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I'm let me do it again. Yes okay okay. Try your best simone. What is simone. I'm going to let you that one question. We've all been asking <music>. Welcome to the polygon show. I'm your host. Simone to rochon cannot not do this and the more i think about it. The more i think about what is simone the more i wanted by wow <hes> sloan. We love view. We love you and makes her want to know just think of that. I think about existential inhabiting someone else's body would be very uncomfortable anyway. Hey welcome to the polygons show. I'm your host chelsea stark. We're switching things up this week. Because simone is out of town so welcome welcome back allegra frank harrow and welcome to the first time ever on the polygon show petrochina dulovo edge polygons favorite entertainment reporter junior will say you're setting up a lot of qualifiers can't actually karen he's been on this show china for people who don't know you know what should they know <hes> i am i have taken over allegra title as the baby polygon and <hes> i am a junior entertaining reporter and i like watching cartoons. Okay yeah you put those in order most important thing <hes> he's reminding me of mortality i mean the things i think about you is that you stole stole the inflatable golden swan from that too fancy garbage table you might know me on twitter for my phrase very cash money which is not actually really my phrase but something i co opted and just like used this. You're known for cash money. Yes which i did not come up with. I actually don't know the origins of it but would i co opted it and have overused to death so you are very cash money thank you you're wearing a podcast cape am wearing a podcast cave because it is cold. Yeah you have a cardigan and it is very cold. I'm florida. Oh yeah that's true important another thing important petron fax ax. I'm literally sitting here and like as short dress with short sleeves. I saw my friend this morning and he was like you look like an extra from rush hour three. I still don't understand me but y'all are like your. I'm cold and i'm like oh. One knowledgeable plays was okay for fifteenth floor is bad okay. It's called up there. It's very cold and i feel like i'm right. Under event. Event follows me around. Send you cannot get warm. Vent follows favorite were movie. <hes> <hes> i the best part of recording this podcast is making ross laugh in the booth. Honestly it is the best so this week. We're going to talk about fire emlyn again. If you're mad about us talking about fyrom too bad it's gonna keep happening. I would be shocked if anyone listening to the show was mad about that i would yes they all. Everyone's like a horny nintendo fan. I assume i assume to <hes> also going to talk about some anime stuff <hes> it's exciting and talking about intelligent cube and rocco's modern life on net flicks so it's a pack show. We've got a lot to get to so petron. Ah you're brought to this table today to defend your controversial butte viewpoint yes so <hes> i have realized very quickly on i chose the blue lions house and fire emblem three houses <hes> i assume that the houses would be divvied up pretty evenly and everyone would be we like getting along and like respect each other's choices but everyone on twitter is very very mad about the blue lions at least that's how it was initially but now they're like coming around to them. Why were they mad. They said that it looked boring. I i don't understand why <hes> because because i will add that on tumbler. Everyone was incredibly for the blue lions immediately. That's my favorite reason ever for people on twitter being mad mike. They're mad because they think it's boring. Well okay so tell me about your favorite members of the blue lions and like why you were like yes. This is my white house <hes> so i picked based on the lord's at first and dmitri i have two very specific <hes> types title qualities. I look for in fictional men. One of them is being named mitri and the nineties fringe both of which can be attributed to to the to anesthesia classic dreamworks movie got her receiving that in middle school ooh yeah <hes> so anyway so dmitry floppy hair. I was like all right. I'm already going to pick this but then as i got to know these students all of the boys are just really really really tragic and sad and angry and i love them. The girls are very very sweet and just trying their best and they all have horrible self esteem in and abandonment issues and i just want to protect them and love them and people don't understand this. That's so that's so sweet and nice and also sad surprising. Allegra didn't pick this well. Honestly i am superficial as i've explained in previous episodes many many previous <hes> and i literally chose chose black eagles which is very popular. I think ryan yeah winter. It's like probably the most popular yeah and honestly i chose them because they're read. I was thinking about blue lines too because i seem to recall can't really remember who's in what house right now but they have the hottest boise's ace which i would say that yeah i i've been saying that blue has the best boys and black has the best girls and then gold just has like the funniest people people yes the people that you wanna hang with that. You would realistically want to hang out with because i feel like black and blue both have way too much personal trauma <hes> yes. They're the sad how they're angry houses and then gold just like a what you wait which is <hes> bernadetta in red. It seems like a lot. I love her. She's i feel so bad for her. She's so sweet yeah. She's great. So do you have like a b._f. F or g f or anything in blue lines yet okay so <hes> us. I am charlie torn between i was like totally just gonna go for dimitri trey but then the like flirty guy and the dubbed just surprising me because all of his support combos all the characters are really really sweet. Oh syl so vain yeah so it's the two of them and what i am honestly gonna do is right before you have to