. She's really into she's obviously really tracked him. You know. There's a lot at least three different dates or cocktail parties actually, where she's making out with him in the teaser on so he's gonna be around for a while. Great race seem to there's three more. Yeah, that's total of five that's half the show at least aches. You're right. Also, it's going to be one of those classic things. We're really nice sweet guys like just couldn't get their bikes world. Yeah. Absolutely. And then no John's just like will be cast aside. Then girlfriend now. He's doing fun good for him. Good success rice. Yeah. Live in San Francisco. It's just too bad for him. On the flip side as we said, Hannah's getting a really positive feedback, and she's coming off air. Well, she did a lot of process week. She visited Lawrence. She visited variety. She visited all the crash. Extra all the usual places, and something did something happened to her like they like change. Her brains bag netted treatment because she is totally different speaker. She's really composed. All these interviews she is. And I watched it to see if she was kind of focusing, you not, some people, they sound good at Mike, but they're like laser focus. They can't really have a conversation and she's not like that. So I don't know what happened. Maybe it just took a couple of hours in front of a camera. And then she finally, she's defrosted relatively smart is part of it. So she's a fast learner. Yes. And but it's just crazy. Ryan, Chris, she was like the most composed person in the room and wanted Ryan Seacrest. Sidekicks. I can't remember her name, but she was like, telling Hannah she deserve love everything just kind of like, yeah, I know by the end of it. Yeah. It's sort of. I, I really liked it. But it's funny how because she said I guess it was proper intro package part of her narrative right now is if she deserves love and like if she'll find love. Yeah. And it's very. Weird that strangers wanna talk to her about what she does and does not deserve her. I would have responded, the same way to say, like, not really respond that much at all. I will say, though, it must be extremely easy to pick up on how to talk about the journey with, Colton and Cassie most recently is eventually, they are just robots kind of it was like a word generator were all you have to say is like seven different word word bachelor that kinda can speak eloquently about it. And it's the same thing with Hannah's like she does the same thing where it's a journey and, you know, blah, blah, blah talking points and she yeah, exactly. She won't deviate, maybe deviate, won't let her to be actually. Yeah. Let's talk about that. But first, let's talk about one of today. Sponsors lola. If we care about the ingredients in the food, we eat, and the beauty products views, Washington. Same true feminine care products. The FDA doesn't require brands disclose a comprehensive listening, gradients, and their feminine care products, the most of them don't. And that's messed up. Lola offers complete transparency and the ingredients found in their tampons, pads liners and wipes all one hundred percent organic cotton with new ad chemicals, fragrances and FedEx for dis plus Lola, has a customizable subscription, you choose your mix of products. Mix of absorbing see number boxes and frequency of delivery, and you can even change giver, cancel anytime who stuff delivers their house, it so much easier. That's a great. Plus. You don't even have to think about it. You just subscribe, they come straight to, you know, problem for forty percent off all subscriptions. Visit my Lola dot com and enter bachelor what you subscribe, again, you can get forty percent off by going to my Lola, M Y, L, L, A dot com and enter Basha when you subscribe, you can get forty percent off and finally. Attic, here founded Lola and I knew when I was in high school. Okay. Let's get back to the show so Hannah. She's been on press, rounds Elizabeth Wagner from variety Astro yesterday. She's Alabama on Instagram. She's at its album, hash very closely. Aligning herself with the state of Alabama. Yeah. Lot of news coming out of Obama this week with they're pretty aggressive abortion ban. Even in cases of incest, and rape, which is ludicrous and someone asked her Elizabeth Astor, like how do you feel about the, the ban, and according to Elizabeth's tweet, ABC inter- intervened and wouldn't let her respond, because it didn't relate to show while. That's true. It's a pretty tricky situation for this show to not allow her to discuss that when this is like a particular since one of the storylines, we saw the teaser, on Hannah being like I've had sex, and Jesus still loves me. Yeah. And she is like a more sexual season than usual, so far. It's, it's pretty tough. I mean I if I was at ABC PR person, I would be like. We're not discussing this doesn't have to do the show because it is controversial