Government Shutdown Day 17


I. For the next is Iraq where we take just ten minutes to get you smarter on the intersection of tech business and politics sponsored by X Broadway. I'm Denver MAC on today's show. Facebook complains about its media coverage, and what's next for Sears, the first the federal government shutdown? So we're now in day seventeen of this thing with President Trump and congressional Democrats battling over whether or not they'll be funding appropriated for border wall. And that also means we're in day seventeen of hundreds of thousands of government workers going without paychecks trash piling up national parks, all sorts of federal approvals from new food products to initial public offerings not being granted and then pending disruptions for everything from tax refunds to stamps and for context, please. Remember, this is not at all normal. So in history, they've only been nine other times at the federal government shutdown for five days or more. And only one other time in the past twenty years if things don't open by Friday, we tie the record set in one thousand nine hundred five. If it lasts a Saturday. This one would stand in a league of its own and to be honest. There's not much cause for optimism. So President Trump has dug in his heels on the idea of five point six billion dollars for a border wall. And it doesn't seem to matter that the White House hasn't said exactly where it would put this wall or how it even gets to a specific number given that Trump keeps vacillating between the need for a concrete barrier or something made of steel slats or even the vice president Pence reportedly offered Democrats deal for only around two and a half billion. Nope. Trump wants what he wants Democrats. Meanwhile, aren't moving either. Instead, the house plans to offer as Lucians this week that would reopen all government agencies except for homeland security, which is where border protection sits. But there's no indication that Trump would sign such bills and history's any guide. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell won't bring a vote on something. He doesn't think Trump will sign the bottom line is always broken. But this is the difference between a flat tire and a busted. Axle when the auto repair guys out sick. Everyone agrees a fixes needed. But no one has a clue on how to do it in about twenty seconds. We'll go deeper on the shutdown with Xia executive editor, Mike Allen. But first this Tf X Broadway is bringing Times Square into the digital age. The project will be a powerhouse for event activation with a forty six story. Tower wrapped in LED screens, a luxury hotel experiential retail space and time squares only permanent outdoor stage. Learn more about this breathtaking platform at TSN, Broadway dot com. We're joined now by axios executive editor Mike Allen, so Mike you're in Vegas this morning for the conference, which means I assume you flew there were there TSA delays there weren't, but what a conversation about it here. Dan. It's something that's really breaking through in America. I think it was about way story for maybe the first ten days and now day seventeenth in one week really started to kick in and the stuff gets real as they say this Friday yesterday on meet the press, the president's acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, who's doing the job of the president's chief of staff said that if this isn't resolved by choose day that then that's gonna mess up the billing cycle of paychecks. The would go out Friday. So in the next twenty four ish next thirty six hours or or Metalitz throwed in a way that had had not before Friday. President Trump had a press conference, and he expressed optimism. There was going to be negotiations over the week. End. And maybe something would come of it, it appears that nothing came of those meetings. So is there any real reason for optimism right now that the government will reopen not only after Tuesday, but really anytime in the foreseeable future. We've known each other for a long time. I think that you know that I'm always up mystic. Not this time. There is at most one person in America. He's close to being solved. Maybe the president recently someone inside the White House told me that the president really believes he's winning. But Dan, I bet it doesn't look that way to you. It doesn't look like anyone's winning to be honest at this point the Democrats in theory. The house is gonna vote this week to reopen all agencies outside of homeland security from your perspective will Mitch McConnell bring that to the floor and bring that to a vote on his side to make Trump veto it or is he just going to ignore it altogether. Are right now that that will not happen. What does he had over the Christmas break when he stayed in the White House, what have gone to the capital of the rotunda? When the. Other congressional leaders were up -cation and said, I'm here. What's the Goshi eight? Let's make a deal. I mistake here by people inside wished that he had done something like that might have given him some leverage, it feels very much the Trump shutdown President Trump in that Oval Office meeting. He said two liter Schumer now speaker Pelosi said, I don't know hold my breath, and I'm gonna turn blue and they