Rock Candy Ep. 108: Selena- Young And Fun Adults


Nice can be thankful terms. Who is it I think so? Is it a Tantrum me? We both for the last twenty minutes have been throwing like little tantrum really. I've literally just been throwing thank. You have been throwing things like in my general direction. I didn't do nothing to you know you. Can you do you do you. I don't want hired. I'm so like I am literally too old for everything we did last guys. We had a really really good night last night. Despite our mini tantrums. Yeah we saw Devin. Townsend finally drove three hours to Boston to see Devin Townsend and then three hours home and it was worth every. Sex is really a second and I had banked which turns out thirty six. He didn't do that should do that. You can't do that Roe tiff. Tiff don't head Bang. Pass thirty five especially if you have a bad neck. Which is why I was stick straight whole time. You Victim Tim. Bobby Bobby Booby. Geico's ooh Gary for a lot of poorly pronounced. Oh another language. Actually this will not be as bad as the Ramstein episode. I will promise you guys not for you. I don't know I did not take Spanish at all. I don't know any Spanish. I took German when I was in high school and college. So that's why I was. Okay with Rob Steiner. And I'm going to be okay this one little role reversal early. I'd see I took Spanish throughout high school in college as you should have. Because you know that makes sense. It was useful. It's very useful. German is not so useful. Good enough I like it. I like it. I had a good time. It was great and I think everyone all my teachers they create Sherman lessons. Your weekly podcast bringing yes sweet treats from the world of music and this week we are kick it off women's History Month. Yes we are lady. She is a lady Rope each of a woman and yeah a lot of people kind of know. The story also gone too soon. Aw LITERALLY WAY TOO SOON. Way Too fucking too soon but also really good movie about her life so we will have a good move and we will talk about much later. Yes won't we won't get into that tonight. We were talking about Selena. Anything for selena seriously. Anything SELENA EVEN SALINA SALINA. Anything for SELENA. Yes I'm very excited. I really wanted to do her story. And I totally forgot about women's history month and it was like. Oh yeah this should do Selena especially because Netflix does have a show coming out about her soon to all they do like a true crime show or just like documentary kind of thing no document and none of the above drum it's dramatization okay. Other life okay. Yeah it looks really good The casting looks pretty on point. And I'm sure the families have evolved. Because I'll say this front. Most anything official Selena family is heavily involved. Do not want a false narrative being said about her on totally understandable Who's playing Selena? I forgot her name because I'm a bad person like you haven't had like a full out trailer yet. Just had like the actress getting ready to. She looks great though good for her. Sure it'll be good. There's a young Selena cash. She looks really good. I very excited about it. I Will binge-watch the shit out of that. I will watch it one hundred percent not is something. I Will Actually Watch 'cause I'm really bad at watching my streaming shows bad at it. I'm I'm at the point. Where like if I turn on Netflix. And there's nothing on that first initial screen that I wanNA watch you. Just go to do just staring into the abyss. Say Fuck it. I'm watching PBS. I don't care if it's Bob Ross. For the five millionth time Bob. Ross Bob Roth both wrath. Uk everything they put it on with you to dilate my pupils like a few months ago. It's a really good show to put on when you have. Dilated pupil was just a dark room with a lovely. Did he have his squirrels with him? Not In those. Oh Yeah. Those squirrels are adorable. I love those Wannabe Bob Ross. God bless Bob Ross. God bless Bob. Ross all right. That's the Bob. Ross beer okay so for tonight show. Funny enough. I bought a beer. Then as she brought some beers over for funsies could use that for tonight. Who use that when you brought over instead of me walking around Oliver's for our trying to figure because it was really hard to find a beer 'cause I figured okay Selena so anything that's talking about like or heart or dreams right remaining or sawn hung in Spanish maybe and Or Moon Salita is Latin for new moon. Okay cool I'll bring that up again. I couldn't find anything that was going to work for that. Which except for. I mean this so what I ended up getting. I think is still kind of works because then I forgot about flour uh-huh so I have from decadent ails passiflora which is imagined passion flower. I I don't know they're from Long Island so like I don't know this care. They get a lot of excuses excuses. And it's it's fine. It's it's Pacific version of their multiflora DIPA. Utilizing blend of New Zealand hops. All that's probably it tastes different. I don't know I don't particularly care a little. It's not my favorite but I don't like yeah. That's yeah take this with a grain of salt. We don't lie as it. Produces notes of Glava citrus than passion fruit. I think that's made it more palatable to me. Yeah I think if we didn't have another second choice coming up that we really but I'd rather drink aniston been fine with. Yeah I do not finish it. I'm sorry decadent I've had. I've had some of their shit. That's been really really good this one. I'm I'm just not into they're also IP as your disadvantage but one a passiflora because Komo floor. What Song Komo? Okay Man. I totally faceted guys in the English. Version is just meows. But that's a fucking solid. Jam Is Very Important to sling his career. So I thought this would work for that but then you fucking swipe on in here with Grim Moon Dreams oatmeal stout and I was like as Moan and dreams that you son of a bitch and I was just like Um we could just use it for funsies and you're like no. I mean we can do both Uber. Tasty. This is the first step. I'm having good. I like it a lot. It's good is a very tasty oatmeal stout so I would highly suggest picking that up for sure if you like. Ip as I think that the pass floor is very good. Yeah if you like. Ip as you'd probably a taste for. Yeah I don't like IPA's yeah. I don't if a Abo- around so we can target the yeah. The tart ones are hippos. Are Fine depots can go fuck themselves? Yeah agreed tip is fine yes I mean. These are our beer's for this evening. It's funny that you couldn't really even find one. And then in the end we ended up with two really work. There were a couple. I was looking at a lot. I could like bullshit mostly getting to the point where I'd rather just talk about our satellite. And you're lucky if the beer doesn't really match up or if I'm bullshitting it at this point we've been doing this for how long over two years and We have had a thematic beer for pretty much every single episode so over one hundred episodes guys we have managed to find or bullshit thematic. Beer somehow someway. We've managed to do it. I think we deserve a bit of a break this year. Fucking slag yeah. You're slowly going to stop giving a shit because we are so sick of drinking. Ipa's signficance ire of it. I don't know if you listen every episode that we're sick of IPA's but we're we've lost our contact. I am slightly up to here with a high level because audio is not a great medium. Just fucking here line. That's how far I am with the as I guess. She does not have a five finger. Foreheads so it's quick. It's a quick rise. I don't have a giant forehead. No you don't you. You've been lovely forehead. Thank you your first symmetrical good for bangs good for banks. So I guess with all of that ranting and raving. I'M GONNA get into the story of Selena because it is actually going to be a bit longer than I expect. Oh I thought it'd be quick. We'll shit I am going to say up front. I'm trying really hard not to talk too much about the true crime element because it hit me so hard to tell you a fucking heart is to look up her story and it's not just inundated with people will be like. Oh my God. She was murdered by her best friend. And yes I'm not going to deny that is interesting story in an interesting fact but her life is super interesting but it's so much more than just her death so much like her life is amazing that death is. I think only amazing because her life was so fantastic. Yeah and the fact that she when she was gone is a fucking shame. Yeah and she had so much potential to be one of the first a Mexican musicians who sings in Spanish to break into the English speakers. There's use it. There is a lot. I'm going to tell you a lot about how that statements not factual. Oh really yes. Oh yes so. I'm going to educate people because I feel like everybody knows. She was killed by her manager. Slasher quote best friend. Whatever but yeah her life is really interesting and also the story. I think is pretty timely. Even right now I mean we are having some interesting opinions coming out about our neighbors to the South. Some political issues. Yeah and this is not a political podcasts around. Some generalizations stereotypes that are not. Yeah and this. I hope my open people's minds a little bit cool so let me get