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Chase Mitchell has never seen The Wire


Starlings thank you for listening to the starbucks audio podcast network. We have so many great comedy shows to add to your playlist. Just last week on starbucks audio on the untold our Jessen bowser joined by Alison Schedule. Yoji and her alter EGO LA. Fem Penn do for their first ever musical guests on ghosted by Roz dreadful as my favorite murders Karen Killed Gareth talks about a creepy and terrifying. Ghost encounter this week on Boogie. Monster Cow Canadian and Dave Stone catch up on food ninety day fiance and the reopening of the country on never seen it. Kyle Ariza's joined by Langston permit. Who has never seen rebel without a cause but wrote his tape on so starbucks audio on apple podcast spotify or any podcast platform for a full list of our shows featuring hosts like Miss Calcutta main. Jackie Dodson don't forget to follow us on Instagram and twitter at starbucks audio enjoyed the show and remember stay safe. Stay healthy and keep laughing Bob. Zag It's here for you. That's right that's me and I'm talking in third person which means I need to see my shrink. But he's not returning my calls but I've got a podcast. That's out now that I'm really excited about and I know I'm the last person to do it. No I'm the first comedian who's ever done a podcast. The podcast is called Bob. Sagi- here for you and I'm doing it. Because even the neighbor kid has won his opponent down the street that has won a gopher. And so I I'm starting one. You want to subscribe now to where you get downloads and I will be there. But it will have occasional guest Guests that will be meaningful to me. I think I hope to you and It'll just be me talking to you guys and I'll be on the phone sometimes just talking to my agent complaining about things but mostly it's to bring you entertainment and to spend some time with the NBA. Real Bob. Sag here for you and I'll be there staring in a world where every conversation is about what movie or TV show you just see. This is never seen it. Comedians rewriting famous movies and TV shows. They've never seen what is up. Everybody happy Thursday or whatever day. You're getting this. I hope you are okay and healthy and safe Today's episode is so Funny Chase Mitchell who has written for the tonight show late night with Jimmy Fallon the tonight show with Jimmy. Fallon is worked for Nikki and Sara You Know Nikki. Glaser Schaefer show. He's so funny. Such a good writer. He has here. We out chases never seen the wire we finally got other wire of the wire chases never seen the wire. He rewrote it. We read his script. Obviously we're all still over the Internet. I'm joined once again by todd. Sklar todd works great because I let them borrow microphone. So it's killer there. He can use that. I think he forgot today. But it's so fun chases never seen the wire. He writes it. We read his script. We play some games. It's fun I hope you enjoy it. You know working with what we can. I appreciate y'all listen. Appreciate you also tune in in Any ratings or reviews or anything like that on I tunes. Help us out a bunch. The biggest thing is just sharing it with other people. That's a good way to get more people to to check out the show but I appreciate it. I appreciate y'all This is chase Mitchell. He is so funny. What a good script. He's never seen it Bear with the audio were all over the Internet year. But I think it's very fun I've been streaming these live on on twitch if you're into that twitch dot TV slash social distancing. I don't know how I got that name but it's on their I've a streaming these and a bunch more stuff and that's why I I'll put the audio and stuff like that on. The show's patriarch on Patriot. Dot Com slash. Never seen it if you want to support me of the show. That's a great way. The twits show is also a good way trying to figure this out and how to make do and all that I know. We're all of us are in the situation if you're out there if you're working to help people in any capacity right now. I appreciate you. We all do but do everyday not just now that it's more dire appreciate it. Does I do this thing. About how important your job is this is mine. I wish everybody thank you for listening. Please enjoy chase. Mitchell has never seen the wire finally and I love y'all appreciation. Thanks for listening. I keep saying over and over again but I really do mean it if you want. Check OUT MORE STUFF. I'm always streaming on twitch dot TV slash social distancing a hell. We're doing a spelling bee on Saturday. This Saturday what does the thirtieth so the second may second. I think it is come to a spelling bee. Hang out you can watch you can sabotage other people's