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Dorothy Kilgallen Pt. 1


At Eleven am on the morning of November. Twenty four th nineteen in sixty three fifty one year old Dorthy kill gallon sat in the living room of her Manhattan townhouse watching television two days earlier. The president of the United States John F Kennedy had been assassinated his suspected killer. US Marine Lee Harvey Oswald Kilgallen and millions of other Americans clung to their TV sets. Oswald was now being transported from the Dallas Police Headquarters Headquarters to a more secure facility. Cameras flashed as reporters crowded around to document the most hated man in America at eleven. Twenty one a m a Dallas nightclub owner named Jack Ruby emerged from the crowd. He had a loaded thirty eight caliber revolver pointed at Oswald's abdomen before anyone could stop him. He shot the bullet pierced. Nearly every every major organ in Oswald's abdominal cavity the crowd of police and media personnel erupted into chaos. Though she was watching for for more than fifteen hundred miles away Dorothy kilgallen felt moved to join the ranks of those reporters. The next year of her life would be spent end investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding John. F Kennedy's death on November eighth eighth nineteen sixty five almost exactly two years later in the exact same Manhattan Townhouse Dorsey. Kilgallen was found a dead. allegedly she died of a lethal mixture of alcohol and barbiturates. Maybe she did poor herself. One too. Many cocktails yes and take one too many bills or maybe. That's exactly what her murderers I want you to believe. Maybe she died because she knew too much. Welcome to conspiracy theories apart our cast original every Wednesday we dig into the complicated stories behind the world's most controversial events and search for the truth. I'm Carter Roy I'm Ali Brandenburg and neither of us are conspiracy theorists but we are open minded. Skeptical and curious. Don't get US wrong. Sometimes the official show Berge in is the truth. But sometimes it's not you can find episodes of conspiracy theories and all other podcast originals for free on spotify edify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream conspiracy theories for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type conspiracy theories in the search bar at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever You're listening it really does help. This is our first episode on Dorothy Kilgallen. An American journalist and television personality who was investigating investigating the assassination of President John F Kennedy until she was suddenly found dead. This week will examine kill gallons career and A. and rise to fame we'll also cover her untimely death and the resulting investigation though official reports say that Callan was killed by her own. Vices uses a lethal mixture of alcohol and barbiturates. Not everyone is so convinced next week will cover the conspiracy theories about Dorothy kill gallons death some skeptics believe that the CIA murder Kilgallen in order to bury information that she discovered about JFK's we have K's assassination still others tracer death to another famous figure and American icon the crooner and notorious womanizer. Frank Sinatra. Dorthy she killed gallon was born in Chicago on July third nineteen thirteen her love for theater and entertainment began early at just fifteen months old old. She appeared in a local production of one thing after another by the time she was in middle school. Dorothy was writing directing and acting in plays with their friends. Dorothy his father. Jim kilgallen was a journalist in nineteen twenty. When Dorothy was just seven he was hired by the international news service? I am a traveling reporter. By the time Dorothy was nine. The family settled in Brooklyn Tim. Kilgallen was quite successful reporter over over the course of his long career. He had the opportunity to interview Al Capone and Thomas Edison he exposed the horrors at Taco prison camp while working as a correspondent during World War Two and covered the trials of accused. Soviet spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg as well as the McCarthy hearings. His work often took him away from his daughters but he made up for his absence with gifts from the likes of John. Rockefeller and actor. Rudolph Valentino the stories of his travels charmed and captivated Dorothy. When she grew up she knew she wanted to follow in her father's footsteps by the age of twelve? Dorothy was writing letters to editors of newspapers one was addressed to the Brooklyn Eagle. The paper had criticized is one of her favourite actors. The mexican-born Ramon Navarro and she wanted to express their grievances. The editor was so impressed with criticism that they published Her letter not knowing how young she was the Dorothy was always an excellent writer and voracious reader. She wasn't always a good student. Wouldn't despite the occasional flunked class however she became the associate editor of her high school newspaper. The AWRAZ Mian after graduating waiting highschool dorothy continued her journalistic pursuits at the College of New Rochelle in New York. She didn't stay long in June of nineteen thirty one after only two semesters dorothy got the chance to work at the New York Evening Journal a two week trial was set up in large part as a favor to her father father he knew the editor a man named a Mater Spiro. Dorothy worked tirelessly lead to prove