Episode 485 - Apple's FaceTime Flub - 1/25/19


This week's episode of this is only a test is made possible by the podcast Hackel. Cybercrime has been all over TV shows and news and Hackel. Original podcast from McAfee answers. The question how worried a really be about cybercrime? In each episode host Geoff Siskind invites a hacker to try to hack device. He's using kind like you might see in mister robot in season three, Jeff straps on ritual. Reality headset puts his laptop password on the line investigates. Drones and more. Listen to Hackel now on all major podcasts platforms. Start the show for Thursday. January thirty first twenty nine thousand nine welcome to this is only a test. They facial podcasts of tested dot com. Ramases were made and promises are kept as we are back with our full crew this week, I'm norm. Joined by our. I should give you all nicknames. It's Jimmy Williams. The. Are comic book student. I think it's volunteer number seven thousand five hundred seventy three cents him. Yeah. Hi. Wow. Shots, mentally you. Sure. Just vocally offer two weeks. Now back. It's short Hari. Hello. We need some nicknames for you guys out there listeners. How can I better introduce Jeremy Shaw on poorly for us descriptors? Can can we put in, you know, the the purveyor of pinball, Jeremy Williams, that's good. I like that a little ration-. Yeah. The Sultan of science. Oh, that's nice. But I'm well. I suspect they're just going to call me, basically diet coke. Ninety percent diet. Coke aspertain shore. Hurry. Well. Welcome back. It's been. It's been not the same. Without you as true. Sure, we missed you. I really enjoy listening to back in. I always love hearing. Patrick's tales from CS. It makes me never want to go to see every time. But I do like hearing his perspective on all this stuff. And I couldn't be less interested in buying a role TV. Now, I know I was a little surprised to that was thing. He was most excited by was the role. Tv it's from a tech perspective. It's kind of future Ristic. But from a utilitarian perspective totally now, it's super interesting tech. But not not for me at this point. This is one of my favorite weeks of the year to lead up to the soup. That's right. That's right. When is that the sports ball and all sports ball Sunday is Sunday, February third the NHL all-star game was in San Jose. You must have all taken part in the festivities over. Especially while Oko. Yeah. No, I'm going to stop trying with the sports in these two. How have you been how will your pass weekends or anything fun watching movies out your family's tell me of the things that I can do? I don't know, man. What did you? What did you do? I waited for a baby to poop. That's it. That's it. That's it waiting waiting for go. I I'm trying to catch up on the Oscar picks of the Oscar movies, which honestly, I vent found a movie, I've really enjoyed I watched Roma which I liked, but I didn't love, and I think a lot of people are saying, that's that's sort of a leading contender. I really want to get out and see the favorite. My wife's I said that was sort of a favorite of the bunch and I watch Black Panther again. It's on Netflix. You know, Oscar numb, you know. There was an early screening for the LEGO movie. Yeah. It was this this past weekend. It was like what two or three weeks ahead of time. And it was nationwide. Like anybody could have gone I saw review pop up online as do you? Do that must have been special invite anybody can sign up for these. So I looked into it. I'm seeing how to train your dragon three three weeks early. Whoa. Yeah. This weekend is with the theater or special fandango, man. You just go to funding. It's like showing it every bay area theatre one for once at three pm is a free or Saturday. No, it's full price full price. But you get the time that's an interesting strategy by studios because I guess for those movies, not a lot of secrecy. They definitely want the word of mouth, and I wonder is like an evening screening. Or is it like afternoon only three PM, it's a kids movie, man. So that's that's other strategy thing where they know that it's going to be for only for people with kids because he needed to get the need the school yard. Yeah. Viral aspect, and he kids to be taken early tout the fact that they saw early on the playground and could other kids excited force their parents to take them we've been to actual screenings where they want. In your opinion afterwards, right? This is too close to release for that. They're not going to be they're not purely part of the market, and they don't care. What do you think of this movie? Oh, okay. Keep that to yourself. How many how many Twitter followers you have? Right. Then that may determine your seat placement. In the screening LEGO movie to the second part currently ninety percent on rotten tomatoes. I didn't even realize it was going to be out in like a week and a half. Yeah. February eighth. Okay. The review I read temporary expectations that it's good. But it's not the first movie good. That's slightly disappointing. I I'm a big fan of tempering expectations. Okay. Okay. Reasonable reasonable shore. How about you? You said just watching locker picks. And and how you're outta town some travel I was just had some local travel for for work that I was doing. I watched too many fire documentaries. And I regret all the choices. I made watching. Like the polar opposite of the consensus. This is you want more yet? And I think people are reveling in just the the idiocy of the entire thing. I it just made me feel bad watching for who all around like the although workers in Jamaica. Yes. Feel bad for her getting ripped off and. Like in a weird way felt like that this guy who's clearly like has some sort of problem with the truth, and is constantly lying has there's something going on there that made me feel weird. I just didn't like revel in in the pure joy of it as as so many as the consensus Bahamas Bahamas. Sorry shows how much tension you're paying a we did talk about the fire festival documentaries. And the fact that who had surprised drop one ahead of Netflix release and the store got even deeper than that. Because the documentary. I've only seen the Netflix one. I really wanna see Hulu on. Fortunately, don't have who subscription, but they turned out to be substantively different because of the access they got and also some of the controversy that was revealed behind the scenes kinda shade. That was thrown the subtext between the two documentaries. The the Netflix documentary was produced by one of the companies involved with. Promoting the firefighter was paid to promote or maybe paid to promote the fire festival. So that was not necessarily this closed up front, and that's the who documentary made made public at the end of their document and the Hulu documentary was controversial in its own. Right because it paid the guy. To be interviewed. Yeah. The Billy guy. He gave a non interview interview that eight that the one thing that. The Hulu one is not as artfully put together like the narrative. Arc isn't fair. It's interesting to watch them back and forth because they tell very different stories an MIT different details, which is just bizarre. Can I recommend one thing? I did watch which I was really surprised about what's that? So I subscribe to DC universe because I really wanted to watch the young Justice animated series, which I'm a huge fan of. And I think I've probably said that before. Yeah. I was like, okay. Well, I'm gonna see what else is on here. And I watched that live action titans show. The Batman like trailer that we saw it was surprisingly good. Like, I show that I thought was essentially going to be. What's that Archie show? Riverdale that I thought it was going to be Riverdale light except with teen titans. It's actually quite dramatic. And it's super violet in this way. That I found you know, quite watchable. All right. Thanks for the recommendation short. That was a weird recommendation. Wasn't it? Well, now that we caught up with both of you sounds super eventful past weeks dad's, dad life dead life. What do you want me to talk about my experience booking fast passes on the Disney World website because that's not also citing? A little preview for your Super Bowl wing party that you host every year. What are your fancy recipes? You're doing this year. We're trying to tone it down on certain things where we're updating our our fri- game beyond wings. So there's going to be onion blossoms with a nice horseradish Remillod and do they make an edible onion slicer for that purpose? I mean, there's a rig there is. Yeah. Okay. But you still use a knife. I'm most excited about a red Sichuan pepper corn a wing sauce. I made that has a numbing sauce of numbing effect in terms of teeth that some Szechuan peppers nice. You should do like an interview show where you interview people and increase the spice of the pepper. Oh my God. We should put that on YouTube that would probably do super, well, you might get a few thousand views. Yeah. Especially if you get some like famous people to come on board, maybe even celebrity chefs, I love it. Ready to talk about some news. Let's do our top story. Top story this week. All right. Well, let's talk about apple. Oh. Big week for apple had their big disappointment. I guess in in their in their earnings report with the Justice expectations as sold. A fifteen percent fewer iphones this year, then the quarter previously. But every other product was the sales were up. So peak apple is what lobby were saying. With me talk a little more of what that means force. There's a lot of considerations and globally economically. But one day before the earnings report you had the FaceTime bug. Right. So for the three people that haven't heard the bug was that you could FaceTime, call somebody. And while it was ringing pull up your contacts in at yourself to the call. And then it would allow you to listen in on the first person's phone before they answered so that is that specificity is I think what lot of people did not realize because I don't think a lot of tried. The bug. It was patch relatively quickly on the back end. I think by the time all of us heard about it apple had disabled FaceTime FaceTime on the back end was what allowed this to happen. I think the assumption the loud people had was the bug was when you open up the FaceTime app. You get a preview of your face when you dial FaceTime to someone before answering the call my parents actually got freaked out about this months ago when someone will do all your face on them. They see the front facing camera activate, and that's -posedly is from a user experience is a preview before you accept the call get your hair. Exactly. Yeah. And so I think the assumption the lot people had yesterday or two days ago was that. This was the bug was at that preview was started broadcast live, which wasn't the case this required. An extra step of adding yourself to a group FaceTime chat. And it wasn't even video that was being broadcast. What was your video at any point was just I think it's just audio because all I was listening. So. Still clearly a massive problem for apple Kim. This got through there. Still right now is not a user and fixed to it as a recording this on Wednesday. You made it software software. Patch update. Yeah. And the only managed to to kind of close off on the from the back end. But Ebeling one of their flash features of the Las Iowa update. It didn't look good was not a good look for one and a global bug too. I wanna know how long did this exist before it was noticed by the media? Like has this been around since the FaceTime since the group FaceTime update that allowed for thirty two people. That's months, right. Yeah. Yeah. And there have been lawsuits, I think one lawyer has sued apple because the this may have let someone eavesdrop on a