words. If you go early enough now you can donate and get in the spelling bee. You wanted to expel me. Come to it. Twitch DOT TV slash social distancing Please enjoy chase. Mitchell has never seen the wire but he rewrote. Thanks everybody all right. Everybody joining us now. Having never seen the television show the wire please give it up for Chase Mitchell. Everybody that here we are everyone. You got imagine their home. Clapping Chase all right. Let me on mute. Everybody but like I can't hear anybody. How are you doing how you holding up? What's going on? I'm alright I'm on my lunch break from work? I'm talking to you on a on a playstation four Mike. Okay it sounds incredible. It's great. Yeah it's weird to be on this thing and not be getting called gay slurs so they come with the playstation with the Mike. Mike comes into the playstation. Yeah I've been doing this thing on my xbox. I play college duty on there and kids. Everyone's little bracket name is like you could make your own little. What do you call it like tag your tag your squad tag on? Everyone's as trump or dick or fuck. It's like every one of them is the weird little thing and I make mine and I've never gotten more hate messages from kids on xbox in my life that's amazing and strong. It's very very strong No I don't think you're GONNA have to log off because I don't think there's a lot of spoilers for the wire and his scripts since he hasn't seen the show. Todd have you seen the wire I have seen the wire although I have admit I watched it when it was originally on So I don't think I appreciated due to my young age I watch that and is a as a young lad and I haven't really watched them So there's a line at like a lot of cultural stuff in the wire that like is like up in needs people like that. I just don't like I've never seen it. Where were your parents? It's a great. Thank all of my appearances on cows. Podcast is why did I see these things come in a very casual attitude towards HBO and rated R movies. You gotTa grow up sometime. And sometimes that's you know when you're seven years old so I've also never seen the wire. It's what prompted this entire. Podcasts essentially was just getting hassled about I would say it have the most shame around having not seen. It's not the most famous but it's kind of like second for every never seeing shame category. You could come up with yeah. It will be one of the first things. Come up all of the time. That's why is because it's the one that I I don't have a good reason for not having seen it I know that I would like it if I did watch it. I know just a couple of things about it. That have just entered my brain through like like you were saying like names and stuff like that. It's like I'm vaguely aware of like two characters names and like that. There's one season that people don't like and like that's it and he owed. Its that there are drugs involved. Somehow I know that Let's see some people don't like well you know. Yeah I remember. We did a bracket on the show for March madness last year that ended in late November. And 'cause I didn't plan out how long brackets take when you only do warn matchup a week and the what it was about wh- basically what are you people. Get the most shame for having never seen Star Wars One. I believe the TV show. Sopranos was the Finals Against Star Wars. I think maybe the office made the final summer but the office and Star and the Sopranos Worthy to television finalists in Star. Wars and marvel were The rest bid I'll listen to the bracket it is over forty episodes of podcast. You have to listen to eight minutes of a podcast forty weeks but the honor. The wire is almost like since it was so early. As far as you consider like prestige. Tv people it still wants people muted wired. Oh what happened? I got muted stringer. Got You all right. I'm GONNA wearing it. Still working on the street. It says zoom is about to restart so I'll be right back and we might. I might have to invite you guys again because it says zooms about to crash. 'cause I'm surprised camera works game too. Yeah there you go for some reason. I got an sorry I was. You guys were asked me what was happening and I was muted and I kept telling you like somehow you but everyone the stream could still hear me. Zoom was just having issue with a microphone for some reason and then I got pop up and so I was like yes todd. It's exactly like a twilight zone episode. Where microphone gets unplugged out your the sunken. There is going to be one hundred percent going to be like Jordan Peele. Corinthian episode of the twilight zone comes out four. Tv It's GONNA come out in the next year and a half is going to be. I've thought a lot about this for for every single thing where people like stand