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Welcome back. We got a new name, but Joey Nyerere here for our seventh season 'em are in out loud. The new innovation of show going to be a little more chatty. Not so much breakdown and a lot more common. Lot of storytelling. We're gonna have some fun. Let us know what you think. And what you'd like to hear 'em are N dot com. R N out loud. Well, do one hundred is in the book nineteen not a lot to talk about nothing hand off season was quiet and the rules changes. Really, no employment. Changes for anybody to really discuss. I've got this cool with that hat. What's going on is really cool hat what a week speed weeks is an unusual situation where you're down there at the same location for to complete weekends some different. Weekday activities has changed throughout the years. We used to be at the track almost the entire ten days. Now, we have two solid weekends down there. The only time we really have ever done that in the past when mother nature rain Vate out. Right. But the schedule allows us to have the clash in qualifying. One weekend. And then we have the the four days of dual one fifty on Thursday truck race on Friday expedient as on Saturday. And then fantastic capping at the end of that weekend went to Daytona five hundred and all three days brought to me as a spectator. I was able to watch from the roof different elements of their work. Either of the trucker trinity races saw supposed to work at truck racism, and how that works is a friend of mine Josh way, m sponsor Ryan Blaney. He kinda manages couple of truck teams from the spot or side of things he offers up for me to do a truck on a weekly basis, and I was gonna spot for Josh room in the thirty three truck not really a starting park. But a lower funded truck they wanna finish the race. Asx they don't expect that they're going out and win. Josh is going to hand me the thirty three. He's gonna spot the thirty four the thirty four didn't make the race. So I actually I actually went to Josh. And I go look it's only right that you've been doing all this. I gave up my truck. Mhm again they start and parked truck. Ran six it was their only nine running at the fit. But it was awesome with five or ten to go. He's on the roof. Under these yellow red flags were texting back and forth. Give me a hat in victory lane. A larry. So Josh was Josh Williams and Josh room. Did a fantastic job missing. All the carnage that we had there in the truck race bring home that truck six, and I actually talked Josh Raham on Saturday. They drove home all night, and we're already working on that truck to prepare it for Atlanta. So that was pretty cool. That'd be the same truck. They run from Daytona to Atlanta, which helps the bottom line helps the budget. Exactly, right. And then on Saturday. I was able to to watch the race unfortunate set of circumstances with the Penske car and the twelve and the roof hatch, very unusual I had their pits. And they thrashed on that thing for four pitstops and every time they thought they had it was almost as if it was stripped, and it wasn't holding on to the escape hatch better. Now, the escape hatches. Different from the roof. Flaps escape hatches off. The driver gets the cops I down or sideways or something you can't get out the window. He's got another way to get out years ago. We had the first little trivia we actually won a race with Michael Waltrip. We had a very first roof-hatch installed. Remember when those and they had to make extra wide for him to get in. And he actually got in the grass and popped out of the hat. Yeah. Exactly. And then Saturday brought a first time winner Friday night. Brought a first time with Saturday was the first time winner again longtime participant with Michael net two hundred and some odd races. He had so kudos those guys. And then again, what we sell Sunday hold on an interesting note on that is we talked to junior in victory lane afterwards. And one of the things he pointed out was how they had struggled to find exactly what Michael that needed. And he feels like it's going to be huge for him to have Travis MAC with the the Hendrick junior motorsports. Family then went to LeVine to work with Casey Cain. When that thing changed. He was available came back. And now they think that's going to be a really good combination. At work than week one. You never know again listeners of the show for the last six years because now we're in our seventh year if you want to go back and listen to it you can find it on MR. I'm sure we've always talked about this being a relationship spotter. Driver crew chief pit crews owners. It's a relationship. It's a little bit of a marriage because we spend a lot of time sometimes they simply don't work or they work. Okay. You get through, you know, Michael nets made the playoffs last couple of years really wasn't the guy you thought was going to contend for the championship. So you're always trying to mix and match kind of like a recipe. Add a little salt, add a little taken a garlic out. Yeah. You're trying to match that garlic back out. Once you put it in just a tip there. Can you have too much garlic? You probably can't have love gar-. Yeah. Real big fan of girl. Anyway. So you're looking for that relationship to just get better. And those guys made those changes in the off season del junior had a number of changes over at junior motorsports. The one big one that paid off. Immediately was bringing Travis Makor team ACC as everybody calls them is crew chief over to Michael. Net. And Michael drove a great race had a good spotter