herself after her two weeks were up. She was offered a full time job and she opted not to return to school she was not yet eighteen eighteen. Dorothy was interested in stories about society entertainment politics and crime but being so young new dorothy was given the scraps that were considered undesirable by her fellow journalists so she began inserting herself into her co-workers. Fieldwork anytime they were covering something interesting. She wanted to learn and was eager to prove it. It's important to mention that it was the nineteen thirties and she was a woman in a male dominated field. She knew it would take more than hard work to get the recognition she wanted. Dorothy allegedly wrote an article of one of her male co workers without signing her name. It was only after the rewrite was praised a meeting that Dorothy shot her hand in the air and claimed it as their own on. It was her way of making a statement. She was going to be taken seriously around this time. True crime stories became a staple in newspapers. I its popularity drove sales so dorothy was assigned to cover her first murder trial. A Bronx woman was charged with poisoning her husband by lacing facing his chocolate pudding with arsenic. In her defense he'd allegedly cheated honor regardless of who was guilty of what the salacious story became name. Dorothy his first major headline soon after when she was twenty one she landed on the front page. Thanks to the Anna Antonio Murder Trial Antonio Antonio an Italian woman from the Bronx was accused of paying a hit man to kill her husband in order to collect his life insurance policy. Part of what made dorothy coverage. So good was that she took the time to study the legal system aside from her knack for storytelling. She made sure she he was writing. From a position of knowledge and authority. She went on to cover more major trials including the nineteen thirty five trial that members of the media called called the trial of the century. Bruno Hauptmann was charged with kidnapping and murdering the son of Aviator Charles Lindbergh. Dorothy followed load every turn. In the case next The New York Evening Journal assigned Dorothy to a new column it was titled the Hollywood Scene Gene and it marked a dramatic shift in her career. The Hollywood scene was meant to be a serious look into the entertainment industry industry and just as she began covering the world of the stars. She took a step into the spotlight herself. In one thousand nine hundred eighty six fix dorothy became a participant in a new competition called the race around the world. Three journalists were challenged to compete to circumnavigate the globe. The fastest using only transportation available to the public. It was the original amazing race. It was set up by the national national. Aeronautic Association has a way to display the power of air travel to the average traveler through daily columns in three different newspapers. The other journalists journalists were Leo Kieran From The New York Times and Herbert are EAKINS. From the world telegram ultimately Dorothy placed second after Eakins Eakins by the twenty three year old managed to turn her first flirtation with celebrity into a career opportunity. She published a collection of daily installments. Into a book titled Girl Around The World and she inspired and corrode the nineteen thirty seven film. Fly Away baby starring Glenda Farrell as a character based on Dorothy capitalizing capitalizing on the attention. Dorothy decided to dabble in acting. She was cast in the film sinner. Take all directed by Errol Taggart and starring Bruce Cabot. Apparently her performance was good enough to land her a screen test for another Hollywood film. The reporter Louis Sobel with the journal American describe Dorthy north-east entrance into the entertainment industry. She was slender. wide-eyed deceiving Lee naive attitude and softspoken mannerisms and began mingling. With a new set of characters. Racket guys crafters phonies creep Jane Society POPs Chorus Girls Pimps overdress Jesse the bells and their rent pairs. It was a new world a dangerous world filled with crime drugs and sacks she was at once participant and observer her life intricately connected to the ones she covered in Hollywood scene and as her reporting continued her assignments became more and more like her father's had been traveling around the world rubbing elbows with the rich and famous in nineteen thirty seven the same year that flyway baby was released. Dorothy covered the wedding. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Junior to Ethel Dupont. A pond and the coronation of George the sixth in England she started to attend high profile events in London and New York then. In December ember an announcement appeared in newspapers across the country. Dorothy kill gallons new column. The Voice of Broadway would be starting soon. It would cover the various scandals and misdeeds happening in and around the entertainment industry in New York. The announcement said that it was a man's job but that dorothy ahead already been doing a man's job for years and doing it better. Competition Titian was all men. Walter winchell had Sullivan lucious bb and Leonard. Lyons all wrote columns on similar subjects but Dorothy had risen to bigger challenges within weeks. The column was hit at its peak. It was syndicated in roughly two hundred American newspapers in one of her earliest pieces. She wrote about a twenty nine year old. Broadway star named Richard Colmer colmer