Are We Offended, Should We Be Offended? 4th Grader Refuses Math Problem Involving Girls Weights, Sesame Street New Muppet Nails It And 10 Questions For A Thriving Relationship


And then I went over to their house later in the day you can you please turn this off off I didn't even ask Meredith you can't just turn off people's Halloween decorations it gave me a mild cardio infarction I turned it off Oh thank you so much to Jessica Lynn Jessop Calvin I n. k.. Sorry just just we went back to all of the PODCASTS and listened I had maybe four or five out of okay well here's the spot where episode twelve go ahead offer this woman a hug yeah that's what I'm saying this was a big one for how wow all right well I'm your host Meredith from that's inappropriate and in a world we live in today mom shaming everywhere these ladies show you how things should be how friendships should be even took who says that they haven't is a lie So I feel like I never share Montville moments is it just me Sharon why don't that asked her to compare girls wait it was it's intense we'll get to that okay. The newest sesame street muppet has a mom who struggled fine I don't even have one so perfect it's go ahead meredith you have one locked and loaded I feel like there's always adventures with you in your kids linked to overcome an opioid addiction and the ten questions you should ask your partner so your relationship can thrive I know the questions did you google why can't you take out the garbage you son of Okay let's open the show with a mom feel moment we're here because we've all struggled as moms and anyone your host tiffany from juggling the Jenkins this podcast will discuss all things marriage motherhood and everything in between please remember not professionals at anything you may actually need so any advice is an I love her this is this is really to date I gotta I gotta be honest you're not supposed to play favorites but my favorite comment yet right here I trial that's grove dot co slash take it you can download this podcast on itunes spotify and Google play music be sure to subscribe and give us a review with your thoughts about the each year growth collaborative is online marketplace that delivers all natural home beauty and personal care products directly to you taking the guesswork out of going green for a limited time when our listeners go to grove dot co slash. Take it you're going to get a free five piece cleaning set from Mrs Myers and Grove Plus Free Shipping and a free sixty day vio booze onto but I'm just saying I feel like you guys have meredith Cher because she has so many and you're being nice to me and I appreciate it but I'm just saying as we give you can take or leave because it might be crap on today's episode of take it or leave it we are talking about a fourth graders refusal to answer a math problem I even for J dog who says what I love about this podcast aside from the gut busting comedy these to deliver week after week is married at tiffany have he took everybody under their cleanings and he came out with a cavity and I was not upset per se because it's no I was I was pissed off data cavity Do you could tell she listens and knows US I feel my heart my grinch size heart just grew like six sizes right there I even potentially a different parents you never hear one criticized the others parenting ever wow they expressed different opinions but yet they don't judge each other competing in the car and stuff yeah so I'm struggling right now with my youngest son Brian he but the reason that he has a cavity is the child just refuses to brush his teeth like unless I do it for him and the thing is is he's nine yeah so it's getting to a point where it's like okay I cannot brush his teeth anymore he is nine years old I also do not want to have to remind him morning and night to brush his damn teeth so of course I hate going eh even if it took tiffany longer to accept meredith the mirrored seriously my favorite number one globally syndicated podcast ever into the dentist because you feel completely judged by this dentist because then they see the lack of oral hygiene on your kid and they're like and it is like dude if you walk past my house you'll hear me screaming at my kid to brush their teeth so it's not for lack of trying but the kid just refuses to do it so he had to get his tooth so anyway yes why do I have so many moments because your kids are at that age like where weird over the last twenty some odd years and I and I'm like stressing this and my kids are just not getting the message and I don't think it's love their mouthwashes in their floss picks in their everything because to me dental hygiene is so important because we didn't have money growing up and we couldn't go to the dentist yeah so all of my teeth they sleep and I show them pictures on Google people in their mouth no my well that's actually what the dental hygienist said cavity bugs crawl through your mouth at night and they will and what is that which is probably up and I it's too late already said it so I gotta keep talking but I tell them that when the bugs will crawl in their tea literally almost every one of my teeth my head has a feeling so I don't want my kids to have bad teeth because I've I've literally spent so much money fixing my teeth his projections obviously the business business manager so you guys need to tell all your friends tell everybody gets a review and download download filled yesterday and I tried to talk to the dental hygiene US outside and I was like scare him girl I was GonNa tell you what I do to my kids why because he had no body to go that's stupid well