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They got a little better now broadcasting from the palatial Bob and Sheri Studios is poverty why is an executive team seconds. We'd be on the air eats the Bob and Sheri show with Bob What can I do I'm on my mind and sharing I'll be back she said that it was really hard returning to that part it's super physical very demanding role I mean she's a warrior Queen Against the very upset I'm going to help you predict the girl whole body is a weapon or are you care what happens to her because I was her August twenty nine nineteen ninety seven supposed to be judgement day Lisa had been kind of like mostly kind of partially mostly retired she said the only thing about returning to that part that was easy was working with me just tell you something about this Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor all know about the movie but the trailer will have you jump out of your seat Schwarzenegger again she said when they when when she walked into the room and there he was they were both just giddy they were so happy working together because most and I teach the future seeped three billion lives enough of resume free you know Lilly she serves it up and there's a great we're going to play it for you Max found it there's a payoff at the end so let it go all the way through all the physicality meanwhile have to meanwhile so this woman Linda Hamilton comes out of retirement trains for year and is saving humanity meanwhile this is my Mama arment she was living a very nice quiet private life in New Orleans she came out of retirement to do the movie I put that was fun I think it probably does and you may have seen the future union change our fate bait brings back Sarah Connor and Linda Hamilton who played Sarah Connor in the terminal in the original Terminator and Terminator Two Judgment Day came out of retire actor learns English and then he goes on to become the freaking governor of California which is the sixth largest economy in the world and then he marries a Kennedy mazing life I was just thinking about it while we were playing that the guy was an Austrian bodybuilder couldn't speak English came to the United States won all these in Mrs. although I am going to kill you understand never seen one like you before almost human I am human just enhanced coming back to destroy humanity do you think Sarah said Oh I don't like to leave the dog which your mother fair out your mother if she eric Garner it's just people who different in your mother got a groove she got into a thing you could call it a groove you can call it a Rut but that's what she got in the phone I don't like to derive it that's true they be about the same age so I don't think I wanna read with trump and then he comes back and makes a movie at this point in his life it's like what Tommy Chong said when he was in there he done so many things she said Tommy number ten is dominos than Tim. Horton's hello there press kyle what a Burger Dairy Queen Chick-fil-a subway car when I come to visit I know I know Connor Line until they drag you out of this world kicking and screaming peace the problems in the early read up my name is Sarah Calmer a sonic Dunkin McDonald's and the one that is number one and if you took me back to my childhood until it's such a such a varied career he goes man it's like surfin you just catch the wave and you'll ride that one in and then you paddle out and wait for the next one auty building contests and you would have thought okay that's the career and then he's going to endorse I dunno milkshakes or something with protein in him but then he goes on to become this it's all like if you're a terminator fan like everything you want is right there on screen and she's in her early sixties and she trained for a year the combat scenes his New Jersey Mike's is not on there and Panara is not in the top ten so I'll tell you what they are these are the ones that are the were most likely to be loyal to it's now you don't you don't embrace fast food so it doesn't apply to you as much as it would me I'm very loyal to Jersey Mike's me see it's not on there then he cheats on a Kennedy with the housekeeper right and then he goes back into television to host the celebrity apprentice and now he's an gets into fights really good point that is true it's funny because I was someone Terminator Fan obviously that's my kind of movie some reading about her returning to that part and Schwarzenegger and off I went and I said Oh yeah that's that place at that place with those Yo ring things and hamburgers I'm going to go in there so you're GonNa have a wedding venue I don't think so sherry you think when Sarah Connor when they came to Sarah Connor and they said Sarah the Terminator Wendy's you know I do have loyalties to certain ones there are a few that I would never set foot in and I'm not going to say which ones they are for no spirit here to protect you back to my eaten at I've always eaten it I discovered one on my bike you know because my my parents weren't taking me there and I finally got I was old enough to be on my bike yeah that's true not a chance they're not going to open I mean even I guess they would open up in Cheyenne Wyoming or somewhere like then you'll end up having to apologize I'm going to have to apologize you know somebody's a salesperson is that's one of their accounts not too you can guess ars review sent right to your phone text eight eight Bob share and I was reading this thing about how Americans are loyal to food chain completely dead to me my husband is way into Popeye's chicken so I've had popeye's chicken and he's way into Krystal burgers which aren't everywhere and we don't anywhere near Krystal Burger but if we're on the road and we see one even if you just ate Thanksgiving dinner he'll go to Krystal Burger there are people like that Krystal Burger lately like I never was intimate I never ever went to a McDonald's as a kid hamburgers much there weren't any McDonald's to homing yes that's true easy sliders like White Castle White Castle tiny thin hamburger grease on the little tiny slider bun and a pickle and I mean if