Full Show (Brady's last season? Dak a rookie fluke?, Patrick Mahomes, Clippers/Lakers, Jalen Hurts)


Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host jerry taft. This podcast is the full show from today's episode. Soda undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate so skip shannon. Let's get to it welcomed undisputed. We are live from los angeles. I'm jenny taft here with skip. Bayless shannon sharpe good morning show before we get started allow me to present ginny with a gift from little wayne that was sent to me with my gift from no yes no. Are you serious. This is the best thing ever uh-huh oh my gosh you guys in best friends. I doubt buying all shannon. All didn't close note turn the two gifts that he sent to me. I'm going to read that note here skip. I wanted to give you a little something to thank you for having me on the show so often. I also sent shannon something just so he wouldn't feel left left out. The inference was that that ours were a little better than here's let me. Can you say cubic zirconiums. Call now we know. Can you say that about shannon off like oh come on is the nicest gift john. Thanks yeah wow on the show every day. That was really special. I feel really feeling good. I love title. I love them. I mean <hes> you know. You say you had to take your first look today. Twenty seconds today is my sister's fifty nine th birthday happy birthday every birthdays. Your name is not olivia. Your name is libby book. She's telling everybody on name is olivia <music>. She's younger sister abby yoga's every forty two well. Happy birthday heard it means. We're gonna have a good date and we have a packed show. Let's get on with the eagles we can serve the cars might now in season the dax rookie year a fluke hers. We'll talk about it. I we are going to start with the goat pro football focus rank. Tom brady as the number one and starting quarterback heading into the season the patriots also remain the betting favorites to win the super bowl according to our friends at fox bet but at forty two two years old many are wondering how much more brady has left in the tank has contract makes it easy for the patriots to part ways with the quarterback after this season and remember number is also put up his boston area home on the market. E._s._p._n.'s adam schefter said from the outside looking in this has the potential to be brady's final season in new england. Brady is expected to get his first and last preseason action tonight as the patriots take on the panthers so channon. Do you think this is brady's last last year in new england scooby doo kind of said that all along. I really felt that twenty years. I didn't say it was going to be his last year playing in football but i feel it would be his last year in new england and and there are a lot of indicators and i didn't at the time when i said there's a couple of years ago skip but you'll put his house on the market obviously but i just think the biggest indicator for me is is that tom brady has made it abundantly clear. He wants to play until he forty five. Mr kraft who owns the team has made the bundy abundantly clear he believes. Tom camp play only two he forty-five my only concerns work concerns yet question was if you believe that and tom is still playing at the level that you deem. That's high goldfish. Why would you give him an eight million dollars. Signing bonus only seventy million dollars extension. You could have easily given split the difference because normally you get fifty anywhere between fifty to seventy five percent of your money guaranteed but he only got eight million dollars so basically you gave them an eight million dollar bonus this year on top of the fifteen million that he was already making you know i don't want to sneeze and say twenty three man but can considering what the quarterback market is going forward now and who tom brady. Is you know goodwill. They should have given him thirty five forty fifty million dollars. They get fifty million dollars. I'm not gonna be arcadia lead. Tom brady to make it fifty billion because i think he's deserved. He's earned the and if you believe what he said to be true that he wants to play until he's forty five and he's going to continue to plant the level of which he's playing it. Why why wouldn't you do that and then when you start looking at look obviously scale a serious injury. Something happened normally do this for anybody but i don't want to see i don't what does he have to leave because of a premature in injury if he wants to continue to play but i just think there are signs that indicate and i thought this would have been sped up. Hey jimmy g stayed but clearly what was the jimmy situation where resolve by mr craft. I just believe coach. Belichick went back into the draft found him the quarterback that he likes jason jason statham and he says okay jerry's got stood him up and he says okay josh kojima because guilt for me. You and i both believe the metric system. He believes that he can get any other piece. I don't care what position you play. What side of the ball you play on on. He believed that he can go get him a guy and bidding and never miss a beat their indicators and i feel that this is his last year in so jenny. I think we have some revisionist history going on across the table about predictions that have been made things have been said on this show up for and i think somebody is revising advising went. Somebody has said before because somebody across me. If memory serves has predicted for three straight years here on undisputed that this will be not. Tom brady's final season of football but somebody has now revised that prediction to include well gee it might not be as last season of football but it will be his last season in new england says she i don't know i said it would be his last year in new england now he might have to go somewhere else and continue but i the recall. This is a new twist to the plot on your part. I was i was sitting pretty until mr crab may coach bill jim gee. I would have been right if you know it okay but you were saying this. Is it for football for tom brady so you would have been half right. I guess s. but he would have continued playing football elsewhere. I still believe you're gonna continue okay in so here's what you're telling me that the quarterback and by the way yesterday yesterday you were all for pro football focuses ranking of dak prescott at seventeenth dead right dead right right right okay now can and we say they got it dead right that tom brady is number one on the list tom brady at going into your forty two really he's number one. On how about this. I can see why they put him number one on their list for the simple fact i guess they took a couple of years of data but he wouldn't be number one on mine. I would have the homeboy now mccain. So which way is it. Did they get it right about. Dak wrong about brady will kill you all the time. Two things can be true. They could get one right and one wrong okay but let's look at their breakdown of tom. Brady and it was very objective is almost overly objective because they also agree with you that he took a step back last year. I did not see that. I didn't see that in the room with me or you disagree with you but they're takeaway line on this expect more of the same from tom brady in twenty nineteen nineteen so if we can project from this that we're going to see pretty much the same brady we saw last year. The guy who beat mahomes twice beat aaron rodgers. There's one at chicago. Do i need to go on and on had the number one seed soda arnold bill belichick blew the game at miami marcus mariota loved matthew stafford and he somehow rose above those losses to have them in position to have the one seed last year until belichick allowed the miami miami miracle at the end of that game well ahead of auto miracle. Does he not preside over the special teams right you so the point is this guy who's ranked number one by pro football focus and they're predicting he will have just the same kind of year last year in which he won the super bowl. His team is now once again favored with no gronkowski to win. This upcoming super bowl that that guy is going to somehow somehow failed to the point that that robert kraft will agree with bill check. It's time to cut bait with tom brady. Is that what you're saying. That's what you're telling me. I said okay and so we look at the schedule of the new england patriots and i told you back before the draft back in early april. It was after headquartered unquote retired hard. We don't know if you will stay retired the whole year but i looked at the schedule. I said this is easy. Bhai new england standards so again or the jets better yes. They're better have if they had a couple of big losses in their linebacker for the last couple of days. Yes they have but are they better all over all around football team yes. They're a little better. Are they. Good good enough to unseat new england in the division. No they are not is buffalo better than they were. Yes they're better quarterbacks one year more experience and he does have some capabilities. Are they good enough to win a game against new england this year. No they're not as miami taking a step back in the division. Yes miami is taking a step back with the new head coach under bill fits. I thought you like his magic there to you though you already and they win a couple of games right they probably will but the point is i stick by what i said. I believe that new england will lose to pittsburgh in the opener at new england because i liked the steelers this year and in thirteen and three and maybe it could be better than that because i just don't see anything dangerous on the schedule and the to the what's the most dangerous game for new england every year. It's the late season game at miami. That's always the nemesis for tom brady. They get to go to miami and we too so they will be coming out out of summer. In new england drippy summer dislike it feels just like miami to me and then they get to go september fifteenth to miami they get out of the white guess who they get to finish with at home against the bills and the dolphins you like what was given a look you argue that we can look at the schedule all we want to but you also know that there comes a time time that get teams that you think not gonna be good will be good team that you think that's going to be good will be bad okay but for me. If you're you you said the article about he took a step back well if you took a step back in two thousand eighteen and you spent more than twenty nineteen what they're telling you they're just saying he'll play just the way he did last year but he took a step back okay okay but again if he took a step back from all-time greatness to pretty great. Was it good enough to get them to the super bowl last year and win in it yes it was just because that was good enough in twenty eighteen doesn't mean to be good enough in twenty nineteen okay so let's do glasses half empty. Let's do your your scenario hypothetical. Let's say that for whatever reason julian elements just now coming back from his broken hand and who knows when josh gordon will be able able to play in kiel harry the kid they drafted late in the first round who i love and i think could change tom. Brady's life has some lower leg injury that kept him out of much of camp so let's just say they get off to a rocky start and they lose that miami and whatever and we'd go on into a shaky year but they still wind up. Let's say they have to go to kansas city again dan to play the a._f._c. championship game and this time andy reid and patrick homes figure it out and they hold off tom brady and they win the game because they have improved their defense defense just enough to do that. Do you think that robert kraft in his right mind would cut bait with tom brady after another a._f._c. Championship happy chip game which would be their ninth street so they've gone to nine straight years of championship games or better yet. You really think you do that by just don't put you know i just told you. I believe it's going to be of last year. Okay whether it's coaching call with us mr kraft's call or maybe tom's always mr harass koldo. Oh where the thompson i've had enough of this. Y'all taking taking me for granted not paying me without properly worth worth. Yes i took taking less money but but i deserve to be compensated fairly on the back end whatever the case may be yes. I believe twenty twenty this year. His twentieth in new england will be his last guy. I want to be completely absolutely on record. This will not be. Tom brady's last year playing football or playing for the new england patriots. I'm going to be very clear about that i a._m. On record in concrete he will play next year in new england and the next year in new england because it's just too good to be true and robert kraft loves loves. Tom brady far more than he loves bill belichick. I'm sorry but he always sunny but he but he loved winning and you know coach. Belichick is the main reason why he continued to do. There's no he realized that he he's been one hundred forty eight hundred fifty million dollars by a patriots and there work like three points five point single. He believes so strongly and bill belichick. Why did he say bill. I'm sorry you're wrong about jimmy. G. trade him. Why did he say that. The furthest you're right it would skip appeals for is the first and last time i mean you don't win all the arguments. Do you sometime this uptown. She leads matt win and make you feel good missed. Coach belichick had to get his hand slapped lap. Mr cramp bill billy called the billy billy winning. All these things stand pat on this one but the next time i'm gonna let you have