Ep 318 | In Texas, We Work! | Guest: Shelley Luther


It's party welcome to another episode of the Chad. Prayed the show in studio twenty two we are in that mothership mark candies. They are still out of town. I don't know what they're doing. They're on vacation or doing something it took a long weekend, turn it into a week but chance the soloist ginger rapper he's at the helm driving us the nether regions of all things, Texas politics today, and of course, just in case Kansas. Gown Justin is sitting over there running the show that we know who's really truly in charge. Good to have you boys here. Thank you for everything. You do it and we let market candice come back. y'All both prettier than them. Don't you agree Justin. You agree. I love it hot news. is at the pub, and of course, we want to welcome back party foul Steve did you have a good birthday buddy? I did probably the best one I've had in a very long time hack you're half one hundred. Hundred you're half a hundred haven't had a haircut since before corona virus. I want tomorrow. It's not a mullet people not a mullet it is. It is just long as hair there. There was one guy on our boat parade who get one who's that long haired guy back there on the on the megaphone and I'm like don't pay attention that guy's homeless. Fun with a megaphone. Salting everybody that I could fun. Boat Parade had over eight hundred boats at the big one and we had a lot of fun down there Tim Georgia sitting down there at the end of the thing when Tim's around, you know that Shelly Luther is here as well. So she's in the hot seat I shall high. Normally. We have. You sit on the couch, but we were lazy today we didn't want to move the furniture. Mark near to move the couch. Yeah. Well, that was admiring Steve's locks. Figured I'd sit over here. Yeah. Just wanted to feel the locks the. Tim You guys we're GonNa talk about this whole today's episode. We're GONNA talk about Texas politics obviously. We've talked about me running for office. Shelley has announced she's running for office. We're GONNA talk about all of this. We're GONNA. Get into some issues going to be fun. You say, well, I don't live in Texas well I. IT still applies to your state because these are things that are happening on the national level and so goes Texas. So goes the nation and we're GONNA make sure that that stays that way. Tim has is, is this stuff? Stressed you out in any way? Make sure your turn make sure your mic turned on over there at the boy on there Yeah. You Know I. Think I'm losing some hair and or at least his turn gray but Yeah. You'd never know how much stressful does. So you're in that situation for Sir it comes out it's like a spiritual battle and I think it is a spiritual battle in a big way shelley us. We won't get into the details yet 'til after the break, but you've still feel good about everything I do. Yeah. I do too even with all the crap that's come my way here. Recently, I still feel good about it. I think it's funny. Weird thing. It's definitely affects tim a lot more than me I think it's hilarious. Yeah. What people come up with this just absurd. We're going to get into some of that. It's going to be fun but we're GONNA talk issues, their issues that affect you especially if you're a Texan but we're gonNA talk about some of the things that are going on that are just. Hard to believe and I think at this stage in the game maybe they're not that hard to believe I want to remind everybody though that we're going to be in Seabrook, Texas Friday Night Myself Cooper Wade we're going to be down there gotTA show. Might be sold out. I. Don't know you can go to watch Chad DOT COM and check if you're down there on the Texas coast south of Houston come see us they were going to be in a college station Bryan Texas on Saturday and Sunday night I think Saturday sold out to. I. Don't know why I'm even announcing these shows go to watch Chad Dot com, check them out. I know Sunday as not sold out. I'm sure that you can get in I'm sure even if you walk up and say Hey Chad told me to come they'll let you in we're going to have a lot of fun this weekend to watch Chad Dot coms where all the fun stuff is. Hey. What does covid nineteen? Losing your home it's got a lot because FBI's reported that since this virus struck cybercrimes been up seventy five percent and here's the thing that makes it even worse legal titled. Our. Homes or online right now, the crime is called home title theft just yesterday I was talking to Glenn Beck about this thing and I said, how much does this truly happen and he said happens a lot. You got folks overseas that go online these cyber criminals and they find the title to your home and they forged your signature on a quick claim deed they send all the refile borrow against your. Your mortgage. And all the bills get sent to a dead drop. Address or misrepresented in terms of who they're too or they say there's loan that you never took council you just set it over on the counter throw it in the trash that's not me. So what they do is they stick you with payments and