and polarizing in difficult. But how to answer if she wants to, and maybe it was her choice that she didn't want to say anything. True also can understand that position. Like she netted necessarily to be political. But when you so closely align yourself with that with your state that it becomes in the news. I think it's tough to not answer. That's also I think that she's in a unique position because she comes from pageants. That's all they do. Is ask them hard hitting questions kind of have to tell the line and appeal to everybody. So I feel like for if any about Surat is going to be closely aligned at Alabama and then in the spotlight in this specific time, I feel like I would have more confidence in Hannah to speak eloquently about something that's probably difficult for her to just for a number of reasons. It's like a little unfair to like ask her to have a position on this. Yes. She didn't ask to be political. Yeah. And typically busying being misuse a or Miss Universe is not there's really not a political role. It's kind of like being a Royal. It's like you might be aligned with politics, but actually apolitical. I just think they should have given her different talking points about how to you think oh allow her to answer herself allow her to her. I don't wanna comment or whatnot. I saw rumor that she liked a post. That was against the Bill, but I don't know if that's true. Sure. Okay. Yeah. That's good. That's always comes out, like we saw this last season, Tuesdays and Garrett. Yes. And then you like something. So whether or not, she speaks about it. Now, maybe after this whole thing is done. We'll talk about it, but agreed. She's in a unique position that like Alabama happens to be at the forefront of the news right now. So I think they should have planned better. Yeah. Elsa think that she might have been asked more about it? If it hadn't gone to the outlets of they always work with. But like routinely extra us weekly entertainment tonight. Variety like baguette exclusives. Like, yeah. The bachelor. So I also think that when when an outlet works closely with the show like this. So there's kind of understanding like we're only gonna stick to the show or whatnot. I bet if it had opened up her, her PR, even wider should've asked about it more that you're actually doesn't often get a lot of bachelor scoops. It's like probably partially not interested. It's just my assumption, but kind of a weird moment, and it is it tough time to be associated Alabama and not wanting to speak political because it's just become a center of us to ban. So, and I feel like she's one of those people where you really will not know whose decision that was if it was hers or some up, like, you know, I bet it wasn't even hers. But that's just me speculating I, I don't know for sure movie on more news. This is also kind of a serious one. So we'll just touch upon it Chris was involved in a manslaughter case a couple of years ago that were resulted in someone dying, and there's a citizen just came down. And he has to pay two point five million dollars in a wrongful death lawsuit. I do not believe he is seeing any jail time. So that's that crystals. I mean I can't even imagine what everyone involved had to go through. Yeah. Let's keep going. More news. This one is something. I don't understand. So I need for you to explain to me, okay? Robbie. Yes. Most recently. Recently seen on banner pumper, second runner up runner up on Joe. Joe Fletcher season. He who never wore socks. I don't know if your call that but it really bothered me anyways, fancied, nice shoes with no sock Nossa. Oh, grow, and he was swimming. You're gonna wind that makes it work, but it just weird. Robbie has just come out via Instagram post as dating Juliette porter spelled the French way not the Shakespearian way, like me Juliette porter, who is one of the stars of the MTV show siesta key, which I tried to watch, but I'm officially too old for so really only likes it. I know loves it. I know. But he has like a co-pilot in his daughter that he wants. So it's sort of like a place where they can meet in the middle that alone in my apartment is a little bit too weird too old. I who what's her deal? And is this surprising to you? Okay for also had to muscle through a lot of this show. But I watched it resumes when you're talking about it on for real Z's now, unfortunately, I really do love it, and we'll continue to watch. Julia porter is one of the main girls on siesta key. Wasn't she dating elite Alex? Yes. Who's I just want to note this show is funded by Alex father that? Is important to note. Yeah. Also, she narrates a all of the seconds into LC, or she's the Chris then really who was an area him on. I didn't watch one dove right in the season two. That was really relevant, the relationships changed pretty much every twenty minutes. So I know a lot about GSA key. And that goes only back once Eason anyway, Julia