your way okay so let's do the hypothetical that will never happen. Which is tom brady. Go next year if in fact i don't know if they would try to trade him. They would probably really do him. The service to him. The justice of just saying go pick like peyton was able to just go free agent. Do you wanna go peyton. I think i'll i'll go to denver right and magic happen right skipping of look you we all know just like peyton had his choices. Okay you know tennessee with interested. The broncos arosemena san francisco. Tom brady is going to have somewhere between six and ten teams unless they have a true established starter. One of these top leslie top ten gav live. He's not gonna go there but there will be some situations that t._v. Will be willing to even if they find the guy that they'll be willing to get off for. Tom brady because at the end of the day he is tom. Tom brady and the broncos signed. Payton in painting was coming up next door. Just give he could barely thought about ten yards up in the bronx. We know tom brady can throw the ball for the ten yards. Okay and i'm just saying denver's. I'll through. It'd be high on that list. You imagine do you think joe flaco you think they're wedded to joe flacco till death do they don't worry about the fact they elope okay if not even fishing and and a couple of years ago tom brady was reportedly interested in going back to his home area because we're up a forty niner fan and now they have his <music> backup quarterback who is about to be his next quarterback right and i don't know if jimmy garoppolo continues to play the way he pooling last free tonight komo him way too much money. I'm going to say that's not going to happen even though the forty niners appear to me to be a team on the verge where he might get there right just the right there is a real possibility skill okay and you know we gave we give a lot of control of what you need okay and here. I'll throw one more curve ball elect you. Tom brady also loves him some southern california because he giselle have owned a home here near where lebron lives in brentwood and there's another team in l._a. Not named the rams. It's called the chargers coach by a good friend of yours and i. I'm just going to say what if philip rivers chris comes up short yet again this year you realize he's destined to be a free agent after this year so is it possible they would cut bait with philip rivers and say yes. Yes we would love tom. Brady take over our team on the verge because that is a loaded football team they are are. They need to get going back. I i like him and blue and orange better do little payton all of a sudden you would be driving the tom brady bandwagon in blue and orange greg. I'm in the money so here's where i'm with you. I believe bill belichick would love for this to be tom brady's last year. I am already suspicious of the way tom bill. Belichick is handling. Tom brady's preseason snaps and i can't wait for tonight to see exactly if in how long tom brady plays because i told you a a year ago in game two he played thirty nine snaps and through twenty six passes that was gained two of the priests this game to suddenly shockingly. He played zero right. Why was that he wanted to play coach. Bill said no so now we get to the quote unquote dress rehearsal game three and will he be allowed to play or is it possible that bell chac will some mysteriously say some way say no. I don't wanna play in this situation. You take the situation jamie like you. Okay you kind of like it but you like. I kind of wish me but you don't want to be the bad guy. Coach belichick spellcheck wants to move the ball but he really we're talking with. Your breakup. Says you know what guys i just wanna so guy love to feature jeered stick them in the dress rehearsal game three months. He would just so he could make the case mr craft you see what i found again. I got got my new jimmy g. E. and i think the thing is coach. Belichick looks at skip because the backup quarterback takes all the scout teams rips and a lot of times coach belichick. Check might throw a little coach better. Check my little wrinkle in there. He says look this guy sees matzec. Especially in training camp sees my defenses all the time yup and i'm the great defense of mine in a field right now and maybe ever if he can handle what i can throw at him. Yeah i know if i put him in the system and i'm and i need him to play and play well after what i've thrown at him. There's no question in my mind can stand up to the pressure because look they're always coating always observing and they know coachella check really knows who can do what winning how so i think a lot of that. That's at play here. There is something because jimmy garoppolo was not playing it a lot of gave. There's something that led coachella check to believe that he can move on from. Tom brady and would not miss a beat with jimmy garoppolo considering that jimmy had never gotten in the game and that's not by accident. 'cause tom brady does not quarterbacks good quarterbacks. They don't want you ever looking at another quarterback in a game situation and get getting any bright ideas that you can move on without me that is correct. I'm going to say it one more time about jeered stood. I watched a lot of him at baylor first and then a much more at auburn and he is athletic and run. We've seen him running this preseason. You can takeoff and he can motor. Yes got a nice arm got nice stature about him but under fire at auburn and some of their biggest games his poise under fire left something to be desired. That's just me with no baylor you know they throw the ball around so he had a lot experience throwing the ball around in ballot access yup. Yeah yeah and throw the ball. Does he have potential yes. Could i see bell. Check falling in love being enamored of him. I can tom brady in his weekly. Weekly w. e. Appearance was asked the other day. Do you wanna play in preseason game number three and he said boy. I hope i play again. We had practice yesterday. We practiced today and then we'll see what coach decides. I hope to be out there. We'll see what happens again. He always defers to whatever coach says i have to do because tom has always been cultural but to me we will see. I can't wait for kickoff tonight to see how long tom last if he gets it's to play at all and if he doesn't get to play you're going to hear sabotage for me. That was thanksgiving because this bill normally does what someone he does the opposite the tom said well you know i don't really care. I've been yada yada. He's gonna play so talk. Hey it's gonna lead up to him hoping coach. Tom wants to sit down. He's gonna play look code. Check when you have those kind of credentials gift bear little that you do get question. That's why we didn't get the whole you you did but there were a lot of people that really questioned the move that they called your check made in the super bowl benching malcolm butler because so many of his other moves have worked out so well and when you get sick super bowls in nine appearances you you build up a little you know a good service and then people like okay. I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt on that one bunch of patriots patriots question that move right after that gay. Tom brady appeared to question that move in subdued the last jedi you sabotage a couple of your relationship to loan waco uh-huh yeah. Their relationship fascinates me. How many people do you know that have this kind of relationship. That is this successful it just it's interesting dynamic fascinating story in sports and it starts tonight to me starts. We are moving on wrong. That's me you worried about his new offense. We'll discuss all of that next. Don't forget you can check us out every day on the fox where channel on sirius x._m. Rockies are the everyday flats for life on the go. They're stylish comfortable and go with everything from yoga pants to dresses and skirts. They've of quickly become a most loved. Gotta have them brand. Thanks to their wide range of colors and patterns with new ones launching constantly and there's zero break in period did since roth these are crafted using three knitting techniques and hand assembly there seamless design means a right out of the box comfort best of all they're made from recycled pulled plastic water bottles. That's right over twenty. 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He has yet to play in the preseason and he's not expected to play tonight against against the ravens once said regardless of whether he plays tonight or not he will be ready to go week one so shannon. How concerned are you. That wentz won't play and he snaps before four-week one. I'm not really concerned because i think the risk of picking up a unwarranted injury <hes> ways being off a little bit and for me i i think the thing is that they've seen the backups go downscale and they see the injury history with carson over the last two years and maybe they'd like why risk it. Yes ask you would like to see for me. I was a guy. I wanted to get rhythm okay if i wanted to have my adrenaline flowing in what was going to be like the breathe and run routes and how people banging on me me in a crowd of eighty thousand people screaming and yelling that's different people like will you know getting practice. Practice is different than a game totally agree so i wanted that some some guys like no. I'm good. I just want to roll out. I couldn't imagine skill playing my last game in january and not playing a meaningful football again until the following september. I i just found it would be hard for me but for carson wentz guilt i think yet will he be a little rusty because he got drafted receiver a very high stanford so so i think he would like to have some timing in a meaningful game in the preseason but the risk of injury given his history and knowing that your backups have gone down. There is no nick foles now. You just signed a guy that had a job similar so you would our skilled a week ago. You decide him. He was wearing a shirt and tie one day the next day he got parakeets and shoulder pad up so i just think they're they're being overly cautious but i'll tell you this. I just believe if this kid could get past dishes with no injuries. I believe he will. He will turn the corner just right now early. In his career he just can't get past the injury book and i know that was like because early in my career ideal ankle the knee problem <hes> but once i got past it it was loose from their own so i think i just heard the hall of famer shannon sharpe say out of one side of his mouth will he really has no concerns but on the other side. He said he has grave concerns because he needs to play some breezy. I would like to see him play but i think i think the eagles are looking at it skip. We would rather be him rather have him. A little rusty with his timing is off just a tad as opposed to run the unnecessary risk considering. They've seen the previous here's to backups. Go down with the injury. I am sorry to report this cross tape of you but this is yet another bad sign for limpet to win this or as i call him carson wince w._i._n._c._e. Because every time i think about his injury history i wince you'll make you an cowboy or like last year. He did twice here before we didn't have any body he left. I'm going to say this one more time and i will be right about this. No player in the national football league has more pressure going into this season on him. Then you're still young fairly inexperienced quarterback has on him in now inconceivably he he will play no preseason snaps with several new components on offense especially that deep threat receiver of his so to your point. There's nothing like live game action especially. I mean even if it's just preseason but but you can't practice all you want against the ravens. There's just a level full of intensity there. There's a level of bright lights screaming people that takes it somewhere else when you scrimmage against another the other team you've already been briefed. We're not putting anybody on the ground. We're not gonna do anything crazy but you know come game time. There are already. Everybody is fair fair game. There's no off limits as collar murray then we're talking about right so now you're young quarterback that you love is going into into his fourth day with the most guaranteed money paid him of any player in the national football league and yet his game experience has gone down from he did last sixteen games as a rookie and he was not very good as a rookie and then it fell to thirteen games and he had one great stretch stretch as a second year player then it fell to eleven game so it goes sixteen thirteen eleven the cowboy teams. I covered back in the nineteen. Eighties had a name aim for a player like carson wentz. They called him the egg man the egg man as in fragile as in he's played no preseason this season snaps because he will snap like a twig. If you hit it oh he moved the glass mr glasgow where you go and carson wentz. I'm i'm reading in the camp practices and even the scrimmages against the ravens is trying to run less and less because he just can't risk running when running was a key component of what made carson wentz so good for that stretch in his second year lucia vob really so now deer in headlights. It's kind of wins as you wouldn't be stuck in the pocket trying to speed read when he's not really a speed reader. He's got weapons everywhere. He's got expectations hire loftier than the liberty bell in philadelphia my right yep because you think this team's got a shy yes and yes. They're loaded yeah. They are loaded oded. Possibly shannon super bowl pair by possible it could be. I noticed when in the east and yet all of a sudden