you don't make it everybody especially big paying brother I thought was the most delicious thing I ever had my life and I think that's why they hook you early and you and you just say that's my place you know I had complete you know I think you know yeah and I just I don't like their stuff and I will not go in and I'm do you not like their stuff because you've had it or D- Are you suspicious of me what they did and that they would be the number one chain I would have said back can't be is starbucks now I am loyal half dollar a little bit bigger than that right and they can look at the look on my face and went to the gas station and bought me a yogurt true if you're ascendancy with I'm loyal McDonald's even if they take me off I get over it and I and it has to be that it's Nesta I think flee becomes a sandwich if you stop and think about it much smoke and don't they lord that's the only one I found on here that I thought you'd be Alec Tripoli's not on there it's not like I don't eat any of that kind of stuff I'm just like a real difficult for find to I'm not asking you to get a submachine gun and kill the Cyborg Bill Meskel dollar rent a car get canned with GNC for you get started at GNC or you dot com that's GNC the number four the letter U Dot com GMC never tried it and you're not gonNA know I've tried it but I tried it once and I decided I would never give them a chance again just dead to me my there are two of them who's paid big money though which you get the car dollar rental oh I don't think so wouldn they highway people drive so through its shares I know it I know and that's and that's the one I led with a if you stop and think about it Dorothy killed two women for a pair of shoes like ten o'clock at night they pulled into Krystal Burger and Kevin and the twins eight two dozen of the thing they're small they're like the size of the be cat P or penis you stop and think about it a pair of underwear is really just one underwear and it is true well here's Bob and Sheri this is kind of silly but I liked it somebody did a Hashtag if you stop and think about it and here are some of the replies to if you stop another I think they're McDonald's in Lake Jackson hole but I didn't I lived in a town that had four hundred eighty six people they're not going to have support a McDonald's I want to be sure you're taking the right vitamins it's personalized daily vitamin packs delivered each and think about it online if you stop and think about it if two people on opposite sides of the world simultaneously dropped a slice of bread the earth x was a crystal Bergerson that as soon as we got near her hometown of Chattanooga we couldn't go see her parents until we went to crystal Burger and they were the original little green one hundred eighty six million can you cannot so I go to more than just McDonald's I mean I go to Wendy's sometimes I like all sorts of stuff like that have fresh do you think they would have a cow I swear I read once that they has loud that's about the titanic yeah dairy animals on the titanic because they used to travel with account no seriously like the Queen Mary or whatever they would have you keep it up and ruined my whole day if you stop and think about it our heads are already over our heels nothing and is on fire fire is on things when do you want me to stop is that part of if you if you think about I'm just when that thing went down I wonder if there were any like live creatures chickens or something that we're in the kitchen that I mean chickens wouldn't that's true if you stop and think about it if catnaps an pita from hunger games were Hollywood celebrities they're super coupled nickname would giving I'm giving you the option yeah all right I was hoping you would soda. Don't ever do that as a matter of fact he would can this is a person that did not eat a lot she would throw down six to ten of them just like that we were we were on a road trip with the kids if you stop and think about it the sinking of the titanic must have been a miracle to the lobsters in the ship's kitchen that's dark I wanted it's so great that is that is great that they survive my dog would have survived and here's why the barking would have driven everyone's so crazy they would have thrown him to the subject about a week or two ago that some people they were women were told to take off their dresses because the dresses would he is here he has on headphones what Hey Max what did you bring up rats and wouldn't have bothered him with a brats but no you had to bring up dogs and there were cats on the I used to food like that it's going to come a call for you later on I'll tell you that you have to I think they have to break in early to you too action to buy you pants if you'll promise to wear the half at a time can I tell you something after the sinking several of the surviving animal owners made compensation read they were no okay no I'm done with this then I'm just like the titanic he's just got no you weren't there chickens for the eggs yeah there must the breakfast for perished Ave yeah there may have even been cops with a Group A game of hide and seek you could at least be decent enough to be good at hide-and-seek there is a forty two year old guys name is Jason Sammy farm-animals on cruise ships because like these ships there were no planes right ships would take two weeks sometimes to make the the through malls now granted they're on Meth I have people that I actually know in real life who I look at their instagram sometimes and think I will take up james their loss pets and poultry did they there was somebody claims seven hundred fifty dollars for the loss of his bulldog you know you somebody else for the loss of two dogs is to go down with the ship that is the saddest some rightist right there that's just we don't live in that world anymore we have people who are naked walking gal in Wharton Texas he was wanted on burglary charges and about four days ago a cup hold him and said you better turn yourself in be too heavy if they had to swim like rafters abode or something and they shows rather than to be embarrassed to be in their underwear or whatever they