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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Summer tea


the debate in everyone welcome to another episode of orange black insider bagels podcast eight special episode in any way because we are taking de air for those of you joining us live we're taking near just before america's birthday july fourth and and a slight third as we record today in case you're not very good at math and you put that one together but my co host sons out guns out john sharing how you doing buddy like sons out keeps out we've been in a heat wave in in cincinnati lovie heat wave constitution is the same thing in las angeles but it's like eighty five like seventy percent humidity in my on justin boiling so yeah but but but the guns are out of as a response unfortunately and it it does not constitute the same thing in southern california has as they a is a heat wave if you will a we we don't really get be similar temperature to humidity aspect out here but every once in a while we get but very very rare it's been it's been warmer out my way way a more like mid seventies high seventies not a not a year a speaking of love hate john i absolutely absolutely loved it your tweet she threw out earlier today to promote the show that was freaking ethic my friend 'em and the reason why you must have known a i'm secretly dating alex morgan i don't know if you knew that are not so a she is she's my girlfriend 'em she's really not but that's my that's my sports on rush on any early o'hare so they they find that out we could have on screen oldies yeah i know a but you superimposed my face on on what i think is out morgan's jersey 'em i also wore number thirteen throughout sports too so that was it's just you know you just knew me you knew anybody you intuition with the you know a freaking ethic in for those who i just love that major is like these american classic yeah it's it's it's pretty epic an m is for those who do maybe did not see the world cup be the women advanced through the semi finals a so good usa women's team and we are based on john sheeran's tweet end eight specific celebration by mrs morgan morgan however you wanna dresser a we are going to do a segment and just a little bit called a bengal best bengals chiefs sipping moments or explain that in just a little bit were also going to try and get some potential breakout players we've put that one offer past couple of weeks we kept teasing that were gonna do it but i think were finally gonna get to it today andy a were gonna kick the show off west eight potential pre season star for the cincinnati bengals 'em so let's just let's just get right to add before we do actually question of the night for the live listeners but those you following us on twitter where you were curious to know if you've got some specific plans for the july fourth holiday if you've got some traditions that you wanna share with us we'd love here from that this is eight interactive show with our listeners so if you've got something cool you like to do for the july fourth holiday a let us know and hey this isn't strictly in american podcast we've got listeners from all over the world world and a so even though you may not be an american reliving america right now hopefully you can at least some sort of celebrate the july fourth holiday with hurricane listeners i wonder how you guys saw this amazing holiday yeah yeah i am that especially with see the ladies beating english team yesterday west that specific a celebration by by alex morgan that was that was that's a tough one to swallow i i would bet if you're if you're from the uk but a sorry guys i know we've got some friends uk listen to the show but anyway let's move on potential preseason star john every we're the bengals seemed to have somebody that the fans a clean to that the media really seems to gravitate towards being because of his personality but largely because of their performances in practice their performances in preseason games sometimes these guys end up panning out making it either make the team end or contribute on some levels in other times it just kind of fizzled out doesn't really 'em equate into anything if you wanna go back in recent history and look back to i believe it was two thousand nine when a when the bengals were on hard knocks in guys like tom nelson in corinth cosby ended up being kind of a you know darlings of that show and in both ended up making the team a you know you go back a couple of years ago i think you hit brought up alex erickson from from a couple of years ago he was the guy that was turning a lot of heads dane songs in bacher from a couple of years ago was another guy that a was was turning a lot of heads an of course most recently you know you've got touchdown jesus who he is not really matriculated in anything for anybody and most recently last shrub tate so if we are to look at some of be players on the bengals roster to day an as training camp is just about three weeks away here 'em who do you see being a guy that either nobody's really talking about a that could emerge as one of those pre season stars or maybe a guy that is hovered around the roster for a little bit in his do maybe 'cause he's entering year two years three has been on the practice squad squad that sort of thing i like how you mentioned the a lot of scrappy white dude and then just out and they are a lottery butter yeah cosby guam yeah yeah he he scrapping his own way but yeah i i'm looking horse do some sun bowl 'cause i'm thinking like you guys kind of standdown increased nearly place additions that 'em like maybe like the starters like the main back sort of make team are exactly at the top of the roster the kind of underwhelming in their own way so just their performances are highlighted by underwhelming minutes of those planes in front of them an all so i'm looking at the defensive line of linebacker specifically defensive line row rental ran wasn't my favorite drastic but i feel like he's like the perfect guy just like breakout an increase in a person thinks outlines kind similar some markets on a couple of years ago just because the juice huge any strong any stat and there's something more chaotic then one of those guys