your guy walk it to him as you call him wince goes into the season with no more safety net because he got saved by the safety net known as the magic man nick foles both of the last two years which means that your guy arson win has played also zero playoff snaps zero zero. He makes a hundred and eight guaranteed million dollars the most in the n._f._l. With zero playoff experience and fairly limited regular the season changes this year. Oh does really because now he's played in grand total of forty games by god doc who's also going in his fourth years played fifty one games to your guys forty. That's eleven more gains experience. That's pretty significant term deal with miniature down to your guy. Auditing dinkum inducted my got getting big big big plays. My guy is thirty. Three and eighteen is a starter you guys twenty three and seventeen so the losses are pretty close but man my my guys won eleven more games than your guy because my guy wins. That's all he does well. We'll find out is you who wins the most by the way there was a story back somewhere. During the off season there the headline sources inside eagles paint carson wentz as selfish uncompromising and playing favorites. This story went on to say that he refused when he got back into the lineup to run any coordinated he called foal stuff because he resented the hell out of the fact that nick nick foles was beloved in the locker room to the point. They built a shrine to in the locker room but he just the other day. Did you see this came out out and said he is a great leader. A first class human being wait who said that chris long day came out and said. I don't know what that article was about. I've got now leader. He said it was the article was b._s. Just for for referencing did come out and clarify that but the point was he loved him. Some nick nick foles team love nick foles who took them onto magic carpet rides in two straight posted not just one it wasn't fluke number one it was to quote unquote flukes because he beat atlanta he genie's viking and he somehow overcome hung forty on them and then what are you gun. Tom brady. Yes what glasser he goes to chicago wins and he was on his way to winning at new orleans until alshon jeffery carson winston favor aver targeting dropped a passive heating right in the hand might be having a very different conversation right now but nick foles is a jacksonville jaguars. Let me tell you about the conversation aero. Thomas play for the baltimore ravens in the baltimore. Ravens are scrimmaging the philadelphia eagles and this was the earl. Thomas is believed the best rates they tim football yeah he. This is what he he said about one walker to carson winston. I would tell you in this league. They're the small pool of guys that you would classify at an elite level and i think he's definitely ended up time. So happy said expectations go away. Go to liberty belles hi. Hi good love it. Bring on when you try to see it when you trade within who traded to get this young man the expectations were always going to be there sure that's what may john elway so unbelievable considering what the broncos game up to get him. It was always going to be pressure. Always met those expectation. I expect nothing less than this young man to meet and exceed the expectations this year. You're going to be very pointed that you've kept calling him limpid to him and w._i._n._c._e.'s w._i._n._c._e.'s. You're going to be disappointed that w if wall to wall like it. Your guy had better live up because i will predict kicked right here right now i have i have covered many games that the eagles played in the city of brotherly love or shove sometimes. It's a city of brotherly shove. When it gets to the eagles games they are quick boo. I think they are the quickest tabu in all pro football all a pro sports so the first home interception that he throws and there will be one of those you just know. Some people are going to sit back in the stands and say with nick foles have thrown that interception we had nick foles. He was the super bowl all in the p and now we're stocked with limpet to them yeah well. That's that's where you're heading with. I'll tell you what the article said that a walk to them was selfish. Stephen jones they accelerated. He won't give me fever fever. Say that dak prescott just i might be the best leader in the n._f._c. because we know that gun foxborough is the best leader in this regard you read that you read them anymore but actress what about russell louis russell wilson is he is a force in my locker room. Nobody is ever question his leadership. The way carson winston has been. Have you ever curated russell wilson. I know well yeah. No wait a second you. What am i saying yes they have. They think he uses the pet of barrel. Leadership leadership was not the locker room split over. Are we with or against russell wilson <unk> interest even with all that still what's that even with all that when the locker room was split in it seems the defense against russell wilson kip his head and still deliver high class high-quality and yet boy he wrote the co tales of the legion of good there you go see the right you know as dak prescott ever the legion of boom he one day he got leak or one of my last year so that difficult terrible last year and then boy. It wasn't the playoff game was it not here got run off. The field gave up two hundred and thirty yards rush. You know that legion of boom. Let's legion of doom. I'm jenny taft staffed. Thank you for listening to the undisputed podcast but before the show moves along here's a quick word from our friends over at the fantasy footballers podcast the the n._f._l. Season is back and that means one thing. It's fantasy football time. The fantasy footballers podcast is the most downloaded fantasy football podcast for a reason it has the most accurate rankings as measured by fantasy prose. So you have a leg up on your competition want to dominate the waiver wire in your league the first define those hidden sleepers or grab those breakout stars before everyone else then you should listen to the fantasy football podcast to get the most up-to-date until to win your match chop each week subscribe right now to the fantasy footballers podcast apple podcasts spotify or wherever you listen to your podcast you can also visit visit them on the web at the fantasy footballers dot com subscribe now dominate your fantasy football cuyler. Murray doesn't thank thank his performance against the raiders. Last week is anything to be concerned about the rookie q._b. The lackluster performance to being the pre we season and after the game hard knocks cameras caught cuyler asking antonio brown why the raiders had to blitz them so much earlier this week cliff kingsbury said that he's intentionally finally keeping his play calling close to the vest in the preseason and yesterday murray explained just how limited the cardinals offense is right now. Take a listen. It gets frustrating when you know there might not be anything opening. We we go out. There and we look like how we looked last week and then you know people were talking about she but also got understand like i said i mean it's preseason and and we are running. We're running like literally six or seven place so <hes> you know. There's nothing to be negative just because we know what what what's really going on nah shannon how concerned the cardinals be about their offense. This should be very concerned. I don't care if you run six plays you six underplays if you can't block you're not going anywhere you see skips away. Cliff king's birthday. We're not we're not running a whole lot of play the he said you know we limited basis is blocking on a limited basis. Is that what you're doing guys. We're not gonna show you anything so obvious linemen. Don't you show him that. You can block. Is that what you're telling me scales. I don't think so and i tried to tell you skip betas. I tried to warn you. Try to say before yourself because that's what teammates that's good free of. Do we save each of friends. Yes yeah that's a skill. What you don't understand is that he's leaving the situation where he had the best offensive line input ball and he's embarking upon the situation where he's going to the worst up into line and football aw now that office line is so bad. I don't know if josh rosen can play or not but the line was so bad that they went back into draft after taking a quarterback with a top ten pick. They got got another woman. The first overall pick but this officer line doesn't play any better than what is played over the last couple of years. They'll be back in the draft again. Look at quarterback because they're gonna get this with her. Now what you see he's guilty because he is smallish and he is willing to give himself up without a whole lot of fight. You see him. Go down quite easily. <hes> mhm in the blueprint is out there. They're going to hit him upskilling. Lets you know that i know that because you will enter try even young quarterback. You want to speed the process up apps. We you don't want to sit back there. Patting the football we will speed you up in even when we don't. We're gonna make you think wrist beating you up because we want you to see ghosts the problem that they have. I don't know automatically. I don't know if this scheme that cliff kingsbury brought to the n._f._l. I don't know if it'll work or not. I don't care if you run four wives five wise. I don't care if you wonder if you can't block you can't win in that is their problem. I don't know how good customer is going to be because i know this. He's not complete pass azzoni back and he won't last very long if that offers why doesn't play any better than what it played last monday night against the raiders you know that at all i know is i stand by what i said about collar murray from the start which was early last year at the university of oklahoma. He is an extraordinary ordinary talent and clutch performer. I have rarely seen such poise in a quarterback on the college football level because he stepped onto onto the field right into the shoes of the reigning heisman winner who'd just been the number one overall pick new draft baker mayfield and he took it up. A level ginny witnessed it yeah. He was not afraid when he says i feel no pressure. He's been in the spotlight his whole career. He's been as cliff always cliff. Kingsbury says he's been small his whole career. This is not new for him in little league but he has been extraordinary in baseball and football to the point that he was obviously a high draft pick by billy beane and the oakland a.'s and yet he chose football and he made the right decision asia and it will turn out to be the right decision and i'm going to discount what i saw a week ago tonight at arizona because i saw hard knocks fox this past tuesday night and i got to hear john gruden's raw speech before game two of the preseason in which he's trying to light a bonfire under his football team by showing tyler's highlights from oh you less to did you see bravery train. He is raving about. He is never never seen a dual threat. Never ever seen says jon gruden never seen a dual threat like this kid and then he shows the flick of the wrist pass that he threw against saint nick's team remember this the national semifinal jon gruden says i'm paraphrasing. He says have you ever seen a quarterback wrist. Flick a ball sixty yards right right on the dot in the back of the end zone for a touchdown. He said you better be ready. 'cause he can't hurt you and we got john here. We gotta get after his ass. I am i right paul guenther to do something that was heated work borderline unsporting football. It's breaking the gentlemen's gentlemen's agreement of game to this game. Two gentlemen play tennis and play golf. We don't really know jim stuff going on in football skill but you know that jimmy connors the john mcenroe hell gentle but the point is paul guenther comes out and just blitzes the hell out of this kid like from i i snap on the house to the point that tyler did walk over to antonio after the game and said hey why you bring the house on the house you remember the old commercial with the gravy train the dog food and they ring the bell coming getting that jon gruden was doing reagan. Are we gonna bail. That's really impressive. I'm impressed okay. How about this la. You could say you know what in the preseason. We don't want to show you anything. We're gonna be really bonilla ellen. We're going to be built vanilla formations and we're going to be bonilla in. I route and yet when you have been vanilla you block until what did i tell you the other day. This was vanilla versus chocolate chocolate thunder. Bring out and go and i will agree with you on one thing and one thing only. This is a bad foot yacht yeah. I saw on full display because oakland's they're pretty good. Arizona is really terrible and it's getting worse because i i had such high hopes for kevin wide from west virginia in college football i would watch him just bully other teams yeah he would just go up and just snatch should young people and he gets drafted high by chicago like think cups. I thought that was actually too low for him but he got hurt and then he got hurt. The next year got her any winds up in arizona impose his hamstring and finally even cliff kingsbury who's close to dana holger sohn coach west virginia and i'm sure they had high hopes like god. We got renton here. We have died in the rough and finally they cut bait and signed a guy. I'm not that high on in trabzon. I've never been a big fan of his. He played at texas tech tech. Pre oklahoma's being didn't play four cliff but the point is so now it's michael crabtree in he buy goods canadian oil. No oh oh that'll be good