you don't even know that you're in debt until you get a late payment or foreclosure notice are you ultimately get addicted from your home home title? Locks. Going to protect your home's legal title. Your home is your most valuable asset. It's your safe haven home titleist gonNA put a virtual barrier around your home title instant they detect tampering they're gonNA shut it down to home tidal lock, Dot Com, register your address right now see if you're already victim than use code Chad for thirty three days of protection. That's home title Dot Com we'll be right back. All right. So Shelly, been on the show Shelley Antony Belen show a couple of times and of course, you guys she's salon owner Shelly Luther right that's anytime anything comes up and they use you as an example right? You're always you're not calling me a hairdresser right? If solon owner, you know some any and I've seen the hairdresser thing too which is just dumb subject defying to someone to say, well, you know the salon owner in Dallas she did this and that, and of course it I think it's. Exacerbated things with the Nancy Pelosi situation last week but we'll get into that later But you announced that you're running for Texas State Senate district thirty. Yes and that's that's of course what we were alluding to and you made that announcement it's coming up. Things coming up fast you said to me before we get into that you said to me let me qualify something. We were standing on the steps of the state capital in Austin. and. You said to me. I'm not a politician I'm not. They keep introducing you as somebody who's apologies and you're like me like you care about this state you care about Texas you care about Texas business you care about Texas citizens but you weren't playing a political game is what you were saying and I'm the same way I never I never looked in the future like I was going to try to be a politician exactly and I came out publicly and said, I'll never run for public office to had to eat those words. All right. And I want to still WANNA quit everyday they the But you jumped into this thing you jumped in with both feet I support you. And believe in you and I'm thankful for you. and. But what was the deciding factor for you? I guess. It was numerous. Things are obviously when the government basically. Took, over my business and me getting thrown in jail in all of those things it's just crazy that something like that could happen and we've already talked about that. But once, I, got out of Jail I got six hundred handwritten letters and and people talking to me Just, being active in the community without having title and doing things that maybe a politician should be doing and maybe they're not and trying to help people get back into work and back into the community. and. I just felt like it's something that I should do. and. When I live in pilot point and when this special the seat opened up, there's thirty one districts, Senate districts. In Texas, this seat opens up and it happens to be exactly where I, live I feel like it was a sign I do it. So that was the deciding factor. Yeah because when I started looking at the political landscape and the mapping of things over the next few years and started seeing you know in terms of Congress in on the on the federal level in all these different things, the redistricting and things that are coming. Texas is kind of up for grabs a big way and I have people who always say to me, what are your qualifications? You know. And I am a citizen of Texas and I love the state. Do you kind of feel like. Citizens People Business Owners, people you know have built something. Those are the folks that need to be going into politics well, that that's what government originally was supposed to be like the normal people, teachers, regular citizens, and. It's become a bureaucracy and something totally different, and now we have we we call that the establishment and it's really hard to break into that if you're not one of the kind of good old boys. That's already in there, and so I think it would be a great opportunity for Texas if someone like me or you kinda breaks into that because then people can see that as an opportunity you know thinking you know what I can get in there too, and maybe we can get this take take our government back as we the people again. and. I have people who ask me all the time you know what are the qualifications? Okay. So what you're asking is M I A lawyer. Or is there some kind of rich nepotistic situation where you know we handout? Who Do you know? Do you know we hand out political offices like heirlooms. You know your last name is not Bush. That's the kind of thing Tim if you WANNA. It's hard to watch a woman. You love whether it's a spouse, a girlfriend of daughter. Anybody is hard to watch him. Get kind. Smack a little bit. And you WANNA fight back. How are you dealing with that temptation? You know it's hard especially with social media the way it is these days people are. They they lash out real easily and I think people say a lot of things that they would never