up is going to be so miserable when it comes back. I miss it more than anything but imagine every joke. Everyone's going to think they were. The only person who wrote is very good call. Everyone's GonNa every time. There's a live stamp show. People love the corn teams over. Finally I don't have to secretly masturbate around my kids or you know what I mean. Every single thing is going to be the same joke. You'd take a shower the other day. You guys excited about going out again. It's like well. I do a lot of the comedy that people are doing on. The zoom stuff now is they. They're almost like purposefully lazy thinking that they're the only ones who will phone it in an. It's kind of exhausting. It'll be a while before we're getting back to people. Having unique observations even even doing any of the like zoom stand up shows. Yeah and I try and put a decent amount of effort into it because I I don't really know. I WanNa do something unique or I try and do actual jokes and people seem to appreciate that but the amount of people who sort of just scroll through their phone or one. A chat with the hosts. It's a little different. Just not why people are there and so sometimes like give them something they may done. Like Richard Idea. Oh Yeah I did a Seinfeld table read and someone just at all Michael Richards. Stand up the entire time but it played because. I didn't know what the deal with it was. Hey Jones. Thanks for following the show. Okay so never seen the wire I I have not either all my roommates watched it when I first moved to Brooklyn and I missed the first two episodes of them watching together and so I never watched it i. I'm glad I'm glad one person in here has because I don't know of any of it will connect with any. Yeah that's why I was like really I am because I think he's seen the show. So you can cast it and then we'll read the script. I gotta pulled up and everything here. You let us know who you want us to play. We'll read and then we'll get into the script and I think you probably do the wall to Wall Stage Directions L. Great so just let us know who you want to play us. We can guess it all right here and everything you need to do this stage directions. Zona you can do the stage directions and you could play as many parts as you want to. It's all your casting as writer. See I'll be the if you WANNA be Kyle. Don't be the drug dealer. I'll be the drug buyer I'd say McNulty You want to be chief. Todd you want to be chief elite. She I'll be I'll be the captain now See Kyle if you WANNA be dockworker one early I'll be dockworker one. You'd be dockworker to an then. Todd if you WANNA BE. Idris Elba and then also if we miss anyone and they come up you can just cast it as it comes along cool. Yeah I'll take henchman number one. Kyle do you want to be a henchman number? Two number three. There's too many parts. What what was I thinking? Got embiid's an epic and I'll be Omar Okay great like you've seen alarm and you've got him. I think all right okay. Exterior Baltimore the main parts. Nice two guys a drug dealer in a drug buyer standing on one two three Baltimore Street and Baltimore. Oh wait wait wait hold on. I have an idea I just had an idea to stop this whole thing real quick. I don't have put the script up on the screen. So it scrolls with us while we're reading A. I think that might help for the keeping track of parts. I know this is going to be a Baltimore joke when you had an idea. I thought we were going to rip into Baltimore. Watch this watch this everyone. I know you're it. You guys won't be able to see it but I can actually pull the script up. Oh my God. This is the greatest technology of all time. And have the script right here a little bit over us. It will cover the chat. Unfortunately sorry chat. Maybe I can move that around. You know what are we? What what curtain is there? Possibly for me to not pull back here. We go chat. Move you up here to the top corner for now. Be Drinking. That was that was that Olten now. Now it's just a just a water wasn't ice water. Say Lahiri Eighteen Cana Bolton suppressant now it's a It's like a ten Cup Cup but it's just a nice area are let me get this over here. Look at this. This looks great. This looks great little smaller so fits right in the middle. This is how this is the world. Now I'm like everyone stop here. We go all right. I got the script here. Whenever you're ready. Yeah Exterior Baltimore. The main parts night two guys a drug dealer in a drug buyer are standing on one two three Baltimore Street in Baltimore. Hey Man did you catch the Ravens game last night you know I did. This is Baltimore what am I from fucking Cincinnati. Those high five. Yeah stuff's in atty about some drugs. Human eye each other