Week 1 of Year 13 with Mort


The adam schefter podcast where this week's episode. I share to incredibly personal text. That i received during and after the conclusion of week one that you will not want to miss which will come at the end of our interviews and all those interviews. We will start today with my colleague. My partner chris mortensen who i spent thirteen years working at. Espn with and i would not be where i am today without him. And then we'll be joined by the carolina. Panthers free safety the great young player the former second round draft pick jeremy chin as the panthers get ready to play the new orleans saints. Were dealing with a little bit of an outbreak of coverted on their own these days and as we look back to week one what i can tell you is the joy that i and others experience from watching week. One was overwhelming palpable. Like you could just feel it watching the games all come on the screen. And you're thinking. Oh yeah twenty. More weeks of this. This is how to spend a sunday. This is what we love to do. Now i happen to be in the south street seaport. Espn studios around my colleagues. Which i didn't get to do last year. And chris mortensen and i are going to have some comments in that area but to watch all these games unfold it was sensory overload and it was lovely and it was missed now the other part that was troubling about week one and i think this was the case for a lot of different people. You sit down. You love watching the games you're tracking your fantasy results. It's just tremendous. You wanna see your guys. The problem was it was hard to track some of these guys with the new. Nfl rule changing numbers. All of a sudden. You're watching sterling. Shepard who is number three when it used to be number eighty seven or mohamed sanu. Who's now number six or hollywood brown. Who went from number. Fifteen to number five or sean jackson. Ten to one chasen's is wearing number two. Dj moore's worrying number two number twelve. It was hard to figure out in many cases who was who and who was wearing what number. It's gonna take a little while to sort out now. I have a certain idea what tom brady was talking about. Now i understand with some of these veteran quarterbacks new will before i sat down to watch week one. It's hard to figure out who's wearing what number where they are what their tendencies are. That was a troubling aspect of week. One and i'm sure we'll all get used to it over. I'm but as you're absorbing the idea of watching all these football games you're trying to process who is wearing what number 'cause that was very hard to figure out in week one all right. There are many topics to get to in week. One and we're gonna start them with the guy that has worked at my side. For thirteen seasons amana. I have tremendous respect for a man that if they were building a mount rushmore of espn talents and personalities. He would belong chris mortensen. We'll look. It is the guy who as i was sitting there doing. The pre-game show sunday. Nfl sunday count on espn. I was sitting there more. And i was thinking to myself. Wow this season thirteen that. We've worked together and i believe you've been at espn since what nineteen ninety-two. My memory serves me correctly. Ninety ninety one ninety one ninety one. So i think this is the start as i thirty seconds thirty year. I yeah i mean but yeah. I was ninety one ninety one. I started covering nfl for the rocky mountain news back in nineteen ninety. But as i sat there sunday i thought to myself. Wow here we go again week. One day one. But you're thirteen with more. And i thought about those thirteen years together and i said to myself. That's a lotta shows a lot of time. A lot of memories a lot of information. A lot of calls a lot of texts a lot of laughs a lot of everything so as much as anything else i wanted to express that in a tweet and i want to express it in the podcast to thank you because if it's not for you i'm not working where i am today without. You endorsing it. Well i don't believe that's necessarily true. But i will say this. It's been a lot of fun. i think. Some of the fun things that we have is is just laughing together but also the amount of information i think we both have. And there's always some of the things you can't report or can't tell yet or is still simmering it always the most interesting from a reporting journalistic standpoint from a of a fraternity standpoint. Yeah i mean listen you may. I'm i'm proud of you. I mean. I realize you've been at it a long time. I've been added a long time. But just i've always said we're really proud of how you've come. The espn embraced. It treated people the right way and done your job at the very highest level To me as well as it's ever been done and And then at the same time they will say this and we couldn't control the pandemic kind of like a really kind of put a damper things. Last year we were separated. Certainly because of the pandemic and and this year. We're also separated in part because of the delta very pandemic and some of the justice. We're going through so i've missed. I missed sunday. You not being in the viewing room with with with me and others. I wasn't the viewing room this time for the first time of year. I did have boomer there. Chris berman getting ready for prime time. I was allowed us. Man in the room or woman didn't matter had fun and and So yeah i mean it's it's just an here. We are with another nfl season. And i've been looking forward to it as much as any any of the other. Nfl seizes that we have covered. Well i got a text in the middle of the first games on sunday from field. Yates saying that mort and boomer back together in the war room everything