because you know who to lead play for the rams. Gables nasdaq changed and alexis. I love and admire larry very fits but he's getting up there. What do we have to use sixteen yard and then i like christian kirk but is it enough and i liked trent sherfield from vanderbilt university but is it enough. I loved hakeem butler that they draft in the fourth round. They stolen from iowa state. I don't know if you got to seem six six to twenty five and he just just broke his hand in gone for the season so all of a sudden poor little keiler is way up against it. That offense was statistically the worst just in the last forty years. Yes that much better now skill his here. Okay you draft column with the number one overall. Pick the problem album that you have last year. You say it was quarterback but they couldn't protect him. So what do they do. They get more wide receivers now playing seven on seven and you got nobody that's gonna rush calamar and he's just gonna throw ball around. That's perfect but you draft why quarterback wide receiver wide receiver you don't get off his stick around six in in row seven expect to be good okay so i will give you this much. I trust keiler a lot more than i trust cliffs kingsbury okay ah because kyle play i don't know of cliff who got fired at texts right after going thirty five and forty. I'm not sure his stuff will work. At this level. I i think it will because it really worked on the offensive side at texas and and you know it was hype line of quarterbacks pro football talking about how jon gruden was whipping his guys up in a frenzy now to get rid of play this game but don't you think for one second that jon gruden what looking across that field and say this this a young gatt thing he can come in here with that job system and show me. He was thinking that he would because look at how about yeah yeah yeah and he includes remember for a while. It looked like john was thinking about drafting kyle. I 's okay and after thanksgiving cliff kingsbury is going to face as a lot of that yes defensive. Guys are going to get after calum murray but head coach is looking like hold on this guy came from. He couldn't even at college and he gives one of the most prestigious jobs in the n._f._l. Based off what like you're not the biggest gruden fan but he did win the super bowl yeah he like hold on this guy had pat mahomes and he won homeboy baker may at davis webb so don't think is eagles all around yes deepens offensive coordinators do not won't calum murray to show them up <hes> but head coaches does not won't clip kingsbury to outcoached them either okay. I will bet you that even their schedule is brutally difficult that slowly but surely cuyler will figure out how to make some plays in this league and by mid season about when you sit in over there on monday saying you know what if i look good yes they will not win fi. That's really bold of you. They had the first pick in the draft last year. He also hello generational. Talent generates talent turnaround your lighting. They got to win five not ask me that would be the peak five. Oh this is so you wanna you wanna flu shot. I ain't got no shot. That's the only shot. They got flu shots really they got no. Oh shot by this guy. I took one flu shot in my life and immediately got sick last while either skew you solve the office if you saw the man running for his life. So how did he give it. Okay okay between what you saw last monday it. What you're gonna say couldn't remember last thursday. Night was not a fair fight because i will bet you that in camp practice. They haven't practiced a whole lot versus hot receiver blitz where you've practiced to what we're doing. He'd been trying to figure out how to play football. Don't use one of the baby. That's skip you work on that day. They want they do we have you will. You don't think they're working on it right now to make overdosing. We already know about skip. Here's the thing was. I break into your house. Once already know you're gonna fix the front door. I'm gonna do the bathroom window. Really we got yes too late. You what you start working on. That already got another plan. How getting the lead the lead abatement a lot all right down not very good guardless slow to to just watch just watch and wait just remember. I said this extraordinary perform well. I'll tell you what he gets them tyran smith and some zack doc martins in some <hes> travis frederick that black travis frederick young block for him and that offense by going to get hurt <hes> worry about the guy chains. I just find any shots the other night no he got. That's another very easy going down. Smart posed a robert griffin. The thirty went down dumb every time up. He knows how to avoid the career threatening shots. We we saw last you ever take a shot to get one. You gotta get worse if he ran for a thousand yards last year and i didn't take put himself in a precarious situa- camera emerald y'all getting the n._f._l. Player <hes> we'll see and n._f._l. You saw what they do with it flat now. They can get rid of that but i gave it up when he'll look better in this game then he didn't alaska alvin. I bet i bet you film. Come giddy well. They'll be ready on skill. You know how he was. The linebackers coach of the system knows them. Come get bolton. Oh yeah offense better than it does. Go to all the coaches wanting to show cliff. It isn't as easy commodity with all that jail he had body spray. All you commercial air tale of two other cold. You look at groom stomach pulling off with he also lemon trail bitty british journal new he worried about if mad look rating did david madden rating. I think he might regret is telling everyone about that. One we talked about a lot of quarterbacks today. Maker is next baker. Mayfield's tackle jones say about baker. We'll tell you yoga before. The show moves along. Here's a quick message from fox sports as we gear up for for football season. It's time to create the perfect game. Watch environment and that starts with your bed. You need enough room in support to accommodate snacks excited outbursts and the close calls. That's right. You need a king bed and adjustable base in right now. During mattress firm's labor day sale you can get a king bed for a queen price and a free adjustable adjustable base when you spend just four hundred ninety nine dollars enjoy the game from the best bend the house thanks to mattress firm baker mayfield taken a lot of heat the last few days the browns quarterback was quoted in a article saying that he couldn't believe the giants took took daniel jones sixth overall in the draft and then it blew his mind since then baker has said that those quotes were taken out of context and he has reached out up to the giants rookie to explain take a listen just things taken out of context. That's the problem with today's day and age you know you you don't read the whole thing you don't put two and two together he just kind of read scripts and then <hes> people you know they combine sentences from different conversations and so it seemed very disrespectful and i can understand that i reached out to daniel because all that bluewater you know way out of hand and i wanted him to know how i felt and i've heard nothing mcgrath things from saquon and sterling shepherd <hes> guys that you know have a lot of respect for him and i i respect their opinions and so i just wanted to clear there with him all right shannon odd you like the baker reached out to jane jones. No i wanted to own it and this is what i'm berio ariel skip anytime. I hear a guy said you know stars where you know either. He's lying or he's about to live and i heard a lot of you knows in that skip. How do i take you if i'm doing a story royal skip bayless why somebody whose name coming up in the article it will if they're doing a story on. Let's say somebody come in. I what is the g. q. Skill remember jalen ramp had to bear same thing last year by quarterback n. g. q. Here's baker mayfield edgy. Q. and we had to see what a month ago odell beckham and so. I've been danny green i will. We'll be the. I'll make sure i'm not drinking anything by article v q so. I don't want anybody to take anything out of college so they can. They get people the best. Maybe let's give it to somebody article on me. Okay we talk. It and i look up and see somebody on the t._v. That do what we do. They do terrible skit what they will happen if they're going to be an article exactly well. You hope not if you say how do you take out of context that was around the draft articles. The interview is about you is somehow you bring him up eating and everybody i love. That baker speaks as eh. He tells you what's on your mind all he. He's breaking them. Oh you like any backtracks cutty candlelight michael jackson the motown awards eighty-three moonwalking skip you maybe if it was april fools but the draft with around april twenty four so no that was no joke. You said what you said just own it. I said i cannot believe they. They took that guy out of duke university with his win loss record and the way he played but what he tried to do skip also said i was surprised the number one overall to two things can be true. You can be surprised you went number. One overall and you can also say he sucks and that's exactly that's the crooks discount bela's moonwalking. If you're going to be a man about it be about it you talk it back it up and said yeah i said it now what but now he caught a lot of flack and it gets taken outta no it doesn't that's what it gift taken out of context when you say something and you want to retract or move away from it and it was taken out of context that interview earth got everything you said in the proper context you were shop that the new york football all giants to daniel jones six overall considering how poorly he played in his win loss record in now you trying to backtrack so no hello <hes> unfortunately i must agree. I still love baker mayfield as a quarterback in a leader of the cleveland browns. I do not love anything about this. He was dead wrong simple and he will not give it up and let it go and admit it and own it in stand by it right. I'm watching e._s._p._n. Yesterday and i caught my friend. Jake trotter who now is covering the browns three s._p._n. Who concluded after listening to baker yesterday that he did vehic knowledge that he did say. I can't believe the giants took. Daniel jones yes so he he's acknowledging yeah. I did say that right period end of story. That's absolutely that's. It takes over now he he he does have some point that you're associating my remarks in general in that interview about why n._f._l. Teams so often missing quarterbacks that was more of a generalization because he was talking about himself. How how shocked he was. He went number one when he was not projected to go number one and he thought he deserved go number. One in his point was they're missing the point in the boat about me. Because all i did was win. Lead that team at oklahoma and if you look at the quarterbacks who make it they lead their college team right okay that is in a different context but it still doesn't change the facts up at the time and said. I can't believe they took dale jones mind boggling. Thank you quote unquote. Yes i don't know at what point in the interview. He said he intended it. As an aside he intended it as just sort of a fan reaction to something he's seeing on sports writer up on a t._v. Monitor while they're sitting in a restaurant that has a steak named after baker mayfield right and he blurts it out thinking is just guy. Talk is like oh. We're like the interview stop for a second and it didn't so unfortunately it hit the light of print sprint and more unfortunately he won't stand behind it because i want to give you the quick history of baker mayfield. He's had beefs right and left drive back and forth. He blasted his former coach. Hue jackson called him fake when he dared to get fired by the browns and then go sign up with the rival bengals remember for that and he pointed adding right on the sideline. After he threw a touchdown pass then he blasted his former coach cliff kingsbury which talked about cliff when he was at texas tech back by saying that he was disloyal to me after i got hurt and he opted to go with davis webb over me which triggered bakers exit stage left to oak lawmen allman the transfer then he blasted recently texas quarterback sam alex. I don't know where this guy. They were rival arrival heights austin but but he said no. I don't like him and i hope he knows i don't like him because he doesn't like me so he just he's just like boom boom boom even though he doesn't even know etlinger etlinger doesn't like him. I don't know i think it was the rivalry of high school was from last year. It was just a you knew that there was a clear the rivalry look everybody have a rival. I don't dislike. The guy deflated school. Now i dislike the guy that was playing against okay they gotta do i might dislike. I would agree with you. This is a stretch but it's almost like jordan-esque where michael we will create for no reason what are you doing right okay and then finally he he took a shot at duke johnson who was his teammate at running back as you know for daring to demand a trade and becoming a distraction and not being fully committed to the browns took shot at it saying it's self destruction on his part right right right okay and then duke obviously finally got traded and then let's just quickly go over the incidents that he's never run from it. All paul fayetteville arkansas. He has a little too much drink and then he runs from the cops and he finally gets arrested and charged with public intoxication disorderly conduct in fleeing and he stood right behind it and then we know that