of top. And was able to keep that lead there at the end. Yeah. It was a fun to watch just all teammate right there gives junior motorsports a one to finish on the trinity side. But here's the thing all week long. We heard they're not raising. Oh, they're running single file. Oh, they're not going to do anything. Well, we get the Sunday. And they do go to primarily because it was warmer. There was an ability for more stronger cars to develop another lane. Chase Elliott tried and tried and tried and the extremely race. And just couldn't get enough cars to go with him to make it happen on Sunday with different with forty cars out there, and some strong cars willing to go to the bottom when it was slick and hot and greasy they could make something happen. It really realistically. It's about a numbers game. It's strength in numbers too, similar lines. The more one has more cars is really going to be more dominant or stronger and with chase trying to make his moves on Saturday by himself. He was a single car trying to compete against ten or fifteen other cards. You get two or. Three. But not enough. It's you know. And now we go to Sunday's for the five hundred and in the past. We've always seen Cinderella type story book stories going in whether it was danika Patrick's first race where did she end up on the pole the three-car coming at the end of the Ray, no coming back. She sat on the pole, right? From the start of the race the three-car coming back in the industry after eighteen years ago today, Dale Earnhardt senior passed away they brought the three back with Dylan. Where'd he end up on the pole? Yeah. So there was those kind of storybook ending. So now as we look into Daytona. You're like, okay. What's the story book? Right. What is what could be the culmination the ending the the exclamation point of some kind of story. Unfortunately, the gives family loss JD Gibbs, which is touching story. We can go back and talk about that. For number times. The guy that hired originally found him at hickory Testa hickory Motor Speedway test. And a little fact JD used to drive late models a lot when we were doing TV out there at concord. He was driving late models out there, then so we I got to know him years ago before all the Joe Gibbs racing went and blew up to what it is today. Correct. And drove a number of Busch races. Well for the gives family early on him and him in Koi were very involved in the motorsport side motorcycles and race cards. But then at the end of the day, you know, the good Lord has ways of making things work out a Gibbs one-two-three finish with the number of Levin bringing home his second Daytona five hundred in a matter for years. So they've been really good. They're fantastic. Right. Let's hear what happened after the race. A lot of emotion from the Gibbs camp. Coach gets one two three finish. Then for the second win. And to be able to honor j what is this? When mean to you? I gotta Tasso emotional right now are call pass. She's crying Melissa all of. I'm not sure I can put together what happened tonight JD really found any and Danny JD had that relationship Jaidee's on the car his favorite numbers eleven. We had the eleven lap was a celebration for JD. I got I'm this emotionally right now. I know people say, hey, thanks going to happen that couldn't happen. It. Sure. And how about the way it worked out? I mean that is the storybook. Yeah. No. That's exactly. Right. And at the end of the day, you realize that we're just a speck in the big side of the universe. Right. Because there's no way that you would try to get and have team meetings. There are three manufacturers Toyota Ford and Chevrolet every manufacturer has their team meetings to try to work together. At no point in time. Do they go in there and go, okay? We want Kyle to follow. Denny Eric Jones your responsibilities to file because he's following day. It simply you could not coordinate that and try to plan it out after two hundred laps. And yet some how it happened and speaking of guys following other guys you had Joey Logano up there at the front toward the end. And Ryan priests who I don't know how he escaped twice. But he did when it didn't look like there was any way to get through there. He somehow finds a way he says, I'm sticking with Joel Gano here in this close if he goes to the parking lot. I'm following him. Michael McDowell was there. They. They had three cars on the move McDowell pulls out to try to make his own move. Joey's upset with him after the race. But McDowell says my team doesn't pay me to help you win. Yeah. We've talked again on this show about the sport being very selfish sports, especially at the end. So you're wanting a guy a that's in your same manufacturers camp to help you because anytime you get help is better. And then be you don't want them helping another manufacturer, right? But Michael being the selfish guy that he is. You know, we all know Michael McDowell speaking of books how huge would've been one. And that's what he's thinking about not thinking about manufacturers drivers he's looking out after himself, which is what when you put the helmet on should be your primary responsibilities. So kudos those guys. Yes. It wasn't good for Joel Ghana in the Ford manufacturer. Yes, it would have been better for Joey Logano in the Ford manufacturing. They actually gave up a spot to the twenty car there at the end. But again. Michael McDowell's can completely religious one of the more religious people in the family and the racing side. If he doesn't make the move the twenty car doesn't finish third and gives them