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Merger Story: The New T-Mobile


It's Tuesday February eleventh. Welcome to skim this. We're breaking down the most complex stories of the day and giving you the context on why they matter the hottest hottest celebrity couple right now T. mobile and sprint. We'll explain why these to be listers pairing up a huge deal for the telecom industry and for your wallet and and Break Up News. The US and the Philippines are on the outs. We'll explain why the Philippines breaking a long held military agreement could have global consequences. We're here to make your evening smarter. Let's skin this. Today's episode is brought to you by Babas dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to witness the joining together of Sprint and T. mobile if anyone can show just cause why these companies should not be joined together in merger are speak now or forever. Hold your peace anyone really. Nobody has a problem. The third and fourth largest wireless companies in the US joining forces. Nobody worries about a lack of competition. Or maybe rising prices or service this well then it is with great joy that I present you. The new T.. Mobile it is now official a federal judge approving the merger between three T. Mobile and sprint T. mobile is wrapping up a multi-billion dollar deal with sprint is official T.. Mobile has won approval from a federal judge to go ahead with. It's twenty six and a half billion dollar purchase of sprint after more than two years of lawsuits and Regulatory Red Tape T. Mobile's plans to buy sprint. Finally won approval today. Once the two companies work out the fine print they'll simply take the name T. mobile and have more than one hundred million customers combined that new power power couple is planning to challenge the dominance of at and T. and verizon the number one and number two players in the US and remember the wireless world is about to undergo undergo a big five G. transformation new and faster data networks are just around the corner but building them is going to be really expensive. That was one of the arguments. Minced T. mobile and sprint made to justify their merger basically we're just too small and too poor to build a five G. Network all on our own. So we've gotta get hitched and today a federal judge agreed to tie the knot. He was reportedly persuaded that unless this merger happened. Sprint wouldn't be able to hold. Its own as a national wireless wireless carrier. How romantic these two literally can't live without each other? The judge was also over by T. Mobile's argument that after it becomes a top player it will keep shaking things up and be a good competitor alongside the big guys. At and T. and verizon but just because this union got approval today not everyone's on-board in fact the reason why judge had to sign off on this is because thirteen states and the district of Columbia had sued to try to stop this merger from happening happening. The argued that the third and fourth largest wireless companies merging would reduce competition and raise prices for consumers. That wasn't just speculation their lawsuit uncovered internal documents from T. Mobile's parent company saying that. Having fewer players in the wireless industry would be pretty great for them and boost profits less. Your analysts predicted this merger had just fifty five percent chance of getting approved T.. Mobile wants me. T mobile wants me not and the opposition to this deal seemed pretty legit especially since there's been a growing movement to try and stop big business from gathering more power and wiping out the competition regulations to stop this kind of thing called antitrust laws. But when those antitrust efforts didn't pan out and today's merger got approved Sprint stock jumped seventy ninety percent in a single day talk about marrying up. So what could this merger mean for all of us if you're sprint customer now how you'll soon start getting your bills t mobile and t mobile promises. It won't Jack Up. Its prices for the next three years. If this deal works as planned a bigger wealthier not mobile might have the resources to build a seriously. Good Five G. Network and improved service. So that's possible. Good news but some of the most vocal critics of this deal like New York Attorney General Letitia. James thinks that changes in store for consumers won't be positive. She said today that New York and other states might appeal to try and make sure it never happens. Meanwhile others are also unconvinced by T. Mobile's argument that it will remain a quote. self-styled Maverick and the wireless industry after its main competitors sprint is no longer a threat. Meaning t mobile says despite the fact that is becoming a new big man on campus. It'll keep innovating and finding new ways to improve customer service. Gt Sewn is a former adviser to the chair of the Federal Communications Commission and a distinguished fellow at Georgetown Law School. I just thought it was naive. Leave of this judge to think that once you've got rid of T. Mobile's most significant competitor particularly for value conscious consumers. I was going to continue to behave that way instead. Sewn says as has happened in other countries when competition disappears companies change P mobile going to be completely different company. It's GonNa be as big as verizon an at and T.. And as a result it's incentives are going to change. So if you're you're counting on T.. Mobile to stay a low cost. Alternative in the wireless industry forever. Just make sure to keep checking your bills for more on how this merger could affect your wallet head over to the Skim Dot com slash money while T.. Mobile Sprint are pairing up the US. Philippines are on the outs. We'll explain why that's a big deal for global security