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The Tim McKernan Show Ep. 284 Pick 6 Week 9


Yes yes welcome into the Tim mckernan show on the inside S. T. L. podcast network I'm your host Timothy Michael mckernan in the home loan expert dot Com studios along with the great g unit gangster Pete's on one and twos and producer Joe is on the Mark Hanna Evergreen Wealth Strategies Phone Line Evergreen S. T. L. dot com hello producer Joe Oh guys four and then three and three for g unit this podcast that is struggling to gain its footing a producer joe he ate after sixty five plus percent against the spread last year I think that's around forty percent it's rough Jack now let's let's make sure that we go One and five for the Weatherman last week one and five for the Weatherman last week producer Joe to and your overall thoughts well I felt so good I want my Thursday night game I want my so I was pretty upset when I found out that he had a Saint Louis Skyline tattooed to his stomach and yeah he was a foot taller than the the guy so our UFC professional picker is now on a two week suspension at random well not a complete ban but he's on a suspense we were just talking about that before we started recording I mean clearly I didn't know anything about two fighter I don't even know if most of these fighters men or women and I don't even know how to pronounce their names we'll go by the dollars that we talked about at the beginning of the year so g units actually plus fifty dollars producer Joe is minus nine hundred and twenty-five and whether man is Ktar started the spiral of Shit and g unit didn't tell anybody that he decided to pick against eight a Saint Louis based fighter me my overall nfl college weekend was something like three and twelve so that's that's an addition nights I guess it's nine more games than he submitted that he bet so the thing for the Weatherman because you're UFC guy at least has been winning games correct the Weatherman had like a dig down into his stats he's horrified by him and he said he's gotTa give me a couple of winners off recording is so we can gain the trust back of the audience whether man at this point though is the focal point Friday game and I'm like fuck I feel really really good about life right now and then I decided I was texting with g unit and Pete last week and decided to detail who just absolutely he may have been ninety toll to begin with and and well that just started down vile of my shit house of a weekend joe on his UFC lock of the week and feeling like Oh man life is good and then that started the downward spiral fear for him if he's wagering I would imagine is obviously he's losing a lot of money I lost on live betting the Astros last Friday night and then I live better engage this is kind of sobering when taken whole on spreads I am eleven twenty three unpick six after the one in five week eight I openly encourage all fading take the hit the standings at this point no one's above five hundred units close twenty three and twenty four producer jobs twenty one and twenty seven. The weatherman is nineteen and twenty well the producer Joe maybe we can we can write the ship at this point though who can say we have any faith at this moment I do know this g unit gets to lead things off to unit go ahead four point six points I knew there was no sweat involved in any of them combined ninety eight and a half point off the spread and four that's gotta be a pod record don't you think well I mean I'm here to set records that's what I do James have been so positive that my wife and I switched to James Carleton in late two thousand eighteen and I'm telling you if we had not the on top of it is James Carlton his phone number's three one four nine six one forty eight hundred or you can go online at Carlton Insurance Dot Net and even now he's still checks in I'm good I don't really care to talk about insurance it's something you know I'm twenty five whatever and that's fine I understand I used to think that after you went to know this past weekend did you did you know that you lost those for by an average against the spread by an average of twenty you know James Carlton of Carlton State Farm Insurance Agency is my insurance agent so this is a first hand endorsement of James Carlton in his half at Minnesota Vikings plus seventeen all you gotta be kidding me big half point well no I mean it's great for that's great for this recording night but when I made the -opoly James Carlton and his staff at Carlton State Farm Insurance Agency will certainly do that three one four nine six one forty eight hundred or go online at Carlton Noon on Sunday Lions Detroit lions versus the New York giants minus six and a half I just think that if if this I mean it's it's just a different ballgame even before we had that which of course was a substantial issue we weren't covered on on something right for forgotten the same way and then I go down to my basement on March thirtieth of two thousand nineteen in the basements flooded and the world changes it just so happens because my interactions with James had been I'm one of the world series and I would have done it again last night actually got swept out of that one at least so the weather man is an absolute disarray Canet turn around this week at home versus the Tampa Bay buccaneers I just don't don't see that Tampa Bay would be favored on a neutral field again let's see that has been a flooded basement throughout all of this precipitation in Saint Louis would've been infinitely more difficult to navigate without somebody is active staff in webster groves three one four nine six one forty eight hundred or go online at Carlton Insurance Dot Net I think a lot of people just go Kay we'll have got a guy I've got a lead unofficial play was the one that hit last week just really quick you before you get into that soccer pick we were talking you know those four picks that you lost in a row insurance agent people email me and James Carlton here let me include him on the on the email and I know he's going to be on top and I don't think twice about it sound like Oh yeah let me tell you about him and the robbed of of a couple of wins the record is nowhere near how good they are in the giants I think are just overblown for for being in New York and having the aren't it's different in a much better way and that's why you know if if you ran into me at a bar restaurant and said hey you know and I have had happened hey tim who's that tomorrow night to win this game by more than one and a half runs wow now grandee what'd you say Joe any so it's going to three soon is that what you tell me peaked looks like two and a half minus one twenty I'll take it so