allegedly had thrown a holiday day. Party were his guests. Were asked to dress up in children's costumes. The odd humor intrigued twenty six year old. Dorothy on November member Fourteenth Nineteen thirty nine. The two met at the Al Gone Cohen Hotel in Manhattan extensively to discuss jazz. After only six states. They were engaged a few months later. On April Fifth Nineteen forty. The couple married. Among the many high profile guests were Broadway and the film stars. Ethel Merman Walter Houston tyrone power and Milton Berle despite tradition dorthy Gallon capture last name. She it already built a brand around it and she had no intention of sacrificing her career for marriage. The newlyweds moved to Park Avenue and shortly after had their their first two children through these years. Dorothy not only continued to write her voice of Broadway column but she started and hosted to nationally broadcast radio programs covering entertainment and interviewing Broadway stars by nineteen forty six when she was thirty five live. Dorothy kilgallen was dubbed. The First Lady of Broadway then in nineteen forty seven and she received a call that would change her life and drag her further into the public eye she was asked to be a panelist on the hit. CBS Game Show. What's my line? It was a chance to transition from being a star in certain circles to becoming a household name. Dorothy eighty said yes coming up the bold attitude that made dorothy famous begins to earn in her powerful enemies including the CIA. Now back to the story DORTHY KILGALLEN was shattering. Glass ceilings before the term was even invented the host reporter and author of the Voice Voice of Broadway column and Radio Program had become a celebrity by nineteen forty seven. She was making television appearances on. Shows like leave it to the girls. Then she was invited to be a rotating panelist on the hit game show. What's my line? The Concept of the program was pretty simple each tweak she and other panelist would question unknown celebrity contestants about their careers the goal was to be able to guess the celebrities identity Kennedy. Dorothy was known for being tough questioner. She treated contestants much like a prosecutor with treat a witness and it worked. America fell even more more in love with Dorothy Kilgallen. What's my line went on to win? Multiple emmys at its peak its audience reached twenty five million and viewers the celebrity contestants included Groucho Marx. Walt Disney John Wayne and Elizabeth Taylor Dorthy never lost her journalistic issue or integrity in July nineteen fifty fifty a right wing media journal called counter attack released an anti communist pamphlet titled Red Channels. The report of Communist influence fluence in radio and television. They listed the names of one hundred fifty one actors writers musicians journalists claiming they were manipulating the industry with their communist agenda. Dorothy wasn't among the accused but many of her friends were. She used her column to fight back. She denounced the blacklist as slander. Dorothy knew all too well. The power the media held over public opinion and she wouldn't stand by and allow fiction shouldn't be presented as fact it was not the first and certainly not the last time that her writing took on politically divisive tone that same year she attack the United States government funded program Radio Free Europe. Their alleged purpose was to broadcast free news programming Eastern Europe. Dorothy however publicly wondered whether a more subversive group like the CIA was using the broadcast to advance a very specific agenda. She also claimed that she had proof and suddenly in the blink of an eye an entertainment reporter and television in personality from New York drew the attention of the largest intelligence agency in the world. CIA agents reached out to her demanding to know who her sources were but dorothy refused to give them names. She told them she had every right to protect their identity in the CIA documented. Her uncooperative behavior as Dorothy caught the attention of the the CIA her husband. Richard Colmer was apparently catching the attention of other women when she found out. Dorothy made a statement by showing up to public events with male friends of her own. One of those friends was what's my line. Producer Bob. Bok Bok was was from Westchester. New York he'd gone to school with Joseph and John Kennedy though they never met at the time. Dorothy was one degree of separation from the future. President of the United States. Baulk wasn't Dorothy only flirtation beginning in nineteen fifty two. Dorothy took an extra marital interest in singer. Johnny Ray and began hanging around New York clubs like the Copacabana. She shared the space with powerful men. Men that she would eventually anger like Frank. Sinatra J. Edgar Hoover and mob boss Frank Costello in nineteen fifty three. She was was asked to cover the marriage of John. F. Kennedy to Jacqueline Bouvier in the coronation of Queen Elizabeth. The second her stories earned her Pulitzer Prize Prize nomination by nineteen fifty four forty one year old. Dorothy Kill Gallon. had nothing left to prove she was no longer her father's daughter her husband's wife or a woman in a man's world she he was Dorothy Kilgallen. She was unquestionably a star. As such. She had the freedom to reprioritize her life. She loved her life in the lifestyle it afforded but she longed to cover more interesting stories. She wanted to return to crime politics and law. She