like choose who you end up with. I'm going to save the game and then just do both of them. In separate take files cannot choose okay so i still have not started playing because of the text is is you were talking about and also because of the plane something else but the only reference i have for sylvain is the creepy picture that allegra sent me of him giving ingrid a backrub. Oh the plate is so oh yeah. I remember that yeah so he is the fuck boy. He is <hes> by by taste. Yeah you know what petrolia i assume. How can see your like. Trauma is sweet lovely girl but but i can see our love in the phone. I can see it because she's been four. I'm sorry florida. I don't even know what that means. I don't know <hes> either <hes> so. Do you feel like you're like your choices paid off now that you've spent a lot of time with the blue lions yeah. I like the route it's going. It's definitely the more like lawful good of the routes from what i can tell just from like poking around on social <hes> which i'm fine for and it does resemble resembled more typical like canning sort of style where you're like following your lord who wants to fight the bad guys sort of deal versus. I feel like <hes> just from what i've been talking to people that the other ones follow different paths which if that's for you that's cool but i'm totally hardly find with keeping the formula and protecting the innocent would you are you going to play other paths when you finish. I honestly don't know if i can because i know that dimitri doesn't survive the other the only the only lord who makes out of all the paths alive is name redacted. We might have to like timestamped the spoiler. I don't know name redacted inflated. Even she's like that's fun. I'm aware of the situation. Even if i haven't played wow god i wanna die now well i. It's interesting that you say that that's the lawful good route because the perception. I got what before i chose was. There is something going on with dmitry. Oh yeah which it's like. Is that still true okay so he so without spoiling without spoilers he he has a very very bad p._t._s._d. Because of something that happened in his past and basically it gets to the point where his worst fear is realized and he just like kinda snaps apps and his whole thing is that he wants to avenge the dead so he kind of the best equivalent i can think of is hawkeye in avengers any during got five sides oh so he gets an edgy mohawk and edgy patch. Oh my god yeah but he <hes> he does get a little like obsessed but his whole character arc is about realizing that he can't live for the dead and needs to like live four living and it's actually i enjoyed it. It was very nice and sweet. Oh okay wow that's interesting because i definitely expected him to like. Try and kill everyone the for the time skip literally and then there's no one else in monastery pile of bodies under the blue lion. Ah okay well this is. I don't know if you're making me regret not choosing blue lions because it'll guards my bay and what you said of like flack eagles has the best girls is very true. <hes> there's some good boys though it also recruited sylvain so like yeah but i they have been debating replaying. I mean i'm only eight hours and still i'm a busy girl but in a year i'm busier who can't wake up is really in. It is in a year. I think i will now. Try the blue lion storyline. You should everyone should yes don't listen to twitter twitter be listening to <hes> yes <hes> so let's also then transition and with this transition i'd like to you bring on our secret special guests were we just decided this worth show so we're going to talk about or in high school host host club which is an anime so we're bringing on enemy expert and polly gone intern palmer hauch. She's been here the whole time. Hi everyone. I'm palmer ulmer. I've been sitting here quietly in doping every time someone mentioned she dabs okay. It's a brand palmer is also best known by listeners of the show as the one who taught us what eat means palmer lake single handedly changed our slack culture by the introduced me it yeah there. Was this like like a one year ago last week. That was something like palmer has introduced yeat into my daily vocabulary and i hate it and look where we we are now. Look i have jeans on the back scared of i do. It's like the little little like oh okay. We'll try to you also show you jesus just say the american eagle mall in my hometown where my sister works you can get those little like not not like not like embroidered on the ass but like like let's be clear from the little logo things that normally say like the logo of the company that you're out from you can get them <hes> customized to say something else for free and so you did you customize the genes yeah i was. I was and hello and we'll have another one. It's just a new face. Oh my god i like the you clarify. All the asks just imagining like why e on one juicy couture asked potential official title eat <hes> eat bottom jeans and the boots the for horrible anyway palmer's here palmer's here. We're gonna talk about but i think the original pitch right was that there is a connection. There is a connection all right so first off top line. What is this show this people who have palmerston yeah so or on high school host club in addition to being the most charming anime of all time <hes> is basically about this private academy called or on <hes> where it's a bunch of rich people who don't do anything and they just basically idol except for the scholarship student named her he <hes> who got in because she's really really smart and so she definitely doesn't fit in her family is is like lower middle-class <hes> she's really just trying to study so <hes> essentially she she shows up she's looking place to city because everyone's like chatting the library and and she gets into this room and there's like rose petals everywhere and long story short she runs into a vase ends up owing the schools host club which is a bunch of dudes who are just like beautiful and entertain tain women and give