Jalen Ramsey, Darius Leonard, Browns talk with Mary Kay Cabot & remembering Don Banks


Welcome to the peter king podcast ask training camp road addition. I've been on the road all week actually been on the road bordering two weeks right now going to a bunch of camps meeting a bunch of people and seeing how the two thousand nineteen season is shaping up this week i was in westfield indiana at the colts training training facility and caught up having extended conversation with darius leonard the defending defensive rookie of the year in the n._f._l. Really really interesting kid. I enjoyed that you will too and also in jacksonville met up with jalen ramsey. The self proclaimed blamed and he'll tell you if you haven't heard it yet. He's the best cornerback in football. You'll hear him say that right. On this podcast i also will do my segment five minutes with a writer from brown's camp. We'll talk to mary kay cabinet of the cleveland plain dealer earlier so before we get started. I think a lot of you probably understand who followed me over the years who know me and who've read me know that probably my closest friend in the sports. Writing business was done banks. I worked with them for sixteen ecksteen years at sports illustrated and sl dot com and don never woke up after he went to bed saturday night. He was was in a hotel a courtyard mary out of all places in canton ohio and was in a hotel on sunday morning and just just never woke up. They don't know how he died. Why he died he was a healthy guy. He was a runner <hes> so it's <hes> a bitter pill the swallow especially especially for a guy in his mid fifties who just recently after being laid off from sports illustrated three years ago <hes> just recently found another gig and started it last thursday. I'd gig unfortunately only lasted three days and he worked for the las vegas. Let's review journal and you've probably seen if you're on social media an outpouring of emotion about don banks thanks because he truly was truly was just a very very good human being and i want to tell you just one story. I wrote about him in the top of my column this week football morning in america n._b._c. sports dot com also profootballtalk dot com but i want to tell you one story about don. He was basically is one of these guys who's always thinking of other people really above of himself. He did that very often. He loved birthdays. He absolutely loved birthdays. When i turned fifty <hes> <hes> don not only arranged to get me a red sox jersey because we're both red sox. Followers not not only arranged to get me a red sox jersey of mike tim lynn who at the time was number fifty that number now is mukhi beds is number but at at the time ten years ago mike tim lynn a relief pitcher wore number fifty so we not only got me a jersey fifty commemorating my birthday but he also went to fenway park and he told mike tomlin what the story was so mike. Tim lamb wrote an autograph. Uh on the back of the jersey on the number that said from one to another happy birthday mike tomlin and so don was so delighted with that he was so excited about it and truly of all the gifts on my fiftieth fiftieth birthday. That's really the one i remember the most. It's hilarious you know a couple of years ago. He got me a mint condition nineteen nineteen fifty seven because that's a year of my birth a mint condition nineteen fifty seven ted williams baseball card and that's just the the kind of guy he was he was he was thoughtful. A always asked about your life and that's one of the reasons why you're seeing this outpouring of of emotion on the death of don banks professionally. He was the most down the middle guy i i have ever met in this business. You know he was open to ever hearing every side of a story and then he'd make a decision he did not have sacred herd cows. He'd punch roger goodell the knows one week in a column and then you know he would praise them for for something when at at the time when it wasn't really very popular to praise him in the media so good friend of mine is i record this just i just got into a courtyard in ross fford ohio on the way from packers camp to brown's camp. It's overnight on monday so wake up tuesday morning. Drive the rest of the drive to cleveland watch the browns continue the training camp tour but quite honestly there will be a piece of me missing and the piece of missing is named on banks and now my conversation conversation with two thousand eighteen n._f._l. Defensive rookie of the year darius leonard the linebacker the indianapolis colts dairies were here at training camp. Does anybody like training camp. I mean really when you think about it. It's gotta be about ninety. I five heat index today and you come out here in the middle of an indiana summer. It's like everyday is the same. Do you remotely like training camp physically no but <hes> for the team karate ship <hes> definitely i definitely enjoy that <hes> affirmed down south so this is nothing compared to anything in south south carolina or florida while trade. I always wonder we just we've on our training camp. We just did the south. We did the three florida teams. We did the saints the falcons. We did the panthers every day. The heat index was over ninety so i said to calais campbell. I said i mean this is just kind of miserable. Isn't it and he goes. It's football every summer. It's been the same for for me. He played in arizona obviously in now in jacksonville. What about