chose if you stop and think about it you've never actually seen your face only pictures and reflections true and his true yeah wear the the the facing five to ten years in prison for felony burglary and I'm really surprised they called him the first place rather than going over there and getting him five to ten per find me took the cops about three hours they spotted scarred is driveway and found Jason hiding in his own attic he passage the ocean crossing the couldn't refrigerate the mill for the they had fresh you know who knows who knows while the reasons why not just say he didn't WanNa know that answer but he you know what he he's told to submit questions in writing and he's been told not to ask how the animals exactly in Iowa they lived next door to a meat locker and they've lived there for years and the titanic sinking the yes they were chickens and birds and there were other animals on that at all I don't need to hear it once you lied to me why didn't you land north west of Des Moines and they've never had a problem but a couple of weeks ago Mr Lucina came home and found five inches were able to trace it all to the custom meat locker next door and the company is now quote pumping it into a large tank five inches deep in blood and entrails that's like something out of us us shine in horror movies shining I know could that place ever be right after the giving up that's you know speaking of the titanic you said something that I didn't know the other day about the titanic I don't know how we got on the titanic you could put a note up there in Todd's little room over there has anything to do about a dog never bring a dog and who were they you could see how because this was supposed to be the ship that could not be sunk right three dogs on safe little dogs survived the sinking of the type and the life though just to be dominant Sam would have live it's still pretty miserable yeah back in the day you would have in a family is temporarily moved into relative a relative's house I want you to imagine coming home from work opening your basement door flipping on the light and it can be happening you can you can call me Bucci Sherry I don't care text the word Moron and this one's scary text the word more on two eight eight two six two's of after me now here's the thing that's never going to happen to me and I'll tell you why I am not ever moving next door to a meat rendering you mean it's just I but they did well thinking about it I could see it well now that we know what the Irish still had worse accommodations down every lost our minds crazy time I am allergic to everything on planet felony that's pretty serious thing you know I think that it is so bold in twenty one thousand nine hundred to tell anybody you'll never find no but then the guy it locker next door sent the waste into the Stena family basement through a floor drain Oh my word of course burn Australia he was twenty four years old at the time this was a while ago and he was teaching ethics and apparently he tried to recruit a I want to know about that I never heard about that before what do you mean I don't want to know about it they'll our chickens oh one question too many for you now including those one hundred times smaller than a heck of filter can trap so if you have allergies like we do or asthma you'll be interested to know one day just decide okay I could see maybe he thinks he could get away with it if he's in a park all standing in front of everyone asks sustained symptom reduction within a week of us one week it's dramatic so many sufferers including me are able for the first time hauled molecule and with molecule we were able to get rid of our old Hep A. Filter system that happened filter was invented in World War Two right molly you students to get involved with him sexually and while teaching the class he flashed a student and threatened to is come on the best you can hope for is that he's lost his mind yeah that's right now where are we as a people when the best we can hope for is that we ever to breathe freely no sneezing no congestion inside your own home it's amazing molecule is the apple of air purifiers wanted them burglary charges we're gonNA give you rest of the day turn yourself in Jason responded to the cop on the phone he said no way and you'll never ed you're doing that with your parents in front of students I'm going to say again you get away with little things and you get bolder and bolder and bolder and then cure goes way beyond that molecules technology is able to not just capture but completely destroyed the full spectrum of indoor air pollutants it doesn't just have groundbreaking technology on the inside but it creates a complete and clean air purification experience molecules technology oh that a study done by the American College of Asthma Allergy and immunology found that molecules technology provided dramatic statistically significant with your child has asthma so we've tried one air filter system in our house after another and I finally after searching and searching found a product as the car in the driveway and they just drive by our today's more of the day is the ultimate spooky month moron it happened to a family will a female student if she turned him down once again he was teaching ethics at the College a Tribunal Board just found him guilty Soda Molecules Technology has been personally effective in verified by science but most importantly it's been tested by real people molecule already has helped rich was backed by the EPA and molecules claims on its technology have been tested and verified by third party laboratories like the University of not a professional misconduct and he will find his punishment in December. What do you think you're smart enough to be a college proof you're teaching ethics in four three seven hundred seventy to your phone got a good deal on that house there's a guy whose name is Michael Montalto and he was a lecturer at a college in sharing the movie is going to be any good at all we'll leave it to the people's movie critic when he reviews it but the new terminator movie it's called Terminator Dark this of blood fat and other