2019 NFL Draft: Steelers trade up to take ILB Devin Bush in the 1st round


Uh-huh. Pittsburgh Steeler fans. What is going on? This is Jeff Harbin and ladies and gentlemen, the two thousand and nineteen NFL draft is underway. The first round they are on pick sixteen right now. And if you live under a rock didn't know the Pittsburgh Steelers have already made their pick. They traded with the Denver Broncos to move up to the tenth overall pick dislike Devin Bush inside linebacker of the ministry. Michigan wolverines there were not gonna talk about the trade compensation yet. I just wanna get everyone's reaction and guys if you're a fan of the show, the super show has commenced. We have lands Williams. We have Dave Scofield. We have Brian Anthony Davis. Everyone's here. The interconnections internet connection is good. So far. I'm I'm gonna guess Lance is going to go out. I so lands. I'm gonna go to you first. What's your opinion on the? Let's welcome to the show. What's your opinion of the trade where you happy where you kind of like, I don't know what to take. What was your thoughts? Well. Already on record as saying I wouldn't have reached for either. Devon with my last show. Yeah. I said it they shouldn't reach for either. Devon. So I don't think they should have reached for inside linebacker. I think you sit twenty and you draft the best player vailable. I'm just hoping that he plays better than his outfit because that was awful the air. Pretty now's southern Princeton wear. That was even bad for prints. I mean, come on man that was awful and the hairstyle was bad too. He had like a shed combined with dreadlocks. I didn't. I was I was mixed up. I was confused. Hope he plays better any dresses. That's all I can say that out. There was real quick before. I move onto Dave AU a eating. They did make the trade. And we'll talk about whether we thought they gave up too much in a second you aren't happy with the fact that they got a linebacker who is considered by some to be one of the best athletes in the entire draft. Let alone positionally. I mean, we'll see I I just think that like I said on the show the inside linebacker position is a sustaining visit should not a game changing position. And I think you can get value in lower rounds. Historically, we've seen that. And we've just seen championship teams win without having to have that dominant player in the inside. If he's a great player. You know, what I said, my podcast all goes away. Now, we've just got to see if the kid can play. Unfortunately, he can't dress harbor dasher should have been shot. But other than that has Arbor also should have been jot. But other than that, I hope he can play. All right. We'll get back to you in a second date. Go if you'd welcome to the show, what are your thoughts on the pig as you were scampering home from a movie to try to get back in time since the Steelers traded up. Yes, I promise no spoilers because I was checking out the earliest showing of the vendors premier. I thought I had plenty of time. Jeff, and I even talked about what time what time you think we did an over under of what time the pick was going to be a said unless they trade up, and I thought they might trade up. I didn't know they'd go that high, but. So I drove home quickly in the rain. And here I am. I did not get to see the outfit. But I deviated I can't wait to watch it on TV show. But I mean, if it was their biggest position of need, and they got one of the top guys. So you can't complain too much. You knew something crazy was going to happen. I knew Oakland was gonna do something. Crazy. I never thought they were gonna take my pick at twenty at number four. But that's things fell the way did for the Steelers able to make the move. And so they made the trade whether you like it or not Brian Anthony Davis. Welcome to the show. What are your thoughts on the whole everything? How it went down? You know, I'm forty seven years old. I've loved Bush most of my life. Whether it be whether it be the band Bush, whether it be the George Bush's, but I love Bush more than I ever have in my life right now. I am thrilled with Devon Bush. I've thrown with how much I could pass off conservative commenters on this site. We're just the name Bush. I am thrilled. Look, I'm watching this. I'm watching the TV and I'm trying to calculate. Okay. You know at olive IRS gone to the Bill. So maybe just maybe that both Denver in Cincinnati will go with quarterbacks. So. Excuse me. You guys can't put comments secret. Throw me off and make me laugh. The message is gonna kill me. Good stuff. But anyway, still I'm trying to figure it out then I look up and before they put the put the graphic on sing a deal was made. I could see in the background Steelers on the big draft board. And I started going crazy. What what what what what they made a trade in the became up went crazy through a few yeses out high five and my buddy. I mean, this is everything I've dreamed of I go to bed tonight feeling like a million bucks. This is the guy wanted this. I agree. I think he's the best athletic person in the draft. You can't put lands I on the same show. Here's the funny thing is I don't I don't mean to interrupt you. But I do an entire show lands, and he constantly sends these messages, and I have to keep it together. And Brian are going to have to show some professionalism here, you're gonna have to stuck it up, and you got to get now a lot of people the live chat on YouTube or wondering what did the what did the give up? So