wanted drama. She had no plans on ending her celebrity column. She just wanted the front page as well in October. Nineteen fifty four Dorothy kilgallen merely informed her editors of her intentions and they put her on one of the most sensationalized criminal cases of all time. The murder the trial of Dr Sam Sheppard earlier that year. American neurosurgeon Dr Sam Sheppard and his wife. Marilyn Reese Sheppard had been hosting friends at their Lake House on Lake Erie as the night wore on. The friends decided to watch the movie. But Dr Sheppard couldn't keep his eyes open. He fell asleep on a day bed in the living room. As the night ended Maryland quietly ushered their gas s. out and wish them farewell. They drove away watching two eight nine four four late Dr Disappear. Into the distance Sam Sheppard was asleep and Maryland. Shepherd was alive according to Dr Shepherd. He was still asleep when he heard his wife scream. I mean he leaped from the day bed and rushed to the bedroom but when he arrived he barely made out the figure of bushy haired man before he was is knocked unconscious when he came two minutes later the intruder was still in his house. Shepherd chased the man out of the House and down to the beach where he was once again knocked unconscious there were no other witnesses until just before six. Am when shepherd frantically called his neighbor asking for help when the neighbor arrived. They found Shepard's shirtless in his pants stained with blood. The police arrived shortly. You to find a grisly display Maryland was in bed dead. She'd been bludgeoned to death by a sharp object blood covered the walls walls and droplets were found throughout the house. Sam Story was extremely suspicious. There were items missing from the House that were later found in the backyard backyard in a bag hidden by bushes their seven year old. Son Sam Reese Sheppard had slept through everything their dog. Doug never made a sound to alert anyone of the intruders arrival. All the evidence pointed to shepherd as the killer in the media coverage of the story was unlike anything ever seen before it not only influenced public opinion but it allegedly affected acted the investigation as well. A federal judge called the case a trial by newspaper. The United States Supreme Court described it as a carnival atmosphere. Fear and Dorothy Kilgallen was in the circuses center. Ring local papers ran provocative headlines and articles filled with with unsubstantiated claims. Implicating Dr Sheppard one headline from the Cleveland Press Read. Why isn't Sam Sheppard in jail? The sensationalism was in escape -able and made it near impossible for a fair trial and an unbiased jury. Despite everything the trial began in October one thousand nine hundred ninety four when Dorothy kilgallen arrived in the small Cleveland courtroom. She was far from inconspicuous a reporter. For the hearst syndicate. Bob Considine wrote Dorothy. Daily arrivals were not unlike the arrival at home unplayed of Mickey Mantle with the basis filled. All she wanted was to do her job but the jury judge Defense Attorney Prosecution and warring families of the accused murderer and the deceased all seemed to be straining to get her autograph. Dorothy enjoyed her celebrity celebrity but she never wanted it to interfere with their work. She tried her best to focus. She sat through the entirety of the nine week trial and critically examined every aspect the case she had serious doubts about Dr Sheppard's guilt but on December twenty first nineteen fifty. Four the jury found Dr Sheppard guilty of the murder. Dorothy road the prosecutors of the state of Ohio did not prove Dr Sheppard was guilty any more than they proved there were pin headed men on Mars. This was the first time I have ever seen what I believe to be miscarriage of justice in a murder case. It is the first time I have ever been scared of the justice system and I mean scared. The heart of what scared her. So much was the media's effect on the case not to mention a comment made by the judge allegedly the honorable double edged Jabe. Hyphen had told Dorothy at a party. That he believed that Dr Sheppard was guilty before the jury was even selected. It was a clear clear indication of bias that of course affected the outcome of the trial in. Dorothy didn't shy away from pointing out the miscarriage of justice her outspokenness this wasn't exactly popular crude by her criticism. Local papers in Ohio canceled her column. It didn't matter though. She vehemently mentally spoke out against anything and everything that she considered wrong and a threat to justice she later helped shepherds lawyers file a Habeas Habeas Corpus petition essentially a request to be released from prison based on an unlawful conviction. It was granted. A later Dr Dr Sheppard was retried and acquitted but by that time. Dorothy Kilgallen wasn't alive. To See Justice. Served now coming up. Dorothy kilgallen makes an enemy out of Frank Sinatra. Now back to the story in one thousand nine hundred fifty six forty three year old Dorothy Kilgallen was Juggling Juggling Journalism Radio Television and unfaithful husband public affairs and being a mother. Her outspoken nature and incisive questioning won her admirers. Both on the Emmy winning program. What's my line and in her career as a journalist but on more than one occasion? Dorothy is unrelenting quest for the truth created enemies in nineteen fifty six. She published a series of articles titled the Real Real Frank Sinatra story each