into it. Okay Mary. This woman. Cross borders both physical and metaphorical she mixed cultures and genres of music. And in the end she would be a legend for anyone. To admire slim became more than a singer. She became an icon especially to the Mexican American population. She was living proof. That if you work hard and keep drawing me dreaming you could succeed. We all know how the story ends. We tragically lose her just as her light was about to shine. It's brightest and unfortunately it seems that's all most people focus on The crazy story of how she is betrayed by someone. She considered best friend. Know my God I gotTa fessing story. But that's not her story. Yeah this isn't a true crime podcast. Were not really GONNA go too much into it quite frankly I wanna do better by Selena. I WanNa tell you. Her story celebrate her life. This positive vibrant and talented woman. We deserve to give her so much. More praise yes so before I get into things. Let me lay down some background because to understand SELENA SIGNIFICANCE. I need to explain to you to handle music and get into the specifics of a little band called Los Dinos Sue tejano is the Spanish word for Texan and it was for this genre of music that is very distinct of the Mexican American culture populated in central and southern Texas. Okay so this is very centralized to a specific area in the United States. Right because as I'm assuming most people now the south of Texas is very much like mixed of Mexican American guys. It used to be Mexico. What Yeah Texas. What used to be Mexico? Yeah always Texas always mirka steers and queers. It's always been steers and queers in southern Texas. I've never been to text either. No no disrespect to Texans. I've heard actually that you've got some beautiful parts of that state just some of the best. I Got Secondary Now. Texas is God's magnet I'm God smacking the roots of Tejano span through many different genres from Mariachi to Polka to the walt to jazz and even later some elements of rock in the eighteen hundreds many Europeans mainly from Germany. Poland and Czech Republic had migrated to Mexico in South Texas really. Well what's now known as like the split between Mexicans Texas history right so the goal over there but they were forced out of Mexico during the Mexican Revolution of the early. Nineteen hundreds mostly. They ended up just like kind of Maine staying in Texas. The America's the America part. I'm not good at history and I'm really bad at geography. I'm going to tell you about music. Okay any of this shit this shit. This is very important and it was there that their musical influence was combined with the Toronto's was after World War Two that the popularity of two Music really began to grow in music. Companies began signing in marketing. These acts it's kind of A. It's like a very strange bedfellows. Kind of situation like you would not expect a German POLKA influence with Mexican music at all but I could still also kind of see it but it kind of makes sense because you get these accordions right and like leaves willing to beat the both kind of have that EMPA- Yes. Yeah they have that lively. Yeah that Bobby you can snap your fingers to it and bop up and down. Yeah yeah this week sense will be too. It's fine it totally works. And with this exposure the genre continued to expand influencing the textile the fifties and the Chicano wave of the sixties. It all culminated to what one would imagine when you hear the phrase Hano music men and flashy outfits sometimes cowboy hats sometimes yes sequence. They got Qatar Accordion drums with touch keyboard and like that real charismatic lead singer and they're shouting and yelling and everybody's having a very charismatic. Yes it's very lively everybody's got to get up and dance and everybody's smiling. It's really bright. Fund music yes. Abraham Quintanilla was born and raised in Corpus Christi Texas A place retain. No music ruled the airwaves. However that really wasn't his jam he was much more interested in the pop vocal quartets of the fifties like groups of the forces and the militants brothers very do op harmonizing. Okay kind of in the same vein as like temptations and stuff like that okay. After graduating high school he ran into some fellow alumni. Who had started a vocal ensemble much in this vein called Los? Dinos when they told Abraham they were losing one of their members he jumped at the chance to join thusly becoming the new third voice. They were getting booked. Small Gigs here. And they're making about thirty dollars a show. They began to record their music as well. From originals to covers of popular songs by various classic do op groups. I didn't know that Selena's father was a musician. Oh he was though very much he loved it however despite mild success they still struggled to get all that many chances to perform and they knew this was. No one. Lucky coincidence. Don't know if you guys heard of this. Little thing called racism but it was rampant in the sixties even with Mexican Americans. Yes Yup Magin that that's crazy somewhat book lows dino's thinking they were Italian and then discovering that they were Mexican American what to them just meant Mexican. What part of Los Dinos made you think that they were Italian? Maybe they thought they spell the word the wrong and they spelled the word the logos and they thought it was a the. Dino's hey no no one meets in the Dino Mississippi kick goes Dino's into pastas. Yeah I mean maybe they just thought it was like an Italian Dino. That was an inside joke guys. I'm really sorry I'm not either way. They would be turned away from the venue so the boys decided to try their luck at clubs with Mexican crowd. 'cause like they'd accept their own right. You would think you would. I have a feeling it's not right. You've got that feeling your feelings right at these cantinas. People wanted to dance and they couldn't do that to these slow sweet crooners that were so popular with the English speakers so they get booed off. Stage is a club. The crowd gets a little aggressive and it got so bad one time that the police had to escort them out of the the entire vicinity. Well that's bullshit. Yeah so white. People didn't like them for being Mexican. Mexicans didn't like them for playing white music so they made a decision to go where they felt they would most belong and from their Los Dinos would begin to play tejano music okay. Abraham took a little break just for a bit when he was drafted into the military. Oh he was stationed near Tacoma Washington. Was this like during Vietnam. I think it was right before. Because as early sixties career nope Korean. Moore's fifties I think this is that little break between so just as we were ramp to start the Vietnam War. I believe so again I suck at history guys even though I always usually passed it with flying colors. I think it's interesting but my memory sucks. Well you memorize it enough for a test and then you immediately forget it like everything we ever learned in school in college right. Yeah Yeah what was here? That he met his wife Marcella. Samora who he married in June nineteen sixty three and by December sixty three. She gave birth to their first child. Abraham Isaac the third but instead they just call him aby. Oh that's cute. Yeah soon after the birth of their first child the Quintanilla family moved back to Corpus Christi. And Abraham joined Los dinos once again for a few years. They continued performing and began releasing full albums on Falcon records their songs were gaining popularity through heavy airplay. But sometimes you have to stop and see. A pumping of the brakes may be an order by nineteen sixty seven. Their music was losing traction but more importantly Abraham family to think of a growing one that welcome welcome to the birth of his daughter. She's at So by nineteen. Sixty-nine Abraham left Los Dinos who did continue on without him until the officially dissolved in nineteen. Seventy four. I'm interested to know how Abraham managed to dodge going to Vietnam. He was in the military. And then yeah. Don't really just happened. So how did he get out of it? What's going on Abraham? Maybe he hurt himself real bad. Maybe maybe I don't know bone Spurs. He had bone Spurs. Everybody had bone spurs bone. I I don't but if there's a draft I will remember that gets you out. Abraham move the wife and kids to Lake Jackson Texas where he got a good job. Working for Dow Chemical Family was what came before all else for the Quintanilla family in little did Abraham and Marcella realize that they were far from the end of their lives in the music Biz. No on April Sixteenth Nineteen seventy-one. They saw the birth of their third and final child. Salina Salina but everything about her birth was a surprise. After surprise after surprise First of all Marcella was initially told that she had a tumor that had to be removed. They didn't turn out to be Selena the dock. They went to get a second opinion in the doctor. So this is a tumor with legs. So no it's not a to mom. Ovalles God what kind of Doctor I was like. You have a tumor. And it's a fucking baby a bad a bad doctor. You have a tumor in your uterus. It's something that's growing inside of their zero. Possibly BE HUMOR. Fucking idiot yeah. I can't believe that