let me break this down. The sealers did not give up next year's first round. That was that was reported mistakenly early on in the process, what happened was the Steelers swapped first round picks. So they took the Denver Broncos tenth the Branca's took the twentieth. So as of right now the Steelers are done in the first John unless they decide to trade back in. I doubt that happens. They gave up their second round take of this year's draft. And they gave up their third round pick of the twenty twenty draft. Now for those that are freaking out about this and said they gave up too much. Here's what I have to say. First and foremost, you got your guy that you wanted in the first round Kevin Colbert's only done this to other times since he's. Been hired in two thousand. And let's talk about who he did it for Troy Paula Malu hall of Famer Santo home Super Bowl MVP. I trust their judgment when they really wanna get someone. They go out and do it. They did that today. I'm fine with that. I trust their judgment in that regard. Now the second round pick. They still have a lot of picks left. I will. I would bet I said I would bet my car that they're going to move into the second round tomorrow trading. Some of those later picks away that they don't need. So for me, I'm fine with him giving up a second pick as for the third round pick next year. They're going to get a third round compensatory pick for lady on bell leaving they'll be fine. They'll still have a third downtick. I thought this was a good trade, Lance good. A you next your thoughts on the compensation giving up in. Did it equal? Or was it a reach as you put it in your podcast for Devon Bush. I mean now it comes to the evaluation player we just have to wait and see if the player can play by the way. Jeff does drive a Pinto. I pre it's all right. Not a pin. Intel pre ac- I would start with the Hanes. So, you know, him giving his car, you know, isn't much Chinda bet man dreaming of Bush. I mean, hey, I mean it never it's better than that. But it gets to now whether to can play if he can play who cares who cares about the compensation if he comes solidifies your defense, and he elevates them to a top ten group. And hopefully, they win a championship. Who cares about the compensation now about can't he play? And that's how you gotta evaluate. Yeah. Absolutely. Dave. What about you? When you heard what the, you know, the the final details were of the trade. What were your thoughts? I'm okay with giving up the third next year. Because like I said like sorry what like you said. The Steelers should get another third round pick assuming that. Eleven on bell doesn't just completely aloft the map this year because that's still one factor that comes into it. If he gets injured early does blade all that could drop to a fourth. But. I would have much rather given up the first third round pick. But it's only fourteen it's only difference a fourteen picks, which isn't that that big. I do think that they could trade up into second round using that pick their first third round pick if they wanted to but. I don't know. It's not very often at the like, you say that the Steelers through up to do something like this. And when they do it's worked out great. So I'd say we could we could pick apart the problems with it or we could just be really happy that they figured out who they wanted. And they actually did what they need to do to get it on this dealers. I'm trying to hold onto that third round pick the raiders, and I would trade my given third round pick. And maybe a six round pick with it to get up into the second round that way you're gonna set around taking early around tick. I think you're still gonna get some quality their day. Brian will your thoughts on the trade in terms of the details. And what would you give up to move into the second round tomorrow? You know, what exactly what you're saying? You know, I wanna keep that that third round pick. Because that's basically that's very close to a second. You know? So I've no problem with that. I love the fact that they made this move when I. Paul that was third rounder in two thousand twenty regardless of the levian bell thing, I'm like that's not giving up too much. You know, you have ten overall picks. You have the opportunity to go ahead and move. So I think that they're going to move back into the second. They should be fine. And there's this is a deep deep draft. So you give up a that extra third. No problem that extra third that they had last year was was Chuka woma. And so basically if you wanna give up Chuka Wilma to go ahead and get into the the second round you can. So I mean giving up, but if you don't even move up all you look at the second round picks that they've made, you know, I know Judy was a great one. I know James washing could be a good one. But would you trade James Washington for a chance to get Devon Bush? You would've this year? If you could have couple of men, so I love the fact that they didn't give up way too much. Okay. So let's go through each everyone of you. I wanna get your knee jerk grades on the pick. Now, I Lance, and I talk about this all the time you cannot create a draft pick. I would say until year three or four unless you're Jarvis Jones. We knew right away with that guy. But still lands if you were to grade this based on a the position that was taken be what was given up to get him. How would you grade? You can grade the process or we can grade the prospect, would you give them Lance? It's Bush league to