you. Is it just an average average day a day like today. Oh yes especially <hes> come for south. Carolina cyclone estate somalis was pricing in the heat so then working on a form all day okay so the heat is nothing and then you come here just to have fun playing the game of football you don't. You don't even feel a hot it is. I want to ask you a little bit about your background. It's it's a fairly amazing story. You have one brother who was killed as i understand it outside a bar in south carolina. You have two other brothers who were are incarcerated. How did you not become a statistic. I'm seeing seeing both sides of the good lifestyle in a bad lifestyle. So how sad my mom was when <hes> both brothers incarcerated brother got cute also how much pain when your brother got killed seventeen. He's eighteen and what happened. Oh just i guess rump laser all time. I guess so you know it sucks especially me and him. Growing up in the same room been <hes> <hes> one year apart does my best friend saudi definitely definitely sucks but seeing my mom go through all that and then see how happy my mom's was win. My brother made it to the n._f._l. And i knew right then where i wanted to make sure their mama everything she deserved animation. She was happy and make sure that she had to fill their painting more. I want to ask you a little bit about south carolina's state because i know harry carson pretty well and you know until now and i guess still he's the legendary south carolina state linebacker. Did you know harry carson when you were there did you have you gotten to know home. Since <hes> <hes> i knew of them knew how credible mbeki was at south carolina state. I knew he was in the n._f._l. Of fame always talk about history of south carolina state but we actually we never met until at thermo my senior season and we kinda just start talking from their invited me to a lot is <hes> event so so we kinda keep that ball prague on just just try to pass down so what's the what's the nickname board pride. Yeah i mean i mean i gotta stay the mascot his board doll so we know we keep that together. Yeah what it did did he was he at all an advisor zero to you is he told janney thing that that you have kind of held close and you felt was important now me i mean he's a competitor. He's about like me always tell me that was the best fifty three all the best linebacker so we always talk tries to each other just kind of saying who had a better number that south carolina state or who's going to be the best fifty three so we always keep it a competition going but you you were. You're number fifty three but it's not because of harry carson what what why did you choose fifty-three my brother the who <hes> made to the n._f._l. As i in a phone number was fifty three and i i looked up till merge since i was a little boy and i always wanted to be like them in once i made to the n._f._l. Phil knew that it was because he is hard working teaching me that nothing would be handed to me so i just wanted to show them that much. I appreciate it oh man and wanted to play for when you were preparing for the draft. Did you have much of an idea who might pick you not at all. I mean i thought either dollars tampa bay or pittsburgh and next thing you knew and i got the call look at live a phone and say indianapolis mahaffey a happy so let's get it. I found it very interesting in doing a little bit of research for this that you were a highly criticized sized draft choice in bleacher report. They said you were one of the worst picks in the draft and i've heard that you have hung onto that okay. So what what what did you do with those words. What did you do with that story. Oh my australia <hes> and i'll put it put it on phone so every day before practice or is it on a screen of your phone it was one point and then i got tired of looking at it so i'd change it back to <hes> to my wife so <hes> every where every game i look at it and he just gave me extra motivation to go out and prove that i belong failed i can play. It was funny talking to chris ballard about you. The general manager the colts one of the things he told me was that you know at the senior bowl he would watch you practice and then the colts did an interview with you and they thought man these guys like too good to be true. He's really really good. What are we seeing that other. People aren't seeing everybody's he's talking about a maybe a fourth round pick or whatever and he said so we picked him in the second round and he said right away i got to texts from people people around the league and they're saying wow he picked that guy kinda high and so he just said i just kept thinking to myself man i. I don't think i'm wrong a- and so did you sort of feel that when you were picked and what did that feel like talking about how people were saying. There was a bad period. Yeah yes without a doubt so i mean mm-hmm was once i got pig. I mean that was i mean one of the best days of my life so i was happy but you know that once you get posted you go see everybody. Everybody have a chance to comment so always look at comments. I mean that's something that drives me because i want to see how many people talking trash about recycling proven wrong and do you ever engage h with people on social media now i just i just love the city tries talk. You do yes it. Was i mean it was why you truly believe that helps you. Yes started out 'cause pushes you because no matter how. How do you feel. There's