GSMC Baseball Podcast Episode 303: San Diego Finally Did It


The. Golden State concepts baseball PODCASTS. Cover everything majorly from sprint. Treat the world seaweed. Got Your Favorite Club cover from New York to Boston to La this is the golden state media concepts baseball podcast. said. Thank you for tuning in to the MC baseball podcast brought to you by the GMC podcast network. I'm your host, Evan Wurley, and we are back with another episode. Happy last week of the season for everybody out there. This is the moment. It seems like we've all been waiting for. You know we have. Seven of the sixteen teams or locked into the postseason five in the AL we ought to solidified in the national. League. Just the. Dodgers in the padres. Really. Short. Season I mean, obviously that's you know. That's like an obvious statement. It's been a short season because there's only sixty games in the year but. It flew by to the point where you know it was like this was such a long year, but it seemed like you know from. When this whole like shutdown happen all the way toll when baseball actually started seemed like it was so so so long like. Just an incredibly long time where we didn't know you know obviously, there was the what's going to happen like what's going to do this? What's what's what's with that You know and then. Baseball. Finally started and then it was just like everything's been in overdrive like it just seems like the end of the year is just like zoomed past us and you know this year was. This year in baseball has been. You know. Pretty like pretty nuts just for playing just playing wise. You know what I'm like just by you know what teams have been good. What teams have been bad like a lot of teams that we expected to be really good were not, and then a lot of teams that we thought were going to be really bad also weren't like if you were telling me that this is the last week of the season and the Seattle Mariners versus the Houston Astros was going to be like a huge series to determine you know if. Houston's GonNa miss the playoffs. Like our said that you were absolutely nuts you know. But here we are you know the Seattle Mariners. Are Four Games back. Of. The Houston Astros and tonight they are starting a series. Wait today the twenty. Yeah Twenty Four. So ten night. They're starting off a series of three games set at home versus the Houston Astros Y'all Lance mccullers Universe Marco Gonzales. Freyberg. Valez versus eljay newsom and Zach grinky versus Nick Mar merger. Vicious Margarine vicious. Julius. Wow. That's a very confusing name to say but. This three game series if Seattle Seattle can come back and sweep somehow sweep the Houston Astros. They have two games in the season left against the Oakland athletics who have already clinched. They've already you know. Locked. Up Their playoff spot they're already the number one team in the American American League West So. That being said, they're gonNA. They already have their home field advantage locked up in the first round before they're going to the bubble. So. What is really there? What's really their draw of going in? Like to play the Houston Astros now. Contrary to that you know you have justin verlander who made noise this weekend by going on his instagram and saying that you know he's done. For for Tommy John Surgery. So he's done for the rest of this year. and. Probably done. For the majority of next season if not all of next season so. You know it's like you might. The Houston Astros are. There they're not an easier target in the postseason because they still have that massive lineup, but they're pitching is going to be a little in a little easier Let's go check out there ending the season inch. So they got the and they the Texas Rangers. So the Texas Rangers. You Know Texas. Rangers could play spoilers against the Houston Astros this year. Let's see what they're. Let me do a little. Little more of a dive and see how they fared against the Texas Rangers this year. So have even lost a single game is pretty much what I'm going to look for. Yeah. They have their first game against Texas this whole year they lost. So. It's not that they've lost actually many games against texts wall not many they've lost too. So I. got kind of trouble but. They've lost two of their six games against the Texas Rangers, and you know if they've if the Texas Rangers go in. And they beat the Houston Astros especially you know. With their pitching staff like as thin as as it is right now. And, they pull off like the massive upset in somehow the Seattle Mariners are getting into the postseason. That not be the most insane twenty twenty baseball thing ever I mean we just saw the San Diego padres clinched for the first time since two, thousand and six, which I will get to that in the next segment. The next segment I'm GonNa, talk about you know how what was going on in the world the last time the San Diego padres May to. Play playoffs not just the world series but the playoffs like they're legitimate world series contenders last time they made it to the playoffs. They were not world series contenders but Yeah. I'm definitely going to be going over that because there was a lot of things I was looking at it like Oh my God I honestly couldn't believe just how far the world has changed in the past. You know. Fourteen years I mean, that's pretty much a given but my God, there was a Lotta throwbacks Going back to this Seattle Mariners thing it's like the playoff odds for the Seattle Mariners at one point five percent to make the postseason one point five percent and think like, yeah one point five percent they're definitely not making it but I mean not to go back to the NBA because I bring the NBA of lot in this Sorry for the people but you know. Oklahoma City thunder point two percent chance like legit point, two percent and You know they were going to. You know when they and not only did they make the playoffs? They. Were very, very very like competitive in the postseason almost won the first series against the Astros or not the astros, the rockets but. So it's not like it's it's not far fetched to think that the Seattle Mariners can make the postseason this year I mean, you look over at the what is it? Then you look over at the the National League you got. Sixteen Games one, two, three, four, five. Let's say six, all bring six in here. So you have the phillies. Yeah. The phillies, reds, brewers. Giants mets and Rockies all fighting for four playoff spots. So far the playoffs right now you got the three division winners. You got the San Diego Padres, who are in it then you got Miami? St. Louis? PHILADELPHIA. Cincinnati. And then Milwaukee Cincinnati Milwaukee and San. Francisco were all tied for eighth seed. You have three teams tied for