in the world is right because nobody gets after boomer it no war more than more does nobody has more fun if i can even tell this story one of my favorite stories matthew berry hard. Espn's fancy expert shows up his first day of work at the war. Room walks up to the front of the room and says where do i sit and more points to christmas. Jerry says just sit over there. Matthew and chris berman always was notoriously. The last one to arrive to watch because he was finishing up. Sunday countdown from the studio over to where the war room was. And so on. This particular day matt berry's first day of work as chris berman's walking into the room for his usual seat. Nobody nobody likes his see more than chris. Berman likes his seat. He sees one matthew berry stealing his seat. Chris berman says fake. You're in the wrong chair right. And thus was birth matthew berries team name our warren fantasy league. Matthew berry fancy team name is now the wrong chair. That's that's his team because he was always sitting in the chair and he was sitting there on chair because of my friend. My colleague my partner. Chris mortensen directed him to sit there which is typical of the hijinks. That has gone on in that room which is back this year and you know more a monday night. I was in las vegas for the monday night. Game between the ravens and the raiders and last year. we didn't travel to the monday kings. We did all the monday night. Shows where the south street seaport studios and it was amazing to be around all the behind the scenes people for espn the sound of the production people the headphone people. There are so many faces you hadn't seen and then to be on the field and see a bunch of faces. It was a really was. It felt different and welcome and warm. And i can't but it's exactly what you're describing on sunday. Espn being in that war room again after not being in the war room from twenty twenty of never underestimated the value of relationships in france tips. And that's what happens over the years and even people that you work with you may not even have a deep relationship but you know you know they do their job well to try and make us look good at which they tough struggle for me As a tough challenge for them trying to get me to look good but yeah we just relationships even going to can't this year A small espn telecast but it was just seeing people again and you know own peyton. Manning's hosts enshrinement party and seen so many people being able to interact And it's Listen to the phone and texting. Those things are necessary tools. But there's no better to in that of being with somebody live in person and also feeling the energy and the Anticipation of something that we do that. We love to do That's about the happened or is happening. And i do want to say one thing about boomer in the war room. I'd probably did come in 'cause it's been why wasn't there. Last year became a little bit rough on them. This show. yeah yeah not on apologized to tone it down. Just a little bit for him because he's actually trying yet. It actually do a forty five minute. Non stop mime time. Show no from seven to seven forty five eastern. That is remarkable. And and when you watch it it still like the best. I like men ever and yet he's trying to work in. I'm sitting there terrorizing a little bit. In what way. What was the biggest way. Terrorize him this past weekend. We'll get after them over. No you sell l. always teams. You know he's he started off with one or two teams that he chan- back six. But like you know when you know. Do talk to andy reid this week when they fell behind goto in essence blaming. You boomer for colon andy. Reid was again on thursday night at ten o'clock. Yeah and that's the reason that the cheese destroy on monday night. We talked about the people relationships. Among that i walked into the espn production truck. And there was maureen and rene the to makeup woman. Take the shine off our faces before we go on there. I hadn't had a makeup woman in my presence in a year and a half a lotta people should make it part of what we do is. You're you're talking about getting yourself pretty for tv presentable. We try to all get presentable right. And so i was not expecting to see them on my like that was shocking to me that they were there in person. I couldn't believe that. I am so happy to see them. You know in bristow. I gotta tell you there are none there and that's because it's really been eighteen months. There's estimated since i've been in that building and it's kind of like yeah. There was something missing in the building. The president of the building itself the viewing room other words. that's after we do countdown. We go to another room compliment. We watch the game going on several. Tv's a big screens But in terms of the logistics of what we normally go through in bristol. And you're you're out there you're in new york It just was Yeah me i there's a. There's a little piece that was pretty sad about not seeing some of those people. But yeah i know what you mean. Because i didn't get maureen one of our bega people in afghanistan at the fame and that was that was a pleasant surprise and getting me that kind of look semi-good on tv much again a much greater challenge than new. Jesse show you. This was your first weekend. Espn and eighteen. Months this past week moore estimated as maybe it was longer than that You know. I'll say eighteen months to rounded up just figure out whatever the Marley she four. The super bowl was either not wasn't free. agency jack. January of twenty twenty would have been the last time that you remember still. Yeah that's correct and that was very odd and it was. You know the other thing and this. I'm