deposition that is Idi audit. Did you read that deal? Not. I don't think anyone actually eavesdropped on a deposition. I think that he's the way that he phrased his complaint was that. Apple the software bug allowed for somebody to eavesdrop on the deficit. Oh boy. So it's it's a non did nap. It do you think there's actually logs to within apple to tell if any of this this exploited. I wouldn't be surprised. I mean, because it's a pretty it's a pretty easy thing to determine right? If somebody added themselves through the call to call wasn't picked up at it rang for a long time. I think at least from my perspective like watching how what you had to do to exploit this bug. I don't expect many cases unless you knew about this bug that it would accidents happen. No, no. This was like a very like rare case. But if you want you knew about the exploit it was easy to do. Yeah. Would have been fun to try. Come on. Apple let us have some. Well, aspiring our friends. No one has posted compromising like an example of doing Ackley. Right. None. None. I've seen so far. So was spread. This is the kind of thing that. I'll be surprised if it did exist for a long time. And then it was just suddenly spread Vialli with one tweet. And then if that was the thing that brought attention to the software team I and it's not like the person being eased dropped on like their phone was ringing. Like, it's not like you could have this indefinite like eavesdrop microphone just laid somebody's living room for an hour. It was was on the other screen was showing your being dial xactly like the phone like you're getting a FaceTime call. And then eventually I believe that it hangs up. Right. If you don't answer it, then the east rob would have ended when what is like, thirty seconds. Yes. So, yeah, it's still bad still bad still very bad silvery bad, and it didn't seem to affect though apple stock price because even though they had not sold as many iphones as they had previously guided a quarter ago, they did adjust guidance and they had beat out there revise expectations. But it's worth mentioning. That even though I phone is still the bulk of their business cat so much. There is so much of business. And that's what the big fear is for companies. How did they move past that and their answer seems to be to move to be to make money from services right from Saul new subscriptions for things like music, obviously, we know they're going to be doing some type of TV play is coming year getting in on that five ten dollars a month or or more that net flicks has made a ton of money from and also I cloud, did you know that they they don't have any kind of web player for music, it's only through itunes and apple devices. Right, but their API's allow it, and so there's actually third party websites that can tap into that base. Yeah. Basically, one of them is play music dot com, and you can log into it with your apple credentials, and you have your entire account there. And that's a third party that apple hasn't shut down. Even they used the word apple in the euro. I don't know. What that means? But it seems like they're being relaxed about P they want people using this is interesting and also shopping a little bit too news, apple music Abbas partner with American Airlines. So if you're an American Airlines flight and your music subscriber, you can shrug that with no wifi purchase required. For a limited time. I think it's indefinitely. It's just through the complimentary in flight wifi. You'll get access to apple music. So definitely wanna make it more compelling compelling streaming service than than the Spotify. Which still has I think a big foot hold in the music streaming business side of things should we should we save the other apple stuff? Forget new. Let's let's move on. All right. Shoe? So we talked about the Oscar nominations last week. But let's let's look forward to twenty nineteen movies. Yeah. Movies coming out this year and top of some people's maybe your 'less, Jerry. We got Toy Story. Four already some new characters being introduced through these small vignettes been released on social media key NPR playing some new characters you don't just for the ad meeting. That might be in it. I think they're totally. I think the ads are promoting their referencing the movie like do they even exist in Toy Story? I think I think that fourth wall breaking is just like this character could be the characterizations not be exactly as they will be in the movie, but the characters himselves, I think are confirmed as being in the film, just like Toy Story three introduce a bunch of new characters. Some of which TOTO was in there. And who did a? Was that the rotary phone that was in Toy Story three? That's right. Yeah. He saw some hard times. Oh, yeah. Tony HALE is supposed to be new character. We've seen in the first teaser trailer. That's the cobbled together. Choi what does it mean to be toy? Toy doesn't believe he's a toy kind of flips. I this is the exit central crisis more of a stem engineering education. Learning tool. Right. Then then a real toy this hearkens back, of course to Toy Story. One of what it means to be a toy with buzz except going from the other direction and revealed this week, we'll return of I dunno blood character. Maybe at leave are a character that was in the first two films that was not in the third one. Bo Bo peep, though, pipe and the way Bo peepers introduce kinda bad ass. Yeah. She looks like she's what what is that tool? I look the shepherding sheep, right, ten ten cents sheep. And that is a shepherding staff that the, but she's holding it like a buck about. Yeah. Right. Using leaning into the name and her pose as people on the line appointed out kinda reminiscent of raise pose. Okay. Yeah. I can see in the force awakens like Ray staff that she would use. She's got to fight off a lot of wolves. I would think so she's she's always had the ability. Yes. Yeah. What do you think? I'm I wanna see where this goes. 'cause I don't think Woody has had any kind of other crushes our relationships. So this'll be nice to get some closure on this or at least continuation. Right. Right. Assuming that they do continue that storyline. Yes. Yes. We don't know how involved this character b- how big of a part of the story. This will be I think we're all kind of brazen. Selves because everyone agrees at least a lot of people toy sorted one two three fit really well as a close book on that trilogy. And so the the story is a is a gamble some of one and two were great just as is the one to Arkwright as it's called a shepherd's crook. Oh by Hooker by crook. There you go interesting. It was designed to both hook the legs of sheep and crook and beat predators. There you go. I can't wait to see this. This is good analysis. You're all waiting for tell us more about the implements. The toys are carrying around now popping up also on social media this week. We saw from Jeff bridges something that I don't think anyone new they wanted and they're not gonna get unfortunately, it was wait a minute. Now. Everybody knew they wanted really a big lebowski sequel. I really knew that has been talked about for ages. No. Yeah. They were going to do a whole spinoff just on Jesus. And then there was talk of a sequel, and then like who knows that was my decades ago though, like if there is any gets the first one came out twenty years twenty years ago, right? I don't think anyone's had big lebowski on their mind as a as a franchise for a long time. I think I may be African phenomenon. I mean Fargo as as a Coen brothers home. Yeah. Now is a TV show. But is a direct. Continuation captures the tone of. Of that show in some elements of the series in terms of the hasty aspects of it are brought in the show tastic show. That's something. I could see the world of the big lebowski those characters sending it around the bowling alley, which you kind of get that kind of weirdness from movies like. At that time to Oriel, but I don't think people clamoring for the dude to return, we might run in different circles. So you excited. Yeah. Rolling alleys and with Russian mobsters. White russia. You know, like, I I was I was in line to buy the pinball machine. They made a big lebowski pinball machine a couple years ago, this company that actually went on the business. Unfortunately, you know, I'm gonna blow your mind here. I have gone bowling with the real dude that with Jeff bridges. No. What are you talking about the dude that guy is based on? Yes. Did you did you know, it was based on a guy now guys named Jeff Dowd? And he was a character local local color in Berkeley and cobras met him and he was inspiration for the dude. While in the whole store of the big lebowski. Well, and we did a screening college over ten years ago now of the Bill of Ascii, and he showed up and outward, I drove him, and we got white Russians and bolt. Why did you drive him because I was part of the group that put on the screening and he was invited and he was invited. Wow. And I had a car. And so I drove him to go bowling is. He'll like the dude though, not really not at. Not as much as you know, as much as the I think people would project an ho that's hard. Yeah. Yeah. But he was good sport about it. And what Russians did not really is thing movie. So so they'll have fun. He'll drink it. Yeah. Bowling ensure that was really his thing either. But he was a good sport. So the big lebowski teaser. Why are we talking about it was it was a video from Jeff bridges? He was in character had a date. Everyone's like, wow, it could be new series, and then you to gather and he realize it's Sunday Super Bowl. And now it's been revealed. It's just for a Super Bowl ad spot. I'm not even going to promote the company it's an ad for. But I hate this. I hate that every year get faked out by these these previews these these these announcements these teasers four commercials and more oftentimes, not the commercials don't deliver. Yeah. This is. Well, this is especially dangerous because you're dealing with people's heartstrings. Like, if people if people really wanna see a sequel to this, and you're gonna tease. Something that leads people to think it can happen, right? The commercial might be fine. If they had just left it alone. And just aired the commercial it probably would have made the list and probably still will have great commercials in the Super Bowl. But if it's now not a movie now people are disappointed said, it's all about manage expectations. If it's an ad for vodka or like, some sort of coffee liqueur, right? That would make sense onto. No, he would make sense. But would you be mad dude sold out maybe who got money from this? Do you think the Cohen's gone a little cash? No. You don't have to have on the character studio. Probably. I'm in last year. Remember, the the big thing was the son of dundy commercial. Danny McBride crocodile Dundee Dundee. There was a whole commercial a movie trailer and end up just being a fake trailer for promotion for the Australian travel board. Does anybody wanna new crocodile Dundee movie, though, people Australia? Probably clearly this was an important cultural moment as neither of us remembered it. Yeah. I'm looking forward the trail the commercials anyway. And I'm sure we'll be talking about that next week. Hey, also coming out this year or next year. I think it's this year at the man DeLorean is coming out. It's in production right now. John five row. You mean, isn't it the new Disney service? It's with the new this is not that's this year. When does that come out? I don't know they haven't announced announcing by think it's going to be this year. Got men Laurean and Jon Favreau, who is showed things like a pictures props from the set, obviously the costume for the end the Laurean played by Pedro, PASCAL. Also recently, posted a picture of a familiar droid. Oh, yeah. And this