download you can also listen on cashbox pod being spotify Google play I tunes I heart radio all right so anyway so yeah so please guys we really WanNa hit a million downloads okay but the important thing is widened the skeleton go to the ball growth collaborative grove takes the guesswork out of going green every grove dot co product is guaranteed to be good for you your family your home in the planet so you can save time bamboo straws they make their own garbage bags and they're all made with recycled materials I did not know that 'til I came over to your house and saw Loyd's it and I'm like well that could very well be true yeah but it can't be the reason like I can't believe well it'll never brush his teeth then like yes we have to find a way I need to find some solution trash bags and so I was like Yes yes I'd much rather by this trash bag because I know that it's made with recycled materials and so I got really really excited and House on fire and you've not had a mom fail it's like normal you know right so okay I was gonna say something but I forget I'm reading confusing labels meredith what's your favorite thing about grove did you know that Grove makes their own I don't think I should know this was an adult tooth shit right that's what I'm saying so anyway point is sugar bugs paid you it gives us five stars and tell your friends because hopefully this season we were projected projected projections and you know who gave us thank you for sharing your mom Vilma nine hundred thousand oh no way we have recently crossed nine hundred thousand the false sense he just did the reorder so we got which is fine you know all the sensor great don't get me wrong but I'm like you son of so he slept outside sixty day VIP trial that's grove dot co forward slash ticket grove dot co forward slash take it to get this exclusive offer don't okay yeah yeah yeah so yeah but I I was in a couple of times when I was doing my reorder and I was like holy crap when did they get it's upsetting because I feel like I try very hard each of the kids has like a power toothbrush like we make sure that they have all right so in trending news today we have a fourth grader who refused to answer a math problem that asked her to compare girls those all purpose cleaners your mom used to use full of harmful chemicals that have been linked to everything from respiratory problems to cancer you don't need toxins to have a clean home not with and to get this kid to do it so he was crying by the end of the appointment I felt like crying then he was had a sore mouth and I was just like dude I'm over it you know grade four grade for students how much heavier is Ella Isabella then the lightest student after calling over her mom Naomi to show her what the assignment about this like I could see like why did you have to use any child wait like you could talk about a Bushel of apples it was just it was great I love Grove Bogus wet my husband just reordered on my grove doing me favor which was super sweet except for he didn't order elementary school comparing the these three girls weights who's the skinniest who's the heaviest what do you think Oh God I don't think it's my kids are little three five just turned five and and a so they're like when they light the house on fire and bump into stuff and like recipes you know and some people's eyes but I yeah anybody who has a kid knows it's just hard and some people were like well you realize that autistic children don't like the sensation and that's probably why he on low that's Craig on our podcast so almost one million dollars yeah so you download it and re eight so I came across this article where rhythm this girl rhythm a fourth grade student from Murray Utah recently took us had rhythm noted how troubles on the question is she said I was shocked I feel like it's such an irresponsible way to teach children how to do math so that one to does he I think when you say cast box and pod being together it just sounds so inappropriate to me for some reason every time it makes me giggle but though that's bodies and their body types in their size and this emphasis on being thin and this that and the other thing do you really think it's smart to write out a math question aim of the platform cast box and bean box and bean bucks in bean and that's what got you all right never mind yeah I got it it's fine compared to a Bushel of oranges or like a car but like with all of the messaging that is out there about girls and they're I don't think it's okay I don't WanNa be rude but I think that math problem wasn't very nice I don't want to judge somebody based on their weight I don't think they're asking anybody to judge I think it's just actor other teeth and I was sitting there and I got scared and then I was like I have to go home right now and I have to brush my teeth so the cavity bugs don't get me but it was just it was as we call them sugar bugs so yeah so anyway I get that I get that I get how your kid having problems with there could be a direct correlation to your ability to pay him you know what I mean it's like saying I don't know in my head it feels like there's five bananas how much heavier is Banana de than banana a and then the deal you weren't offended no I don't know I think it takes a lot to offend me first of all so I'm not the right person asked us to but my knowledge I feel it would be different if they lined up three girls I'll give you that said how much bigger Isabella than Becky but I don't know the thing you can keep in scrolling I won't be in your face be offensive right but I it causes them to make choices that are unhealthy for them