she was told she was going to have a little boy. So I mean even the second doctor I I. You're having a tumor. Congratulations deletions your tumor. Board soon. And then then you get told. No it's not a girls support and then surprise trill girl. Well yes so. They had a nave settled. Dial for boys. Are You surprised? Your boy has a vagina? No it's the girl if it was surprise. Your boys a girl. And has a tumor. It's not a touma. It's not. The tumor had a boy's name all picked out call Mark Anthony but then they ended up having a girl or are you just thinking like if a tumor named Mark Anthony now. No now. I'm just thinking you know Mark Anthony was supposed to be born to somebody else. I know I thought that's wrong. No it wasn't time so they ended up having a girl obviously obviously they had no name picked out and when her roomie in the hospital suggests the name Selena which is Latin for moon. They really liked it and said Yeah I work. I mean it's a really nice names will pretty pretty. The surprises didn't stop birth though she was only around the Mir age of six that Abraham discovered the natural talent lying dormant in the voice of his youngest child see he can never really give up his dream of music not completely. He knew he needed to support his family but maybe he could carry on through his children such a stage dad. I'll say nine times out of ten. A bad fucking idea do it. Don't force your kids into stardom to shooting got it. Yeah however the Quintanilla family exception to the rule it started with. Ab One of Abraham's friends game bass guitar in an amp so it kinda seemed a perfect opportunity to have some quality time with his son teaching him to play and they would do lessons and lowering the base and Abraham we playing guitar it was really sweet and many times I would just sit in and listen and one day. She began to sing along. Abraham couldn't believe what he was hearing his daughters pitch and timing were perfect He didn't have to work too hard to teach her what to do. It was just an instinct that came. Naturally it wasn't long after this discovery the crazy little idea popped into their father's head start a band with the kids clothes. Leena Ellis Dino's play music. Keep the kids off the street and out of trouble Prophet Lou. This where the kids at least I assume. That's how was brainwork. Yeah I think he had good intention strategy but also prophet. Yeah they needed a drummer. And Suzanne needed a role to play in the group so illogically she got set down at the driver kit and at first she was role resistant. She cried and said that there aren't any girls rumors so this is really dumb. And she didn't want to do it. But you could be the furs right. That's the eleven. You're not thinking like that. You're just yeah. But there are. No girl tremors. Why are you making me do this? I just want to go ride. My bike. Just won't play. Lovable rollerblade whooping you do it once. Intendo you do it. I don't know this is like the late seventies so I wanNA play Atari go. Atari works better but grudgingly the kids got in line and played their parts in music was a fun hobby. They were forced to practice every day when they would much prefer running outside. Yeah they did it as a young kid would. There's still kids. I don't WanNa go play outside play for an hour. And sometimes they were trying to just played rock music not a play my old boring man music. You imagine like your dad just forcing you to play his old man music. When you're a kid then you just want to fucking play outside and then groping like your old man. Old Man is actually pretty cool. Yeah actually now. I kind of wish you did to me. Mom and Dad Yeah Selena eels dinos were getting good playing it. Small get togethers for friends and family so good. That Abraham thought they deserved a home base to play at every day. And so with the help of a few friends investing. He opened up the first Mexican restaurant in Lake Jackson. Called public in Nineteen eighty-one. Wow Selena LSD. Knows were set up to cater to a mostly white audience Singing classics like over the Rainbow or current jams. Like super tramps. The logical song. Just to show you how talented they were though even as kids. I found this clip. We get to hear things. Wow she's like nine or ten yeah and she she singing like she's a you know thirty year old. Yeah she has like perfect composure. Yeah pitches right on it. Like she's Damn you'd be kidding course. Owed make all the other girls back while she's getting the Solo. Oh She's getting all the leads in the school musicals. Oh yes. She's that girl. I mean that's not her fault. Choose born of that but I mean like you know she was general pants. She didn't need to be in school musicals. She perform literally every night at bars. And Your Dad could go to and she was not legally allowed to be in right so this is a family restaurant. The restaurant yeah and she was she was legally allowed to be there when I was watching. One of the Just I guess interviews with her sister. She said sometimes it's really embarrassing because they'd be playing in their friends from school. It'd be at the restaurant eating with their parents plan the trip like I would. That's cool. I would think you're the coolest fucking person but when you're lake eight or nine ten or whatever then you're kind of like the fucking sucks. My parents are making me. Do WanNa yeah you do it but looking back on it when you're thirty six it's like I would fucking love that if I know I would have. I would have hated it if I were ten or eleven. Yeah probably so she's like people are GonNa see me. Yeah we gon Mom GonNa see me. No it's me and my fellow me because kids are garbage. Yeah they are turns out but I didn't mention this either. Initially Abraham was just running behind the scenes However he did eventually quit his job at Dow Chemical Two fulltime on the The the restaurant. Yeah Okay so. This was like their sole bread and butter was fulltime. Shit is full-time. Shit to run the band. Run the restaurant. They're like yes. All right yeah things. Were going great. Until have you heard of Reaganomics? I don't plan on going into any history lessons here. Let Me Guess. They got trickled on a good night. Everybody did they. Tr- did Reagan trickle on them. Oh no no no but I will say the early eighties weren't great on our economy. No they were. Not Small. Businesses suffered greatly during the recession only a year after it open papa. Guy was forced to close it stores and the Clinton is bankruptcy and he quit his job. Yeah Oh that was bad decisions. I wasn't great. I mean the economy is Great. Then all of a sudden Reagan sleep but reaganomics. And it's like I got trickled on Shit. Yeah so that's that's fun. Yeah all these people got trampled on. Yeah they did real bad. They moved back to Corpus Christi but they continued to make Selena. Los Dinos happen in order to make any money they could. The group would perform weddings Kingston Yeras or state fairs they would even perform on street corners. Oh if there was at least yep there's a place they can make money they were fucking there yet as long as they could be as long as you got some talented kids you will never be poor. I mean now with Youtube although some people just try to use youtube and I'm like maybe don't solely rely on that safer kid makes for maybe you don't know how to use. U. Two put that also like why do you just like exposure kid on Youtube when they're old enough to make a decision and like now you get to make money off your kid. There's so much to go into that lot right. That's an onion. We cannot an layer in in this episode. Yeah it's funny because a lot of times during the research I posed with the question of like but you can't. You shouldn't force your kids to shoot. They don't WanNa do but in this one situation. They might repeat this few times. Do not use this as a flagship for like I'm going to force my startup. And a total exception to the rules that the kids ended up really liking it good at it and became successful and there is a big difference between doing this and the people who who go on those like TLC child pageant shows Myers very big difference between this and a pageant mom situation. That's Abraham uses contacts in the music industry to get the kids into a recording studio to work on a full length album. They got signed into a contract with Freddie records who promoted them by releasing a few singles off the upcoming album. And so here we go. They're getting a little getting a little traction here. They're trying they're struggling. They're making a little money but airplay are they getting airplay working on it. They're trying to get some of that all right time labels mall time. Let's happen. Let's make it happen. Is IT GONNA go? Let's get that flame under their butts. We're GONNA find out though after the commercial break. We're getting more beer. We'll be right back. Hi I'm heather and I'm Rhonda and we're to wine-loving Psych nerds. Who together host the biweekly podcast wine. Mind have you ever port back a glass of wine and yourself wondering why do I left line so much? What's the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath do I really have OCD? If so then wind mind is the podcast for you. Every episode we choose a different