he grabbed his crotch to send them across the field of the jayhawks kansas jayhawks for not shaking his hand the pre game and then we all all we know that he fired that football at t._c._u. Kid right in the head just for daring to run across the back line of is in zone during pregame warmups and he owns it right like that's me. That's what makes me tick all this is who he is until this one exactly and this one got into print when he had no beef and no reason to take a shot at at daniel jones so he's embarrassed about it. He might have gotten called on john dorsey as carpet. Maybe even jimmy carpet. What are you doing right and he couldn't defended right because all he could do is lie his way out of it by saying it's a context right. You know you just wanted to know. I think the world of no you don't you said you kill believe they took you believe a giant drafted him with the six picket drought but you want him to know you the world of him okay. So where did you think the world of him before <music> after you made the comment all right and now you want to announce to the media that you have tried to clear the air with him by texting him. I would prefer a phone. Call writes drives me. But how would you if you're in daniel jones shoes. How would you receive that taxed or if it had been a phone. Call reject reject because you you know in your heart of hearts. He just spoke his heart right. Yep you just said unprompted. Okay bye-bye had done something to him okay. I'll get you wanna say something. I'll be like that but when you speak in here i am. I'm getting drafted. Baker mayfield quarterback. You don't know me. I don't know you and then you're going to take you going to say that and then you're gonna get my number from someone and then you're gonna try to talk about broad. That's not what i mean. It was taken out of context i was talking about. I said i was surprised to okay you. Are you surprised you win the first well what i gotta do what you're saying jones. I still wanna know nothing exactly now and then like i said he got the blowback in when he thought beck and thought about it. He's like you know what i really shouldn't have said that because that's not my place and it makes me look like make them look real. Petty like okay because people didn't think you deserve to be the first round. Pick why you take it upon yourself in project that you don't think he should be the the six beginning trial and then move walk back low baker baker speaking mind. He shot him and he quickly say if you don't like it that's the problem. If you don't like what i say i thought you probably in the past. Yes ask but now look at it the crisis manager due to clean up too late. Nope you came down brian loveliness zarzuela. I thought you loved baker. Yeah we're stepping off. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Two things can be true. Well somebody madam. I don't like that he backtracked but but i still beat the steelers win that division somebody might be moonwalking like michael jackson and nine hundred eighty three across from you got his name but the steelers look good tonight in washington this change to saint james wash. I told him thinking taken lebron's off. Okay well being. I can't believe it being a steel play. I'm gonna be the comeback according according to skip for big ben the year. He's got allow baker baker baby. Let's say your shot get get them about. I'll be like like jay cutler in philip rivers ace. Give everybody to wri. He liked robberies. Oh you texas may baldwin. Pittsburgh already is interested in the n._f._l. Are you going to start being fighting okay. We'll have to wait and see. Is it possible. The dak prescott rookie success was a hey look. I'm going to use joins us next. Dak prescott found himself himself on a top ten list bone. It's probably not the one he wanted to be on e._s._p._n. And football insiders released their top ten fluke seasons quarterbacks quarterbacks going back to nineteen eighty six and x rookie season in twenty-six came in at number ten the list points out that the only reason dax x. numbers have stayed steady is because his pass attempts have gone up each season and also points out the prescott q._b._r. Dropped every year since twenty sixteen so so we're now joined by f s one and fell analysts james harrison good to have you but first shannon. I'm gonna start with you. Do you agree that rookie. Season was a fluke the u. saying luke with a k. flute because i don't think about the play it over to afghan as jeanie. It was not jimmy you gotta. Let me see in case. You're wondering i thank you oh skill baylor's. They say your guy. The guy that you say is brady. Ask had one of the fluky receive in n._f._l. History so i'm not sure not just have a moment now you just told me admitted to go and i wrote it down. You say it looks like to me the number of games that he's mrs going up. It also looks like did you know this q._b._r. Down side talk. No i wanna get back later data interception rookie twenty three and four average twelve last season going up going down your for a temp. Go all in down sack twenty five thirty to fifty six. You know pro football focus fifteen of those fifty six six was directly attributed to dak prescott and my and there's not to target yeah. Why are you keeping a rutted. Go sit in the hall and you keep it a rub. You teach yes here. Only we're going to get worse because they know his limitations. This is a running football team. It always has and always will be as long as they can take. Take zeke away. Keep that play actor comey players guys. Gotta come down because you got to try to stop <hes> but numbers don't lie one of them. Leukemia seat a honey james four hundred eight hundred ninety nine year. This was one of the ten fluky you see the n._f._l. History and i don't really know what else to tell you. I'm sorry that it happened. Mhm that you so devout you in so it. It hurts almost an oatmeal luke so i want to hear if james harrison buys into the foolishness i just i i do not buy into stuff that i just heard but i don't consider it a fluke because i don't think he had a great season. Oh starting all the same thing. The man nineteen nineteen completions the game from sixteen seventeen twenty two who in eighteen it's not really that much of a drop his his his attempts went up his sax went up his his interceptions went up so i mean the only big differences you went thirteen and three with the cowboys and they did nothing so you just went crazy about this what they go last year helped me out and we didn't think tennessee's who won the division last they had they had they had they had zeke back when they didn't make leap was suspended for six games so he missed six games. It only played in ten so that is not really doing it. I feel like like i said before you can get a quarterback out of the draft. That could come here and give me one thousand nine hundred completely sold. Would you hand the ball. Would you be so bold. Old is to go so far as to say dak. Prescott is a bust. I wouldn't say he's a bus because they didn't draft him. As a first round of che's garbage is give me something gimme uh-huh put a label on him litter. He's going that i didn't. He's averaged. She's average. What everybody says. Harrison is that what do you say they literally. Every shannon sharpe hall of famer says litter dak prescott is litter. I want that on tape because it's pretty hard. He ain't trash edge but do keep competitive with the top yeah when you put him up there like tom and all that is like yeah. Now i gotta say or he has to say he's trash because i cannot just tell you how much i love this from my quarterback. I loved you said and i love even more the litter that you just deposited right here in the middle of this table because it just spilled right out of your mouth my quarterback more and more by the day becomes the most underrated under appreciated and under hyped quarterback back in the national football league. This is utter blasphemy. What i just heard here it's sacrilegious and he will make you eat all the crow that you desire. It'll be a buffet they of crow every monday on undisputed. Everybody is welcome. It's all you can eat crow for these two right ear. Here's what happened last year. Tell me anyhow fluky last year for the first eight games last year. Dak prescott had literally nobody to throw to there was no number one wideout and guess who got the most targets targets over the first eight games of the year the running back did the most balls were thrown to number twenty one who happens to be zeke elliott. There's nobody else to the throat and by the way zeke is still running the football through the first eight games. Guess what the record was three and five and guess what jerry jones did thank you what are you went out and got amari cooper and he spent a lot of money and a lot of stuff for him because he he he's been a first round draft. Pick and it was worth every last cent of it because when amari came in life changed because he finally had a legit number one who could threaten the defense and occasionally there is a double team and what happened from that point on look at dak prescott to fluke ish numbers last year for the back half of the sixteenth note there saying sixty they're saying last year. Urge to disqualify sixteen was a great year. It was the best year any rookie quarterback ever play you can just i dare there. You go look at r._g. Threes rookie year which i loved in washington it was not better than dax rookie. You're going to disqualified that one because of seventeen or so listen what happened for the last eight games last year. Dak prescott was third in the national football league incompletions. He was fourth in yards thrown yards. He threw four jeff. He was fifth in air distance of completions. How far the past goes before it's caught fifth in the national football league and he was tied for fourth in deep deep pass touchdowns because he wasn't dinking and dak and once he got amari cooper and he kept it off by outplaying russell wilson in q._b._r. Whatever statue that you want in a playoff game that he won and then he went to l. a. and he dramatically outplayed via q._b._r. Jared goff in fact dak prescott my quarterback in the bad year you had last year wound up in the playoffs having the number one overall q._b._r. Of any quarterback including tom brady or patrick mahomes number one q._b. We are so i look at. I'm gonna have to bring it up again. No quarterback over the last three years has more fourth quarter game winning drives than my quarterback. No quarterback in the history of this league in his first three years in the league has oklahoma face obama through. I record is that they need to be. I don't care there are four quarters in a football game slowest. Listen okay and he's all he's done is win. The division two out of three years and the year that was so bad in seventeen he lost his left tackle hackel and they had no backup and that was jerry jones fall and then he lost his running back and then he lost the guts of the defense who was sean lee the captain the defense james you notice every time eh things if somebody else's sean lee is tara's meal is the what is the second best record in the league over the last three years belongs to dak prescott who who is become one of the great leader's team later should i but his leadership has asked carson wentz. If you want let me ask you. This skill is that you keep saying that they're saying okay sixteen. That's an outlier when you look at what has transpired since then his his sack total is going up what transpired last year over the last eight games with the mario cooper was extraordinarily. It was better than sixteen and you know what skill even though after he got amari cooper over zeke elliott average more catches per game than amari so he was yesterday and i promise you missed the last game to see okay and amar have one more question goes thirteen touchdowns two three interceptions over the last eight games and then throwing in the playoff game. He is turned into one of the most underestimated big gain big play playmakers in the league. What happened on third and eight late in seattle game. Do you remember this play. Maybe we should see it again. We're not to third and twelve thousand nine overnight what happened that happened out of the west the hey come on bobby. See you guys under us. Make everybody get lucky. Yeah everybody gets lucky 'cause he waits two hundred and forty five pounds and he can move the metrics skip you either do it with your legs physicality do it with his arm. Golf forty okay so quarterback. Can't throw is the only quarterback in the history of the league who has this high of completion percentage over his first three years but he can't throw the index really the last two games. I saw bombs away as well. Yeah zeke elliot had seven catches man. I've seen him play aaron rodgers three times dax q._b._r. Is an average eighty two aaron sixty two. He outplayed him. He didn't win the game because they weren't good enough to win. Two games okay mason and crossbars. That's what you just said. He can do his legs. You're saying oh hyun diminished every year. Look what he did against dot one game over over the tour what he did in that terrible year last year what did they beat carson wentz twice the reigning super bowl champion just how he did it in the two fourth quarters and the overtime grand total through four three hundred thirty one yards four touchdowns and no interceptions on completing twenty four of twenty eight and he can the six to three year running football team their own home on just like twenty eight men in the hall of fame audio is he in the whole thing first ballot all s._m._u. Disrespect me to ask ms moore. Tony romo