the first second third. So there's my that's my storybook ending on how that's on the listing for the shows and then fate exemplary. All right. We gotta take time out on out loud. Joe? He's going to tell us how he wound up from the two car to the twenty one car. He's got a little soapbox his chair operates correctly. We're gonna talk about a little bit later on. We're going to spend more time looking ahead at Atlanta because that will be contrary to what some folks thought the debut of the new twenty nineteen package, but not all of it. Stay with us. Green. Bobby is staying. Boom. Still. Stay tuned night. That would it's all up. After more than one million hours of development. The truck of the future has a ride. The new Cascadia from Freightliner inspired by science driven by passion. It's loaded with driver-focused improvements. Such as noise abatement technologies for an even quieter ride and innovative wraparound dashboard for improved comfort and re-imagined driver's lounge. That promotes productivity and relaxation experience the new Cascadia at your dealer or online at Freightliner dot com. Hi, this is Mike Bagley. Join me in the rest of the Marin crew every Tuesday night for Ness par law. We'll get you up to date with the latest news stories and ready for the upcoming race weekend. That's down to you know, anything can happen between fan we've seen the last year. Kind of how crazy things can get your exclusive interviews expert analysis and much more. Never give up guys never give its nest carline this Tuesday night at seven eastern of motor racing number. Lugano look slow Palin. Throws the block for the time of the back straightaway. Chiyoko shut the side lay. It's good look in the L side wing. But it's not an appears Joey llegado back to the inside this side-by-side battle to car links behind race leader. Denny hamlin. Turn four for the final time. Denny Hamlin's trying to block all lanes to the outside to the inside to the checkered flag. Denny hamlin. His one the sixty first addition of the day tone of five hundred Alex Hayden calling. Denny Hamlin home for the fiftieth. Emaar N presentation of the great American race. And he gets it done for the second time does Hamlin. And it was really something to see we need to mention as well that allowed is presented by outback steakhouse if Kevin Harvard gets a top ten finish you can go to outback steakhouse on Monday and get a free blooming onion, always have more. It's Monday, you can still go you can go you can go just gotta wait for Harvard to get a top ten and. If history's any indication. He's going to be giving away a lot on Jons. I had one on for righty. Oh, yeah. All by yourself after about how some hell. No. We had four of us. We had four of us there. There's an outback right by the speedway as you come out of the Taisei. That's quite a feat. If you finish that whole thing by yourself. We used to. Yeah. Before before we started counting calories, and before the weight would go on and then come back off again it goes on just as easy. It doesn't come off as easy now. But before they actually had a calorie count. It's amazing what I used to eat. Oh, yeah. Not not feel bad about right? But now everything has like I had a Hershey bar last night sitting at the airport. The first thing I was opened up. A look at the calories. I I'm not making things changed. I cracked it and half and then through the half of it away. What was the number one hundred fifty calories, and it was just a regular size are so mine my cracking it half made it a diet Hershey. Mark go, very nice well done. It's half the calories and times you have to improvise half the calories of the regular. All right. Let's back up a minute. You were spotting for Paul Menard. I was on on Sunday and on Thursday and on the previous Sunday say nice out you were with the two car last year. How did you get from? How did you get another number? It was two and then twenty one to one this is this is Joey version two point one. Okay. Oh, that's what it is. You need to run a little dot Joey version, two point one. So I was with brackets Laskey. We had a great run for the chip yet last nine years multiple championships with Cup side. And the expand side multiple race wins as Brad was manufacturing or moving into manufacturing business. He had some plans on the flight department side that he wanted me to partake in. We talked about it. We sit down and it meant me coming off the roof and originally I thought I was going to be okay doing that. With what his the opportunity was that he presented with me after homestead. I realized I still love the sport. I love racing. I love the competition. You don't until it's gone and the way, you know, as a guy working in the garage that you still enjoy the sport is the agony of defeat is terrible. Okay. So when you walk away from a race at you could have one or like yesterday's event where we wrecked with ten to go. It's the agony of defeat that keeps driving you. And that makes no sense. Because you like, well if my hand. Hurts and I hit it with a hammer. Why what I keep hitting the hammer? Right. If you like hammers. That's what you do. Well, that's how this racing thing. Where you the hammer the nail here. And it was my hand you got you. So the problem was Brad's agendas change a little bit because he's moving in a different direction because he's starting to look forward. Not that it's going to be next year anytime soon, but he's looking outside of racing which is really there for that. There will be able to Terminator there looks. So that's great for his side. And it's