droid does. Now the question is is does a connected actually to the original trilogy. It is our five four the joy, the save the galaxy sacrificed itself, what are you talking about this? This isn't cannon. This is. Four was the droid that blew up malfunctioned. Oh shit loop. Luke, Luke bought him the with the bad motivator had bad. He was unmotivated. The head cannon the head cannon is that he knew that he was not supposed to be acquired by Luke that was our to that need to be set up. And so he self sacrifice next Lurie self. Oh my God deactivated. So that Luke could get paired with our that's the kind of bullshit that has ruined star. Dominate the fan fiction. Yes. It's all tied together. Now, it doesn't well the character. This real hero. Was it was those water evaporaters that malfunction? Got Luc out there in the first place. Yeah. It was really those womp rats guy. You know? Bulls. I'd buy that t sixteen like exactly thank you. Sure. Now, there is no confirmation. This is the same droid. It could just be the same model and look the same. But who knows it's a striking? I love the sign of this. It's so much a garbage can. What will would know the answer was this thing an actual toy in the late seventies early eighties. Could you buy it was it named are five four before? Now. Oh, it was totally named are five Defoe before today after I have five four collectible from like in her head that toy back regional type. Did it was our five four. Okay. Yeah. Just curious. So the question is whether this is actually five four or just another Astra back in the same color scheme. Yeah. That's the big question. Real big questions. We need answers totally totally need answers. I mean, this is the thing I've got to watch you guys either watching Star Trek discovery. Well, the first ones on YouTube anybody can watch that's interesting on the in the US put up the whole first. Now does that indicate that did not bolster subscriptions as much as they needed it to or expected it to for CBS all access so that aid for its did premier. Yeah. I wonder full from. I have not watched it even. For free. Wow. So there you go. I think it's worth watching. Yeah. Does it do a recap of the first season? Yes. Getting it doesn't recap. Right. Great. Although you don't really need to know. At least on the first episode because it starts off with where the last season ended off which was an encounter with the enterprise of you're interested in the enterprise at all that cast now though that crew it's good you should of you should shoot. In only the first episode. The second upsets out is subscribe to see all access, and I think like Zach is I'm subscribed for the duration of this anything else. No the short treks what they did they'd release these short films or the these vignettes fifteen to eighteen minutes. Short stories set in the subjects cover using the same sets. Maybe spotlighting some of the secondary characters and they had put those out between the first two seasons as a way to maybe keep people interested in subscribe to the service algebra just bench those in one drop, and they're on Netflix international. Anyway. So I don't think you need to keep your subscription. Just be disappointed about cancelling subscribing something that you don't get we subscribe to Netflix because that's just built into your utility fee. Now a lot of people's minds, and Netflix, you know, the the bait is the question is how how worth it as it for movies, right? Because obviously affects pays for a lot of TV shows. A lot of great archival stuff that did a big money drop for friends for the office. And if someone's life was saved recently from there watching on the office on this day in alive, the aren't alive CPR scene. Yeah. Do you know that? Oh, really? Yeah. Someone yet because give CPR someone at all. They could think about in their mind was Michael Scott singing staying alive, and it's one of the best scenes L his Beijing that that whole opening and with white with the us terrifying. It's good. And so Netflix house movies fewer movies. I mean once Disney pulls its library away later this year Africa, marvel you are talking about third party movies days. Yeah. Right. That you would have seen in the theater. Exactly, exactly. There is a researcher study that just came out from from was a streaming observer that compared prime video with Netflix, and it turns out prime video has almost four times as many movies as Netflix. Well. But if you go by a library size only, the private of seventeen thousand movies net. Flicks has almost four thousand and HBO has fewer than a thousand. But he's looked for quality net. Flicks has by far more movies are certified fresh on rotten tomatoes by far the most six hundred films on Netflix survive fresh have used that as a metric for whether you should watch film quality versus quantity that metric while. Useful to me. Yes. Is less important because I feel like what matters. Most is. Newbies. I haven't seen their certified, fresh and Netflix. I feel like while they may have a lot of films are certified fresh good films. The lawns. I I'm not gonna watch. Again. I've seen too many time 'cause they're Star Wars. I'm their big filler big film. You would have seen. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's like, you're you're you're dark nights and Infinity Infinity wars exactly honestly, I don't really scroll down to find stuff. That's just hidden in the library much anymore. Like, I get captivated by the new release or what's trending that kind of stuff. And most of that is shows now or net flakes produced original content. So I don't find myself watching many movies that came out through some other medium Netflix. Maybe I'm Kevin outlier weirdo. But that seems like what Netflix is trying. To push you to do. I mean, if you compare it to a service that no longer exists likes film struck and upcoming criterion collection like they may have fewer films overall. But those are all classic films. Many of which if you they had a scores were probably be very highly rated and a far larger number of those films are films. I have not seen which is why service that is probably more valuable than me than a service like Netflix, just based on these pure metrics. But as interesting that Amazon has many many more movies, I didn't realize almost five four to five times as many movies as any of the other streaming services. Netflix changes out there catalog every month. And there's website said tell you this your last week to watch such and such and here comes the next batch. Here's what they are. I curious if Amazon swaps the same percentage of their catalog that would be an interesting study. I don't know how you do that. And I would care but not only the swap, right? But how? Compared annually like our films the windows for films even shorter now than before. Yeah. And whether that affects of your ship, would you watch more stuff if there is a leaving soon tag on it on Netflix episodes? Good idea. Yeah. Told I'm sure they've tested this. And they're like this makes people probably feel like the surfaces undervalued. Yeah. Which is how do you even measure that wouldn't mean undervalued like like the perception that when things are a federal that the libraries in fast as it should be right? Like if you see all these tags on on if you're opening up your flex menu and half the movies have tag leaving soon. The oh Netflix garbage. They came and keep my library films enough time to watch us. Why do I need the subscription service anyway? But how even how would you even survey that right, you'd have to prompt them with that idea, the make you less interested in subscribing? You realize why did you subscribe, these are tough marketing questions to bits of zombie news in pop culture this week? I zombie land put out the first poster the accepted, the tenure challenge and did a poster that in the same vein as the first posts are honestly, looking at the poster it's called double tap Milan. To double tap that you could have told me this was the poster for the first one. I would have said, oh, yeah. Okay. That's one because it looks. Exactly. It's none none. The actress. Look like, they have changed at all. What harrelson? Emma, stone, the kid the played Mark Zuckerberg in in social that work and Abigail breslin. But is this a movie excited for? I watched the first one because it was a cultural touchstone, and I was just like, okay. I I had the same reaction. I think zombie LAN came out at the peak zombie. Yeah. And where zombies were just everywhere. And I felt like it was too too kitschy, you know, what hooking during but hooked me was the big cameo at the oh the Bill Murray. Yeah. I thought that was so pandering that's why I wanted to see it. 'cause I heard about that too. Yeah. Well, there's another zombie movie coming out and for some fans of the director may be big deal. Netflix exclusive Zack Snyder's next film will be a film exclusively for that flex as ambi- heist film now for many people explain what what does that mean? Are we stealing zombies are doing the stealing? Zack Snyder, of course, famously one of his big starts before even did watchman for three hundred, but he did the remake for Donald debt. And which I think is so fantastic film. That's stuck in the mall. He is fantastic film. Of course, he hasn't done film sense. He left Justice league with you know, a lot of issues surrounding that. And he's been attached to produce the zombie heist film for a lot of time. But now he's taking the reins of it it slows to be ultra violent ultra controversial event and the high aspect apparently in the post apocalypse when the world is dealing with zombies. It's about a group of mercenaries who are attempting to rob a casino in zombie quarantine zone that one casino. Norm. Three. Is that really the cage? Joking right. Yeah. That's an ocean. Robin casino zombie quarantine zone. What are you guys got against Terry Benedict? I don't know. I don't know about this. Like, I guess if if it's about bad people mercenaries willingly putting themselves in a situation where they want to be in a world where does ambi- in zombie quarantine zone. How who you empathize with and all the value of money in a world overtaken by zombies? Well, I think the premise is the world kind of maybe. Quarantine them. They've they've they've maybe touch doing the world because they're entering designer corn teen zone. Don't worry about it. Tell you. It's a movie, oh, I'm asking to money is the macguffin. None of that. It's just there to move the plot along to put you in zombie Vegas where you have to get in and get out. I hope there some non Saami things they have to overcome like laser walls. Netflix dropping the big bucks supposed to be a real big budget film on the last one. They put out the last big budget film. They put out, of course, bird box at very very well. So they're hoping to ride the wave. I gotta watch that. I know I Roma Enver box being on that flakes have hurt. My. They've i've. I've passed I've missed the boat on the social media clamoring about it. Yeah. And so now in the library. They're not gonna go away anytime soon. It's almost like I put myself in the right mood to watch Roma's worth watching. It is it's not my favorite film of the year. Burbach is like, okay. Like, it's good for what it is. But don't take it. Seriously. You're saying, it's it's no quiet place. Vice which I watch reason does the Netflix original stuff. Stay forever. Yeah. Does paid for. Yeah. I think in some instances where they've paid for the licensing or it's like a UK production, and they drag for the US up. I don't know if that's like contractually there's a time for that one. But the ones they've actually produce. There's no reason that stuff would go away. Some oral news. Doctor strange has now signed on of the one of the same writers that worked on the regional