pick. I mean from a positional you'll kiss spot on. You know, it's tough for me to give grades. From a point of need. Absolutely. You know, you take John pasta Caufield we saw them get gouged in the middle of their defensive impasse rich all year. And we thought with this kill seeing knows type of dudes did to the Steeler defense. When you spread them out if he could fill that need that I'm going to say a beef or Bush. Keep my great there. Dave. What about you? What's your grade for the pick? I'm gonna give it just give it an A for effort. I like the effort that they were able to figure out what they wanted and Nabi afraid to move to get it. I'm going to trust. They know more about him than I do. I thought there was a couple red flags under with Devon Bush, but you can pick anybody apart when you've been looking at them for this long. I like that they made the move regardless of who they got or what they did. So a forever for me e Brian. I'm not giving grade. I'm just going to go ahead and give valedictorian. I love this. I love this. I'm telling you cap and gown put him up there graduating with honors Suma cum laude. In fact, I'll give a magnet commodity. I will give it a magnum PI. That's how good this is. I'm going to give it an A. I said from the start of the NFL draft season when you're talking about Mark dresses of they need to be aggressive, and even though Lance was extremely convincing in his argument in his last year. I said it show I'm fine with him being aggressive. You have ten traffic's you don't need ten players. We all said that on all of our different shows. So tradeable way, you know, who cares trade him away. So as I watch NFL fans freak out about drafting center, I chuckled at myself. Oh, speaking thing. That's the great thing about the draft watching. Like ourselves get excited about a sitter. And we're purple like he does. Nobody knows who this guy is like we come. We'll I'll be honest. I I'm going to also say if the most positive the other than watching Joe Greene state to pick and come out to introduce the draft. I seventy five on coke commercial classic my favorite all-time. Stealer. Big up to him. Joe? Greene mean Joe is hey, man. We don't have to wash the draft. If they don't get a second round pick till Saturday. That's the war or. So that's great. Lance. I I gotta jump in here. I love I love the Joe green thing. But in that commercial. He wore the white jersey just thought, let's you know. Yes. Yes. I they don't sell the white bean. Joe, I can get you. The white means call me he's hook up in Asia. I used to have that I used to have that up. But the US government took that website down. So I don't have that. Old BAD found a new one. Who's this? Okay. Let's let's get back on the rails here for a little bit. I my question for you all is Devon Bush. They traded to get him. You obviously, you know, he's a high priority for them in terms of the position in the skill level. How do you see this entering training camp Lee signed Mark Barron in the off season? I have my ideas to what they might. Do you think he started day one? Or do you think it's a Mark barons the starter? We're gonna kinda move you in easy into it. I guess I should say Brian to start with you this time, you know, Mark barons and interesting situation because he very well could be the where they had. Had a Morgan Burnett last year as that. As that so package line thicker, so there this could be a guy like Shays ear a few years ago where they just plug and play. This is a definite plug and play type player. I think though, they'll start off slow, but I mean, maybe by week three or four they're like, you know, what this is what we're gonna do. I mean, I think he's a starter. At least if not right away by week five. When are you Dave? It's interesting that you say said about Mark baron. 'cause I brought up today that he hasn't been assigned a number yet by the Steelers, and I think part of it is most seriously. They don't. But what I'm saying? He's the only he's the only player that didn't have a number before the draft. And that is because is he going to be a linebackers? You'll be safety. You know, he's always had a safety number before. But if they knew he wanted to be a linebacker. He probably would have been a linebacker number. I think it kinda had kind of depend on how things fell out with the draft. So because he's he's going to be the hybrid guy. He might be on the field all the time to start. It's they've got so many options out going into camp. And what's great is? They gotta I Trump layered that take spot as often he can grab, but they don't have to have and play their day one. What about you lands? I think they're going to ease them in like kill to those bows. Smoothie move. They're gonna move smoothly. I think with Bryant said is right on they're going to gradually move in. And they're going to give him more and more put more and more on his plate. See how he absorbs? It's see how he plays. How he died Justice system. I think Barron right now is probably a safety blanket. But I think they're going to gradually move him in to play that position. He's definitely going to be involved in some packages for sure. And I think probably I could see midseason he starting to pin it on how he plays in. How he develops in training camp? I think you're gonna see a lot of three linebackers on the field now for the Steelers, Barron Williams, and now Devin Bush based on the fact that I think Barron has a skill set today. Like, I think Bush they're going