say face to face. Yeah. you know they hide behind a screen and just in. A way of just throwing things out there. They have no idea about in I think first reaction is always wanted. You want to fight back, jump back on and say something respond. But what you learn is that there's a lot of times you can't communicate with these people anyway they're already. There's no real real. You know flirt. It's not worth the not worth it, but it's really hard to watch somebody you know they they just say ridiculous things and you just WanNa, just punch somebody in the mouth and go why would you? You would never say that if we were standing face to face in store parking lot or anything else you'd never never make that comment. So why would you make it online? So it's it's definitely tough to see that and not want to just fight back and yeah. And I think that in the long run by responding you exacerbate the situation and make it look even worse. There's no way to win in that. If you respond right my wife taught me that she's just respond if you respond then you're the one that looks like your. that it bothers you it bothers you you're being defensive I've really actually through this whole experience I can't think of one time where someone has said something negative to me directly like derogatory or like personal no one has ever said anything to me directly to my face. It's always been through the computer. I know that there were a lot of people in we kind of alluded to it on the last time you were on here a couple of weeks ago is there were a lot of people who were coming out saying Shelly Luther needs to run for governor after all of the stuff that was going on. And and so I know the support that's out there for you I've seen it. And I've seen it since you made the announcement of running for State, Senate. It's interesting to see we talk about the negative, but it's interesting to see how positive people are too towards this because let's face it. There's a lot of folks out there with common sense and they get what you're trying to. Thank goodness I think all I think this Kobe thing and all of this stuff that's happening I I always believe that there's GonNa be some kind of good come out of it and I think that we are going to be able to take our our state and our country back out of this I think a lot of liberals and Democrats are seeing like vividly. Their party is all about and It's crazy I mean it's crazy and so hopefully. We. Will be able to flip our government and get some real people in office as what we need to do. Honestly. Yeah. You're up against it. The election is coming up the early election or the early voting starts win. So this is what happened I n I announced at in Denton for a back the blue rally we were at and the very next day governor. Abbott announced a special election because of covid that the election will be in thirty five days from then. So basically giving me thirty five days to campaign over a million people in thirteen counties basically impossible and let's remind everybody. Governor of it is not the one who even helped you through that legal situation. Now, he's never helped me with anything. He's always made things harder for me. Yeah. So. Yeah. So he he. I don't know I. You know up with that dude he definitely wants my. I mean there's six people total including me running one one Democrat and four other Republicans running because it's open. filling a vacancy and he definitely has his establishment guy that he wants in there and it's very clear that. This guy has been campaigning for months. And I get thirty, five days and He does not want me in that office because he knows that I will buck the system I I feel like the government works for us their employees they need to listen to what we say and he doesn't like the talkback. Yeah. So. He doesn't like the. I don't and you set a good word they're establishment that is really the summary of of what we're saying you get sick of the establishment guys. Well, it's like a a wall, a barrier and they feel protected and they all vouch for each other and like my opponent has like I don't know thirty endorsements from the house or something I'm like. Well, what's what good is that? They're not even in your district. They're all your buddies that you are proving exactly what we're saying you are. The establishment see I keep saying I'm just GonNa take the quote because I don't know who said it but I heard that somebody said it and I've said it enough times it's my quote now. That Texas isn't the Texas that most Texans think it is right and Texas isn't leading the way anymore. They're not because they're too busy being establishment They're playing politics as usual. We're taking cues from other states and unfortunately. They're not great states or states like Michigan states like New, York and states like California and you see Greg Abbott, kind of following in the same. Steps as that he's leading us in in that direction and that definitely is. Him. That's our governor that he is leading us that way and we've never been like that