got. I heard tony romo hadn't got hurt and roma was the quarterback. Do you think they would have been a lot better ronald disaster. It'd be journal tony romo deals. I turned on him about ten years years ago. I told you he was an accident waiting to happen. I call you yes. I was the first one to say skew telling me they would've did nowhere. Where what what am. I told you the classic roll on roll up disease like come on. You got a better arm. He things better when he had his humil- demarco murray. You remember a zero four faculty onus off tony because he was handing it off to the owners of recovery handing week sixteen hundred all was an interception waiting to happen at the most critical moment. What did i do remember the game when he <music> twelve thirteen or twelve twenty twelve. It's the classic game at at gerry one and ends up fifty fifty one to forty eight and tony throws for five. Oh six. Tom brady threw for five five five or six and right when you least expect it. He throws a danny trevathan who happened to be an orange and blue that day at gerry world-scale all right. I'll skip over walk off field. All they're saying is that when they look at the numbers they look at that season. He's more apt to be like seventeen eighteen moving forward <hes> than anything like sixteen. That's all they're saying ask you did you. You didn't down the stretch. He took off. He arrived went into another echelon. Lash no he did. Yes yes. He did your man z. He's my man but we're we're wasn't in the playoff game at that one game but did he not show up against seattle. How was it fourteen fourteen hundred thirty four yards last year. Hey i told him from the start. Zeke is the best running back and football and he has disagreed at every turn fake one. Oh he liked levian for a while right with the ball. I like zeke. I give you that they are a balanced football team. They run it and they just like troy aikman's dominating cowboy on the ballot football team but here's the scale on pay no. Did you see how they took off. He realized they went seven in one down the stretch and it went from three and five to seven in one. Why was that dak dak to amari. That's what carried this team all the way home. That's how they beat seattle and again we seattle to ideas. Give what you do realize that the elliott led the league in rushing the last game that it was there right. He's tremendous. He's the best running back in football. It's a dual threat but you have to have the guy who can throw it. He can really throw so when you're in trouble against. It's the defending super bowl champions who pulls it out in the fourth quarter the f._d._a. Wolf on a pick. The wolf is now. You don't want to get decree oregon. Nobody deer in the headlights wince also that as much as i don't want this one does patrick mahomes home have the right mindset to lead the chiefs to join us in a bit another quarter more this time patrick mahomes took the n._f._l. By storm last season on his way to winning his first m._v._p. Homes lit up scoreboards on his way to over five five thousand yards passing and fifty touchdowns peyton manning in his historic 2013 m._v._p. Season was the only other q._b. To hit those marks when asked about fighting writing off a sense of accomplishment mahomes had this to say until you win the super bowl. I don't think you can be complacent with anything. <hes> being being that close last year you you want to find a way to win it and until until you're able to do that and then we'll do it multiple times. I mean you never gonna be with complacent with where you're at shannon like them. Home said you can't be complacent until you win a super bowl i think he got his words mixed up skip. I think if you're a professional athlete there's two words you never want to hear from them. Another athlete's mouth and that's complacency in quit so if you win the super bowl now you can get complacent. I think one of the things that i admire most about tom. Brady is that even in his young career in which he won. He never said he scaled a summit skip and instead of basking in the glory of what he accomplished. He marched down the heel and found another summit to claim. That's what you have to ever ever. Professional athletes get remember when i made my first bro it was i wanted to show everybody wasn't blue so i needed to beat the time that iran last track. I need to lift more weights. When i made my first all protein i wanted to this. I'm for real guys and went to the super bowl. I like my drive was to get back again. Show what what you're seeing. My individual congressmen and the team will cover. That's not a fluke hopefully like i said i believe he got his words mixed up skill because it seems like he's like well. If i win the super bowl okay back and exhale and you can never exhale when you play professional sports because there's someone always tried to catch you and so i i will give i will give him the benefit of the doubt but i do not like to hear complacency. Come out of a guys mouth. I'm never unless you're going to say. I never be complacent because until i'm done i feel i can get better and there's always something else i can accomplish. I am not going to give him the benefit of the doubt we had him on the show before the draft. He's a smart young man. I think he knows exactly the meaning of complacent i. I don't think he got any words mixed up. I think he just spoke his heart and spoke his mind and i think he is in danger of getting a little too. Full of himself self little too quickly coming off his m._v._p. Season i think he's in danger of focusing on all the wrong things because it has been reported noted that he does practice left-handed passes in practice he practices no look certify and he'd practices all the globetrotters steph curry contemplate except steph steffes place when he's shooting forty foot jump shots there actually for him conservative shots because they're like free throws. They're not whipped cream shots. They're they're actually conventional. Shots just being shot farther and farther out great but we've we've not seen left handed pass from right-handers. We've not seen seen that many no looks we've seen occasional sidearm flings from brett farr that sort of thing but this is the danger when you are spoiled rotten by andy reid because was andy reid loves him some patrick mahomes because he traded up and he feels like look at me. I stole nobody saw this coming except me greg and yet yeah part of patrick success last year offensively. I have to give andy reid. He's not had a whole lot of focus on his defense. He did have the late great jim johnson and in philly but obviously the defense failed in your mom's can help he did not get it done and maybe now they'll respect nolan right in the upgrades with honey badger edger. Maybe they'll be melissa clark. Yeah frank clark will help so the point is that i think patrick is so full of himself right now not in a terrible way but just in a matter of fact way that he just saying hi. I'll get complacent when we want a super bowl in to your point the first thing i the first guy i thought of was tom brady right. Can you imagine he's been to nine super bowls. He's now favored to go to his ten super bowl and he seems more driven than ever yeah so complacent is not in his vocabulary the well it shouldn't be an anybody's vocabulary because because you should never be comfortable enough with your situation that you'd like. I can't get better or why can't improve the situation and the thing is if you look at like i said he when they ask ask him like tom. Which is your favorite super bowl. He said the next one complacency like i'm good. I've got enough fourteen pro bowls three m._v._p.'s nine super bowl appearances with six weeks four full m._v._p. I mean what does your want me to do. And what does he always. You want me to go to what i won't okay. That's what he wants exactly ribbon four. Where is the older. I get the harder after work in the off season right well. That's not what patrick is saying. He's saying well if i get my super bowls or not can gear down a little bit and i could rest on my laurels. I just like i said i don't like. I don't like hearing complacency. Being talked about a miko says look. I don't want these guys to get complacent. That's one thing or you say. I'm never going to be complacent because i feel yeah. I love what i copy. Slash william reach our ultimate destination super bowl but even even don't even say if even even when i win the super bowl to get to another and another and another is just like i said i will give him a bit of skill. Maybe you nervous a little bit. Maybe you might hear that back and go. That's not exactly what i wanted to say. He is smart. I don't think he ever gets nervous in front of media to see. I'm sorry here's the problem i watched him in his last preseason outing and it was it was horrible by his standards and you know and i know this league can do that. Oh yeah you know if you get a little bit complacent in the back of your mind. Even in your psyche complaining like i got this you don't know and again if he keeps playing like he did the other night. He's going to have problems problems because i can tell you there are three coaching staffs who spent the whole off season trying to figure out how to shut that guy down and oakland is way better on defense they they got some firepower now head perfect now gyles two rookies our jonathan they can bring the heat is they brought it on collar the other night so they're just better and they're going to be gunning for this kid and we know the chargers good in the other night denver. I thought it'd be better. You know what's better defensively slash me and you know both of healthy this year. Yeah he'll be there. He won't miss ten eleven games. I don't think so. I don't think so either looks like it's a little brothers. There's missing runs in the family but yes cuba i. I don't like the word complacency. He had an unbelievable season and you should be looking. There's a chance he might not had ever be v <hes> fifty thousand five thousand yard but just because you don't reach that number doesn't mean you don't have a great season but if you sit back and think well man once i read this hour ride you have problems i mean the first time i beat skipped down busting down like shh let me get back to work. We're home. Wok wash okay yeah. I never get complete change the you'll catch the sales long as t._v. Though that's what it comes down to do you become complacent lose that it happened that your hand opera all that breaking up the fact you got no shot so you just sort of yeah you just ease into it everyday like i know what's i will give you a chain diamond. We haven't heard about your restaurant awhile over right yeah. It'd be open to the. It sounds like somebody's going to kansas city to play philadelphia. Let's get right now. I'm not i'm not there yet. I'm not there my prognostications and you know autoshop or dominance a habit right well. Whatever the prognostication is before the season will change after we make aac those these two odell beckham junior antonio brown avalon common new teams new quarterbacks zero preseason snaps with those new quarterbacks ormoc spruce should be more worried names. Harrison is back with us and help us out. See our wideouts antonio brown and odell uh-huh beckham junior are both expected to miss the remainder of the preseason a._b. Is still recovering from those frostbitten feet. Oh that was tough to see but he will travel evil what the raiders winnipeg for the preseason game against the packers odell is recovering from a hip injury and missed team drills yesterday at practice both pro bowl receivers have have yet to play a snap for their new team since being traded this past off season james harrison back with us but shannon <hes> which team game. We'll be hurt more by this. We're talking about the raiders brown. I'm gonna say the raiders because at least baker had some practice time together on the field a. b. has yet to practice wants now. In the freeze in training camp with derek carr baker also has a rapport would enjoy cool a couple of the other guys that have been there. <hes> jarvis landry led the team so he's gonna get his fair share. He's very familiar with those guys yeah. There's no way okay and tony o'brien is going to be anything other than the lead receiver on this team. That's why they brought him brought him in. He's going to be the leading receiver. Yes they signed tie real waypoint the charges but going to be the leading receiver and he doesn't have any time on field time with derek carr so with that. I'm going to say i think <hes> uh the raiders will be more impacted by their to the receivers not being able to get any really quality time with the quarterbacks yeah. I'm gonna agree with you on there. I think he hasn't had time to build that repore. What his what his quarterback. That odell has <hes> but i'm i'm gonna twist this. You know who is really going to hurt. Is this trend of players. Not playing in preseason is is really going to hurt them at the end of the day because you got to collect the bargain agreement coming up. These guys want eighteen regular season games why i got two more games. I know my starters. Go may only be two preseason games but that's a chip that nocco us now in bargaining c._b._a. When it comes around you got four preseason games now. You have four games where you're not getting a total parking concessions merchandise. Just don't get they don't get to be on t._v. 