the Eighth Spot Cincinnati incredible pitching. And you know a lot of teams. Like a lot of people thought they were going to be the favorites to take the central this year like the up and coming just absolute star team was gonNA kill everyone. Then you're the Milwaukee brewers who were like, you know they're one question mark. This year was going to be pitch while I was I wanted one question mark. There was definitely. A couple one being you know the pitching staff and how they were gonNA fair and the number two was how Christian Yelich was gonna do because everything like the warm up scrimmages was Christian Yelich struggling pretty bad and then nobody expected the San Francisco giants to do absolutely anything in turns out like Mike you strengths he is a borderline MVP candidate so You know there's a lot. There's a lot of stuff that needs to be decided this week and it's like absolutely crazy. The fact that you know we have all this stuff going on, we have one. Small Little Week left in. You know left in baseball or the regular season I should say because actually what is it eight days from now I think September twenty-ninth is the first game I'm according to this on Monday the twenty first so yeah, we got eight days. Eight. Days until the playoff starts you know we got nine spots and he's the be field like this. Absolutely. Absolutely. Insane but. You know before I go dive more into that Let's go talk about the wild like. Crazy stuff that you know what's happening this weekend there was a few. Major new stories that you know. Kinda. Hit the seen this year or this weekend and one of them. I'm trying to pull up the Trying to pull up the video here what is it a church? So the city field? Had A fire going on with the braves games and nothing really happened like no one stopped playing. No one really did anything was like you know Fire outside the city field in New York that was a tweet by Jacob Wycoff. you know nothing. Nothing stopping the mets and the braves You know they I heard that it was in the street behind. City field. So at the street behind city field caught on fire but it just it just looked like you know the behind the Jumbotron, there's a massive fire Doesn't seem like anything was really okay. or anything wasn't over the top bad and everybody was okay it was on the first time. Apparently, there was a fire at city field because a in May two, thousand, eighteen, a fire broke out in a display case and the Jackie Robinson Rotunda you know is much more serious fires. It was indoors thankfully minimal damage was done according to fan cited. So that's Wild. someone had a funny tweet saying that you know city field is on fire and they quote tweeted ain't go no need to be alarmed just the braves offense because it was because we absolutely destroyed these guys You know another. Another weird thing that happened this weekend was a fan pike scaled the side of the big of the green monster to jump onto the overhang at. Read that the red SOx Yankees game throwing stuff on the field you know. The most incenting ever you know. Not The most actually not the most insane thing I think the most insane thing was that the Yankees at the time were down ten to one. Against Boston at that time, like that was hands down the craziest thing I did not think that. Boston would even edge out a single win this season They did avoid the sweep which was nice They even diced them up so bad at backup Catcher Erik Kratz came into pitch in you know had knuckleball come in as low as fifty five miles per hour. Nice. Anybody who comes whenever catcher comes in, and it's just like you know I'm just GonNa lob this up there and see what you can do with it. I'm all for that majority of the time they get more than give runs. Anyways I've never seen a giant inning happens against the against outfielder or Catcher, or whoever comes into pitch win you know the pitchers are having a rough day on the mound. Am I like? Am I in the minority on this does this happen all the time? I don't think it happens frequently like I. think that that's a pretty decent strategy I would like to see you know in the age of openers just be like, okay we're throwing Kevin Pillar. And just see what happens. Like if they came in which us and outfielder who is just lobbing lollipops all day. I wonder how many he could go. With like you know quality start underneath his belt. Could he get. Four innings. Because they say it takes one whole trip around the line of to adjust. So, I was like that was the whole metric thing about the about the opener was they wanted to You know. Just have a new pitcher, go all right, three outs, three outs, three hours, and then the second time you know the lineup comes back around Bomo throw in another guy. Granted that doesn't work as often because you know a lot of relievers cango three innings such as you know, Sergio Romo being an opener for the Tampa Bay rays when that first started. Let's get weird. This is the year to get weird like we were saying this before the season started just get weird and. I JUST WANNA. See like a good I, think a good team that would like be a pretty decent candidate I, just throwing an opener. The Pittsburgh Pirates. Are Pretty good one Texas Rangers you know the bad teams. Let's see the angels do it. I would love to see what would happen if you tried and Mike Trout out to the mound just for you know like hey. Like why don't you try your hand a pitching to see how far you can go? I mean, obviously that's the big. You Know Oh like ease. The Best Player baseball you just think he can do everything. I want to see what would happen. And like the angels are making the playoffs. The angels haven't been good since two thousand sixteen and even then they got waxed in the first round of the playoffs. Why not? was what happens throw have a whole game where every position player throws. I think that would be so sick. Like if you had. Like you know first inning trout second any random. Third inning Justin Upton like just go down the batting order and just throw position players and just see what happens. I think that would be hilarious and I think every I think most fans would tune in just for the unintentional well, prob- definitely intentional comedy that would happen. Just to see. Like Max Stasi. Up they're trying to throw slider. If even any of you know who max dash is. Bring Johnny Vitelle at a retirement that guys like five foot two with cavs, the size of my head. have him out there having to home plate like screw it like the angels you guys. You guys need as much like. As Much Notoriety as you can get. Like get people to watch your games. Because the play on the field is not putting you know butts in the seats or in today's age butts in front of the television or computer. Games