waste leading his family's basement what officials say that clog or a break in the pipe the me everybody wants Bob and Sheri you here they are he's a moron he's actually like a complete idiot Laurent's in the news where you know if you taught allergy and asthma sufferers around the country better cope with their conditions and significantly reduce their symptoms molecule was developed by a scientist whose on son suffered from asthma and was so frustrated by his inability to find an air purifier that would ease his son symptoms molecule works and I molecule dot com Mo L. E. K. U. L. E. DOT com enter Sherry ten at checkout molecule it's so easy take it out of the box seen some golfers would use the caddy standing right behind them as sort of a line to put the ball like the caddy would move an plugging in it changed my life it'll change your stu ten percent off that's a great offer at molecule dot com the Promo Code is Sherry ten at checkout changed and Bob might know about this is that there's this rule that putty rather when putting caddies cannot stand directly behind them while they're U. L. E. DOT COM and enter Sherry ten at checkout that's S. H. E. R. I ten at checkout ten percent off your first air purifier order now back to the podcast sponsored by homeadvisor by top rated local pros for any home project reviews check cost Guide and Book Appointments Online at Homeadvisor Ship Indiana as you mentioned couple of days ago Leeann Walker hadn't played competitive golfing awhile hadn't played in an LPGA tour event in eleven years back in two thousand eight and one of the rules? Let's talk about this I saw this and I meant to ask you about it because I didn't know you're going to be able to come in today how do you get fifty eight penalty strokes in a golf game are you second day and she was made aware of by are playing partners you call the rules official asked what to do turns out each one of those infractions is a two stroke penalty so every time she did ensure to and the Golfer would feel it and kind of with one eye cocked see where the caddy is and so it was considered to be helpful and so Leeann over today's amassed forty two penalty shots in her first round sixteen more the second day nobody noticed the first day she was playing with a group and then they got the fourteen or fifteen the the played differently well there's always next time I guess that I mean I didn't of course I wouldn't know about where the cat he can stand I barely understand what a caddy does that it became twenty nine times to fifty eight penalty strokes over today so she should come back to the LPGA eighty five and seventy four turned into a one twenty seven and getting ready to make a shot right they have to reset whatever I guess that's because the caddy can just like give them extra knowledge of the well the rankings ninety sleep making the cut and if she hadn't been penalized she would have missed the cut by one stroke one-stroke who knows she might have played report the Chicago cubs spring training happens in Arizona couple years ago stayed there for that you know month or so six weeks of spring training out there run of the House and beating or hitting clubs lack of awareness lack of rule knowledge this was on the senior Lpga tour that actual senior LPGA champion no no no that's what he's saying that's that's where the caddy is is Staying but the Golfer will feel because knowing where the caddy is Jason Gallagher is supposed to go just not directly signed signed right anywhere all off the side but not right behind get ready to cough when the when the next I will say he's got the money to pay for it now he does but I think it's kind of like it's been too much time to dump college students what's up with that so this is the Lsu Florida football sir can stand there for like a few seconds but it has he has to or she has certainly away when the cut is going to reset so yeah just stand ballgame. It's the story of an Alabama freshman though who's accused of calling in a bomb threat into Lsu Tigers Stadium during their game nineteen year old connor crawl called in told the police piece of a bomb threat there tigers went forty two twenty eight he called it in because his friend was on the verge of losing a large bet so that's hr Lpga tour leg a little something on the green like maybe just a little Brown's bodily or whatever and you can use that as an angle if you line up what you're doing you don't WanNa use a human being like the caddies pad to the Slab so estimated repair and replacement of fifty one thousand dollars the owners kept the five thousand dollars security deposit back in twenty fifteen coincidence gotta gotta probably took four years maybe it took all this time to work its way through the courts and into maybe Public Awareness Epstein says they never heard from them again until just a couple days ago and out of the blue here they go with this big lawsuit this is what happens when people don't WanNa be unkown how for whatever reason all these years later four years later is being sued by the home owners because they say that their dog pede so much was in this rental property the urine penetrated through the car all input their dog in a diaper if the dog and you have one dog cannot figure out what what the what is got to pick what you're going to live Flat Theo Epstein was the general manager when the Red Sox won the world series so he should not be penalized for anything well and the you know the cubs and obscene gestures or as it's called a todd's house Thanksgiving rage yoga you know there are places in New York City you can go this the sun grew up with batty said it was behind the TV in the corner of the living room it's fat in the den there he said I never took it outside and played with it now show up in the carry the bag around spend the day before studying every nuance of the green so in this case the caddy's like some sort of human sundial like we because we know where the golfers about to put tell me again why the caddy can't stand right behind the goal was say for example like when does he put you'll notice like there's like maybe a piece in our case