When To Use Paid Traffic, Organic Growth, Or Neither #8


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Go over to go over to get some distinction we've got. We got a link for you. It's an online training dot com slash PT. Sixty days no cost, enjoy it. Love it. in any case all dot. com. We got hold thing the online training dot com. Have you guys been there? You know the online trading academy. It's everything that you need to responsibly and successfully coach fitness nutrition online Europe coach out there nutrition coach. If you're if you're a gym owner, you know travel on over to online training dot com slash academy. We want you there. Hey, we're ready to believe in you. and. Jonathan Goodman and welcome to the. Show. Today, is episode eight? And our topic today we're GONNA be talking about the difference between hate traffic inorganic leads now which one is more important, spoiler alert. Neither, but you can hear about both those when use them when not to use them. And judging by the first bit of ZAP is. Probably a whole bunch of other nonsense you don't care about. The online trader show trainers. Trainer show. This is the online trainer show. We shouldn't have a podcast. Shingle Jingle. Bells Jingle Jingle. Jangle Jingle. Jingle all the way. Well here we are episode, Alvin let me tell you, but recalcitrant a cabinet story today. Evans new favorite song is Jingle Bells. All folks wow. We decided to get the other night in a garage and Calvin came and wanted to work out, but he wanted his look cigar. So instead of my implant. A PDF version of jingle bells by reflects. It's exactly how imagining. You can look it up on spotify. And that's all I can think of. Is that the playlists that you shared earlier in the group? no, no, no, no, no! You're working playlist. Conduct with Christ. Cast it. That's brings a lot of the content. In any case. Episode eight of what seems like one hundred thousand. I need to read. The contract didn't sign. And you know we've got good topics for you today, so do we have any more reviews like I haven't seen any reviews? Are we just the one we we had? We had one review like at six episodes ago, I think we tapped out like the P. too early. No I didn't I didn't know that you do this segment, so I didn't know. You know we have gotten to be very popular Internet. Really. We are starting to become fairly popular. The initial views are chromosome. Initial use. Wages the positive. Airlines. No they're not. Legitimate. Ad The told you to stand up comedian many times. Yes. It's that's not gonNA happen and A. Strobe on twenty twenty spoke which apparently. This is the best thing we would up so. To Do use that that you should. You should tell me before so I. Can actually look with us. podcast failed now so that'd be way too efficient for me. I? Like I like to keep? The Cup led to keep the the audience. For. Firefighters! I already started looking while you were talking standby. Let's let's. And that's why she's. That's what she's in charge. Kettle anything our INFIELD correspondent Catalina. Bend modest anything. Anything significant happening in in Mayor Ville. Alkan. Any stormtroopers. I town always loved time. No side from the fact that you're GonNa, see me like rubbing my I'll day is I actually eight like a sandwich and I had pickled Jalapenos in my sandwich because they're the best thing ever, and then I went and I touched my eyeball hundred. So yeah, that's a hub that's that's like a Mexican rite of passage. It happens to everyone at some point or another. Cook so you? You've had you've had some contact with some companies that want you to be influenced. Directly. Your post-open to the bow yet. Including this guy rioting popularity. I just think yeah. I'm so arguing and say like. Did you sign an NBA or something like that? You are able to disclose information about how the even said yes i. just got the email before we hopped here to record. I mean who will we talk? What are we talking here? Information. This is. No. Company it's a I. Don't remember the name of the company because I don't remember. It is a local to my area company and the. Specifically that they want me to be reviewing and using nonstop is a Stevia based product, so it's like for sweetening coffees. You see the yeah, so which is in line with my clients do already because we tried to find local alternatives to when they're going for weight loss. So I, don't know. I got a I have a fully considered. A single joke us with. Using, Come on come on, give us something. It's like it's like sweet, but not really sort of I don Goodman. So, like the. Candidate sweet. It's it was like you know what it is. That is the perfect. It's like the Joe Brown Twenty Twenty Review. Sweet but not really. The best thing you've ever done. Let Books Conferences this. Is it so so? That's cool. So how do you? How do you influence Stevie like I? Don't know how to get more people to buy Stevia. You're going to do because I can look. At such a small packet that how do you like? You said CV heights. From what I saw! These are drops, and why note, the products in their line is different flavored of Stevia based drops like for example. If you want to flavor your coffee, Vanilla, chocolate or whatever? So