psychology question to answer and pair it with a bottle of wine because wine. Wine is awesome. Find US on Apple. Podcasts Google podcasts. Stitcher spotify or anywhere else. You get your podcasts and check out our website at wine mind a PODCAST DOT COM. You can also find us on the social media's as at wind podcast. Join US and uncork your brain cheers. We're back. Hey come back from our break. Now I'm going to have that supertramp song stuck in my head welcomed. They don't know any of the words. No just the melody who saw you know. Remember Yeah Welcome to hell. So they released the album selena yellows. Dinos in nineteen eighty four and despite preferring the stylings of American Artists Selena saying entirely in Spanish Abraham may not have had to teach his daughter very much how to sing but he's certainly teacher. Spanish. Yeah at this point. It was pretty common for Mexican American children to only speak English if they did know Spanish or was it was no it was not and actually most parents kind of discouraged away from it because they wanted their kids to kind of fit into America So unfortunately a lot of kids in Spanish. I have a question I have an answer. I don't know maybe you'll get to this later. But so he called it Selena yellows dinos how was he allowed to call his family band. Los Dinos when the previous band. He was in which is still going. No Oh it was done yes okay and I still think that's why he could is. Because at this point they had disbanded. And I think because it's Selena Ellos Dino's either way I don't think his former bandmates had any issue with it. Okay so I'm good like nothing happened. Nothing happened okay. Yeah so I'm GONNA just assume that everybody's like my remember. Sure all right. That's fine we're done with it so you can have it. We've used it. It's fine it's fine we're done with this. I Abraham vividly remembered the discrimination that he suffered from both sides of the border to. He wanted to make sure that his children were to suffer that same fate. He was from Mexico. He was not raised in Corpus Christi. Okay he was born raised Mexican American. Okay but kind of like his kids he just gravitated more to the American culture right. They knew you know to how music and that's dialing of music and culture but with strong Mexican roots. Exactly it's they're like real split and I think that's a big problem with discrimination is they. Don't really know exactly where they fall. We'll to bring it back to when we were talking about. Tlc last week both Tebas end. Chilly felt the same way like they weren't white enough tebas especially wasn't white enough for Iowa but she wasn't black enough for Atlanta. So where exactly do you fall? How do you relate with anybody? That's in your age group right and the same with tricky even bringing up last month where half white half black and you're not sure really where you fit in because the white kids think you to black the black kids singer two way and it's Kinda the same with to Hana's like with the Mexican Americans is that some of them Tono Spanish and then Mexicans yet mad at them knowing enough Spanish then they get looked at by white people and Mexican. I know perfect English. Yeah and I was here. American actual citizens like we're going to deport you in three over the wall and you're like first of all you have to build the wall that's got enough all down it's GonNa blow down with a fifteen mile an hour winds so Weird the best walls tremendous. There is a skepticism coming from the label though telling Abraham that his kids were too young and not ready for prime time and on top of that they didn't think they stood a chance as Selena was a girl trying to break in between male dominated. Genre to how music is notorious for its mccheese. Mo and predominantly spanish-speaking males But Abraham went here this and he decided to take their music to another label. You know what I'm here. For Abraham right like that's worth Abraham always at faith in his kids and he said I don't give a fuck they're talented. Just go with think. I'll give a fuck if she's a girl she's talented and she can do something with right good for him Yeah No. He always had faith in his kids. School again exception. Not The rule. Do not take this parents as condolence to just like do what you want with your kids yeah consent matters so they made a brief leap over to a small label called. Cara records there. They had apparently made the album. The new girl in town however it was never released Zun after they were discovered by the label G. P. Productions that sign them for a yearly contract through them. They released their actual sophomore effort called Alpha. Okay Selena yellows dinos were starting to get radio play and they were appearing on television shows like the Johnny Canal show which showcased many popular to how musicians at the time. It's really sounds like a low budget rip off of the Johnny Carson show my equate Johnny Carson Equate Generic Johnny Johnny Carson law more generic Johnny carts fine he can be up and up Johnny Carson to be the target brand the family tour together in a large bus that Abraham bought and named Big Bertha. Because why not? Why not? Even though? They're gaining some traction with their music. They still struggled to afford food and gas but they just kept working hard so hard that Selena was taken out of school around the age of like thirteen or fourteen. Wow yeah she was middle school. Each day believe that legal. He went in and talked to the teachers and said Yeah. I'm going to take her out and some of them said. I don't think you should do that. And he's like do it anyway May maybe the eighties. It was just less strict again a site. Here's the thing that didn't stop her from. Getting an education girl knew it was important to keep up her studies so she was home schooled on the road and she's still got herself a high school degree by the age of seventeen through correspondence courses that she would mail in good. That's probably how they convinced them to let her leave school right like we're just going to home school and I mean she did it. She did it more than willingly. She wanted it good for she was. She's very driven person. She even as a kid she was like. Nah I should probably get my degree though right right. This isn't an excuse for me. They knock at my at least high school diploma. Yeah and actually. She would lead her enroll in college and studied business to help her eventually realize her dream of owning and operating her own fashion line but actually see. Selena was a smart woman and creative. She loved fashion especially that of popular female singers. Like Janet Jackson Madonna and Paula Abdul. She used that as inspiration to make her own outfit to perform in a lot of the efforts that she and you do the Dinos Vedeno and the dino the Dino's that her and her siblings and the band performed and she designed them I do remember something in the movie about her designing the cow print outfit and Los Dinos were like Calpine and she was like Nah. It's going to be cool and it was fucking cool. Yeah Yeah it. It was fucking cool. She pulled the pulled it off. Growth Smart Shoe designed the corresponding outfits for the entire band. Doing just as tejano other tejano artists do accept. These had some real as to them. Sarah Goals Shit sequence. Bright COLORS ANIMAL PRINT COW PRINT. Exactly all of it help them to stand out. There's that classic tale the time she were a boost. Ea At a show. Oh yes yeah Jess Gondolo. That's not no no no but all right now we can take that out no cheap so she exposed it to the crowd about halfway through after taking her jacket off and it's a beautiful piece that she created herself. It's covered in sequins. Well have covered. She ran out of sequence a little more than halfway through so one side had way more covered than the other and actually in the movie they create it perfectly so it has more sequence on one side than the other. That's adorable hent just in case. You're wondering no this did not please. Abraham who wanted his daughter to keep herself covered and conservative of course but after a lengthy discussion about how. It's the fashion and it's going to help gain the more attention. They compromise that she could wear it as long as she kept. An UNZIPS jacket over it. Live in the now abe. Well I was like eighty eighty nine. I don't know Selena wasn't the only member of the band. Finding her niece show her older brother. Ab was a natural when it came to arranging and production. He not only understood how to compose songs. But what elements to add into it to make a song really pop to make it really slap me real banger Bangor. He knew how to make bangers. All the Clinton Yeah Kids Grew Up American Music Aka good old rock and roll kids love by Rolette rocky role do though and this is pretty apparent in their songs. With Selena's powerful vocals Abe's ability to add and sent in modern sounds. It wasn't hard for them to get noticed in the world of tomato music every step Selena Dinos took must have been the right one because by nineteen eighty-seven she wanted to Hanno Music Award for best female vocalist. She continued to win that award for nine consecutive years and from then on was known as the Queen of Tejano Music Shit. Yeah