A Watch that Keeps an Eye on Your Ticker


If you're like me and the list of books she wanna read is always expanding. Then our sponsor blankets has got you covered. Stay tuned after the show to hear about how going to blink dot com slash VW daily can help you learn more in fifteen minutes, then you can almost any other way. From wondering, I'm David Brown. This is business wars daily on this Monday, September seventeenth look around for a second of the wrists of your colleagues. What's on them? A digital watch men, analog one or more likely these days. A smart watch from apple or its closest competitor fit bid both became popular in the last few years not to tell the time, but to track our sleep patterns and keep us exercising between counting our steps and Annapolis case allowing us to take phone calls. We've already been asking what exactly do we want our watches to do apple up the ante on that question last week, would it introduced the latest apple watch series four. It's the first major wearable device to receive FDA clearance as a medical device apple boasts that it can outperform electrocardiogram and e c g in thirty seconds using built in electrodes and. Sensors that he see, gee, can detect a serious heart rhythm disorder called atrial fibrillation. The watch also monitors for low or high heart rates in detects falls and can contact emergency responders. If you stay down too long, those features along with other more standard upgrades made some investors hearts pound faster. As they pulled out of competitor. Fitbit, Fitbit, stock price tumbled, seven percent last Wednesday, but recovered a few points on Thursday. Apple is banking on the notion that we want our daily devices to let us know if something's wrong and help us fix it. The question is, do we really some doctors say putting such tests in the hands of consumers could lead to over testing and even possibly over prescribing dangerous medications like blood thinners, those warnings are unlikely to stop us from demanding more and more medical information at our fingertips. The culture is moved more and more to tracking. Everything from our steps to our sleep, apples choice to seek FDA approval for a smartwatch is an evolution. Not a revolution fit bit also touted smartwatch, the versa for healthcare purposes and is researching new features. It also has one big leg up over apple price. You'll shell out around three hundred ninety nine dollars for the series for and only about two hundred dollars for fitbit's versa. And that price difference may make some holiday gift givers, hearts, race. Rome. Wondering, I'm David Brown, and this is business wars day like our show subscribe. Now, apple podcasts, hookah podcasts, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast. I'm David Brown, see Tamar. Thanks to blink were sponsoring business wars. Daily blankets is the only app that takes thousands of the best-selling nonfiction books and distills them down to their most impactful elements. So you can read or listen to them and under fifteen minutes all on your phone. I just finished ghost in the wires by Kevin Mitnick. It's a riveting story about a hacker who outwitted the FBI for years and now uses his dubious skills for good, and I listened to the whole story on a quick walk around my neighborhood. The blankets library is massive from timeless classics like think and grow rich to current bestsellers, like the seven habits of highly effective people. Right now, blankets has a special offer just for our listeners go to blinking dot com. Slash BW daily to start your free trial or get three months off your yearly plan. When you join today. That's a blinking spelled b. l. i. n. k. I s. t. blinky Stott com slash b w deli to start your free trial or get three months off. Your yearly plan. That's blinking dot com. Slash BW daily.

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