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Okay. Guys. Welcome here to our on core show for today. Thursday, the ninth of may, and we do a couple, of course during the week. And we're looking forward to our Steve Boselli marathon, it'll be a week from this coming Friday the seventeenth which is kind of interesting because I got a rehearsal UCB, and that'll be in the middle of our the first day of our marathons we'll see how that works. I hope you do keep in mind on the twenty fifth of may I'll be at the upright citizens brigade on sunset in Hollywood, California may twenty fifth nine pm get tickets. It's going to be it'll be the the the greatest I think it'll be the greatest live show. Any of you guys? I've ever seen me do away from the radio, but a live show as in, you know, the fill Henry infringe shows we're going to have we're going to have a lot of different aspects. Man, we're going to be reviewing we're gonna take questions from the audience. Okay. That's how how sort of wack. The whole thing's gonna be it's gonna be a lot of fun. It'll be on may twenty fifth nine pm upright citizens brigade. UCB theater sunset the one on sunset in Hollywood. Okay. Welcome to this encore show and today is going to be from last year one year ago may the ninth of two thousand eighteen those of you watching the video cast will notice this was the beginning of our video cast problems. Are try castor was beginning to crap out. So you're gonna see some kind of choppy stuff going on. However, those of you listening to the audio cast the audio track will be perfectly well taken care of. And we'll be featuring Tom cannon. This is a character. We had who owned a health the health, juice wagon, and he visits are showed. He makes me a juice drink. But the crew finds out the Tom was sleeping with a customer and almost got killed by her husband also Senator Orrin Hatch on whether or not he actually thinks Trump's a good person. I don't know how that's gonna roll out. But that was a part of the show one year ago today, and that will be a part of the show right now. Now, we got Tomcat and coming in because guess what going to be drinking at a health shake is that it was going to make Celtics. It's exactly what he's going to do. And we're still now is the famous again, we'll over what Tom how are you? Go ahead and have a seat. Thank you for bringing it here. Now, what you've been doing Thompson? So we live start to you. Well, you don't have tomcats health wagon, and I've been traveling around the area, the Los Angeles area, and and other places other California's San Diego, and I stop at businesses and you make the the different health shakes, and we make different health shakes. And you know, we try to give people a little information on how to get a little bit of energy. And I don't feel utopia earlier in the week. You weren't feeling good. Right. I yeah. I I got out of bed. I took a nap in the afternoon. Get we got a bed win. I got out of bed at the normal time. But but let's let's let's let Phil till the story. Okay. All right. I got out of bed at the normal time. But but then I went about my day by the afternoon. I felt like just terrible. I don't know what it was. No. Let me ask you. Do you drink Hoyer? He drinks hope. Wait a second. Yes. I have. Couple of pops on the weekend. All right. Well, let's sugar that's going into the system and sugar. Of course. It's very difficult. Pardon me. It's very difficult. It's very difficult. Jesus christ. What is that about? There's nothing about you just belching. It sounds like you're having a difficult time. There are you? Having a digestive problem. No. I'm not having just problem. This is fun. Philly come on your program, and I got people busting by nuts. Get cancer that Tommy do you want to start this all over again? Why do I want to turn it over again? I was not busting your nuts. If you must use that. I guess I must use it. Because I came in here in a good booed, and I've got this one over here. Belching, you know, wait a second. You were the one that built. Yes. I built you belched. Well, let's grow up and start this all over again. Okay. Hi, tom. How are you? Hi. What is it? He said. Hi, okay. All right. I'm good filled. Yeah. And so tell me all about Tom cotton's, health wagon. What's wrong? Well, you swallowed in the middle of that. What are you trying to do? You know, what am I trying to do? What let's not go down the road that the rest of the staff goes down, Tom when they nitpick everything. And they point out every mistake. Did he belch DOE is swallowed? Yes. And he said it this way, you know, what I'm saying. All right. I've I've had a tough week. I know you've had a tough week. So let's talk about which going good, which is the Tom Kenton health. Waggin? What did you know? I had a tough week. Well, look, we we filled fill in. And you have I didn't make it public. What happened? Well, I don't really want to make it public. You don't wanna make what public Tom had a run in. Apparently, Tom had a run in with an the personal matter. Right. It's very much a personal matter. Oh, man. I gotta somehow screened the