detailed his romances and his notorious mistreatment of starlets in Hollywood. She wrote the the struggling dolls of show business pretty and small wasted starlets who never got past first base in Hollywood assorted models and vocalists and chorus girls. Now lost in the ghosts of floor shows past intern. Sinatra began publicly attacking Dorothy. He called her Chin Finless and said that she looked like a chipmunk. Allegedly Dorothy ones visited New York Club wearing sunglasses and holding a Coffee Cup when Frank Sinatra walked by. He dropped a dollar bill in her cup later commenting I always figured she was blind. Things escalated. Dorothy you began. Detailing Sinatra's Mafia connections specifically with gangster Sam Giancana and Crime boss Mickey Cohen. She threw parties for Hollywood's Hollywood's elite. Where Judy Garland sang for the guest? But Sinatra was always left off the list he always appeared in her column however and Dan she minced no words. Success hasn't changed Frank Sinatra when he was unappreciated obscure. He was hot tempered egotistical extravagant extravagant in Moody. Now that he is rich and famous with the world on a string and sapphires in his cufflinks. He is still hot. Tempered Egotistical extravagant in moody she was a powerful woman making enemies out of powerful men with powerful connections and her list only got longer. You're in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. She weighed in on the incredibly divisive Cold War in Cuba Communist politician and Revolutionary Fidel Castro had helped overthrow the government and then declared himself Prime Minister of the new communist the state in the process he and his fellow revolutionaries killed thousands of Cubans citizens. Dorothy became an outspoken critic. Riddick Castro's leadership. She flew to Miami to interview Cuban exiles who had fled their country for fear of their lives she wanted to give them a voice waist and a platform and to enlighten Americans on the tragedies Cuban neighbors faced and while doing so she implicated the state eight department and the CIA in Cuba's ongoing turmoil in July nineteen fifty nine Dorothy Kilgallen road and exclusive claiming that the State Department apartment was spreading false information. She cited sources who told her that the CIA along with organized crime groups might be teaming up to try Ryan assassinate Fidel Castro. She was the first journalist to make such a claim but others followed in her footsteps. Dorothy had already angered the CIA once once she'd already spoken out against Frank Sinatra and his mafia affiliations called those men out by name. Now she was implicating implicating. Both the C. I. A. and the Mafia at the same time not long after the articles were published. Dorothy lover. Johnny Ray was arrested. He was accused of soliciting sex with men but dorothy swore that it was a setup maybe even by the institutions she had angered. She took her column in order to proclaim his innocence Happily for her. He was acquitted even with the negative attention and scandals in her life. Forty seven Dorothy was awarded a star on the Hollywood would walk of fame. She was also offered a publishing deal. Random House asked her to write a book on all of the murder cases she'd covered in the past and it was while l.. Dorothy was writing a book on murder. The John F. Kennedy re entered her life. September twenty sixth nineteen sixty millions of Americans tuned in to watch John F. Kennedy Debate Richard Nixon. It was a turning point for Kennedy's campaign and after word in her column. Dorothy predicted his win. She continued to report on John. F Kennedy's rising star. Interestingly enough she did so while L. also covering the career of the young beautiful actress. Marilyn Monroe wasn't long before her beats would intersect but first Dorothy were-they decided she wanted to meet President Kennedy. So she did. She pulled some strings with her friend. Presidential Press Secretary Pierre Salinger and arrange to meet him along with her eight year old son Kerry Kennedy was charming. He gave Kerry White House souvenirs and read letters his classmates wrote in school. Dorothy watched her president never imagining. How intricately connected? Their lives would become on August. Third Nineteen Sixty two new kilgallen exposed a relationship between Marilyn Monroe and she wrote a Kennedy in the article. Dorothy explained Monroe has proved vastly alluring to a handsome gentlemen. Who is a bigger name than Joe? Dimaggio in his heyday and then two days days later in a striking coincidence Marilyn Monroe was dead she was found in her bed by her maid. Eunice Murray the door to the bedroom had been locked and the lights were on. Murray became worried around three. Am and called the police a few hours later. Two who different doctors were called to the scene the officially ruled that she died from an overdose of barbiturates which she used to ward off insomnia. Frequent and listeners may recall our episodes on Marilyn Monroe's suspicious death. We've found that many of the details don't entirely line up and they didn't line up Dorothy Kilgallen. Either kilgallen was suspicious of the report. She didn't understand why Maryland's door was locked when she didn't typically Louis Lock it if it was an accidental overdose and she was trying to the pills to sleep. Why was the lights on? Why were two doctors called? Why why was the woman who was supposedly Monroe's housekeeper worried at three am but the police weren't contacted until