she winning that award. That's hers but it also goes to show how few females are in that John Music now that he didn't deserve twenty. I'm just saying like I doubt she had that much competition. But also it's Selena. I have a lot of opinions on this. They took the to how to music genre and gave it new life. Not only was it appealing to people who have listened to it forever but also younger generations and even non Tiana's in a male dominated industry it took this vibrant charismatic and talented woman to bring it to the attention of the rest of the world was all of their success. They began to garner the attention of big time record labels. And we're being fought over by both Sony. And which were pretty big yeah. They were taken into Latin branches. And say let's go get them until they became the same record label. Yeah probably I think that's. Isn't it all just the same record label? There's like three maybe at this point. And that's that's being generous than as being generous and while Sony was offering twice the amount of money for the signing fee. Abraham decide that they should go with and that was because there they would be the first Latin Act signed for Sony. They would have been like the fourth. Yeah so this ensured that they would be focused on more closely. That's smart. He's again. He's a smart man with fuck doing. Everything's not fucking around guys from there. The band shifted focus a little bit more to just mainly focus on Selena. Everyone still performed just as they did before but now they simply call the Act Selena and in one thousand nine hundred nine. They released the first self titled Album under that name. Selena insisted on keeping Ab as her producer and Ama agreed to it but if this album that they released did not prove to be a success he would be replaced some grammy winning producer balls. I get it though. I mean he's your brother you've been doing this and I go a lake APP or like whatever you're doing things in the suits industries. Yes how that works. Thankfully it peaked at number seven on the billboard regional Mexican album chart regional Mexican album. Charge up all right all right. I didn't know that was the thing. Neither neither the first time they would strike national attention here in. Ab proved himself and was able to stay on as producer will praise. Jesse did it for his Jesse did it. Selena was getting offers to do commercials for companies like Coca Cola now which just blew up her popularity down south. She was also offered to do beer. Commercials and while that made sense for Texas based band. The family decided to keep a cleaner image and avoid ads of that nature and how the girl wasn't even really drinking age anyway. Yeah so I don't know if she should be doing girl also wearing sequined bussiers so whatever but also don't be in a drinking ad you're under twenty. I was like wait a minute. White used by the message. You're pushing here. Don't drink underage drink. Things were really blowing up for the Quintanilla family and they were seeing the success that they worked so hard. For and Salinas Childhood Dreams were slowly coming true and a stereotypical a trope as it may seem I mean all the drains even the ones of true love Laden who is sleeping. I stayed up in think. View like a little girl was like. Yeah I get this all of them. Their guitarist had just gotten married and his wife wanted him to leave music and start their family so I now. Selena was a native lead guitarist. Ab New just the guy super talented reliable and had this young edgy. Look to help. Keep up the fresher image that the kids have been striving for enter Chris Perez. Now Abraham wasn't really his biggest fan from the get-go but ab vied hard for him and his father relented Chris Fedun and it was pretty key in helping create. Some of their biggest hits like Bidi. Bidi Bom Bom. Oh Boy Indo Gusta can we talk about the music video? Yes so I was like all right. I'll just play the video clip. It's fine I watched it before. Wow you know what I take a hot second. Go look to bomb Bob because while this video they're just Selena in another creepy fucking clearly stalking her just like driving down the street together. Survivor lowers the guy on the street. And literally chokes in her car romantics. I've ever seen like get out of his car. Winner your flowers. Your thing I've ever seen this is clearly a video done by people who have never been romantic relationships and for nearly Tono how to make music video either no I have. No Oh where we get a grip friends guys. Nowhere to be found. God Wow I mean I feel like Abraham should watch dude ever did that to my daughter. I'd beat the shit out of ever saw. Anybody Chuck a bouquet of flowers into somebody else's car. I would think that those people are fighting. I'm really bad. Somebody's in trouble. Somebody is in trouble. Somebody just had their Valentine's Day ruined fro tip. Don't throw flowers and some of those who are at least get up at the lake mixed signals. Very busy like me got me flowers. But then he just fucking threw me off drove off the restart logic. I need to see how the salad we'll save that for later. Yeah so as far as the song itself goes story is they. Were getting really sick of all the traditional songs that they had been set up with throughout the years so one night during a soundcheck Chris started messing around and AB started to jam with them. And then Selena joined in on the fun just making up some words and melody and before they knew it. This song was born. Isn't the hell out of a really great hits like fuck around. I can tired of the same bullshit. We've been playing. Let's just fuck around. Yeah I think like this is a pretty quintessential example of how they took tejano music and just gave it a new life. Just gave this immediate relevant. Yeah to the time and yeah. It just made it something that people wanted to hear. It wasn't long before Selena and crisslow realize they made a good team offstage to two young and fun adults. Their attraction to each other was undeniable. Too Young and fun adults long. When you WANNA be sexy frisky adults ready to sue sexy? Kids are actually crazy. Hook and flowers at each other. And that's the thing. I don't think they ever checked flowers at each other. Maybe that's why she liked him. Navy like Oh. He's that chuck and flowers. I mean this is great right so her siblings saw what was going on between these two and they warned Selena. Dad is not going to be cool with this at all danger ops. He's going to go Abraham on your ass. Oh my God but he is your asses. Hammed I thought of that joke. Like twenty minutes ago thank you. It was the perfect time. He's GonNa go Abraham on your ass. The lovebirds initially tried to stay away from each other but come on. You're constantly touring together. That is a futile endeavor. You're on the road. You're it's going to be hard to avoid your band me before long. They were exchanging. I love US over pizza. And did their best to hide this relationship. From Abraham she did love a good pizza girl loved to go pizza. He can eat a whole large pizza by herself. We've as a medium. Oh I thought in the movie she said large medium still impressed by like she's just a little thing you got it. Guess what though you're constantly on the road together with your dad. You can't hide that you can't hide your relationship. You can't hide your relationship. From Abraham Love your kid hydrate fuck. You also can't hide your love for Pizza. Yeah everyone knows you love pizza. Yeah we saw some slices in your bed tonight. Eating it under the covers taught eventually SELENA's father figure it out and forbade the couple from seeing each other. No you know what that's GonNa do. They said Hell No. We ain't gonNA stop seeing each other. They love each other and they WANNA get married. Well this through Abraham over the edge Abraham Chris's asa just gonNA use it as a verb. Now do it basically after this. Lena was on lockdown. He kept her so busy. Seeing Chris was nearly impossible but I mean in the end Selena's an areas and areas aries sure. Well they're like you know you know bull headed no areas of rams seem but I am saying they're like bullheaded they're going to do anything with fucking like aries are more of a sign of action because Taurus's bowl and bowl is just like I'm just GONNA stand here in areas like I'm GonNa Fuck Shit up and then tourists stubborn areas is like no fucking doing it. I know you said nobody fuck you. I know what's best for me so she's still saw Chris behind her father's back until they just couldn't take it anymore. So you know what they eloped. Fuck this we're going to guess what happens when you try to make to people not see each other. They see each other. Like Time's eleven and they're going to go get married without you. Yeah and then. You Miss Your daughter's wedding. Yeah it's fine. The two were married in Nineteen ninety-two at City Hall. And before they could even tell her parents the media was all over it and it blew their cover so they kind of had to stay away for a little bit but you know what I mean. At least. They didn't have to confront them until them. You did it for them. Yeah after Abraham found this out he secluded himself for some time upset that his daughter may have married some