to deploy these guys like Dave said they have a ton of versatility. They're going to run a lot of stuff Packers. Like, they always do. I think that this pick is true. Tremendous of let's talk a little bit about tomorrow before we answer some questions from the people in the live chat. We have two hundred people in the live chat right now. I knew this show would be a big one tomorrow. Let's assume that they don't have a second round pick. Let's say they stick with. There's two third round picks. What positions are you targeting in the third round? We already talked to it. If you were laid to the show, we did talk about what we might give up to move back into the second. But Dave will start with you. What position? Now the Steelers target on day two of the NFL draft. I think that I said that I thought all along in their first four picks they were going to be looking at linebacker corner. I still think edge rusher something need to do if nothing else for depth saying they only stay started the season last year with three and I think all but one game last year, they went with three Outside Linebackers, and then of course, a receiver either a wide receiver or tight end. I think our top needs when it comes to moving up back into the second round. When I said about using that first third round pick. That's because I was assuming to move high into the second round if they're wanting to move lower in the second round, I think they could use their second round pick everybody. I'm Neil Patel editor and chief of the verge in this is the verge cast. I is the flagship podcast the verge every week. We cover the latest in tech news reviews. We took a critical look at what is going on now. And next in the world of tech show hosted by me, our executive editor deeter bone, not your friend and Paul Miller. It just feels like there's something wrong with all computers, though. 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See to just me and Paul ranting each other about the role of government and check us out on Tuesdays when I have seen every episode. Subscribe diverse wherever podcasts or served. We'll see them. All right. Lance would buy you a position you looking for. Looking at wide receiver tied in running back running back would be the last position. But again, I keep harping on it on our shows. I said it on last year. I said you gotta replace ninety points. You gotta replace about five and a half points game of production for Antonio Brown. They've got to go get ball players do that. And you know, I know that they want to solidify their defense, hopefully, Devin Bush is the guy to do that. But they need some offense of play makers they need some juice at the wide receiver position go out and replace that production that guy we all love AB, bad Kurd. What about you, Brian? Well, originally, I was thinking they would go Aerosmith from nineteen Ninety-three and be living on the edge. But very will could go edge edge rusher. But what I'm thinking they're going to do is. I'm thinking they're looking at either wide receiver or corner that corner class core hasn't been picked yet. So these guys are dropping there's going to be guys available in the second round. I know they don't have a second round pick right now. But that means somebody could drop down to the third round early in the third round as well. If they stay put. So it's interesting. We'll see where chase win of edge goes if he if east if his stock really rose to be a a late first or second or if he's in the third, but you know, there's so many places they can go I love this draft this when my favorite drafts in years just for how deep it is. They can get a wide receiver in that third around. There's so many things, and and you think about the edge rushers. They're going to be available in the third as well. Yeah, I'm looking at the as I'm watching the television. We're watching this. You're watching live. You know, you're following the coverage and the Broncos are getting ready to pick a number twenty which is where the Steelers would have picked which is lot earlier that thought it's only ten twenty four eastern standard time all three Cornerbacks are still in the board. We're talking the big name guys. Byron Murphy, greedy Williams. Deandre Baker of guided. This is definitely shaking out different than a lot of people expected. So we'll see what things goes starting tomorrow. Would you have a few minutes left? If we call it a show, if you have questions I in the live chat by all means, go ahead and fire away. And remember you have since they're so many people in the live chat right now. If you really have a question that you want answered you can use the super chat feature the super chat feature is the little money symbol on the right? If you're looking at your phone. Or on a laptop and you can mute any amount of money dollar five dollars. Whatever in highlight. Your question will guarantee to answer it if you have questions for the show good and fire away. We'll get those answered before we call it a show in remember while we wait for some questions come through. There will be a show tomorrow night where we'll recap all or any of the picks that the Steelers have in the unday to and again on Saturday night where we do day three picks. I can't say that all four of us will be on the show. It might just be me at sometime that still it doesn't matter of. I definitely hope that everyone. That's in the live chat right now. If you are just finding the Shilla you just stumbled upon