somebody out there. They're still not gonna be satisfied with the work. That's been done so if he lost satisfied. You can say that i need to work on this so approved at good in that category and i'm just going showed that everything. You said that i can't do approve that. I can't go out and do it yeah so when you originally got here last year you're after the draft. You were hurt and couldn't practice minicamp right so you didn't have a full practice at this until your first day out here in training camp you know here. We are in westfield indiana north of indianapolis. So what what do you remember about that. I practice especially the play you made on andrew. Luck came out nervous. Amaze was first time being back on the field so i it definitely was not. What was your injury. <hes> quad. I pull mcleod k. so then going going through individual. I just wanna make everette was perfect and found. We've got a team period appeared at a tight end going vertical so is my guide and there's interceptor andrew and then decide finally says something to me and i kind of had a lotta lotta weightlessness odor is were when you're a rookie in the n._f._l. Not necessarily being there's hazing but d really have to come in and prove yourself before you get the <hes> with <hes> yeah 'cause i mean as a lot of people like other look at it as a lot of i go to schools and everybody said they're going to be this big time name and then you come in and be a bust so then when i came in i was complete the opposite i was saying that they said was the worst draft pick so i definitely had to come in and prove that i could place came in a kept my mouth shut and i'll just willing to work and after i made at one play that's when the defense that's winning coach. He was actually saying good job. Keep it up. We see that you can play a little bit so the accounted for for somebody who's coming from small school and then having people saying that you're gonna be a bad draft pig and then you come out practically do something like that it kind of gives you <hes> <hes> a lot of confidence because like i said i came in very nervous. I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know how to feel so after play kind of made me feel pretty good about myself. When did you know that you're going to start to start the season <hes> <hes> last the last week of training camp and <hes> going into preseason games and a._m. Yeah this has started there and <hes> gritted out as elf my first game against the seahawks dan the second game. I got a b and then the second game. I was <hes> you mean you've. You've really were bad against the seahawks. Yes <hes> like i i. I was terrible. I mean i had about llamas have lows. I was ms fitting so then <hes> you know you get in front of everybody. As a man you know you got a lot of pride so i took it when started looking at more <hes> kind of just stayed in playbook and kind of prove that that our great as also a deadly took it and just ran with it. You're one of those rare players that you don't watch film all day and on all night explain why in first of all tell me tell me do you watch a lot less than the guys on this team and why is that only because because me personally <hes> that first game i mean against cincy regular season the first game the first first regular season game and i i went in. I mean i watched. I watched baby six hours of film by myself. Just when i got home and drew everything up i knew the tendencies and then when i gained in a game i was planning slow. 'cause i was guessing. What are they gonna run here. What are they gonna run down. No out of formation so then i only had eight tackles and eight for me. He's not my goal. I want to wear tacos more game so then the next week. I see no what they've me. Just take the coaching but sit. Let's put the film him to decide and just re re mckee's and after that we're going on in washington had nineteen tackles and that's when i'll say okay. Maybe i'll need to watch family. Just leads to the coaches. He does play marquees so now. If if a high school kid comes to comes to you for advice or maybe a college kid your advice would be never watch an instant of film. No no not at all. I mean everybody's different. I mean like walker. He loves to watch film he. He knows exactly what what was coming. Make him comfortable right. It makes me comfortable to go out and just read my keys and go from there so it's different people but i'm gonna give them the best advice for for their ability. I'm not gonna say don't watch film you don't so you don't have to make sure let them know that you watch film until you comfortable than if you watch too much if you're not comfortable. Don't watch watch it. All are your coaches. Okay with you not watching much phil. I'm not sure i mean i don't. I don't really go walk around and advertise it. They'll go advertise it. I don't watch his film but i mean 'cause flus men. We we walk through every every day so by the time game day. I don't seem one play. Maybe seventy times so once. I get to the game on very comfortable because i don't see it all week long. I think it's interesting. How matty reflects your defensive coordinator does not care if you're twenty one or forty one. You know he's gonna play. The guy who he thinks is the best guy so and so. You're going to have a lot of young. You got an infusion of talent this year on defense fence. Tell me what it's like playing for him and am i right. Does he just