Lemon Milk - Behind the Scenes (Preview)


It doesn't feel like hot sauce and milk is better than clements and milk just in my mind for some reason I don't think it's that bad with the curdling is just in my head. That just happens immediately and like it just forms into like cheese Kurds. We'll just because usually when usually when you eat spicy stuff you drink milk afterwards to call Dan. So I'm kind of used to that Flavor Combo anyways just I don't usually do it together. Someone who has consumed the spicy milk. I don't think you ever WanNA drink spicy milk. But do you wanNA drink lemon milk. I feel like I would okay so in a firm like I'm usually a believer in the W. W. W. W. Right one hundred percent. Try before I drank spicy again. Apparently not because know if you had to do it again okay. Now that he no raise knowing knowing knowing spicy milk experience I would far her. Take my luck with lemon milk. Now that I know that spicy meals experience brought to you by right you have to remember that the ratio hold on. I'M GONNA pick up. The even part wasn't Saturdays two cups of lemon juice and three cups of whole milk. Guys a lot of lemon and knowing that the Brandy Brandy in here too but half of it Brady with an overhead. Yeah I think the brand is actually important because otherwise it's going to be very very sour in addition to the two cups of lemon juice. There were eleven lemons in it too. I would drink that before I had spicy again. I'm still very curious about. I'm still very curious about this drink. I mean we could easily make it. I really don't want to going to be a new thing. We drink a milk. Drink at the start of every time the scenes I am less interested in the actual recipe and more interested in just women milk. I had zero interest lemon milk. Okay can we. I'm going to establish that what that drink is not lemon milk. That drink is lemon. Brandy with a splash of milk in it based on the ratio brandy. Milk with a splash of lemon. There's more milk and lemon. Yea The wasn't splashy get to. I thought I thought it was three cups milk. Two Cups Lemon it is. Oh but to lemon juice is like ten cups of milk. Like like a robot more potent. Okay we we have to. We have so many questions. I spoke the lemon. Bitterness gets caught a lot by the Brandy Sweden S. I don't know I don't want to drink the shit that's the main takeaway here. I can't believe anyone ever did Ben. Franklin did Franklin Bernstein had not all good choices okay that was the PB from my Patriot exclusive behind the scenes episode for the full episode. Click on the link in the description

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