porter is twenty two and Robbie's thirty, which is not actually a terrible fun age gap, especially since Robbie appears to be a man child. Heartfully Robbie's, only thirty. I felt he was not you're thirty five. I know. Well, actually. Yeah he's gotten so much plastic surgery. It's now during the reverse effect where it's like, really aging him. How's it going, plastic surgery, omega? Yeah. Did he say that he did? Or it's just your speculate. It's my secular. It all the time. I have no problem with deleting and his cheeks, and then we'll get back to me. I just like so confused by his face. Male classics injuries harder for me to really analyze female better sense of female plastics. I mean, it's really common here in Los Angeles mailbox, during a lot of conspiracies about, like Brad Pitt growing out his beer. Decor? Plastic surgery for a while. Oh, interesting again, on confirm. I kind of thing does happen Robbie seems so blatantly in need of attention. I mean, you're throwing showing up on your third reality TV relationship. Yep. Very tough luck. They have been together, theoretically, since before stagecoach, because that was when they first posted their first picture together, which we both know is a big platform for bachelor people. Yes. If you really no longer Coachella, it's stagecoach, it's because there's a revolve sponsorship, and like all these people get sponsored by revolve afterwards. If you don't win you go straight to revolve, if that's true. And also, they like the cowboy boots and the short trips and stuff like that. And Coachella is a bit too trendy little. A little bit for them for that world is the more like neon. Yes, it's more like you go to top shop at or like forever. Twenty one Coachella. Yeah. And you whip out your cowboy boots for state. Yeah. I've been to stagecoach. Oh, I had no fake sick every day. So I could leave early to not enjoy it crowds. Crowds. And also, I despise the desert like despise. It just feel like why are we here is natural? It's not supposed to support human life. All the water you come into contact with in the desert is like imported because of the fucking desert. I hate it. I went to almost a hellish experience. So I agree. But anyway, the vinegar since stagecoach was back in April that's end of may one on, so they're doing, okay. But I mostly happy for her, because she had an on and off relationship with that guy. You mentioned Alex, who is a bad guy. The reason why she finally broke it off for good was because she walked in on him in bed with two other women. Yeah, wait at a party just randomly, like it's like real. The details are fuzzy on for both of them reminder, Alex's father pays for this show. Yes. And then the worst part was that he never really confirmed or denied. And she would say these arguments should be screaming and being, like I saw the is, is to women and he'd be like, babe. I don't know what to tell you. He never even owned so. He's a bad guy, not the Robby Hayes is like much better. We honestly, don't know ton about Robbie evidence that I have is not positive evidence about his old relationship with man to Santon where he was just posting their private interactions. Yeah. About amanda. Amanda Sheena and Juliette porter. Yes. And I just don't know much else about it. Like Robbie of job. Probably not probably not highs models. Yeah, they seem having a great time the very tan, and they're like on boats, tans, outrageous, that let me that looks like a full body like die, or something like a permit spray tan or something. Something he is in a current phase. I can't believe I bet if I rewind judge season which, I liked him he was United at. The lack of socks really got to me. Okay deal. That was a good is judge of character. The fact that second. Yeah. Like, he's not a terrible guy. He is obviously now something else. And Julia Puerto. Luckily is twenty two. So this may be it'll be a fun. Fling. Do we think she went to college? She did. Yeah. And she graduated to her. So she begins filming season three think they're either filming now because he's in two summer. Right. So, you know, she's got a lot of things I had a ver may also super suspicious that he's dating her just in time for filming e. End up on the show and he was on parole for one episode. Like he time that really well last year. Robbie he knows you gotta get your reality TV Instagram girlfriend April may because a lot of the shows tape in June over the summer, but I bet he'll feel kind of old in that group. Some of them are a little bit older. She's just. Episode Kate sorry. Wow. You're listening pensive last season. Two there's a whole episode of around twenty first birthday, it was her own twenty first birthday. And he's thirty I don't know the clubs and he doesn't care. This is a common tale. Honestly, as you get older, you'll want to see more and more of it, because you're like you're close to twenty one twenty two but I just