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Dead more time to listen to yours truly by going to shell and getting things done at once. I fill up with shell. V power nitro plus then save up with the fuel rewards program finally snack up to save even more at the pump. Make the most of the stop you need to make with. Shell the pride passion and pattern tree of college. Football leaves here. This is the paul finebaum. Show our to podcast pro. Welcome back second. Hour is live busy first. Our and we're not going to stop now. Nathan is up next. Good afternoon nathan. Doing we are doing great. Thank you do questions here at i. Start off Nicole i call earlier. I agree with a lot of the stuff that she was saying. As far as a you know spending the the playoff scenario and everything But ohio state. I mean games. I don't think they should be. But anyway i question is hypothetically if one of the four teams was able to get out and florida does get a chance to beat alabama. Do you see a chase of getting in that i do. I think they would have the best win of the year in college football and that would have to be weighed very heavily and their lost is pretty good too if if texas a and m. wins this weekend that loss helps them. The lsu is still something to deal with but it's pretty obviously wasn't too upset by that. Yeah and i think going back to it. Whatever you're sitting there looking at that was. I was surprised that they only move at one spot whenever you look at the few that right there behind him. Am that went over. Florida so they wanna had. I frankly think people were making too much out of it. It's circumstantial they're giving iowa state an opportunity. should win against. Oh you to move up. But florida still has to get over texas. Am and and that's a really interesting conversation You know they've done something couldn't do but they've also lost to a team today and embiid so it. It's a really tough conversation if it comes down to that. Yeah i'm thinking you know we won't. Am to win. But we want to win close. I think i think florida's best shot is is is notre dame winning and northwestern winning to they could i think florida is not going to get in unless absolute chaos occurs. Kevin is in north carolina. And you're on the air. Hey kevin way paul. Thanks for letting me visit again. If you've been well cutting and happy holidays everybody Out there I got to agree with the With the gentleman you had on yesterday from the ac I thought this was going to be a fiasco seven eight years ago when they go into this committee simply. Because i've been on the planet as long as you have basically paul and You know recognized Not everybody has the correct moral or ethical compass and You know people have everybody on. That board is connected to one school run conference or another and you can't tell me that they have favoritism and or warm feelings towards That where they do have favoritism more feelings to that conference. 'cause they're human beings as a a loyalty thing which i'm big on the bottom line. I don't think they can separate those loyalties to that conference and or school. And then you throw in the money that that school and or conference would get for being in the final four It's a fiasco. I mean if If everybody was perfect morally and ethically than we wouldn't need police or we wouldn't need lawyers or you know Everybody would be married One time in their life it's just I guess I'm knocking human nature In a big big way. I've just been on the planet too damn long tall and We should go to the Back to the computer Situation the blind taste test of always loved You know school xs playing better And has better wins in school. Y and a story and you know i might give in any particular year You know it would give A cinderella chance to get in the final four. You know. that's the thing that i think i mentioned to you and And tim You know the thing that really a lot of people's butter in the ncaa tournament is but But i love those stories like anyone but college. Football is not built like basketball. Where you you give sixty eight teams a chance. And i will defend the sport in this regard for all those who want to keep you out. It's sunbelt invitational same. Same teams. Well guess what alabama and clinton are better than pretty much everyone else so it was ohio state so this year you get coastal you get. Louisiana are some intriguing stories. And they'll get their moment. But does anyone really believe that. Coastal could beat alabama in a straight up game or or clemson really. I know louisiana. Beat iowa state. But that's i always state okay. Well i concur what you said tall but it is a long shot but i i just I you know. I'll go to my grave knowing and thinking that a computer is more ethical and A better way of doing this and human beings. I don't think the bad idea. I mean the bcs used three. Different elements of the computer was part of it. It did take the human element out. Yeah i mean. I am underwhelmed by this committee. And here's my biggest issue with the committee. They're not transparent Let let us know what goes on inside that room. Don't give us that garbage on tuesday night. Where the guy that guy guy is given a script and he has to adhere to it because he can't speak for on what he really believes because he's the only one to thirteen people in In that committee were right. You know it's the same old. No it's pathetic You can't can't lines. It really is not even worth time You know i. I concur on that again. But i just think they need to go back to cause Here here here's here's the fly in the ointment kevin. I remember roy. Kramer once said this many many years ago he was somewhat the father of the former. Sec commissioner he believed