tennessee a number four Carolina plus five and a half at San Francisco coming off the bye week and my love affair with Carolina took a hiatus apparently during the wrong time because they have really put it into full gear and they look good San Francisco kinda going across the country to Washington now coming back and somebody actually wants to follow up and I'm like Oh God I hope he does okay the best the absolute best and you're talking about your biggest investments she wanna make sure they're taking care of a payment wasn't like it was like some monster payment was a small payment he's like to see you know you haven't made this payment WanNa make sure that's taking care of your covered it's just it's it's just different bread on a neutral field is to be said at three and a half which is what this lines telling you I don't buy it I think Detroit is a good team and they have been getting three points for the home field I just don't see it I- Tennessee's a better football team right now if they win this game they go to the go to five hundred that's minus one on Sunday at about six thirty and number five I'm going to take Zach Gretzky glad I bought the half point double juice so yeah that is a big half point I think minus one twenty by the way also it's Oh so it's the yanked actually right minus one thousand Joe Yeah I mean it just it's been a rough a rough start to the season my soccer played the one that was to be a touchdown to ten point game something like that clearly Minnesota wins but it keenum gets is so tonight gone with the skins at plus seventeen really liked this game because it's too many points Minnesota is playing well but this is a you know a little bit is the exact for them just too many seventeen points I expected the same that I made Yup yeah so he pays ten percent for the juice for that half point case keenum going back to Minnesota to get his revenge I just they looked okay against the redskins they didn't cover that spread I think Carolina's GonNa win this game. San Francisco doesn't deserve to be undefeated and enact going to be online what'd you say plus one twenty Sir all right that's my fine there it is g unit is in producer. Joe You're next because you went to and four but that's better than one in five Mark Hanna. Evergreen wealth strategies can't emphasize enough how important it is to have a a financial adviser but then it's not just any financial advice rookie quarterback bla-bla-bla neutral site three and a half no way I think Detroit the only thing that scares me is the short played a lot of close games so but with that with that said with that caveat I I still think that this would be a two touchdown game Detroit minus six and a half game three titans minus two and a half Mark Hanna he is with Evergreen Wealth Strategies and I can tell you from getting to know mark you're over the last year that this first class person who has your best interest I'm GonNa go with my one NFL game I'm GonNa lay the two points with the buffalo bills at home against the eagles the eagles just absolutely putrid in the Buffalo Bills Oh no you're run lining and you're probably getting what plus one forty plus one thirty five plus one thirty five and one twenty art and just calling him at three one four eight nine zero five zero three is gonNa make you feel better in your on the right track Mark Hanna Evergreen strategies three one four eight nine zero five zero three or go online dot net if your insurance costs a leg arm called Carlton State G Unit I pick tonight Thursday night Washington redskins plus sixteen and a half they should last week on top of that they didn't play one defensive snap inside their own the red zone so that tweeted out multiple times this week just gave up long touchdown I'm GonNa go with G Unit Zigzag Theory and I will take Wisconsin Plus Two touchdowns at Ohio state weekend and then my final pick I'm GONNA roll with Penn state minus six and a half at Michigan State all right producer Joe is in the weather man the Weatherman Auburn plus ten and a half at Lsu. I will take the points I think Lsu wins but I think it is going to be a close game and I'll happily take more than a touchdown and a field goal next Evergreen St L. DOT COM By one game actually mathematics are on point thank you Sequoia High School I will take my first game also probably aren't as good as their record indicates especially when you look at who they've played but this week doesn't seem to be much different for them because the eagles are playing miserably next call him three one four eight eight nine zero five zero three that's three one four eight eight nine zero five zero three or go online to Evergreen S. T. L. Dot com his name in and get yourself a great and lock in or if you want to refinance now's the time to do so Ryan Kelly's the person to do with he is online at the home loan expert morning another one in five showing leads from sobering reflection I went back and broke down all of my pick six election so far in two thousand nineteen lots of weak spots example for in twelve picking iser somebody who who knows but cares again plenty of people can no but cares and Mark Hanna helps everyday people every day get their finances organized you can like I do just made a lot of bets on this so I I saw them to win at minus one twenty eight and I thought the value was in in the run line because I I mean come out nationals beat the nationals are minus one forty plus four and a half that's kind of bullshit the values now what I thought it was Ohio state has looked really really good but I don't think they've been really really challenged this'll be their first big challenge of the year next half point tonight Joe it's fourteen and a half now or you're supporting our sponsor Ryan Kelly the home loan expert dot com and with interest rates dropping and this being home buying season this is a prime time to get last week really disappointing for Wisconsin I had that team that's plays a large role in the number of the g unit rolled out but Wisconsin is better than I just one twenty eight well what does it have now to win the game that what's the just the line minus one thirty eight Jesus so this is apparently a lot of people Think exactly you know every once you get to play the zigzag theory when I do it I called the assholes it was I mean I looked at this like mining the astros minus one and a half just plus one twenty yes sir wow that is surprising I looked at this wow problems we we we didn't think that he'd be able to keep the sixty five plus percent against the spread pace but this is this is a complete over correction in the wrong direction you're

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