in order to attain that sure okay are these aren't real students though that they're showing it's not like three girls pressure on females to look a certain way have a certain body type and potentially forces them to or ah because he didn't he didn't buy you anymore Pumpkin Apple cider his look other new boots to afflict dead I just saw it was time to re up and I'm like I'm going to Syria things like how do I look in these pants do I look big in these pants as my butt look big in these pants and I'm like well your butts the right size stay a stand against an offensive math problem that asked her to compare girls wait the question she encountered while doing her homework read the table to the right shows the weight of three literally everything so it's tough to their tough waters to navigate these days you know everybody's mean to everyone but everything all the time back hanging there and I'm like what does this make by Grove Dave's like no it's just put the word Grove on the side of it but the didn't even think twice about it you know okay but do you would you agree that in today's society there is a huge amount of a part of me was kind of like this is kind of odd like why did we have this question when there could have been a million others but I understand what you're saying too because people get super offended about end up with their way wasn't interactive play it was simply a math problem right with people who don't actually exist correct these are fictional character for a limited time when our listeners go to grove dot com slash take it you will get a free five cleanings for Miss Mayer and grow plus free shipping and Free Oh I don't want to say that but I just WanNa make sure that she understands that the only measure that I am concerned with is how healthy she is the I love that you punch student see in the face how much blood was lost allowed whoa maybe that's not but I think it's just innocent the person who wrote it probably this conversation with you maybe there's some greater picture that we just don't see that these you know the people who come up with this stuff I know it's not the teachers or anything like that but maybe there's like I think it's cool that this fourth grader stood up for what she believed in you know what I mean I think it's cool that she takes a stand I think I always think that's cool I think you know the table to the right shows the weight of body shape every female has a different curve at a different way she looks and whatever and the only thing the bottom line that I care about is the healthiness of these kids so I have a daughter and so and you do as well but you have to but I've noticed now with my daughter she will ask me fifth grade math I could not and then I showed her something and I'm like well this is right and she's like yeah but you did it wrong because that's not the way those are at the steps and I'm like I can't have world that we live in I'm constantly getting messages and and and people are telling me how offensive I am and it's like well because I don't care what she looks like in especially with gymnastics all of the girls look different in their leotards every single one of them because every single person has a different three grade four student how much Zillah Bell Isabella than latest student with the students response was I know it's a math problem in school okay and I can tell you right now that never once have I had to like do long division of your body and if you like the pants where the pants you're supposed to be like guess girl that Budi looking around well okay but she's ten X.'s and home loans and interest and things like that I would be much more equipped to handle adult life had I spent all that time that well you know when when these kids are all grown maybe they'll be super duper businessmen and women and they'll be like it's because of common core because of that common core you know maybe I just think it's I don't know to me feel it's not that big of deal so I feel you on the whole everybody gets offended about everything all the time thing like I totally do because that especially in the I'm not really up my foot up your anyway sorry this took a turn okay join us in over half a million families who trust grove collaborative to make their homes happier and healthier I spent learning about historic 'cause that wasn't word stork figures sat down with a math homework for my daughter the other night and I looked dave and I said I don't understand his question this is fifth grade math I should be able to do at least everyone I don't think everybody should go to college and I think that we need to train these kids these teenagers to be ready for the workforce whether it's plumbing or electrical or banana foundation comes forward and is like whoa why are you discriminating against skinny bananas. What's wrong with having you know what I mean and I think that if we looked too much I don't know no go ahead I just feel like if we look too much in every single thing it's already to the point where we have to tip toe and it just there's some things that are blatantly Legua like if it would've said student be that she did that yeah she looked that's sweet I'm I'm with her I'm solid with rhythm you one with rhythm that's for sure should restructure the public school system so that it is educating children to come out workforce ready because I'm not a huge proponent of college for the planet so when all of these pretty smelling wonderful lotions and like salt scrubs and stuff I was like where do I put this on my body like I got mechanics or whatever and I think we're doing a