on my computer but. You know that's Why not do that? anyways back to the. Back to the RED SOX game. So apparently, he scaled the back end of the green monster hopped over. Started yelling about some stuff. We through apparently through hat on the field almost started doing some push-ups. P threatened to jump on the batteries I which I thought was kind of funny I don't know why I wanted to watch a red sox game. This bad I. Guess it was the one game at they were winning and like probably in the third inning he was like you know what I'm doing this and then just went in there and started yelling. All I have to say about this is you know like we have like our whole like issues, people whatever have their issues with social whatever going on I just want to show to the cops because they actually didn't arrest them. They just took him to A. Mental facility to have him get checked to make sure he was good. Good. Solid move by you. Boston Police Department. Solid move by you like there's a lot of police departments that are screwing up and there's some that are doing a great job and that's a good job. I think we need more of that. We do need more of that like do I don't think they do need to be arrested. He just needs to be like, dude, like, are you? Okay. And then took him and made sure that he was all right I. Don't know what happened after that. I didn't read up on it. I hope you know the hope everything went. Okay but You know I just wanted to give a little shout out to them. Good. Job I you. Already. Everybody I'm going to be taking a quick break and we'll be right back to just break down how long it really has been. Since we saw the San Diego Padres, make it to the postseason. This is your ultimate staffer everything sports the Golden State media concepts, sports podcast. Should I say more from the NFL MLB the NBA suit MMA? It's all in here. The golden state media concepts, sports podcast listen. This. As All right everybody and we are back so. I did a little bit of a deep dive. Deep Deep, into. The past of the. San Diego. PADRES. One thing that I thought was hilarious on baseball reference, DOT COM and went back through the years they've actually went through two. To complete logo changes. So if you guys remember or old enough to remember when the San Diego padres were their logo was the home plate with the wave on it. That was their logo the last time that they made it to the post. So I am on their baseball reference page. For Two thousand six for their stats, they finished eighty eight and seventy four finished first in the West. Which is the sad thing is you know they lost three two one in the postseason in the divisional series. To to the St Louis Cardinals. So their last playoff run was rather short lived their manager actually was Bruce Bocce of all people so right before he went to the. The San Francisco giants in one three World Series Championships He was actually in a coaching, the San Diego padres. So there are some throwback names of throwback names to be said on this two, thousand and sixteen for the San Diego padres. So I'm just GONNA. Go through some of the names I'm going to go through their starters, and then you know if there's Anyone that I see that really sparks some like some some nostalgia. All say. So they're starting lineup was the catcher eighth thirty, seven year old Mike Piazza. was their starting Catcher for one hundred, twenty, eight, one, hundred, twenty, six games Adrian Gonzalez was their first basement a gone out him one, hundred, twenty, six, hundred, fifty, six games nobody on this team actually cracked one hundred RBI is which is insane kind of wild thing about only one person which was gone who batted above three hundred Josh Barfield that Second Khalil. Greene. shortstop major throwback, their vinnie Casteel. was their starting third baseman for? A little bit. He only played seventy, two games that year. So I think they had jeff blom. Or Mark Bell Horn starting at third base that year I'm just going based off games played. It was probably Mark Bell Horn. So you have him yet thirty eight year old Louise Kissed. So Dave Roberts was in left field and yes it was that exact Dave Roberts the coach of the Los Angeles dodgers was starting in left field the last time the San Diego padres made the postseason and then round out the field you had A. And Mike Cameron and a thirty, five year old Brian Giles. I forgot Brian Giles even existed to be completely honest other notable names on this team Ryan Klesko you had Russell Branyan. Like. This is absolutely say the fact they have not made a posted this Mark Bell Horn. Eric Young Junior anybody really I don't recognize any of these Turmel sledge. I remember Terrell Sledge he had some hype on them for about like six weeks. Go to their pitching staff number one as. Jake peavy? You're Jake peavy who absolutely was the ace of aces in San Diego for a long long time I remember every time I was getting a video game whenever I played you know Jake peavy whether whether it was you know MVP baseball or you know we'll be the show It was a rap like I just could not do a thing against Jake peavy and you know he was a pretty you know us he was up there. You know he want a couple of CY youngs was a very important piece of the. You know the San Francisco giants World Series runs. So I mean shadow to Jake peavy on a great career who was twenty five years old at the time they had woody Williams who's thirty nine years old Chris Young. Ten pitcher who was pretty much just famous for being. So he had a pretty good run with the Texas Rangers I. Think it was Clay Hensley, Chan Ho Park, David Wells man Alan emery was on this team. Man. This is some throwbacks trevor. Hoffman was thirty eight years old probe that I would say the second best closer of all time I mean it's Kinda hard you know. It's Kinda hard. Knowing that this guy was the you know the second best closer of all time Mariano Rivera had one pitch in completely dominated everybody so I mean. Shadow two Trevor Hoffman on his good career. But They had all of that going on. Let's see. Can I see the entire playoffs? That year? Can I see that postseason? SH TWO DIVISIONAL SERIES Go. postseason history tenant tended to to to to. Case of two, thousand, six, hundred, sixty cardinals. They won the world series that year forgot about that. So the Patriots lost to the eventual world series champions. So the playoffs looked like this, we had the padres versus the cardinals and you had the new, York mets face the dodgers and. Let's see so. Dodger was cardinals versus met. Cardinals ended up beating the mets going to the world series you the Oakland A.'s and the Minnesota twins Detroit Tigers. New. York. Yankees looks like the athletics took care of the twins in