six Dorothy wrote the real story hasn't been told not by a long shot even today? There are those that believe that Dorothy was ride. Marilyn Monroe was murdered and Monroe was just the first of many suspicious deaths piling up around Dorothy culminating with her own the next victim President John F. Kennedy a November twenty twenty second nineteen sixty three Kennedy and his wife. Jacqueline Bouvier were driving through Dallas. Texas there were sitting in the back seat of a presidential essential motorcade when suddenly Kennedy was shot one bullet entered the back of his neck exited his throat the other shattered shattered the right side of his skull. Roughly forty minutes later. CBS's Walter cronkite delivered the news to the nation. The president of the United States had had been pronounced dead. The alleged shooter's name was Lee Harvey. Oswald the motivation was unknown but Oswald quickly glee became one of the most hated men in America. The public wanted to see justice served and they wanted fast and then two days later on November. Twenty four th nine hundred sixty three Lee Harvey Oswald was shot and killed by Jack Ruby. Oswald motives weren't ever learned and democratic chronic. Justice could never be served. It was another suspicious murder without a clear motivation but even as Dorothy grieved the loss of the president of the United United States. The seeds of suspicion crept into her mind her journalistic instincts sprang into action. She had so many questions. Why was ruby able to kill Oswald so quickly after his arrest with so many police around? How is Ruby able to get so close? Dorothy didn't allow ourself to rest before she began gathering information November twenty sixth nineteen sixty three Jay Edgar hoover the first ever director of the FBI wrote a press release stating not a shred of evidence has been developed to link any other person in conspiracy with Oswald to assassinate President Kennedy but the statement came so quickly seemingly before any thorough review of the tags from Dorothy perspective it appeared that the government was trying to shutdown investigations before they began. Oswald Killer Ruby. We had the answers that might make these murders make sense but when Dorthy asked to interview them she was denied their explanation he was crazy. Crazy was two convenient and answer for Dorothy. A November twenty nine th nineteen sixty three only five days after Oswald's assassination. Dorothy kilgallen wrote a column titled. The Oswald file must not close. Why in her words justice is a big rug when you pull it out from under one man? A lot of others fall to due. Dorothy killed gallon stood for justice even in the face of unspeakable odds so she didn't care about J. Edgar Hoover or the CIA or even the mafia should lost a friend. President Kennedy has she wanted to know why in late nineteen sixty three one of the most famous this criminal reporters of the time was about to launch a fulltime investigation into the assassination of John. F Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald. Naturally any guilty parties had reason to be concerned she spent the next two years digging. Dorothy kill gallons. Investigation continued. Tin You'd up until the very last moments of her life until she was found dead in her apartment on November eighth nineteen sixty five. The cause of breath was a lethal combination of alcohol and barbiturates. She was found by her made. If it sounds familiar it's because her death shares a a striking amount of similarities with Marilyn Monroe's. Did dorothy die from our own vices. Not everyone is so convinced skeptics optics believed that there was foul play surrounding. Kill gallons death. They are conspiracy. Theory is the first and only that we'll discuss next tweak. Dorothy kilgallen was murdered by members of the CIA and or the Mafia because of information she discovered during her investigation of JFK and Lee Harvey. Oswald's assassinations next week. We'll take a detailed look into dorothy investigation Gatien and examine which if any of her many enemies might have been pushed to murder was at the CIA Sinatra's hitmen or a true accident Marilyn Monroe JFK Lee Harvey Oswald. A string of victims surrounded by a mystery and convenience circumstances then came Dorothy kilgallen and her questions. What did she find find out? Thanks for tuning in to conspiracy theories and we'll be back Wednesday with a new episode. You can find all episodes of conspiracy theories and all other par- cast originals for free on spotify. You especially might want to check out our past conspiracy theory episodes on JFK's assassination and Marilyn Monroe's death not only does spotify already. Have all your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals. It's like conspiracy theories for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream conspiracy theories on spotify just open. The APP tap browse does any type conspiracy theories in search bar until then remember. The truth isn't always the best story and the official story isn't always he's the truth. Conspiracy theories was created by Max Cutler. And his apart cast studios original executive producers include Maxon Ron Cutler sound design by Brian Golub with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carly Madden and Paul Molitor. This episode of conspiracy theories was written by Connor Sampson with writing assistance. By Kate Gallagher and Stars Molly Brandenburg and Carter Roy.

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