disservice by trying to force every kid into college I think the opposite as tiff common core is dumbing them down knows but I think we should start teaching them I don't know dude listen I spent I have such a strong opinion about this could take up the whole podcast but I spent like most of my life I think we need to move along those fruits are the roots are getting offended wants tropical weight subtropical even call them fruits? I don't know why not excited because brush your teeth with sugarcubes scrub no but I I think it's a nice way to treat yourself because I am not spent that time learning about things that matter in my day to day I feel you I feel the same way I feel the same way I think well I personally believe that we yeah I think let me see what it says Eureka Math company that provides common core education. Do you WanNa talk about common core because I've been about that how much time do we have uh-huh I am all right so parenting crap is brought to you by Fab fit fund subscription boxes that fits on his women's lifestyle subscription box filled with full-size premium the media that don't even make questions that just use if effing banana and a cantaloupe I don't know I don't I don't know that I agree with putting a banana cantaloupe in the same category foodie lifestyle fitness home in wellness products customized your specific interest delivered straight to your door each season use coupon code taken the like Christmas had come early not even kidding because everybody if you follow you know that I am the least Feminine Person Fruits but yeah interesting okay yeah interesting and you know though I applaud rhythm for standing up for leaves and debris I probably still have your I have at least one thought you buy to burn them no I have I'm the Nice I in this magazine look his good so the box retailers for forty nine ninety nine but it always says the value of over two hundred dollars that's right if you use coupon code take it you get ten dollars off your first you're like has an Isosceles triangle affect our laird of my effing day right if somebody would have taught me about stocks and bonds and why bet you can just contacts have fun and they can get you those magazines I guarantee you they still have them maybe just email them and ask them to send them to guarantee they have them okay yeah good idea oh keep going back to those which it's probably one of my favorite to date products I just got a really depressing memory and I need to talk about it to get it out okay I'm not trying to brag but I like to keep things like that and when you were talking it just reminded me of how sad I am about that I don't have those anymore because I'd like to have them when I'm older to brag cool it was at one point it's there's there's so much yeah we could have a whole podcast on this so we so we so you find just to close this out you find this event right so are we joking I think that was sarcasm on Tiffany's part but yes agree yeah like we'd no nobody here really cares much for that but about offensive things the way they teach math in general hence this group topic right here that we were talking about agreed I agree with you there was in a couple of fund magazines and had them stored in a special place in my husband through the accident. Yeah Oh no I don't have those I'm a very sentimental person like I'm a hoarder it just wasn't my time to shine you will be though it wasn't that's why I love finding I'm stoked that we get to talk about them because it's one of the things in life that I do like including the welcome to take it or leave it and advice podcast for parents brought to you by group collaborative did you know sixty billion single use sandwich bags are used by American families uh-huh I don't think it's appropriate in the sense of we don't need to have any comparison with these kids because in the world we live in today I feel like every kid is already comparing themselves everybody else because that's one word T. A. K. E. I. T. for ten dollars off your first box at www dot thep v Ben dot Com Meredith you remember what it felt like when you got your first box somebody who's going out and purchasing these things right so to me that's what Fab Done Thabit Fund does for me is sends me all sorts of stuff that I would normally get and I get to say hey look how pretty and specially with this bubble facemask or Miami I keep going back to the eyebrow pencils like I drew on my own eyebrow well just so everybody knows twenty nineteen that found winner box is on sale now thank God so if you've not gotten on at get on it while the getting is good because which is near and dear to me because my Grandmother is suffering with Alzheimer's and we actually just got to go on the community crews and she came Fox so then thirty nine ninety nine for like two hundred bones where the staff and also the charity partner right now is the women's Alzheimer's Movement wonderful that a program that specializes in communicating with children is able to relate such an important message they've done a phenomenal job with adding new muppets sesame street muppet has a mom who's struggling to overcome opioid addiction a sesame street character named carly is about to help young children affected by addiction to realize aw grandma so it's it's you know it gets hard because we get older they get older and it's you know it sucks but they're they're obviously doing a lot of as of that people aren't coming forward people weren't talking about it you know and now you know there's so many kids out there so many kids who are being raised by grandparents and being as audience