the first one. So this is I think one of the the lease. Respected characters in the in terms of the film. I love the film in my household. Yeah. I love those film. I think I feel like the people don't talk about enough. My son saw this film so many times because we were on a Disney cruise this Christmas, then you were forced to you. Strap you in there were other things to do. But they showed this many times along with rogue one. And he would go the theater every time. I I don't think it's the respected deserves thought. Yeah. No. I I love it, the special effects are absolutely incredible mind-bending. I mean space time bending do. You think this hurt endgame when we get all of this information about sequels coming out of characters that were dusted. Yes men. Yes. I don't want this kind of spoiler. We talked about. I mean, we all we all know, this is going to happen. They're going to revert things. But I feel like it undercuts the movie to like there's no point in releasing this information out you could wait a couple months. Stop the machine the Hollywood machine from working deals are being signed things are going to release that Spiderman trailer and really need to come out. Right. I mean, at least this isn't a trailer. This is just the media reporting on some news. I don't think anyone watching the end of infinitive war believe that any of the ones who are dusted for gone forever. Like, the only real death there two deaths. I think are going to stick around and one I think the always Donna damore death because that wasn't a dusting death. Right. Right. That's one that. If we saw a guard is a galaxy Cass announcement. And then she was part of galaxy three I'll be bummed out to know. Right. What about Jarvis turned a humanoid that guy? Oh putney. Vision vision, they announced vision show. No, but low keys the other one I'm kind of bummed out. Right because they did announce LOKI Tom hilson would be a part of oh. Disney plus treatments. He's not dead then and that wasn't a dusting that was a straight up dealing as efficient. I'm not I'm not pissed off at like the dusting characters dust characters being showing up in in advertising, or is movie news, but characters I thought were done done where you're supposed to have a real emotional impact that arbitrary death. It's not that people feel like the ending of Vinnie. War is cemented. Yeah. Exactly is permanent. But people wanna know people wanna find out from the from the sequel exactly how it resolves. They don't wanna find out from a trailer or from flickering myth dot com. We're also the ones we're asking this. We're putting on selves by reading the news, or do you take it to next level and release a doctor strange trailer that goes that starts with that was crazy? Just. Even talking about this being in production yet. Right. Marvel's been known to psych people out. You know, what if it was like this all this movie news, all psych outs? Ooh. And after the game. It's like no there are these shows announced they're not really happening. We are disbanding the morals intimate universe. It's all new characters new marvel. This is good. This is good theory heroes. Reborn. The heroic age they're playing the game. Yeah. Yeah. They've been known a psych you out. What trailer is before what's entire scenes tires CG elements in scenes that were not in the final film one piece of moral not really news. But interesting. Just behind the scenes information. I think it's worth reading nine at a really wonderful interview with the editor of Black Panther, and captain marble, Debbie, Debbie Berman who talks about her process how she was hired how she works with directors to cut the film's together and provided specific examples insight for movies for for Black Panther, specifically about how she put that film together with the other editors, and why editing is just an important part of that creative process. One example for what she's talks about is. She never reads like she's not onset office. She's brought in editor after film has been done to centrally like the filming part of the film. And so she's watching all the dailies, and she's watching not only the scenes that were shot. But also the minutes leading up to the scene in the minutes afterward to get a sense of the actors feelings and how. They're working relationships with the directors and the tone, and the the feelings onset and from that put together a film without any other input. Without having talked to the doctor about how scenes or supposed to constructed put the other what she thinks is a good film. Then go back to the directors and workout. Jeez. That's a lot of work is a ton of work editors are huge underappreciated and things. Like, it's tough to things that we take for granted is being awesome moments in films. We think we're all this must have been storyboards sweater must been part of the script. Absolutely. They control the rhythm. They control all the beats. But things were not exactly the case. Like, she talks about how the scene where two Challah goes to do the first ritual fight. And there was a whole extended speech in monologue setting up that fight that she just cut out because she felt like it was better to enter that scene from his perspective and not how the speech so that the audience can witness that landscape from his fresh Ed is that's really brilliant to give the editor so much control that they. They can use their fresh perspective to ignore. What costs so much money, and the big picture director had mind, not have any investment in in in in not only the budget or or the scenes are shot or the takes a shot. But that's tell the story because editor your good storyteller seem what the ending the film, the the mid credit singer. It's been known was supposed to be the ending of the film, the speech Challah gives at the United Nations was the original ending. And after getting it's either she's like, this isn't feel right? And then went to and Kugler director and said, we need a different ending, and he wrote the ending that's an Oakland, which is better which much better much, and that's after the UN ending had been screen tested for audiences. Well, it had gotten great review. No way. So then still say well from I still don't feel this is the right ending for your film that is a really awesome achievement. Also smart to make it amid credits stinger. That's this race Moore. Totally totally. So that's interview is on nine and you can school. I oh nine black. Panther editor Debbie Berman and doll pop up in Google once as a video game news. That's right to wrap up pop culture upheaval in intendo world metro four mature prime four which people had been long into spaded to come out on switch. I think this year was supposed to come out. This was in development for a long time. A slate has been has been dusted. Isn't that interesting? So Nintendo's come out, and they have said they are not happy with it. They are so unhappy with it that they don't think it can be salvaged and they're going to start over with an entirely different development team. The ridge inal metro prime team here in the US or you big fan of prime. I liked it. I this was the first DS right for primary. It was like the demo came out with DS. Remember was it? Is it? It wasn't GameCube. Anyway. Yeah. I I'm not a huge metro guy. Unfortunately, because I actually I liked the aesthetic. And I think I'd probably be into it. If I sync up with it better in my life. You're right. It was GameCube. But there was a version. Right, right. I remember that. Yeah. But it was a. I'm glad this is the kind of thing you don't see from too many game studios. Most games. Did you see the investment they make it? They get it functional. They get some kind of level where it can be playable, and then the release it, and they try to patch it, but this is a complete complete do over. I mean, how you can't make how long is it gonna take for them to make their money back on this? This is so much about their pride and doing the right game. Now, do you think that would have done this? Switch has been the success that it is. Oh, yeah. They were confident in because the wall. Receive so well smash Bros has been selling. So well, they feel like they can they can take the risk of doing this. They weren't desperate to get another hit out this year. You're saying that the potential returns because the market is. So big yes is actually great enough to counter the added costs. I mean, I think no doubt that factored into it. But the question is switch was not as hit. And so over Seeven beloved as currently is will intendo have made the season on that our principal and just not worried about the the point is eat the majors like the the other majors the ones who are making TV consoles have an installed base comparable. And they probably would have just released it, but Nintendo a so much pride in their first party titles that they're willing to take a step like this. And if you watch the video of the executive, you know, making this announcement, it's moving he's so humble, and you can tell his face that he's he's not happy with this news. And that he's delivering directly to the consumers over from Twitter with video. And it's it's a it's a moving little piece of video that you just don't see from companies. I liked it. Good move. Yeah. Yeah. Well, maybe couple years before we invest in the series. So I'm from as a spectator interested in what they're doing and transparency, I think has worked well for them. Because the the tend to fans metro fans have said this is a good move could move on their part. I think they also speaks to the maturity of game of gaming of the gaming industry and consumers nowadays, I think there was a time when they this would have been met with backlash, but people know now that it's better to wait and get a good game. One sec before we jump into technology news. I do want to thank the other sponsor that makes this episode possible. And that is triple pike because applying programming jobs sucks, you have to put the right keywords in your resume. And you spend hours and hours on phone screens and take home projects, and that's a Suming the company even response your application. Well, with your if you're a software engineer triple bite can help they work with over four hundred top tech companies from big names, like dropbox adobe exciting startups, you one brief on interview with them. And if you do well, you go straight to a final interview with companies on their platforms. It's like the common app for software engineers, triple bite does not look at your resume or you wear. You went to school all the care about is if you couldn't code and you can apply now at triple bite dot com slash test. That's triple bite as and be T as an eight bits dot com slash tests. And as a special. For for listeners the show if you take a job through triple bite, though offer you a one thousand dollar signing bonus. All right. I have a button as short transition. Let me try it. I haven't heard that one was ever Lassic transition. Okay. Yeah. Very nice. Very nice. We did talk about apple. Let's go back into apple an update to ago did the IFA announcing iphone photography challenge shot. I phone challenges had to be last week. And he was last night. Yeah. Last week while. Yup. And you guys use said I said apple should pay. They should pay. Yes. They should absolutely pay the photographers, and I said, I said you guys chill out man who can get the recognition. They'll get the publicity. Well, it turns out they're gonna pay. Yeah. This is going to be good for you apple. And I was always on the photographer side. I always thought they should get paid a licensing fee. Now the question is whether the apple was going to pay them anyway. And it just wasn't part of the announcement because of legal reasons anyone who's run contest online legitimately knows that. There