them t- and stuff <hes> ends up owing them lake in eight hundred thousand debt <hes> which she does. She can't pay off and so she agrees to become like they're they call it. The host club's dog so running them like coffee and all that jazz <hes> and then they realize she's really charming but the central conceit is that all of them thinks she's a boy at at the beginning 'cause she has short hair so she spends a series like entertaining women as this charming young man and it's a thoughtful rumination on gender and friendship <hes> <hes> and it has a banging opening the ties us so good <hes> so petron ah you're watching this like for the first time yes. I don't have not actually watched another anime <hes> but i had watched a bit of oron. Call wait ever ever what's yeah hari. Everyone is even seen one anime. He never seen an anime. What about pok mon. Oh yeah polkadot. I guess i like wait so in your line of what is an the anime. Is dragon ball anime or is it just american. We know i would say it's like an intimate. It's like it's like pokemon is an anime but like it's one that i think is so integrated into the american consciousness yeah. I don't think i think i don't think a normal american child would be like that's an anime because they wouldn't because they're not loan l. The coupons were into narrow in like two thousand seven dang. That's that's true yeah. It's weird didn't knows anime. Wow just for like up. He's just running not enemy <hes> so p up toronto uh not palmer. I don't dump two ps. It's always confusing because i always called toronto p but there's two of them <hes> drawn so how the heck did you end up <unk> starting the show because it's old <hes> i think i had just seen jeff sets on tumbler awhile ago and i started to watch it like i said back in college. I just stopped because i think i picked up dr who at the same time which <hes> you know twenty thirteen. That's how that's how it rolled but then i was like oh i kinda wanna. Give this a second. Try so. I did and i'm very much enjoying enjoying it. 'cause it's just like light sweet stuff episodes or twenty five minutes which is great and yeah so. Why is it like the blue lions all right so oh dropped this. I saw a fan art of the blue lions voice as the or in high school host club boys edit fit very very well because you have first of all you have the strong silent type and the do in the blue lions is just like this very stoic intimidating looking ban and what's maury maury morlin pie sometimes is like the third year and his whole shtick is being like the tall brooding silent handsome one and then you have like the younger <music> like sort of like cutesy character and that's honey send pie and or on an in blinds. It's ask who's like the youngest of the boys and he's like very wide-eyed died like wants to be a night so he can do good things and he also has a very tragic back story and i love him <hes> and then you have the cold calculating guy <hes> with the glasses this guy's name i can never kill ya yes so he's the mastermind of the club and he's always kind of like distant from everyone else emotionally and in blinds that's felix who is just kind of a dick but also knows what's going on more so than anyone else and no one listens to him until like post time skip. Everyone's like oh shit. Felix was right this time and then <hes> well. Sylvain is was donna's like one of the two twins wins who are like the mischievous kind of playful types which he definitely is <hes> he also has a brother who you don't really see the game but like he does exist and then <hes> tom mckie who is the president of the club and like the princely type is dimitri and even though tomek is definitely like like an idiot and history isn't it's still the same sort of like like princely royal regal type. They have like the same haircut they do. Have here's a little more stringy so fluffy. Blondes like nineties. Moma cut fringe thing. It's not actually a bowl cut but and he is your favorite favorite yes but i also like the twins so once again. I'm torn between french haircut cut and fuck boy red-haired. Oh my god <hes> so watching the show now. Is there anything that you kind of lake with a a new perspective with like twenty and nineteen knowledge. Does it still hold up. Does it feel weird at all. There's definitely some like jokes. That haven't aged aged well. What is this from actually to. Oh my god that whole early to yeah. It's like it's like how are you watching it. Oh yeah legally. I swear <hes> yeah. I remember watching it <hes> on d._v._d. Remember back in the day save looking at palmer. You had to watch anime like volume by volume on d._v._d. I remember i didn't do that but what i did to do was like on youtube. You'd be like code. Kia's are to episode one part two of three and you've watched him like thirteen chunk like yeah minute segments. I i used to have to do that too with stuff. That sucked <hes> but we watched it on d._v._d. My sister and i <hes> and i remember it being like very cute and i and i really enjoyed it but there was something weird. I guess about harvey being like immediately seen as a boy and i wonder how that holds slow. Oh yeah i mean i feel like that's still especially like with horror. He read gender that still reads well in nineteen in the respect that she's just kind of like she has lender. She's like i don't don't really care if you see me as a boy or girl to see me for who i am so like for her gender isn't something that's particularly important <hes> even though like everyone everyone else around her is obsessing over it so much <hes> and that's basically like a lot of the humor in the series is from like there's an episode where she has to get physical tests done so it's the host's cub like just freaking out trying to make sure that the doctors don't find out that he's actually a girl <hes> and so. It's really like it's it's. I think the message especially especially with harvey's character still like holds up. I don't think that's something that aged badly yeah yeah. Definitely i remember