really was good for me to stay in racing. So we actually have very amicable split. If you will. I'm still flying his airplane on a contract as needed basis of Lumo from Daytona last night will fly him to Atlanta, do some west coast up as the year goes on. But then I had an opportunity that when Mr. Penske called me and said, hey, I understand your thinking about coming off the roof, and I'm like, well, I don't wanna come off the roof, and he said, well, let's talk and then there was an opportunity that to go spot for the twenty one in the wood brothers, Paul Menard. And I have a relationship back at DRI. We able. When a Busch race that's going to show you why you should never burn bridges just industry. I live off a lot of goofy sayings and one of them that I always repeat is today's employer tomorrow employees. That's true. Right. And every bridge we walk on in this industry is made of toothpicks and they burn up real fast. And you just can't afford to burn one because you never know when you're going to walk at garage and care. Yeah. Like like Christmas trees, exactly. So fortunately, the wood brothers accepted me over and I'm able to Paul spot for Paul Menard Gregor my crew chief who I worked with over and expanding side at Team Penske. I'm flying victory air, which is a little regional airliner at states vote with may fly a lot of the race things planet house, that's kind of cool. My wife's one of the flight attendants on there. So I was able to stay in the sport. You can keep an eye on you that way. Thank. But I was able to stay in the sport stay spotting and the rest is history. Yeah. It's a it's a at all it's one of those stories that comes out well in the end, but may not look like it when you're in of the weeds, I tweeted something yesterday. And again, knowing how we just talked about the top three finishers JD Gibs. My dad entered the nineteen fifty eight race on the beach with sports modified, all those pictures, reliable. I tweeted the starting lineup again thinking this is nineteen fifty eight the poll winner was Glenwood. A sportsman car beating all the modified 's if you go all where the very bottom of that list. That's my dad. Freddy Meyer was also in that race. So again, the there's a connection from nineteen fifty eight now yesterday was my very first fulltime race with the Daytona five hundred dollars or something like that. You would never have guessed all those people on that list that these two guys would have family working together so many years apart. So it's kinda cool. How's how's it different spotting for Paul versus Brad? What what does? Each want. You know, the one thing that when we went into this personal relationship Paul was able to grab audio all teams have audio from the drivers and spotters, and what he said is don't change the reason we're making a change is we're going to go in a different direction. We want more information. The previous spotter was doing a good job. And it's like I talked to you earlier in the show. It's about relationships sometimes they get along. You're just trying to make them a little bit better. It's not that they were doing anything wrong. We're just looking to increase some performance aspect of it. And Paul said what the information you're giving. Brad. It's gonna take me a little time getting used to. But I want that to be able to make better decisions. And really that's what he he really pressed on me about was don't change. All right. So when we worked on the clash we worked on the duals after those two races. We sat down and some of the verbiage that I started using actually came new to me was compression expansion years ago. I used energy trying to use single words that describe large pick. Set of sentence. Yeah. And that again, the cars are going one hundred ninety miles an hour. It's important you move along way. All was very happy. He the minute. I said compression, five rows back. He knew at that meant the minute. I said expansion five rows back. He knew what I meant like an accordion. It's it and those kind of things because because when we have energy energy comes from someplace, you don't ride around a car length apart for five rows and nothing happens. You have to have some compression when we saw the incident at our clash race. When Jimmy Johnson got to our corner panel. We were actually able to go back and see Jimmy drug the break to get back to the third place car that created some compression, and then moment released a headache release of energy, and he was able to get biased. And that's so that's what you're talking about on the radio describing that picture to him and we sat down after the two races. And he was very happy with him being able to understand what I talked about. So we'll go to Atlanta now and get to do it again because of the new package. Yeah. And it's definitely going to be interesting. I early and speed weeks a lot of folks. Saying well, this new baggage is not really doing what I thought it was going to do. And it's not the new package yet. This is the old package and that was the last restrictor plate race because we're going to the tapered spacer now which talked with Doug gates awhile back at a Ford of it. And he kinda described it like as opposed to just a flat plate with a hole in it. It's now more like a funnel. So it pushes air down into the engine more efficiently. And it gives the guys a little bit more throttle response. It still does the same thing. Just does it a little differently. Yeah. We're still restricting or controlling the amount of air going into the engine. The one thing that the the