that all of this conversation the day after was good for the sport. And i think it was a problem. Now is people are getting turned off people when when they hear the morning shows on. Espn radio shows. And whatever other shows they don't they don't. They're not compelled to really care anymore. The audience is go is going down as opposed to up. So that's why you have to do something. This is also the entertainment business so if you open the door to let a few more possibilities in maybe maybe one of those upsets occur in the first round the nfl. You see it We saw last year where you know. The wildcard teams can advance. The wildcard team advanced all the way last year. So there's nothing wrong with that but in college football such a such an elite club that It just doesn't. It doesn't permit that to happen. We're running with that theme paul. I mean the only club. I mean it seems to me and i think there's a lot of people might camp because the computer I it seems to me that the power size Talk about cutting the group of five out going to committee Yes the club of the power five love to see that so-called eyeball committee nonsense. Come into play but cabinet. I hate to. I hate to run. Because we're up against a break but ultimately everyone's got their own vested interest and you know we are now relying on the same people who broke up on the eve of the college football season to put it back together again. These commissioners could not agree on a universal plan to play a season in the middle of a pandemic. so now we're expecting them to come back together again and agree on something that might hurt one or or or both or three or four or five of their conferences. These guys don't think like that. We are coming back more to come more on the program. More money calls. My griffin's will join us can't wait to talk to him he's up next. You're listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast wha- one step was white once last thing back running with elite. Qb's kenneth on clutch td's across nova step behind the cloud. Because you know with the thirty for thirty. Two push bruce lee showing no mercy fat five got the crew on deck. G goes deeper. That's a fact. Espn download now. Well case you haven't heard the playoff is about to begin five pm on new year's day. Sugar bowl eight forty five in the championship game on january eleventh always great to Welcome back mike griffith to the program and mike. Let's start with the georgia bulldogs. After a spectacular saturday. They were hoping for one more game. It had already been postponed and now it has been canceled in what has been the reaction there and can anything be done about well. We're not gonna probably ever have anything like this in the future but really curious about your thoughts. Yeah a lot of fury. A lotta anger at georgie. No i it's twofold one georgia's playing great football. Jt daniels i mean before jt. They convert forty two percent of the third downs with jt. They convert sixty six right. Jt daniel six touchdown passes on on third down throws three incompletions. I mean the guys night and day. It's been amazing. Some people maybe. It's the schedule actually know if you look at the third down defense is the last. Three teams actually ranked better than the first six on average. What georgia's played. This guy has made all the difference in the world. It makes a difference in recruiting. Suddenly you have players. That are migrating to georgia that. Want to be a part of the georgia offense again so this transformation is happening in the shadows. Now that's georgia's fault. They didn't take care of business when they needed to jacksonville or in tuscaloosa and so they're sitting out this week so you don't get to see it but it's been happening on saturdays in athens and this georgia outgoing class. All these guys had an opportunity to be the winningest class in georgia football history. That's quite a legacy. But because vanderbilt canceled out all they can do is tie that mark now and so the a piece of their legacy is gone understand. Covid nineteen is not controllable but in the case of vanderbilt its players that are quitting the team and in the case of vanderbilt they cancelled on december fifth rally the troops for their senior day on december twelve and then canceled on georgia again. After the fact so georgia couldn't even get an alternative game that was acceptable for the senior day. So there's a lot of of anger and frustration and disappointment and all george can do now is hope that they get a good bowl draw. I think they need notre dame to upset clemson. I think if that happens. And if chalk holds and ohio state beat the bad northwestern and alabama roles florida. You could see georgia clemson in the orange bowl and i think that could excite the georgia fan but as things currently project. You're looking maybe. Cincinnati georgia in which case. Maybe some georgia guys opt out and say you know what it's cincinnati. It's it's not a real game. I know the people in cincinnati will love that. Hey let me ask you this. And i realize this is a talk show and callers get fired up but after watching jt daniel. We had a couple calls monday. And normally i say enough already but these people really believe that things would have been different if jt had been able to to get healthier sooner d. Do you think the florida game had a different outcome will sure and you know and listen. Here's why florida had nine possessions in the first half because george went three and out on four out of five series. I mean this if you put cal. Trask back on the field. And you don't make him move. I told he's pop pop. Pop you make a move. We saw we falls apart right. Pick six three turnovers against the bad