being like oh. This could go weird. Ah badly like being gender sensuous or serta goal about like what it means to be a woman versa guy but it was cool to see like a main character really say as he said like i'm just me like i don't care if you think or if you say i'm a girl or a guy like that is irrelevant to me <hes> which was so interesting with the show special because that is so late and cutesy with as he said banging theme song here a chelsea. You gotta listen. I did listen to the theme song. It is banging. I don't know i can't can't add anything. I'm not saying is bang. My favorite character is at one point. They meet this girl who's like obsessed with visual novels and dating sims and she declares herself their manager and like there's one episode. That's like really about her like coming to terms with the fact that real life isn't like her video games but she continues to appear in subsequent episodes and and she like lives below the room. The host club is in and so every every so often she just like arises from the floor and she has killer alert. Are you watching it in english or japanese. I'm watching japanese okay. I watched the middle school. I watched it in english at that point and her english v._a. Is just so good it because she has this killer laugh like it's it's it's cinematic because she writes outflow on this platform like that's super spooky <hes> so you watching it on net flicks. That sounds read. People should watch this old s anime yeah yeah i would love if there are other people like somehow weirdly discovering now i like. I watched that in middle school moscow. That's crazy and it's crazy that that's your i am. Ah yes my question to you is. Are you going to keep watching anime now. <hes> i've had a friend recommend me. I think madoka magic <hes> woah. It's known for being like terribly depressing are also pretty game. Which is i think a plus. I haven't watched it but it's good people like it. Yeah i feel like i would try to find like more like light hearted fun ones that wants depressing. Maybe not but like yeah <hes> i'm more open minded now also easily watchable is a another who i was going to recommend you. Some and i have no idea where you could watch them or buy them so that's literally don't know but <hes> i'm sure palmer can help hook. You guy pulls out the trunk of like you said. You had no enemy d._v._d.'s either. I don't have any d._v._d.'s <hes>. I don't have any way to watch a d._v._d. In the year nineteen mm-hmm do stop coming with the c._d. Dr those the ones plumbing ones can only hold one one point five megabytes okay. Did you still use floppy disks in school palmer no but we did. We did have a thing about like piracy and it was the song where it was like. Don't don't copy. Don't copy that floppy. Wait her. I have a copy that floppy depressed because your class would clearly. We like excuse. Here's what we don't do it. This was like twenty seven. I think it was an eighth grade and we were like what's a floppy disk like in fourth grade. How mobile like learning how to use a computer. We all are like designated floppy disks but i'm wow my sister used them after me. That's still very weird because yeah. I don't think ever use the floppy disk ever. I remember receiving reader rabbit on multiple floppy disks came came on like yes great game came on five floppiness wow all but there's still that means. The game sizes like less than nine mega seven mega. That's nothing <music>. That's like one song. I know i know wow very old. This episode of the polygon show is sponsored by masterclass which is an immersive learning experience. That's really unique. Basically you have classes taught by amazing teachers people who know the industry industry inside out for instance. How would you like to have bob woodard. Teach you about journalism or aaron. Sorkin teach you about screenwriting. What are the episodes. 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I know that the audio will not pick up the islanders that i'm beaming at your head but everyone like the tension is palpable on. It doesn't need a cape anymore anymore because it's so warm in here naked. She's taken off all her layers. Now article okay i. I don't know what they're talking about this game okay intelligence cube clearly not a game for me because you have to be smart so it is on the play station classic which i planed played this weekend for the first time <hes> i know people thought the play station classic sucked and all those people were right but there is one reason why it is dope af it has this game intelligence keep which is very it's. I don't know if it's notorious but it's known for being one of those like very hard to find games came back out in the late ninety s and it had a very small run <hes> it's it's like a cult classic basically and you know copies of it now. Physical copies go for like almost one hundred dollars or something so the fact that it was included on the play station. Classic was super dope. Did you ever play at chelsea. No i've never played it okay. I didn't have a p._s. One until my my brother had one in. I exclusively use it to platek in <hes> tracks such <hes> yeah i had never i had obviously never played either. It didn't have a playstation one <hes> until after i got a playstation four. I don't know why that makes sense but it happened so <hes> we were playing it. My friend and i and we are like oh this game like i told him oh. You know i've always heard this game is kinda cool. I wanna try it out so the puzzle game in a very creepy world like you're earn avoid basically all there is is you as this little man who apparently elliot i found out and you're on this platform made of all these cubes and the goal is to basically not get knocked off that platform as more rows of cubes come toward you so there's like rows of cubes sitting on top of of that platform. You're on that move toward the edge of the platform so you're you're trying to move around so you're basically what you can do. Is you can clear individual blocks. Wchs <hes> individual