reason we didn't go with the slow, quote, if you're not watching a line and I'm doing a year quote. Yeah. We didn't go with a tapered spacer Daytona the technology behind restrictor plate engine is immense and Toyota TR in row sheets and all the Chevrolet teams had so many restrictor plate engines really ready for the first part of the year that they sensually begged NASCAR not to let us throw that most Motors away. Right. Why? Throw him in the trash. So this is kind of like a going away party for all the restrictor plate guys and acted like at the exact so it worked out. Good for Joe Gibbs racing the Toyotas had plenty of power. But now we start what's considered the new engine package and of all the changes, but not quite the full Monty Vegas. That's it. So we have from the engine package that will be the tapered spacer. So from here on out. There's only two engine packages short tracks sensually Bristol, martinsville and road courses, and then all other tracks with the taper space or so now we only have two engine profiles really to worry about at a little bit of a different package on the aero side with the Dutch around the wheels that'll be at places like quit Lanta duck hokey, no those type of places where you want a little more a little more throttle. And you don't have to be in the brakes as much because you got it with this new engine package for lack of a better phrase. I'm getting tired of Saint package, you need a little more throttle response than we saw for example in the all star race. Yes. So and that's what the. Venation will have to keep up with. But essentially, we're trying to keep the competition closer keep the cars closer where aero keeping French close in your enemies, closer. And it'll be interesting to see Atlanta will be the first test for this new big spoiler larger splitter underneath pan and tapered engine spacer. All right, Joe is about to get up on the soapbox. We'll take time out. And we'll talk a little more package when we come back. Green shrimp on the Bobby staying. Thought it boom. Outback steak. That would it's all up. I assume raceway gut some major upgrades NASCAR come and see what all the buzz that Railtrack is created unbelievable which start bumping. Expand cheering is about. Is gonna win the desert. Mark your calendar for the ticket guardian five hundred March eight you get the best remaining tickets now at raceway dot com. Wings nation with St. folks, air, never hand and Ashley strength, your destination for all things wing. Spring cars seat Saturday at eight thirty and eleven thirty AM on math TV live at noon on wings, nation dot com and Facebook live join us for in-depth conversations with drivers and personalities that make up the greatest dirt racing on earth. The wind nation preview podcast each Thursday reviews the upcoming weekend wing to nation, Wayne sprint car talk. Covering dirt. Tracks all across America. Pile top by up the back straight away Austin hill again throws block topside insane working. But does it make a move? They're playing bumper cars one through five hill still has the lead in finger pushing him looking outside hill goes up to block easier leader coming here, they come out of turn over four for the final time blocks being thrown left and right to the light. Checkered flag Austin hill Daytona Minter Walston HALE will win the next year energy resources to fifty. Now, let's not make it sound. Like, this is the in some ways it is. But the Cinderella story were guy comes out of nowhere. Now about to become masters champion. This was a good driver who found himself in good quip. This is the championship team from year ago Batory racing enterprises. So Austin hill didn't suddenly just discover some magic in the equipment that he had before he's now with the defending championship team and was able to get through all the carnage and make that payoff this weekend. It will be the double header in Atlanta. And I love that what value ticket you get the Finnity series and the truck series on the same day, Saturday at Atlanta. That's value mother nature might be making trae. Hey, hey, hey, no. No. No. No. No. No, no, no, no. Let me go down that road via tripleheader top it out. But that's a great story with driver change with Brett Moffitt leaving the team due to financial issues are not issues relationship. Somebody came with more dollars. Exactly with Austin hill. He was able to provide more support which all these teams provide work comes from his it's dumb argument because we all look for sponsorship dollars. If the driver is the guy giving you the sponsorship dollars who cares. It's still coming from somewhere. Whether it comes from your mom or the driver or the guy next door. You're still going to spend it on races. You call my mom and ask she'll sponsor Brett Moffitt goes over and displaces a previous champion on sought on. He saw he ends up going back up to his old job at four. Yeah. Musical chairs. Johnny did say, by the way, I talked to him. Wednesday Thursday talked to Johnny, and that was kind of his first public appearance since they announced that he is going to be back at Thorson. He said this is it for me. No matter what happens whether Duke Thorson says this is a one year deal or three year deal. I'm not going anywhere else. So that's that's good for him. That's good. Yeah. Well that time and time of the show. I think yeah. It is your soapbox ready to do. All right. What's what's in the soapbox? A one of the thing of it tiny fest on one of the things we heard all weekend up until they tone of five hundred and they actually mentioned it in