lsu but if you let that guy get a speech still and you let him play pop shop and you keep putting him back on the field. Like georgie did and give him nine possessions in the first half he'll kill you. Listen let me tell you. Alabama's game plan paul. They're going to run the ball because the first way to beat cal. Trask is to keep him off the field because if he's on the field and he gets in rhythm and he plays poppy shot and doesn't move his feet. he'll destroy. Now good defenses can make moot but to your point. Yes absolutely would have been different as i said. This is a guy who can move the ball around and throw the downfield pass now. Kirby smarter tell you. That starts in bennett. Was winning fourteen zero before he got the shoulder shot that required the the the pain shot at halftime. then he couldn't hit broadside farm. I'm not convinced that's bennett. Wooded came back in and won that game heading not injured his shoulder. I don't know what would happen. They were up fourteen zero. I don't think it's a stretch though to say that. A team of the good quarterback beach florida. I told you way back. When i thought george would win that game and the reason i thought george would win. That game is because i thought they would get to. Jt daniels coming into that game coming off the bench. That's what i really believed. I didn't think it would be doin'. Math is up next. I thought it would be. Jt and jt. Is that good of a guy. I mean paul. This guy was a five star. This guy was playing. At usc as a freshman put three hundred and forty seven yards or three seventy four notre dame when he was supposed to be a senior in high school so this guy is a very skilled passer. He's very good. he's got room to grow. He's got to get a little more building back. He's got a bit thicker. Stronger is clocks. gotta a little faster. Uni sec now dude. Don't sit back there. They'll kill ya. Missouri delivered some shots on them right. But yes. I do think that it doesn't help out to play that game and i really don't want insult florida. Because they were the team that was prepared. They were the team that had answers. Oh by the way. Lsu was able to florida with the third string quarterback so kudos to lsu for recruiting that deep it quarterback and in shame on georgia for not having a quarterback that could beat florida in their biggest game of the year piggybacking off. Just assuming that alabama wins this game. And i think i'm reading you correctly. They will then in. Georgia is able to get a bowl win. I mean it's entirely possible after all this back and forth. The georgia is going to finish ahead of florida this year. In the rankings. You like kirby said when we were talking to them about splitting the east champion before vanderbilt. So now they won't even do that. Because they're seventy two and florida's eight into you know vanderbilt congratulating themselves pending himself on the back for seeing the season through even though they become the first team in history not to finish season in the sec. When everybody else does. But that's that's nationals problem. Okay that's vanderbilt. Gets a little different treatment. If we're going to be honest about it but yes. That's a consolation prize. all listen. They lost to the gators and dan. Mullen and kyle trust in kyle pits and tony. These guys deserve credit. Because you can say what you want about what would have been or you can say what you want about. What would happen tomorrow. But on the day it counted the florida gators showed up and they got it done in georgia's got to live with it. Let me tell you. That's a sore spot. There is a lot of very angry people paul because they're aware of your narrative they're aware of they know what you're saying. They know what a lot of people are saying florida's past kirby was asked about that the other day this press conference. It is recruiting prescott. I thought he was going to come out of his shoes. You don't listen. This is not a narrative that anybody here is comfortable with. Nobody believes the florida's a better team than georgia right now. I don't even know if half the people of florida believe that but the fact of the matter is is they beat georgia win it counted and so they get to play in the championship game. They get a chance to knock off the crimson tide. They get a chance to go to the playoffs in cal. Trask chance to vindicate himself. After that performance against lsu if he beats alabama poll. He's right back in the heisman conversation as it is. He's in the top four five. But you don't you don't see that happening so let's not to act like it's going to. What do see happening on saturday night. I think alabama's going to run the football. I think they're going to have an effective efficient offense like nick saban does. He knows that he needs to keep that. Florida offense off the field and run the ball effectively They don't have a quarterback with the mobility that that young max johnson showed for those lsu tigers and what a hero he is margaret's nephew by the waste from about ten miles away from athens incidently. But they don't have a quarterback but they've got nause in nauseous the best running back in college football and they're going to run the ball and be brutally efficient and probably win the game by three touchdowns. I'd probably say forty five twenty one forty five twenty four something to that effect. The gators do have some playmakers. I think they'll show some effort. I think the rebound putting pits out. There makes that offense very different. He's a very special player. Who i who i would have said would have been heisman. He just missed too. Many games like just in fields. Right so i think alabama has very efficient effective game plan and