cowering and. Following the rules Texas, we've always been proud and smart, and we have our own personal responsibility and for us to be not the first state to open up or even we should have never even closed down. We should have been like South Dakota, I. It's kind of embarrassing. Yeah, and every time I hear that I cringe because it's so true people always say y'all should be more like South Dakota or everybody needs to be more like South Dakota. They need to be saying you need to be more like Texas. It used to be that it used to be that and it's not that way anymore and with all due respect to Kristi nome and and and south. Dakota I appreciate what she's done. Appreciate her leadership Jeez. they don't. I don't want to be dictated to I don't want Dakota to be the standard I won't Texas to be the standard of how states are run. I mean that's that's what it should be like. So I don't believe let's say the governor the gubernatorial election was happening right now. Twenty twenty was the time to vote in a new governor. Greg Abbott would not get real he would not get reelected. He is Yeah, he's turned to blue and a lot of I don't know what is happening or what he's thinking. A lot of people are just shaking their heads thinking that he is totally turned on us, and that's why I believe we need people like yourself outspoken. WHO's been successful transparent business you you say what's on your mind? You're not bought and that's you know it's not like some lobbyists is out there behind you pushing you there. There's none of that going on. God knows you don't do it for the money now here for thirteen years I don't do any work for the money. Exactly You know people ask me all the time. If you were actually elected I was the biggest problem is the pay cut I don't I don't want to pay cut right that goes with the thing, but I don't know I. so that's why I bring that up say. I'm encouraging people to pay attention if if if it's a person being pushed by Greg Abbott? Right now. Your antenna Oughta go up. Absolutely it's. A death, it should be. A lot of people were like, do you want abbots endorsement? I'm like, no no, that's the opposite of what I want I. Want I want the People's endorsement right talking about any politician's endorsement I want the people to back me that's bigger because I want to do what they want. Yeah. Yeah. It's like I don't want Glenn Beck's endorsement that's the kiss of death. Coming for you back no, the but I but if you want more of the same, so if Abbott wouldn't win this election, then why should abbots people win this election? They shouldn't they shouldn't because you're just guaranteeing two more years of. Crazy I mean I get online I see people talking about this recall Abbott. Louis. Impeach Abbott, you know all this stuff that's Kinda farcical but. It's good rhetoric, right so if you want that, then you shouldn't want more of the same. So anyway, when we come back, we're going to talk about some of the controversy this happened in the last week some things that she's been able to speak and I want you to hear it on this show. Here's the thing about home security folks and home security companies most. Trap you with high price is tricky contracts and lousy customer support. So while there's a lot of options out there, there's only one no brainer and that simply say simply safe's got everything you need to protect your home with none of the drawbacks of traditional home security. 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I'm excited I'm excited that you're running I'm excited that you're going to win it about that. There you go. Yeah. I can't wait to watch the returns on election night and boom boom boom. Folks gotta get out the vote. That's the deal. Don't just talk about it. Those millions of people in district thirty, you get the million people in district there you got. You GotTa Get out and vote you do and if you WanNa Voice of the people, somebody that has your best interests at heart somebody that I know somebody that I've talked to spent time with she's always been honest with macy's a Bossy lady and I love. Love transparency I love her honesty. And Integrity vote for Shelley Luther now listen. Nancy Pelosi got her hair done. And then blame the salon owner what. That had to give you free press. Right it gave me like twelve million dollars a free press on Fox News I'm and. I mean, I think I just did one yesterday they just want to know what I think about it. But. I mean, it's like what everybody else in America thinks. What a jerk? Light and that's the nicest word I can come up with like she is evil. So you know Nancy is worth one hundred and twenty, hundred, thirty, million dollars something like that. She could have had somebody come to the house. She just doesn't care and thinks that she's better than everybody else and you know we have a lot of. Politicians on both sides that Um feel like they're better than everybody and they can do whatever they want. But tell us what to do and that's what we really felt when we were all shut down they were receiving a