feel like there's a trend in this world. That's universal where just age range of relationships get whacky as you get older. I God, I don't want that. Well, I guarantee you, well, but it's okay. You know, I would just got to do what's right for you. Maybe you're at the same emotion maybe Robbie and Juliette, porter at the same emotional maturity in the same priorities right now, which is party so that it works out. Yeah, I bet. That's true. So it's fine. Thank you this catch up. I mean, I don't think I can watch the Kayla who knows. I'm eagerly awaiting the hills return in twenty four say so whatever next, let's go, what now the new show on YouTube. We both watched both episodes that came out yesterday. Seventeen minutes about. So that's thirty four minutes of my life, that I will not get back. So in it Jada Tanner shows the moving from from Kansas City to, they moved to San Juan Capistrano in Orange County. It shows Jared moving in with actually Lauren, it shows Nick, like being there funny friend and, like leaving a photo shoot. What's your rating of the show like out of ten? If you give what load, you get the bachelorette shred is a seven and a half. Okay. So when you give what now this is hard because another their friends of the franchise friends that I'm just be honest. I'm gonna give it like a solid three and a half. Four me before for it. Just can't candle to thirty people. Some force. I mean, it's not even like mean for me to ask not even the same world, right? But I will say my main take as that I like Jade, and I didn't know that. I like Jade's she's very honest and vulnerable about like the difficult parenting and getting pregnant again. Yeah. And I guess, like I don't follow her on social media, and I guess she has been doing that for a while. But I just mean we really like her. She seems very real guy stain Kansas City. It's going and also to their credit. These are very short episodes. So it's not like they're trying to drag out, forty five minutes of them kind of hanging out with each other. I thought it was a good self. Reflective like decision. Sure. Get short. Some of it is just so obviously fixed like you have to like time phone calls out. So, so Jada Tanner like, call Jared, and they're like, oh, tenures calling and the answer, and they talk and then Jade and Tanner break the news of the moving obviously, they had known at all this stuff. So it's like pretty some it feels pretty staged like I get y on YouTube is like a good, like yes background, put it on. My second screen listen to and do some work. I guess. That's true. I will say a half, those people are turning out so much content that I know to make a Show TV show in addition to all the podcasts and like gas appearances, it's not. Lot of news coming out of this. It's more like behind the scenes, yaritza news, pretty inessential. My biggest question about it is how the fuck Jade Danner afford this giant house really sit. I know even if it is two hours of LA still in Orange County, which is banning fancy. It's near finally, it's not two hours away. They keep saying two hours with traffic maybe two hours. It's not I don't understand how they afforded this. And like why this house? I mean it's just we're why this move there. I believe teddy on real housewives Beverly Hills, has a beach house near their interests. In the car. They were saying, like, there are so many reasons to out here and they mentioned, basically Instagram was the reason that sponsorship opportunities, which are totally get. But yes, do look better at the beach do in your five acres and Kansas City, I guess that's true. But yeah, that house is insane. It felt like they walk through seventeen different rooms, and seven different like open arch hallways. I have no idea how the I don't know what is deeply hope. They replace the cabinets a hate the cabinets there. So I hate cherry. What like that way too much of it. If they can't replace them paint them, or something. It's just like it's so dark also is interesting. There was one shot where they were in the kitchen, and it's big windows behind them, and it felt like there was another house, like pretty close felt like I saw another house, almost right next to it to maybe the house is really big. But it's in one of those complexes, it is, is that it's a half acre or even last like, I mean, I think often houses too big for the lot that it's on. But note asked me before they built it I, I think the opposite. Direction that I that I personally would, which is you have a child. And then you move to the bigger space, like across the country, 'cause they're having their second child soon. And they wanna keep expanding to then down size and then start going to family. I don't know. I guess it spun con is lucrative. I think it's helpful. They probably also got the opportunity to show. Yeah. And it's like, yeah, I guess we'll do it and had to move for that. And I bet like the mommy business is just easier to film and do all that. Seven involved in LA, because there are so many young moms, turning out actually Jared. I like but they're like just super boring. Yeah. This is really weird, but they spent a good five minutes talking. 