the driver's meeting. Steve upset hopes and drivers get line. Jim Jim Franco people's gotta line and followed any he was kind of tag on him to. Let's go some race. He didn't say you guys better. I get it. Several weeks back. We saw one of the biggest NFL games of the year. The they're Super Bowl and everybody was upset that it was only thirteen to three because there was no offense. And that's what it's all geared towards. I watched the game with a level star the game at I didn't care anything about dog defy didn't care. But I watched it and became more intrigued as the game went on because of the lack of offense. And I was waiting for that bubble to pop an explosion of scoring of run. Right. I was waiting who's going to be the veteran several times right in this thing. And it really never did. But it intrigued me from that standpoint. From a defensive stand that was a great defensive Game Boy both defensive coordinators head coach has had a tremendous game plan to counter act the offense of nature of both teams. Now, we go to racing side. We're at the speedways, and everybody's mad that we have cars a in the duals that we SP. Two months at least racing and we're gonna protect these cars, but we're riding around the Highline single file I look at that as the same in Taliban as the NFL I was waiting in the dual. We ran the first race we finish third. I believe fourth whatever it was. But I was watching that second race waiting for somebody to jump out of line because we jumped out a line in the first race coming off turn four, and we actually talked about it right away. Probably way too little too late for that. We should have done it earlier. We had the momentum. Really couldn't carry it off at turn four. Maybe we should a corner. Earlier lo and behold the end of that race, you're waiting who's going to do it. Who's gonna follow me who am I gonna jump out of lining able to pass? And boom we see Joey Logano. Ryan Blaney jump out a line, turn one. They make the past. Boom. That's what restrictor plate racing about one of the most complicated games in the world is chess and part of the most more checkers guy part of the most excitement part of it is a guy staring at the board. And nothing. Going on. But if you could get inside of his brain, there's all kinds of calculations going on. What if what if what if that's exactly what goes on against the Highland? Those guys aren't out for a Sunday drive. They're still going over one hundred ninety miles an hour controlling their cars on the edge of control. And they're waiting there calculating their thinking. They're looking in their of your mere they're looking at their spotter listening them determine who's gonna make the energy. Where's it gonna come from win? I gonna make my move, and who might or might not go with me sometimes not visually pleasing, but mentally, it's exhausting from driver standpoint. Because there's so much thinking. Now, we fast forward to Sunday. Yes, we ran to I'd for several rows for number of laps. But realistically, there wasn't any more passing going on than had we gotten against the wall. So my soapbox today really has to do with. Let's stop the nonsense about those guys are just riding around. They're not just riding around. There are lot of calculated moves that are trying to Preterm because if I make the move. Move. And it's wrong. It's gonna cost me. But if I make the move and somebody comes with me, it's a victory. But you don't know that Joan don't you're trying to work the deals spotters talking drivers are giving handing. Yeah. How does that go, by the way, you guys on the roof trying to make deals is sort of like the SNL skit where you know, the what is love song you your meat. Maybe you. Yes. So when we got a lap down. Here's an example. We got a lap down after Paul when a little fast on pit road. And we were trying to catch the group in front of us the thirty eight was by himself. Rocky said he waved. He waved back. I mean, which meant I knew right away. He's waiting on me. He's coming back to me. So then when we got lined up I felt like we were faster car based on the fact that he was out front by himself. We were by ourselves our lap times faster. So I gave the old hand motion going on going around you let's drag without saying anything he knew exactly what I meant. And you you communicate a lot through is enhanced signals as you can't really stop and take off your head. Set and talk to somebody right another. Hey, miles an hour. Right. So luckily with rocky myself, we're both twenty year veterans on the roof, you know, kind of how the racist going. He knew that we need help. And he knew that we were faster. So all those hand signals made sense. But most of your verbal activity goes on during cautions. And there towards the end of the race. There was a lot of talking going on. Because there was a lot of cautions in the red flags before we move on. I wanted to get one more thing out. You mentioned the writing up against the wall. Several drivers I talked to had said it's not because that's what we loved it. Or what we wanna do? It sorta like a baseline, I can defend here in particular my right rear because the way you pass a guy he's not up against the wall as you get to his right rear making a little unstable. Then you can go buy them. So that was a protective move if I get my right rear up against the wall. Nobody can get to it and get me unstable. Then the calculating starts about win to make the move and who to go with and that type of thing. Absolutely it it is. It's a matter of. Again, it's a selfish sport, man. I will say