'cause that money right. The ratings are going. You know what i'm saying and the big thing is the person is really hard to owners pockets in at the end of the day. It'll hurt the players because now it'll be a you. Gotta trend of not playing. You're starters. The ratings are down when you're not doing this. We're not having people in the stands. We're not getting the money that we need to get to give you the money that you want so we're going to need eighteen eighteen regular season games two preseason games. It's still only twenty games but that's what we're going to need so that we can get this done. I feel if you're still planning about eighteen gene. We're not like it always said. I wouldn't want eighteen and you'll give me everything right benefits right now. Everything is set towards parts. You being the game being safer like the game. We made the game. Safer concussions are down this down. Hey we can go up eighteen gains. We just made the game safer for and that's what everything really has led around too and that's where we are right now with this trend of guys not starting. Their starters in the preseason is going to lead eighty two. Oh this is what we want. This is what we need because this is what the train has become how you and i were playing. It was no it was third game. That's three quarters well. Let's let's get like i think richard sermon spoke. This is gonna take something extraordinary for the owners to offer us for us to support for the players to consider this you you wanna give us lifetime health medical benefits after three years. Okay we'll look into that. You want guaranteed contracts. We'll look into that. You wanna take roger goodell and if it's not have anything to do with gambling. We're going to be able to go to an independent arbitrator. We'll look into that but without those kinds of concessions and we're going to do away with the franchise tag. No franchise tag no tags. If you're talking about this okay now. Go look into it but just to say oh here's eighteen games. You got new renew illegal status so i'm with both of you about the new trend. The trend is everywhere. I look nobody's playing and nobody's eating right. I used to enjoy the preseason because at least i could get a glimpse right and again my pet peeve always not not so much getting hurt in a preseason game amo get hurt in preseason practice killed me is like not fair the football injury god's would would speak out you know that oh you're going to go down on some non contact drill but in this case we have two receivers who need to be playing as you said earlier in the show in in live of action crowd games where you're developing some under under fire report with your new quarterback and both are going to miss all four and i'm i'm just shocked by that because speaking of fragile they're they've decided odell is really fragile if he can't play one because at least he's been practicing right right in with antonio. I still don't get it. I still don't know why antonia wouldn't play tonight because it sounded like his feet were much back. That's what i was curious if so is he still you'll protesting. Is he still pouting. I don't get an plus. The thing is what we're starting to see. The owners are going to look at this. I have someone to talk talk to someone yesterday yesterday from the n._f._l. P._a. He's when you start doing these players. They get these guaranteed money and they behave like antonio does the owners they see this while we can't give you guaranteed money funny because now you're gonna behaving such a manner. We gotta keep that care. We gotta keep the thing dangling out there in front of you to get you to behave because that's always been that's always been the notion skill. Is that if i give you guaranteed money. You're not going to work at har will. Maybe we need to do it like basketball players to get this supermax. You might need to go to a pro bowl. Oh make an all star team winning m._v._p. Give them guys incentives so okay to be able to get this but the way it is now skip. I don't like it. I don't like the gab and i i get it. There's so much money and bob and you don't want to see these star players. Go down but now why are you even having a preseason. Nobody's playing now starting writing you so i'm with you on this. Jon gruden has built his whole offense around number eighty. Yes that's going to be his fire starter. That's going to be his catalyst. That's the other night eighty four league this league in energy he wants him on the practice field which where he's not been any wants in in the lineup yes and and again they are going to go to him like crazy because they spent on him like craig right. We've he's the z. Receiver in a west coast offense yep jerry rice with zero. Sterling sharpe was the receiver. If you play in that system disea- receivers go tunnel ball's gonna play. He's going to get a ton ton ton of balls and to not have like no look patent goal. It's nothing pat and that's nothing he needs to be like when derek carr backward mike would he he needs to know coming out of that break well. It's something else. Would you know like you said pango means nothing seven or seven really means. You need that eleven eleven with a defense. That's actually coming at. She's right you know what if i had to do a site adjust or have to do a blitzer just then you have to be able to do on the run and not being in practicing getting consistent. You know look of eleven eleven ball then it's going to something's going to give bill okay so i'm not convinced jon. Gruden is sold on derek carr and now i'm not convinced that a._b. He is yet sold on derek carr because he can't be he didn't have any rapport with them. There's not enough interaction and you have to. You know it'd be pretty well but you have to. You have to gain his trust sort of on and off the field. You have to have some relationship with him. That has not been able to evolve with derek carr yet. There was no place a._b. Where could he go. Could he go. Only if the only way to like new england new orleans the work could he go to get been robbed as burger. How dare it'll be being top-five quarterbacks about what you think about him personally <hes> behavior on it but he can play a beagle and find out that hardaway but he legal fight about to go from what he had in new york to cleveland. I mean right okay. It is an upgrading definitely upgrade upgrade in rapport us. He and baker hang out right and he has some respect. I don't know how much you can get a vo dell's respect off the field but i i believe he respects baker enough that if if it gets cold in november and december in cleveland and they're under fire that baker can look at him in the huddle and stay calm down. No just keep it quiet for a little bit. We're gonna well. I hope you will listen to anybody near that upset either for someone else's hard to hear people talking to listen baker will make himself heard you no either way guys. We've met a lot of n._f._l. Stories today so we gotta talk about lebron james. Thank you so much for joining us. Lebron past the point of being able to carry us. We'll discuss so famer. Scottie pippen weighed in on who we thinks is the king of l._a. Pippen said he take the clippers over the lakers. This season the additions of quite leonard and paul george put an army confident team over over the top according to pippin he also went on to say that lebron going into his seventeenth season will not be able to carry the load like he used to says the camp he did. Do you agree that the clippers are better than lakers and yeah he does. It will not only do i agree with that but i'm mainly agree with what scotty said about lebron though carry the load was the essence of those quotes and is shannon sharpe well knows i i've never been the biggest scottie pippen fan as a player because i continue to say he rode michael jordan's coat tails to top fifty status. Ah i will also say as an analyst scottie has really impressed me more and more with his insight in his candor and i was pleasantly shocked talked that he had the guts to say what. He said that he said you ought to be ashamed but again. I'm pleasantly shocked because who who would have the guts to say this about the king yeah anybody to is. What did you see tom rainey. Take off the outback last year who to who is complete lebron james twenty seven eight nights get bayless. I also harked back to what kyle kuzma said about three weeks ago and he was talking about how locked in lebron's lebron's locked beyond how he's just getting his body ready for the grave of oak he's laser focused but he also said you see so many people slandering his name saying this and that lebron james and i'm thinking wow that is interesting who who would have ever thought so. Many people are are slandering the name of the king. Tom brady doing you. Don't nobody says he can't carry the team. He can't carry carried the team. Though that's that's the number one rushing attack and put into play on leisure. God couldn't care to tell you but that's you cannot talk because if anybody auty knows about who can't carry teams it would be scottie. Pippen who closely observed the ultimate all time team carrier named michael jeffrey jordan w no no. It's this guy the true not the phony goes lebron james and what i loved about what scotty said obviously. He is favoring the clippers because defensively. He says they're just better and they are lebron doesn't play much okay. What about offensively and then we'll. That's thank you for. Bring that up but he he says the clippers just have too many guys they can throw it lebron but then he concludes lebron is not going to be a tough match up in his seventeenth eighteen season. I couldn't believe the money line right. There is not going to be a tough edit. Michael is that i detest from from last year. Oh twenty seven eight eight yeah well twenty eight and twenty seven or the key numbers because that's lebron's record games. He started good us. I do not agree with scottie. Pippen are there are they better defensively absolutely <hes>. They have a better g._m. Do they better have had a better head coach owner front office all day yes assistant coach and thailand at all not all that but the players and first of all there's a reason why we went and got anthony davis because we're not gonna ask lebron lebron james to carry the low solely on his own. You know the anthony davis in average only thirty three minutes a game average twenty six twelve and two and a half and thirty three it is that's the lowest number of medicine blades rookie year any still gave you that really. We're not the latest second wyan. His was it five years new orleans. They had a sub five hundred record record okay. Can he carry lebron. Can't you're saying a._d. Can a._b. Will be just like we'll be just by cooled jail rondo. I liked what i liked the look we waited. We tried to get kawai. That didn't happen but i do like the pieces that they surrounded lebron anthony davis with we're going to be just us by scott. See scott this antiquated theory year seventeen see jordan jordan jordan. Take care of them like my god. Oh my god takes care of himself really interesting. What if father time is tapping him on. The shoulder doesn't matter how hard you work just shrug them off yeah really yep. That's what you saw pool going. You saw triple you saw trouble dove resort fifty one point nine on the road against miami. You saw forty four aw you stop skipped. You saw what he did the portland denver. Could we please see some of the love you go see now glencoe. Could we mind so our fate though what happened last year. Can we always threw it in off the backboard. What are you doing lebron. Wait a second look. Couth shoves him out up to defend a shooting gallery. Lebron skill rolling ball boy kicked it out of bounce. What are you doing. You're the king wait. Wait a minute. This is mario blocking lebron's last second shock. You don't have enough lift in year sixteen to get it up over mario zone you now the portland trailblazers. What could you gotta get out there. Lebron coups saying get out there. Who's going to be the help defender this year whereas in help push lebron amadou on a team u._s._a. Say cools putting out working. Okay that's fine. I think he could be maybe the second best player on the lakers this you can you put together. Some good highlight served third. You go with the closer because they don't have a closer. He's got assume that role why do all mine brian straight years and all of a sudden he can't close lebron has been busy making a movie working yeah out to eliminate shot quick though the day number it's going on and on and on because they changed directors in midstream which means you got to start from scratch. Ah doesn't necessarily mean that he direct but we all want an imprint on the don't you worry about people. Don't you worry about well. All the brandon the lakers poison oak some harsh truths here at the same for you to lebron pass pass lebron. <hes> jordan has got to be yeah. We're talking about scotty pippin. Who's <hes> the the the clippers pre owned the lakers last year and this by adding adding qualify and adding reading this through those quotes and paul george one of the best defenders in the game that since their confidence up through the roof either uh-huh lebron of cover yeah. He always appalled yours that were always gets awad at work. You remember skip. You're living in the past. I ain't going nowhere is not going anywhere. Skill really yeah you got three more years. Love applebee's with i hope so and two more championship eh two more chips so you're saying he can carry a team to a championship he came but we that's why we got a d. May dig on care. Somebody's low to skip bailing. Yes aston everything think you're in trouble and i think scottie. Pippen is the harbinger of bad news the more carries you have been better your chances abso- we got to who lament you question. Who do you think's better. I two players talk to you about their