the first round. So in the AL, was the Detroit Tigers and the Oakland A.'s the as gob balanced. Maglione were Donas home run I remember that one that was insane and then you had the Cardinals Tigers World series where the. World series MVP. The one, the only David EXE Stein. You know he was he took over that series I guess. I. Guess if you want to use the words took over but the I remember that that was a really fun team to watch that. So Taguchi Jim Edmonds Juan, Encarnacion Scott Rolen Eckstein Pu Holes Yada Molina was only twenty three at the time insane but One thing I want to talk about with all you guys I went back and I looked at some of the crazy headlines that were happening during two thousand six. So in two thousand, six for everybody WHO's around my age Hannah Montana debuted on the Disney channel. That is right. Hannah Montana's first episode came out in two thousand six along with thirty rock dexter and ugly Betty the number one one of the songs that topped the billboard charts was Mariah Carey's don't forget about us. That song. They. Huge. Banger I'm a big I'm a big Mariah Carey Guy. I listen to Mariah Carey like more than I probably should. But I don't care no shame in my game. Justin Timberlake's future sex love sounds and beyond be. Were two of the best selling albums of the year Mark Zuckerberg. Was In college. And had just You know made facebook expand to US like universities then moved to international student networks You know he he finally ended up switching the open registration in two thousand six. So, September two thousand six facebook became. Available for anybody thirteen with a valid email address. So the developers have not. made the postseason since the literal invention of facebook. And now, facebook pretty much runs the world in February two, thousand, six Dick. Cheney shot his friend. On a coil hunting trip in south Texas ranch side note I remember when that news story came out that was one of the most insane new stories of all time. It was like just an accidental misfiring were Dick Cheney shot his friend and like. Man It was. It was made to seem like the world was ending. I was like his friend ended up. Being okay. A HOBIE did I was once again I was eleven at the time but Yeah I. Just remember that it's like every time. I walked into like my parents living room and they were watching the it was all about how Dick Cheney shot his friend most insane time ever Sasha Baron Cohen's Borat came out. And you know Saas Barikot and also won the Golden Globe for best actor musical or. Crazy to think that he won for Barak Has Board is such an insane movie kids do not go watch that one wait until you're older also fun fact if you haven't already seen, but a Sasha, Baron Cohen is actually in the process of filming black to. So. I'm kind of excited for that one. I actually really liked Borat but I don't think boy who was going to be. You know as good also not to drop the mood or anything but two, thousand six, also the Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter died from the. Sting from the from the Stingray Big. BIG R.I.P to Steve Irwin It's crazy how long that man's legacies lasted you know he was just kind of like the Animal Planet. the Animal Planet Guy and you know he was a partisan spoofs for a while but Steve Irwin man lasting legacy for a long time. But that guy was very underrated you know big news billions for those people who are into celebrity breakups Reese Witherspoon and. Her husband. got a divorce Jennifer Aniston Vince Vaughn broke up and Sodhi Britney Spears and Kevin Federal Line which that started a whole like snowball effect of random stuff that was happening within. You know celebrity culture that you know is not safe to talk about on a podcast that's meant for all ages. So I'm not GonNa do it, but for anybody who was around at that time. You remember how wild it was just `Paparazzi pictures coming out in like these. How insane it was All move on from that Mel. Gibson, you know he just put out. I. Think. The Passion of the Christ had just came out and that he went on. His his entire like race racial rant after his Dui. That was absolutely nuts I could not believe that I was. I was insane moving on because I mean no one really wants to talk about any of that right now. Let's go to the top. I looked at the top ten movies of the year two, thousand six, just based off gross income. So these are just off the movies that were made side. No. A lot of these are kids movies, and that's because kids can watch the same movie over and over and over again every day and not feel any type of way about it. So a lot of these are kids movies, but the number one highest grossing movie. The, pirates of the Caribbean to number two was cars number three X. men last stand number four was the Davinci Code. Number Five Superman returns number six, Ice Age meltdown. You Got Happy Feet over the Hedge Casino Royale and running out the top ten was Talladega nights the ballot of Ricky Bobby. Easily my favorite movie on this entire list, the ballot or Ricky Bobby is a total classic and I swear was one of those movies that we watched every time you went to your friend's house. For an entire for the entire calendar year of two, thousand and seven, and I think it was the movie that everybody played until stepbrothers came out and when stepbrothers took its place and it was like every time your friend's house for an entire year two years it was like Oh what do you want to do? Oh let's watch stepbrothers. I honestly don't think I've watched the movie step brothers all the way through beginning to end since two thousand eight and I can still recite pretty much the entire movie. That's how much everybody was watching it back in the day 'cause will, Ferrell. was on the hottest of hot streaks. Top Ten billboard songs of the year. I know they said that Mariah Carey pad one they had one. She had a big run at the top ten but she didn't actually end the year in the top ten. So I'M GONNA go ten to one on top ten songs of the year by billboard. So you had at number ten you had beyond saying. Slim Thug's check on it. Justin Timberlake sexy back at number nine. You had camilion airs riding dirty. Chameleon here's ride and dirty came out. Last the podge Oh, my God. This is like what an insane world we're living in at that time you got ned number seven. Crazy by Naral Barkley was out number six was Natasha. Bedingfield unwritten. Wild. A wild year at number five Shakira's hips don't lie number four you got you're beautiful by James Blunt number three was permits skuas girls by Nelly Furtado number two was Sean Paul's temperature in number. One was hands down the worst song ever made I will die on this hill I don't care what anybody say if you play this song