are a lot of funky international rules when it comes to contest. That can really like just hinder the the app of the the submission process. Although legal has little apple has the legal muscle to just make it work. And so they now put updated that the contest which then ensued that they are going to pay the winners. And the question is whether they're paying winners in the past, right? Whether the people that reached out to in the past and use photos for Shana, iphone campaigns were paid license fees at all, which I'm not sure one thing that someone did online is that maybe even more important than getting paid. The getting paid is important is how apple credits the photographers they typically credit them with the first Damon last Nishel, why not just use the full name. Like, why Silas sickly would you just say taken by photo by Jeremy w like, that's is it a privacy thing. I don't know if you're talk for you want, your workout there, and you're getting paid for and you're. Oh, you're signing away the rights to it. Like, why wouldn't you want the full name credit? I think it's it's a silly credits thing apple should credit talk for his with their full names. What about their middle name, whatever? Whatever name they wanna go by as of talk so their social security number. Then that is that's how I signed all my photographs other rumors. I guess we call this from apple is that apple maybe setting up as part of their new services. Scripts a subscription will in building up their services part of their business a subscription service for games games on the phone. And apple TV is that the idea those kind of got to be I pad to. Yeah, I'm sorry. I o s devices. Yes, I guess this makes sense especially if it's part of the bigger bundle. Like, if I'm subscribing to the apple TV movie service, and I also get a bunch of free games. That's interesting. That's something. No one else is doing also the power of those devices is increasing pretty consistently. Yeah. I think you buy an ipad pro that's much more powerful than the switches. The problem is probably is powerful getting close to the power of an XBox. The problem is interface. You're gonna get great games without a native I party interface on apple doesn't bundle gamepad with their even though game has supported with apple TV's. Yeah. I have no doubt. That games are big compelling reason. Why people use user phones, right mobile games were the thing to do. One of the killer. Parts of the the killer app of the app store with the for Saif on. I think it makes sense because there are so many games right now that you that are worth paying or were playing and worth paying for that you play for maybe a week. Like, there's so many games. I pay five dollars for play for a week. And I never play. Yeah. And so for a subscription service if the price is right? I'd love for access to like their editor picks. Right. Let to to be able to to just. Play as much as I want and get access to a good size library of new IOS games. The question is is this just going to be a rebranded Freeman model where they're loaded with an purchases and their free because you're not subscriber. And that is from a business perspective where I think that they need to make the do. The math quenched math because freedom is the biggest hurdle to this being success. Right. I don't think that people are opposed to paying for content and subscriptions for content, but for the games world way more than in the media world in the media world people paying for Netflix subscription, even though people are more than happy to watch commercials. People are way more than happy to play a game the freemen version of a game and you micro transactions than pay a fee up front, and I know they have the info, right? Their versions of games where you can just pay the the flat rate and unlock everything. Yes. Napa knows whether people opting for that. Or if the freemen model, I'm gonna. To be mutual exclusive either they'll price still be a free model of large number Fremont than they may be crossed library, right? May maybe a freebie model. That's a not on the subscription service. And the the, you know, the full on this trip since I guess, what would make sense if there are if it is that kind of dichotomy between like the paid version and the and the free version if the paid version is simply add free. That's great. I mean, if you wanna give me the apple subscription version that it just removes the ads. That's okay. But that's not what a typical Freeman game is a Freeman game has the entire revenue based on microchip designed the game of like, you're buying hats are balls or skins or abilities. And I don't want that. I don't want to be paying ten dollars a month. Whatever it is a month for Napoli service for games that I can't get in just nice week long chunks. Right. Like the game Florence which came out last year. Love that game. That was it's a nice singular experience. Yeah. If that was the type of game that you're gonna get with apple gaming subscription service. Awesome. I would love to play new one of those games every month. I don't wanna do jetpack joy Reid as a part of this. Temple run. What if what if what what are the kids playing these days? I mean, what's Mario one tap fortnight? And that's that's the big. That's that's the elephant in the room. If does matter because like, Netflix says our biggest competitor is our biggest fierce fortnight, not HBO does out can apple mak- Denton list. If kids are playing four nine on their phones, which is free. Yeah. It's it's a it's just a value. Add to whatever the subscription services sounds like it's going to be multi tiered. I mean, not just games not just movies, but as collection of various things, I mean, that's my hope anyway. Yeah. I mean at some point the games have good enough in the systems be powerful enough that a subscription service fuels like it's a it's a it's more valuable gaming experience almost like more conflict gaming experience. I don't think we're quite there yet. I just wondered like is apple ever gonna take gaming seriously because like they they got rid of the game center app years ago. It's now exists is like a shadow of what it used to be. It's like a leaderboard now. Right. You can't load it up, and you can't manager, you know, everything used to be able to and they've never sold a game interface like games of always existed within the context of what is the touch screen for the phone. When are they going to it would they ever actually release something that is expressly for playing games? I don't think. So I mean, given how much of their revenue is games on the Anaya. Why not because the type of games are applying. They're perfectly content with playing games that way. And you can always do a wireless bluetooth game. Had the real problem is as we're seeing from CS apple TV spunk. Shelly like itunes movies being built in the TV's and the rumor from last year that apple might be doing low cost dangle like a Roku stick style apple TV because while they make money on hardware, and that has it's it's all about services and the care way. More about people buying insurance people doing apple music, and maybe people paying floor game. Subscriptions that's lowest common denominator experiences. It's not a five hundred dollar console. A foreign dollar console to play. You know, Spiderman on this apple triple service, and Microsoft and Sony have their own subscription services that are doing quite well for multiplayer compatibility for things that for PlayStation, plus. For for game drops here and there so apple of course, has the reach of mill billions of people. So maybe that doesn't matter to them. But I don't think they're moving. They're ever going to move into the three hundred dollar game console market low margin. Co I don't think you have to any more. You just have to you have to have an interface. You have to have a gaming internet game, Pat. Their hardware is already powerful enough yet. Yeah. What is the apple gamepad? Look like it just needs to come from. Apple it just needs to come from apple. It's going to be like the apple TV remote where you just lose. It. Oh, you flip it upside down. And it's the same thing it's reversible. I. Maybe it's part of their airplay. Ooh, that's interesting. Then your phones, then your phone becomes controller. No, I suppose your hands. I don't know what they would do you think like a like a six doff style controller or it's just you know, it uses seizure hands like a magically the motion. I don't think we're close enough for that to be good enough. Yeah. That that would be cool. Who's gonna be the first traditional game developer or game manufacturer to do a controller? That's hand presence as there as one of the primary control. Mechanisms PlayStation move is part of that. You can do PlayStation move on a flat screen game. And if you kinda like hand presence and also works in VR, imagine, what would be like if you have like Oculus touch style controller to play a game on your screen. It's hard to imagine. It's hard to imagine without holding some kind of controller because even just pulling a trigger is a form of saying, the the Oculus touch style. But also get I hear a parody with two hands on your standard to stick gamepad. Yeah. I'd be you bought over the holidays. An Alexa product you said. I did. Yeah. The wall clock. I thought this was brilliant loved yet. No, everyone in my family loves it. We put it up on the wall. And everyone's like, oh, yeah. No. That makes total sense. I get it. Because we a lot of times in the kitchen, and we have our wall clock in the kitchen. So when you set a timer echoes at a time for ten minutes. Sorry one who uses the eco, keyword. You it illustrates that it lights up. Ten minutes worth abilities, along rain a ring a bell. Yes. Well, lights up ten minutes worth none of whole ring. And then they click. They took back they took back. And so it's quite handy to multiple timers. And we like it a lot when when the alarm actually goes off all the LED as they like light up very pleasing. Unfortunately, they have down taking the product off the market, and it's because of connective tissues. And I don't know if this is why. But it was clearly stated when it shipped that is incompatible with stereo pairs. And I also the sub woofer. So if you have your echo paired with. Other device, which we did with a sub woofer. It loses connection to the clock whenever you're playing music. And so that's when another LED starts to blink on it. And it doesn't get any updates. And that that's kind of bad news like that was kind of bombing us out. So we actually disabled the sub woofer until this is resolved. And I'm your the audio quality of your sounding your house. So that you could have a visual timer that you could use voice activation for this is like the Hillary of it is more important in my family than the sound quality. So I'm hoping that's what the issue is. They have not stated now here's a question for you do use the timer as a parent more for things like cooking as you. Imagine a lot of people would do kitchen timers for for cooking things and baking things or do you do it too? As a way to manage your children one hundred percent cooking. Oh, I'm surprised. Yeah. I would've thought. Would be like ten minutes left on Nintendo. Switch echo, set ten minutes. So that young Williams child can see how visually how many minutes left. They have their free game time. I think one time we did that for practice. But almost like the entire time. It's used for cooking. The only like we would do it that way if everybody did their activity in the kitchen, right? But no one does. So maybe maybe it's that's interesting. I hadn't thought about multiple walk locks like if you put them around the house, do they correspond to the closest echo or plus one timing. I'll think you do multiple