then it's not just the Steve Yeah, but with an additional kick to whatever flavor your choose low morale at your professional model. Out that you need professional promo. Yeah, you can say you know how a it's OK totally I totally would would. Just ignore that information compensation, but How do you then? How you promote Stevia. Drops you like do recipes. You might pose beside. Give them duck glimpse like Applebee's Mike Buck A. How how do you? Would he risk. Is Part of the industry so absolutely priceless hope I well. Who Sees Oh this like. INSTAGRAM! Well all you it doesn't. Skinny up. Right there. Old Right there because I have been following everything that we learned in the ot a there is a relationship that has been forged between my my clients, and my viewers, online and myself serious. Followers? I. Don't know what they're called followers or whatever? But. There is like a sense of trust right so. there. and. Their Liege. You're with me right so anyway. So because there is a sense of trust I know that I would never push out something that I don't actually like that's the other right. I just wouldn't okay. But my question was who like. So. What do you do with with Stevia drops? That's can I WANNA buy it I. Don't know if I will do it for starters, but if I did what I imagined would include definitely for example recipes like in. Life, how do I apply this product? And what is it like for example, if it really allows me to forgo for example, the extra calories of sugar without sacrificing flavor or quality than that's a gain for my for my clients, because that's what they're seeking. Calling slow because then you don't. Little Olive, our no Stevia flavored cauliflower. Circle is complete ladies and gentlemen. You just. You start topic come full circle. Ghetto? Can I just say I'm proud of you, you know. which whichever way to saying goes man. You've you've made it this far? I feel like I. Feel like you're I. Feel like podcasting. Tower banks congratulations. Keto. Still in the running towards becoming America's. Host of the podcast is like his seal I. Feel like you see when. Started as I you like you seal you win by wings. That's not even a thing first of all. We have a talking head. Held up a card yet. Everything is that was very touching, but I'm not crying. It's still the freaking Jalapeno juicing. We follow up. Comment from Mr Joe, Brown twenty twenty. No Way. Are you making this now? I'm on Youtube commented. On episodes for God. Bless excalibur nights. Thank you Joe Brown Oak? View! It's January twenty twenty one because. Of deeded obviously updated, your name is GonNa, be has. Up On for for me I'm telling keeps showing up as Joe Brown twenty twenty. Ad Issue Losers along time ago was but I. don't his heart. He needs us out. And we need you to joke. So. Do. Have we have a topic? Right like this there. There's some online training stuff to to talk about like. We're talking about the magic. In the Industry today Zach said the right. No today we're talking about. Talking. Against doing what I thought. This is the shoelaces episode all right? So so pay. Does that well, you know. I'm getting it together. Siemian episode ten. Be Phenomenal phenomenal movie. Be Patient with me Jonathan. So or Danny versus paid you know 'cause. I get a lot of commentary from Ota Students, because believe it or not out there thought cast listeners actually do some. Functional. Work for for organization this, isn't it? You're not gonNA, here today, but I do things that are fairly normal in impactful, but I hear for students all the time you know my paid at didn't work, I did my paid ad in India. They got no traction. Nobody responded to my paid. Add It's broken. It's the algorithm is system it's. Safe. Zone, Verka Difficult reading think. self came to my house and unplugged my laptop as I as I paid for my head, so it's funny, because it actually is is nothing, but it is A. Spoke an paid advertising networks. June may get more difficult so smaller advertisers generally because small advertisers completely insignificant so the bottom line and give the most of heads. This is kind of always what happens with any paid advertising media establishes. You have like a you have a loss McCain on facebook. APPS came out. What happens is. In order for it to be. In order to get together this huge by in a media. Really, it's pretty cheap to buy. Ads can convert them on the while, and so everybody starts using them. And, then there's kind of a switch that flipped at one point. When the uptake of the markets dog Tuesday level. where I mean, facebook doesn't care about you. Thousand dollars a month. Five thousand ten thousand dollars cable hundred thousand dollars a month. You know they'd advertisers spending millions of dollars every week. And so. So. What is the law? ed TV. Doesn't networks I guess the idea would with basically what we're talking about legitimate. And what do you do? You Feel Generous, have you? generate leads? inspires Kind of pointless. What's the best way to do? My answer spreads prizes in the best way, but they're certainly easiest to get started. We talked about this a few times where it's Kinda like a big stone wheel along time getting on training business going what