on the defense wind outlined in a bit of a gap the gap going up against second and third string often slime it's a recipe for disaster for most often typically scores later portion of the game let's assume you rent is helping in is able to get those reps with the second thirteenth who's gonna have a lot of opportunities to just make a lot of splash plays because oftentimes a lot of those guys really stand out there just really high after guys and guys you could just when athleticism because at the end of the day which is now first off you know back office woman it's not tech will not allow technique also just if a guy is speaking just out athlete you basically gone on the defense wind you have a chance to really make her name make a name for yourself so i i expect rental rent if you really if you ask me but he is shown to be in uniform i just expecting the really pop off and just behind him i'm looking at like sterling sheffield's it just just because like i said you know the linebacker stolen a little bit of a state of flux and there's no not not not a lot of certainty there's there's gonna be a lot of rotation with those backups in sheffield industry guy because he's kind of under size but he's extremely fast extremely athletic an he could be used as a pass rusher oregon off online backer so again hustle guys scrappy guys got to play to play through the whistle guys who can do multiple things i'm sure he will be on such things as well either guiding me that i think is kind of a jet pack on on the back the back on the back of the shoulder pads is gonna be around the all constantly and that's what he was in college at a small so i think it was somewhere the north east end just did believe do multiple things and again one of the game second third string office of lyman guys who work in touching the second level maybe none of it's not gonna be able to block mafias i think he's gonna have an interesting preceding if he's able to get snacks that he should be interesting guy a sheffield that is a kind of size wise and what you're talking about in terms of they roll a reminds me a lot of i remember chris smith from a couple of years ago 'em ten between her guy who who you know the bengals did this weird i think they got him in a trade angie came over there wasn't there were not many high expectations for smith and then you know he comes over absolutely dominates in the preseason so the bengals were like why we gotta keep this guy we gotta find a way from a he was on the roster for for at least a good chunk of the year and then he ended up signing a pretty big deal with the browns 'em and then did not really you know nothing really matriculated from there but you know kind of kind of interesting thing when you talk about sheffield he went to winter main a so if we're not a not a not a big school a terms of football and whatnot so a very interesting guy there's to me there's a lot of players who you know could stand out but i mean if you're kind of a film nerd or you really are diving deep into what you're seeing in practice i mean you could look at some offense of lyman but those guys to either the casual fan or a you know just in general the skill positions or guys that are out more on an island on defense or or you know kind of play in space sometimes sometimes those other guys the pop off you know more in terms of catching your eye an doing more things on film i mean but you know you could see guys like michael jordan play well a in and get some hype that sort of thing a i am i'm gonna go since you did to i'll i'll try and do too as well a i'm gonna go at at running back and i'm gonna say trayvon williams turns a lot of heads i would say rodney i understand but i think he's gonna be popped in a probably you know sitting out still we may not see him a chill until later in the season if if it all in twenty nineteen but i think trayvon williams i said this when the bengals picked him a you know has a lot of skills he's he's only five eight but a has a lot of skills put up good numbers in college end i think what matters is that he is familiar with the scheme the the blocking schemes a gym turner's those guys up front are going to run being h texas cnn guy end a you know every every year because these guys get more and more carey's the bengals wanna save joe mixing the wanna save giovanni bernard they wanna see what they have in tribune williams some of those guys further down the depth chart at the running back position tend to pop off on tape a bit more because they get more series in the preseason games so that's a guy i think will show so quite a bit for the you know in the pre season i don't know if it will translate the high production in the in the regular season inlaws bengals really trying you know utilize eight eight three or even four headed monster at running back but i think that's joe mixon's he's gonna get definitely the bulk of the touches there but a you know i think in the preseason a guy like tribune williams will really turn some heads if he if he remains healthy andy gets get some snaps 'em you know i could go a lot of different ways i i actually thought about more it's bowl ringer but a i'm not gonna go there i guess i'm gonna say a guy that's going to turn a lot of heads and he kind of began to do so in many camps but i think with training camp practices being a little more physical end the fact that it's not so it's not going to be totally all fence of oriented although jordan brown be a late late round corner the bengals picked i believe is the seventh round pick this year i'm gonna go i'm gonna go with him i think he's gonna probably do some things and it's going to a i think that's gonna mean more in terms of our you know are take on hammer are respect level on him because a there are some there are some talented wide receivers at the bengals have accumulated and he'll probably be going up against quite a few of those at different times during practice so you know i i think that he's got a shot to maybe supplant somebody a you know some of these guys like devonte harris tony mcrae dareus philips even vardi russell either marvin lewis guys 'em and you know behind find be the top four guys kirkpatrick jackson denard it'd