'bout dot? Yeah. It was like really gross in boring. This is pointless, and I keep the credentials. I see a lot of stupid. Yeah, it kind of was, especially in the earlier seasons. But it didn't feel the same fall really awkward. And I cannot believe out of seventeen minutes spent maybe four and a half talking about their dog who accidentally Jackie lated on sister. No, it was just it was like super boy, actually, like Jarrett's really nice. I like her to Jared just like a nice guy when he's pretty straightforward. There's not there's not a whole show there. Yeah. Exactly. Say that like out of love like a good job. Your normal. Yeah. I don't know if any, I think they're going to hinge too much on the three of them living together. And then Jared bean in this girl's world. Really, really wanna see too much of, but I'd rather watch Jaden Tanner for seventeen full minutes. I think me too there's yet some more bachelor news. You're gonna tell what Kelly Ripa but first, a few sponsors today. There are sixty four skin-care mistakes, most of us are making and some of them could seriously be harming your skin. 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Celebrate responsibly twenty nineteen Caitlyn beverages. Memphis, tennessee. Okay, let's briefly talk about Kelly Ripa because I think this fight is really stupid, Kelly Ripa honor show Kelly Ryan, free Rienzi grits like secrets like embedded into the bachelor nation. Now. He's like an active participant, but he's just sort of, like hovering about, like a cloudy day, he 'cause because they recorded that actually show out of his studio, and then the show and so anyway, Kelly says she's discussed it by the bachelor. And I just find that weird. They're on the same network, which might flies, unfortunately, pointed out by, like the really. In poor taste tweet where he was like, careful Kelly Ripa this, the bachelor pays, your salary, which is I will probably not true. And then Chris Arison tweeted back at her as well. And then it asked related and then this last week. And then Kelly Ripa had Hannah on the show. They had to talk about it. Yeah. That's so awkward. I find this whole feud weird, and I guess it has always been anti bachelor bachelorette, which I get is like, you know, it's fine. She's said, so in the past. It's like worse PR in my opinion for Kelly heavy fighting Khorasan, Mike, Fleiss than it is for Hannah to weigh in on the abortion, bad Alabata like that. Like. Network. Look worse by Bennie. Yeah. I agree. Also. It's not a great look. I would feel a Kelly Ripa who's, obviously in the power seat inviting hand on Hannah's obviously nervous on these press tour. She has no choice. But to be on this press store to make her feel bad into kind of like shit on the shy just finish that you'll have to talk about every waking hour for the next hour. Many weeks feels kind of bad it feels like Kelly Ripa, you know, just be gracious and now I agree. It's like definitely think she should speak, your mind and shows like the show, like I don't feel personally offended by that or anything like I see I totally understand all the arguments against this show, but just like weird thing. Yeah. I kind of boring. It was like this is bizarre. And like I guess let's just move on. I don't know. I have no other than Ellen Pompeo way in and saying, don't f with me like I'm a savage or something enjoyed that actually. I did too. I like that is a great rep. She like for for women in Hollywood and like their power and their own earning ability, and everything. I really liked is. I'm message for Elmont peyot. Also, she has it or if you take of being like a really like kind of gruff talker. Yeah. Okay. That's real really into it a couple of corrections from Monday's episode with Lauren. I kept talking about Justin who got injured in the roller derby and I kept calling him Dustin. And I really thought his name was Dustin. And every time I heard it I just heard Dustin but his name is Justin weight is his name, his, his. News. Dustin you going Justice? Yes. His name is Dawson I still can't get it straight. So I'll probably continue to get it wrong. And I'm just gonna have to be wrong. I mean so his name is Dustin. And I was staring at the ABC screen where I have all the contestants pulled up. It's like quadruple checking before I said anything to you, but I'm looking at it, and it is dust dust. Yes. So dusting got injured. Yes. I really didn't know anyone on the show named Dustin. I swear thought it was just really good to know that so much. Also pointed out. I was like poor, Peter, he didn't go get going any dates Peter got to go on the roller derby date, which I, I had no