chauvinistic man who is going to stop them from making music but when the couple finally confronted him to talk about it he realized how wrong he was and he welcomed Chris into the family and back into the band so we Abraham D- back into the band will if he had just taken the time to make friends with Chris and find out that he's not such a bad guy. I will say Chris did have a couple black marks on his record think he had a dui one time and he did the scene in the movie where they trash the hotel room but they look like he's just chilling. Nope he definitely helped trash. That hotel room cool so he's he's made some mistakes however apparently that happened after him and Selena were married. I mean I know. Somebody's Abraham on the couch that night. At least you didn't burn the house down you do not just because there was all this. Romantic drama doesn't mean Selena's career took a breather during this time in nineteen ninety. She released her second album. Then call migo which peaked at number three on the Mexican regional charts again and produced three singles. Getting heavy radio play. Her concerts were beginning to become real sites. And we're seeing a high number of attendees one of those attendees was named Yolanda Saldivar and it was there that she had the idea that Selena needed a fan club. So you'LL WANNA approach Abraham about the idea and by approach. I mean she called him a fuck ton. How did she get his phone number? I don't know the nineties phonebook phonebook. Probably a phone book. Well after enough. Badgering him he was like you know what this is. A good good way to get more exposure. Keep in touch the fans all right. Let's have a fan club. Okay and he not only agreed to it but he let her be the president in her. Be in charge of all the fan club business and I want you all to bookmark this bitch. 'cause she's GonNa come back. I'm a dog year this dog. Your this yeah. I'm a dog year this library book. Yeah I mean whatever. You're not the first I highlighted mine. They were so mad. They never checked the pace so many fines. No he just never noticed. They didn't care they were dead inside. They're just happy. The book came back. Let's be honest. Honestly Salinas first number. One single came as a duet that she recorded was Salvadorian. Artists Alvarado Tortoise called Buenos Amigos. The video earned two nominations at the billboard music awards and helped her expand her touring the east and west coast states so this helped kind of sprinkle her a little bit more into the area and people's little subconscious plant the seeds of world domination. Hopefully serves it but it was with the release of her third album and today I mi Mundo that got her to be taken seriously especially with the help of one of her biggest singles ever Komala which is what I got the Beer Bay star. Yeah there it is full circle. The album reached number one in the regional Mexican album charts again. But this was for eight months straight oh With all of this she was asked to oppress tour. South of the border. Being Tejano is nine easy thing like we mentioned before because they aren't accepted by either side. Yeah not fully anyway. So this had to be handled with the greatest of delicacy. Yes she was now. A platinum selling artist but SELENA. Spanish was still not great and many were afraid she was just GonNa get eaten alive out there. They'RE GONNA see how bad or Spanish was. They were just going to not take her seriously to. Hannah's were kind of treated as jokes. Dc kind of just learn Spanish enough to sing or did her. Dad Lake teacher enough to try and hold a conversation. He taught her enough. She knew enough. It would just wasn't wasn't good. It was fluent enough She could get by but this is a big deal press conference. Yeah so they're all a little nervous however you know what? There is. No reason to fear girl knew what she was doing. She came out and Kept Herself Humble in Kind Aka. Herself she smiles. She made jokes. She was friendly. She came out and greeted everyone personally. Because that's just kind of WHO Selena is anyway made everyone comfortable. Everyone just relaxed around her. The press loved her and saw her as an artist of the people and that made it easy for her to have a small tour around like just a little bit of Mexico and it gained her critical acclaim. Yeah it did nothing but favors for her career. That's good by nineteen ninety. Four SELENA had successfully proven to the naysayers. You're wrong I can make it into Hutto music. I don't care that I'm a female here. I am yeah. She managed to win over the hearts of Mexico which many were dubious that she could do and now she was finally crossing over to America at large by winning the grammy for best Mexican American album with live. It has an exclamation point. Life recorded the year before at a free concert in Corpus Christi while music had always been Selena number one and here. She is getting exactly where she's wanted to be She has had many other passions that she wanted to pursue to began to dabble in acting. She was in a few TELENOVELAS AND IN ONE THOUSAND. Nine hundred five. She made a cameo in the Marlon Brando. Film Don Haunt DEMARCO. Oh really I do not know she was in that little cameo. Yeah that was Johnny Depp. Movie Johnny Depp Movie. Do you remember that one. I don't big surprise. Acting was fun and all but if Selena was going to juggle anything alongside her music career. It was gonNA be fashion Finally she had the money and confidence to start pursuing a line of clothing she opened two boutiques called Selena etc one in Corpus Christi and one in San Antonio going above and beyond each boutique also included a beauty salon for hair manny pettis and all of a treat yourself atmosphere. Treat yourself. She believed in. Treat yourself yeah and clearly. Her talents went beyond music because she was bringing in over. Five million dollars from these boutiques whole girl was hit. She only had two of them and they were coming in at five million dollars. Yes Holy Shit. That's also how popular SELENA Y. Yeah pupil loved her. They adored her. They wanted to support her And squirrels trendiest fuck. I mean honestly. She knew what was up. She's so fashionable. She became one of the twenty wealthiest Hispanics during that time with all this business coming in. Everyone agreed it would be best to bring in someone to help her manage the boutiques and so impressed with the job that she did with the fan club. The quintanilla ask you a Wanda. If she'd be interested in the job she enthusiastically took the position and developed a close friendship with Selena. Those are perfect reactions. It shouldn't surprise anyone when I say success was just unstoppable for Selena in Nineteen ninety-four. She released the album a more. Probably beat though. And did it. Slay it peaked. At number three in the billboard Latin Charts in St Louis XIV into the next year. Yeah now we get into billboard. Yeah that's like big deal big. B B FD. Big Big deal. Big reveal a more prohibits had been certified thirty six times platinum and is on countless lists of Vesta thirty six times platinum. Yeah sure three six but like if you look up like best of albums in the ninety s albums by women albums to hear before you die. This is going to always be on their albums. Buzzfeed click pay record of the year at the bottom music awards. Yeah he's fucking yeah. This album sees a little bit of everything. There's rock are embiid. Dance all mix into give a new sound the Toronto Genre after all this time finally the label decided it was time they are going to release. Selena's English Spanish crossover. Finally now she had wanted from day one to do one of these and they just saying. I don't know if you're ready if you're ready. So finally like the economy into it and say like she might go do it with another label and no no no no no. Now you're ready. Oh no you're ready. Now now's the time this time around. The process was going to be different. Ab step down from production duties. The family wanted to see Selena work with someone. Different for the Crossover album that makes sense be. Ab is a really good producer however It was just the Tanno albums that they did that he was doing. They WANNA break into the pop stuff and they don't WanNa do it right the first time right so and this is also a chance for him to Kinda learn from other people. It was good. The families still helped out but they just kind of took a step back. Yeah the ended up working with Grammy Winning Keith Thomas who worked with Selena effortlessly having a real ear for songs that would be best to show off her skills. The singer herself was actually allowed to choose one song she landed on a song written by. Fran Gold and Tom Snow called dreaming of you. Oh I know this one. You know this lawn while Ab said he didn't like it for her. Selena said she really liked the lyrics with her voice. She made that Melody Shine. Yeah she actually recorded it. While suffering from bronchitis oh Jesus rate. The last song she recorded for the album was God's child a duet with David Byrne every burned. David Byrne was actually a real good song. That is so weird right. Everyone is really excited about this track though because it. What's a really complimentary duet between Selene and