not in the PG appropriate go there instead I think I would like to try that my long my long fantasy is is the next time someone's like what's what's in radio here's Bob and Sheri yes indeed here a few things you may have missed there's a new thing called Rage Yoga you've heard about the goat yoga where you do yoga and this we're having for dinner is to Frisbee plate through the window but I don't because that's exactly right boy that would have been a great thing for me to do sir XS finger and then posted it on facebook she posted the picture of the finger finger on his facebook I'm dying to know it's on your back or something like that Yoga Yoga that's very very popular this is rage yoga where participants yell scream swear drink and if that everything has to be shared this story May convince you of it a woman in Connecticut was just arrested after she bid off over a hundred gold why did they wait for four years I took for years for the wood-rot or simply because you need to know his dog's name as Winston when I was doing a television show hi Bob Lacey is see this China what an open that would be if you don't believe his allergy medicine plus his dogs antics ad meds could do that too why would he be doing that with the dogs medicine so many people take their pets mets why they give you a sledgehammer and you just go to town and they say that it is so freeing and you walk out shopping feeling much better and some people who could have done something that perhaps would have been an that the cat has lined up directly where you should put oh God that would be because you're swinging back like a pendulum right and forward so you could use that Kennedy people think the cat is she doctor and you say I feel like my bones are trying to climb out of my skin and I haven't slept for days and they say have you tried hot green tea his anti anxiety medicine well now finally something that makes sense you know it's it's a terrible thing that he did but I actually believe that I live with plumb line is trying to bring it back around to you that you would well you know what that's let's shift gears and go to a story that I can completely understand and that's a dog that won't stop what the caption was I know if you think it's annoying to see my wife's bloody Mary Pictures I mean that's a bloody finger picture so has the same thing with his ZAN he only gets his for thunderstorms how often do you give cocoa Once a day he needs it. Yeah Oh Coco's like my mom and the seven under whatever was the the record this was given to a friend of his back in the day the mayor of suffer an New York Jim Rice's friend many many years ago back in the mid forties was given this bat inside the helmet right fellow having he's right Oh my gosh people don't you know unless you have diapers the house Theo Epstein is the president of heart if you're not feeling well take your temperature frequently with the exergen temporal scanner is Bob in Cherry thank you very much and Sherry just posted a picture I know some of you have been nice enough to go over Mike Rows a doctor in England groped a nurse and then blamed it on his hay fever medicine mixing with his dogs really just ticked off about something and you go in they have old appliances and TV's and China all sorts of things and you pay by the hour and see pictures of my first grandchild my my grandson Christian James Christian and I'm so proud of the pictures and I just posted first of all dumped you dumb friend he's going to jail for that round now he was jailed and unspecified charges but fugitive from justice is what he was original that's true you know my dog is now on next to we did move we had to put him on Xanax and so there's nothing stranger than pulling up to the CVS I said I'm here to pick up a prescription for yeah because if you say cocoa they look in there and they say where's the stripper that's that's the first picture of you holding him and that's going to be in the family forever and it says that you dressed up to see your grandson I thought uh-huh Oh my word books for people with Heart Disease Asthma and cancer the flu can hit and I'm I'm wearing a striped button down collar shirt and a tie and if you're wondering why because I know people are GonNa when they go to see the pictures saying why Ramsay the fathers casually-dressed he's sleeping in the in the hospital that a chair right but I said why would I do that and she said because adorable and she was right when I when I did it I thought you know I am so glad I got dressed up and it'll be interesting to see you know years and years and years from now when I'm long gone and he's in his forties when he looks back and sees that it'll be interesting to see if the are you wearing a tie in a hospital it was because Mary suggested it and I you know I was going to show up with a nice shirt on all casually-dressed certainly you give it to I stick it in a blueberry and he just eats right out of my hand but the problem is when I pull up to the CVS open the window and I'll say right away police don't laugh in his two sisters are getting together to put up for auction online it's supposed to fetch over one million dollars five hundredth home run by the Bay Sherry another one and I'm holding him he is at this point probably stop hours a few hours old and looks fantastic by the way the cat has a look on its feet and sometimes for no reason at all yells and the vets like I'm gonNA write Zanex you go into the vet and you go into your own and I look like I cared with my luck when my first grandchild comes into the world I'll be working a radio event dressed as a hot dog that's the money a third of millennials in the survey say their grandparents sometimes post stuff that is just too personal you know we've all seen these things somebody and you have a millennial who is a grandchild this is what they don't want you to post especially on facebook don't post personal stuff about family feuds or tech oriented it's facebook these are things that millennials do not want their grandparents to post okay so if you are an older grandparent clothes that I'm wearing and it would so nice shirt and a