Episode 58: Do Or Die


The. Say tied at five as go the body love this Erin, Boone, the leader, his person. Out of the game. These. To the forest, the portrait ROY. What's up what's happening. Welcome to another dish of this report of postseason edition of the short porch. I'm your host hubs alongside me on the other side of the laptop, Mike co-host. Tommy smoke stops, Kelly. What's happening? I'm nervous. How can you not be? It's the fucking postseason. We've got a one game winner, go home situation. There is nothing worse than this and the fact that the second game and we've had this long fucking seventy two hours lay off and you know, Star Wars for while it's killing me. I need. I'm getting you talk about the Sunday. Scary. I have the Tuesday scare hacking. I'm just so nervous. One game I fit. I don't. I don't wanna have dark thoughts in our head, but I hope this is in our last podcast of the season with Yenkey baseball had us right, wolves will relax but Dhamar. Nate. So after the game will record a reaction up. So they'll be Thursday morning one way or another and we'll go from there. So there will be, you know, at least something else. But I don't want this to be the last one. Reno, there's Anki tomorrow or the day after that. So what I don't want those negative thoughts only one possibly being talked. Well, I, I'm I like to have negative thoughts that way. You could help just positive things. It's better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed for sure. We'll get right into it. We know who started was going to be, I guess you told me you told me today that that you'd said Severino. I forget what happened. You know what? Amy. So I, I. Flipflop. So many times we've been pretty sure. I mean, the listeners will know. I'm pretty sure I ended the last episode Thursday, Friday episode saying that I was on the Severino outright. Okay. Go down with your guy. I like it. So I just see Severino having that dominant start that we know he's capable of. He wants to put to rest the doubters from last year's wildcard game. He had a bad second-half. He when he's on. He's one of the best pitchers in baseball. He's definitely the best pitcher pitcher on the Anki I see him coming out throwing gas. He's got the slaughter popping. Imagining like the the start against the Cleveland last year in the AL DS in game four was fought. Owners are four. Four? Yeah, where he just had everything work. That's what I want us every no end, you know what the thing is. The other reason I like it. Lisa Marino is not going seven innings tomorrow. I know I just know from that, but he is jury confirm. Like three or four innings out of him probably and his three or he if he goes into the game with the mindset, I really like him to just turn it on completely leave it all out. Maybe was the dominant dominantly was out of the bullpen a couple years ago when he was, I think he can really just leave it all out on the line. One time to the lineup, maybe two for a few guys and he can really have a dominant open if we don't wanna use the word start right hours fries for sure. I I wanted have, but I think that was only happen if they were in Oakland, if they're in Oakland, half gets the start. Yeah, but I thought they're going Tanaka based off last year's postseason, but maybe those last two starts where he just wasn't good. You know, scared to shed a boom. I mean that committed any does seem like contrary to what you should believe that this was made by a ton of people booed at least is making it clear like this was his decision. He's gonna go down with it like like he was on the stretch garments on the ban he'd, he was very, like this e I trust seven. He's my guy like he's putting all on him. Hey, I respect that. I respect that he's, he's, I feel like they had a Dan aboard remediating in cash was like, was everyone think? And like they started off with Boone, they're like, Aaron, what do you think in an air like start separately? Oh, thanks. They put them on the head and the three that you like the other twelve people in the room. I Catherine is brain trust like actually break it down with like their power PowerPoint while like our Boone just sits there. And he loves line cookie, most likely. But I mean. Regardless. It was Boone backs. This is, I mean back decision, but he put his neck out there and he's like, this is me. I want, you know, it's gonna eat the short. He's gonna fall on the sword if you know dispose up. But it Davinder -cation game for sure. You know, it's a chance for him to just really hit the delete button. Unin tire second-half if he comes out angles three to four, which is seems like what you said is what's going to happen. The plan is the plan is really for him. Just go three or four unless he's throwing like less. You can tell like he's breathing fire out his mouth in Brian, just hanging just like, why not? But he is the plan is for him that really just go three or four innings, and if they can get, you can just give them the three and four than that's their them. We'll talk about in a little bit what the plan should be the rest of the way, but that is exactly what they want. So it, you know, it's a chance for him. If he just gives us three innings of shutout baseball, four innings of shut up as ball. He hit the delete bundled entire second half. He also says, fuck you to the wildcard game last year where he just completely blew up. I know he better. Postseason after that. But you know, people I've never gonna. Forget that kinda start that we had in that will be in everyone's mind, and they're gonna play that highlight tomorrow in the role of so anytime. So many times one hundred percent. But I, I do like when a player has a chance to prove himself proved out wrong until like two to bounce back and thick, and you know, sit right his name the way it should be. So I think I think coli brought this up today. They didn't name him starter. In this game. It was gonna break him mentally. If he's the biggest game in the world, and he was that pitcher in the first half and just because he had a bad second half, they just didn't go to him in the biggest game of the entire year. Like he would have never recovered