not complaining. Is just the facts of of where we are with this pandemic in the delta variant. I got a minute like yesterday. I got my our squawked from having to wear a mask from moment building. Espn the only time. It did more message. When you're on air. Young right up to windsor and then and then husband to the airport and then you know you wear masks airports in catching do flights and running to catch you connection. I filled. I was messed up about seventeen hours yesterday and i didn't like it. It was like wow y'all you it was even that's different so But as you know necessary at this point. I flew to vegas this weekend when i got back. That chip go wifi comes through for it. You saw the game didn't you. Once again seth markman our fearless leader. Tell you about that on sunday night. I think you did well. I got on the phone. At the risk of sounding like edward. I got on the delta flight on sunday night and had no wi fi had no tv could not watch the rams bears game at all kept trying to sign on the one time. I did connect to wi fi. My company credit card. My company issue credit card was declined which gummy all worked up. Because well there's a whole host of issues over that. But i i couldn't watch anything so i just based on what to sleep it was late in all probably the most bad and thirteen years you've been at. Espn what the problem is. We went to vegas about one thirty in the morning. East coast time. And then you go to your room and begin your slipped on the plane for a couple of hours. You can't sleep. I was up all night then going into monday and then we go to the monday night game people. That's the great part. Because it lifts up your spirit and energy right and see the raiders people ravens people and some of the players and get to talk to some of them. Had a nice chat with max crosby before the game. Devante the fremaux game. What a game. Max at Yeah he played great by the way as far as not having wifi and no tv. That's the majority of people listening to this podcast. They really don't care. Yeah i know. I know what i was going to say. We're always going. I know they don't give a crap about that obamacare's and it goes but we talk about traveling again and be messed up. And i was also masked up the entire way but my wife won't let me back in the house cove and tested matt on the road like that for a couple of days. There's a bonus everything. So what i do. I think tuesday morning. After getting over. Red i go to get a rabbit test. That came back negative and it takes it to my wife and said i think assured of the test results to picture. I said i think i'm pregnant. A go home now exactly. Am i allowed to see our children and dogs like am. I now my into clear here so that was by the way that will be a weekly ritual getting off the plane from monday night football monday night countdown on tuesday and getting listen. She's a medic me. She completely reasonable. I told to one of our bosses. And he's like she's making you do this at. Yeah he found it hard to believe. But that's the way of the world and that's how we're looking at as exactly right. No so that's that's what it is. But i the main thing is that it was it was it was fun. Have fans in the stands. You know you you've got the experience that person certainly but you could feel it all around the league. And i know there i have friends out. There is a menace. This could be a disaster. We could end up with super spreaders. I don't know what we're gonna end up. I just know that if you're vaccinated triple vaccinated by our. I got my booster shot like a month ago. Because i was very early. Vaccinated in january with visor But i think the stadiums it was good to have people out there. There's you'll listen vaccinated. Hopefully they do the right things when they're asked to do the right thing and And we don't have any the idea being vaccinated. you're gonna try and avoid being a hospital critically. Ill i mean you were hoping it does become a it might be a bad cold But the thing about it is is. It's a. I'm i'm anxious to see. If we get any any stories back from the stadium's it says oh man you know we actually super spreader that I don't think we will. And i hope we don't but but i can certainly understand jerry With her condition asking you to get a test. my wife. Mickey did not ask me to get a test. You know what we're gonna say that's because essentially we've got Somebody who loves you wants to be wrong. She she needs to have you there. She says we'd better get office at israel. Because you're gonna you're gonna bigger dog house with with with all got now four or is it still for. It's a five dogs now more. I will be making a little six bed for better than sleeping in the king size bed june. Sorry about that. By the way as we're doing this. I just got a text on the saints. Here's the breakdown of the positive test results from the saints organization per source her source. Why not per sources. Get another That's your team name in our award. But i trust this. You're smart. Eight total cases. Six offensive coaches wonder trish one player but they said we'll be just fine right corrected. Were tweeting right now. So just as we're talking about what the possible effects could be there. It is in new orleans. Eight total cases as they get ready to play the carolina panthers but as you pointed out is one saints official told me this morning. We'll be just fine law. Listen we'll see your. Kobe is going to listen what we went through last year. We're going to have more of that. This year of the different protocols I can see protocols being revised. I think some probably need to be revised but if you're vaccinated which all staff members and coaches are