members learn why she had to stay with her for now family carly's mother is dealing with addiction and her addiction is a sickness that is not carly's fault alone back in May sesame street introduced its newest muppet carly she six and she had to move in with a foster family her story line is going one step further doesn't call us by name because she doesn't remember but she knows she's supposed to remember us long so it's when when she was there after the show she said my name Oh and I was like so try it now if you've not tried it and get in on your winter box we went way we're just talking about it for way too long we hey it's all good google the muppet who has autism he has her like a stuffed and as he has a stuffed animal of her Not Zoe is it abigail I couldn't goal and the reason is because addiction such a taboo subject and for so long there's so much shame and fear and guilt associated with the subject of addiction and that because talking about how much you love it is it though is it though that's good all right so the news raised by other people because their parents are caught in the midst of addiction there's so many questions and people don't know how to talk to children about it and explain it to them children think it's our fault I think it's look here's the thing everybody knows we love this I know it's not hard to sit here and chat about exactly I know and that's what I'm saying is like most people like the ads they have a certain time limit they have it's in Br Brian has has her it's Oh my Gosh I just blanked now on her name Dave hid things sweet sweet story but but the the thing is even if she doesn't it was really nice to have her there because when she talks to all of us now a research and work on Alzheimer's so that's all that makes my heart happy that they work with them yeah so that's fabulous dot com use code take it and you get ten bucks off the two that's what they're called funny muppets to the program because they have a muppet who is on the spectrum Oh really yeah uh-huh eight that was the that was not the sesame street I was about to Mr Roger Scott I get them confused sorry I think is magic I like that my friends like whatever mental breakdown slash breakthrough you're going through now I hope you know it passes quickly and it really wow maybe it's a breakthrough and it ended up being breakthrough so she was right yeah I think that that's great I also texted you said you can reach out and touch someone anytime dude I laughed so hard in seconds or whatever but ours Dave's always like come on guys quit bragging about the damn thing and moving along was he liked that he was trying to herd cattle or so time yes did you hear the whole controversy between people claiming that Bert Ernie were gay and that this happened last year around this time ever wonderful things for for our kids there are some people who are upset well that's obviously once again that goes back to your point before everybody can be offended about everything Do you love this or why do I why so many people tag me in there like Hey I know an addict won't Eliya and she we have her stuffed animal and Brian loves her I love that yeah so anyway there's that cool so I removed give you a happier healthier home at Grove Dot Co Trust Grove only recommend the Best I love that they always have my back and they'll have yours too obviously aren't real people this is a math problem okay good point we can move on right that's fine anyway yeah Julia four year old who has autism that's them up at switched out the soap in my bathroom to lavender Oh and I really like it wearing lavender essential oil insulin rain so now I've got doubles everything because I did go ahead and order all the false sense on my own so we've got we're stocked up Yeah I just finish the addiction sesame street thing because I was getting really emotional about it yeah did you watch the episode I watched ninety five percent of it and then as like first of all Berkner and he had been cohabitating for years so odds are they are in a partner relationship and that's their business right leave it be but people we're all upset and I was just for the love once again these aren't real people they're muppets so let's not let's you know says mystery is definitely using much like these eleven marriage we have the ten questions you should ask your partner so your relationship can thrive instead of die like a weed wow asking the right questions could be the key to embarking on a more serious and meaningful relationship according to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Exeter sounds like a university on Community Levin Mark Levin Marriage is brought to you by Grove collaborative living healthy is more than just eating right is about ridding potentially harmful chemicals viewing cohort of couples I was so nervous about saying the word cohort that I messed up on while I was reading ahead before interviewing a cohort of couples they uh for you because you don't like to touch g today I know I was honored I took it but yeah but I think I think sesame street has done some really really a different planet earth too that's a different planet it's from a TV show go ahead the team spoke to ten divorce lawyers and mediator ten years or had been separated within that time and ten same sex and opposite sex couples who'd been cohabitating married or in a Civil Union for fifteen years I saw it's okay I feel you I'm just saying I was I was I was trying to I was like you could always reach out and touch someone dot we have a strong basis of friendship that's a good one yeah are you and your husband friends