from that mentally, like being the top dog, the alpha the bulldog. So you know, he's gotta get. You'll when your tap to be this guy, this pitcher in this huge game, like whether it's three innings, seven innings, like there's a confidence. Do you like your team? Your organization is saying, like, we trust you, we give you the ball in the biggest. The biggest moment we think you're gonna get it done, and that's awesome. So I. That's gonna help Severino for sure, would have gone different way probably. But I did also say either of these three guys, like I understand. Like I, I'm not like up in arms. I don't like, you know, I prefer to go different way, but I, I'm fine with it. Like the plan seems to be okay. Three innings or Severino gives all you can get in. It's kind of like, you know, he's a reliever again, remember how good he was reliever. He was unbelievable as earlier. So you know, he just, he knows he wants to give three innings. He can give it all. He has for those three innings and not have to worry about fitting. We aware like he's tired of seeing the order a second time. I'm convincing myself because it's myself today like, okay, this, this is what we should do. This is the way she if you lose your best Muna convinced ourselves, no matter what, though, for sure. We're crazy. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. But if we're gonna go down, you go down with your best guy. There's no second guessing you go down. Let's say, half got the bowl, and he gives a five runs out of absolutely nowhere. Let's say at the Tigers start all over again or Tanaka just, you know, the home run ball, find some again, you know, ES one of those starts then you like we really instantly Severino fucking in a guy who has said the other day. Yeah, I know. So you know, the guy with the best stuff I in my mind when he's at his best is one guy in the entire league as a right handed pitcher better than it's max. Scherzer is no one else might thing better right hand pitcher, no, the left hand Dalen Kershaw like those guys are better give him, but right when he's on he's on. Yeah, he's better in coober when he's on. He is. He's better than anybody besides sure. I will not discredit about, oh, we'll degrom. People just forget like grandma this grateful year at seven on that first half with a one nine five year, right? He was it was every single start was seventy. Ten ks like grams was like lower than that for. I know you're saying degrom is more consistently like, I don't know. I know what you're saying Severino has that flat his best. You have literally no chance of hitting him. Yeah, so snow I end you put, what are your thoughts on? So there are some people are saying, oh, this also is a good move because now let's you have half for two starts potentially against the Red Sox at firs what I was I, I was with you. I kinda pooh-poohed that I was like it's one game at a time. If you think half is your best option on Wednesday pitch on Wednesday, but there s kind of thinking about it. I wanted to Reno either way. But if that was at all in the ankles head like ings are here to win a World Series this year. So I, you know, the Ke's should look at the postseason as we are trying to win twelve games. Now we're trying to win one game to me. Losing to the Red Sox nail d. s. is not better than losing tomorrow or tonight whenever listening to. So I, I don't, hey. Looking at the next series in mind, I don't think it should affect her decision making in like if on a on, if during the game on Wednesday, you're, you don't wanna take del out or whatever because we gotta save 'em for as felling or whatever. If twenty two, you know what I mean? So there are circumstances where you don't wanna look too far ahead, but I don't hate the idea of look retrying win a World Series when I try to win one playoff game. So let's take the necessary steps for that. I will say I, you took a long way you took a long time to get to your point where I, I understood immediately. We're trying to set if you could map out a plan to beat the Boston Red Sox and to advance the World Series. Like in a perfect world, it is severing of starting this game in pitching well, because that means he's gonna start at home against the Red Sox rather than at Fenway. Were you, you know, there's a better chance. He is a much better pitcher at home. He's a waiter is erased below three on the your home and think on the road, it's either high threes or low for that believes high. Threes. So in a perfect world. Yeah. And you want have pitching two games against the Red Sox and pitching potential game for game five. You know, you want Tanaka while Tanaka might be. I not at home. We're looking to head, but I see that game to start, but I in a perfect world. We're not looking ahead here, but I'm perfect world. Severino would be that guy to start Wednesday because he's a better pitcher at home. You want him getting as many home starts as possible against the Red Sox. So yeah, I hate to. We're not looking ahead. I'm just saying like when you map it out. Yeah, you want your best pitcher pitching in the most important game, and then you want to continue pitching at home. So that makes it makes sense that way when you met with that, so you know, what is your? Do you see him going three innings? What is the leash and also in the first inning, how many hits would it take to get the bullpen warming. I think three base runners the bullpens warming. So last year it was to run, they believe in three hits and they end and that was enough to get everyone up. Yeah, I, I mean, if he if he if the first two guys get on convincing fashion, I think someone starts to stretch, but I think overall three people get on with the loading the bases, or you know, two guys on runner. He comes across the plate. I think that's when you start the the bullpen starring. But at the same time you can't. You don't want to have that mindset totally. Like when he's out there is just, no, someone's breathing down your neck. Thank you. I think he knows that. That's I think he knows that. I think you go out. I mean, he literally all last year and saw it last year by think you go out there and you just tell