what we don't let nuys. Is that unconsciously in inputs, attorney, business or whatever we do beforehand? We will build up a lot of lamentable over lot of years consciously without knowing it. But, we forget about lot of that work that happened today and now starting online you. You'd kind of stuck, necessarily a new business. Start Marketing the new way to voting in a new way you perhaps for. The EX! Well I believe very strongly that you should start with what you already have, and you should take easiest path. which is almost always going to be organic, which was always almost always going to feed off of existing relationships that. Doesn't mean that you sell. Friends doesn't mean But somebody who is a friend of a for somebody WHO's connected you some way A. Has Reason to trust you more. Than somebody. WHO's never mentioned. And I think that that's the biggest missing piece for a lot of people who start on training think that they need to advertise to get leads the understanding that anybody you've ever met. Anybody you've ever met. That knows that. Is immediately on more qualified lead than somebody. You've never met in your less because somebody. You've never been you life Do you have to cut through the noise? Get their attention for long enough. Don't want to listen to you, and then you have to prove to them that you are worth their time in the model. That takes time. It takes a lot of efforts into the sticks. I need to confide in online training client with ads these stays. Beyond your initial, you could just get started and take off some low hanging. Fruit may be people who can network targeting people paid advertising. But once you get beyond those initial few people. Like We'll be different with everybody, but in the fitness industry to generally fitness client for fouls for weight gain for whatever. You'RE GONNA. Spend over one hundred dollars easy. And as you want to win more than that, you're going to spend more than that to acquire. This is a pain clap. This isn't a leaked so when you see all these people that are advertising. Oh, I can help you pay client acquisition. Look at look at this. Get notice that all of those advertisements Osho. What happened when somebody starts working with them? You ever noticed how. Yellow the testimony. Always Posted got three clients were X. amount of dollars in the first five days. Okay, Bro, that's cool. For, so many goals and INFLEC- seems like preachy acquisition. What happened after a month? You never see that because after a month all of a sudden flight aquisition costs went up considerably because that's what they always were. Once you go beyond so the question again the generation Neither one is better than the. Daily generation is incredibly profitable to do wreck. You need to go back and you need a good conversion mechanism. And need good milk getting a good copy. And you need to actually spend a fair bit of money for your figuring out what works? What this means. Is that hugest start? No. Big Hill to climb in. I believe very strongly if you haven't gotten US already stocking when it comes to go out the business. Take what you only have. When you don't have a lot of money. To invest a little bit more time. When you have money, you could start buying back through time. Most people start online training. Even? If you don't have a lot of time, certainly don't have a lot of money. You can waste a lot of money, and you also don't have. All of the skill sets that you need like dictated advertising. Who competed against you competed against people who experienced copywriters advertisers design moles NBA. All at once. And if it's just you and you don't have all of those skill sets like at a high level. It's going to take you to build out. To take you a lot of money to figure out. What does. She get honestly start with which out to people you know. Start with understanding who your target market is. Who talked about this earlier? Talked about this yet, so who you speaking to cleft messages for them to compelling offer for that? And put it into your network. Figuring out how to convert people via. FACEBOOK instagram APPS. And make time to actually do it. Get your first few clients. Once you get your first refinance, then you can decide whether you want the best that back into paid advertising simultaneously all again. I. Don't think you'll get stuck up stocks. We didn't pay for advertisements the first five years of my. We, still we advertise a fair bit now we do a fair bit paid advertising. But I'll tell you that are that we have behind the. And all of the organic work that we do all content we produce. Figs riposte, basically specific folks that let ask people to take action and talk to us. Only she knows that we send all of these organic themes. Generally, we would leads paid. But the pages kind of London, the background and allows us to scale allows us to be consistent throughout I. think that's kind of how you have to look at it. Each to you grow your business to words. Like? Not. Just be like. And then you could start with will whatever investing law money pay, but he certainly stuck. So. Here's a question I'm I'm starting out I'M GONNA! Put my I add what's what's my action item? As a as a as a young ambitious