Basically then you know you're going to get those. Those negative to negative tests on consecutive days. Right is that right. yeah. I think that's correct so at the same time you got remember. What's the most important day for coaches planning. It's monday evening. And tuesday and game. Prep day so but they can zoom listen. That's one thing that happened last year. They did learn that. There were some advantages with some of them. You with zoom Been able to communicate and do their work and plan. So i don't think it's that big of a An abrupt change considering the they experienced last year. Now how they had to operate more. Tell me your biggest week. one takeaways. i'm always wondering is this is a week one is the is the one week this i put lee stock into in other words. Because i just think you spend all offseason no matter what anybody tells you. yes they they. They practically get stuff ready for weeks games beyond week one But we won. Everybody wants to get that. I went out of the way because they don't want to be. They don't want to be on to so best not to be on to when that first week so i think a lot is put into that first game And you'll we suddenly see pittsburgh steelers kind of reaching back saying okay. We can play the buffalo bills this way and win it now. Your bills at a ten point lead. They squandered away some opportunities. Were clearly the steelers defense. A great game plan and executed it as well I thought that the Looking down here this euro-zone carnage going in and totally dominating. The tennessee titans. I know a lot of guys who miss camp tom. I know that you know that was kind of a thorn for mike. Variable the head coach. You know 'cause he's one of those guys. I think a lot of coaches and even players who actually believe. Yes you need to practice. No it's important To practice and and But the physical domination part of arizona against tennessee is what caught me off guard. I mean that was the most. Yeah impressive win a of the weekend. I think that Was let's see. Listen we all we all enjoy the chieftain and browns. I take and i use this note on sundays. You remember i just find it interesting. The chiefs one and that was despite not lane kyran matthew. Yeah and even. Though he was could have played he was was. He was off the kobe. Nineteen less but when you talk to him the chiefs it was like hey you know. He hasn't practiced with thirteen days. He has he's obviously keeps himself in good shape. He's young but we've got a lot of considerations here it's ninety degree plus humid weather You know you. You're tennessee to suffer injuries. In those conditions no practice no football conditioning in the previous two weeks You know you could lose them to afford to five injury or worse a season-long injury and by the way. This was the most interesting part of this and we are quite aware that he is in his contract year from tells you about the chiefs and the relationships they have with their players and so they actually made him an active for a what. We believe the big game. But you know what there's going to be. Seventeen of these games sixteen was it was a big number seventeen so chase manage to win even though they didn't have honey badger out there on defense for them so that certainly stood out and then You know we got the usual injuries As you as. You saw out. Always sunday. Monday thing and by the way those will pile up even more. I believe in two in three. We'll see even more injuries. Because that's usually when they occur more so weeks two three four than opening week to go back to last year. I think the data and analytic support that those are bigger weeks for bigger injuries. And you talk about the results of this weekend. You know it's going to happen here. You look at this past weekend. And some of the teams that lost. Already that i think people viewed as potential playoff contenders dallas indianapolis washington minnesota tennessee cleveland. Baltimore green bay. Some of these teams are gonna wind up losing and going to owen to. I don't know who own to then. The momentum starts going the other way then. The question start coming. The criticism starts coming and it's hard to turn around and you know what when you start going to a couple of these teams will some of these teams will. It feels like you're climbing this uphill mountain that you just can't get up all year long just to get back to five hundred though. There is an extra game this year with the seventeenth game. Yeah no yeah. There's no question. Listen up you. Tighten the coaches they. They knowledged the to is stressful. And and and the and so there's more stress on those teams certainly. It's the coach's job to make you know they can't say this is a this is a must win. If it's a must win you lose it and week to guess what you just lost the whole season. Yeah so obviously. The packers showing into saint. I wanna make good comment on that. Always i had the bide from the saints and also my own self awareness that we forget that they won the nfc south last year and we just assumed because they lost breeze and no and ended playing the packers the will and the buccaneers did win the super bowl because they they beat the saints in in january and the playoffs. But the saints truly feel they are a super bowl contender. And i want with all due. Respect do breeze jameis. Winston did did learn from degrees and he's learned would like to be a pro and he learned the old adage of know the focus on the decision. Not the result. Because even tony what ball as a good decision with a good result in a situation but the saints defense is very good Their offensive line and even the defensive lines are big time they got experience. Coaching