timers. You can't do multiple timers. It it shows additional LED ticks, but I wonder if the timers associated with one echo, and so whatever timer that echo gets it. Does that on its wall clock? I think that's probably how it works. You can pair location wise like this to that. I well, I'm not sure I'm not. Ideally, that's how someone test that. Yeah. But anyway, I'm hoping they fix this problem because I love my sub woofer again. And until then you can't buy one of these. No, you can't off the market. Yeah. They'll be back soon. Yeah. A little bit of interesting AI news at the Salvador Dali museum, which is and Saint Petersburg, Florida. Yeah. My mom's home down. I have been there is a good museum. It's awesome was about getting a little more awesome. Yeah. Later this year, they are launching a new exhibit. But a feature where they will have a virtual representation of Mr Dalli himself in video form he died. He died in nineteen Eighty-nine. How is this possible? It's basically using deep fakes they're using AI and neural networks to to process existing video and then to map his face on an actor as body to welcome visitors Dali was already kind of an unsettling character. So this is why it works. I says the kind of experimentation that he would approve of. I think you're probably right. Like, there's not there's a lot of artists where you could easily be offended if they did this, right? This is one you wonder like what was the melting clocks persistence of memory, or whatever. I mean. That's he's a tricky guy. I think he'd be maybe he'd be into this. Yeah. Yeah. So I mean, it's it's started by representation reps from his family people connected to his his estate. So I'm sure they have to sign off on this. But it's individual recreation. They had to get a new voice actor body actor, but this is kind of the first step of like old public figures being revived in reconstituted in media stole video. Pass their time telling we may see being a big part of the media landscape in the future. Tom Cruise will be making movies after his dead still be his body Il just be would be his face face. This is literally futurama heads in a jar and away. It is it's here, and it seems like a perfectly it will. I think we'll see mica perfectly normal thing. You know, five ten years from now as signaled she only gets better, so blameless people's get your face scanned. It is much better than fully CG. Right. Wouldn't you agree? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, but then nations like the. I guess it depends on the quality. You're going for. I don't think this is for museum exhibit this. If you're projecting this on screen, right? Putting it alongside other live actors perfectly lit seem like rogue one. I don't think they could have done this for Tarkhan in Roque one. I wonder like the animation the blending if you've seen any of these computer generated faces in the facial blending. Yeah. Doesn't work. I have not seen. I l to it. I think that you would have to have existed libraries of of a lot of high-resolution best quality possible, libraries, you get the actors into those light light boxes. Right. Those spheres where they photograph you and the capture video of you, you're essentially making light fields your light field capturing official animation then generating from database what your face looks like in saying things that you never said towns expensive it does on expensive. But like all technology, it can all scale, and there's a lot of money to be made. Gnome stop. No one bought it. No. We had used couple allegedly us couple of weeks ago. We reported on an article that said there were two buyers that were having a little bit of a bidding war and turns out they both decided not to buy games. I'm I'm not surprised. I don't see the future of the outlet. I walked into a game stop this week, and it was pretty bare bone they've moved towards merchandise. Allot makes sense, you know, the whole comic con kind of thing brought to the mall, but just given the sheer number of stores, they have collectibles are going to be hard to maintain operation of that size. And they maintain a ton of inventory. Yeah. I wonder how long until they're actually add business. I mean, I think they are great for selling old games conveniently, and you can go in there and get a store credit and by other games, which but with the whole movement towards digital downloads. You can't resell your games anymore and obviously that cuts out retailers like game. Stop to sell them in the first place. Last two stories and one will have to only tease little more reading on this. I the room vacuum. Sorry. The lawnmower the room lawnmower tap as happening. Finally back technology is being applied to your front. Lawns is called the robot. Terra terra's is what it's called. I avoid Arab Ono's just. Yeah. The I robot terra meaning earth. It's good. It looks like I'm very curious about the tech around its edge detection with us because like, you know, with early versions of the robot inside the you had set up a little sensor walls. Yeah. And now they've moved to the sort of like optical mapping of space. But as we talked about when we talked about that doom story where Rumas were being used a map levels. That's pretty rough information. They're using for that. I'm really curious how this is gonna work especially with like hills and mowing at different times a day where the lighting conditions are all wildly different. Well, the other thing is that unlike vacuuming just coverage for your your for the vacuum in your house or the mopping of your floor your lawn the direction and path that you mow the lawn actually matters because it has an effect on the look of the law exactly in so previously. And this is like basic computer science wanna won the won the very first things you do when you're studying science. Did you study computer science did study or I did take a few computer science class? I did not know that but one of the first programming experiments, you working on is how do you create a mapping algorithm and using the Bruma as an example, and the room has long used a kind of spiral based mapping system where it goes from a center point and goes outward hits your corners or hit your and maps from there. But that's how you get full coverage in a very effective way. Lar- sheriff's air without that's the old room reach retreating or the without going through pats. But, but it is a very brand looking path at ends up. Now, it's random looking Pat. I the very first ones were spiral now. It's random looking path and we're lawns. You can't have this random looking path. So they're using a kind of like like, a also grid style goes up and down up and down. Yeah. As you would with a traditional lawnmower. Does it have to run around and scan? I know they have beacons that you have to set up at the edge. Yeah. That are communicating with the Antenne. So the arc rating some markers. But yeah, I don't know. Like, you would think it would have to go through some sort of mapping or it. Just wanders around. And learns the space, especially if you have trees are in the center of your lawn. Yeah. And also the bleed the the blend the edge of grass and dirt is sometimes kind of nebulous like what is this dirt patch or is this actual edge of your lawn? Yeah. And always seen is just like the stock photo shots. They, you know, the marketing shots they've sent which is like a perfectly flat patch of grass, you know, all that kind of stuff. So, but I'm all for this. This would be a mass if this works this is a huge lake. Well, the great thing for it is and like other base lawnmowers is you don't need to collect the grass you just leave it. There was a statement uttered in two thousand nineteen those other AI base l'amour there are competitors. Going on Germany, some people. Don't want the grass just left there. Really? Yeah. You want in the bag? Yeah. The old style. What about the mulching lawnmower is where it's just has enough power to just chop up the graphs undefined bits, right? I don't know. My my Papa always wanted the crass dumped over by the creek. We live in San Francisco. We don't launch do not exist. Sure, we have a semblance of greenery in the front of building. But I'm the lawn from for allowance back, you know, in middle school, and I had to do that, you know, dump the grass took a couple of times. What is what is the Queant for that in in the city environment for a kid? What is the chore dishes? Yeah. Cycling. Yeah. Garbage recycling compost now, basically that, but that's also in suburbs. Like your I think norms, right? There are fewer chores. What is what is it? Maintaining the cryptocurrency mining. What does that for San Francisco Oakland cleaning out, the the coffee maker cleaning out the Espresso machine? Yeah. Shooing the hipsters away. They're taking Instagram shots on your front porch. The final storage or it's going to put it out there. But not talk about in-depth 'cause this wire longer much longer discussion out of time for that. Is that Google's deep mind has now. Tackled starcraft two and one was two top human play. I did not know about this. I want to know what are the what are the what are the trade offs? Did they have to abide by certain rules, and directions? I do a little more research on. I want tangible details I want to race what strategy they employed. Well, that's easy. Right. It was star to five game series beat five five zero against two top players. And which ones that they use. You're saying it was a swept it swept the the mechanism of this is really important because starcraft to has a ton of micro. So if you ever see a professional starcraft player, it's superhuman they are freaking. Robots who are on hyperspeed. I'm really impressed by this. I believe they use protests. So that's the the race of choice for starcraft. They the the the I believe it was it was a protest protest. I mean, humans use whatever they're got good with. But I definitely want to do more reading because a lot of a lot of graphics and charts that Google mine has put out about this victory of things even like APM equivalents warrant talk a lot more about this next week. Put a put a bookmark and a pin in that. And I think for technology. Let's quickly move onto an excellent. Moment of science, right? Sixty second catch up on things I missed while you were gone John quay, which is the Chinese scientists who edited embryos that have grown into humans using crisper technology his lost his job. He was put under house arrest by the Chinese government. And now he's been expelled from his university. And his career is over. I haven't seen the report on this. But basically, they said. There is information that he's sort of falsified information on ethics things, and he's just like the doctor who prescribed cannabis cookies to four year old right here in California. Is that a thing that happened because terrible. It is there. And now he's gonna lose his job too. Good. Canadian astronomers at a at an array observed fast radio bursts over a multi month period originating from the same spot in the universe. These are radio bursts that are somewhere between a few milliseconds one hundred milliseconds in length. We don't know where they're coming from fast radio bursts occur. But we've only seen them a few times through history. This is the first time we've ever seen the pulse in a in a way that seem sort of on a regular pattern. We don't know what causes them to probably not aliens. Don't worry about it. Really cool story. Don't say that don't roll it out. Why don't rule it out rule? It out. Spiracy theorists. And then the coolest thing is out of Ed Boyden slab at MIT. He took a norm. This is for you. He took material that's like in diapers like that kind of aero jail type material. And when he did Burke, no the material that's actually absorbing the liquid. It's a gel