wins this game. Forty five twenty four five twenty one something like that. What did you learn about their future. Yesterday with georgia's recruiting class. Not as much as i'm going to learn about about the retention right. Say it's gonna be so important. Who comes back for george. These guys come in. Look i can tell you. They got four great offensive. Linemen coming in they've got the two top outside linebackers in the country. that are coming in georgia. They signed up to cornerbacks. They really need three or four. Look for georgia to add another one. The of transfer portal bolt their corners. Probably going to the nfl. You got some big questions retention wise though can they be clemson and alabama and bring back. These players who could go is second and third and fourth rounders. Maybe they come back to georgia to be first rounders guys. Like jordan davis the nose hecklers jewelry currently number three on mel kiper 's outside linebackers list. Can you return those underclassmen. That could make difference. Because that's what alabama's why nausea harris for alabama. I think what if the andre swift would come back for georgia right. When alex leatherwood for alabama i said what if what if salman kinley or isaiah wilson. What jake frahm would it came. Back and played quarterback could accommodate quarterback had beaten florida the swamp that day. I believe so. But those guys are going pro early so to get to the next level and win national championships. You've got to have retention. You have players that want to stay in maybe not necessarily all about the title to recognize the value of going in the first half of the first round of the nfl draft because that gives them a better chance at the second contract in the nfl where you make more money. It's a roll the dice but is this a program. That's worth it to them. That we're georgia's got to get paul. They can stay with alabama on the front end in the recruiting rankings. But they gotta get where alabama's on the back end with that retention and getting these key players to return for another season before you go you you used to live in alabama. You covered alabama auburn. I'm curious just from across the border and a few miles your take on what's happening with happened. And what is currently happening at auburn. I lived in alabama for seven years and that was my first. Sec beat in nineteen. Ninety-three remember. paul. We talked about it. And i said gus malzahn could be on the hot seat with this offense after they struggled and didn't get in the end zone against georgia's is we talked about before the game and sure enough. It happened it came to fruition. I thought gusted had done enough to save his job. I guess i just wanna know. What's the endgame here. Because when i covered auburn it was all about beating alabama and. That's something that gus. Malzahn did on a historical note as good as any auburn coach in history. I gotta give gus malzahn and he might have had the personality of and undertaker it to the outside world but when he was on the sidelines a very good offense kept you know he didn't do anything crazy off the field you know. I thought he was a very good representative for the school. You know kind of the yangtze bruce yang down there they were good duo right little bit menard couple but it worked okay. I think kevin steele is a veteran. I hear some people moaning and groaning. Let me tell you. This is a great football coach. This is one of the most highly respected people in the college football business. I thought he was going to get the job at tennessee. you know. he's originally tennessee. I thought that's who phillip fulmer was gonna hire. He went for jeremy pruitt. Mel tucker was another candidate is up there in east lansing now but i thought kevin steele was going to be the heat. You talk about it. Just universally respected and don't want to hear what happened at baylor. Who cares okay. Bill belichick flop with the cleveland brown. Kevin steele's had good football coach. And i don't have anything against him and i don't think there would be anything wrong with that selection because he would hire a knockout staff and he knows how to run a program but as far as a a sexy crazy pick. Let's face it who's freezes the name that's out there if you reach for him. Do you know what comes with that you know. What are you willing to take on. Can't use any the word but baggage. Do you want to take that on a roll of the dice. Man you take on a guy that you're taking some big chances where i think kevin steele is a guy. That's a more solid proven now. can he. Match what gus did i talked with a buddy tommy dis. You probably familiar time. you discover alabama. He said you know what should have happened. Auburn should switch coaches sent tom. Herman auburn. and gus malzahn texas tommy. That's one heck of an idea. I think both those schools would have been so. I'm a little surprised by the decision paul. But it's auburn their the little guys. They always try harder chip on the shoulder. And we'll surprised. They made this move but they did. And we'll see how soon they're singing. You against alabama again. Well done always great to have my griffeth on. We always appreciate these thursday afternoon visit. We are coming back after this and you know what he mentioned about. Kevin steele is accurate. Kevin steele nearly got to tennessee job a couple years ago and i wonder if phillip fulmer is wondering why he went out and brought in an alabama guy who hasn't been successful versus hiring a man who were the orange uniform on rocky top. You're listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast we're back great to have all of you here and sam is up next sam. Welcome yeah i just like to ask