guests on the show. I've got to do something. Well, they're all very emotional. Yeah. But you are right. Yes. I'm all right now. What's the problem? Every guy that I get on the show lately is getting extremely emotional to the point where he almost breaks down. He's got a walk around the studio. Or walk it off or something. I didn't say anything sir to to hurt. You. You can call me Tom fill. It doesn't have to. We don't have to have our relationship disintegrate to the point of where we're I'm served. All right. I saying, you know for whoever brought this up, and I forget who wrote me. Well, I think it was you. The news is out, Tom. We might as well talk about it. No, I came in here to bake a tub, Ken health, shake dot to talk about. Well, tom. It was in one of the smaller papers. What are the solar papers? Right. Yeah. I think Margaret picked it up for a column I had a run in with Tim Griffin. Who's the husband of a woman that you've been seeing? Yes. Yes. And this took place while it took place while I was demonstrating the Tomcat in health Waggin. Shake, and you know, I was I was putting together some subjects who've is put together. Some Texas got Griffin came up in China his small on you. He sweat on me didn't connect or did you hear that? He connected. Yes. I did. I did hear that. Well, that is a dirty stinking live. All right. I don't think we're serving any purpose by who won the fight. Right. But just so the record is clear. The record is clear. He didn't connect. What are we doing for God's sake? Slumped me here supposed to do. Tomcat and health wagon. You guys talk about him begging, some guys wife. Well, yeah. Just the other day, we shut up, please. Thank you feel. I've made a terrible mistake. And I. Oh, you made a terrible mistake. I made a terrible mistake. I'm apologizing for it. I came on your program today to do a health wagon shake to talk about the different flavors. We've got. Right now, your health shake talk about different flavors. Do any of them taste better than your underwear? Because that sounds to me. All right, Phil. Thank you very much. Come on, Tom sit out Tom sit down general Shaw that is beyond the pale elicit general shop, please Tom sit out. I don't know why I should dose, please. They'll say that. Because we've been booked we'd be putting saying we booked this a long time ago. Please Tom, I beg of you. Beg of the. Yes. I do. All right. We just had our we head are we in our video cast interrupted. So now, I've got to deal with that, Tom. We won't talk anymore. It looks like it's going to be to video cast part one and part two. Yeah. There's going to be to video casts part one and part two. Thome of my brother. So you know, you had a run in with someone's husband. Yeah. It happens. Oh, sure. Bene- happened. I now, let's talk about the health shake, okay? Now, I had a smoothie the other day. All right. Let's talk about smoothies though, because tug captains health wagon competes with a smoothie at Phil. When I'd like to make for you. And your crew today is the Tom cotton health shake, and we put in some fruits. We put in some vegetables here. And what do you put what vegetables you put just a tomato? Juicing vegetables are very very good. Here's a carrot and tomato. And I see you're also adding uh some strawberries, yes, there are great buddy fruits and vegetables that go together very well in shake, well, you'll have to prove that to me. I'm very happy to do that. And we put this in here, and that's a couple of Anna's up. That's, but but are high in colors Phil, but this is an energy shake now. And then we use the way powder. I know you use that Phil right away protein powder was recommended to me by a doctor. Let's pretend like fills Mr. health or you know, it's not as through. I'm not saying that he is. But Phil does have some healthy instincts. Yeah. Thank you very much. All right. Phil we want to make sure that people aren't running off and going Lee Phil Hendrie health nut at though what we do is go ahead and pop the button, and I'll big the first Schick for you fills that you're going to do the honor. Got there. Now, how much Poder did you put it there? We'll I put in one scoop of soon as little bit on. The club to help shake on its way porta to this list. Looks very good Tom and put a little peanut butter in there. Just a little bit just to give it a nice Peter de flavor because we love the taste of peanuts. Why are you shaking your head? I'm shaking my head. Yeah. Why are you shaking your head? I know I know what you're saying your head your mind takes vacations of sewer, doesn't it? What does that? I said your mind takes vacation to the Suber. It's all right. That's okay here. Phil boy. That's great. Is it really? Yes. It is was it was very good. The wait. Just a minute was good or wasn't it? It was good. It was now I love how you hit was good. Was it not the best shake you've ever had? Yes. It was the air line had drink, Phil. Tell the truth. I'm telling the truth. No, you're no, you're not. I know you're trying to save by feelings here filled. But I've already had my feelings wiping the floor of a bathroom