David Byrne He's such a big name. For this first time crossover that they were sure to garner a lot of attention for it. Yes especially because it's so out of left field. Yeah but it really worked to. I don't know if it's that left field for David Byrne He. He works with different a lot of different genres of music. So I think he He pulled it off but he is also a sensible choice despite all these things in her life that are just bigger than ever. Salinas still took the time to enjoy the simple things. She and Chris lived in a house right next to the rest of her family. They had just a series of three houses all next to each other. They can always spend time with each other that call up and say hey you make dinner. Camano really be great. Yeah she absolutely animals and talked about starting a farm someday. Not Shying away from any yard work. She kept everything Incheon. Hire anybody do stuff for her. They had some dogs smother pets. She loved animals. Wanted to have just an every living menagerie of of animals in the US chickens pigs everything but most importantly this Leinen Chris. They were finally talking about and a couple of kids in that picture. Finally Air I feel safe. Assuming listeners know why this never ended up happening But how did it all build up to that point? Unfortunately the writing was on the wall with Yolanda Saldivar. It was simple it I oh it was simple at first staffing problems at the boutiques with former employees complaining to Selena that you'll ought to dismiss anyone shit like sleep couldn't believe that she was capable of that so she just kind of ignored all these claims. No no when your employees complained to you about the manager news would probably look into it but the Oakland is saying Salinas her best friend and she's buying her gifts and she's saying spending all its time. She's always so helpful. She's always the first volunteer. Yulon to wouldn't be doing anything wrong. No never her. Also mind you. Selena's in her early twenties. Yeah Yeah and you'll wind is how old forties fifties. Yeah Yeah. There's a significant age gap even fellow designers and family members would express their concerns and finally. Abraham told Selena. She should be more careful with your Onda but because of his kind of usual mistrusting nature. She chose to ignore his warnings as well so lean. How many times I was Abraham Olano about this. And he was wrong. Yeah so nothing. I'm saying that that makes us okay. But SELENA But what they couldn't ignore was the massive amount of fan complaints that they had sent in money for the club but received nothing return when Abraham investigated this he discovered that you Lana had embezzled more than thirty thousand dollars from both the fan club and the Boutiques Shit. Yeah you'll wanted tonight this once. They approached her but Abraham said unless she could prove him wrong he was going to get the police involved. He also told her. Stop all contact with his daughter. Yes from her Abraham fucking doing right. He's about to Abraham Harass. He's GonNa Abraham over. That bitch is though but Selena was not as quick to dissolve the friendship and also she did know that you wanna how important bank tax information in her possession. So I think that was. Kind of a secondary's invertebrate. Let's not burn the bridges yet. Let's get this this a good reason to get the police involved. Yeah Yeah I'm telling you writing on the wall. Red Flag Red flag flag. Yeah a few weeks later when Selena asked to get the records back you said that she unable to get them over to salina to the family because she had been raped in Mexico X. What so Selena. Still played the role of dutiful friend. She brought onto to a clinic to get looked at. I'm so she was unable to get this stuff to her because of the trauma of the rape. I'm assuming not because she can't go back to Mexico. I'm not a hundred percent. Sure what exactly she told Selena she just said I was ready to news. Basically just causing a crisis in order to divert attention. Yep Guy made us potato. Yeah so right. She brings her to a Kleenex. Get looked at okay. However the nurse didn't do a full exam because you'll launch There was a couple of weird reasons. She went to a full exam because they were doing the exam in Corpus Christi. But you're a resident of San Antonio but also the rape happened in Mexico. Okay and I don't really fully understand but according to the nurse. She just said she couldn't do a full exam. I tried to understand the whole web of this and why this didn't work. I don't know if there's some weird laws down there that say like I mean it is Texas. Yeah Sir might be some weird laws where you have to get like tested either where it was where it happened or in your own town or it could it could have just been. You'll on the being like no don't do the whole tests and then you'll onto saying oh well the nurse said she can do it because this was actually according to the nurse. Those nurses testimony. I don't know nobody fucking nose after that. Selena tried once again to get the records from Yolanda when they went back to her to her hotel room And at this point one can only assume. The woman felt trapped with no way out shoes unhinged and wanted the mess to go away and that meant pulling a gun from her purse and pointing it at the singer. This girl that she is claimed as her best friend. I'm going to get rid of my problem. Now selena attempted to flee. But you're gonNA manage to shooter in the back right under the right shoulder blade according to the clerk in the lobby. Selena ran in bleeding. You WanNa was chasing her and calling her a bitch. You'll Lana has some fucking mental health issue. I mean I didn't watch any of the interviews with Milan but there are interviews on YouTube. You can watch with her. I definitely remember watching. There's a twenty twenty or something. I think I watched that one years ago. It came out years ago. Oh my God like right after it happened but years after yeah and I definitely remember watching that one and she was very calm very composed during the whole thing but also crazy but everything. They came out of her mouth. I was like no you crazy. Actually say you are Bat. Shit fucking insane and you think that everything. You did was justified when to everybody else that you're telling the story to it's like no. You're fucking nuts. Yup You had no right to do any of that. Oh she died. I didn't know about the supposed rape in Mexico. No I didn't know about. That's why I'm giving a little more detail super detail but I just wanted to have a general outlook on what happened that day. Yeah 'cause I'm sure everybody probably realizes it's a lot more complicated than like. Vh One behind the music probably lead you to believe Gaya. So yeah. That's crazy. Yeah it's it's sick soon after Selena collapsed. So you'll onto ran out upon attempting to escape. She was cornered by the police while she was in her car. So she stayed in there for a nine hour standoff before she was finally arrested right she had a fucking standoff issues and there with the gun. Like I'm GonNa Kill Myself Not GonNa kill myself Bananas the bullet had hit Selena in the back and went straight through her chest on. Its Way through. It struck an artery causing devastating blood loss despite long efforts by EMT's answers they were just unable to keep her alive. There was absolutely way too much blood loss. Yeah it was quick. I mean the ambulance will stay within two minutes. Yeah but when you just go artery done you're done it's yeah they couldn't even like IV her more blood because they collapsed. Yeah it just crazy I. You can read all about the whole thing. I skimmed it because again. I just didn't WANNA focus on it but can you Launda so on March thirty first nineteen ninety five one oh five. Pm Selena Quintanilla Perez was pronounced dead at only the age of twenty three. That's crazy twenty. Fucking three she was already this much of a star. She's twenty three and this Razi Bitch. Who's like I'm GonNa Steal? Was It really worth the thirty Grand Bitch? Was It really worth the fucking thirty grand? I don't think it was about the thirty grand wasn't but I was. I'm still mad about Blake. The thirty grand was just like you know something that she could just get away with. The main point was being able to say I am close to this person. Oh Yeah No. There's there's a lot behind it again. I didn't go too deep. There's plenty of documentaries. You guys can watch and they're GONNA go full of detail. I could wax poetic about this for quite a while. Because you know I love me some true crime same but shut up and not GONNA go. Abraham on this deaths better life days weeks months years have passed and her loss is still felt around the world. The Mexican American community truly lost bright light from their world a role model to so many proof that the American dream is true and can happen But I don't even want to limit it to one community. The world lost a truly amazing talent and person. She crossed all sorts of borders to bring people together. Selena was one of the few people to make it and never lose her humility to be open minded and true to herself. She wanted to make her friends families and fans proud. She didn't feel entitled. She didn't think she was owed anything. She's worked hard and wanted just to be happy. She wanted a simple life. Despite the hard work she put in. This is one of those instances where somebody truly did. Die Too young Where I'm like. Yeah what could it happens if they were alive. 