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State of Big D Country adress


Hey everybody says Prestige Jay. I want to tell you you know. Now you listen to your favorite radio radio. Show or your podcasting Well I could do that now with anchor you can. I love you in anchor Because this is one of the many way that the takedown gets to grow more on More people and you can do it too. So if you sign up for anchor the day you could be on your way to get your listeners. You could find the show you you want. You can do news you do sports. You could do talk. You could do trivia. Just be yourself be who ever ever you want to be but most important have fun. That's why have fun. This is your show. This is your moment. Make it what you want to be sign of anchor and you will not be sorry that you did this. Prestigious have a great day Mr Speaker the of big contray trey and we are now in the four. The princesses to file in. Now the first pitches is the single princess. The are failing in. So they're not necessarily what their husbands or boyfriends but there are definitely single princesses who are not dating anybody at the time time and so they are the first fell into the Great Hall. Here where the state bitty country is taking place and I and V very eventful here big feedback the country as you know the country Dj for thick off and on and he's still selling some effects but he is still going to do the state of Big d country anyway and he is showing that he has been fighting getting all of his forty six year life on this very planet next month come in Mr bigger the honorary princess of a big day contrary and all the honorary princess not country is now filing in to the Great Hall Ham bitty country and they are coming in with their spouses significant outer and and they have invited to To come to the state of the country threats and if I all have been invited to come to hear the the honore these beasts by Dj and the you. You know it's GonNa be an uplifting one is going to be uplifting speech now not gonNa beat dependent a president trump great great Stated Dina's does not by a long shot but it's going to unite big d county and is GonNa be a good one maybe sure but it may be a good one. Oh hit out. The next group best does bigger the nights up big big contrary and here comes them in a d he country and also there is some of some of the man's have came in with their spouses so they not the majority of the night they have already already arrived here at the Great Hall to hear the State of the country address and within great dissipation this from it was very exciting and he's very upbeat in Having a party type atmosphere as we are waiting for the arrival prince. Dj and Obviously it's getting ready and very excited to be here on the state. Update the country address. Well it got imagine then after a wonderful beach five. The president of the United States president. Tom He's got to be by Scott to be his by well. The signature done done the man. Just the TAB bid but he is functioning he is he may be now but he had not out now not by a long shot. Oh I think yet maybe mestizos bigger pranks stay Peres. St Day now coming in to give his first date of big D country address US and well not as I get that fifty county dresses before but only on this platform platforms. Be as I stayed at fifty country on anchor platform. That goes out to all the other platform that the big D don't is podcast. This message is just sent. Send me while we're waiting for Day to get it to the podium here Don't forget to support big country in any way you can in by listening to podcasts. Wherever you hear the big D don't and also on echoed dot com slash big country and the speaker? Does the tar on now going to again prestige as I think the speaker is GonNa Gentleman is now my distinct pleasure and on a tenth of those to you prestige a big the country. We are big country. Thank you thank you. I mean if the Saini here ideal while ladies and Gentlemen Prensa predecessors nights here in the country we have been through a lot as you know we had the promises Star Twenty nineteen and has been a tough rebuild. Ns still rebuilding. And we won't stop until Big d country is fully revealed. And we'll on a way to make this the most different podcasts ever and I will be the prince a podcasting now. Now you may know about what's been happening ever since my birth month and in December. Ah Y'all know what happened with that when I had to get into that again bud. We came out of that now now turnaround sicknesses have been coming up all over the world but so now I will find out what's happening to me and I will be able to do more shows and even though I had this to say we can and get better and with that I will say the state of Big d country is not stone yet but we will kid better and I had the ways that we could do it and we could do it together we could do it amazed make it stronger together. I WanNa do something very special here in the state of the country address and I will night to for us to pause twenty four seconds for the late. Great Kobe. Brian and for all those that were killed in a horrible helicopter accident. A we could go. Please join me. Thank you the stock clock here but I wanted to make sure that it was out of respect for Kobe. Bryant that it was twenty four