team. Versus your visit lease blayo. I don't know that's a hard question. You get from what number is gonna wear six twenty thirty three oh. He's wearing twenty three okay all right that i it. Oh you like life. Eat salt house really throw basketballs. He threw it out on somebody. Hey it really yeah but we'll give you some highlights. We're blonde. The brian bodybags avenue always we have that we got lowlights man and you know what that's just the tip of last year's i the more you you you got to loop. You always try to you. Try to make lebron negative life. You like the art of the deal larry bird or you try to you. Try to put tattoo that don't belong yes. Did that happen happen that's c._g._i. Yes apple bad moment really all that within the same game. No i don't but it happened in the same year and there are eight more you know what tomorrow i'll tell you challenging and i pulled out this coming. We'll see opening night. I'm gonna be there you are you're going through the i want the lebron easy cover who is going to do something with a six foot ten and a half twenty a six twelve and two point five thirty three minute. You heard a mantras herro but look. I love tree betrayal the big big enough to do wrong enough a a got three once none of the five he didn't play in the middle. We'll do it then the four. He's a pretty four. Yes that we got your vail. They we might get dwight howard or more seeing yeah you wanna bill who knows maybe all i know i night a._d. Goes up to dunk it. Damn big zoo. The big hand of big zoo comes in and the ball build it do i do. I still have forgiven magic for giving him away from scala. That didn't go as planned but that's okay. You come flippers got you. There's go wetter. I bet we win opening night but we have talked about utah and i bet we went over tonight. For what are we going to have opening night. That's what i'd need to know. I told you would probably get off to a good start it other than the don't buy where it's got lebron the heavy board here. I'd they're gonna be well. You know motivated. He heard ya que motivated. He no motivated by anything that you say 'cause. You've been one of his critics. You can you staunches truth. Seller and scottie has join me. He has guys. You know what i'm excited about college. Football ball pressure is high and so as the criticism for jalen hurts. What is it warranted next heisman simply. We'll discuss kabamba alabama transfer. Jalen hurts was named the starter at his new school oklahoma the last two to hide winners kylo murray and baker mayfield have been sooner q._b.'s and creeks of questions hurts ability to play at the same level as his predecessors but lane kiffin came came to his former cuba's defense kim said quote not to sound disrespectful but i think those questions are ridiculous shannon. Do you agree that. It's ridiculous took question. Jalen hurts no because that's why he lost his job is inability to throw the ball consistently kenny throw the quarterback can throw the question is can they throw it accurately candy through it consistently really in no he cannot if you look at baker mayfield skipped a year two thousand seventeen he won the heisman seventy seven seventy percent completion percentage thirteen yards per attempt calamari two thousand eighteen sixty nine completion percentage thirteen yards per attempt jalen hurts career average sixty three percent eight yards per during lies the problem yet and i know skip. He came back and did a great job. He's say alabama season in the s._e._c. championship but they didn't prepare for him and he did most of his damage with his legs eggs. You know that i don't know stop playing but in in the national title game who came off the bench and game that you and i both know alabama would have had back to back championships if jalen hurts could have thrown a little bit. This is the reason why they lost the simpson. The second time around with shawn watson it was because jalen unhurt inability to consistently and accurately throw the football so this is not ridiculous. Maybe clemson was just really good on defense. So here's the headline i'm going to predict for late in the season. Headline jalen hurts shannon sharpe though you're going to hurt you hurt you some more and then he's going to hurt you the worst because he's going to win the heisman trophy is us going to have three three in a row. That's never been done before. I think he's got a great shot. No the day the running quarterback winning at skip. It's not gonna happen. He can throw the ball accurately enough consistently now now he look he might get up to seventy percent with those big twelve defensive terrible out there now. You got a little but the last risk of uh-huh t. o._t._t. Really boy and they say so he learned a lot from that land on alive or dead. He learned how quickly you can fail and he's got the demons in the back of his mind. Because once he failed in the game it started he was hurt. You'll start hard to come all skill and by the way you said. Jalen couldn't throw in the s._e._c. game. He went seven of nine for eighty two yards and a touchdown. He ran it five times twenty eight yards and a touchdown he had a q._b._r. Ninety eight in that fourth quarter and by the way to man he had a hard time in that championship game because cure was twenty one against clemson twenty on scared. Yes he had a he had a bad national championship. We had two picks nixon that game clemson made him look brent venables that was playing when you got three first round picks one with the third with third or fourth overall in cleland barrel. Would you got three d. Lineman that go in the first round that lets you know you can generate some pressure. You had to get drafted also said clemson loaded on defense. Yeah you've been reloaded tone deepens. I might skip. I'm not taking anything away. I'm talking about the first year that they lost clemson. Jalen hurts could throw the football. They dared him to throw it. They can successfully do that has jalen hurts ever been coached by lincoln riley as he is lincoln riley proven to be a a wizard leaguer riley lincoln continental trophy. That's for sure g._t. That high bentley heisman. We'll be going down sow <hes> so would you believe the jalen hurts has risen up to number three not with the other people who know what well it's two. Oh that's in part because regard jerry judy his receiver mel keiper today. I think it was yesterday released his big board and he's going number one at this point number one. We loaded skin henry rugs the third we allow what is he's like top fifteen so you got that going loaded speaking a loaded yeah. My sooners are really lego. Do nothing the defense can't. I can't wait to keep a stake down there. They keep saying here's my first prediction caller. Murray ran for one thousand and one yards last year. I believe that jalen hurts will run for more yards than cuyler did lash and he'll throw for fifteen hundred two thousand few i thought link kiffin had a very interesting analogy because he said kyle was like a slot receiver playing quarterback last year because he was so quick but he said people underestimate jalen hurts is built like doc a running back. He's six two to twenty. He moves like a running. I know a guy that was built like that but he will left-handed later s._e._c. also so how did that work out for him throwing the football finley and accurately now. I know what you can do on occasions. There are certain occasions like thanksgiving. He's giving a special occasion. Prisoners is a special occasion for sunday happens all the time a little stat for you here on a thursday. This is from pro football focus since twenty sixteen. No active quarterback at the level has forced more missed tackles roles on the ground than jalen hurts. He can't make you miss. You do realize you're throwing the ball. He is effortlessly elusive. You combine combine that with the lincoln riley who will put him in great positions and speaking of loaded at the receiver position. Kenny knows all about cd lamb. I think he will rise to a top opt-in. Pick in the next ten fast. We got we live when they are just loaded calcaterra the tight enough and really get opening catch it and then i don't have time to to go through the depth they have wide receiver because they get like five other guys who were just little smarter just bing bing bing bing being jeered. Wait another guy white dove. What's he gonna wanna do about that defense. They gave up several hundred yards a game. If it deployed what happens is that the opponent scores so quickly against the defense that the offense keeps getting the ball back in the score goes to as we saw that friday united west virginia. I can't remember what the score is like fifty five fifty something like like that but guess what how it's going to happen and that means the quarterback is putting up huge huge numbers. You get nervous. You look like you're get nervous when we remember what happened when they play teams from the south oklahoma play clemson will happen got beat off. Okay georgia. Okay okay bama. What are they gonna play during the regular season because the heisman voting ins at the end of this case. I'm just talking about winning the heisman also i'm about winning in the national going okay okay and i got another one for you. The two running backs back for oklahoma and that does not include jalen hurts. Try sermon and kennedy brooks says pro football focus or arguably the two best running backs in the country. Let alone in the big twelve and in make you miss stats stats in lucidity both were at the very top of the national list last year so remember. I said this trae sermon kennedy brooks they are explosively explosively loaded all everywhere around the quarterback. He's got so many weapons but he will be the one who will stand out because his stats will be the one that we're dan. Alabama not been loaded okay and say there are low win. Have we not the cup. I mean think about de la without the yangyang zhang yang go every year running back loaded. We keep them coming. Every draft list i see alabama has seven guys exactly when in the first round okay okay i got that in that house what to do with winning the heisman trophy nothing it has zero what it does is that we're going to prevent the other team from getting the ball all into the end zone. They're going to get it back for us and tools go to have into cold. Savings led to a play so i could see him for like fifty two this year. Oh cabin about forty thirty five hundred yards. I can see that he's got some demons because that you know that blissful ignorance that he had for a while because he would just fling it he just dropped back and i can do that that and then all of a sudden that got intercepted and that fumble so who got clinton who got three i around than s._e._c. on defense okay so what's your point by point. Is there clemson defense and s._e._c. zero clemson defense in the big twelve. No i'm talking about the heisman to write first of all you would have to jump plus. You'd have to jump us. We're going to win every game. You're just going to win favor to win. Every game takes your favorite text thurgood. I respect sam l. that one no there for that. Let's go long legal now. Legal get those low horse kiffin next week because they're alang ohio state so i'm going to talk to him about jalen. I'm going to get some some on information. He tried to take you know he's done what he you know. What gino's knows this guy better than anyone does so shannon and a week. I'll have some new to he. He will win the national title with it that way got up on an if we died and went to football heaven okay oklahoma hey so he got. We already good morning. Thank you feel free to jump on our bandwagon entire you on. I'm not this time and place for everything. Including double teams we will explain all right time for our final topic of the day earlier. This week video came out of devon booker complaining about being double teamed by in a pickup game so this brought a social the media frenzy of current and former n._b._a. Stars weighing in former all star gilbert at booker should embrace doubles if he wants to become a superstar hawks star trae a young came to booker's defense saying double teams shouldn't happen in pick up games with some other players on board with as well shannon who saturday one with this one books get bigger game. Hey hey kennedy bucket. If you ain't got a look we're going to twelve or score going to get cooking go in his take the sale but you're gonna run double teams that made a pickup game skill trying to work by gay first of all a dream gig china and say he and draymond with double k. d. and pranks you were on the actual team and there might come a time but you might have to double down dame lillard or lebron james harden and get the ball in his hand. These guys are not gonna. It'll be teammate book the cook y'all so y'all go double them in a pickle game. Really what i know is. The background of how competitive that pickup game head becalm com okay was it getting for blood was earning money on the lower boot with cooking okay. That's what i'm saying. Did they get sick and tired of getting cooked until they find thank somebody else. Beat us right. I just i'm not sure about the competitive level. I said game but i must comment quickly on trae a young who backed up devon by twitter and you know double team in pickup but he then he did a hashtag only a few understand come yeah. Oh thank goodness. You're here in that genius level de w w skill you good rapport. Thanks for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm johnny tapped. Join us again at the same time tomorrow morning nine thirty eastern. We'll see you then of.

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