paycheck none of us were and we're screaming out for help and they're like, oh no, we're not helping you and they still continue to eat their twenty two pints. You know twenty two dollar pints of ice cream. Yeah. That's what I've wanted to say to Greg Abbott, who extended this? Disaster thing for another thirty days in a you're not keep saying snatch these stupid mask signs down off the windows your stores. Let's open Texas up. Let people go back to work. people closing down we talked about during the break we talked about businesses that are closing. Greg Abbott still take salary St. he's still I. Called Him out on twitter because he won't talk to me in person but I called him out on them like how much of your salary have you donated like president trump before this crisis even happened no answer and we we know he's got about forty million in his campaign. Trust. So yeah, and that's a conservative estimate there. I think there's more than that based on the research that I've done but what do I know? It doesn't matter money. It. It's more than money that wins this because opponent can definitely he already works my my opponent works for a lobbyist and can definitely get all of that establishment money that he needs but. Hopefully, the grassroots people know that. They need to get him out doesn't matter how much money he has. He needs to not about it's not about the money. I have my I have pretty strong opinions. I'm holding my cellphone on all of that but. You, know it the whole do as I say, not as I do mindset. The politicians have like they're above the law. And yet, people still come to you and they say. What qualifications do you have well, I've obeyed the law. myron got in trouble ord. You've gotten put in jail for it. I've been put in jail for breaking the law I've been put in jail for break a frequent ordinance. You've broken ordinance. You did I mean it wasn't even a when he Wasn't even a law it was somebody's whimsical. Yeah Ordinance it was the way the wind was blowing that day. Right and you're like screw this. I'm going back to work and Manley. Your. Let's talk a little bit about your dealing with some things there in where you live southlake with the board of Education and the schools and some of the things that are being taught and post and promoted. As a lot of blm support and things, you're obviously a be a limb support. Play. Her now you're a stripper I'm a stripper. Yeah. No I'm not a stripper, but he's She's not a stripper I wish I still had the body to be a stripper. No she's not a stripper she doesn't support Blm. And and yes, I'm opposed to medical freedom exemptions. When I say stuff like that I get in trouble because I don't want you'd have to fill out any piece of paperwork medical freedom. I don't know how many times I have to say that you should be free free free. Free to do what you want I've I get in trouble I use too many words, but you're dealing with that. And as I said to you before. People are scared to speak out? So I think people are scared to speak out in certain situations are absolutely scared to speak out the ones that you elect You're expecting one answer like that ain't happening like that's were expecting. We've been watching these meetings and it's an instead they're scared I. mean there's there's a fear there if I don't support this, then l. m. will immediately call me a racist and has those two are not aligned in any way at all. I mean I. We know the School Board members they're not racists they want a good education. Preparing our children just you know the way we've all had that opportunity and instead they're changing it and try to implement things like an L. G. T. B. Q. Diversity course that you have to take before you graduate. What I mean what about just balancing a checkbook like there are things that really could go into schools that we can. The schools can really teach our children to implement in life and there are things at home that we can do as. Parents to take care of that as well. You're not doing a good job as parents. Screw you. I'm doing a great job that's on that. That's your opinion I'm doing a great job. And it's very frustrating. Well, there's a new book target a baby book. That's how to raise a non-racist baby. Yes. So, maybe you should read that your children lack. For All racist to read apparently, but it's it's a it's a yeah I I don't. Know because when I used to when I was when I was teaching. I used I told an African Americans student that he was saying something that was racist and he said I can't be racist and I'm like. Yeah you absolutely. Yeah. So that's just a total misconception that right there. Right and we know that racism exists. Right? Right. We know that people are just mean and people are just asshole sometimes they just are stupid I'm having just there. There are things that you know they're going to exist no matter what we saw that at West. Point. A Black Cadet said I've been made fun of and then Joseph Best Friends who, I was called fat when I was there like mean, we all get. OFF, and rise above it and