Severino you're starting today, and he gave a quote and saying, I will. I'm here to win this baseball game. I don't care if it's four innings or not. He said that he knows. This, and obviously he knows the plan like, because if you're told you're starting the game and you, you know a normal start, six or seven innings. You're not going like full speed ahead in the second third inning. Probably you know the first thing short, but if you know you able, you got the ball for nine outs, maybe twelve like you are emptying tank in those ninety has different. You also gotta take. I mean the Severino everyone Anki shouldn't go into tomorrow thinking we only want him for three or four innings if he's out there and he's electric, treat like a normal star on. He knows that it's right. Yeah. Also, I think it's, I think you just gotta look at it as a normal start with just a away shorter. Leash. Yeah. But I will say also knowing that you probably gonna have this short leaf unless you're just like in, you know, bully mode. As a pitcher you like to not reveal all of your pitches in the first time around this allows him to do that. Like if you ask a pitcher, ideally, a fastball pitcher, primarily they love to get through that first the first time through the order with primarily their fastball changeup, not use the breaking ball pitches. So this will asked every he's all there. You know, he doesn't care about seeing in the second around. He in Rowley, doesn't eve nine up nine down and he says, well, who's bullpen? So my next question now I guess we'll go through the roster and then we'll go through the bulletin plant. So one more interesting things were carrying three catchers. Higashio is on the roster along with Gary starting casting. And we all knew that was going to happen, said that for weeks and reminds the backup. Three catchers to me means that by the sixth or seventh inning, Gary's out of the game room is catching. What do you think about? I think it depends. I think if the inky are winning, he comes out of the game if they're losing. I think he stays in for his bat. I think that I think the moment you start to hear the name down Vitanza warming up. That means Gary's out of the game. Maybe. But I mean if they're down one run their down to runs and Gary has a an at bat coming up. It's gonna be really hard to justify pulling just because of that. I know it was awful air, but just because of that one swing mentality. I think if the ink is our winning four, three in Dallas coming in than, you know, you're focused on run prevention. I think it's if the keys are losing and they're focused on run-scoring. I think Gary stays inequity in. But I do like hiring three catches because it's one game. You don't need thirteen pitchers, and it makes sense to never have game goes nineteen innings. If someone gets hurt or whatever, you'd rather great good to have the insurance. I will elaborate on this Lynn a little bit in the show, but I think the x. factor of the game the entire game. All fifty players on Meech Rosser is Gary Sanchez. He's able to catch the ball girl. The running game end hit the Yankees. Chances of winning escalate ambitiously. If he's the Gary centers of of, you know where we got a few on your walls and fucking he's out with men on third, not moving the runner, all the shit that that I think if that's happens, the Yankees have zero chance to win this game. He can. She, he has so much power in what he does tomorrow on Wednesday night. He is so much power. I think at all a lot of game relies on him. Each show important. I agree. He it, he will be the most important player. He can come out. He could have Hugh chits. He could. Hit the ball Venus, four hundred fifty jobs, or he could like Ainhoa Oakland Severino. Does nappy able to catch a ball hit into double, play, strike out and do think he's at all on a shorter lease like Severino's. Like if Sanchez has two three passed balls or while pitches that he should stop in the first inning I leading, you just gets taken out. I think that's why romance here. And that's why show. 'cause I think that's certainly on the table. I also say, like we said, Severino, this is vindication game for him. I think it's equally vindication for Gary Sanchez, that guidance ball, fucking Saturn. I don't give a hell. You can just hit the delete bundles entire twenty eight season. It's all fine it. He is hormone and catches a good game tomorrow night. It admired Wednesday night. It all goes away. This game can change everything for those two guys. It is so big, any knows. And I like guy with a back against his wall and with a heart. Yeah, with his back. I don't know why I didn't say that. But when his back against the wall. Like, hey, like I have a chance here. If I fucking his lock in to prove prove everyone wrong, Getty bomb aside, I love that love that's Jewish for the rest of the Roger. We think this is the roster we engine dot com. Hip find anywhere else may think edgy as you'd come like, you know, had an article about it. We're going ten pitchers. Fifteen position players if come, I saw had it as the projected roster for the team wasn't a same. Yes. Okay. All right. So we're, we swish this is what it's going to be and it. It didn't make sense for the most part, decide from like one on one player on the bench will be Gardner hetch Averia Higashi yoga, remind Tyler, Wade, Walker, I think that's pretty much what we predicted. And then pitches will be Delon, Britain, Chapman, green hap- holder Lin the rub sevi- Masahiro Tanaka. So I guess the surprises with at Lynn is on the roster. Don't that landslides all arrester. Lynn is on the roster and I guess that would let us. Yeah, we so AJ coal knowedge ical, which is tastic. No, thank God. I mean gun your head landlord coal, each us, Lance Lynn. I mean landslides there. The gang goes like extra, but I would have rather used that spot on like CC or Arkley. Right? So that's the biggest problem for me is not having Tarpley I or you know, Canley out here either, but. I understand that because he wasn't that good. Even when he came back, it is crazy thing about how important he was last Jorn relent for game to be told through without the