compound. Oh, really? What is actually? What's diapers? Yeah. Oh, it's an aero Joe. And what he did was a longtime ago he came up with this idea of expansion microscopy. So what he would do is etched with light like certain patterns within an arrow gel, and then essentially hit it with a surrounding compound that would force that structure to expand. Like, so essentially like a water like compound, though, it force it to expand. And it would be he could sort of use that technique of expansion to actually embed sort of like four recipe compounds. So you could. Attach little things there and expand them out and do my cross in that way. So essentially, you can take you can load in the something really small in this aero- Joe then expanded and get a bigger picture of what it is. And so then like stuff at the nanometer scale where it's hard to generate resolution where overcoming that by expanding it out. Like, Honey, I shrunk the kids. He did the reverse. Yeah. This time around so he took the same era. Jill etched, a pattern with light in it attached, like a fluorescent compound within it. And then hit the the gel with an acid, which it down and was able to basically generate structures in the macro scale and shrink them down into the Nanno scale. So he's gone full aunt Manche. This is the coolest paper I've read in a while. All right. That was a up was longer than sixty seconds. All right onto this week. It's really cold in places like instant frostbite in Chicago. Yeah, it's ridiculous. It's stay safe stay indoors to all those out there. But it is an opportunity to do some incredibly cool science experiments. So I have three suggestions so one you'll probably. Have all heard about which is basically get boiling. Hot water go outside throw it in the air it because the temperature particularly around like minus twenty five degrees Fahrenheit somewhere in the minds. Twenty two minutes. Twenty-five basically has no capacity to hold any water vapor as that bullying water spreads out. It can't be absorbed into the atmosphere. So it turns into snow and just comes down. So you can take boiling water boiling and has to be pretty hot. Why? Well, I mean just helps it doesn't have to be boiling, but it like aid like having it be hot at that temperature aids. In the spreading of it. It also vaporizing in needs to be near and needs to be pretty hot. That's cool people hurt themselves doing this all the time because water still surfaced engine. So it sticks together. So the hitting themselves with a glob of hot water, even though it's really cold outside. Yeah, that's cool. You can generate instant snow. But it's not as cool as some other things. My favorites are that soap bubbles can freeze in this kind of weather. So you can generate soap bubbles outside that will literally form into a structures that you can hold within your hand. If your extra cool, and our vapor, you can actually put some vape smoke inside of the bubble, and then have it frees over and you'll be holding sort of like an opaque ball of smoke that is frozen on the outside. It's super delicate. It's really beautiful because you get the crystalline structures that form a go you one better. So there is a liquid that is in my house that freezes it about minus thirty minutes like minus twenty minus twenty five two minus thirty depending on the purity of it celsius. Celsius. It is vodka. That's typically about eighty proof now vodka if you put it in your freezer won't freeze. It doesn't get cold enough. But is literally cold enough in places many of the places in North America where you can freeze vodka now freezing is really different than you. Don't get like an ice cube type lattice structure out can freeze vodka. It'll typically form a slush. I highly recommend if you get a silicone. Ice cube, mold. Yes. Those are resilient to about like, minus fifty degrees. So you can load it up with some vodka. Let it freeze and you'll get sort of this vodka almost slush when you comes out. That's like kind of like the. The texture of it because it can't form into a cube laddis, and then you can add it to your drink, and but it's super coal. So add it to like a slightly chilled like Tana tonic, and you can have a vodka tonic. Like you've never had before shaped like the my falcon if you have that. Won't pop out that way, but vodka freezing. Typically, it's only done with liquid nitrogen, but you get different kind of crystal formation with that because of how quickly if freezes the vodka. Okay, that's my recommendation, use this coal to experiment yourselves. All right. He's got two more stories. I got. Yeah. I got two more quick stories opportunity on Mars Las forever. Why they're hoping it lost power. It's headed it's solar panels covered up. Our only hope is Matt Damon because they're hoping to get wind actually shift some of the dust off the panels, and it we'd kick back to life and a big storm came by. And that did not happen. So so we cannot use the wind to restore opportunity. It's passed it's projected end of life. Anyway. Right. Oh, yeah. Way pass. So we need to send Matt Damon there, and he'll dust it off and come back to life. He needs. He needs the battery pack. Oh need so many things frame just to be kept company in his in his have on by the thing. Roving crisco. No, forget that this go. I have a business opportunity for all of you specifics space. If it's tell me space of it's it is we are gonna talk about space coffee. So a company startup has put. Out the idea that they're going to send coffee beans into low earth orbit and then using reentry use that heat from reentry to roast the beans. They're going to launch a capsule. I think it's about fifty kilograms. How big is this capsule seventy five kilograms of coffee in a capsule. How do they get temperature you over roast it? So how do you manage the temperature? It's got a tumble if you're going to get that even nice coffee, roasting. And so Dave mocked up a model that actually has a way like enough insulation that the roasting will occur naturally. It's supposed to tumble. Some folks have done calculations on this based off the weight Metrix. That's a good use of time. Yeah. It will cost about twenty thousand dollars per gala Graham to row beans, which means between two and five hundred dollars for the promise of this coffee. You got to send the beans up in the first place grown in space. Elon Musk has already done this. No, do you. Remember that guy? Peter Berg that Adams mentioned he he runs a group called rocket lab. That's based out of New Zealand that's doing low cost rocket launches. And now as expanding to the US their model is to use his sort of scheduled flight windows to send this up. This is easily one of the dumbest things I've heard insci- a long time coming soon to a hipster coffee place near you. Right. If you can afford it. The minute virtual reality this week. See this VR intermission called wired. Yes, it's a it's a it's not a VR film. But it was animated envy are using quill. I think this is one of the most interesting. Aspects of quill is that it is a VR tool. They got me expressly are only VR. Yes. That doesn't have just VR applications. Yeah. Yeah. So if you follow Goro one of the artists Facebook Oculus who works and create animations in in quill, you can watch them in the Facebook player sixty nine nations and the great, of course, there are a lot -tunities to watch innovations in VR, your Jelica in quill and a lot of the experiential sculptures. They do with a but to use that just to build your sets, the frame your scenes, and then the record it is a really concept. This is being reported as the first time at least one of the first times that quill has been used to make a feature length film with multiple scenes most animations that we see are just loops they're single scene with a loop. And it takes a long time to produce those because every frame has to be drawn traditional. Animation, but even with traditional animation. It takes a long time to make a single scene. So to spend the time to do a full feature length short is a serious commitment. And this is a made by student from the Rhode Island school design one of so this is one person one person to this. There's there's a short making a video to you can watch. But it's it's cute. The narrative is about a world where they don't have wireless technologies, and that's has some interesting implications. And from cinematography standpoint, you are limited because your camera is your headset. And or the capture that you're getting out of your headset onto the desktop, and so you're not swapping out at least in quill virtual camera lenses for telephoto. You can't get the same kind of shots. You would that animators at Pixar dizzy emission have built into their workflow. But you get a hand held camera which I mean, it's almost impossible for. For people to do with traditional computer graphic tools. It's always simulated. But this is this has a one to one mapping your same fix wide-angle hand held camera though. Absolutely, right, but the camera movements. Yes, our natural are very organic. Have you watched us in VR, just the flat? And if you can watch it you can't watch interview it's produced for the screen like that's what I like about. It is like it. There's a certain level of autour ship that I completely respect and doesn't lend itself to VR lends itself to a sixty-nine rectangle. I mean, I'll be really interested to go behind the scenes in VR and see. That would regain it. Right. Yeah. Of course, you'd get to see the edges you could see everything that wasn't drawn. Yeah. But I mean, that's why it's behind the scene that would be fun. Absolutely. It's a different kind of shadow. Yeah. It is. But now we have tools that are made for this. This not he's not repurposing a game out. Right. Right. Right. I mean, would you rather? Are you more interested in watching the compressed or compress quality? But the pre rendered capture of this as this is on or being able download the assets and play it back as high resolution as you want. I still haven't really seen something like that. Where it necessitates? Locally. Yeah. I liked idea being render local. I mean, that's a that's an argument that the demo scene might have because they have competitions every month, and they're releasing new products, and they're all real time applications, but they're all on YouTube now, and I would say most people just watched them on you two demos would even say is somebody. That's better. Appreciate it. Because part of the the craftsmanship is the rendering is this the the program the them, and you're getting so much more out of those particles facts rendered in real time than you would. And then YouTube actually takes away from that with compression. Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, it's but convenience always Trump's quality. There you go. That's the answer to why apple will never make a full game council. Pat, convenience from quality. And we've gone full circle. I don't think any other big news in in VR that we'll talk about stay out of our five. I five yet. Good luck. Guys. I know you've got some replacements. I was in there with you. I mean, I was a liquor. But yeah, that's too bad. Yeah. I do wanna point out one. There was a commenter on or Oculus who made an observation about the quest promo trailer like the video that they released at the last. Where they have a bunch of wire frame weapons that the person using quest pulls out and uses and they noted that three of them appear to be well, they thought three of them were from marvel they had the Thors hammer doctor Strange's shield thing and the hulk smash turns out, actually, that's not true. The the from the first two or from unspoken hammering you're making the the Festus. Yeah. Exactly. And the and the shield thing is not doctor strange, but the whole cans, yes, clearly hulk, so they're wondering could marble powers United be in development for quest. Or did the marketing team just use marvel powers as inspiration for this trailer? We shall see. But I think it's an interesting observation. I mean every little morsel and speculation we can do right now. That's all we got to go on before release sometime later this year for quest that does it for us this week for this podcast a last minute. Bit of news. I mentioned films struck earlier while the replacement for film struck, but the criterion collection channel criterion channel is now open for subscription announced that they will launch April eighth. And if you sign up now, and I I'm going to sign up after record this podcast. You will get to enjoy a free movie a week up until April launch. And I think it's even cheaper now than there launch pricing. So if you're into criterion channel movies, if you were a subscriber films truck, this is this is what you've been waiting for. I think that's it for this week. Thank you. Jeremy thank you could shore out there. Thank you for listening. And I will welcome your nicknames descriptors for all three of. Us. Send them to me on Twitter at an Shan yet. Send them only to norm. Yeah. Not follow science cash. Jere wear. That's where we're on social media by ne- new ways into these introduce these guys every time record we've much happening on site. Please check that stuff out. We didn't even talk about the one thing we were going to talk about this week. Oh, guys. We waited this whole week to talk about Volta, and we didn't do it. We have time. That's the third time the post post credits chat time he wants to do it. After the thing. Let's do it after the thing. All right Altro by mad cat. Overman? Baby. Okay. I can't believe we we neglected to talk about that. Well, I lost the fire because I saw this thing a month and a half ago, but you didn't go behind the scenes until last week. I did you're right. I went behind with. So you had mentioned on the podcast that you went to see Volta, the circus show, San Francisco going and San Jose raved about you raved about it. And you said you'd never been to bins. I never seen her. So someone working on the show reached out to us and invited us to see the show and also to go backstage. So we did very kindly. Yes. So I got social sure you had made plans to see the show with your son. Yes. Well, I went to different time and got a different behind the scene steak, and I saw the show last week the show itself. Awesome. Love great the BMX bike portion without giving away. Much was just stunning. Well, it's good. Right. Yeah. It's just stunning what they were doing. Also, there's this a set of scenes that uses a bridge that kinda just shows up and just like the fact they're like doing all these crazy manipulations off of that bridge that bridges like moving. Was totally incredible. So I was blown away by numerous outback's of the show whenever my family goes to see my wife, and particular always just inspired by the the the joy of life that these performers seem to have that the fact that they're using their bodies to do these performances in ways that most people simply couldn't fathom. Yep. And it's it's amazing. It's inspiring. And you teased a few things on still entitled this week about going backstage, just the sheer enormity of it like seventy four trucks full of gear, and they build a little city. Did you go into the food area did not go to the food area? So it like that's the first place we stopped, and it's basically feeding city and these are like mammoth like, you know, incredibly tiptop athletes that are in the show. So, you know, they're eating like their body, weight and food not doughnuts. No, no, just like car below ding to the extreme. So I mean, it was like building a city like you said on still entitled it was really unbelievable seeing the mechanics of a city like the infrastructure of the city booed and built in a parking lot. Yeah. I wanted to know about the language barriers because there's so many nationalities. I think twenty five nationalities represented on one tour go to Cirque show. They have flags up front that represent each of the nations of the performers. It turns out that all performers are contractually obligated to speak English as the common language, so that they can pull off a show because there has to be a level of understanding between the techs and the performers for safety reasons as prizes English. Not french. Yeah. Well, it is the most common universe language. Yes. The really interesting thing for me, and I really loved the the performances, and for me, the the hair suspension was probably the act that I blew my mind way, the most this is someone who essentially levitated bobbing held up. She actually sick during my performance. So we didn't see the my goodness, you can Google hair suspension. Surp- Soleil and watch video clip on you'd snap. -solutely it borders on Erie because you've never seen anything like this. And it you wonder does that painful? Yep. Because she's being suspended by her hair and the physical strength on your core and your neck needed to hanging limp on your hair, she is like flying and imposes, and but all the acts that have the the straps in the ropes that come from the ceiling, just before you leave hair thing. I just wanna say that it's not just the spectacle of her being hung by her hair. That's impressive. She ends up doing things that you couldn't do any. Other way, right like flying low thirty feet above the ground arms out essentially because being held up not by harness. Right. But by a ring in in in her hair. All that kind of all those acrobats require a relationship between the performers and also the mechanisms though, the ropes themselves and the winches that pull them. And so the videos that you'll see on tested in the coming weeks are about what we learned about how those systems work the four mass are put in place that hold up the tent that hold up all the weight that bridge that assure mention and also the computer systems that are programmed choreographed to work with the choreography of each act. So that they for maneuver like being pulled up in swinging around can be a sequence of ten or twelve commands on computer that tell you to tighten the rope to pull up with this amount of force. And a lot of physics just involved on that side of it. And that was something that I wasn't even thinking about when watching the show that had a new appreciation for after going backstage. Yeah, I did know how much was computer controlled. And how much was manually controlled because we're. In the feeder where every single rope was a dude pulling on a pulley or maybe a group of people, and it's, but it's all computer controlled. Yeah. At for Cirque and every component is tweakable even between performances if there's feedback from the performer that says I'd like to take off those slower to land little easier. Right. They can treat those parameters super cool the stuff in action that staged self. With the rotating stage was really awesome. There's a nice little bit in forthcoming tested episode. That's a that's you and the the walk on the rotating stage. And then, of course, the workshops that were set up, right? Not only over the you have the food and the the facilities teams. But also the repair shops. One whole tent we got the tour is setup as the repair stations for every different department props department the rating departments the automation departments, and they all have their own workstations, and basically pack all the gear that they would need into large road cases that fit into the summit trucks. I liked how they had different gear for breakdown and setup than they had for maintaining the show. So that stuff doesn't get like scavenge and all that kind of stuff. This hair hanging is blowing my freaking mind. I have it up on the screen this nuts. She's swimming. Yeah. It takes them two days to strike the entire ten. It takes two days my office. Yeah. Yeah. It's incredible entire not just the tenth everything everything packed into trucks, and then seven days to setup they can get up. Running in two weeks. I love the wardrobe area is the one that stuck out to me. I'm there's there these kind of wigs like helmets that are essentially crafted individually to the shape and design of each of the performers heads that I loved the feather helmet. I thought was incredibly gorgeous. And, you know, thousands of feathers that are painstakingly sort of sewed and glued onto the mesh. I thought that was fascinating which we learned when they traveled certain countries. They can't bring those wigs long with them in the can't cross the border because they're orgasmic with what? Yeah. Do they have to remake them the fourth those specific countries now? Yeah. That is bizarre every performer gets their body scanned now as opposed to life cast which used to do they need to get new replacement part like a wig or a piece of clothing. They have information that can fabric quickly with the digital data. Very modernized. I love how there's this intensely human story behind the scenes of all these things like I got to see some of the performers warming up. I ran into the the main clowns son who's actually his voice is is used in the show, and he like recreated it as we're walking by because he overheard us talking about it so travels with the show. I mean, it's the kid son. Yeah. But it's guys families get the travel like do they home school? We didn't get into that kind of discussion. But yet, I don't know. Wow. Like, his like the wife was there and stuff because I know a lot of the performers actually go home between cities because they don't need to do the ten day setup. Of course, they travel they go home they, but they're here like a month at a time. Right. So I just can't imagine like the I I'm so curious about more of those stories because the recovery the exertion that they're going through. And they're doing two shows night. Yeah. We were told the three of us. None of us all the same show. And so that might be true from from night tonight, like they'll be subtle differences acts might be swapped out performers. I mean, it's the same kind of thing that you would expect a magic show Penn and teller put show on they decide maybe that day that week that noted for this show, we're gonna have this repertoire of acts from from the catalog they have. But don't you think that this is that that search does it based on availability, or I'm sure they program design show like they have their ideal right from the ginning based on the ability of artists performers because they're only so many of these super talented people around the world, but even from tonight, you know, someone needs the night of rust or injuries like, yeah. Technical stuff in the whole idea to make it seamless. And so it takes twenty four months start to finish to produce. Oh from design from whiteboard to tent up. Wow. Twenty four months and the performers come in six months before performance. But of course, the performers are part of the entire design. They design the acts around existing performances. I got I gotta give shout out to the musicians. That's something. I'd just didn't. I'd never think of live music. Some shows make a big deal of some sort performances. The the musicians come out more. They do a bit in in Volta. But not as much as I would have liked because I think you're right. I think a lot of people just assume recordings. Thank you, Sean out there for inviting us to the show and will have it use of that on the site. Hopefully, not to pulsar onto far pulsar set up there, everyone there was super welcoming. And and just beyond gracious already that really does it for us this week. We had our Altro already. Thanks for listening. And we'll see next time.

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