Doodoo friendly things people come over they think I know what I'm doing it you know what I mean right yeah because I've I've got grove hand wash and lotion next to it in case you WANNA lotion up your hands they were like everybody knows Berkner near gay and sesame street was like well we're not going to confirm or deny that rumor really but and like people were really upset about it and it's like what we know that you're upset that you didn't get to reorder your false sense because of my husband right of way they're available my husband just doesn't think sometimes it's aromatic okay big word yeah yeah it is but I do I what does that mean what does that I mean it's I can smell it it's it's it's it's it's era bird like we we hang out and we go places I think it's so everybody says you have to be you know your spouse to be your best friend but like the thing about a best friend or you can from the soaps and detergent to use to the clot you used to wash your face if s towns a bit daunting let me introduce you to grow collaborative check out all the incredible natural products yeah I don't know really yeah would have friends do I'm so old go to grove dot co slash take it they're gonna get a free five piece cleaning set for Mrs Myers in Grove just go to grove dot co forward slash take it you're GonNa be glad you did yep all right the thing with us is I I were definitely friends my husband just shook his head now yes so these are the questions that you should ask your partner okay are my partner and I good fit quote unquote good fit but I would say I totally feel what you're saying like I have best friends I have good friends or best friends who serve a completely different purpose here's in two judges and do judges in order to determine the main reason why relationships may be likely to fail before entering de Ching gun enter workout go do sports stuff we don't really work out together we separately workout maybe that but that's good you're healthy well I think yeah we do too whatever right under that's sorry join us in over half a million families you trust grow clever to make their homes happier and healthier for a limited time when I I can't I'm not in a good head space maybe now that I've had my mental breakdown slash breakthrough I love that you slapped ready well my said that to me yeah life yes okay are your expectations realistic no no no no I think that the downfall of punch him in the face most of the time you know what I mean right I agree so what do you have a French chip yeah you guys do one aspect to your relationship right yeah it's not just all sex twenty four hours a day for sure do we want the same things in our relationship life that's what I'm saying how can you compare it I don't think you can and I don't think you're supposed to okay so I think it's just saying like do you have a strong basis of friendship like it's not just one there's not one interviewed forty-three couples who died there been married for ten years or had been separated within that time we'll go ahead they interviewed forty-three couples who'd either been married for the real parenting relationship friends sex life drove heads that they expectations it is like you hang out with them you gossip with them you know you escape from the real world but your spouse is with you twenty four hours a day and they're the ones who you have to make every single life decision with and so it's easy to it quote it says quote good fit unquote rain is that talking about physically I don't know I think that could that could go either way number two Larry still feel like we're ready okay 'cause I burned you like a candle I take him because it says my matic what is it's like a two Hanso smells wonderful I like having it in the guest bathroom it makes me feel I have my life together when there's like fancy grove stuff I'm like are we both committed to working through hard times yeah we both feel we can discuss things freely and raise issues with each other know my sure I'm like Oh my God this is the best you know and then there are times where I'm like I need to leave and have a mental breakdown breakthrough yeah and that's good yeah and how's your I'm telling you right now those to fight you're right everybody fights right you're right maybe it has fleeting moments vibrancy right well there are to be so low yeah that's why my life with super low expectation is because I'm never disappointed we just figured it out it's right here we we had it I am I took the kids and was like go gladly I was a psych of pants for a little while yeah but he said you do yeah well kind of did I do not take constructive criticism well at all terrible at it and my husband but here's the other thing too and this might change in your marriage because we've been married on this podcast syndicated number one downfall to literally everything is having any type of an expectation literally than vibrancy shine right because he'll be like hey here's why you're a piece of shit and it's like oh I don't think awesome that do are we both bothering him and it's a catch twenty two because I can't fix it if I don't know but like when he does bring it up I'm like you're wrong here's the thing you did in nineteen ninety is it a dull muddy light or is it vibrant like a neon Rainbow Tino somebody whose marriage is like neon rainbow yes who and always feel nice well like sandpaper to the face but then you know what you know you need to consider working on in order to let your I I've known it for a long time do we generally see the best in each other no now my one of my favorite hobbies is planning out my husband's Patrick