the bathroom of your show. Thank you very much, Tom. No. It's all right. Well, how was it? Wait a minute. A tom. It's okay. Phil. Thank you. Bye. Go get. No. If he's walking out come on, Tom. I was only kidding fuck. You a man that the microphones open Tom canton's just walked out of our studio, folks, he made a shake. All right. How was it about to tell the truth was? It was a little bit. It was. You know, what I liked it? I'm not I'm not about to play this game. Yeah. I mean, come on. Mr. Henry, I liked it. I'm not about to play this game. It was good. Thank you. Tom was very very good, Tom, Kansas, health wagon will be at the pincer mall, and that's in LA who've Lia and that'll be tomorrow. And then they're moving onto Pasadena to the gladioli mall, and all of these malls. Which by the way, don't have any people anywhere near them because everybody's staying at home and ordering online. All the brick and mortar I hear the brick and mortar moles going out of business. That's you heard. Right. So that's the story was Tom canton had had a relationship with a girl by sue Griffin. And she was a fan of yours. And then she went out see, Tom, and and health wagon, and then they got involved that way. Yeah, they got. Well, that Tom, you know, Astra or full number times. How what does he some kind of celebrity at Medina zone way? Yeah. And so then they went out and this guy, Tom who's her husband, apparently, the he made a big mistake. I mean, Tom canton did made a big mistake of seeing her to her house. He was with her at her own home with the husband coming home. Oh for God. Are you kidding me? Yes. When he got home he could hear it down a hall, and he thought his wife was being assaulted for God's sake. That's the only thing that got the that's the only thing that got. The guy that got him to kick kick down the door and eat such she was being assaulted. But but she wasn't. No. So what she was screaming guts. Wow. Well, Tom, Kevin. Yeah. Yeah. What about the satellite was? No, I just I didn't know he had it in. So all right. So the guy kicks down the door and realizes his wife isn't being assaulted. There's a guy riding her for all she's worth, do you mind? Well, I've just I'm trying to get to it. Yeah. And then he he saw it in. You just, you know, then he grabbed this inequality room was a standing lamp and grabbed it and went after him. So even though well, yeah, I guess I would be. But I mean when he came into the room he said, oh, he saw was the canton's but going up in a year. Did you hear all of this? But yeah, I think he's making up half of this. Where'd you hear it? But I heard it from people who talked to the police bullshit. No. I swear to God when he came into the room Tom captains, but was up in the air. Yes. Yes. And then told you that I'm not about to divulge a source get outta here. Well, okay. You'd have to bring me this guy. Mr. is his name Tom to Tom Griffin time Kenton. He's home so situation. Meet Tom, Ken, Mr. Tom Griffin. Oh, yeah. That's real good. And he came into the room and canton's asses up in the air his ashes in the areas Ridinger for all she's worth was not the direct quote. Yes. And so that's when Griffin this husband grabs the thing of it is like in his fifties. And this guy Griffin. He's in his thirties. And it's in twenty say that again, I did, you know, slow the hell down, bud. It said Tom tens in his fifties. The husband was in his thirties. And woman that come cat and was tagging was in twenty. Can we use something a little bit more respectful than tag? Okay, fucking. Hey, man. Did it on? That's right. All right. That now that you've done that. He's. That's right man because we didn't want to use the word tag. Do you think we're going to be happy with the word with the few see? Would you set out Dickman would hold your nose? Like, it's bleeding feeling it hasn't. So then what else bud? I mean sounds like he's knows deep in it about being, you know, full. Well, well, all right. So, but you heard was that this cat in guy, our friend, Tom Katyn was assaulted by the husband gam- it at a police in rhyme. It can't be sued for alienated pension. What about any salt charges? They've been known for. But no, it don't do it. But there's been no assault charges. Then you didn't even have to hold your nose. No, MR Henry, you know, he said, I barely get touched. Well, they're knocking off William when we're twenty. I ask you questions, so Tom, canton, and this young lady doubt. Did you have this in your column? I had in my call him everything that bugs talking about here, except for this idea that they asked was up in the air, or whatever you say. All right, the but was up in the no one told me about that no-one said Mr. Griffin entered the bedroom and saw catton's acid the air. Well, one can well imagine if I think about it is. Who would ever guess that Catton was some lowlife me? All right Jesus. World-famous Phil Hendrie show and filling every show dot com here on this. What are we going here man Wednesday? All right, Orrin Hatch is the United States Senator from Utah. We have him on our show next on the Phil Hendrie show. You gotta be kidding me. Let's find out and see if I am kidding. 