plants that he wouldn't be on the roster series. Crazy. Stunning crazy. I mean, same bird though. He had a, he had a good postseason. He told me like it's crazy, but thank God. No bird. No sunny, no, AG Cole. No, Canley no, CC no Tarpley I think the biggest not mistake, but surprise to me was Tarpley being there. It does look like they do advanced hardly his on the AL DS roster because his locker, I think they said was made, you know, you know, it's there. So I saw a new new locker. I don't know. I think you just want another lefty out there besides Chapman, the comment. I mean, yeah, maybe it's the thing that he just joined the team in September and he's a righteous, they can handle it. In what let's NC like I in. What scenario are you do you feel comfortable putting Lance Lynn, the game. Game. The thirteen minute. Well, no, not helpful, but like I assume also guys are gonna use the right, bring me see. Yeah, no, but whatever I, it's not the, let's just hope he doesn't get see can't last time we don't wanna see looking at this and I mean we'll go into, you know, more game prediction, whatever. I guess everything in the show, but my biggest concern for this game, one of my biggest, my biggest worry for the this season. This postseason why I'm not super confident they are capable of winning. The World Series is because of the ball. I just do not have nearly the same faith in this year's bullpen as I did last year, Chad, greens, not as dominant as you us last year. David Robertson is definitely not worse. Batanes isn't Chapman or both. A great when they're on, but I, I don't care how good they are. What good streaks. I will never have a hundred percent confidence in other. Whether Delon Delon specifically. Yes, especially in a playoff game. It takes one wild pitch. I'm back on, like I mean, it's such a roller coaster with them other fucker. But like I have no confidence when that guy comes in, but I never like I, it does. If he was in, you know, the shriek over the summer who's in the midst of that right now, if he hadn't allowed to run in like thirty innings, I still wanna feel great with him coming in the game tonight just because he is just at type of pitcher Chapman is kinda similar and then no holders on a guy feel great about Cain. Lee is not on the roster. He was someone new really felt confident development. Just allowed worse. Like last year you add you, the look would look forward to handing the ball over the bullpen bullpen game in the wild card game. You knew that that was fine because you trust ever guy out there. I do not have the same feeling this year and that's what worries me. Yeah. I will say, fan graphs, released a whole article today breaking down. Sara metrics and everything every team, you know, who has the best playoff team. Yankees number one Yankees had or the best bullpen rating. And you know, who has one of the worst was Oakland a.'s even though you would look at their numbers and you say, no way they gave us a nine and believe, and they gave them a four on their scale of like, wins wins that the bullpen provides. The me that like bullpen analytics are bullpen is for me such a gut thing, lay. I like the analytics and stuff, but to me bullpen is all about who you trust. You don't trust. It's like the eye test. And right now I don't have a ton of trust me. How nervous are you for Boone's bullpen decisions. I'm not Dan. You think there's a plan? I, I think there's a supplement like there's probably doray door be Dorsey, but I think they're all pretty much later. I like there's no AJ coal for him to us, so it's not gonna be I, I can't imagine doing anything to. I can't imagine him. Bring Lance Lynn into close the game. Anything that's completely outrageous. Let's do before we get into what we think our plan is gonna be. Let's do a bullpen trust right now. Ranking was who was the guy trust the most to the least will not in that include New England right. At assume he's just that the bottom. Let's not include never know. Severing Omarosa either obviously. Yeah. Yeah. Sixth for me is holder. Is there six or seven? I have seven here. Okay. Sixer happened this six, sixes whole really holder. I at six. Just expand. I mean, this is a and forth with this folk. Like I've always been a little lower on hold their than just Robertson. I don't know, you're telling me I gotta get three outside, rather I know Robertson is struggled, but you sly unbelievable last year in the playoffs. Like I just have he as more experienced, I would trust them more high leverage situations. I don't the numbers in front of members. Seeing holder had one of the best areas on the team in higher leverage situations. Holder has more respect for me than that. I have. Robert Robertson is just so shaky my opinion. I Robertson fifths though to come to our own. Okay. I think I have. I think I have galaxies. Really, I have no faith in that guy right now. I just don't. I just like, especially if GARRETT'S catching resume, he's not gonna be catching him, but that guy, let's up walk. And then so let's say. The as are quick. They got, they got all pretty much most guys can run. They don't run a lot, but they have the ability run. So if Dell and walks a leadoff guy and you got Gary catching well, this probably me pass ball or wild pitch. He got roll. Mine is probably stolen base because down. So fucking slow, play enrollment can throw guy out the save his life. So if that situation we're dealing with, I don't trust tell him. I mean, we're going to see him and you know what the numbers Giora a great in the second half and all that. He went to cyber mode. I think of late. He since he went to the coach's role in came back, it fuck with has been the same. He's each side appearances. Quite a few were gives up runs. And let's remember how he wasn't Lester. Yes, yeah, I did forget about that while. Come, why don't have him? Fifth, I still have Robertson v. Okay. Who you have fourth, fourth ongoing robbers. You're putting down in fifth. Okay. Yeah, talent. Fifth holder will go. Holder. It's Haller Chapman here. I would go. What is is that my think yours at the TV on Sturt disturbed me on music be out here though. I'm gonna