'cause like all. These other musicians have died early like Kurt cobain and Janice Joplin and all of them. It's like the experience. Some sort of popularity and stardom in America during their very short careers. She didn't even get to see her popularity in got to like two steps before that Brink. Right of stardom in the United States. So we don't even get a little bit of that like massive popularity that she could have. I mean she's experience should get go to the grammys. She did get to do a little bit she got to dabble but she never got to see how far she was going to go. And the really annoying thing is that most people in America only know about her because of her death. Oh yeah that's the only reason. A lot of Americans know who she is at least White Americans from most of the United States right. I will say I remember hearing her songs on the radio and I didn't know she was dead. Yeah so I think maybe younger like our generation and younger are GonNa know her because of her music. I definitely know who she I remembered I hearing about her and knowing who she was because dreaming of you love a came became popular right after she passed away and I will listen to k. One Oh four from poughkeepsie. New York And Casey Kasem was always doing the top forty on Sunday. Success and dreaming of you would be on the top forty for like that. Short period of my childhood. Yes and that is how I knew who she was. And then few years later you know the behind the music story came out in the Mike and the movie yet the movie and that's when I was like. Oh it's her Gotcha. Yep Yeah it's it is. You're right it's so much of a shame to think she didn't get to see her popularity explode and honestly like she's still today she would be making great music and the popularity she did get in mainstream music in America blip on the radar of what could have happened if she was still alive and the things she did for Spanish music like Spanish language music. I mean she was a fucking four forerunner for that. She brought him other. I don't know surprised to the floor. Fanfare she brought to the forefront. Yeah of of our radios because we are not very diverse when it comes to music but at least now we do here much more Spanish and then we ever yeah and we honestly even still. We are very resistant. Oh Spanish language music we would be allowed or in artist but we WANNA learn artist and any other language besides Spanish however if they perform at the super bowl halftime we have to send in at least a thousand complaints to see because they're Dzhizak too sexy. How dare they. I will say there was a documentary. That came out. The I guess was focusing on Selena's death not the murder purchase like the impact. It had I can remember. It was called. I saw it on Youtube. I kind of dismissed it because the creator of the documentary question. How good of a role model? She was because she wore sexy outfits. Now I get. It's the nineties. So maybe you're just being a little conservative still but that's a shitty feminist view. Wow what she's really good role model for kids because like she was really sexy was she though I mean for the time yes. She was compared to now all right. Well that's the thing. This came out in the late nineties. Unlike like maybe you're just looking at it through that light like I'd like to see what the documentary lake or half shirts like she were Busse ta She's launched. Shaw rotates her hips. I when I read about that. It was like you can strike. Oh Fuck Yourself. He'd straight goes. She is a great role model. She really is. He actually would come out and say yes. I got married and it was a bit impulsive. And yes I wear these things like these kind of sexy outfits. But you don't have to be like me. You just have to be true to yourself. And she was aware that little girls would watch her. That's why she didn't do beer commercials and that's why she would try to watch how she acted in public because she wanted other kids to look at her and say that's how you should compose yourself. Yeah like you should be composed and friendly and kind. That's what you should be like. And that was what the message was that she would try to impose so go. Fuck yourself who cares. She wore boost. Da's that means carelessly passed. She's a Latina. Yeah of course. He's got hips. Came workum girls yeah. She floated flying if he got it. And that's why I feel like this story is still so relevant. Because it's like we still have fucking uppity conservative people. Really there too sexy. I can listen to music. I don't know what they're saying. Stop it can you go visit another country for just two weeks and now we have learned. What the fuck culture is now. We have the bullshit view of. You're too big. You're too fat. You can't wear that so I know everybody can fuck off. She was praised for Selena was praised for lake. Saying like you don't have to be super skinny and all these things which but like she said you guys see was thin like yeah. He was carvey but she wasn't fat. She had a booty but she was in no way shape or form but like they were a bigger person the people look to her as like a supporter of positive body image because she was afraid to show up for curves but which is great. And I'm sure today should be all about. I don't care what size you are love. Who you are. Love your curves. I'm sure she would be a proponent of that But she wasn't fat she. Was We tonic? In any way shape or form. She did break a lot of the like the blonde haired Pale. Blue Type two which was nice and she did open a lot of doors for Latino women and Latino Artists Latino artists true so I mean we gotta give her praise for that yeah. You're she's a dreamer. She never gave up on anything. She set her mind to all of our success. Was well deserved. It's just an utter tragedy that she is no longer with us. But I stand by it to try to not focus on her murderer. I know it's Kinda fascinating if you WANNA watch a couple of. Docs AIN'T GONNA BLAME YOU. But instead let's focus on her life and all the amazing things she did in only twenty three years on this earth rates. Twenty-three like no I mean I haven't done a quarter of that in thirty six. So yes I respect Selena a lot. Yeah she's done amazing thing. Everybody should respect her. Yeah celebrates Selena guys guys anything for Salinas anything. So that's the story of Selena. Yeah thank you so much for listening love you when appreciate you hope you enjoy appreciate Selena? Seriously go listen to some Selena jams. Ahmed honestly a more prohibited. So is a fantastic album. Also though dreaming of you pro review so good how post human album. Which I should have gotten more into him. Sorry didn't but that's the one that came out. That's her crossover album. Go look it up. It's such a solid and it's a real ninety S- jam album. Yes some nineties POPs on that. I'm here for it that that dreaming of you song definitely belongs on every nineties playlist ever and unfortunately it is often forgotten on. Most nineties. Playlist wanted to nineties playlists. How dare you looking at you? Buzzfeed remember Selena. Honestly though she's great so thanks for listening if you were digging this story and dig in how we tell us some tales watch Gobert website. Www DOT rocky podcast dot COM. And over there you can get more episodes. We have a lot of them. It's the thing that we do years worth. Two years worth of Schick is also you can comment on the episodes. If you have any questions or just things to tell us and you can also send us an email through the website or follow any of our social needs. We got instagram facebook and twitter. We do social media. Sometimes we try. Try in count or if maybe you want different kinds of stories you can go to our network. The Pantheon podcast network over there. There's anything you could ever want in the MTV of podcasting you really is if you know what MTV is before they started playing shows. Yeah Yeah but also You can go to our patriots on and give us some money and that is at Patriotair Dot com slash Kenny. Podcast and you can give us some money. We'll give you some swag and also a monthly bonus episode episode episode. Have like some things to talk about the end of the month two so I think March will be an interesting month we do. Oh Yeah Yeah we do. It's interesting so I think I think March Fun Month for news guys. Yes it just started. We already got shit. Great it's only march totally march. It's only charge now. It's only march bigger. It's fine everything's fine. Everything's listen to some Selena dancer and your kitchen. It's great it's fine to do. It's all right. We'll be alright. Everything of everything we find. We'll be alright. Yeah but you know next week. We'll have another episode celebrating ladies of Music Deed. But until then. Why don't you guys buckle up get ready and we'll check you out next week. Yep Yeah and so then party on Ashley Neon Maggie Party on you crazy. Kids out there. I'm GonNa Abraham Abraham your ass on out of here.

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