around me we're fighting. It No. No. If ands or buts about it, my mom had this as a ringtone for forever and my mom was one of those people who would not pick up the phone until the ringtone was almost all the way through. And so you had listen to the song every single time that she got a call from either friend a telemarketer just anything you had listen to song every time. So if anybody plays this song around me. Rage. You're getting nothing barrage and his bad day by Daniel, powder? Was the number one song in America in two, thousand and six. Man What a horrible time like I was honestly thinking that this is the like this was so crazy that this was happening at that time you know that. Just. Men that song was bad. I cannot believe how bad that song is Let me go back and let's compare and contrast the two, thousand, six padres and the twenty eighteen padres just to see. just compare stats from their best players and you know like all that kind of stuff. So because I still got a few minutes left in this segment, let's see. So like I said, there was one person two people on this team. Or batting more than three hundred better than the two, thousand and eight. Yeah two, thousand, six, squad see the League leader. They're the team leader in homers was a gone with twenty four. Lee Era team lead in home runs Manny Machado Sixteen. This guy played a third. Of the Games that. They were playing and he's only off by eight. Absolutely nuts let's check out the RBI lists. So number one RB. Manny Machado with forty six, number one rb I get her might cameron with eighty three tied with Brian Giles. Like A little more than half away in third of the Games. This is absolutely crazy. Let's see. So this team, the padres currently this year have one. Two, players that are under. One hundred. Plus. Let's check this other. They have three players were under a hundred, a PS plus and it was. The The ancient Vinnie Castio fifty four then Khalil Greene. And Josh Barfield had ninety six and ninety seven respectively Austin. Hedges only has a sixty two opiates pleasant Tommy famous as a seventy, two plus nothing too great. Insane how the world has changed. I could not believe it going back on it, but all I can really say is I am so excited the padres are in the postseason three changes in logos they had a color change. I mean. Absolutely insane they still according to baseball reference. They still only have three point four percent chance of winning the world series but they're my favorites to win the world series. I am rooting for them hardcore to win the championship and already everybody will be taking a quick break. I'll be right back after a word from our sponsors. 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I'M ON ESPN DOT COM and we're looking at the hardest the toughest and easiest schedules of the final week and then I'm going to go and speech guys about free agents who can boost their stocks in. October because. It's going to be a wacky year. Everything's going to be going down. It's. We don't know what the. Significance of winter. The winter meetings are going to look like normally it's like baseball's national holiday where you know. We're looking at the winter meetings like okay. Things are going to go down moves they're going to be made. What's GonNa Happen, is our team finally going to be a contender after all these years we don't know. So basically after this segment I'm going to break that down just to see because you know like George, springer is going to be a free agent. You know there's a lot of big free agent names and you know we need to see like who can you know who's going to be battling the postseason and you know a rough a rough postseason for some of these guys can you know really throw the numbers down but the toughest remaining schedule for a team that has yet to clinch a playoff berth? Is the Miami Marlins. So there we is looking horrible they have seven games left in the season. They are four games against the braves in Atlanta and three games versus the Yankees in New York they have. Seven. Road Games. Against to the hottest teams in the game like the pitching staff for the braves has been okay. But their offense has been absolutely nuts. brave they've won seven of their last eleven. To to have a three game lead in the least. But this is also something that you know could be You know could be a pretty big deal because an only three game lead in Yo you got four games on the road granted in. ATLANTA. The braves probably to do pretty well. But there's still a chance. There is still a chance for the Miami Marlins to overtake the braves for first place in the analyst the Marlins or three and three against the braves in twenty twenty And you know they'll be you know we'll see. We'll see how we'll see how it goes. I guess I mean they're definitely going to Max free throwing. So I don't think the Miami marlins actually an overtake, the braves And then the Yanks. Averaging eight point, five runs per game during their ten game winning streak. AB So. lutely nuts. That they're doing that You know they're they're right when we were about to count them they just started just ripping homers left and right and just could not be stopped. It was absolutely. Insane number two, the mariners. So we were talking about the mariners you know they have three games versus the Astros big series coming up, and then they actually have four games and Oakland. They only show two on baseball reference, but they have a four game series against the Oakland as. You know. The Games at home versus the Astros? Maybe they get some home field advantage they can really some damage there get win. You know if they sweep, they can get within one game of the playoffs and then go into Oakland and Oakland has all the incentive to just tank those games like there's no reason for Oakland actually like even try with those games because the only real bad that could kill. THEM IS COW Lewis and Carl Lewis is a rookie. You know he's not going to go into the postseason and just start you know turning into Ken Griffey Junior I could see one especially with you know the like George Springer, all these guys that are going in and to free agency at the end of the year, and they have something to prove if you know the Houston. Astros. Do. Not Make the playoffs that be hilarious. So we'll see how that goes I'm rooting heavily for the Seattle Mariners if you thought that of. The. friggin San Diego padres have not been in the postseason. In a world half. The Seattle Mariners have the longest playoff drought in pro sports at nineteen consecutive years and finally my God hopefully that can change I am rooting heavily for the. mariners Number three, you have the Cincinnati reds. So this have three games versus brewers in