I'm I'm a young ambitious Catalina. You know what I've got my whole future ahead of me a bright light of the world. The low of my existence trailing. Peppered by. Whole opinion pepper in the corner, mom, crying, shedding real tears of joy. Because I've just become a trainer and I WANNA. Get some content out there and I. You know. I got a story to tell John. What you do, what I do you do exactly what Carolina did I thought you might say. That was different and unique Abo- to wear all of those people that are also different and unique index sebwe. What makes tech what other insecurities. Where they now they want to go in aggregate, but like it's probably pretty similar. And then tell some stories around that in those communities, where those people already exist with a simple call to action. Comment if you WANNA learn more. Send me a message if you interested If, it's on if it's on Instagram, it's really good to be able to like. You could tell vc historians in your instagram story. And then from there. People message, said Hey. If you WANNA know more about the suddenness. It's as simple as that. You actually don't need phone calls most of the time. Might help you to do. Some phone calls to learn more than two people, but. Man Like any played. Call your clients. If you hold clients, call your clients because you could pitch online trading in a way. That sounds if you let it own kind stocked with you because they traveled a lot for example, will you move away? They move store, but they really love training huge. Then you can easily Taylor and basically say it was A. Hated Good like actually just starting service should be interested in its. Allows me to work with people that are actually not directly with me and actually off the more than I was often posting. In. A actually launched a story that somebody who I will. Remind me a lot about you. I thought. And, she likes to hear. Yet okay great here. Or if they start trading because cost issue, because impose training can be too expensive. We can in the same way. Hey, I've got a bunch will cost effective service and and I think you benefit from that. You like to hear her. Talk about it in a way that would make them care, and if you know somebody that's past heart. You talk about way the. So. Keto you actually talked to humans, is that. Is that what I'm gathering? Because it sounds foreign to me? You're engaging with real people. You, you did that. Yes, imagined that I actually talked to be. Did you, did you and I know this is gonNA sound radical. Did you also listen to them when they talked? It's baffling. I know like it's just crazy, right, but all my it works. I can't contain my confusion on this subject. Ambassador. Obviously joking, but do so much truth in what you're saying. In the job behind the joke of what you say, and how sad it is right, the amount of times in in a group which is our fleet group for on chairs on facebook. The amount of times that will have a A. That will have a well attention trader post there. He helped guys. Get cuts I'm trying to think. This guy doesn't nothing. Would what do you do about to give up? And I will it's so funny. 'cause inevitably every single time you guys are also you need this money. Times all just take back a single line. How many people having spoken? Right. Right and and. The answer. Is Hit every case I've ever done it they. The answer is not like Oh four or not the answers. Well listen this. Listen to this ride. deflection is kid. And now just right back state line. But how many people have you spoken to today? And they say none and say. Maybe you should talk to people. It's radical. How Dare You Jonathan? What what's? What's notable here is considering how you like to be sold to. Because the first bit of an engagement as customer is actually, the prospect sequenced right the sales sequence. Has that feel? How does it feel? To be sold to by somebody. WHO's trying to automate every single thing? If the service that you're selling is by definition. It posted on service. Right exactly right right there dodd right there, not see some sort of a disconnect. Yup Dough from a client standpoint. Would you not if you would've customer. A you being marketed to with an automated facebook ad to email often to automated Webinar to whatever this is like in advance, say like how many people as need have that and you're selling a postal service if you even have the time to talk to me. While you selling to? Imagine after what kind of service about getting, get from this person exactly. I don't care that you promise me. It's GonNa. Be Posted. We get phone calls you wouldn't. You wouldn't even send me a message asking how daily. During the sales process, you don't even show up in your own marketing materials, yeah! Basics back to basics that goes back to what you were saying. couple of episodes that go in that we're here to solve a problem so to sell your client's problem. You need to talk to them to find the. Are you going to write. Just. Really! That's actually brilliant point. Is. came. On my family after eight episodes, yeah. But the A. The idea of you actually don't know what the client needs. In the client also. oftentimes can't verbalize. She actually wants. When a client comes