idea, which is cool. I like Peter, Peter the pilot pilot Pete. Yeah. Lastly, totally forgot to Chris Harrison TRT. I was just so in raft with Bashar. There's so much discuss Chris Harrison. Let's talk about his appearances on the show, very beginning as he does usually episode two and three greets the guys and living room. Give some kind of speech, you kinda seem to over it. You kind of get let's get this going. I feel like Chris Harrison likes bachelor way more than about sweat. Yes. Also, I feel like it was a tough last season for Chris Harrison maybe else hired. Yeah. He ended on hind out he did. But I will. It was a whirlwind it wasn't like he has had a couple of not classic seasons. I feel like he's just needs like a little tiny break. Then he'll get back into he'll be sucked into these love. Stories will be in a better mood. Yeah. I agree. He did seem over you kinda seem to over it. So that was a fairly that was a substantial appearance. And then he he was a play by play man for the roller derby, with lured, Fred Willard situation, and that gave him like a lot of time, and yet, I think you're going to be surprised by his TRT for this episode because that was like alongside met. And then finally, he only shows up for the one line. He doesn't walk her in. He's not there at the end when the guys are saying he's there for like one second, but he like, is he only comes to say this is founder of the night and then gentlemen, Sayer foul goodbyes. Like that's all he does Chris Harrison was on for one hundred eighty seven seconds. It's three minutes and seven seconds. High also their close Hannah, and Chris are close, it appears maybe not. But like she's leaning on him harder than Colton Lind on him for sure. And I feel like that should up his his time, but he said that he's going to be a lot say as she probably gets more emotionally frayed because I think you get so tired. But as as that happens, I think they'll, they'll be Marcus Harrison, but yeah, only three minutes and seven seconds. Okay. As I mentioned previously on the show. I'm major bachelorette lurker. Never will post. I can there. But some good content on there. I just wanted to call out some of it for final note this week. People have been pointing out that many of. These guys have like funny Doppler gang and I think some of them are really funny. First of all, Lou gas, whoever owns like he looks like Nick vile. Yes. Not everybody. All to me. He someone pointed this out and read it. He looks like the kid from love actually. That's what I said. I said that, too. And I said that I knew it, I agree clever ever is on Reddit is agree. I thought that space I was googling like the little kid from lavar actually I don't know where he is. But I bet you're as he looks exactly like this contestant he really does. Yes. Tyler g for whom I professed by love. Yes. People say he looks like a combination of Jared. Hey, Bon haven and crystals. I, I don't really see it kind of Jared. Definitely. Yeah. I think it's like it's like face shape of crystals aesthetics. Like, I guess, dunked kind of type strong as drawl. Yeah. And then Cam are you familiar with him? Yes. ABC can see. Are you familiar with Tom green? No, I looked at when I saw it. And now he looks people. It looks like I didn't think you're that was. But Tom Graham a huge famous person like ninety eight thousand. Yeah. You'd be right. I did not know who he was married, drew Barrymore, or at least engaged. Are they married? Do you know that if I recognize them have you heard of the bum bum song? But the hell is that just Google? It was really popular. Nightstand? Ninety eight who was married to her. Yeah. They were married for like a year for him. Good for camp. She's lived so many lives, she had it's pretty insane. And then lastly, John, Paul Jones is just getting like so many Dabo gangs, I can't even count them out. But, but, like there was just I feel like we're gonna get a lot of John Paul Jones in. Paradise people to see him. And it's just a lot. There's a lot of John Paul Jones content, someone on your bachelor party Facebook groups, and that he looks like the hockey player boyfriend from thirteen going on thirty which is the most accurate, double ganger I've ever seen any comparison ever. Yeah. There's just like so it's so funny. It's like this is like a trend people like water find obligators these guys on my a works ninety percent of them, really work. Also does help you remember them. It does never many timeline. You wouldn't forgotten ABC anyway, he's, he's alleged. I just want to Dustin forgetting his name wrong and probably getting wrong in the future. I'm so sorry. Thank you so much. Liz, this has been a great breeze through what's going on with his bachelor world's. I'll be back on Monday with Roger Sherman talking up three that is coming Memorial Day. Yes day, and there will be much more.

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