The Waters of life


TO START I WANNA share the work that. Mica Diane Karen and I did last week about how we're going to re work are are Mornings on the basis of All of your input. It was really sweet to sit and read them pod Show Wednesday mornings pretty much going to do very similar Tuesday evening We are going to keep our our just the same nine thirty to ten thirty. Then we're GONNA have a break at nine thirty and about five minutes for people that need to leave to standard stretch and then recruit for those who want to stay as we explore. How do we give more space for smaller group sharing time discussion time? practiced Sharing time so That's going to look like all sorts of things and I hope to have time to kind of give a little little driver enough that Today so we're going to do that then one of you to. I can't remember which had the beautiful idea of gratitude board The MICA was at you. That's brought it up actually came from you. Why didn't think about it for here? That was lovely At the detention center. Yeah the pillars painted in the nice colors with Try a race markers to write gratitude on Show we're going to try to have that and we've got three gratitude up there today and neither. None of us wrote our names. I would suggest write your name to and that board is going to be there just to share with each other In the morning and then we have a community Anyone who's willing to help offer some sort of community sharing event joining That came up really high on the surveys. People wanted more time for just community. Get together like a pot luck or a movie night. The way we decided to do that is whoever's willing to organize they get to play on what it is And we have our first to people who are willing to organize Ellen from Tuesday evening and Jen who goes back and forth between Wednesday Tuesday. So they're going to get together and come up with some idea for our first community event. Okay help me out one amend missing. Oh the practice group okay. So the other thing that came up high is people liked the idea of small practice. Groups get together like Once a month where you meet with six to eight people for six months to really share about practices deeper level So I'm meeting with someone who does that with another group in town And picking his brain About how we can kind of formerly organize that here so that will come. The last thing was Paul. I think it was you who said the lunch with roomy and so that would kind of go with the community events if someone has an idea like lunch with Rumi people liked that as well But what is going to take someone willing to say okay? I'm going to organize lunch with roomy. It's GonNa meet But you know and then the organization can help support. Share that word out so if you feel moved to actually pull that off Speak up or if someone else has some idea That you would like to offer I know bill. Hope you don't mind saying no you've seen every now and then like online courses And I know sometimes what happens around the country. These are national online courses is small groups at a local place will get together to explore it together through the course as another nice way of having a small group sharing so what that would take is semi feeling inspired by an idea and and then the organization can help support. But the word out and just deeply appreciate y'all's willingness to kind of jump in there and help look at this and anyone who wants to share as we get stronger at supporting each other particularly in these very difficult times where we need this Self okay so for today I have a short story and then out of this Story would love to explore some small group exploration This is a story from a brothers. Graeme story the water of life. Love that story but it's very long very very very Fruitful STORY TO EXAMINE. But just so long that actually don't think I've ever brought it here but I read this kind of shortened Alternative version of it. That's just simple and goes straight to one point and It it fits right in this theme of how can we look at our practice in a different way to help strengthen I get it stronger? So in this version this comes from KOSHEN. Polly ELLISON The New York Zinn Center for contemplative care. And I'm modifying just a bit from his to Show in a kingdom far far away long. Long time ago there was a king who was very sick and he knew there was something called the water of life. The Cure Him Make him well again. He had three sons so he promised the sons who ever could find the water of life would inherit the kingdom now. The eldest son was considered the smart one the wise one the intelligent one and he was the eldest and so he just immediately said this is mine to do. I am the one who is going to be able to use my intellect to figure this out and and father I will come back with the water of life to Save Your Life. And so he goes out Travels who knows. How far eventually crosses a bridge? Where of course there's a troll under the bridge and the troll POPs out on top of the bridge and before the troll can even say anything. The eldest brother looks at the troll. And says you disgust me? Get Out of my way and literally knocks the troll off the bridge and goes on. Well you know as it turns out. Trolls actually have some magical powers. And maybe knocking off the bridge in that. Smart. So the troll as as he's disappeared off into the distance you know throws a curse Adam And the curse land and the eldest brother finds himself in a narrow canyon that gets deeper and deeper Muddier muddier until he gets stuck mired in the muck he can't go far. It can't go backwards. He's just stuck so he doesn't show back up the second the second brother In this version is called the fabulous won the handsome fabulous one and when the oldest brother doesn't show back up. He's like well. This is mine and liking kind of this big ego at Quay Puffs often. I got this and he goes marching out. goes a fair distance Crosses A bridge troll jumps out pretty much basically the same thing you disgust me knocks the troll off the bridge. He gets cursed. He gets stuck in trouble somewhere. So eventually is just the youngest. Who's left at the at the castle with his father sick. Neither brother coming back and he realizes that this is what's needed for him to go out and look for. The water of life is just what needs to be done. He's actually called in this version. The dumb lean Sometimes that's referred to as the simpleton the one who is a bit slow a bit simple but he sees what needs to be done and he goes off. He goes who knows how far crosses a bridge troll. Pops up on the bridge and before the troll can say anything he looks at the troll and he says. Oh Hi how are you? Who are you and ask him? The question and trolls can have dumbstruck. That somebody's actually greeting him with care. Hospitality that the Troll Lake is a little taken aback and says oh well. I'm the troll of the bridge. Who are you and the brother says? I'm you know from such and such king them trying to find the water of life to save my father's life and the troll says oh I know where that is. Follow me I will take you there and The troll and the the brother go off and they get the water of life. Bring it back to the father. The father is cured and the youngest brother inherits the kingdom. So it's kind of this beautiful metaphor for like infant number things but if you think about it for practice why do we practice the water of life? It's like the water. We're looking for to help heal. Our illness are paying hurt. I worry and what often happens when we practice is our intellect gets in the way and tries to bat trolls out of the way. And we get stuck or or our ego gets caught up in it in a way. That's not helpful. Tries to bat trolls out trolls. Pop Up that's what happens. You go on a journey. Trolls are going to be there. That's just part of it And it's not until the youngest son walks on the path with the different kind of orientation with a willingness to meet what ever troll happened to pop up on the path and that act of meeting. The troll is what allows him to find the water of life. The troll is not. What's in the way the troll is the way that a really helpful turn around and if you just paused for your own self right now and consider your practice. What kind of trolls pop up for you? That feel like they are standing in the way of the path. Maybe it's a troll of business too busy. Maybe it's a troll of distracted. Mind my mind is just too crazy to settle down in this moment. Maybe it's a troll of anxiety or worry maybe it's troll of just Called up and too many things you know it doesn't you know what's the one for you. What are some of the ones? I mean rephrase it. I know I have more than one. What are some of the ones for you like maybe just named one internally for yourself and then consider what's what way do I need this troll? This like the first two brothers. And what happens with that? What do I know about meeting the troll? Or what am I learning about meeting this troll? The third brother what happens with that.

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