not really care how old you are. He doesn't care. I mean it's always about competing u._p. Every a single day so he doesn't care if you're thirteen fourteen year event or your rookie you go out and prove that you can play better than the next guy he's gonna. Put you in there and if you're a guy <hes> who not going risk your body for somebody else to make a play. He's definitely going to put you in here because it's a team game in the scheme that we play you. Gotta be able to sacrifice your body for somebody else. That's what surprised you about last year. If anything as your everything give me give me a little rundown. Oh my i mean as much as i did. I had i was that was definitely a surprise especially coming from a small school. I really thought i was going to have to take a back seat role dan <hes> just all the publicity city and everything that's coming now. So is everything that happened wasn't surprised even being drafted. It was definitely a surprise because i mean as a kid as what you dream about dan when the dream comes to reality you know you're a complete shock. How about just the level of competition. Did you have last year sort of a welcome to the n._f._l. Moment that you were you said to yourself. I can really do this. When when do you think that occurred to you that i can do this at a high level. <hes> after the washington game playing games i mean a._p. Is one of the best buy backs to ever play so i mean pentagon planning and not allowing him to rush over one hundred yards in in just playing playing well in coverage and just doing the right things and after they gain being name a player of the week in fell. That's i mean that's a big high war. So that's what i kind of figured out that long as i can keep my head down and kibo keep working. I could be producers leave. What's your i mean your position to me. Leuke clear once said about your job. I just wanna stay out of the traffic. You know i i i wanna. I wanna have some lanes to be able to get guys. Take me into your your head and tell me how do you succeed in. What looks like total chaos out there. <hes> users linebacker manti. Someone's is obviously football. No no matter what it is <hes> the ball could be fifty yards down. Phillies hit the ball so you gotta get there by any means necessary if you've got to fight through three blocks order anything i gotta get you the ball in. I take pride in that every single play. I wanna make in every single. I won't so my my drive is much bigger bigger than a lot of people because they just a lot of people say okay. I'm going to do my job ballers away. A state of my gap knows i'm not gonna sit around and watch anybody else. Make a play. I want to go over and make the play have you as the season went on last year and it became apparent that you might be defensive rookie of the year. You were very close. Did that become important to you. <hes> did you care. How did you feel about that. Particular award that particular war award manages going in. I just you know you you want what's best for the team. I just wanted to go out every single. Play like i said just make every single play and enter the season chills forward and hopefully this year to be holding lombardi trophy but the individual wars. You really don't focus on that as much <hes> you. That's something that you feel. I golden the super bowl champion and out to the season was over cell k looking back at film. Maybe i can't be festival missile rookie of the year and of course you you want your name at the top so i'm gonna competitors so i knew that i wanted award and i was blessed to receive it. Did you find yourself sort of studying during james at all because he was your big competition for that massey when you when you plan is just like a race you so you saying both said all the time you focus on yourself you sold us. Turn start learning looking sideways. That's when you get distracted. You keep your head down and control which you can control that his outworking everybody everybody and making every single play and chills falling favorites. They follow your favorite. Don't what do you think other teams other scouts other other people were wrong about you. What did they miss about you. They just missed that. I mean they were not the reason why i didn't go to a big school. That's the only thing because if all the way to clemson or any other bass schooling drafted out have been perfectly fine. I would never been called the worst draft pick but since i went and saw carolina state nobody knew south carolina state competitions. Maybe a little low end that i think that was the biggest biggest downfall because nobody knew it and as you know the n._f._l.'s a big. You've bought publicity okay. He's this guy's pretty. High should've took this linebacker. He played it is bigger school so i just had co-managers. Just prove everything did you. You have <hes> anytime this off season to sort of appreciate what happened to you as a rookie how unexpected it was re able able to sit down and sort of appreciate it and what was that like if so it was it was amazing. Just sit back and just look at all the things that i accomplished <hes> just going back to high schools. Food is bringing back memories seeing a lot of people's wearing them fifty-three because <hes> just just seeing kids that run to ask before monograph is it was kind of surreal real because i come from a small town didn't have anything growing up and then bringing home defense rookie