Twenty four seconds for for the number twenty four that he were now. I would like to thank those. Those who are listening to the state of the country address for staying with me as I tried hi to produce now need the Rant with comedy but also tied to uplift you. I want to be a motivational speaker. I want to be a Christian comedian. A He might go my calling is to encourage and to make people laugh and I do that off and on every day even in the midst of my own shortcomings coming than downfalls. When I talk about what's wrong? What went wrong? I have an act of being in having comedy and it's like something happened right in the middle of the state of the country address Ono but anyway going on I have some wishlist at goals for this coming year and as I say then this is the quote of the year. This is the quote of because we're on the new decade. Twenty twenty is the year a big D country may twenty twenty your year. We are the big D country. Dad You know I have been the happiest the prince but when I am happy I am a steady and instead of crying tears of joy still cries. Excuse me instead of crying. Tears of pain holiday sorrow. I want to cry. I tears of joy the good happy tear let India dolphins flow. And I WANNA pass that good storefronts to you. So does it a big the country. We have gone through a lot. This early leave Paseo. We went to Brexit hearing about brexit. We went to a crazy scam of the the impeachment of president. Donald Trump who has who has acquitted of all charges or to To article and it took a lot of guts it took a Lotta guys for the Republicans to stand their ground but I knew that the Republican Senate was standard crown. Bokova as one of the officers lawyers would say if it it doesn't fit you must acquit. And that they did now in comedy and uplifting people is the main goal of the big dethrone. It is the hallmark. Dr Of the big D down make people laugh makes me smile and I thank them for even less than that my dose. Even if because that's my own. Oh mistakes and if I see them laughing or should I say if I hear them laughing and I see them smile. I did what I came here to do. Lazy Gentlemen We all know that this is a big lesson because now president trump cleared the way for his religion campaign and have cleared the way for a land. Sly Victory now. I don't go off on on free speech issue but I could tell you this I could tell you this. I doubt they invite here today. On the state of the country that that president trump will be elected reelected. I should say for a second time at the White House and Atherton amazing an amazing state of the the Union address that I've ever heard I had never heard of an amazing state of the Union address and I have listened to state of the Union address since previous podcast thin. I was required to listen to state of the Union address at my hometown. I wasn't a voter at the time I I was doing high school. I wasn't even eighteen. I wasn't even allowed the vote that time but combination from there you're all the way to president. Trump gave his one of his greatest state of the Union address. Ever in the history of presidency and make no mistake about it that will be one of the ingredients to victory the bringing the nations together if the ingredient to victory from honoring sticky airmen and up in a him to a higher status to acknowledging a a a widow who has been sacrificed his life life was country after he told the family that he's GonNa be bad kids from time nine and a Dada. We'll be able to go to the school all of a choice by getting the school choice scholarship and Russell Ball who have cancer recede has received a Presidential Medal of freedom. NFL A military fodder one of the most another one of the motions Tonight came home to his family in a surprising way during the state of the Union address. I'll tell oh you at that. Does it bring a tear. Ti or that doesn't make you emotional. I don't know what what what what will autos came full circle because I had I had a mother in law who had cancer but she beated one. My wife kept going full circle with my wife and my father was in the military. Everything kept full going full circle in that great speech and then all of the complements. The promises made promises kept will ensure and seal seal the deal for four more years just like the crowd was tanning at the beginning of this race beach and so I want to continue on Dat. We embiid country. Tori must continue the rebuild we must continue to uplifting the laughter. The great ran the interviews the trips and it all starts now as you know. I did a first leaders out tomorrow segment with Donald Fisher he was the I guess unofficial had a private invite only wholesale club that anybody could join they have to be invited. People like myself are Arnold Fisher to help them. I'm doing and I'm still waiting on to have more interviews as many people might know dat that I will. Don Ronnie on Rodney one one. Six seven one nine gain to Christianity it playing tic TAC toe play and I did I I question right. I also share his sermons or his teachings on what got the wanting to to to speak to the people and yes America no matter what they say you. In a Christian nation it was started and founded at a Christian nation one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all yet for all