go. Shatman. I can't go home with that. Hi, I'm gonna go holder for. I'm so torn here. I, this is where you're almost talked me off the Batanes ledge. Hits. Liane Tober. Yeah, you just reminds me last year. Four. Clumps going through my head row quick. At any. I'm gonna go Chapman for. Okay. I, I was close animals made him. I'm almost made him four, but I'm gonna hold her for other tents. This three coming this as a potential, like one maybe, but. I don't trust anyone like there's no one I feel well, yeah. All right. I'm going Chatanooga or it's his three, jeez, my threes chatman. I think he's, I think he's going to be slaughtered dependent and his lawyers very winning throws it. I don't know what the fast was. Gonna look like all we could be ninety. Six Chapman. One one. I gotta say if he comes out both those three, I'm gonna fucking shit myself. Oh my God. He's back. Let's go. I haven't gotten chiming even when Chapman is on you don't. He's never got. He doesn't have that Mary on a like, you know, confidence, nobody does, but doesn't get hit part. It's when he wants billion. People does art. Just throw strikes slide of restraint, Frank, one cider go from there. So we can. Three, my number two d. rob, right? This idea of Britain. Number one selling. I had ler Adleman. And then why. One, anyone and chattering hiring was one to six, this Greenland, Britain Chapman. Green was Oskar horribly heads Semper. October is a hell. So now we start seasons asked him, but he sorts. Announced that he just couldn't throw a curve. No Britain's Bing. He's been awesome. September, I know doesn't get anyone out or traveling last year. Maybe it wasn't even. So I learned. Oh, it wasn't around one. Nothing going was not a nerd GRA. Okay. Not they. Britney one their free. So it's. Started kansas. It is or lever. It was. Has one world circa will still muck. It was nine years ago. I'm going to do it. Let's say they have. Let's see what is for me Britain. How many these they stack up usually in the lineup, I don't think it's even on the. I mean I could be on gets on. I don't think even in consideration with the first guy, I think, yes, I think I think the reason easier. Let's see. Oakland's. MARTINI is a lefty. So he's Chapman is a righty, right. Okay. That's Larry switch yet. Larry's switch hitter. Olson's a lefty. Honor eighty Laurie on a righty. Simians a righty and readies. Okay. Maybe maybe I'm a little wrong. I know. I know Chris Davis does not hit left these well for whatever reason. Yeah, I think tried green. I think in ideal world Luis Severino gets you through four innings one road. Okay. Shined green comes in for Chad green Zach. Britton gets you through five through seven in some capacity using bring comes in early. You think Chapman has not had experienced pitching lately. He's going seven minute, you think Chapman's the closer I was thinking is you you disagree? I think Britain's closer. At a now. I mean, it's, are we going off of? I just think when I think the closer I think Chapman. I also the thing is I trust Britain, Fenton. I trust Britain more makes rather have getting a game sooner. I don't wanna have to save him for nothing. Okay. It all depends on game situation, but like a one run game. Yeah, I guess maybe maybe. Yeah, because the new wave of baseball's like don't have set inning seventh-inning, eighth inning, ninth inning guys like your best guys and then figure it out from their scores. My runs you can while. Yeah. All right. So we're going with that ensure which is why. For my thirst guys. Okay. So let's say some three or four than Breen grit that gets you the seventh than ago. What d- rob Delon Chapman. Why was in an ideal world? I don't even have to Europe. I was thinking I was green Britain in dall- in for some capacity, a five through eight green, the first guy. And then if you'd rather go Dell Britain, Britain or Delon, whatever through eight Chapman, hopefully coz it after you in the night, I just don't sleep on half warming up at some point. I could see it. I don't know why you have Robertson you have hold or they are for any holes along the way. Hap-. I guess if you're a nurse school thought. Will you be drinking during this team. What do you do for these big? I'm going to the game. I'm drink water. I'm just I'm going to land at your. I was there forever game. I was working for the Fordham radio station WSB, press box. It was. It was like, honestly, looking back, I'm so like nostalgic for last year like that. That's the best experiences like being in the building for five games and they won all five on the place was rocking Lincoln. Unbelievable view. Food was as it was just unbelievable. I never, I never know playoff game. I, I mean, I've been to those. I'd been to a few others but added had much seen many wins last year. I saw all wins. So that was all I will not be at this year. I don't plan on. I plan on basically my growing up. Through like twenty twelve didn't make the class after that is I'd be. I basically my dad's sit in the basement. We have the lights off, except for one Yankee lamp gives a kind of a dim light in the room. I have stress fall in the basement watching like on the TV I am not someone who I know if I'm, you know, I don't wanna be there in like a crowd. I don't wanna be a watch party hoping through anything like barstool. I just wanna be home in my basement. Just like being able to yell, whatever. It's, it's like a job almost like watching the Yankee playoff game, like a job. It's not a fun experience. I'm words I'm, oh, it's like it's so stressful. I just want to be in the confines on my own hope. I mean, I want me to seven circle of hell only amongst my people, but I'm going to be with Jared Karavas in Dallas Brady. Yeah, that sounds still awful. So awful. But, hey, that's fucking like even to me like winning like you getting to brag or whatever winning is not nearly as bad as it is. If you lose, I'm I'm just mentally exhausted. If they win. Like I'm this going to be so Austin, it's going to be hall, and I can't even sleep in the city because I have to come home and this is looking way to head. I hate them. You say this, but I'd have come home at night because the