thousand times in my lifetime. It's a very selfish sport. I'm not against the wall. Trying to help you. Yeah. I'm against the wall because it's helping meet. Yeah. Well, if you're the wall, and you're helping you I'm against the wall. We just have to be in the same line. Right. We're protecting each other. We're not you're not protecting me and vice versa. I'm after myself and your after yourself. That's just the way it works. Yeah. And it's definitely interesting. But it all changed. And remember, let's go back to what if the trucks or the Finnity cars had had an exhibition race the week before and then to qualifying racist during the week like the Cup cars did the think they would have been as rowdy essay the truck race turned out Friday night. No, they would have been trying to protect their vehicles to make it to the big show because that's what it's all about. Josh Raham took his Daytona truck. And he's preparing it for Atlanta. Right. He's not gonna raise it three times. At Daytona him try to put his hair on fire direct that truck. He knows he has to raise Atlanta. Right. And that's really what it boils down to your again. You're selfish man, you're doing what you need to do for yourself. We saw it running the high line. We saw it with Michael McDowell move at the end of the race to not get in behind a manufacturers car is going to help by the twenty because because his his thought was look there's two cars in front of us that are leading the eleven eighteen I've got the twenty car in front of me, the twenty two car beside me if the eleven eighteen wreck, I'm here where am I going to win the race the best position it, and that's what that was bottom line. This wasn't. I'm going to go help the twenty right? This was I'm not gonna screw the twenty two. Oh my goodness. What manufacturers undermi hood? This is what line what move. Can I make help me? Help me with the highest chance to bring a front row card victory lane at the Daytona five hundred right? And you gotta think again, it's all self. Yes. It is. All right. No, one more time out here on are in out loud. We'll come back and look ahead at the Atlanta package Becker. Wjr. Put it on the Bobby stay. Boom. Outback steak. That would its own up. MR ends classic races. Goes around hail Earnhardt watches body spun across the line and got the win in fifty years of NASCAR racing army after down here. They they actually various voices legendary races. They'll simply what happened just hope chokes on that two hundred thousand that's all I can killing classic races available on M R dot com. I tunes and your favorite podcasts provides they did touch. Knock the hell out of me. Veteran drivers in rookie drivers Askar today. Mid day keeps you up to date with all your favorite we day. It's a dream. Come true. A lot of you know, the path that I've gone down a lot to the with packages, you know, with the Chevrolet or putting in things for service gift card. Don't miss any of the breaking Ness cartoons witnessed today Opie on the motoracing network before surpass star. Out loud back with you. Now, wrapping up as we put a bow on Daytona and looked ward at Lanta the long talked about much anticipated new twenty nineteen aero package sort of makes its debut at Atlanta Motor Speedway this weekend. We've seen a couple of tests, namely, they had one Atlanta. They had one at higher tested Atlanta with I think four car maybe had we had a handful of cars at Charlotte, but we had the big test for the package down in Las Vegas. And what that was what did your package workout my package is good. Okay. Good vacuous. Thanks. The complete package was done at Vegas and what we're doing. Now is we have a larger spoiler for more rear. Download gigantic compared to the other one. It's so tall that part of it is clear so they can see through the venture who's behind. That's it. And then we add a splitter larger splitter on the front, which gives more downforce. Because now we had a balance out the car we have a little bit of a pan underneath to counteract the split. Again. The big the back in sit down that's big splitter mixed the front into him. And we go to the engine tapered spacer, which reduces the horsepower to under six hundred if the less horsepower than they've had in previous years, but more than they had at the all-star. Right. Correct. And so we look for a little more throttle response. The only thing we're not running Atlanta Motor Speedway is the aero ducks which some fans may be used to seeing them at previous he races like at Indy, for example. And what that does is instead of having a break opening in the nose of the car where the air comes in and cools the. Breaks the air actually goes in the nose and comes out directly in front of the tire on each side. And what that's supposed to do is. We talk about bubbles these cars create bubbles, and I get behind air the second place car can't get to the first place car because of a bubble and you're trying to puncture that bubble if that air wash is really close to the sides of the car and that makes it tough to get beside him impasse. If it expands wider. There's more of a vacuum in there that a car go and make a move reading a more of drafting move which everybody have seen from days of thunder or MAG in the old can hold it at the gangway. So what we have is. We'll have break ducks at Atlanta because we usually traditional break ducks we won't have. That'd be the only thing we won't see. So the first portion of these races can be pretty cool because we're going to have a different package at Atlanta different package at Vegas. And