cubes so that you're not knocked off the platform so you're basically trying to time the deactivation so that you like you know can maneuver around this platform without the cube hitting you so you're like setting a sort of like detonation like bomb on a platform that the cube is about to like come <music> over. Does that make sense. No all three of us are steering lord so just imagine like grid right and you're standing on the grid and there are these blocks coming toward where you're standing on the grid and the only way to not get knocked out by the block is like to clear it like how do you clear lira. That's maybe the key the so the way you clear it is it's moving down the grid and it goes on top of another row of blocks so before it hits that roadblocks you you can like select one of those blocks and then when another walk goes on top of the block you selected. It cleared them both out. Oh okay. It's one of those things things that like you have to see i guess but it's essentially a puzzle game about clearing the board so yeah like just think like you have to clearly born like tetris semaj three thing. It's basically like that but it's really hard because <hes> it is constantly moving like the blocks are constantly moving and you can only get rid of one at a time and you're not supposed to get rid of their these black cubes called forbidden q. and yeah. They're actually horrifying. You're not what's was to get rid of them and if you do like you're already screw like even if you clear the whole board you're just loose <hes> so we are playing thing and we there's also this thing called the advantage key which will select multiple blocks at once so you're trying to clear out so like a mega power our up basically yeah basically so if you choose an advantage keep it will clear out all the blocks in its vicinity on the board <hes> but if that includes like the black for vin cubes then you screwed yourself over <hes> because also the black like the black cubes forbidden cubes speed up the like the rate that the blocks are falling. Oh that's fun fun fun as you. Maybe tell the game is called intelligence cube q with q i._q. You're supposed to be very smart. Yeah i see it <music> so my friend and i he's very smart. You guys know me. I struggled. I struggled but i love puzzle the games and he also loves puzzle game so we're like we are going to beat this. There's two player over you go back and forth like basely each trying to win five rounds in row and and <hes> he didn't win a single one ooh so it's over an hour veep like the versus but i won. I got five in a row <hes> because because it's really just about learning speed like kind of like with any you know match game. If you play it long enough you're like oh. I know this go here. Go here. I have to clear up these so that these fall all and like kill me and <hes> it was basically like that that we both were just kind of staring sitting on the floor playing playstation classic trying to learn the patterns some of these cubes and was just like we were both staring at cursing dot really say intelligible things that eventually we were or just like forbidden cuba. Yes advantage. Don't and we're just like oh yes okay. It's no advantage and we're like yeah forbidden. We were devolved all big because we were putting all of our mental energy into this game but i love that so much felt puzzle games because i get so fixated. You know like if you guys ever really really got into like i loved pedal and i love tetris and things like that. I know you like tetris law chelsea yeah right like you're staring at it for so long. That is just your language now where everything you figure out like when you close your eyes is just like dang. I like clear the advantage knockout all the flack fervent cubes and the knock me off a platform scary. Having the tetris effect makes me super disturbed and then then i'm like yeah i have to quit playing video games forever because just like that. Oh my brain got got a little scrambled and i've taken into much literally it. Is that like i used to get that way. The tetris effect right where you see it in your head <hes> with rock band which which i think is also like a puzzle game literally is you you get the muscle memory tight enough and it just like it goes. You can go on autopilot. You don't even your eyes glaze over. We're and yes like one day the plastic drugs at rock fan. I could never go past like medium honest i would we have we went to my aunt's house and she had the one that the guitar set and my sister me and my brother all operated or the trump said all operated the drum said because it's so much harder yeah well then like look she was only green and red eye was on blue and yellow and then my brother did the thing at the walk the face admittedly when name when i got two songs that added the foot pedal i'd be so long because i was like i can't move my hands and my feet at the same time you know especially because it's like different motions to you know that one was really where it was like kind of that thing where you have to look look past the screen in your note. I just know it yeah yeah. It is exactly like what you're saying. Though palmer of muscle memory like i would close my eyes hours later after after playing rock band for like i would treat it like band practice and i played for like six hours five myself and then i closed my eyes and i'm still seeing the notes for like say it ain't so or something and honestly intelligence he was getting weirdly two point for game that only has like black and white cubes and is it creepy void and has like scary music the other thing that's really weird purgatory and we're trying to figure out like what's the story wise man just here alone with cubes we don't we don't know the worst part though oh so i mentioned like the cubes can knock you off the platform. If you get knocked off you fall and you're screaming to your death but it's like it cuts away to like. You're a falling the animated you're just like and then it cuts to like. You're still falling