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And we're going to be talking in this segment with Senator Orrin Hatch, which is a very exciting yet. Good job, bud. Thank you Senator Orrin Hatch is made some comments recently that some people have thought controversial John McCain, the Senator from Arizona who's very very ill with brain cancer. And he has said that he would not like to see Donald Trump at his funeral. I think that were they talking about the funeral. I hope they work because you just said they were well, why would he talk about that? Join McCain's not even passed on yet. I mean that was the information. I got from bud. Do what he was. They don't want to see him at the funeral. He doesn't wanna see Don Donald Trump at the funeral. That's correct yet. So or hats hats on line two here on newsmaker line. And he has said that he. He's. No five that wrong thing. All right. Senator hatch. How are you, sir? Good to have you on the program. How are you good Senator had tower, you wonderful and let me say, Phil. I haven't had the opportunity to be on your program. But this is an exciting moment for me only because I really do radio interviews, though, they upon cast that they have podcast this center podcast. But it gives me an opportunity to reach out to constituency. I don't think I I talk all that often too in those are, oh, you know, maybe younger more technically savvy groups, let's get right to it. Here. Senator hatch. Did you say that this was a ridiculous thing that Senator McCain would keep the president from his funeral? I still do. I don't I don't see any point in it. And I hope that that's being communicated to Senator McCain. Now, why why do why do you think that a man who should be able to control who comes to his funeral who doesn't why do you think he doesn't have? Right to to say that. I don't think I said he didn't have the right? But I am saying that I think it's a ridiculous notion that you wouldn't invite the president of the United States. Look, Donald Trump is a good, man. He is a man you you think he's a good, man. Sure. He is sure he is at least I want you to believe that. I believe that. He is. I personally don't think that he is. You don't think he is? No, no, no. I don't think he is. But for the purposes of public consumption, I'm going to say that he's a good, man. And that that Senator McCain should invite him to his funeral. Now. You made a point early into good point. That Senator McCain your funeral is the most significant event of your life beyond birth and certainly should be of the pick. And choose who's going to be at your funeral. If you can, but I'm not sensitive to that. Because I'm nowhere near dying. I'm alive, and I hope to stay alive for another eighty years old. I am. So I don't have any real sensitivity to funerals and who gets invited. Nobody wants to talk about that stuff that I mean, what would you say that again? But for public consumption, I want people to feel especially President Trump that I am in his corner that I support him a hundred percent, okay. Just like you did with the that that the national park of the state park thing. Right. No one even remembers what that was. But I I certainly remember, and I did back him up on that Senator Orrin Hatch with us on on President Trump not being invited to John McCain's funeral. That's what we think is about. We could be wrong. The code was that he didn't want Trump bear. I don't know. Whether it's about a funeral or whether it is his cremation. I, you know, let's not make as more of a joke than it already. Is if you don't mind us, I'm Margaret gray. How are you? I'm fine. Margaret, I've heard you on the radio before let's discuss Shelby, a Senator hatch. When you admit to the fact that you want President Trump to notice. That you support him. Dude, you really, yes. Of course, I do because I don't have any personal beliefs one way or the other when it comes to the kind of ally the underhanded stuff to the president does all I know he's he's a Republican, and I need to be in his corner. This what I've done my whole career. I it's one of the reasons why I'm venerated elder statesman of the Senate. And it's also one of the reasons why I'm one of the duller creeps, you, you know, I have to admit. If the shoe fits while I got to admit it. You know, I wanted to Dolor creeps that had been in the Senate because I don't really I don't stand out. I don't push my weight around. I don't do anything all that. Controversial. And I argue with liberals because that's good play. You had an argument with Sean Brown. I think about insurance or something. Oh, he started in with working man working class. And I don't like to get in those discussions because I don't understand what any any. But really mean, I do understand the rancher. I understand the big the big ranch. That's what I understand. And so I represent the rancher and I represented to the best of my ability. So you just represent big business. No, these are these are people who own homes, but it's the only business that I'm familiar with you