be w webb a you know they're probably only only going to keep one maybe two corners be on that if if they keep six it's probably going to be a swing guy that has some sort of defense a some sort of safety type of ability i guess but a i i look at jordan brown is a guy he's got decent size six feet to a one a mature guy he's twentythree is rookie instead of you know some of these guys were twentyone that sort of thing and a you know i i that's the guy i think will will probably turn some heads so i'm going to be on williams in jordan brown my crazy no begins dorn ground ball skills skills and trailing vision and i think that's very important because you're you're dealing with again backup office of lyman crime the greatest a space for running backs to run through but when he's in exactly the most athletic running back but he definitely knows where to go when you have the ball in his hands and obviously if you said you're gonna know you know the playbook because the washington is this is jim turn of the office of line coach and with brown you know he was such a handy corner in terms of getting hands on balls and ask questions interception at south coast they know it's not obviously packs well over a year when or whatnot but up against third string quarterback serbians third string why receivers if he gets in a position to play you know off man where he's more comfortable what do you believe just trust his instincts of all i think it can't make a couple of ways but you know both of those guys definitely it'd be teen in on special teams especially early on in the game and how they perform bears in terms of how much they play after that but i think those other two picks brown out of death in a chance i think of cracking the roster of me that six ranked as the as the six quarterback andrew gillum is just you know why don't you just go through the motions he's got a third running back spot locked up so 'em how they rotate both those guys it's gonna be definitely an interesting and i think they're both national down then i think those were the two of the best takes the things may not be a free so if they if they pop up preseason i'm definitely happy yeah i can only live you to chats stanley morgan that's a guy we've talked about quite a bit in terms of a guy who could he's kind of a bigger i guess of undrafted free agents he's kind of a bigger name because he a guy that most projected to be eighty three pick a and was not selected so stanley morgan pravo definitely eight guy to watch this isn't a you know we we've tried desegregate be listener questions from our regular show but i did see a question from austin trent briefly that kind of plays into what we were talking about you're a wet position group do you wanna see the most a dream training camp this year which one would you be paying attention to the most i i national they tensions office of line in 'cause that's kind of what i'm watching because it's all is in flux and it's never solve the scene but besides that linebackers defensive line into just to mount of answers i know i know that they're gonna be fine wide receiver went when it's and done regardless of john ross breaks out or not i know they're gonna be fine at running back they are who they are quarterback there's no real reason and watch you know ryan finley justice will struggle when that backup job is just the guys you're gonna win those thoughts on both line of scrimmage and that's when the fucking linebacker except always always been an issue for this team to kind of fill up a bottom of those position groups with quality towns that could be counted on the come in in emergency situations 'cause when injuries inevitably inevitably hit those situations the whole the whole universe just fall apart in collapsed and customs winds so so the see if these new guys have brought in by this new coaching staff if they can actually be quality contributors the world starts and this is what i'm gonna be most interested in is always the area of the roster has the most questions yeah i'm i'm gonna say wide receiver a i mean obviously interesting what happens it offensive tackle now the jona williams is gone but 'em you know i a i i'm interested to see if josh malone and hang onto a spot cody cork and hang onto a spot how much they will use and how they will use alex ericsson as well as guys like stanley morgan a you know a few other groups of guys that are that album tate what's gonna happen with him a you know these guys that'll that they'll be pushing for spots i i do see also a brown shoot t to end dave lennox in the live chat both a mentioned drew sample i mean he's not really how he might continue the hype he's got he's received nb eight pre season here oh i guess but he's a second round pick a i were were kind of talking about guys who have kind of been lost in the shuffle little bit be it because they're undrafted or late round picks or a kind of scrappy free agent guys that sort of thing andrew sampled is really fall into category but he is he a guy definitely who could be you know continue his momentum that a you know he he was one of the most highly touted players indie mini camp sessions this spring this is orange black insider bengals podcast each john sheeran i'm anthony kazan's a we are kicking off the july fourth holiday whipped an episode of our program talking about pre season potential preseason heroes of the cincinnati bengals were gonna get to a couple of other items any end segments here in just a couple of minutes but if you're new to the program 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alex morgan's celebration any women's world cup semifinal win over england glendale andy thanks to your specific tweet sort of referencing that a celebration 'em we decided to do a segment called the best bengals t sipping being moments that we weaken the top five list of she sipping moments now if you're an old man like me end or art art hip judy to the lingo there there is a meme i believe it's kermit the frog that's kind of what what what stemmed it yeah i am i right comment was the one that kinda yeah and it's not dope smoking is teasing this is not this is not how do i dunno galas right right a an it's so it's a it's a meme and