you. Don't you think this. Sec championship may be a little over. Dan mullen said why. Would you say that well. He was at mississippi state if they got a bowl that that was a big deal but the sec championship. That's completely different. Well don't forget. Dan mullen was at florida before he was at mississippi state as the coordinator. He won an sec championship. Game there in two thousand eight and he has a lot of experience. I mean i think we're long past the point of of factoring in what he did at mississippi state and this is his third season at florida but if water nick savings player had picked up a shoe and threw it you think he would after the ball game like nothing ever happened. Well i i think nick sabin would've been very predictable and what he said. Hey thanks for the call appreciate it. I'm not sure how any that computes. But kevin is up next in louisiana. Hey kevin kevin you there. Thank you the best excess onto the appreciate them swallowed you now but I've been Turned onto you. Go to my son. Kevin and dr hitting alabama's the way of big rivalry between our even in alabama. I wanna talk about the playoffs. We've got to get victims soon playoff because there's not a two episode station for the nascent. Make not not fair to the recruiting if we don't have all the teams mason representative. I understand this argument cabin But i'm also saying that unless it expands that cannot come to fruition if it does expand which i think it should then you then you let a little more of the non power five team in the country something to cheer about you get to pack the pac twelve in there but as long as it stays at four it is not going to be any better than it is this year last year or the year before. Exactly and it's all about money saving. I've never understood i. It's about money and there is a lot of money involved and it's also about protecting feifdoms but there's just a feeling out there that the big conferences don't want anyone else involved but i think the big twelve is likely to get shut out this year. The pac twelve this seemingly shut out every year. No that's not true. They've been there twice but a frustration has to be growing. And i think you heard it. Last night from micro esco representation. Otherwise got four to to get all the can. You know you're you're you're right. I mean the the fact that alabama clemson ohio state is in there every year results in them than doing as well as they have done. And i think it's a little bit unfair to get all upset about alabama's in there every year. Well there's a reason in there every year. They weren't in their last year. Clemson has missed a year. But they've been consistent and they've been great and they recruit particularly well. Ohio state the same way. But i think we've reached a boiling point and and again sometimes a all. This goes away after sunday. Depending on how sunday goes and if the playoff is good. But we've been. We've i don't remember the last time every game was good. We usually get a bad one. Bad playoff game. Maybe good one and then last year the last two years the championship game has been dreadful the alabama and again. That's your circumstantial. We've had some epoch alabama clemson games in the championship but these certain things. You cannot predict appreciate the call. Mark is up next in tennessee mark. You're on the air. Go right ahead. Hey paul Really enjoyed the conversation. That's going on today by question has to do with. I'm i'm agreeing with everything you're saying. I think we've reached the boiling point. I think the beauty contest of the same old same old every year is getting really old. My question is what would it calls to cancel this contract. We offer coaches all the time and get ready to buy twenty million dollars. How much is this contract work. Why can't we council start over again. Well remember a couple of things about this contract. This is a contract between the college football playoff. Which is the the governing body of of college football the power five schools for the most part any any. Espn so It was a twelve year deal. You just can't go in there and cancel it because Espn is the most valuable partner you have. And they're also stipulations in every contract that if you cancel it it will cost you an enormous amount of money and by the way. There's no reason i mean. I know this is awkward. Because i worked for. Espn but people at espn maintain that they're not involved in this. They are just a partner to broadcast. They don't tell the college football playoff committee what to do. Or how many games to play. But it seems to me. This is a i agree with you on that. Become president of espn demand that I'll be the first one to vote for you at the moment there. They always say the at moment. The job's not open. But here's the problem. Espn would benefit. I think by by having more games but why let me. I don't mean to be a professor here. But why i just throw this out to the audience and then i'm going to answer my own question. Why do people why. Why is there up. Why are there obstacles. What wide does the commissioner of the big twelve. Big ten the sec. Why are they opposed to expanding. Well here's the reason. If you expand the playoff you you diminish one of the most valuable games of the season and that game happens to be the one on saturday. The sec championship game is the most watched game of the year. Outside of the play offs The big ten championship game has seen by a lot of people. This this year the acc will be seen by a record crowd. We had fowler on the other day. He's doing the game and if in those were big events the forget this year but in in a normal year. You you pack the city of atlanta charlotte indianapolis and there is a