again. Look i just want to like. I wish she falls for a longer and longer amounts sometimes been spy kids two or they're falling quad pushing. Yes they're screaming for so long it cuts and it's just like carmen junior lake like ten feet of a very good movie classics like it's to love it <hes> yeah so so it's on playstation classics weekend classic and it's <hes> it's really fun. I think you if you have access to is it still worth paying thirty thirty dollars or whatever now they're dropped to buy honestly because like as i said that game was going for like ninety dollars or something like the original disc. Ask <hes> i would say it's worth it like i really am enjoying the game and i only played versus mode so like i didn't even get to try playing like the single player which has increasing levels goals and apparently you can unlock new modes and characters when you beat stuff so like. I think it's honestly worth it. I mean there's also like fancy seven and all that crap on there too but metal gear. It's all <hes> intellgence. Q. is fun is fun is fun. You also watched rocco's so what is the name of the title of the rocco's netflix movie yeah <hes> so i also at the same friend. I had very busy weekend consuming media. I also forgot to mention. I watched all of the alvin shipments movies so good businessweek crew yeah. It's called shipwrecked shipwreck. There's four of them so we watch though 'cause i'll get to rocco and his but they have youtube it's kind of like what you were describing power about how they have those movies and chunks her movies anime and chunks day someone uploaded all the chipmunks like funniest scenes from like alvin lynge amongst but it's really just like the whole movie condensed. It's like twenty minutes so we watched every single what are saying to twenty minutes. I mean i would you rank them shit <hes>. We actually did rank them when we're hanging out first one is top. One is the first first one okay alvin chipmunks. I would say the next one would be honestly it'd be trip wrecked. It would be shipwrecked shipwrecked which is just like a fun lovin movie wherever they all end up on an island in everybody's <hes> on an island. I love those little movies. <hes> then i would say the squirrel because they didn't have as much dave who's their adoptive father. It was zachary. Levi who's an ass. I've been all four movies only in the second one. The sequel and i did not listening in the first one. He wasn't even in their adoptive. Oh jason lee and then he he could not get the same day. Oh you're jason. Lee is in the second one but he gets into a horrible accident in the beginning of the at is like bedridden for the rest of it so they get they get back. Explain that away because a lot of times. They just replaced the actor f._b._i. Is in it like the museum they show him bang horror leave broken and then they go and they're like sent off to go hang out with zachary levi and he's like he lives with their grandma. I think that's his brother his cousin or something and he lives with her grandma punk no they're. They're all humans chelsea and they go. Hey graham on somehow they accidentally knock grandma blake down the stairs. She's got killed her. So it's a lot squalls assessment. You might leave. Salaries chip one came real water at the wrong. It appears roaches anyway. Here's my my question concern issue. You you said most hilarious scenes. Every movie condensed down in twenty minutes so one of the most hilarious scenes of squeak will is someone getting accidentally funny talk to people like dave gets into this like full body cast and then like oh also. I think the chipmunks the reason why he got hurt. I mean yes of course <hes> so they're like oh shit and he's like you gotta go to toby's toby's zachary levi and so they're like okay a and get off at the airport and they're like hi toby hi grandma and then i don't know what they do. Maybe they're like oh then they jump on her. They they let this always look. These animated chipmunks get on a plane. After they murdered dade. They all share one seat. Check them unlike pets. Oh yeah carriers cargo by they flew by themselves. I don't know i'm not actually would have needed like t._s._a. Like a true honestly. I don't think the flight scene was one of the most hilarious seeds once since i don't know what happens but they did kill grandma so anyway yeah road trips the worst one i don't even remember what goes on row chips sucks and and they got rid of the best character in the movies which was david cross's character whose name is ian. Which is the stupidest villain effort. David cross is in in these movies. He's in the first three. He's in three of the movie yeah. I'm sorry i'm so i'm so concerned about david cross. Can someone help him. He adopts the chipsets. It's probably 'cause the same amount of trouble and deaths and death you know i would anyone adopt any of these chipmunks. I don't i think they killed anyone but they probably hurt people. I think ian got hurt in every okay. He's in like a weird costume for most of the shipwrecked correct one david cross. Are you okay call anyways so i watched the rocco's before we watch the two months movies. Yes an hour watching four chipmunks gonna sell you in the i mean honestly i'm. I'm like a little happier knowing that. You didn't actually watch all right great so we because we were like oh. Where do we stream them and thankfully my so you went in wanting to watch the chipmunks movies before you found the compilation we we're going to watch them in full why i don't know my friend was like we have to watch all the chipmunks movies have a crush on alvin elven though yeah i do yeah. That's that tracks alvin the one voiced by justin long yes okay i know matthew gray gubler voices and other one of them. He is simon aspect jesse. Mccartney is that's great. Here's the thing for toronto they all sound the famous stars they just they set up their voices to be unrecognizable literally like starring justin long. It's like bitch not not sound like anybody. He took a nap