nice tie if they somehow translate to that period at the rate we're going that next addictions that'll be taken so to couple this with the story I think works a tech company that's not the one whereas Oh here we go ending in a spot as something that would pull my club directly back towards my caddie see I was thinking you meant the caddy was standing behind her drive through and they'll say picking up a prescription yes and the name Koko look look they go birthdate and I'm like odd she he's Dan how hot a hot off the Press Babe Ruth's Bat yes a one that he used per hominy hits number homer number five hundred which time on his way to seven that's exactly right yeah but I'm glad I wore it and it'll be maybe it'll just be a this quaint picture but you know what I looked clean their grandparents over use them don't try so hard to be friends with their friends about a quarter of millennials like it when older relatives sent friendly hey don't know is it really the dog's name is in the dog's name or word but the way the CVS does it is all dogs are zero one zero one nine to me only so her grandmother would post on facebook I don't like what you're wearing it makes you look heavy and she could not make her it's the no that I don't have to do Thanksgiving all of it every year I saw a really funny thing I can't remember if it was buzzfeed or hi will look to him like velvet knee Britches and that's what I that's what I was thinking isn't that funny I mean isn't it doc lacy love to be your friends really kid really oh I'm so sure that's anything you need to worry about I don't like it the gyms okay thank you very much courts confused me it is Bob Sherri Sherri named again this year is one of the most influential women you want your grandfather posting stuff about how he's dropping it like it's hot maybe not maybe it's in the nuance it's what Graham Gano they're like upset if I don't follow them back up say follow them back I'm upset when one of medicines male friend says but I don't think you should get involved with your grandchildren's lives too much you know Ditto for your kids I have a weird life because sometimes one of my funny it'll certainly be something that people still wear but only maybe for the most I I was going to say I don't know if they're going to wear them at all four years from the yeah you have to be careful with that right well that makes me anytime I see that that makes me sad I know and finally don't try to act to cool a lot of millennials find it embed the million dollars how much you paying for the Babes Bat GonNa pay at least in the dollars you you would cough it up though I mean wouldn't that be the understand that this was not a prime going out there go out there number two millennials say don't use grandma don't use too many emojis one in five seven we're but this this woman collected all of her grandmother's facebook status updates she's like my grandmother thinks her facebook status is like tex it's like private the one problem I have with grandparents posting on facebook and it drove me insane with my dad stop typing in all caps yelling don't post about anything to sad like being sick or lonely just be so I guess just be sick and lonely and just you know suck it up grandma I dunno I guess daughters will come to me and she'll be like my friend Lucy wants to know why you haven't accepted her friend requests look because I'm a grown woman I seek out your friends on inside cool you know sometimes if you're a GRANDPA and you say I'm woke what he means is eight sleeping you're up from your now right it's Bob and Sheri quest to their friends you know I wouldn't want that either I would not want of course you know wasn't even my friend let alone my friend's friend that was Anya Looks Chris woman was like that's my daughter and then one of the other ones that made me laugh you know when you're posting maybe forty years from now we'll all be dressed characters and star trek the next generation I think that's where it's going we're heading that way with our athletes are Ath- leisure were that's Ah the baby was all curled up and it's in color and it was the the four d ultrasound she posted on her facebook and her grandmother commented grandpa posted on Ashley's Facebook Ashley you are smart butyl phone young lady at the beginning of her adult life it will be a pleasure to watch you continue to grow sitting in a corner and a TV family for seventy five years that is scary post there was a fire you won the won the lottery you have to hang on facebook and you'll go ahead and you'll type a person's name and it'll sort of helpfully automatically like tag a friend or whatever so pursing kind of act your age you know maybe just take a look at what you're wearing you know that you're posting I think it all depends too though 'cause she can rock it oh happy birthday GRANDPA and grandmaster flash he meant to say grandma but facebook grabbed it and he realize it as you can have now they're just remarkable yeah they're so detailed won't one woman post it a close up of her unborn child three photo of the death star in the night sky and grandma commented on it Oh beautiful that is just amazing grandma and you're used to seeing somebody in your family posting a lot of pictures as millennials do about you know food that they're enjoying or restaurant you know thank God she didn't Allie do like four of them in a row the laugh laugh cries if she really wants to make thank God she didn't do that because they can't get a prescription it's it's cheaper it's easier to get CECE ZANEX for the cat than it is for yourself rudeness to the vet and you yeah I mean I think it's none of these like really strict ask everybody's different you're right there I mean do do got it his finest thank you love you Akram lasagna one is the most bizarre one but if you're if you're wouldn't do on social media yes and I was trying to remember where I saw that thing that made me laugh so hard so google and one of them was the you know the Three D. Color ultrasound doc lost one of the great loves of my life today honey my precious boxer my heart is so sad I will never forget you know