staff. Obviously a great head coach. Sean payton and so. I did feel good about them going into the season. I think people overlook them. I think that the fact that you know they might even be able to do some things with the offense. With gymnasts winston. They couldn't do withdrew because do do at that. He was just old or is this job. Just been hurt the last couple of years and and when you hurt you also can't work out the way you normally work out the do as a restrict workout regimen or had and so i think that also led to some some of the decline. There No doubt future hall of famer drew brees and more. I want to thank you very much the time today. I just figured. I want to get you on just to personally. Thank you for the thirteen year. Run for running with me and running alongside me and helping. Bring me over the spn. It's been a great run. I hope we get thirteen more doing the same thing a lot of fun if we could do that. I just hope to see in person sooner than later. Okay that too that too. If we can do that that will be what. When do you think the next time that would be if you had a guest right now. Just super i might bring a negative test to your home. I think you're more welcome in my own home than i am right now. You better turn you better. Cut that part out bitch actual talk this week. Thanks very much. Today are interrupting your podcast content to tell you about five hour energy tired after lunch. You're not alone. In fact research shows that more than seventy percent of us hit the wall after lunch let a five hour energy shot help yuli bowler that wall instead of crashing into it with zero sugar and convenient portable size. It's the perfect. Pick me up for getting stuff. 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Ziprecruiter dot com backslash easy once again go to ziprecruiter dot com backslash easy today to sign up absolutely free input ziprecruiter to work for you or organized. Chaos is espn's newest podcast hosted by former nfl. Coach rex ryan and his former jetson ravens. Linebacker bart scott. The duo will be reunited in this weekly podcast with new episodes every monday. That will provide listeners with expert insight and analysis and everything happening around the league featuring trending stories from on off the field. That's organized chaos. Listened wherever you get your podcast. And there is my long time colleague and friend one of the great employees in espn history chris mortenson and now another great young talent the free safety of the carolina panthers their second round draft pick from twenty twenty a man who was a standout at southern illinois before the panthers head coach matt ruled plucked him in the second round. The twenty twenty draft with the sixty four overall. Pick a man that came into the nfl and lit up the league as a rookie. With one of the best seasons that any rookie could have had a hundred sixteen tackles and fifteen games already off to a great start this season the panthers outstanding young free jeremy before we get to the win over the jets and looking ahead to the upcoming up against the saints we to address the honoring carolina legends campaign. That you've launched where you are wearing a different jersey. Each week of a different carolina sports legend and auctioning off that jersey right and appreciate go to benefit the carolina air. Why don't you tell us a little bit about this yet. Big sauce start off by giving credit to tony bond girl. It was his idea. You don't eat home game. All were a carolina legend whether they were born a player collegiately played professionally in the north or south carolina. Our their jersey for every home game and then I'll have them sign that jersey all sign it and then how that jersey auctioned off and use the proceeds in donate those two charity. So you know the first preseason game were muggsy bogues at the second preseason game julius peppers and in the last week's game award steph curry. That's awesome. How did you get in touch with these people to get him to sign it. My first question. How do you come up with who you're choosing. How many more guys. We got an doc. I got a lot of questions about this charming. Yeah so four. My people in the pet. That's helped me a lot Reach out to be these players and their team. So they. They've helped tremendously for both the connects on that end and So as far as more in the future. I'm actually. I don't have each jersey lined up or or each athlete lineup yet. I have a pretty good idea of what i'm going to wear But i also want to take advice and take suggestions from what i hear from you know Outside who would be the ultimate dream carolina guests. And i have an idea of where you might go on this if i get if i could get a jordan jordan. Signed in and meet him. That'd be crazy you've never met him before. I've never met a not energy a big panthers fan. Do we know that. does he follow you guys. I mean using the area right. I have no idea. i haven't heard anything about it. But hopefully we can get him on the on the on the panther trae. Can you imagine what that would be like to me. Michael jordan jeremy. I can't be start. You would be right. Yeah you wouldn't be able to talk to them or anything like that. I probably ask him a billion questions like what was the process. Everybody does what he does on the daily now what he did on the daily then decided nitpick every i can and log in with it but i try to get as much as low as i could but the day before panthers regular season opening game. You had the chance to face time with steph curry. And you're the steph curry jersey for week one. What was that. Like facetime with him because he is another legend right now. That's and that's another