said, okay. And that's kind of where we are. You wrote over the weekend that from your perspective, the one thing that could change not just the narrative could actually potentially change the White House and Trump position on this is more and more and more stories when people do start losing paychecks and the paycheck really doesn't start to come in. And people start missing their rent potentially being victim and up, you know, in food blinds and stuff like that. That could be the thing that changes it is that you're feeling that. That's really the only thing that could break this impasse, which would basically make Trump back down Republican sources think that this pain is going to excavate quickly, especially if we get into a situation where we're in a payroll psycho. Where people are actually not going to be paid right now. People are on paper working not for money or at home be for load, maybe getting the money later, but getting the money later, it doesn't pay the rent that could make a big difference people in America with paycheck to paycheck, and most of the people who serve us in our government or serve government buildings as contractors don't make a lot and the president at that epic cre- wheel and some people called it devil-may-care. I called news conference at the president had in the rose garden the other day one of the reporters asked him a good question. They PLO would you say to a government employee who is working without pay. And he said, well, I'm gonna pay you in secure borders. Well, that may be great, but secure borders. Of course, do not buy shoes for your kids or like give them money for their field trip. And that's where we start hearing these stories, I think specifically from the military, I think Pacific from Trump country from red states from heartland state that foot Republic. Think 'cause instantly make a big difference? I remember the Josh green book about the campaign the two thousand sixteen campaign in there. He quotes him number former Trump adviser who said that it was number and Roger stone who came up with the idea of the wall really isn't demonic device to remind Trump to talk about immigration and to talk about border security, isn't as strange to you as it is to me that the government is now shutdown over something that was really just kind of a cliff note post it note during the campaign, and how it went from that to something tangible, so true. And by the way this morning on morning, Joe, Joe Scarborough Seinfeld suck down down about nothing. But usually shutdowns have very specific pinpoint being debated here. This abstract the ball, the president keeps changing his definition of what a wall is. And I can tell you that people inside the hill, the White House do not know how you solve this. No people keep saying on TV you can't just be a little on each sad. I think you can I think you can mess around with a deaf. Initiative border security is and maybe come up with something. But it's hard. And some Republicans were telling me g I don't see how we sold this short of the big deal. And Dan, I think we're gonna hear a lot about this today's app. So the big deal would include Dhaka big deal would include some protection for the dreamers came into this country as citizens, but that's months away. There's a supreme court ruling in between that and it's part of what I think a lot of people are complaining is the sort of callous way, the president has talked about this just throw out this could go on for year or years. We'll couldn't. But if you're a federal employee, and if you're really struggling, and if you heard that that might hit you kinda hard my gallon executive editor of axios the normally optimistic except for today. Mike, Allan, thank you very much and welcome back. Thank you. My final two right after this every day four hundred thousand people pass through Times Square and soon titans of the digital economy will have a new way to reach them. TSL's? Broadway is a retail playland designed to host fifteen million visitors every year. With interactive retail, live performances, food and beverage service and a luxury hotel. Learn more at TSN, Broadway dot com. Now, it's for my final two, and I up Sears, which Reuters reports is preparing for the worst. Hiring liquidation firm in case a can't finalize a rescue deal. With chairman Eddie Lampert liquidator called Abacus has done worked for Sears in the past. But this would be to sell everything left all remaining inventory, plus even things like store shelves and lighting fixtures. We should know more tomorrow when Sears Lampard's firms appear in bankruptcy court finally NBC's Dylan Byers reports that Mark Zuckerberg and other top Facebook executives are quote fed up with the antagonistic coverage by the New York Times. So I this defensiveness isn't surprising. No one likes to be regularly hammered in the press. But the reality is here with great power comes great scrutiny and complaining about media coverage doesn't stop that media coverage just after President Trump, and we're done. Thanks for listening to my producers, Adam Grassi and Tim show. Vers have a great national bobblehead day, and we'll be back tomorrow with another pro rata podcast.

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