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Live from N._p._R.. News in Washington I'm Nora Raum former special counsel Robert Muller is pushing back against Republican allegations that his team of investigators was affected by political bias as N._p._R.'s Ryan Lucas reports Moore says political affiliations had no effect on his hiring decisions president trump in his congressional allies have long accused Muller's team of being filled with so-called Angry Democrats Republican Congressman Kelly Armstrong asked Muller about contacts. Two of his prosecutors had had with Hillary Clinton. The former special counsel stood by his team. He says he hired individuals who could get the job done expeditiously with integrity he also said that in his decades of public service political affiliation never played a role muller is also disputing president. That in trump's claims that he interviewed for the F._B._i.. Director job before he was appointed Special Counsel Muller says he did speak with trump but to provide advice not as a candidate for the job Ryan Lucas N._p._r.. News Washington the Federal Trade Commission is finding facebook Book Five Billion Dollars for privacy violations and Facebook C._e._o.. Mark Zuckerberg will be held personally responsible for making sure his company complies with its privacy policies N._p._R.'s Arthur Shahani Reports C._E._o.. Zuckerberg Berg who dropped out of Harvard has some homework to do under a new government order. He'll have to sign the dotted line on a compliance documents every quarter. That's four times a year. The F._T._C. is concluding its investigation into the company's rampant abuse of user. Your privacy the agency discovered facebook took cell phone numbers that people provided for security purposes and use those numbers for advertising also according to regulators the company must tell sixty million users. It's been using a facial recognition tracking on them without proper permission. FACEBOOK must also pay a five billion dollar fine and if the company fails in its privacy compliance Zuckerberg himself could face civil and criminal charges are Shahani N._p._R.. News the Boeing Company posted its largest ever quarterly loss today nearly three billion dollars in the second quarter the company's best selling plane the seven thirty seven Max has been grounded since March chairman and C._E._o.. The Dennis Muilenburg says the company is working on the problem. Our priority continues to be the safe return to service the seven thirty seven Max and we've continued to prioritize additional resources and focus on this effort at the same time we're maintaining our focus on keeping the business strong and healthy airlines around the world grounded their seven thirty seven Max fleets after two of the planes crashed within five months killing three hundred forty six people Boris Johnson is now Britain's prime minister. He's promised promised to guide the U._K.. Out of the European Union by October thirty first with or without an agreement checking stocks at this hour the Dow is down one hundred and five points. The Nasdaq is up fifty three. This is N._p._R.. News. A federal judge has blocked at least for now new restrictions on abortion from going into effect in Arkansas the measures include a ban on abortion eighteen weeks into pregnancy and on all abortions performed because the fetus has has down syndrome two cases challenging the trump administration's latest attempt to stem the flow of migrants from Central America are playing out in federal courts today N._p._R.'S MIWA ANA reports a new asylum rule withstood its first legal challenge under the new rule asylum-seekers who pass through one or more countries on their way to the U._S. are ineligible for asylum unless they have asked for and been denied protection from at least one of those countries I in Washington. Washington to immigrants rights organizations sued the government to block the rule saying it would hurt their ability to help immigrants who they say have a right to seek asylum under U._S.. Law In upholding the rule the federal judge said that the government's interests outweigh way that potential harm done to the organizations meanwhile the rule faces a separate but similar challenge and another federal court in California Mile Aina N._p._R.. News Washington Pennsylvania Appeals Court today overturned the conviction action of rapper meek mill and granted him a new trial he had been convicted in two thousand eight of drug and gun charges and sentenced to serve as long as twenty three months in prison as well as ten years on probation. The appeals court found that new evidence against.

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