of the year to town that doesn't even have a stop light town less than a thousand people who i mean it was pretty big and they gave me the key to the city and the kind of think about how many people's behind me and i was more success can i have. It's gotta be a little bit bitter sweet for you. Now because you're one brother isn't there you got two brothers. <hes> <hes> who are in in prison and i wonder what is your success meant for the family. Overall is definitely the top because i mean like you said we're two bucks concentrated. One dead and people people saw my family is ok yeah. They're they're hitting the ms. Lot of people just talk about family so didn't have my brother goes to the n._f._l. And only plan for years so a lot of people were saying okay. Okay yeah they're. They're not gonna do anything they just. One hit wonders maybe so now inhabits says is actually pretty good because now mama's happy family happy in. We don't have to struggling learn more one thing about your background that i'm curious about. Do you ever sit back and wonder why me and why not them him and what happened to me different than happened say to your two brothers who are in prison in your other brothers dead al always will talk never never questioned gaza where just <hes> just control what you can control. I'm out. Thank god ever see goodell wake up just for giving me this opportunity to play the game that i love to be able to provide for my family and that's as a man never never asked why is control what i can control and that's it. Let's talk about this season a little bit. Are you one of those guys. I mean tackles as a statistic. Some people really believe in it. Some people think it's kind of an overrated stat stat. How do you feel about tackles and what is your goal. Every year for tackles are tacos is definitely not overrated. How if you don't tackle anybody. I mean it's a touchdown right so if you got to stop so i have big goals this year i mean i wanna torch. Tackles ten sacks four hundred six four force fumbles defensive player you super bowl v._p.'s. Has anybody ever done that. I'll no no. I don't think i don't think so <hes> is it. I mean that's your goal but do you think that two hundred tackles is legitimately possible for you. Anything's possible yeah anything is possible. And what do you think of your team a year ago. Everybody was thinking well l. This team is really got isn't a total rebuilding phase and now you guys are getting a lot of love. A lot of people picking you to win the division. Maybe maybe it'll be the hunted. Instead of you know the hunter the hunters instead of the hunted so i wonder how do you look at your team. How good do you think you'll be. What do you see out out here. <hes> we got to prove it. We gotta prove each and every every week <hes> i really do think we have a pretty good team coming in we have we. I have two great coordinators. He's got a great head coach so we we both know we all know each other schemes last year. You know it was the first year if everybody now we're comfortable with each other each coordinator coordinator so of course frank. I was talking about every day getting one percent better so that's what we come out and do and hell hopefully every we'd be wanna know. How do you like playing for frank reich. I love it love it. He's he's a great guy a great leader and <hes> i definitely love being on behind him so if you were to look at this season he's in the end of this season and say you know this is a successful season. What would be successful in your is super bowl champion. That's it. That's it over the stats as i take that super bowl ring everything finish as any of this so now now that you've done what you've done is a rookie. I wonder do you expect teams. Maybe the play differently to block you differently all of a sudden sudden. You're not the you know <hes>. You're not the lousy draft pick who picked to hi. Everybody now knows okay. This guy can play so what do do you expect to see this year. I expect to see some similar saying lives last couple of games last year a lot of what was happening just running the ball <hes> <music> ceylon away from me just making me <hes> russell on the sideline early tried to give me tired in maybe late in the third or fourth quarter. They're gonna run towards me to see if i'm tired or try to hallo me in the past cover so as it stands you see on film that tau team's gonna try. Try to attack you so definitely going <hes> look at that and just just keep working on data and hopefully <hes> overland gopher. You're a great example of <hes> of the words and the media and people's opinions really not mattering and he just took it into your own hands and you did it yourself. What's the moral of your story more storage this. I mean we always <hes> highschool coast. <hes> always said i remember my last last <hes> high school game he said ed is your book that you're writing your you got to pin. Don't let anybody else right anything in your book but yourself so i'm not going to allow anybody to tell me what i can or cannot do. I'm gonna just prove that i can do anything. I'll put my mind to go from her. Great moral of the story dairies leonard hope. You have a great neck. <hes> t- thousand nineteen is there. Thank you be sure to listen to chris. Simms is unbuttoned podcast. He'll be on the road with us this week in cleveland and pittsburgh and i will join him on his podcast very very soon. We're going to record it