grandma posts so sorry describe left guard grandma very hard dark sense of humor dot com here's Bobbin chicken seri say sports it's Jim Sochi was sports gives me hey jim get on in here and she goes I just don't WanNa take time to take the caps logoff stop being lazy you're retired you've got nothing else going on all right Mris or don't post that's the two stories don't try to be too sad about Senate could be the GRANDMAS eyesight isn't great and those emojis are tiny denise posted like a handful of collage pictures of her dogs Chad she just wants to be a part of it that's all judge on your grandparents baby born on standing rock Indian reservation was named Muni Wha Kuni which means water is life and some woods grandmother replied back Oh how nice my grandson is named the just to give you an update on what's going on day one more then we'll go on CNN on their facebook page post it the baby born this I'm known that just like that so another facebook user posted as their profile photo and an enormous right I guess she thought without knowing that facebook was snapchat all right here's another one grandma maxine post it as her facebook status this is one thing that the best that's what it's calling the human sundial human plumb line yeah exactly exactly I I'm just so in this one denise had to explain to her grandmother that the Emoji that's laugh crying is is laughing from experience when I tell you it is so different for ten percent off your first air purifier visit Molecule M. O. L. E. K. you yeah here's another one this grandmother Po Printed out a photo on her granddaughters facebook along with all the captions and Eh understand he goes I'm not yelling I'm like understand it's yelling gee-gee which is the Kids Grandmother Candy she does it all the time could get boy GRANDPA has really changed his lifestyle so this is this is another one isn't it amazing the grandmaster flash is is so well they my wife posts all the time and you don't know about three D. or four D. ultrasounds you can see how she might it's private messaging Hello Benjamin John Kani Sandy and all the rest I have no comment at this time and that was it grandparents daas right you know it's going to be interesting because everybody gets judged right as you get older because technology working in had it framed and when the granddaughter was like but why the grandmother said well it would it would be lost forever if I didn't she didn't realize that they can pull it off ninety five years old and it would work for time I can be posted doing yeager bonds Yeager Mike at Beach when we're retired and I'll still do Lamar's review sent right to your phone text eight Bob Sharon you're just talking about this stuff double annuals wish their grandparents I was just at a wedding for a family member and both of his parents are gone and as we were sitting there waiting for the changes so much common forest yeah that's exactly right all the stories and that really haunted me because he was a teenager when he lost his mom and dad and there's so many things that his parents and the team transcribes the audio from the interview and then turns it into a beautiful keepsake quality book it's just that easy similar services will cost you like two thousand dollars but with forever note you get a book authentic because it's in your loved ones voice starting at just ninety left of a lifetime it's the gift of your family's story beautifully preserved in a keepsake book and what an unbelievable gift this makes for the holidays signed but nobody has to deal with rolling up their sleeves and doing the writing the process is simple you just go to forever note dot Com to sign up your loved nine dollars Goto forever note dot Com and use the Promo Code Sherry for a special offer it's twenty dollars off and you can get started today it's the her bucket of Rowley Police She kept one by the front door I found another one in her closet the bathroom like tell us about your daughter what does she collect all kinds of bugs She had several buckets full of really police at one point and she serve their most precious memories and traditions. 'cause here's why forever note does it celebrates should loveland stories and beautiful book that's professionally edited and design personalized daily Vitamin Packs delivered each month with GNC for you get started at GNC or you dot com at GNC the number four the letter maybe you wish you knew those stories and you just have never gotten around to asking your parents and your relatives to tell them that's where forever note CBS in forever note lets you discover details about the people you love their lives details you never knew and it makes it easy for families to we'll never be able to tell him I mean think about all the wonderful stories you know about your mom and dad's early life and the early life as a couple together or me they were everywhere but we lived in a ground level apartment and we had tons of them right around our front patio girl is going to become I if one and you schedule a convenient phone interview and of course they do it in English but they can also do interviews in Spanish Korean Mandarin Even Tagalog found a roach and our old apartment and she put it in a plastic shoebox with a sharpie she wrote in the side of crawler she named it crawlers a roach along did she keep crawler the pet cockroach alive well it was in a sealed plastic shoebox though it didn't last too long didn't go well my pet roach and threw it out the bucket of Rowley police in her bedroom closet he's seven we're going to go to Danielle right now who has a daughter with an unusual hobby hey Danielle how you doing all right Danielle Steele and we are doing fantastic sneakers was basically Jeffrey Dahmer yes that's right Danielle thank you so much thank you so much sweetheart you were you're a sweet mon ace that's forever note dot Com Promo Code Sherry for twenty five dollars off on your family's story now back to the show WANNA be sure you're taking the right vitamins you dot com GNC live well here's Bob and Sheri Eight P. O. B. S. H. E. R. I that's the number eight eight eight two six to seven in ghosts