suspiciously depends. What kind of drugs you got. I want to say crack is a show about crack. Is that racist racist to assume that that's racist why. The crack epidemic is historically preyed upon communities of color so to ignore that would be whitewashing history. Which would itself be race? Do you WANNA buy some fucking cracker. Not Sure I could go for some crack. Just let me grab my money. Real quick the drug. The drug buyer opens code and talks into a microphone. Chief got all of a sudden a dozen police cars pull up in a bunch of cops pile out guns drawn freeze. Its US the good guys of this. Show the Baltimore Police. You're under arrest. The drug dealer turns to the drug by man. Does that mean you were? That's right I was wearing A. It's a great pitcher ended. Dramatic music sting opening credits. Play over shots of wires intercut with Johnson. Various Baltimore landmarks. Assuming there are any to interior police station or political campaign office or maybe a newspaper office the next morning a gruff police chief or gruff political chief or GRUPP newspaper editor opens his door and Shouts McNulty Moments Later McNulty Aka. The drug buyer from the opening scene pokes his head. You called Sir. Great job in that ever covered bus last night McNulty. You're the shit out of that wire but now any you for a new assignment right mecer. I'll be honest McNulty. You're a loose cannon. I hate your fucking guts you piece of Shit. But you're also got damn cop this city nor city council member and or reporter. We've gotten this out which is Baltimore. So what's the assignment at dealer from the nut from last night he Just gave a supplier. He says it's this man. The chief pulls out a photo of a guy who looks like Idris Elba. Jesus Christ what is it sorry. Nothing I mean he's really. Yeah sure anyway. This man is wanted for seventeen council. I mean Goddamn. I don't really consider myself on the Kinsey scale or anything but fuck like I would not. And why is it shirt off of his photo? Make not focus now as I was saying. This man wanted for seventeen counts of drug trafficking council human trafficking and one count of sucking my wife. I want you to assemble a undercover task force to take him down. I'm on a chief. Oh McNulty Yes sir. You're going to need a lot of wires. Mcnulty holds up a huge handful of wires. Way Ahead of you to exterior the ducks night randomly. We cut away for an entire season to some dockworkers dockworkers which I guess is moving crates or throwing some bishops dockworker one. Hey did you ever think that like this wouldn't be super exciting to watch? What do you mean like that? Our jobs are much less interesting than other people's jobs in the city and that it's like kind of unrelated to anything else that's going on so if someone had to say. Watch us do this for an entire season. They would probably complain about it. A lot online. yeah I guess. I never really thought about that. Like that. Before you're dead fish you yourself as drug hideout night Idris. Elba is seated sexually behind a huge desk McNulty enters with his undercover task force. They are all wearing wires. We're here to buy some drugs more drugs this time. Will you mean this time? Nothing sorry ignore. That may not nervously fidgets with his code and his wire comes poking out of his collar. Way You I don't know why I don't know what you're talking about. A wire never even seen a wire. You haven't seen the why. What is wrong with you every? Want to see the WASP. You must be last. Piston is room when you see all right. Oh Yeah boss. I saw the wire from the very beginning. And you know I've seen why like six times. I can't believe you haven't seen the wire man. Why does it keep Pasolini about seeing the wire? I'll get around the fucking wire just a little busy right now. Henchmen burst into the room. Boss Omar's comment. Wait what does that mean. Oh three I don't know I just know it's something people are supposed to save when that's happening. Fifth Omar just then Omar walks in with a gun. Well it's the guy from boardwalk empire. I'm tired of being typecast as criminals. I'm a very talented actor. Omar shoots everyone a lot of times. Mcnulty Integer Selva both lay dying on the floor bleeding out negoti looking down at caller. Oh Hey I see the wire. Baltimore me very very strong. El was very good. Reputation context clues lawyer running on street corners. No it just elbows a handsome man. He is very sexy. He's so handsome. Then that doc season two two hi. How as a good season is there really a whole season where they're just the docs areas? It is more complicated. Oh It's more complicated than eight lines on one page in the docks you wouldn't think about how important docs are. At least at the age I