actually in our yukon denali or whatever those things are called. It's dinelli but we're gonna record that driving driving from pittsburgh to cleveland late on tuesday so you'll hear that this week so matter of fact by the time you hear this i already he will have recorded it so chris. Simms is podcast is so much fun because he is just a conversational guy and he doesn't come in in with a list of a bunch of questions. Just he has a conversation with people so <hes> please listen and support the unbutton podcast and now my conversation with all pro cornerback jalen ramsey of the jaguars jalen even a very interesting n._f._l. Career so far you have. You had a very very interesting career but i do need to ask you one question before we talk football. I was watching practice today a little pad that comes down from your back. There's a twenty dollar bill in there and at the bottom of the bill it says twenty land okay so first of all <hes>. I've never seen a twenty dollar bill on a piece of equipment before so you've gotta tell me the story. <hes> is this what my my mindset. I guess every time i go down and make some money <hes> i'm twenty so i'll be so the twenty dollar bill and i forgot what across the put twenty land over. It's been like that for a few years so i don't remember exactly but so this is not a new thing. You've you've had that out there before yeah. It's been there for four so one question about your arrival at training camp this year in the brinks truck. I need you to sort of tell me what was the thought process behind that. And how did you think did you think of it did someone else think of it it and tell me the story <hes> i knew i wanted to do something and i thought doc maybe of the idea a little while back but <hes> adidas came to me on uninterrupted came to me and and they wanted they gave me two options kind of <hes> things i could do to come into training camp and one was optional. One was the brings truck truck with a influence around here of my choice. <hes> the second option was kind of like wolford washy like very business like come up car sudan stuff and of course i i picked the brings idea i thought it would be more fitting and funnier so i picked that idea and then they asked asked me to influence our wants us. I told him davis was a comedian. Yeah we kind of collapse and went from there. What is it now that it really seems like guys are kind of having fun how they get to training camp 'antonio brown in the hot air balloon you and brings antonio brown that was that was a pretty good one so <hes> is is it a little bit of competition. Do you guys want to have somebody say now. That was the best trip to training camp <hes>. I don't think it's really a competition. I think everybody doesn't even go fine is doing but did you know antonio brown was going to do that i did not what did you think when you saw it about. It was dope. I thought it was cool. The i wanna ask you a little bit about the position of cornerback and the scrutiny the need of the position of cornerback now especially in the wake of the n._f._c. championship game when a call that should have been made against macelroy coleman in the n._f._c. championship game was missed and the n._f._l. Has now reacted to it basically saying we're going to allow now pass interference to be replay reviewable now. Give me your opinion of that now being able to be reviewed <hes> well. I understand the roles correctly. <hes> coach can challenge it correct recht whether it's called on the field or whether it's not calling coach can challenge it but <hes> i mean. This is a crucial player critical play i don. I don't see coaches just challenging it. You know passing advances all the time because you wanna get with two hundred right. I don't see them out up. Challenge flags all the time for passing a crucial moment of the game and which in that case i agree it should be a relation microscope so uh something like what happened in the n._f._c. championship game to get reviewed so yeah i think it's not bad but is well like human error with the reps and stuff that that's a real thing and i think that's why the rescue paid kind of have to trust that at the same time so i'm indifferent about it d- worry at all has there been any talk that you know assertive the jousting that you do with wide receivers anyway might get called even though that is pretty natural almost every time here in coverage every year <hes> like. I said it was very natural. Receivers probably won't flags every play and we won't flags on every play as well like office president for defense. The president's is basically but say coaches out to be very smart and strategic on how to use their challenges of the net <hes>. If it's a test now it's automatically review so. I don't think that it's gonna make a huge difference besides crucial moments of the game. I've always thought that one of the best best wide receivers i've ever seen at hiding <hes> offensive pass interference was michael irvin and he was he. He knew exactly when he could do something and he knew when all eyes were on him. I wonder how much of your play do you have to really think even crew the crew okay. How much can i get away with this crew grabbing. Are they going to allow how much i mean what uh how much is too much. How much is that a part of the cornerback wide receiver play right now. I think it's a crucial part me personally. I try gotta play pretty consistent every day. <hes> how i do and