then we go to Phoenix different package back again. And then we go to California. And then we go to Bristol Bristol going to be really new Nick, we have all the downforce created from the spoiler and splitter. And then. The big engine. Again, don't have the taper space Ganga's the engine manufacturers had plenty of inventory of these engines. So we're gonna have the big engine the open engine if you will Bristol the first time we see that. So generally. Yeah. Different variances throughout the first four or five aces. Let me ask you this one of the things I was interested in is is I was talking with Kurt Busch. And he said it's really going to be different at a place like Atlanta because one of the critical things with this. There's going to be tire wear and Atlanta is gonna chew up tires at the very rough surface. And that will go through tires really quick. Well, the interesting thing about this new configuration is create so much downforce. And we still have tire where land it's like he talked about a lot handling still gonna play a portion of it. But you're gonna see cars fall off that aren't handling as good. You're going to get away with it for the first five eight ten laps because the car has so much down for once the tire falls off. Then the mechanical hailing of that car really is going to pick it up. And that's what the crew chiefs and engineer is going to be working on because he's going to try to drive around wide. Open. It's going to be tires goal fit. It's going to be a smaller Daytona style draft. Because the cars put out such a big wake you're gonna hold the car wide open as long as you can. So either the inch tires going away make that impossible. Right. So it's whoever can hold onto their tires the longest, but it's going to be interesting to see how we get that grip because it's going to be false sense of security when we start because you're so much downforce on the car. We're really gonna have to see how practice plays out. And that's gonna be very very important. Here's another one. Do you expect that you manage this? Then by babying your tires. So that there's something left at the end. Or is that just not much of a factor because it's going to chew up the tire so well or so much that it's not going to matter. It's going to be more about the setup in your car. And how it's handling lot. Of variables have talked about with crew chiefs. We can't even get past qualifying yet because NASCAR has already determined that. They're not changing the format years ago. The trucks went through this transition with this new format in the qualifying that they got. Rid of essentially knockout qualifying if you will went back to single truck qualifying everybody was playing Mickey Mouse games. Trying to get off pit road and drafting no, you know, you go aga- my claim to fame is. I'm the only spot of that has claimed a poll. Yep. Claimed a poll yet Ryan Blaney at Michigan. Was the only truck off pit road to take time. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I were that now renaming on the radio go go go because we had to get nobody else's. Nobody else went and he didn't understand the time. But everybody else had stopped behind him. Because they wanted to play the games about drafting. We were the only truck that took lap time. And in the clock ran out the clock around lunch time at Michigan. The gosh a bonus for that. Right. That's a no fly home. Oh, there you go. Great. That's what we're going to see. And that's what the conversations are about about Cup qualifying because we are going to go faster in a draft except for a place like Atlanta where the tires are so Griffey would you go by yourself at first lot of communication a lot of. Different strategies. A lot of thoughts. We won't know a good plan until we get about four or five aces in to see how much the draft helps and hurts versus tire where it'll be very good conversation. Yeah. It's gonna be fun to watch. And I'm intimidating like in previous years, and you may feel differently. But when we have any kind of big change like this at first it does what it's intended to do in bunches the field up. But then these are still smart guys who know how to make cars, go fast, and some rabbits will figure it out and jump out in front of everybody thousand percent one thousand percent true. Would you couldn't agree with you more? If I were almost never happened. And the simple fact is that's what our jobs our. That's what our jobs are simply get these cars, go faster than the next guy because it's a selfish sport. Yeah. I don't care if you can beat me I want to beat you. I wanna tear the place down by myself in lap the field. That's all I care about. And right now in mooresville, North Carolina. Concord Canopus Lexington. North carolina. Welcome with Carolina there race teams on computers right now. Simulations trying to figure out a way. To absolutely wax the field rear end. All right. We'll find out who does that who's going to be the rabbit who's going to be playing catchup all starts at Atlanta Motor Speedway this weekend. Doubleheader on Saturday with the trucks and extended Series Cup on Sunday. Then we go out for the western swing starting with Vegas than head. The Phoenix and auto club speedway in California. We will be right back here next week on M R N out loud. Make sure you're here to tell your friends to join us. Don't forget the visit at steakhouse where if Kevin Harvick get the top ten. You can get a free bloom and what he's Joey we will see right back here next week at dot com.

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