and got a big tax cut for him. I like the easy of like justin long showing up not realizing they're going to pitch them or something and he's like. What's doesn't you don't need to be <hes> so rocco. Can you tell me about rocco's modern. <hes> your your initial question which was what is it called yeah what it's called rocco's modern life static cling gotcha <hes> so i know uh-huh palmer toronto have never seen <unk> on life yes. This is deeply upsetting to me it is it's too because chelsea obviously you were <hes> watching it when he was on komo by the way the rocco's marin life more than ren and stimpy was the show that my mom was like. I won't make you stop watching it but i have concerns. It's a horny. Show is extremely horny and i didn't. I was like in fourth grade when i watched it. <hes> which is a lot about me and i didn't really realize like all the hornets went over my head until i re-watch citizen adult yeah. There's a lot of masturbation jokes. <hes> there's a one where he's a phone sex worker yeah. Oh there's one where he's having an affair with his neighbor by the way the the phone sex girl he goes. Oh baby obey. Honestly one of the best jokes the show. That's how i that's not working yet but i'll be <hes> yes so rock is modern life. I don't really there's not a lot to say. It's about this wallaby named rocko who's cute animal animal. He wants he's australian and he has two best friends. Heffer who's a cow and filbert who's a turtle and <hes> the premise of static cling is that they somehow rocketed rocco's house into space and it's just the three of them living in his house for twenty years floating around on the earth like orbiting the earth which made me very upset because why why would you do that i don't know and then i got so mad because one one of the first jokes i won't really spoil much. There's lots of oil but there is a joke early on where hefford stands up and heffer like one of his character traits rates is he's just very large which you know it's from the nineties <hes> so they look like he's fighting filbert and then rocco or filbert robert one of them is like heffer what's on your butt and they find that heffer was sitting on an object done for twenty years. That's literally like this is how you go back to earth earth like landing button and dammit. I was so mad. I lose like suck for children. I am not relatable. He's sitting on the object fun. Yeah god i lose our remote or my phone under my butt all the time on basically it's relatable content yeah. It was in his butt crack. Oh okay that's not yeah. I has really not. I would not not come no comment <hes> so they go back to earth and they're stunned end to find it is now twenty years later so the twenty first century. I don't actually know what you're supposed to be but you know let's assume it's now <hes> so crazy and i thought it was going to be like that the whole time just like oh. They have cell phones and internet. What's that thankfully wasn't wasn't that was like pretty much relegated to the very beginning and then it became more timeless story and you guys probably know but this part. I know you wrote this up for polygon dot com but the the main thrust of the special. It's like an hour long. Is that mr mrs begg had who aramco's neighbors they have not been in contact with their child for who knows like also twenty years or something and <hes> his name was ralph breath when they last saw him and they he's best known for creating this wildly popular show called the fat heads which is just kind of like a you know dumps adt com <hes> <hes> it's incredibly stupid funny and they're like the town goes bankrupt and they're like oh. Let's get our son to make the fat heads again and we'll just like license it it an era and we'll get a ton of money but they haven't been in contact with ralph so rocco goes on a journey to find ralph big head but as palmer road up yup and as they revealed before so came out ralph actually has transitioned the whole thing was that ralph went go find himself and he came out as trans woman rachel so it's really interesting because we never see that contemporary cartoons really obviously that's not true right. How is it. How is it handled because i have. I have concerns right yeah. I also sort of concern but what i read was that <hes> the person sort of in charge of trans representation tation from glad worked on it yeah so that's nick adams <hes> he's the director of like trans media glad on and he does a lot of this kind of consultancy see work worked on danger and eggs which an amazon cartoon <hes> but he consulted on rachel story line just to kind of make sure that things like her character designed didn't become like mockery of her femininity <hes> and from what i've heard people people are really into it and it was handled really well so we we stand rachel you too. We stand a real one. I really liked her. <hes> ralph as she was known in the original series was like one of my favorite characters like ever her. I love her so much. I loved her as an rachel but in the original series a lot so it was cool to see like she's happy because she was always like very as cynical and depressed in the original series so now she runs like owns an ice cream truck and it's nice she's driving around and she's like you know. I do love my parents. I wanna to help them out in surly sweet and everyone just kind of immediately accepts her except for her father who is always very obstinate and he's like i have no daughter and then it's kind of like badly pace because like five minutes later like our daughter thanks your but it's really cute because everyone is so so accepting and loving and like when rocko and his friends see rachel oversight just like hey you would create. Oh my god we missed you like oh rachel okay cool i was it's like wow that's awesome like it's such a major plot point but it's not played dramatically really except for briefly when rachel's father there's lake but even that it's like everyone hugs and loves each other. Yeah i mean and mr big head was like