become your best. Well and people have to understand the issues never the issue, all of these riots that are happening in the street and all of these things they're not they're not about black versus white. Those aren't the issues about control. It's not about equality same with these mask mandates in these shutdowns and these Morni- is they're not about people staying healthy versus people getting sick there about control and that's what I am fighting against us what you're fighting against it's not a mask it's not that's that's too simplistic, right? It's amount control and ultimately I want people to be free I want them to have personal liberty and personal responsibility. You know I've said over and over again that we keep kicking, this can further down the road rather than coming out I wish back on Monday governor Abbot would have come out and said Okay we've done what we were going to do I was wrong. Awesome. Things I was right on some things but we're going to go back to business. We're going to go back to it but instead he saw the dollar signs he wanted that federal money. Yeah. in the meantime, there's families that are just Dying out there. and. So somebody said why you know I want to be able to get my three hundred dollars. People have to get their three hundred dollars a week just to live. No, you can go get a job to live right? You know. The standard dollars is not gonNA pay a mortgage. It's not gonNA keep someone's business open. It's not gonNA, buy medication for your kids. It's Stupid Right L. let's remind everybody Tim Your Your Business. owner. Let's remind everybody I mean I. Am I. I haven't been in business now for exactly how many months? Yeah exactly. So I mean you've you've you and the folks who depend on you have been shut now right? I mean you haven't been able to go to work. NOPE and We all still are you know everybody talks and? I've worked with worked several bands that I work with them familiar with are on the same boat I mean everything's just get gotten kicked onto the road to the point where. People have given up on things that they have invested a lot of time money life livelihoods, and they're just moving on and other things. It's sad for some people I've I have friends who are considered to be some of the top musicians, not just in the country but worldwide who are selling their instruments that they used to make money because they have to eat and that's just ridiculous at this point. It's even with things opening backup I'm able to go do shows Chad Dot com. Latest information I'm able to go back and do shows, but it's actually costing me money to go do shows because I'm bringing people with me. Who Need to work? I don't have to do that. Right right. I'll pat myself on the back whatever I just there there folks out there who need to be working who aren't working and I'm taking them with me. They're performing I'm paying him. Out of my pocket, you're not part of the deal. You know what? I'm also using money that for from our Charity Charity we've got some of the musicians like doing work on the House that will pay him money for or You know we're trying to hire you know 'cause they're there to pro too proud for us to just give them money and they don't want us to get. So they they want do work in the house or aband- got cancelled somewhere because they said that they supported me online and they got canceled. So I sent him a check in the mail for what they would've lost but it's People, that's good people. Good people. Shelly. Thanks. Yeah. I'm voting for I. Wish I could vote for you. I wish I could. We're GONNA have some fun in the next segment, but listen as we all settle into the new normal. I don't say the new New Orleans. So tired of that phrase settling in bespoke post is here with customers box of awesome collections for you guys out there guaranteed upgrade your life bespoke post only sins guys the best stuff, every single month and no matter what you're into box of awesome has you covered from style and grooming goods bar where to outdoor gearbox of awesome has carefully built collections for every part of your life and so to get started I, want you to take the quiz at box of awesome dot com you're gonNA help them pick the. Right. Box of awesome for you they're going to release new boxes every month across a ton of different categories free to sign up, you can skip a month. You can cancel anytime each box cost only forty five bucks, but as over seventy dollars, worth of gear inside. So get twenty percent off your first box First monthly box. When you sign up at box of awesome dot com, enter the code watch. Chad at checkout that's all together watch Chad that's box of awesome dot Com Code Watch Shabbir twenty percent off your first box we'll be right back All right. So Shelly you run for office and I know everybody's wanting to know what your everybody's what's your platform? What's your platform? So which platform let's talk about the issues yeah. A lot of people are wondering because all they know is I was that salon owner that went to jail. So they're