you know. Future hall of famer said stone slow just talking to him was also crazy now. I've had a short conversation with him. But he gave me some credit on what i was doing in the whole jersey. Thing kinda explain it to him a little bit in what i was trying to do with it and so i definitely guys stamp of approval. Now where's the money. Go exactly interests explain that when we're time so people have a full understanding if they buy these jerseys about where it's going yet each dollar that's That's that spent auction for the jersey. It go to these players individuals So steps his eight learn play foundation so when ejaz auctioned often in seoul each dollar from that will it will go towards his foundation. Anhui wearing this week. Germany for the saints game. I can't tell you yet. I really i can't i can't tell you. Yeah secrets is it's it's a. I'm holding out till friday but it is arranged for you to converse with these guys. Interact with these guys before you wear their jersey. They know it's coming. You know it's coming. All that is in the works role in advance. Yes so usually usually about By usually thursday. I'll have it like the you know you need to get you need to get a sam mills family member. How about that one. That was jersey and his wife. Sign it and that's that's not a bad idea. Put it on the list there germany. That's here right. I'm taking all ideas. I'm open book right now. What is the most interesting. I gave gotten so far like. Are your teammates. Pitching ideas to you on this Have a interesting one to coz rule. He played he played. This isn't a jersey plan aware but he played at penn state attorney. You were ninety eight. So i kinda went to show up in ninety eight prince stages i wouldn't wear it to gain them into the facility so maybe team tub. He wore ninety eight at penn state. Yeah that'd be. I hope he doesn't washes. Because i wanted to be as apprised but oh so what are we surprising him. I don't know again yet. I don't know you and decide. Get jersey did call the school yet. You have you have the panthers. Call the penn state football department. He had a penn state to probe the penn state football department ships over ninety eight. And then you bring it into the team meeting whatever it is and what you do get like a giant jersey. I can really fat. Xl overweight kind of jurors. That makes it look a lot heavier than actually is this is this is this is the game more. Would yeah that would it be perfect. Wouldn't it goes. That'd be good or your teammates aware of the fact that you have launched this initiative germany. Yes some of them They're they're starting to pick up on had really made a obey dealing allegra but Guys are definitely sunday the pick up on it and they're asking me a lot of questions they're starting to ask our jersey go where this week. So they're getting into so we're not. We're not going to reveal which jersey were wearing this week. But we do. Have the new orleans saints this week and you when you watch the tape of them. What stands out to you. damon's extending players in launching the ball deep. You know he's gonna take the shot You know there's a lot of times watch the packers e b.'s. Stop covering just because they don't think he can make a certain throat so but he can he can he can launch and we know that he will. So that's that's the biggest that stands out to me. You know you talk about him taking off. I remember talking to somebody in the jets organization last week before they played you. Guys i said what about the match up this week and they said this may be the fastest defense that we play all year long. We can't believe the speed that carolina has on defense and in the first couple a series. Zach wilson jets rookie quarterback. His head is going to be swimming and spinning because he's not going to believe how fast the nfl game moved. How much speed is there. Is there a way to quantify how fast you're defenses like. do you realize it. Is there something that tells you. How fast you guys are. An example of what this jets source was telling me last week before he played. Yeah i don't. I don't know how we how we quantify it or or if there's if there's numbers involved there but i just know our mindset is in a racing to the ball and that's we want be the first one there In it if not going to be the first one to the pilot so that's just our mindset as a defense we just want to storm fly. Ron you tell that it was a little bit unsettling at first for zach wilson to go up against the defense as fast as yours last week german. Yeah that that was our game plan. Just keep him keep him thinking he has been And it worked out okay. Yeah and how would you say. Your transition has gone so far from the college because you came in and made an instant impact. Did you have any idea that you would be able to do that that quickly. Yeah that was my mindset coming in I didn't have all the answers as far as The the huge football iq come from a small school. But i knew. I wasn't allowed myself to to get out of work than i knew if i if i was going to mess up something go mess up android one hundred miles per hour But now coming into this season. I definitely have game figured out a lot better than what they last year. Another still a long ways to go in that department. And that's that's something i'm gonna continue to may strive in every every week so i'm excited. Just keep moving forward and taking steps and when the call came on draft a last year and it was your head coach. Matt rule calling. Is you at all That it was. I was surprised me that it was the panthers calling me. Yeah yeah i didn't. I didn't expect that but you know it's been the best thing but he knew you show well right. Yes