pack for Boston on Thursday, delete Thursday night. Yeah, I be leaving for Boston AM again, we'd only to far ahead of ourselves, but I'm going to be like on the ring basically ruffling rowdy doing social stuff Friday night, national able to watch, which makes me so mad than able to watch it will be followed will be able to follow it, then get the rest the, but let's hope we have to work. Let's talk about that Wednesday. Yeah. Who? Oh, so. Okay. Who would be your unsung hero? Who are people not talking about? Maybe not expecting that you think could be like, holy, fuck where this guy come from. I got one in mind. I'm going to say, well, I don't. I mean, don't really have anyone like these have like a word. He come from like unsung hero also way to word. It just unexpected hero under the radar who I think could have a really big impact on the game. I'll say Aaron Hicks, I think with defenses, big UTM, throwing somebody out and against lefty SR against righties, at least he's going to be hitting. Lefties, always got shot to go deep. It's still a bag or whatever. I could see him just having a real solid game me. So the big mccutchen was my other guy, but I'm going with x. Then Gary Sanchez is going to hit all, but he doesn't count like I wasn't expecting to do anything one. We wanted him benched to ago. I think he's gonna hit home run. I like the way he finished the year. Yeah, I think he could I. I wasn't considering him as part of that category, but I would fucking be awesome. Fucking lawns. Win the second. I wanna talk why we should actually be scared of the so real quick. They're gonna bullpen us. Now, the good thing is we kind of the race we've experienced this so much. We know bullpen game feels like it's not like this new for us like we have so much and the as try the bullpen us in Oakland that we actually won that game. That was game. What? So the same. The scariest part here I read that. Lake trying to could potentially three innings in his baseball game. Do you know what blades front Sierra is on the year? Believe it's your point seven nine that zero point seventy in sixty eight games in eighty point. One innings. The man is a point seven eight year that guy has has pitched Brayden Graydon told me today. He's eighteen times Mullings and he's actually gone three innings in a game. When they went to extras, he is a monster and that guy that they're going to try to go try to intervene like for like four or five inch combine, which is so scary. They have to score. The Yankees will have to score quick. They have to. They have to gradually I, they fall behind this. I will be a train wreck the you tell me fucking they after if they're John one, nothing or two one in the seventh. Inning got Blake running amount with like nine ounce in his hand to send the as they Elliot's. I'm freak out forget yeah, I I'm like, I think about today. The I I most scared I think on. I'm afraid. Thanks. We won't be able to. They'll just come out flat and you're more hitting the vision. I don't know. I mean in in most playoff mode, yes. You're always more scared that you're able to get hits, but I am a little bit skit. I, I don't know. I'm scared. He's lead all baseball. All the playoff teams in Rhode hits, home runs and slugging percentage Enrons. I don't like to hear that. I don't like to hear that all I. I don't. I I'm afraid of the the pulpit thing with the rays. Don't have like Blake Trine in whatever. Like he's been awesome, but he doesn't instill like a fear in me is like he's under other sensually a bowling ball. You can't elevate. Again, riggings right side, but I don't. I don't know there's, I was like, looking at their their setup today and innings one through five. But he's Liam. Sorry, lean kendricks is not like until Andrews. I say kendricks tender, never is not. Like unhittable says he's become an opener in September. He's only given a run once it was this first time doing it since then. He's got like thirteen openers didn't give borough including its Yankees pitch the perfect in it. I know, but he's I was looking. His game is still a little bit over four. I'm not. There's nobody in I was looking. They're saying that it could be Rodney in the six million. The seventh, I, I will eat them. I welcome wrong. Rodney does not scare me Sean Kelly's Sean Kelly to gimme Sean Kelly, gimme Sean, Kelly, familias still is that stench on him? The Mets stench on him. There is not. I am trying to tear them. I think the rest are beatable, Evan Roberts at the same thing on the Faneuil he's, I mean, they talk about this bullpen and they do have the numbers. But like when you look at it like you can beat these guys, especially when we talk. About like, yeah, they've as booklet how the Antes Lana haven't won. I got a cutting leading off in Aaron judge and then degrades Giancarlo, STAN and Luke voi-, and looking and Harr, and then glaze over and then Gary. And then. I don't know from forgetting anyone Hicks. Did I say, I don't know ill. It didn't say that's nine, unbelievable hitters. I do not wanna face like they, we can talk with the bullpen, but you talk about any point in our lineup like, oh shit, you're comes these guys wanna we got, oh, these fucking guys like it is not easy. You can never take breath lower line, and I love the way we finish the year, the games against Boston, the games against Tampa. They fed offense, exploded when they had the full lineup. There have like seven runs for game. One game judging the line it like one or two games. I. The thing with bullpen to me is if everyone is on, it's pretty devastating because then you're you're facing six guys, whatever that you're as in the twos, the ones zeros and training space, but bullpen just takes one or two guys to be off relievers. Are there good most of the time, but relievers have bad outs like you're lying on, you know, sick. You want every guy you bring in to have it and just the typically speaking, the odds are the probably a couple of them are going to be off, and that's what would scare me if I was doing a bullpen game. That's what does excite me as a Yankee fan there are. Yeah. Could they all be on just don't touch anyone facing a closer for nine