basically kind of like this. Grumpy neighbor foil in the original show and lincoln was played up as a kind of a huge jerk so yeah interesting yeah so chelsea is someone who also loved the show. It was like my one of my first first favorite shows ever even though we were saying like i was not really alive when he was on either but <hes> i remember watching reruns time. The animation is beautiful. It looks very similar like it's h._d. Now <hes> and wide-screen but it looks very similar all the voice acting is spot on the so good. It's literally like brought everyone back but they sound exactly the same. I was honestly shocked like it was it literally was like oh they were in stasis for twenty years and now it's back like i thought the writing writings still released sharp. The animation was beautiful like i was really happy with it. I think the pacing of it and the story telling us a little bit weird didn't force trying to do a lot. It's weird when they try to make a thirty minute show into a movie no matter what yeah especially because that show is always like eleven minutes segments ah for wacky delly which was the best but <hes> yeah it was like okay. This is running on fumes toward the end but i was just like sitting there. My friend wasn't as into it as me but i was like it's beautiful. You are not allowed to say worded is beautiful imperfect. I am giving an oscar and he's like oh. It's not a movie and i'm like. I don't oh care. It's all kinds of movie. Does this give you high hopes for the invaders. I'm on which is also coming to netflix coming out this. The day this upsets out it will be on netflix yeah and the thing about the invader zim one is. I don't know anything about it so they had that big rachel reveal like the day before or something that the rocco special went on netflix but they ever really said anything about what the invaders 'em specials about and i also loved invader them. Did you guys watch that yeah. Okay that was still popular like always. I mean topically show up for decades great into imo culture so i like you didn't i didn't watch it. I'm learning that you were the only cool person of the folks that the thing was. I was just not allowed to watch a lot of nickelodeon shows most. They were like not family friendly so i was like invader. Zim is a hundred percent not feeling it is like so i watched a lot of tis knee channel which was approved and then when i was in this and this is why you are this way okay those actually tracks really well. Yeah yeah also cartoon network during the summers with my grandma <hes> because that was the only show only kids channel in english. Oh my god in croatia in croatia thing <hes> yeah invader resume was <hes>. How old were you when your audit palmer. I think i was like twelve or thirteen. I mean that's perfect though i think that's that's the good age that i feel like that was like twenty ten initially when it really had a resurgence or when everyone like i knew was getting into it and so like yeah. It was unlike reruns. Twenty ten was like a big research. It's like why did it research so it came out when i was seventeen. Which was that's like yeah. Jeff's kiss perfect thousand. I yeah so like the the best time to watch that show because it's like i'm seventeen and love dark beings where people have too many organs and all of the etc so yeah conversely i was seven and also loved it and yeah it really you know it's got a broken robot and all of those things i remember going abroad had that summer that came out <hes> to nigeria where my mom is from and is sort of a similar thing as to what you're saying toronto lake there wasn't much in english or just like for kids including there was no nickelodeon and i remember distinctly being so upset that i could not watch invader zim well. It was a way at the seven year old and i was like swim. Watch him like the whole. I don't care about this great experience of heaven. Watch him <hes> which yeah <hes> very telling. I loved red stereo rock all that stuff <hes> yeah. I think it became popular again because people like around our age like people who were seven. It started where now like you know. Closer your age. When you watch the chelsea so they could buy merch they could buy merge hot topic. They were listening to their shitty ema music music which i listened to too don't worry and they were like finding themselves again and they were like whoa. This show was actually cooler dark and we'll end saw saw. Everyone loved girl. Remember ever was so into for those like that one hoodie that was gersh phased that you pulled over your head yet yeah no i did not but i just knew so many so many people it was such a particular signifier. Yeah you know it could you draw character of a person and that would be at <unk> slippers aso good little tongue. That's the best <music> slow yeah. I love that show so much. It's on hulu <hes> so china your time and i was watching it a couple months ago when i was very depressed because that's gotta show you watch. What you're depressed is frigging vader's morning. We sat totally italy fine <hes> and it's a so funny and so unique still so i'm very excited for the special now even more so all right well. I think that does it for our show this week. This was a really good one. <hes> thank you so much. What if you were like this episode of all the trauma and palmer's expert. Sir never piece uses. No thank you for china and palmer. I guess also thank allegra <hes>. That's one and no i. I was really fun talking <hes> especially considering. I'm not trying to be like i'm all but it is nice to have different from perspectives on the show and i really enjoyed talking to you. All thank you for having us. Welcome back anytime we also humanly very nicely harmonize as beautiful <hes> as always. If you like the show please give us a rating <hes> five stars only only on itunes <hes> sorry apple podcasts if you could and also just give us nice review always send us emails all young show at all gone dot com. 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