was watching it. You don't think about how important docs forgetting drugs. Like it's like. It's a big piece of the puzzle. Okay I believe you and I'll watch it one day. I say that but I'm going to get around to it. Yeah I just saw the wedding singer last night so I don't know if I can get around to the wire anytime soon. I gotTa Watch. What exciting again. I mean I think you nailed it. Everyone the chat seems to think you also nailed it. I loved I'm beyond sexuality. I'm not even on the Kinsey scale. That's very funny. What Michael Scott's girlfriend isn't it? Okay now I'm in Jan. Yeah I don't know which one Jan the Laura Moore Harden or is it a any or Y- other one Ali Ollie. Yeah she's also everything else he's ever and she's very sad and strung out and gone baby gone. Yeah it's great. I Love God. Maybe talk about that but I have not taught. Where would you rate the wire on all time shows? I'm I am a bad judge of that because like I don't like prestige dramas very much i. It's a it's a very. Here's saying here's what I put down. On wax about the wire I would say one of the most satisfying endings to a series. I've ever seen okay exactly what you want as a fan and I don't understand every. Hbo Sheldon just copy? Perfect perfect ending last. Like five minutes of the wire is everything you would want for an epic five season. Shell okay. It's five seasons. That sounds pretty doable. Yeah you're talking to us into it now. Five thing it's GonNa be at Dillard a lot of other. Hdl shows that cannot after it make you think it's like a harder showed sift through than it is like. Hbo Received Drama. That time was so pretty enjoyable. Like yeah did I. Did I spoil anything for myself just by guessing? That's a good question man. That's maybe maybe Don's on the X. No but yeah. I don't I don't WanNa know either but that's like a forever question on the podcast now. That is such a good question that Asian interesting thing there is a thing in there and also the thing that I think you spoil is not something that you would see coming either. You wouldn't assume that it's a real thing we're okay oh is it. Idris. Elba's British accent British accident on the show. No Choice there. Just isn't he bring her life is yeah yeah because he was going to be James Bond. Nick said he was to St Cockney. He uses it in. Hobbs version of Hobson Shaw. He Does Hobson. Shaw Oh my God I mean the of all the movies that will just get me upset about stuff really quickly. I hated Hobson saw so much. I hate is most disappointing thing. I've seen in theaters in a long time. We're GONNA ask. Did you hate it just because like it's obviously a bad movie or because like you expected it to be so much more? I hated it because the expectations. And that's what it is. All the time is the expectations for everything. It's too lesser to greater extent happened in Hobson Shaw to a lesser extent happened in us where the expectations are. Just so wild for me going into see something that I go see thing and I'm like well. I guess that couldn't be as good as what do I was thinking I think of. It is like the seeing the creature in a movie is never as good as when they don't show you the creature and you get to invent the thing in your head. A hitchcock was a master that you WANNA get real stone nerdy about it. But that's like I said he stole it from Mussalini as like Yeah Mussalini. Subtlety was warning was known for really Italian cinema conversation. You could make the argument. That Pasolini was in fact. Aimless means ordering a lot of his Political content was tongue-in-cheek. You could argue that if you knew who those people were I. I am details away from so many arguments. What were you say? What we say about creatures chase Just the most recent example of that I think is the bugging John Krasinski. Emily Blunt quite place. Yeah when they actually show those at the end I'm like Oh so. They're like big bugs Make I I liked the the threat of them so much more than what they actually. I think it's so hard to deliver on them actually being good because even it didn't really bother me what they were in a quiet place but I agree everything. I think. That's kind of most people's problem with most horror. Movies is the last fifteen minutes and I think that that's what it comes down to a lot of times is it's hard. I agree that even seeing them. I don't know I have no better ideas for what the things could have. Banner looked like her functioned. As but I liked the idea of not seeing them so much more yeah and that was kind of what happened with us towards the end although I really really did like it was so wild. I appreciated him explaining everything and then I was mad that it all got explained because it takes such balls to explain