three games versus the twins in Minnesota and the twins are going to come out and they're not going to have any chance like any any give in what they're going to be doing. They're going for the kill because they do not for for. Anything WANNA play the Yankees, the Yankees it we went over this last week where the Yankees are just like the logo on the helmet on the field. You know it's just like it's just a here we go again moment and they're defeated before they even get off the bus and that's exactly what's happening. They're they're definitely going to be like right now where the seating is, they're going to be playing the New York Yankees. So. MINNESOTA'S GONNA come out and do all that they can to change that You know maybe they tank maybe they tanked. So they have they play the white sox instead of the Yankees, but we'll see how that goes on the Milwaukee brewers. That's going to be a bloodshed series. They need to take those games from the brewers. The brewers are tied for the eighth spot in the you know in the in the playoffs so we'll They really need to put their foot on their necks and get them out of here, but it's GonNa be it's GonNa be interesting how they divide their pitching staff with Louis Sonny Gray and trevor. Bauer like who's going to against you know which team or if they go off this whole three days rest and you know really really prepare for the postseason that way number four is the giants, their four games against Iraqis who they are who are nipping at their heels actually to get into the postseason they're not technically out of it yet even other kind of far out there only two two games back but. Now, these four games against the rockies are huge and they have four games against the padres which really doesn't matter to anybody but them because of. You know because. The padres of made the postseason but the giants you know they've lost four other lasts seven and you know they're looking for their first playoff berth since they won the world series in wait no, they didn't win the world series in two thousand, sixteen they last won in twenty fourteen. Yeah. So last playoff appearance since twenty sixteen, you know they're twenty or they're sixteen, nine at home in twenty, twenty, two and four against the rockies one against one in five against the padres this year. So they have a pretty steep steep hill to climb especially if they're trying to solidify. Their place in the postseason. Number, five, you have the Toronto Blue Jays. The Toronto Blue Jays. They need to win. Think magic number is only like to. To get into the postseason, let's see. Let me go to baseball reference and see where they're at I. Don't know why even click off baseball reference on that page all time Let's see each Toronto there the other four games up their four game up on Seattle they're tied with. Houston for you know the seventh and eighth spot so Yeah they just got to win one of these Games the orioles are four and a half games out. So they're really not out of it much. So you know if they if they blow some of these games against the Yankees which are very capable of doing and they go into, you could see you know we could see the Orioles and the Blue Jays battling out in a playoff. WHO winner goes to the playoffs type situation that would be Not, only unexpected but absolutely insane especially since the orioles were there over under for the season was like setup twenty games and they've already beat that at the threat like twenty three or something like that I put them for under. So if you guys bet on that I am sorry. But who expected this I mean come on. Number six, the brewers. Three Games against the reds and they've got five games in Saint Louis against the cardinals Daniel Vogel had two homer game, the other day there I don't see this team make the playoffs I'm just going to come out and say, I, don't think they're good enough to make the postseason I think that they're just hanging on for dear life. You know they got the rebrand, the cool uniforms and all that kind of stuff but I i. if you're telling me that they're going to beat the reds I I honestly don't believe it. Moving on, we have the mets. The mets have three games against the raise of four games against the nationals. I. Don't know why they consider the nationals three like that. Big of a deal, the nationals like they gave up on the season before season even started and even then like the phillies have the same exact schedule there right behind him tied for seventh as well. four games against the nationals than three games against the race. So. That's in the phillies are really battling it out for the spot to get into the postseason and. You know they have the exact same schedule. The mets. They lost thirteen of their last twenty two since August twenty ninth you know. They've like in the phillies that are around five hundred this month and they're six Oh, the season against the nationals, they're able to complete a complete ten game sweep. against. The nationals for the entire season, the phillies will solidify themselves in the postseason, which is nice. Moving onto the easiest the Houston Astros like we went over the the three games in Seattle Mariners, and they have four games against the Rangers in Arlington and the Rangers or the third worst team in base second or third team in baseball So. Yeah. With a wapping point, three, nine, one, win percentage. The Astros are looking steady as you know. Locks. Again, the postseason unless. Catastrophe strikes Then you got the Saint Louis Cardinals, they have three games against the rose in Kansas City, they have their five games against the brewers there the opponents win percentage point four, six, one below five, hundred looking. Looking, pretty good for the boys in. Powder blue. I could call them in Saint Louis. Saint Louis. I think they're always locked into the postseason like if they missed the postseason, it's more shocking than anything Minin lastly, the padres have the easiest get one of the easiest schedules but since they already clinched, it doesn't. It doesn't really matter They have two games against the angels and four games against the giants. So let's look at some. Get some free agents. So. I think the one of the big free agents that has the most room to grow from I would say like, yeah, he's a number two pitcher to this guy could be the head of the best staff in baseball. Is Trevor Bauer like Trevor Bauer I think he's my Cy Young Award winner. In the NFL I love MACs freed. He's had a great year. I love you darvish he's had a great year but Trevor Bauer has been can't Miss Baseball He's absolutely dominated everyone and you know if he's able to find a way to just completely dominate these last week this season and figure out how to get the