the amount of physical nascent tugging do my whole all around game but i definitely have learned some <hes> crews some referee crews better than others so i know if they're gonna let us us a little bit more physically do you study back judges and and side judges and those guys at all or not really not study and say studying yeah i <hes> from from it. I did a little familiar with yeah but i wouldn't say studying. Is there an understanding right now like when you were growing growing up in this game were their corners who you watched and you to see okay. How much can i get away with and what is is what is going too far. Who who would you say you. You learn a lot from yeah. I used to watch porn of course at ten bailey of course the west highlights and post and dion all the time at p. grievous. I'd have probably keep going from already. There's a lot a lot of guys who i who i used to watch up but <hes> i never watched in aspect alone. Can i get away with. I watched it more so it's like how can i i play the game the right way as best i can and not feel like i have to get over and to write these lewis type of stuff uh-huh yeah definitely gonna take my opportunities might get a chance to get a little edge of that. I wanna play the game right way again fair and tom skilling tyler. How conversation happens between officials and you in in defensive backs during a game <hes> not too much. I mean maybe at the start of the game a little bit if i know i'm playing a receiver who pushes off a lot on my left so watch for us on that they do that. We seem to do that almost every day to go up ramps ramps and tell them hey this guy hold that so <hes> is really up to the rally after the game consistent. What was your feeling feeling the other day when you saw that mike thomas signed for twenty million a year richest receiver in the history of the game i was happy for him and might have the same agent so i <hes> <hes> i knew the deal before it hit mainstream but a as well deserving. Do you think right now. You're the the best cornerback in football. Annoy your sure. We get paid like that. Yeah yeah well. Do you think you'll play your whole career in jacksonville last question for you so this game it enters its one hundredth year this year and now as you're going to start the next century as one one of the big players in the n._f._l. What does that mean to you for sport. That's as big in this country right now to know that as the game goes into its next century all eyes on you i would say is on me. I mean i i i do welcome myself. I play the lead level but <hes> football is different than like a bunch of other sports like basketball. There's like they can. They can be a superstar team. Kinda take over over dame general playing corner. I can you know take over side of field at times but i can't take over a complete game on offense. I kalana offensive guys nick leading other guys out there everybody else we also have to rely on safeties linebackers demand and get pressured. I can't cover for ten seconds. You know <hes> no matter how good maybe take over ten seconds so it i football is legit a whole teams for like eleven eleven so <hes> yeah it's important and i take a lot of pride and doing very very well most beloved i can rule it out but only guys to jalen ramsey have a great year and now five minutes with a writer. She's a veteran scribe was covered the cleveland browns. It sounds ridiculous for most of her adult life. Mary kay cabinet of the cleveland plain dealer so we're here on the sideline. Cleveland browns camp happy happy to be joined by. Mary kay cabot of the veteran beat writer. Who's covered this team for quite a while how many years mary kay i think maybe close to thirty now. It was a little break in between three years well that was you know and they were. They were out of town for those three years but i always say i wasn't productive during those years but i was reproductive. I had my kids during that's actually good. How many kids do you have three so yeah. The mom beat writer. How is is it to have kids and to be a beat writer and have the phone ring at all times of the day or night. You're nursing your baby and and you're on the phone with whoever it's been insane. I should should have been reality show and you really shouldn't yeah. The kids did a great job raising themselves but that's good so mary kay here we are. You're you're you're on the sidelines of almost like america's team right now. Everybody is so curious about the browns. How was the chemistry experiment going going here well. I think it's going really well so far but the thing that that i think still has to happen. I really do believe that that baker and and odell really still need to get that magic. I think they need to get that chemistry where they can play fast and it looks really really natural. Now you know odell you know missed some of the off season and he did so with the blessing of freddie kitchens but there is and i've talked to peyton manning about this there. There is no nothing nothing like reps together. You can't replace replacing. It's replacing and so i think they still need to find that i mean this is a whole new offense for odell and not not only that he was with eli manning for five solid years. It's like being married. You know what i mean. I mean you you know each other's nuances you finish finish each other's other's sentences and even though it didn't end that great <hes> you know you still know each