they actually they. They saw me a few times throughout the season at a meeting with them at the The senior bowl. They came to my pro day but There was probably a month or month and a half before They write speak to them at all so they just kinda left my mind a little bit. Where do you think you were going. Undrafted when rolled around own adult conversations with a dallas Let me see chicago Before before javale in those those are like leading up to this. Oh you know has Don't really know is your head. So he's like that's the most insane the most interested so as a jackie really have no idea especially when you're outside the probably top five top ten picks and did you allow yourself thought of what it would be like to be a dallas cowboy germany I didn't. I didn't think too much into Having opportunity regarding the and what has been the best part about living carolina show far The people i mean since being here the people in the city has really just embrace me and now that kind of ties back into the whole jersey thing that i really wanna do So How how how much the city in the area has embraced me This is kinda my my way of saying. Thank you how much. I appreciate being your knowledge of that city before you move there. Jeremy now night off is my is my first time. Come here for some in north carolina at all since a when i got jackie also very nice and very peaceful. You could have been drafted to a lot worse places. Germany was right it that worked up pretty well. It worked out perfect. And is there one guy on your team that you look at all the time practicing. Say man this guy is even better than i thought Yeah i'm when i first guy here The christian practice santa run around. And i have people like all teammates friends. Whatever they call me. All the time a christian mccaffrey like is he really really good gauge. The practice is legit Take everything You know that. I see him doing as far as off the field. What he's eating. I'll just ask him questions like a. How often do you get massages yourself. Come on what you eat in that type of stuff. Just try to get as much information from you. Know a guy who's at the top of his position. And what have you picked up for him asking him for some of those tips. What has impacted you in altered the way you approach the game. Some of his This process so the way e recovers after a game You know getting is a central nervous system back level Things like that. What he does leading up to a game for a before a game week his massages how he takes care of his body. What he's eating always lifting You know how. Before a game every saturday get a sprint in the go full speed just to get his central nervous system backup berated. Go on sunday so certain certain things like that. I just tried to take away from them in nc if things like that if i can incorporate a mop process in what i do if it works for me. You're not make myself feel all to you. I knew christian mccaffrey when he was a little boy up to my kneecap and i'm not told via but he was to. My kneecap is a little young boy. Visiting his dad and training camp in greeley alvarado coming to see his father. Ed who played wide receiver for the denver broncos and i was covering the denver broncos for a newspaper in colorado too little christian three brothers all around the training camp fields all the time when he was a little boy he was running sprints back then he just a little bit extraordinarily bigger right now. Jeremy pilots a little bit different now. Yeah absolutely well. I appreciate it. Take some time today. We wish you luck with your initiative again will mention one more time honoring carolina legends campaign if people would like to view some of the auction items bid on it. Where would they go. Jeremy they would go to jeremy tendai com view. The oxygen section in the judges are up so the isolate usually be up for about seven days. They are steph. Curry one is upright. Now it's live so Jeremy appreciate taking the time today in honoring get to speak to you fan of the way play the game keep up the great work and keep up the good work on and off the field and carolina face item appreciative. It's good to see the teams back out there on the gridiron lucky for us. That was just week. One draft kings the official daily fantasy partner. The nfl is putting you in. The center will be action for week. Two new customers can get a free shot at millions of dollars in total prizes with their first deposit by signing up using code. Shafter get in on the action now. Simple just pick your lineup. 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Better help is customized online therapy that offers video phone and even live chat sessions with your therapist. So you don't have to see anyone on camera if you don't want to. It's much more affordable to in person therapy. You can start communicating with your therapist under forty eight hours own. Load the stressors and get some unbiased feedback. You'd be pretty surprised at what you might gain from it. See if it's for you. This podcast is sponsored by better help and listeners. Get ten percent off their first month at better. Hope dot com slash adam. That's better hill. Dot com slash adam and there is the great young safety and i mean. Great jeremy chin. Who's going to be making a big impact in this league on the field and especially off the field for years to come. Some personal and professional announcements came along within the past week that i want to share the big news dropping friday very disappointed that the hollywood reporter scoop me on it. But that's the way it goes. Sometimes nickelodeon announced a new weekly. Football highlight show and hope. Espn mommy plugging another network. But