Cincinnati reds into the postseason and that is able to. Really. Put in a good effort in the postseason. You know really get maybe even get to the bubble and he has about three. Good. Ace like starts in the postseason Trevor Bauer could get. I wouldn't say Garrett Cole Money He will get. Paid. This upcoming season and no, one can really say anything. You know Michael Brantley. He's up there. He's had a pretty big. You know he's been pretty disappointed you always. Say He's been a disappointment in the last three series with the Indians thirteen seventeen and eighteen You know he did put go he did play. Okay for the Astros last season but you know if he's able to make it to the postseason this year, he really needs to put in big numbers so we can get another massive contract because Michael Brantley is a d. h. getting older. You know is a he's a great fit especially if the NFL adapts the you know the the universal d. h. I feel like you know the sky's limit for Michael Brown and he could play until he's forty he's GonNa be a great option like The guy just hits. That's all he does. He just hits over and over again hits hits it Another good one? Didi Gregorius de Gregori signed a one year fourteen, million dollar deal with the phillies and this dude is been absolutely insane. He has more like he's lowering his strikeout percentage. He's upping his walks percentage. He still has the power You know the Yankees kind of gave up on him last year. Didi Gregorius. If he has a big postseason for the Philadelphia phillies look for him to cash in DJ Lemay who at a two year twenty, four, million, dollar deal of fierly underpaid. I mean he's been at the top of the batting title race for the past two seasons. He's tough five and. This year like TJ the mayhew can absolutely get paid. especially if you know he's the leader of the Yankees lineup going. Probably the lcs this year that's what I would say. You know. The next one that they put Marcello. Zona. Listen. Marcello Zona. Yes. His stalking go very high. But. His stock is high as anyone's going to the postseason this year. Alexandropolis do what's right re-sign Marcello Zona because my God. Can this guy rake we need him. We have to have them, and if we have a Universal D.. H.. Lock. Him Up. For. Six years. Five years. Five years of Marcello soon as D. H. I think we're GonNa win the world series. Gt Mutoko I think I. Think Jt Real Mute Oh yeah. He they say he's the consensus on the market. Absolutely. This guy hits tanks I. Don't think he's stocking go any higher. George Springer is a big one. Mushy, Hilton NOCCO really needs avid good season 'cause. Yeah. He's not I don't think he's going to be you know really highly sought after his a number one he can pretty get some pretty. He can get some good money going into like maybe like a number two spot I see him I don't think it will ever be number one. You know the Jays. Actually make it to the postseason and have a decent season Robbie Ray. Had horrible seasons the past couple years he had a seven point eight four era last year and got traded to Toronto, and then he has a five nine four in his four outings with Toronto, like he's just not pitching that great and if we know anything sports one. One good like postseason series and you can get a message money for no real reason other than you played pretty well in this postseason, maybe we can figure it out kind of like A. If Anybody Remembers Burnett like I feel like Burnett was that guy he was right out of the League no one really was carrying anymore. He was his last stop because he was mad cheap they took him to Pittsburgh, and they tweet some things and the next thing you know he has like a five year contract coming to them and is like a really good pitcher for the Pittsburgh pirates. So who knows maybe Robbie Ray could be the next. Aj Burnett which isn't really saying much. All right. Everybody I'm going to be taking my last break and we'll be right back to go over these series to watch for the weekend. I already kind of went over that to a little bit but. You know we gotta do our deep dive I'm going to be right back up to these words. Want to know the latest and soccer the listen to the golden state media concepts. Soccer podcast from M. L. S. is the world of the Premier League, we've got you covered the latest update the hottest matches news on the League's top players. It's the state media concept soccer podcast. Listen. Bob. Are Everybody? Let's close this episode out like we always do soap. What it is, I have the ESPN. schedule open for 'em obese and just going through the look. I. Don't know what it is about this but the episode the day that the episode normally comes out. The pitching matchups aren't great. But the day after. It comes out the pitching matchups are in saint like there's so many good pitches pitcher's throwing on on Wednesday but for Tuesday, you got some good throwers here and they're like, you got Garrett Cole versus. Tanner. the. Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays. That's going to be on ESPN Brett. Anderson. Versus Sony Grades Pretty Good Matchup Got Jose Urania. He's definitely gonNA hit Ronald Cuneo because he does it every single time. I really hope that if he does hit if he does hit run other Kunia I just hope that they like actually suspend him because this dude Like a Kunia was on like record tear last year and Urania hit him in the forearm and he was out for a week and then the first he had against the rain again, he took them deep, which was a major just middle finger to them but you know I, was like. Like how many times are you going to allow this one dude hit our best player every single time he plays them every time he's on fire. Jose Rainha hits them directly in the arm happens every single time and I guarantee you it's going to happen on Tuesday So keep an eye out for that Uranus Cole Hamill Steve Cohen. Cole Hamels. Can, Can Bounce back because he had a pretty rough start in his first started the year last last week Blake Snell versus Seth Lugo Blake Snell. Obviously he's much must watch TV but seth. Lugo, he's nothing to nothing to really write home about Yeah Baltimore Boston. That's only really big for Baltimore fans because they're still trying to get play themselves into that position to where you know they can play the Toronto Blue Jays and A. Winter Winter goes to the playoff type situation So, Keegan. Keegan Aitken versus Nick Pa- Vada. I don't know either of those names Sorry. From sleeping on you guys. But yeah, I don't I don't know any of those names you got Detroit versus Minnesota which is going to be great You Got Tariq School Ball versus currently undecided Tariq's coup ball is he's He's a fun pitcher to watch I do like to recall Detroit. Maybe a year early on