straight innings. Yeah, that could happen. But I also liked the chances of someone one or two of these guys that is not having a naked take advantage. I will say it's very funny how how this game is gonna go and watching right now. Dubs Rockies and both pits will starting pitchers in the game in the in the sixth inning. And it's a one, nothing game and free. Linda's dominating Leicester's dominating like it just couldn't be more opposite game to what's gonna be Wednesday night. Volition Mejia's. I love you to watch his game with just not a care in the world right now. There's no tomorrow night. We're going to be dying on every single second. You love that. I don't know that I love. I'm saying, I love being able to watch this game without any more. Yeah, I'm the Rockies together, but. Okay. So let's go. I have. I knew Matt Hollywood hitting bisque for them. No thought he had seven was a fifth will what I knew he was like a key cog in they're using. I didn't know he's gonna hit. I know he's gonna start this game. I knew there like signed him late in the season. I thought that was like glorifies. They might just be a veteran leader. Yeah, we'll see amount. It was like in the mill up in a one game playoff and he's playing the field. Well, you have to the Natalie, but like left field. He could still do that primarily the h. for us. I love the holiday though. Okay. Let's cook with some DM's. Some of these questions that had left, oh, one more. What can happen have like what would be like hold by God this disaster? I guess the answer Severino just not escape in the first inning, right? Pretty much just the pitching just napping. Just getting the worst of all your pitchers basically or getting the worst of even like two or three pitchers railing like being able to get having second third one out and up to get a running. That's gonna that is first organ that happened. Nobody out they're gonna get one wrong. The or no runs that will happen that will drive me up the wall. DM's be on the show. I hear from Chadwick drinking plans for the game, either get drunk before the game. You can black it for down big or only drink during celebrations or drowned sorrows to also risked not blocking at it for winning. I don't. I'm not. I mean, I don't like drinking alter the game. Drink big inky game, not even. It's like it's, we did our job. It's onto the next one. Well, I think he's just thought, well, guess specifically for the Walker. Sure. I won't be celebrate Ori drinking. If we were in the World Series, Elliott, right? Different story series. I'm going to die because I'm never gonna, stop drinking. Just from what Tara we did the last show, but they just vanished is very weird. So this was one of the like that. I think we answered what Tara says, hey, hubs. Shubra shares Yankee fans has last porch. Didn't have any damage to redo the same question. If you could have anyone from the own nine championship seem to be playing in this game in exchange for Aaron, judge, who would you do it? And if so, who would be we both have the same answer it's out triggers from, oh, nine. I mean, I wanna it forgetting pl- if we know we're gonna play off version of him that it's an O'Brien, your won the World Series, Aaron, judge. I love Aaron judge, but Aaron judge's ceiling is is that and we know we're getting. Let me ask you a interesting question here. Let's say dis fully healthy who'd you rather own nine jeeter DD right now fully healthy. Cheater, you gotta go jeeter. He's jeeter eater Window World series. The jeeter jeeter puts the team in the right mode getting into this game. Like he also we win the division jeeter because he wouldn't let what happened happened. Juice. The that's correct said, what do you see the Yankees? Breakout scoring. Their first run or runs do seem scoring her threats thinning. I think it's the first any. I am not scared of Hendrix. I see the second, especially the bringing Sean Kelly. I will say it's important to score. I don't if they don't score really and then you're relying on just, you know, the pitching to keep it where it is. I don't like that love with the Rockies right now. They gave a run in two batters. I was texting my friend said this. I mean it. You imagine seventy a run in the first three batters. Oh my God, sprints of the Beulah next Davidson Tanna how short of a leash. Okay. We answered that the Yankees will win the wild card game. If fill in the blank, they score more runs in the as urine Astle. If let's do this, how many runs take the win that when this game. I would. I would like five. That's what I had my head five, five win this game. This is what I hope Mike. My cave says should be more. We kind of answered this, but should we be more worried about pitching or offense tomorrow. So you got to be pitching. It's got a pitch. I've gone back and forth, but you gotta be concerned with the starter that it has to be pitching. Yeah, Severna can set the table that will do wonders team. Is this holiday up there. Don't. I think you're headed so say anything? Okay, I- faster. TV good question here. Not real out. And I think these answer Kevin should Boone be fired. If we lose this game a hate. This question is talking about losing. But question be asked modo they one hundred games. They had a ton of injuries. He did a good job a role. He has her shaky bullpen shit in the first half, but figured out amidst growing pains ever since. Like he got down and got jetted like that. Like I was kind of a boon guy. I feel nothing should actual, but like he's talking fired. If we was this game agreed. He was average. I mean, there are a lot of moments that we look back on as I can't believe this can't believe you did that better as a season went on. Yeah, it was. He's not getting fired. Larry Rotschild a guy at the road. I would agree and maybe Marcus to that hit or hitting approach the bases loaded is what's the mood everytime never trying to just get. The little single had enough of both hitting antigen coaches. I always go. I think a pitching coach matters more than the hidden coach foot air there. I, I want Rothschild gone. I don't particularly care the right about Tim's migrants. Last question who'd he hot