a again for those who do not know what i mean is i don't really know how to help you on that one go look it up any any any go google i dunno in midmay by the french may mega mega it could be a but there there's basically it's kind of aj a oh wait to brag a humble brag s a unique everyone's gonna union something's gonna happen in it happened in people coming down you're like well that's that's that's that's life yup yeah a now truth be told as bengals fans an for the bengals as they franchise there is not been a lot of moments like this for this team a unfortunately so top five might be actually a little difficult to come by but we're gonna countdown are top five t sipping moments where this if cincinnati bengals by the way we also referenced the tea sipping because boston tea party america's birthday you see were going here the theme theme okay we're gonna start with with are number five an end just to let you know the context in the qualifications of what we're gonna be talking about here this can be specific celebration by bengals player and there's been a lot of those over the years it can be specific victory victory it can be specific play it can be a specific sound bite from a people a or or just the general event in bengals history so without further ado john on your number five the bengals t sipping moment that you would like to start with so head on five when i first saw this and i've just been rearranging it like a lot in like fifteen minutes so on a ready nelson's interception the ben rothlisberger in twenty fifteen blues week eight i wanna say six though at this time coming off a bye plane that pittsburgh you we just two things don't go well together i think at this at this moment in time you know most people around the nfl where it's like oh things real together undefeated but how you know how legitimate are they an this is a low scoring game if that's very kind of ugly you know bengals got out of the gate with the score and then pittsburgh slowly tobacco league need and then the fourth quarter team around an ben rothlisberger threw a terrible past reggie nelson action right after he threw interception michelle williams which led to the go ahead touchdown a from from indeed ongoing aj green and then come off like maybe a couple of plays later rothlisberger threw interception terrible past antonio brown dressing nelson like agents take if you'll have sealed the game this is kind of like you know it's i mean it's obviously that team in that moment you know going up against certain perceptions went up against certain narratives you know just circling around the league it was it was amazing play rugby nelson the terrible play me by other officers were kind of established the status of one of those two teams were at that moment in during that season and where you know how that season should end if both of those teams and kind of where they were going as a nice moment in just obviously a a a whole hills meet a stand on from from what happened dragging i like it and a definitely would that would that that ugly game it was like thirteen to ten or something like that so she attended i think yeah oh god yeah that was that was a tough one to watch but it it goodwin on the lesson that play was i i definitely remember that play a big one for the bengals that year that was the game i think volunteers 'perfect also came back and was just a maniac and that game right without without me but nobody injured lady on bell i believe it was yeah i believe it was you know a number five for me it's somewhat recent memory i'm going to go where if i carlos dunlap in in on december fourteenth twenty fourteen against the cleveland browns johnny manziel the probably wanna be most titled in cocky for no good reason players that ever see the nfl was a starting quarterback for the cleveland browns andy any game but the bengals beat the browns thirty did nothing carlos dunlap and the rest of the bengals defense absolutely harassed johnny manziel that day ends on one of be sex that carlos dunlap had of johnny menzel he did man's owes money sign i believe it was i have off the double check but i believe it was in cleveland a so on their home field one of his first i think it was either his first start or one of his first starts and a welcome to be nfl johnny and it was an absolute massacre johnny menzel i think through for eighty yards and two interceptions that day no touchdowns a just a miserable day for him andy just rubbing insult ballooned a little bit with carlos dunlap doing his man's own money sign so that's number five for me all right 'em number four and then go twentythird team pretty early in the year you're bending over that paid bengals against patriots obviously playing the patriots and tom brady is never a guarantee went all but somebody was very weird that day and the the the weather was very spotty it was raining on rain off again then very ugly game ended on definitely do not have played on breathe that game but they had the weed patriots were driving it the you know everyone's so if necessary important toll on tv and fruit for some reason the rangers just started monsoon on down the patriots just like all snap brief routes words like the left of pylon of the end zone adam jones is just their tips it up and just falls in his lap and then like the rain stops like a couple scramble junk interception basically sealing the game you know patriots were just like frustrate our mind bella check is like five hundred degrees read on his space will look what happened and how's the weather just magically worked in their faith in the mental state just basically never happened it was just like just just be in the majors in in any way shape or form is amazing we don't really do that that often just in the way in the miraculous wade avenue is the chance to sit back and say hey this is kind of like sometimes that's a good one that is one that i kind of forgot about a little bit and a that is i think that's you only win the bengals have against bella checks 'em as almost on a while in in as patriots head coach i believe so i'll have to double check i mean i'm i'm not gonna say you're wrong but i still shot yeah a day they have not had an most of the lawsuit says we