or felt the presence of a human being somehow in the room I don't I don't have a problem with that I wouldn't mind if it happened to me as long as the ghost was show became the saddest girl story of the year a Disney bought the rights the girl with the pet roach related to crabs and they are insects and then one day I realized my mother who would not let me have a cat IRV kitten or a dog yeah Oh yeah she's crying out for a pet she was crying out for a little dog or a or a kitten and she couldn't have it so so then she had to get a roach not a scientist she's going to become a doctor or a nurse because she has no fear of creep things or she's GonNa not at all she's going to become one of those people that they were related to crabs thank you Danielle that was interesting but the idea of having them in your bedroom closet I mean don't they get out of the bucket after a while long is this because she wanted a kitten or something and y'all couldn't have a pet here possible at the time we really couldn't have pets because no he tried to keep it she's very upset at me when I throw it out Oh God Danielle it escaped you're so strong now I know we talked about this with someone else who's kid was enrolling police I get the fascination they're like teeny tiny armadillos did not know runs a booth at Tattoo conventions where you can buy taxidermied animals wearing suits and that sort of I was hoping for something a bit you know so in signified cook those then pork chops at least four hours but with your luck it won't be your mom you'll feel a cold wind sweep through the room and it'll be shaking Maxwell House coffee jarred your brother had a turtle Jimmy escaped one of our one of our listeners heard us talking about is it quickly come to the surface before playing Princess Margaret on season three of the crown Helena Bonham Carter went to a medium told nobody did you got up by yourself I've read similar stories from people that were in burning buildings I think the only thing I ever brought home honestly were tadpoles turn into frogs after a crash in two thousand and four Dale Earnhardt Jr. felt hands pulled him out of a fiery wreck the later when he said who helped me he was but it's a tortoise and you know the fable they don't go very far founded just on the other side of the fence sound asleep I said they were able to get her ball accidents and that sort of thing really yeah Kate Hudson says she and her mom Goldie Hawn can both sent spirits and she says that if you see one eh she's into interested in some things she has to learn more about it so you know we did a google search and found out that really police actually crustacean there were closely she said quote Collie and I would always hear footsteps on the roof while no one was oh kylie shower used to turn on all the time and she never knew what grandmother she doesn't like any better now than she did when she was alive when you were a kid I know what she's watching what I'm doing as you know somewhat friendly person from my past like I'm in I don't know the kitchen and all of a sudden there's an apparition of my mother saying you know Bobby you had oh yeah I think you might have opened to help wordell Selena Gomez says I believe in ghosts so I have a ghost app she would during a visit to stull cemetery in Kansas this place is supposed to be a gateway to hell she says quote we smelled sulfur which is the sign like that going on an actor would pick up on it before you know somebody that works at pep boys you know that that's what they're trained for that to to have feelings I can't crawl up the wall of it like it was those this cheap little plastic Halloween Buckets Easter buckets they mostly kicked the it seemed to be in Delray Beach Florida Plano Texas they appear on my phone that's the that's the only communication tuck it crawl out a lot of like for the neighborhood insects your precious tiny little girl who probably had pigtails and light up surely she stopped coming you know most the my spirits that try to come to me and tell me something the footsteps were NBA players Laker players. Who are maybe off that day there's a lot of weird energy swirling around I think so yeah this one is really interesting oh please get that out of my mind people magazine has a collection of celebrities who have seen ghosts or apparitions you like to hear some I know yeah she so great you thumbs up there good Kendall Jenner thinks her mom's house is haunted I think that's a given and Kristen Stewart says I talked to them who knows what Gosar with there is an energy that I'm really sensitive to you know I bet if there is something that I have and they and they want tangible things they wanna tell me things like I have excellent credit card payments can expand if I want just call back I'm being actively haunted by Angela from the Warranty Department it's this big group who get the late Princess's approval and she got it she says she was glad it was me who wouldn't be glad to be plagued by Elena that's true that's true hey claimed his house was haunted by a spirit named Madame blue yelled you many of us are thinking that Matthew was as high as a kite at that moment but he said he was ah Jimmy messaged me and said her family had a galapagos tortoise those are big big it escaped rain after you have the baby and women who've been pregnant are sharper later in life because of it really yes oh really puddle she kept them like she would always have like a bucket of really police in the house and she's the type of thing with demon there was a fly in the car randomly which is another sign demon given some of the rough things that have befallen no expand and that's all sort of the process of preparing you to look after a tiny helpless human so you're forgetful and confused and Mommy leave the this is fascinating and amazing news for women who have had children or thinking about having children when he got a vibe that said she was not happy it didn't seem like she was going to be much fun to hang around or having my house so he told her he wasn't going anywhere and being like we all

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