like what else? That Dallas Salon owner reeducation for strippers. Goodness. well, obviously, I want less government more freedom. So we definitely need to go back to that disaster act that governor Abbot thinks that he's getting all of the this freedom from to be our king. And we need to put some restrictions on that to make sure or or say that that can only be used for these certain situations. This cova thing is not what that was meant for or whatever we need something but safety net not a hammock that's my new phrase right? This one the government should never have the authority to shut us down ever. Yeah, ever. So start there obviously and since I was a schoolteacher for thirteen years, I really want to get into the curriculum of the school. It's bad I want to get rid of the state mandated star testing. It's even worse. It's a waste of time. It ties the hands of teachers and I. Think we need more teacher input in less administrative input. Actually talked to the people that are. Down, in the classrooms. Property taxes have been. Horrible I think Texas is like third in the nation as far as how high property taxes are in what happens is establishment politicians try to say, oh, they can only move it this much but then the appraisal district bumps up eight or ten percent. I think we should Pau. Cap, all of the taxes. So they can't you know kind of do this number on you and try to trick you that you're thinking lower, but it's actually going higher I think we should make appraisal board's elected positions. So they have more accountability and they can't because they're kind of like their own little entity, their their own little bureaucracy, and they don't really they're not held accountable. So, let's cap all of the taxes where they can't move up. Make that elected position and then just go after the government spending at the state level stop all of this illegal. Immigrants Spending. Further schooling and all of this I don't know what they're giving him. It's a lot also the. He gets Governor Abbott gives all these subsidies in corporate welfare in. I mean I don't know there was at and T. or sprint or whenever they want to try to get a big company to move to Texas and they'll say I'll give you twenty million dollars and you won't have to pay taxes for. Ten years. that. Eliminates Free Market for Texas first of all picks, winners and losers second of all, it puts us in a bind financially for years to come that we need to abolish that of drought. Explain that people would this Elon Musk thing over and over it's horrible. So yes, it's a perfect example now then yeah, we're Tesla because then all of the other car dealerships are at a disadvantage and it's not fair and that's what we're doing with when covert happen you your essential you're not oh, Tesla's essential but you're just Ford so it doesn't matter know so that needs to go. Tax Payer funded lobbying. So you pay your property taxes and they can actually the cities can actually use part of that to pay a lobbyist to lobby against you. Things that you don't want. So we need to abolish that as well. So there's a lot of government spending that's going on things. The government doesn't even need to be involved in at all that we can eliminate to make sure that property taxes go away because right now. You don't really own your home even if you pay your mortgage, you don't own it and that's that's against your rights. You know like a life liberty property, you don't own your property because you can pay off your mortgage issues from. If you miss taxes, they can take it even though you've paid it off completely. Yeah. That's ridiculous. Huge issue for me I in fact I think it's ungodly as how strongly were. An alien right that's right and you can't I mean it's we should have and I have a plan. In fact, we're to my platform today but I have a plan for abolishing property tax. Now that's what I WANNA do. It will take years if you get rid of that, but we everybody needs to work together on that. But what we keep doing the establishment politicians keep trying to pretend that they're doing something but they don't do anything about the appraisal districts and don't do anything about aggie exemptions where you can include your land at it. They keep saying we're doing all the work and they blame it on someone no, we all need to work together to just get rid of it. It's easy. Yeah. Well, there's no question about it. There's a lot of issues. Government has gotten bigger. Pure sign is the exception is accepting this money again for this Kovic disaster relief stuff you're letting bureaucracy in the door in a bigger bigger way, and that's his that's as. Liberal as it gets Well, what about this? Like two hundred and ninety five, million, dollar contract contact tracing bill? Did We vote on that? Why did our money go to that? Yeah win why didn't go to business owners? We don't WANNA be traced. Nobody wants to be true. Oh, that's against our rights. Ninety five million dollars I have some things that really strong words about that that I can't say. Nobody