other's nuances so i still think that they need to find the magic with each other and they will. It's coming. I mean they're both so darn talented. Tell me how his team has accepted them and how is the community accepted odell beckham. Oh he's he's a superstar here. I mean he he is. You know it's no longer l._b._j. But it's oh b._j. Here you know cleveland has replaced l._b._j. With oh b._j. So that's basically disclaimer at he's a superstar here of that magnitude. Every single move he makes is is chronicled. You know blown up. You know eh everything that he does out here whether he's dancing. Whether he's you know hanging out with jarvis i mean we are all over. It and people are eating it up. Have have you ever thought this is. The thought that occurred to me that he got so famous oh early because of that incredible catch with the giants how oh can any person especially young person who doesn't have a lot of world experience experience yet. How can somebody handle that and i wonder how how do you think he has handled that since coming here being the focal point that everybody looks. I think he's handling it really really well. There's no question that he had to wrap his brain around this trait. He struggled with it. He grappled with it. It was very difficult for him to realize oh my gosh be careful what you wish for. I'm now leaving new york city to go to cleveland okay. I mean the social. Life is a little different here so i think in that regard it's been <hes> <hes> you know a process for him but i think he's really starting to embrace it. Now you see him out here. He's dancing. He's having a good time. He's relaxed laxed the media scrutiny although it's it's large here in cleveland. It's not new york either so i think maybe he's a little tiny bit less in the fish bowl than he was but he's having his teammates. He's getting to know people <hes> freddy's giving him an opportunity to be himself and to just get used to this whole idea finishing up five minutes with mary kay cabinet so mary kay. What are the issues now that this team has to solve address <music> fix before the start of the season to be a contender to win the a._f._c. north. I think they just have to bring it all together together. They have new players from all over the place and they have a new coaching staff. They have a new offensive coordinator in todd monkey. Freddie kitchens is a new head coach for the very first time. He's only been a coordinator for eight games of his entire n._f._l. Career he's got a new defensive coordinator. They're trying to blend all kinds of fought on the offense <hes> so that's what i think it is. I think it's just bringing it all together so that they can put it out on the field and they don't have time <hes> they. You don't have a lot of margin for error there on primetime three times in the first five weeks. They have to start fast last thing i would ask you is so aw over the years. You obviously have great perspective. You've seen a lot of losing teams and i wonder everybody in cleveland is so excited needed. Obviously this feels different. Do you think it will be different. You know what there's so much talent out there that i actually i think it will be different. I do think it will be different because even though the coaching staff is new and they're from all different walks of football life. There's there's some really there are some really great coaches. There's some great minds some great experience so i do think it will be different and i think that we saw glimpses of that. In the last eight games i share now. They didn't play the greatest defenses in the world last year and they will face better competition this year but i think it's going to be different. I think they're going to win. Games and i think it's warranted. Mary kay cabin cleveland plain dealer. Thank you so much for joining me and educating my <hes> listeners about really the most intriguing team in the n._f._l. This year thanks for having me appreciate it so that's it for this week's podcast. I really appreciate you joining me. Thank you to darius leonard jalen allan ramsay and mary kay cabinet and we're very very lucky to have them and also please please please if you you have a fantasy draft coming up. Go get the rota world draft guide and the reason why you need to get the rotor world draft guide is this is not the run-of-the-mill draft guy was saying okay. Here's who we think you should draft. This is packed with insider information and the kind of things as you need to know to decide okay. Am i going all in on. Let's say for the sake of argument going all in on levy on on bill this year or am. I going to take a chance with one of the newer running backs in football. Am i going to take a chance dance with obviously taken a chance. Nobody's taking a chance was saquon barkley. He's gonna be very high. Pick in everybody's draft but do you trust darius guys. You know of washington <hes>. Do you think mark ingram is going to have enough to be a high draft choice in baltimore. These are the kind of questions that you will get some real inside information and just some insight insight into why you should pick who you should pick on your draft day so that's it for the peter king podcast this this week. It's been a pleasure join me again next week for another edition of the peter king podcast from the training camp trail. I'll join renew from way out west <music>.

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