you guys because I tend to be a yearly on a lot of people. But you know Terri sue both I I'm I'm pumped for him and then yeah, Gavin even better pitching matchup going tomorrow. But okay to that in a little bit Let's see brady singers. For. The Kansas City royals he's a real high spot Brady Singer everybody knows Sam. He's The pitcher from Florida who was absolutely dominant in his career with the Florida gators and then come to the OB and is pretty dominant in the MLB You know he's really fun to watch a really do love watching it. I don't know where am I love watching pitchers came from I normally don't like pitchers. They're kind of weird In will every yeah and like every aspect there. Some of the weird or people I've ever met in my life but. I do actually watch like to watch pitchers ball out from time to time. Yacht Zach Davies, versus Griffin canning that's going to be a pretty good up. I. Mentioned this earlier in the show Houston Seattle. Fromberg Valdez versus LG newsom that's going to be a good pitching matchup. I think the match up of the entire day is Oakland versus the dodgers it's going to be on ESPN. Frankie montage versus Dustin may doesn't maize looks like he's going to be a parabola problem in a few years like when he's. He's like. He wasn't even the big name coming into this year at he's just absolutely carved teams up. He looks like huge piece going into the postseason like dust in May is one. Great Pitcher and I can't wait to see how he progresses. Just within the dodger organization he's. The token red. Meat. As a redheaded guy I'm a huge dustin may guy but You know with the big league lettuce that he's got on his head and just the movement on his hundred mile an hour or two seem and just how kind of energetic is on the mound like when he gives when he gives up a ball that he thinks is hard hit he's jumping around. He's very you know like he's just very passionate about pitching and you can tell in his His Games in it's it's a lot of fun to watch. I really do love watching just in May and they got kyle freeland versus drew Smiley to out Tuesday eight, forty, five PM Central Colorado at San Francisco. Now Wednesday this is the day. What the heavy hitters on the mound. First of all, you're starting the day off with Chris Paddock Chris Paddock is going to be playing He's going to be facing high may BEREA. BEREA. Of the angels. So. Yeah, Chris. Paddock to start the day. Let's see. you got Lucas Gio Lido versus Zach. OOP skews. ME. Luke's Julia Overseas Zach Police AC. That's a great matchup. Masahiro. Tanaka is going to be on the mound. You Got Adrian Hauser versus Trevor Bauer that's a big match up you got versus Nick. Marga vicious merge vicious. Sure. We're going to go with that Zach rinky on the Mound Marga vicious. I've never seen him throw but I'm going to be watching CAL Hendrix on the mound six toe Sanchez is GonNa. Throw Tyler. Glasgow. Stephen Matt's. Casey Mayes is playing Kenta Majeida. That's my matchup of the day right there. That's the game on tuning into Casey mayes versus Kenta Maeda. I cannot wait you're Carlos Martinez Danny Duffy Schon Maniaci, you got Julio or es thrown against Sean Mnaya. Mike what more could you want as fans of the game? Like these games, it's getting down to the wire light unique clutch performance after clutch performance and. It's coming and it's coming from all these guys and it's incredible. Hope. It's match freed because the braves are undecided on their throwing against six Oh Sanchez. Man I. Hope it's Max freed. Max. Frieder Union Henderson just have the two futures of baseball going up against each other I. think that would be sick to watch Nathan you volley is GonNa be throwing I. Don't know how great he's done this year I don't know if he's back to like earlier Nathan. You've already what he wasn't that good or if he was world series Nathan, you've all the where he's absolutely carving people up and there's just no chance of hitting him chase. Anderson is facing off against Masahiro. Tanaka you know. Everybody knows that's a big series of for the Toronto Blue Jays I don't have to state that over and over again Danny Duffy versus Carlos Martinez is a big matchup I. Love that Danny Duffy Felix underrated just because he's in Kansas City and not many people watch the royals You know Carlos Martinez is back as the starter versus Saint Louis. He, intrigues me so much because I have no idea if he's like A. If he's just like going to be their bullpen peace or if he's there starter or if he's just everywhere in between like Carlos Martinez I think is probably the most versatile pitcher in baseball. Just because he closes games, he starts games he can come in in the sixth and the seventh and the Eighth Lake it's just you never know when Carlos Martinez could be coming into a game, but he could come in for every game and it's Kinda. Wild But yeah. Let's see my game of the day. Casey Mayes. Catta my Ada of course got Detroit. Minnesota other big match up those two teams clenched. It's not really that big of A. Match, up the as in the dodgers if they would've played that earlier that would have been way sweeter. Let's see other game to watch Ohio Lucas. Gio Lead over Zach police Ale central always has been has been pumping out game after game to watch this year it, the Al Central has been my favorite division. It is the most competitive division I love that division and I kind of hope that one of the teams from that division wins the world series or at least represents the American League in the World Series I, think that that would be. Absolutely. Insane. All right everybody I am that is going to be our show will be back on Friday with a brand new episode. Enjoy your week. Enjoy your family's. NBA Be. Sure to enjoy baseball. You can follow me on Instagram at Evan Worley twenty-three. You can play me in tap baseball if you're bored, the nickname is Evan Wurley twenty three and I would like to thank you for listening to the GMC baseball podcast brought to you by the GMC podcast network. I would like to ask you to please remember to subscribe to the show and run a nicer viewpoint really helps us out and if you could please follow us on facebook twitter instagram. Thank you and have a great night. You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts, baseball podcast part of the golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot Jesus MC podcast dot com download our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud, and Google play just type it Jesus Mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts, podcast network from movies to music thrown sports entertainment, and even Weird News. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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