including President Donald Trump. That's what I mean by liberty and death with for all A. L. L.. Now the speech stories there will be a time when the story is interesting. I will talk about it. Only at the freedom of speech story is interesting enough to talk about and especially I will follow. Election continues to final election here on the big deep down. I will continue to interview artists. I interview artists. I and also interview artist artist like Ali and they're done artists that I have interviewed as well on this very program if you on artists and want to be featured on this program I will have a way way to get you to be on this program but for now you can use email that I spent fly even bitty country travel. We'll but I had to get that email again and I won't be doing that shortly as you know. I have been filled out but I wanted to be on time with the speech that could be with all the other leaders in the world now far as traveling is concerned winter has it's not been kind except for when the when the days are warm but now my birthday last year because I was not able to travel on my birthday on the twenty nineteen version of my birthday when I turned twenty six so I had to do a birthday. REDO WE DO at Saddam City in Branson but these two trips that I will be going on almost like half working have combat retards have getting to where I can review a few regroup out not only what the show but also helped me to you know. Try To heal from being a widow. A what as you know on the twentieth and the weekend of the twentieth through the twenty third. I would be going to Lincoln days here in downtown Springfield downtown thing but it isn't downtown Springfield and hotel at the University Plaza and then after that over the Fan Diego Area I will be going to capitol a camp little. I should say and it's going to be part of the help that I need to to restart the healing process so camp. Little is going to be in July in November thread. Daddy of them all and hopefully I'll be able to do this but I will be either doing one. Cruise horizon or the brand new cruise which is the carnival Mardi Gras but the thing is it's set sail the day after my birthday is still my birthday. But it's the day after my birthday so probably would be the inaugural birthday update crews and I'll be able to tell the world. I may not have children Ono. The may have ever had hat children but I will leave. Leave be able to say that. I was on inaugural voyage of a brand new cruise ship. I have been on a brand new carnival Panorama went without a hitch. Now Yours truly will bring yuan on an adventure of a lifetime on Mardi. Aw now her anymore. Travel that I will do. I will always always take you along with me. And I thrive on that. What does podcasts broadcast? or whether it's the video while the podcast you prince you night princesses and honorary princesses. I think we can make laugh out of that. The dining. I made a blooper but ETA than an you're all gonna be together with print day being courage ministries beyond for time to time. I had tried to get floored. Every month to do being cars ministries sometimes grief sadness. Sickness have always tend to dead and I have done ministries now and then but this. I can't say that whenever I'm able to do A.. B. Encourage Ministry. I will do it at. There is something that I her that I want to share as the ministry if I heard something. Great that was said by Pastor Eddie or guest pastor or even on Sunday school class or even a Wednesday class I will share a part of be encouraged ministry and I suppose to have rowdy you gains in Christianity on at the part of a double for being cars ministries and the big D down with that. It's go time was that I asked you to do some things especially to though are listening through Youtube and to those who are living in the the big country in Youtube the night and the princesses than honorary princess deadliest. They're even here in the Great Hall tonight. I ask if you like to subscribe took come a citizen a big country today and together we will continue to grow. Oh this show and we will continue to bring more laugh. We will continue to bring more guess the travel and to share it all why because we are big country we are the citizen a big country we are not over yet. Because there's always saying that comes in between what we're trying to do and there was always saying that are trying to not could bring us together but I'm GonNa leave you with these encouraging. Words giving up is not an answer keep on fighting. It's just like a rustler on the. WWe wrestling will. We'll keep on continuing to talk about predictions. NFL Different sports during their playoff season. Petitions will still come. We still got to continue to fight just like we may be down and they try to pin one. We gotta get up before the to Lee could get up before the to count and we turn it over we could reverse all the hold of the enemy and we for win each everytime. Though was that I gotta Say Lord is always the high king he the Supreme Master of all he alone is the high ruler even over me here invade the country and yes I have a boss of a boss and I say this God bless country. God bless the United States of America. And I'll say it again. We are big country way big country. They got everybody. Thank thank you