in, they say I want to lose five pounds I. WHY DO WHATEVER? They're saying those things. Because they feel like those are either things to say what they feel like. Those are the things that make them feel better. which they may, they may not be, but the never the depots behind why they watch cheese something, so if all due is coach is gives them some sort of. Of of an automated system, a superficial service delivery without ever having talked to them in diabetes deepened. We're not actually ever GONNA sell through your up. There were fascinating examples in our industry I think it was it. Look a change. He told story of A. In a in a form for one of. Clients seven basically knocked recommending them service like say. Oh I did I did. You and I would recommend it. And then they looked into her database. Alexa being lost fifty pounds, yes. had. Overnight she speaking negatively about the program. And it's because she felt like she wasn't looked after the that she had hoped that she would after the way that you must be after. Because which you really needed. As part of that program, which which they didn't no with this automated program was not I a fifty pound weight. Loss's great obviously, but it wasn't. It wasn't there compassionate specific story, but it wasn't a Ashington field. You didn't feel like she had somebody. There are no. She felt like she did it on a low. And and as a result she was not only like not happy that she was going over for Steve program that you've lost fifty pounds. Right the asking. Yeah, but but that's super common. You know as a as a coach. Is this kind of lost out of Coachee? What's what's the? HIPPOCRATIC OATH OF COACHING? Is. Learn one to postseason needs before you figure out what you're going to give them. Yup also radicalized radical. Crazy. I just I wasn't prepared for this level of radicalism today and I'm I'm blown away. I'll deep deep. into. Cheese, I'm. Definitely Gandhi. Of. The. Commend! You just need to just. Going to be amber and I like giving actual legitimate information and getting. Done. I SUPPOSE Yeah amber is nodding quite violently. Swap you will, you will clearly see the MVP is my house. Could. Undercut. Desolate. That's that's the bill every cases. I'm. GonNa I'm, GonNa remain solid on that. Speak to endorse or get involved in. That's abby. I've got I've got a reputation to protect. So Jonathan, here's here's what I've taken away from what you said today. You can talk to people. That's that's allowed as a yeah, it's it's allowable to engage with people you know. In relationships have much else that you can use leverage if you're gonNA. Do paid advertising. You have to do eight advocates. You will get. You'll lose a lot of money. You'll spend a lotta. Time will be a lot of frustration. You'll get fairly chauffeur if it kind of dip your foot. You kind of have to leading to do it, which means you have to have money to door is a casino. Win Eight. You need to WHO's really. People trying to get dollar ten what? Sounds good. Even if you put a dollar. Ten with that, you're not going to be every single time. If. You've got fifty one forty nine advantage casino. Still might have to spend millions of dollars before you start to see that advantage. Is there on site so? into to the in a little bit. So to have to start. which is your ability to coach ability to be compassionate ability to make your connection? With real people at start between know we call five day I, mean it's. Top of mind system in the Trade Academy. Is just. In its most simple than ever, it's so simple. People don't believe it works, but it is literally the base foundation of everything. Which is literally I? Kid You not. Nature that every single day you speak to five people. That is literally all that. Almost every single online trader ever needs to do to different this. is every single day into Farsi? Doesn't even have to be to. Wells. And the best news it gets easier and easier. The more you do it just like anything just like diet nutrition. The more you practice, the easier gets, it becomes a habit just. Doing it right? Then then you've got look for hacks at one point and justice, Scalia drops. For some Stevia own me. got. A. Johnson Parks Jonathan has encouraged us to to relationship build and. Has Seconded that so all of you guys out there? Listening on the PODCAST, just go out and reach out and touch somebody's hand. Or getting marketing so your fitness plan. The online trader. Trainer show. This is the online trader show. We shouldn't have a podcast. Took just like those. That's A. That's an interesting point like for me. Personally I don't like to drink gasoline. So I. Don't want a gasoline I. Don't want water that tastes like gasoline if I don't like the thing, why would I want substitute for the thing? That makes no sense that was a terrible it was. Auto. And I'm usually pretty good at now. That's not one of my better ones. Usually pretty good. Doubts that was as bad as it's got. That that was that was pretty bad. I think Kettles, Sipping Diet Cola though so I know she's into that. Have Production. She's chiming in. Advertisements because people actually eight us to do as funny as that sounds.

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