wants to be traced I mean that I have not met a single person that wants that now. People online that are arguing forward silly stuff like that but now. No freedom people, it's all about them. And take the respond look I if you if you want to keep your business shutdown because you're afraid. To it then do it. That's your business. There's a sign on the door of a business that says you will die. If you walk in here if I WANNA, walk in there, it's my business business. That's. Right it's up to you. I may be dumb, but it's my personal business. If I want to people need to understand that the governor is not responsible the government is not responsible for your safety. They are responsible for protecting your rights and right now it's flipped it's the opposite and I know what people are going to say, oh, but they make us wear seatbelts and things. They shouldn't. They shouldn't. They shouldn't. It's not your rights to resort to wear seat belt but because people are should take responsibility to wear a seatbelt. It's there. That's like, okay we don't the state of Texas. You legally you don't have to wear a helmet. You do not to ride a motorcycle but all the motorcycle guys now that if they fall, they're going to crack there. You looked really cool writing your. Right with your hair blowing in the wind party foul, you look great but they understand where helmet then your head was in two to. Riding the motorcycle without the helmet wearing a face mask that that's the one. that. I can crack my head open but please don't give me cove and while I'm writing by on my motorcycle that's like we were talking about it on yesterday's program about the tour to France, when they've got. Like one hundred and fifty-six riders that tested. Negative so they got to continue in the race or they would have been disqualified I. mean they're doing one hundred and nineteen miles an hour down the Alps. On a bicycle, but they're worried about molecules that we're GONNA get. Come on. Those guys are in like immaculate now. Like you're going to die from covid come on. Yeah, I don't think so. That's that's that's so funny dude and that is the hypocrisy. That's there is people don't think the motorcycle thing is a perfect example of that. We we get. We say we say in that situation we say, Hey, it's your freedom. It's you're right. Hopefully. You'll be responsible. I mean our taxpayer dollars will scrape you off the street when you're smeared made one when the asphalt right but we're not going to tell you what to do now. But you know what another big problem is they've got all the nursing homes closed and A lot of those are Republican voters and if we don't die there, they usually mail in their ballots because they and their relatives bring them the valid ballots but they're not allowing them visitors right now we're gonNA lose millions of Republican votes because Governor Abbott is not opening. Yeah. Those nursing homes come on Greg. The hail man. Michelle you're like calling you out greg well, I call him out every day. So Great. I'm definitely not on his Christmas card list. I've been calling him out a lot lately to shed. He needs to be called out he needs to be accountable. Well, we'll see what happens I got a feeling. Old Greg's and trouble. Yep He's in trouble. All right. We come for your Greg. We'll be right back. Shelley Tim you guys are always welcome here. We can get on here and bitch about anything in the world. That's the beauty of this place to bitch about there's a lot to bitch about but. I encourage people to. Be Following Shelly on social. Media. Third Dot Org, my campaign site and I and I did. Steal. Your idea on one of my little campaign things. One of my people did it. They did it. They took your deal in that they put my face on one thing visit what deal your little art thing that said Shelly Luther for Texas Senate and it had the little semi circle in your face. Cool I totally stole it. You should. I didn't steal it somebody on my team did and I posted it. I'd say least change the font. It's not A. You know. My name is Chad Luther. Fodder. Shelly Luther Dot Org make sure that you are checking out everything and if you're in district thirty. To shame a lot of don't even know what district they're in but but. Like, you said pilot point if you're in that circle north at three eighty, all the way Stephenville. FILL UP TO OKLAHOMA. There you go. That's it. So make sure make sure. And check it out and then you vote for who you want to vote for but Family and friends and people you don't know exactly Steve's looking F-. His district right. Don't know it's okay. Most people don't. Re District What City you live? No, they didn't but in Fort Worth Oh yeah. No. Yeah. No. Wireless DOT COM as well. We do still have the number one record comedy record in America. So make sure you get it y'all shut up. Go to watch Chad Dot com come check us out this weekend in Seabrook as well as in Bryan. Texas. We Love Y'all God. Bless will talk to you next time both shelley. Luther.

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