okay so you know. When during the state of the Union address dave either have a democratic traffic response or the Republicans respond to threats? I just want to admit a addition to something that I miss During a speech I wanted to share with you. Why I said twenty twenty is the year of fifty country? May Twenty Twenty your your year so I want to Somebody just tried to text me just now right in the middle of the response. I want to just say that this is a motivational to not only myself but to you the princess the honorary processes and the knife a big country to go ahead and made that drink true through to push for your goal to reach after what you want but do it in a way that is legally really and do it in a way that is right so I would say this that play twenty fifty country as a statement in zone because this year a big the country is my in no matter what either GonNa do no matter what sickness no matter what disappointment no matter what hurt or still Oh tied to heal. This is a time that we will focus on we can call it claimant and it is done. Because if a for claiming that it is our year if we're claiming that we're going to get good stuff effort claiming that this will happen eventually. It will eventually. It may take some time but eventually it will. We started to start claiming good and starts as data star claiming a bad. Yes I do good bands. Yes I do funny ran while we gotta start proclaiming the good instead of clip payment the bed. That's that's why I attempt always attempt to start the show with good news even though like that last segment when I was talking about going to the DR and 'cause I was sick and then the fiasco that happened with me for the state and you know that was a disaster but like I said during the speech Twenty Twenty Twenty Nineteen Twenty nineteen. Wow going too far there yet. Twenty twenty. Nineteen you know. Just stop promising. It is started promising. It took the two months to destroy a perfectly good year but nonetheless. We're still here and you're hearing my voice Finau now you are hearing my voice right now. I mean we're still here my last breath I want to be taking on the air and I got a T- somehow turn it off entity to you but my left breath I wanna be taken on the air doing something that I love doing stopped that truly loved to do with this podcast with entertaining which is making people laugh. Even if I messed up time to talk about making predictions in the NFL or make a prediction wrestling. That's what made fun. I'm not a professional journalists. I mean you know. I'm a comedian. I'm an entertainer multiple. No of all. I'm a Christian and I have a personal relationship with Jesus. Jesus Christ that come first and foremost that confers diploma. That's why I pretended even with all this. He with all this going on on a relationship with Jesus crisis better than any religion any day of the week better than any religion any day. Oh three is relationship it-it's not whether you're Baptist Buddy. You're pentecostal whether you're not. What are you Catholic whether you're whatever it is a personal one on one relationship that's like you have with with your your spouse just like what you have with your parents? It's like you have with your family. Family definitely have with your friends if a personal one on one with the Lord Jesus Cry Hi one on one. That's what it's about. Yes we have flaws but he can forgive flaw. I ain't perfect perfect now. I slip just like the next minute. Does I within the motor donate person does. But I know what's right and it was right to ask again. I know it's right to at the beginning. I quickly do that. Do you know what Jesus will forgive. All diesels will forgive save. All personal relationship with Christ is better than any religion any day. Love of favourite pastor favourite choir Favorite Bible story but if you had that personal personal touch what does he saved. Saved us for something whether he told you to doubt whether he what no matter. What's going on? It's all about the personal relationship. Each and every kind is being proven improving wanting Gan Dan. I fought forty six years of my Life Gordon homelessness struggling to get what everybody else have. Now I'm going through the worst kind of loss ever and had a cavity cover. But I was still here still going on still fighting. That's why I wanted to occur. People with the twenty twenty is the year of the big country. Make Twenty Twenty your oh year. It's not only symbolic but is a motivation to let you go for what you want. Fine what do you want to go to college. What do you want? What do you want to be ambitiously? So where do you WanNa have a better job. Whatever that you want to do do I want you to get out there and retail for you? Because you can do it you can do it and like I said before traveling yes still going to be more than a big D. Don't combination comedy and comedy rant. Yes predictions yes hi even going to do a NCAA march madness when the Practice come out and I want to do it right in front of the night. Then the The Knights and princesses than Honorary Presbyterian. biggie country yes it will all happen. You know what I'll say it again like I said in a speech at this to the saying we are dignity country we big country.

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