it, basically subscribe, we give a lot of good content on YouTube as well. They're audio platform. So here we go. This is the question. Dave, and Brian was there really were there any day two linebackers that you think are worthy of picking up? We'll go, Dave. I I assume they mean Outside Linebackers 'cause I would say outside. Linebacker anymore. Because if we didn't get the inside linebacker. I would have looked for Germain Pratt in the second round, but we got Bush. We don't need that now Outside Linebackers. I'll be honest with you, I focused on the first round with them. Of other than win of it. I'm gonna have to start doing some more research as soon as we're done here to see what else we we can get there on the board in the second round. Or even the beginning of third. What about you, Ryan Lee thing? I don't know if he's going to be round on day two because we still have twelve picks left. Montas sweat is still hanging out healthy. Yeah. He's healthy. She's right. He's been cleared doctors came out today and said that you know, the guy's heart is fine. But where I'm looking at is. I'm really looking at maybe going double wolverine and chase winner could be another guy that they look at. I mentioned him a little earlier on he is probably one of the top edge rushers for the beginning of day too. Okay. Just a lot of questions about trade possibilities prospects, Lance. What are your thoughts on them trading? Again. I mean, would you think they just need to get stay with the are you yoke comfortable with them? Giving up some pigs to keep moving up. Yeah. I think they should definitely give up some picks to get back into that second round is going to be a lot of football players left. Again. I keep harping on keep saying they need playmakers on offense to need a guy that constructs fueled. I like Moncrieff I like have been to they need some more ballplayers score points. Lotta points out of that lineup. You take the ninety points out. They go out at twenty one points per game bring in some playmakers. This offense needs to be dynamic. How do you win in this league? Now, you gotta score points. You need to score at minimum twenty seven to twenty eight points per game to win a Super Bowl. So they need to bring some ball players to make sure that they can do that gay kinda may see think about insertive tomorrow, you know, offense versus defense the the ratio in the pigs that they haven't around two and three or I guess just three right now, even though they haven't officially traded into the second round yet. I feel like you have Nelson. You have guy like Mike Hilton. You have Joe Haden. You have a couple of the corners. I just not sold the Cornerbacks dire. Need right now. I feel like wide receiver tight end, especially running back. I think tomorrow is going to be a very heavy offense day. And I think that's what they need to go. I think that it's what the team needs like land said in. We've all said they have to try to replace fifteen touchdowns. And that's not going to be just some easy thing to do. It's going to be tough, and they're gonna have to find some players to do. So and it's going to be in the second day rounds two and three and maybe early in the fourth that you're gonna find some those guys that can really, you know, make an impact early in their careers. That's what they need right now. So Brian, let's you have a chance to talk to the the vanities. I gotta be honest. I I've been covering the team as the editor for the behind the curtain dot com website since they drafted budget pre in the first round. This is the best reception. I've ever seen from the fan base in regards to the pick since I've been covering the team even bud depre- people said it was raw already burns. They hated it Terrell Edmonds. They hated it. Go ahead. And to say, you know, what your thoughts are on the pick the day that it was the way the draft panned out and anything else about the draft coming up. This is my favorite draft since nineteen eighty seven possibly say. I got to stay home and watch Rod Woodson get drafted where everybody said there was no way they were going to get him. Where did they get read? What's in that year, number ten? So very interesting. They got one of the great playmakers on defense at with the tenth pick. So they're picking ten again, they weren't originally there. But they made that trade made a really good deal. I am just ask absolutely elated. I was elated at the beginning of the night to go ahead and see Joe Greene come out looking like a pimp and a snug in that blue suit, I thought he was just absolutely amazing. I mean that guy he was picked fifty years ago today tight end just went off the board to Denver. But so I'm absolutely thrilled a correction on Dave Mark, Barron has a number number twenty six, but I also noticed when I was looking in there. This very interesting to you, Mr. Hartman Ralph Webb has a number. He's number forty two and herb waters is also number twenty six so Mark Barron's twenty-six might not be safe. But Ralph Webb I'm going to have your jersey to your soon. You could have your number forty two because he mail the has gone. It's web web web. Please don't waste your money. All right lay on your vision winning on Steelers dot com. He had no number that was the morning. All right. Well, I guess it's just one of those modern mysteries that will never know. And so there you have it. Let's go to you next. What are your thoughts? Overall on the day that was in what's coming up on the NFL draft Steelers