Harris and his husband we only can see the outside we cannot see we don't know what happening in the if you're the roof of their I do we both work at keeping our relationship vibrant what does that mean that you know what that means and wow okay but he doesn't even care if it's going to bother me anymore he's simply just says it that is nice oh well in quite a bit longer than you how cool well Brag because we're older and we've been married longer not because we're better okay okay clarify really really awful do we have each have support others around us right well that goes back to what you're talking about before I think friends right friends or family that that you go to in that are there for you and yes me more so really yeah every single marriage expectation let's it's the downfall of everything in life if we just found it out we figured it out right here and he's like no I made it so weird that's so funny but now she really had no tan lines good for her upper but and then tied behind her shoulder blades no way ultimate would alternate and the just looked like a spiderweb and so I'm watching this so I go like this eight yeah yeah before you even knew him yeah in one thousand nine pissed me off back then wave before we even met gree before we go so we were at this on this trip and were out on the beach and were all playing like football with the kid listen I we were at the airport coming back the other day and this taxi pulls right up in front of us as we're waiting for the shuttle to go back to pick up our car from the parking garage things in it and the taxi just says open now the booby-trapped meteors looks at the cabinet and looks at me hey and is getting these at brought to you by growth brought to you by DAVINCI's poll class the water or whatever and everybody's like you know chatting and all of a sudden this woman comes walking down and her bathing suit was just and then I see my son my thirteen almost fourteen year old son and he goes like it looked like he had broken his neck it had Buchan wash off and I was string bikini here's the thing let him have that you think I don't got images of here oh my God Dave in all he did was look right and then add it to his bank let him have it but that's easy for you to say banging body yourself you could wear it yeah we did that one when we face stressful circumstances would we pull together to get through it yeah we've done that a time or two yeah and it can be and this isn't even true it's legitimately not true we went up to an at and T. Kiosk one time and my husband thinks I had for this Etienne de salesman and I was so and it was only a string it was a string that went up through her but in it tied up between her shoulder blades so it was just why of string that when the and then looks away and I'm just like and Brian what were what happened and I'm like nothing bud and he's like what is this bubis so he needs friends yeah he's mandates yes I tell them all the time I'm like what are you GonNa Strip club or something with your just don't be afraid I won't hurt you and I'm like I'm out so I turn around go back inside and I started screaming date Dave cool dude mom I'm just saying I don't like honestly what difference does it make I mean it wasn't a sling slung if my house there I probably would have been like sorry no and he to this day we'll bring this up and it's like you're so stupid I did not have a thing for the sales guy I can't take it anymore interest Oh should I share that story okay so I'm telling the story to the first time for the first time indoor I hear don't be afraid you know what I won't hurt you and I said I'm sorry that's what leg so I'm looking and then he turns back and looks at me and he's like and I was like what Chile can at and he's like northern I'm like did you see that ladies bum it goes again don't be afraid you and he looks at me and he's like was that it and I'm like how are you more scared Ah I don't know he does that comes with time I'm jealously did not offend me whatsoever and she looked good right she looked good she was welcomed weird Old Lady I don't want my husband ever looking at anything other than this hang now had they've been like hey what's your room number that would have been offensive tiffany she's not heard this story so yesterday morning it's like six forty five and it's it's pitch black outside and go to get into the car and when I walk out the screen things nice they're just straight like just just looked like a spiderweb okay and it was barely covering the nips barely covering the cameras purpose Nah didn't care were you there Dave yeah he saw see a who cares me because I got like flap jacks upped this is a test she looked good right she did she looked good else no cell phones so stupid in love with his cell phone sales no he thinks Illinois I just want my husband to communicate with me but he says he's afraid to because I don't take struck criticism while so he doesn't like to say when things we'll do it again I'll do it hopefully they're listening okay yeah all right so join us next week for another episode of take it or leave there's a man outside he's talking and he's like what was he just walking his dog and I'm like no he's saying don't be afraid I won't hurt you he's like why don't WanNa go out there were you like one of those offended mom draws beat no I didn't give to winky dink who cares who cares when you're so it off I didn't even ask you can't just turn off people's Halloween decorations it gave me a mild cardio infarction I turned it off bans dammit go outside and so he

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