take for who comes in the clutch who comes up in the clutch tomorrow when you need it most. He said, Higashi yoga. I mean, if gosh, Ohka find his way into this game once. I mean, that's like seventeen thinning. Got hookah better. Not getting at bat yelich. He's, he's in a game. Like I'm going to. Although he does only home runs true, but no, I'm going to who Strauss that. Who I want. Sorry. Who you want up in the clutch tomorrow we need. Yeah. I got an answer for you. Look what. The getting what works is such good at bats. I won't look every them really cutting professional. A, you're gonna. Get professional back boy is like, I love void, but he's in the bottom half a guys. I walked up. I love obsessed with. I probably want Jews noisy and have a good app. I'm gonna video from starting nine Dallas, Jared. Voight hits a home run. It'll be funny, fun video tweet out immediately. I haven't saved and queued up because Dallas basically just hushed him off. Interest him away was just, you know, we'll, we'll just we will. We will bullet. We will plan for Luke wait mule. We will an element and it's got crop saying where always come from. I go misery fucking media. All right. So that's a flea. We still a little bit of confidence in you. What are Severino earlier, like was good. I, I'm walking away from this more confident than setting into it for sure, especially when you list the as guys out there like all those guys, I think fires want find his way in this game for a few innings. Yeah, I think he's had a few decent star since the Yankees lately. I think his lawn is luck is out. I think if he is staying gets a crack at him ball, my head off the fucking scoreboard. Mccutchen kills them. Staying kills him. Oh, do you wanna say, fuck you to everybody who didn't like that hype video? I made I. I've never made a video before I have no ending skills whatsoever. I made that four in the morning and I think I did a pretty good job. Sure. Maybe like the as part was little too long, but like if you want that video to be all good, like you're just lying yourself throughout what the season went through. Like we didn't win the division like people count us out a tough year, you know? And then we'll fucking, you know, you're still magic one hundred. I'm just like I was thinking of KFC or some met fan, less thing. It was a tough one hundred games. Our like, oh man, it was a tough air really over quite a lot of diversity and get that one along. Everyone counting us out one one hundred. It's great to be. It's fun, but we need the win Wednesday. Otherwise I'm gonna fucking kill myself. I'm gonna finally by, I'm gonna like just Google wears nearest bridge. Just jump off. But fuck you didn't like the video. Got five thousand legs in like two thousand retweets. So like of the hundred people commented and people. Oh, people like video was basically a bar. So we're like a hundred people comment saying the worst person on earth in worse writer, and then fifty thousand people read it. So fuck you. Fuck you. Blown away that you made it I did text was, I think at the end it would've been cool to have highlights with like music and stuff, but I still thought it was cool. Got me hyped up. Yeah, I thought about making a seven. The best type you I've ever seen was, I hope so it was at it was played. I ask you this. I don't know if you saw, but at the stadium last year, like before the game, just for the game, they played this unbelievable hype. Video of highlights for the year was set to. It's called tequila sunrise just like this, like trapping it got me so fired up. Hope they do something tomorrow. Hope they show it. I hope so too. I would imagine they would imagine as hype on on the stadium if you're there. Hopefully there's a watch party also on thirty thirty between park and Madison in New York City. At the Ainsworth is four dollars domestic beers. Six dollar wells, five dollar pinch shots. They they like to just give way shots that place. They're very good people on a lot going. If you you go there, it's in the back, lest they got a whole area reserved for us game sound throughout. It's a lot of fun to thirty third streets in Murray hill between park and Madison think Frankie Borelli is going to be there. A few other people think guns is in the guy. Twitter's gonna be there. I love to, but I gotta work. I gotta be at the game. Sorry. I gotta go to this game. It's actually pretty cool. I real- I like kinda stop myself like, wow, you're getting paid like go to fucking Yankee playoff game, but that's fucking great. It's. It's not that bad. Yes, we have the best seeds, I think were three sixteen were like upper, not. That's very good seat. Yes, it's upper deck. It's behind the Yankee dugout like third level. So it's pretty good. I have seen tickets in three. Seventeen was awesome. So three sixteen is good too. Yeah, we have the option of sitting in right field the second level, and we the option of sitting lowest level like right by the foul pole, like not in the not in the homerun stand like foul territory. I like that. You can't see strikes. Really. You can see the strikes from light. We're gonna sit. So I want that should be fine if you're there see there and go watch party for not a good time, and we will see you back here. To Thursday morning Wednesday. Whenever we can get this out, hopefully we're celebrating, hopefully you know, we're in a great mood and it'll be a fun episode. It is. If we're talking about funeral, it's gonna suck. But let's go, let's go, let's go, Gary Sanchez. Let's go. Chevron will get a star baby. Get cooking, get cooking. Let's go. All right. We up later. Gee. Traffic right next to the narrow without. Good on the sit- not Trump. And since I made it here making anywhere they love me every the comment on. Baleful roadway, gloomy back to that. McDonalds into mustache by sixty street kicked me in the kitchen. My Kashima within pastry down Asian of white next visit driving so slow case from Texas me among the best stop. Digging now on the Bill and voice with me. Still sipping my in courtside Nixon. That's give me. By them could should be self. Jefferson.

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