got their guy. I mean, the fan base is happy. I know one thing if the pick isn't the right guy, they'll blame calmly. That that will happen. The other thing with Brian brought up A rod Woodson's, I did have dinner at rock Woodson's. He had wings back when he had the restaurant down in station square. But you know, it's a good day. But a Pittsburgh Steelers. They get their guy. They put a play maker in the middle of your defense. You know, you have to be strong up the middle. You know over the center in between the hashes your defensive backfield. Hopefully, the young man can play you know, I did a whole podcast on like moving up for inside linebackers. But as we've seen, you know, the league does not cut it these corners. These corners are dropping and then the passing league, you know, that's a red flag for these corners, east corners are dropping and away. It's looking now maybe these guys potentially drop out of the first round. So there looks like there's going to be a lot of quality players you move up to the second round. Stay aggressive Goget player that you target. And I. With Jeff do. I don't think you'll get a corner. Go get a dynamic wide receiver that can really bring some playmaking exposure to this offense. Because again, you gotta make those points in. Let's not forget the fact that they're awful at picking Cornerbacks and ZOA view avoid that and say, okay, we're gonna go in this season with Steven Nelson. And the guys that we have Joe Haden next year when Antony Brown's money's off the books, you could probably go out and free agency and get another decent cornerback to fill it out 'cause you obviously suck attracting them. So there you have that Dave go ahead. Dave Dave already went really as Brian stern. No, Brian went. I I'll go Gan. Now, we only hear. Shaking your head Brian. Rafting quarterbacks in the last quarter. Cornerbacks. Land happen here laying shit. They have not been in position to get a cornerback in the last few years lands land say something I did a whole show. You know, that's no excuse you. You can't. I mean, that's if you get opportunity draft him you need a hit on them. They have not been good at it. It's fine. They've been banned. Ed, you go through the list guys terrible. I mean, they have not been very good at it. And there were years where they kind of deemphasizes is the corner position anyway. And then they took they would never take corners early and Brown so on and so forth. There's been a lot of good corner. Selected in years covert, atomic have not done a good job at it. So I I love the fact that they went out and GATT one. It's interesting that they can't draft. It's weird that they can't do it like certain teams don't draft positions. Very well. Like that team up north that we all hate or I hate I'm sure you guys hate that team up north. They can't dry wide receiver. Vers, you know, we struggle with corner. So, you know, teams struggle with certain position groups, maybe it scheme. Maybe it's coaches, but I'm glad they went and got one in free agency. I mean, look Artie burns should be proof enough. Well, let's talk about their starting quarterback. Shall we? Brian. Let's go with it. Joe Haden was drafted by the Steelers. He was not Steven Nelson. He was not however might Ninette Mike Helton. No. He was not. There you go, man. Their top three Cornerbacks are not drafted players. Okay. Let me tell you something. Let's talk about already burns already burned out. Not ardy. Burns was not on their wishlist Ardi. William jackson. The third was on their wishlist Cincinnati took him right before they did. I don't even think they anticipated that Cincinnati was going to go ahead and take take that guy. He was a reactionary pick because a need pick that they need cornerback. What they should have done was taking. Best available at that point. They've been take best available that point they still went with a cornerback. Doesn't mean that they can't draft one. If they would have drafted William Jackson, the third. You guys would have been elated. We all would have been a late. They missed by one pick. That guy was the number one guy on their board at that lack of I agree. I I agree with you on that. I agree with you on that. But when they lost them, they panic doesn't mean they can't draft a corner they reached for corner and lost. Okay with that means they can't draft them. Oh. I'm sorry. You know, if if was a fifth, you know, we'd drunk. Hey. Hey, that's the one cliche can get. Right. So. My internet did not drop. I yes, I was about to say it's it's a modern day Murugan before we get to the end of the show. We did have a guy Sean who's a fan of the show. He dropped in a super chat. Comment wanna get to that? Because I was big it. We get a super check comment. We're going to get to it. He said just wanted to say what's up from Hawaii? Just like Brian his dreams came true zooming Suming. He's referring to the pick. He he's at how who are your top three to five receivers available and who would fit best in our scheme. Brian. You know, these players better than Lance, and I do three or five receivers available who do you think fits best? Go. Mceal Harry Akeem Butler AJ Brown. Okay. You're sees it AJ Brown say these came Butler was one of them came Butler in Nikial, Harry. And where's he from Arizona state? What about boykin from Notre Dame you fan now? I like boykin, but he's not in my top. He's not on my top ten. I if I had to add two more. I I'm adding ABC brother, and I'm also adding. I'm