your whole horror world. Yeah I liked. I liked it a lot too and I think that largely in works within the realm of like the movie but that was one of those e. Kinda like Shamlan. Where a after? It's over if you really think about it. The world doesn't make any sense of at all. It's like so all of those people were like living underground in the exact place that they're double what they do that for their whole lives they let it there in the exact spot and they're doing the exact sometimes with the whole movie. You have a hard time believing that world existed twenty minutes before or after the movie took place and that's it with us. Whatever happens after that is either. The greatest movie ever made or completely couldn't be made. Hey I'm andy if you don't know me it's probably because I'm not famous but I did start a men's grooming company called Harry's the idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced over designed and out of touch. At Harry's our approach is simple. Here's our secret. We make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars. Each we care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like by a world class German blade factory obsessing over every detail means we're confident and offering one hundred percent quality guarantee. Millions of guys have already made the switch to Harry's so thank you if you're one of them and if you're not we hope you give us a try with this special offer get a Harry starter. Set with a five Blade Razor waited handle shave gel and a travel cover offer just three bucks plus free shipping just go to Harrys DOT COM and enter eight nine eight nine at checkout. That's Harrys Dot com code. Eight nine eight nine. Enjoy all right. We got a couple of games. And then we're we're we're we're wrapping up our episode today so our first game we're GONNA play here is called before and after before. It's just a little bit of sing and sorry guys can't hear the theme songs but trust me they. They're hoping that we would jump in and just got completely silent. So how before and after his works is we've taken to movies and smash them together into one. I will read you the smashed together movie plot and you tell me the smash together movie title. What are these called Port Minnows? We're poor mentos. This'll be that's the word that people yell at me when I don't explain it right But that's basically what we're doing so they can be all over the place though examples are the wolf of Wall Street for ARGO. Saving Private Silverman. Rise away that they fall into each other are all over the place and I got shot up to Max and Michael to podcast fans. Who sent these ones in? Save me having to write a bunch of stuff today so here reaction being a re buzzing being called on talking over each. I would say when you think you put your hand up and then we'll call 'cause that usually it's just talking over each other but with zoom and stuff it Kinda. Yeah if multiple people talk at shuts everyone up here here. We go here. We go first one. Let me see which they WANNA do. First a veteran pool hustler takes on a cocky protege to teach him how to use analytics to make better baseball team. Todd the color of money ball again fucking destroyed so bad at this one is so fast that was so fast that one I would say is that was. What was the easiest to tease? I've ever seen or heard on the podcast here. We go next one. A physicians childhood ability returns allowing him the power to communicate with four sisters who are trying to pave their own social professional and romantic pads. Also if you see me looking over here because that's where my screen is not just saying this stuff and then looking away from the zoo off into the distance is entrance in the email. Is the Virgin suicides. No a physician's childhood ability returns allowing him the power to communicate with four sisters who are trying to pave their own social professional and romantic pads and is the first thing hook now. I don't know any of either of these movies. There's a while where I think I know the first one the second one so sorry votes second half of it at four sisters who are trying to pave their own social professional and romantic paths. The sounds better the more raise it up or cysts. Liz are people in the chat guessing. Someone got it refers to Dr Sleep. No I word is doctor Dr Team. The women We it's just a doctor. Who thinks is thing? It is not a doctor who tartus thing. It's at the television ship. We're getting further alert. Guys we were looking for Dr Doolittle Women Smart. Oh hardly smart. Also weirdly porn parody title for both of those movies. Yeah I didn't know that Dr Doolittle I've only seen that Murphy one so I didn't know that his ability went away and