next. Babas are the most comfortable socks in the history of feet. They're made from super soft left. Natural cotton. and every pair comes with arch. Support a seamless toe and a cushioned foot bed. That's comfy but not too thick plus for every bombs purchase. You make Bama's donates a pair to someone in need by your Bomba's at Baba's dot com slash skim this today and get twenty percent off your first purchase that's B. The OM B. A. S. dot com slash. Skim this for twenty percent off Bombay Dot com slash. Skim this. We've got a break-up story for you. Now today President Rodrigo detail of the Philippines announced that he plans to scrap a decades-old agreement with the United States for context just the US in the Philippines have been close allies for decades. But lately things haven't been so chummy. Details war on drugs has led to the alleged unlawful killings of tens of thousands of people and has been widely criticized as a human rights violation recently the US refused to grant a visa to a Philippine gene official. Who was the top guy in charge of that deadly campaign and today detained moves to cut back on ties with the US by announcing the end of what's it's called the Visiting Forces Agreement? It basically allows you as troops to be on Filipino soil. For things that benefit the Philippines and the Philippines did benefit quite a bit over the last few years the US provided the Philippines with five hundred fifty million dollars worth of military aid US troops helped by terrorist groups and and also assisted in recovery efforts after typhoon ravaged the country in two thousand thirteen but the US get something out of this partnership to it has to do with China and the South China Sea. The South China Sea is essentially territorial disputes central with surrounding countries like Vietnam Malaysia Brunei. And you guessed it. China and the Philippines all vying for sovereignty of the sea and various islands within it China has been exerting its influence in the area. Big Time. We're we're talking things like building outposts and putting its military on artificial islands within the disputed waters the US has challenged China's claims to the territory and it's been convenient for the US Navy to be strategically located right nearby in the Philippines to keep an eye on all the action and if things did escalate the US would be there to help the Philippines out. But now tensions between the Philippines and China have apparently softened and instead of China being a threat in my end up being the president Rebound deteriorate has definitely been giving China a lingering look and sees it as a viable regional partner and China is down to you figure out some sort of deal. China has been courting other countries in Southeast Asia by touting its economic might and being like hey. Why don't you join our cool club so the Philippines is basically telling the US to back off and today it's a one hundred and eighty day timer for the end of this military? Deal to be clear the Philippines Philippines in the US still have another agreement called the Mutual Defense Treaty which says the US will defend the Philippines in case of an attack that treaty dates back to the nineteen nineteen fifties but without the Visiting Forces Agreement. Things like getting. US troops to the Philippines for training. Exercises and sending ships and military equipment. To and from the Philippines pins will get a lot harder and could put a strain on a very long relationship and we're back with twenty twenty Tuesday. Tuesday voting season is officially upon us. Remember the Iowa caucuses were last week. The official winner is well. It's complicated did bloods of technical difficulties there but the show must go on and early this morning like just after midnight. The first voters in New Hampshire cast their ballot in on the twenty two thousand presidential primary midnight. Voting is kind of a thing in New Hampshire. It dates back to nineteen thirty six in the town of Millfield. That's when a woman named genevieve natick invited her neighbors over for a party and when the clock struck twelve. They all cast their ballots. Yeah Civics Party. At the time the the press ate it up 'cause that meant they could print at least some of the election results in time for the morning paper before the rest of the state had their morning coffee. It's the little things. The Mills Millfield tradition eventually lost popularity but in nineteen sixty voters picked up the torch a dozen miles away in Dixville Notch in a very northern berry snowy part of the estate. That's basically Canada. Since then watching the Dixville Notch results role in has been an election tradition. And just after midnight this morning the five registered voters orders of Dixville Notch cast their ballots the winner of Dixville Notch former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg who compared to the rest of the field has barely campaigned. Pain in New Hampshire in fact boomer didn't even try to get on the ballot there. The three Dixville Notch voters who voted for him had to write in his name. You'll have to tune in later to see if those voters had their finger on the pulse of the rest of New Hampshire because as your stats teacher would probably remind you five. Voters aren't much for a state wide sample size For more on the roads at twenty twenty. Why New Hampshire matters head on over to the skin dot com slash election? And that's all for Skim this thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe and rate and review us on Apple. PODCAST IF YOU WANNA add the skin to your morning routine son of bore free free newsletter the daily skin right on our website at the skin dot com. It's everything you need to know to start your day right in your inbox.

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