tremendous residual and it also gives the member institutions something to play for. And if you expanded by more than than where we are. There's not going to be a big demand to get to atlanta to get to wherever because if you're a team and that's the that's the that's the battle right now and i don't think they have been able to solve it but you know what they need. They lied to. Because i want to see more teams in the playoffs. Hate to run. We're heading to a break and more to come including greg mcelroy. We are coming back with more of your phone calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five right after this. You're listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast welcome back here. Thursay late late thursday afternoon. I should say how about jim in knoxville tennessee. Hey jim they call. Thanks for taking my call for big orange country to hear from you. Listen man i always. I'm always reluctant to be one of these guys. That knows the guy and he's got some inside information but let me just set the scene here for you a little bit. okay. I've got a niece who is On campus as a. Ut student have a good friend who is the vendor up. His business takes him into the football complex. Weekly another friend. Who's a vendor out and his business takes him kneel on a weekly basis and listen to what i'm hearing from all of these people who are in and out of campus on a daily basis is. There's just almost A a a funeral atmosphere right now on campus at ut and what they're all hearing and what they're all talking about that regardless of what happened saturday afternoon Coach pruitt's gone The the power brokers have had their fill. They've got their guy and they'll be a transition by next weekend. Now you got a lot of feelers out in knoxville. You've got a lot of fellow alums. Who worked for the network there. You chris lows in the jerry punches. Are you hearing anything from anybody. That has any credence beyond word of mouth. Jim i do have a lot of friends there. And i have not heard that i i would. I heard part of what you said that there is a malays knoxville and understandably so but i have not heard anyone tell us that they believe that phillip fulmer would be willing to make this move and i still believe that coach fulmer has tremendous influence there. And he's earned it and this is his pick and i don't know what he's going to say to support it. I think saturday is critical. Just from an optical standpoint if tennessee puts up a good effort and i can't believe i'm even saying that then former can come out and say well you know. This was a tough year blah blah blah. But we're hopeful but he didn't look like recruiting was particularly exciting yesterday. And that's that's a disappointment. And i just don't know how philip can can stand before the cameras at some point and make a convincing argument now having said that i have. I have yet to hear anyone who believes that he will pull the trigger fair enough. Thanks brother thank you. And i think this is one of these classic conundrums gym where you've got a man and fulmer who is beloved and who's been there before You know he. He's he's one of the greatest coaches in tennessee history and he found himself on the hot seat and saw a group push him out and it's easy to say that the program has not been the same sense. Had the university. Said you know what we believe. You coach i. You're having a tough time. You know you know. Go go turn this thing around. And had he done that you know. Maybe maybe he'd still be the coach instead of you know four coaches later and four athletic directors and four chancellors in an absolute disaster. Hey thank you for the call. I do appreciate it. And let's check in with gregg. Who is up next. Hey greg thanks. Good afternoon paul at great to have you me on the show thank you. I am a high school football coach. I'm not coaching down in the panhandle in florida coach majority of my career in alabama And earned a lot of respect for for bill clark and what he's done as as a coach at the high school level and also at the college level. He's kind of worked his way up. I don't hear his name. Being mentioned a whole lot as a candidate for the author. And when you look at is overall body of work. He's one everywhere he's being. He knows how to build a program. He's an old school coach. He coaches fundamentals. He knows how to put a great staff together. I think he'd be a great candidate for the auburn jobs. You wanted to get your take on that coach. Thank you i i agree with you. I mean for those who don't know and you know this bill was a fantastic high school coach at pratt. Bill right outside of along gumri. He's done at every level of college football. I don't under-. I haven't talked to bill a couple of months. I don't know he's just content to do what he's doing. You know they have this new stadium about to open and he has been at the vanguard of that but someone is making A big mistake. Trying to hire him. Because i think he could turn around Any program hey. Thank you for saying that. And i appreciate your call. And he is liked by everyone he. He's not some guy calling reporters and getting his agent throw his name in jobs that he has no business. Even being a part of like like a lot of coaches he just does his job and he's playing for conference championship again tomorrow night. We'll take a break. Greg will join us. Greg mcelroy in a couple of minutes. We'll look at the heisman in the final hour. More of your phone calls right around the corner. Thank you for listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast the paul finebaum. Show airs weekdays on the sec network beginning at three eastern.

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