adamant not Moncrieff Metcalf. Okay. What about easy? You. Did you say Hollywood Brown? I didn't hear you. Yeah. I had Hollywood in there. Okay. So Dave, he's just rejoined the show. Thanks for coming back on. Three to five receivers that are still available who you think is the best fit for Pittsburgh. And who are some of those players. I mean, they're all there, aren't they? I did miss when coming off the board missing any come out the board. I'm just saying the question was asked. Yes, he joined three to five top-35 receivers available, and who is would best fit our scheme. Who's all available would be the the two Browns with decay Metcalf, and and kale that I'm sure has mentioned, but I think the best with the Steelers will do is they're going to wait until the third or fourth and take sills out of West Virginia. What would you do lands? If the Steelers picked Hollywood Brown somehow in the second round of this draft. I would love I mean, hey, I've told Jeff are you serious landmine knowing what you're doing. Oh, big up to finals for snapping. Dave came back. So big up to Donna. So big up to Donald Donald snapped. And Dave disappeared. It just only killed his internet for a second. But look since the patriots wonder six championship. I said that name. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that team up north since day one. They're six championship. Let's get good football players know me. I'm like, hey character is great. I like is the score touchdowns. And I want the Steelers to get seven Super Bowl before that team of north thus. Because if they get seven before me, and my brother gets to rip me every day about them having seven championships commands, go terrible, get Hollywood Brown. If you think he's the best football player. I know the boy can play he's dynamic. Hey, put him in there. I don't care. Let's go get seven championships and for those that are watching the draft unfold right now live. One safety. I really enjoyed watching Darnell savage from Maryland is off the board. He went to the Packers. They traded up of the Baltimore Ravens traded their pick with the eagles. And so things are getting interesting on the. How so savage is gone. The Packers took two in the first round. I say savage because he was someone. I thought maybe in the second round would still be there. He's not. So that'll be interesting is another player to cross off the list, if he was on your personal big board there so to speak. So all right. I tell you what guys it's it's a modern miracle, in my opinion that a land connection state solid the whole show that Brian sounded for crystal clear now Dave did get thrown off. But you came back. Didn't miss a beat. No, one knew it. I bet. So I told you we had a we have massive internet outages in my area right now it's been on and off all day. And I was hoping to get to the show before we had to reset everything in. But should be good for another twenty minutes for those for those that follow our shows regularly know that this is this is literally a modern miracle. It really. So I want you the squirrel squirrel is gone. A squirrel chewed waited at wire. That's why these shows have been bad for months, and now they fixed it I had no clue it is a miracle. Good. All right. So here's the thing. If you're one of the two hundred plus people that joined in the live chat at some point today, we ask that she subscribe to the show we're going to be putting out quality content off season. We're going to be breaking down these draft picks. Once it's all done. I already said if he's missed it will have a show tomorrow night recapping day to and then another show Saturday recapping day three way, and I will be on Sunday to do standard is a standard and it status quo. It's good content. If you don't like you to lay rather have audio. There's more shows we do five shows a week by all means find anywhere, you get your podcast. That's apple at apple itunes, apple music, Google play Spotify, Stitcher. You name it were there. Just search Steelers dynasty curtain in always behind still. Dot com is our biggest week of the year. Makes you check us out. Absolutely. So guys. Thank you very much for taking the time. We appreciate it Devon Bush. We all love Bush. He's a student. Lands. Once you send us off with your year slogan. Tune in Tele friend and subscribe, Amen, brother goes dealers. We'll see you next time. My name is Spencer home by name is Jason Kerr. My name is Ryan nanny combined. We form the shutdown full stride. Keep telling you novel. This forecast is technically college football podcast. But it's also a show about care disaster regional grocery stores. We live Tennessee Batman homeowners associations bears in video games. Pittsburgh Batman the hell of being trapped in a group. Text unreliable legal advice. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion like about coaches, having huge contracts or coaches making terrible decisions or coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double A's saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dome. Beautiful sport time Arkansas decided to use. A captured feral hog a mascot and it escaped and it wind up killing seven rattlesnakes a pig and a Coyote, sometimes we talk about okay village, it with if you wanna take college football exactly as seriously as it deserves to be taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts like this one the forecast, it's not voltron on less. It is.

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