that's the way it goes sometimes. Nfl slime time. Which debuts on september fifteenth wednesday september fifteenth where they are launching a new. Show airing at seven. Pm wednesdays with the cbs mornings anchor and former nfl. Standout nate burleson. And nick starr young dylan. As a co host and another young dylan. Who's not a rapper. But happens steve. My daughter dylan schefter serving as correspondent for the half hour. Show that will. Nikolai highlights in game footage and have segments spotlighting youth football interviews with players and appearances by other nickelodeon personalities. And the personal be doing those interviews. Of course will be my young dylan. But not the young dylan. Young dylan schefter young dylan schefter. Did her first interview on monday. And i found out as i was walking into a legion stadium. I got a text from the arizona cardinals. Communications department their front office. They texted me as i was walking in that the only thing bigger for christian kirk than scoring two touchdowns is being on nickelodeon. Nfl slime show. It don't schefter well. As soon as i heard that and saw that i called that person mr mark dalton and i give him credit here by name and i said are they done he said no and we facetime together and my own daughter. Young dylan didn't even know that. I was spying on her and eavesdropping on her as she was doing her. First interview with christian kirk young arizona wide receiver who scored two touchdowns. When i found out she was doing it in all honesty. I was so much more nervous. And anxious than anything i could ever do on television will for espn. And now i know what it's like to be the parent of football player or athlete. Who's in the stands watching when you can't control anything and you're watching the whole thing unfold in front of your eyes and i'm watching my young dylan interview christian kirk the cardinals wide receiver and man. It was just nerve racking. What something like that to cut me off. I had to go do the. Nfl live show on the field. Couldn't watch. I didn't get to see the whole thing. I'll see the whole thing on wednesday night when it airs on nickelodeon but i got dig it. A text Mark dalton after that they were finished and he wrote and i quote such great energy and enthusiasm congrats texted christian defend him and he said quote unquote. She's gonna be in all capital letters. Great well again. I could care less how monday night countdown went our halftime show. What dylan and christian kirk made some television magic on monday. Apparently that i look forward seeing tonight and that meant a lot more than anything else. The other texts that i got this past weekend if i could say one more than the other that meant an awful lot to me was we ran on. Espn a feature on. robert solid. The jets coach talking about his brother and the impact at nine eleven had on he and his family and for those who missed it. They can watch it on my twitter account on my instagram account. At adam schefter but it was historian which basically robert solids brother started job in the world trade center the day before nine eleven and he started working in the training program for morgan stanley and was the sixty first floor When the planes hit and he went running down the stairs in her announcement that everybody should calm down go back to their offices and resume which is just chilling to hear that and the piece ran this sunday and greg jewel at espn and susan answerin. And by the way. Greg and suzie deserve all the credit on the peace finished up the piece that ran during sunday countdown and got a tremendous amount of feedback in a positive way which is always very welcomed but the one text that arrived was from a longtime die. Hard new york jets fan by the name of chris berman none other than boomer himself and when i walked into the viewing room to begin watching the sunday games sunday at one. Twenty two eastern. Chris berman sent me a text that said and i read shefty. That was as fine a piece in story that i've ever seen. Thank you wish. My dad was here to see it. And chris's dad was a huge jets fan. And chris is a huge jets fan and the fact that somebody a legend in the tv business could send me that tax. And i hope he doesn't mind me sharing it on the podcast but it meant that much to me touch me beyond words and so that was very meaningful just like the text from more dalton of the cardinals for an office was meaningful and so i guess it was a nfl. Opening weekend of meaningful techs in addition to all the meaningful action on the football field. Are i want to thank my friend. My partner chris mortensen for joining the podcast today. I wanna thank the great young free safety for the carolina. Panthers jeremy chin i want to thank my producer. Today filling christina buswell. Dan stanisic for putting this together today. Short notice and i wanna thank you. The listener for tuning into another adam schefter podcast. Please join us again next week when we'll look back on week two and look ahead to week three and until then have a great week be well and stay safe night football fans. I want to tell you that. Nfl sunday ticket dot tv is like having front row seats. Do every live out of market game every sunday afternoon. No matter where you live stream right to your favorite device and they season that means eighteen weeks of glory and more games than ever before visit. Nfl sunday ticket. Don tv and order today. use promo code. Adam twenty twenty one at checkout to save fifteen percent select international games excluded eligibility restrictions apply compatible device required. David charges may apply.

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