then came back. Remember that all right here. We go next one next one. While trying to survive and find a cure for the Zombie apocalypse. Three brothers and their father navigate the difficulties of life and Love in early Twentieth Century Montana. I am legends of the fall. I am legends of the fall. I don't even. I've never even heard of legends of the fall. I don't know what that is. It's one of those like three hour. Epochs Ed Zwick. It's the same guy who made like last Samurai so it smells movies. That's long and nothing. It was a big. Yeah it was like a big hold on. I was GONNA go find my jets table Bay but I can't let you guys just Merck's Zafarullah mutable movie. It is some of Brad. Pitt's finest work. Anthony Hopkins is just chewed up the scenery rabbits finest hair for too liberal. Todd right now so you got to know what he thinks by forest work is. There's two feet long until really it is surprisingly Rewatching IT AS I. I saw it as a kid and I don't know why. Watch that movie. And then re washed it like the Euro Rennie. My writing partner got like obsessed with it get he's like at the English patient level epochs with a really good satisfying ending strong recommendation on the out there. All right probably won't watch it. I got the I got the wire I apparently wedding singer is on the pitch was. It's long so you guys just offset each other with the exact same for hours on next up on. My Ketchup is a boy. No it's not Tommy boy. I have to finally finish blade runner like here. I feel like we could. We could if everybody who had to finally finish bladerunner voted for Joe Biden trump. Wouldn't be president are here. We go last movie last movie. An aspiring magazine editor takes a demanding position for the fashion industry's most mercilus personality aboard a German submarine during world. War Two oh The first one is obvious the last one is I mean. Yeah another submarine how well that is. Since I got a merciless personality aboard a German submarine during World War. Two the devil wears Dos boot. You're so close to getting it. Exactly right say it out here. They got a Portmanteau house in there. You got the movies right. You just gotTa get the verbiage Delaware's products. Yes they are here. We go our last. One of the day is a half. Tv half movie with combined a movie and Television. Show together Bar Run by killer run by a killer clown and the gang is sued by a former employees former employees who was fired for having HIV. Is it killer from Philadelphia? Great it's always sunny in Philadelphia. Yes great that was actually two movies and TV. Show put into one. It's always sunny in Philadelphia Philadelphia and it's really good. Wow all right yeah. I would watch that. You'll be called the one where he gets. Aids is that it's always sunny in Philadelphia. Called the gay. Is it the gang gang okay? Episode of it's always sunny. I think there is one where the game I mean I would make sense i. That's that's on my list of stuff to just sort of put on in the background and watch as well. I haven't seen it. I've only seen a couple of it's always sunny. They're very funny man. You GotTa Yell. Like eleven years to catch. I know that was the problem of the show. I read an article five or six years ago about how it was in. Its eleven th season or something and I was like okay now. All start announced like we're doing their seven hundred episodes. It's wrong it's fourteen fourteen. That's crazy that's crazy and supposedly still good. Yeah Yeah it it it kind of got a little lazy. I second then had like a resurgence. Like the past seasons of have had a lot of really solid episode a couple of like top tier best of all time ones. Okay hundred percent okay. Someone said they're just they're only ten episode season right. That's a little more manageable. I watched the pilots of succession. So that might be my next succession fucking rules. It was so fun the pilots so fun and I hear it just gets better as we go all right. We're moving back into our visual game room. Let's see if it goes. Oh when okay look at that. We still have Tom Hanks. From Playing Ping Pong in there are so accession. You'RE GONNA love legislative. Aw I just want to put that exemption. That sentence has never been uttered. Thank you both for being here chat. Thanks for being here and hanging out. Everyone say goodbye to todd and chase you guys can wave and now here's the fun part of the show right transition back and the meeting is still going on. And they're still right there. Thank you guys very much. I appreciate it. Yeah I am blessed Did the meeting has ended. This feels good for the end of the show. Thanks guys and talk to everyone soon. A podcast network.

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