know, in the smaller businesses people needing insurance struggling businessman's this. Ball man, or the small woman who's starting out in business. I don't understand any of that. And the less. I talk about it the better because it starts to remind me myself. I if you if truth be told, you know, well, because I have never succeeded doing anything other than sitting here on my ass and being a Senator now Donald Trump is a guy who notices, and I got that before any of these other guys did. So when I say something about Donald Trump, it's going to be positive, and I want him to remember that. And remember that I said it. You're going to be leaving the Senate soon. Aren't you know, that made some people at that? Let me let me what do you think about Mitt Romney coming out of retirement? I don't think about it at all. It's not very interesting. It's again, we get into that area that we called dullsville. It just no one cares. Mitt Romney doesn't excite anyone's imagination. He doesn't even excite my imagination. And and I'm I've been sitting here for forty years waiting for something to come along and be interesting, and it almost happened with the election of Donald Trump until I realized how easy he wants to play. What do you mean by that? What I what do? I mean by what what do you mean by heat and being easy to play? You do you think he's an idiot Ono? I don't think you get. He's just very easy. I know what he does. He manipulates people. He plays people. I do the same thing. So when I have an opportunity to back him up until why don't you invite the president? He's a good, man. Okay. I know you took exception to that film. But yeah, I did take exception to that only from the standpoint of the this man has done so much in his personal life of a controversial nature. How do you know? He's a good, man. I don't know. He's a good, man. But I said he's a good, man. That's all you need to say. Who's gonna ask me? What I mean by that? It's day three after he said that no one's Ashby anything. So I'm playing my cards, right? I'm very excited over the fact that I haven't made a misstep here that everything's right down. And I've said everything right down the middle high and tight and there been three swings. Three MRs strike, one strike to strike three one out bottom of the first. So the games just beginning. Games just beginning fell. And I will be a just as happy as you and anybody else when it ends because it's it can't be all that thrilling. But I do believe that Donald Trump's the guy you gotta keep on good side. This, you know, Trump if it turns out, he's a real scumbag, and there you were saying he's a good, man. And the public turns around and looks at you and says what made your judgement so bad high gonna feel then that the public has had how many years the public had how many years figure out that? I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree, I'm Orrin Hatch. The name alone gives you an idea as to just how I came into this world. Okay. Pretty good. Thank you. So for me. I I believe that I've been able to play this. What was your question? Never never mind. A Senator hatch will let you go and business used to be called as you like the them. But we just decided to bring you on for this interview. So Donald Trump is a moron. I know. I never said that I said you have to say the right things. All right. So you're lying. I'm lying about. What that he's a good, man. Oh, yeah. Yeah. No. I'm of course, I'm lying. But you didn't ask me what I was lying or not, you know, the pro here's the thing that you're right about the press hasn't really asked you about what you meant by. He's a good man have even asked you. Why it is you think that he ought to be McCain's funeral not that? I remember they might they might have. But I don't remember anybody. The press goes in one ear and out the other is you walk into your car. You're going to another meeting or you're off to to meet somebody, and they're blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah asked hat Senate hat summit? Yeah. Yeah. I don't remember any of this stuff. I say half the things I say are blatant bald-faced faced lies the other half of the things. I never mind Orrin Hatch Senator from Utah special guest here on the world famous. Phil Hendrie show Orrin Hatch. Groping Phil Hendrie show from the Pacific in southern California. Well, bet was I don't know that was like all the other as you like to hear them. Nothing surprising there a lot at all the Wilfing pool in the Pacific in southern California executive produced by this one here. Phil Hendrie sports yet reincorporated. Alright serve on podcast one get ready to load ins more hours of by EMI into the website stick around as well for our brand new Email blurb that will be hitting you up letting you know a variety of things happen in the field. Henry website. It'll be the Email will be coming from a different character different personality different person on our show. We got a whole lot of other things. Toward the end of the month. Laying on you world-famous, Phil Emery show.

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