all know most of the losses is it the bengals have suffered at the hands of tom brady and bill bell check have been absolute massacres so yeah 'em you know that that's that's a good one john i forgot about that one i'm gonna go for my number four i'm going to go west a december eighteenth two thousand five any game against the lions now normally a game against the lions means absolutely nothing it's in inner conference game in both teams usually aren't very good but on this particular sunday late near cincinnati bengals under carson palmer were basically needed a game to a needed this game to clinch their first playoff earth in fifteen years and a lot of people including a long time cynical bengals fans a lot of people thought that the bangles would play tight would not show up andy that this game would be kind of a trap game for the bengals a and they would have to wait till the end of the year to potentially clinch well low behold the bengals took care business in detroit aunt a to the tune of forty one to seventeen end i have in my little bengal for those of you who are watching be live youtuber or or watch are you a videos i have a copy of the cincinnati inquirer newspaper from shortly after that game rudy johnson put non deep playoff nfc north champion had a very cool moment an emotional moment for a lot of eagles fans but a another another cool when it goes away they 'em john kitten a slashing the gator eight i'm more of a new hire you could see that when a yeah there's quite a quite a caption there but 'em so to me that was hey you know what everybody thought we were gonna trip over our own shoes everybody thought we would go in even though the lions were a good team now you're in a good finish five and eleven 'em even though they were not a good team that year a cincinnati bay in the cincinnati bengals were they thought that a lot of people thought this is going to be a trap game the bengals came in an absolutely stop the lions and took care of business took a took a sip of the t of the good ones on the on the scene in actual declare where the number thirty two the bengals so that that the appropriate way trayvon williams took down number now so badly in memphis maybe there's hope that that it's a definite curse needs to procon 'em my number three is gonna continue we're trend and i really don't expect but another interception by the bengals defender a reading of the twenty fourteen season 'em bengals roasting the broncos on monday night couple of days before christmas or watching this game my basement my mom's wrapping presents amongst the steelers fan watching the game with me and i was like just just like getting sick an amish the broncos coming off you know super bowl champs peyton manning play another reasonably level of her pain manian standards an m i remember just being a heavy underdog in the game unifil it wasn't home because there were still just the narratives of things and primetime he'll close the playoffs are they gonna be able to you know cared momentum into january with with with any sort of substance an m a another rainy number what game for them as well you know it wasn't wintertime and it was just it wasn't exhilarating game you just high scoring back and forth male dolan with matching pain pain on on a couple of drives and you know you're free frigerator patrick just finally like plane significant fasting on the field healthy for him to have the game winning the game sealing interception in the monsoon just the they clinch a playoff berth that was incredible audible especially against legend pay main especially against the defending super bowl champion on prime time right before christmas it was an amazing feeling just from just me personally i can't imagine will be atmosphere was like in the stadium at that at that moment but like that was definitely accountants district make room for that for myself and yeah that was a man that was a great a great game i remember we had some extended family over a that night and we were my my brother there were trying to watch a game where a little bit better but so we kept going into one room and then going back and checking the scores and watching watching game you know a but definitely remember that one thirty seven twenty eight a score that one a crazy game i i i think that was the one a yeah so dolton through eight pick six to start the game yeah yeah and we kind of hearing our boy oh boy and then all all of a sudden a when the bengals get the ball right back jeremy hill pops off and eighty five yard touchdown run and then it was a lot of back and forth from there so a really interesting game fun game good when they're john for that was your number three correct i'm gonna go i'm gonna go just kind of basic here i'm going number three freezer bowl 'em and i am saying that because a you know i think at that point the chargers had dan fouts outs 'em i think a lot of people they had a lot of firepower kellen winslow some good receivers that sort of thing yes it was on cincinnati home turf yes southern california team was coming out to play in rigid weather but i think a lot of people thought it fouts in that that attack would be able to stifle the bangles 'em you know kenny anderson kind of had it renaissance that year you know he had kind of gone through some ebbs and flows in his career had a great year was the nfl mvp that year 'em and then ultimately got the bengals to the super bowl so a you know just in general one of the most iconic games in nfl history 'em an of course a nice cup of hot tea it was probably needed after after playing in that game because that was ridiculously cold 'em and guys you know you're you're buddy lapham 'em i i think he played in that game in in ufo's they talk about that game in a row i you gotta be pretty tough s it'll be it'll be able to play in in in that in that weather a regardless of what team you are so 'em that to me was my number three three you look like you had some a comment john well according my dad you have to be a tough loss would be just the watch the game he could dad and you know all i mean we're doing it well here's the thing okay my my my grandma season tickets and sixty and he gives it gives me my dad went over and seeing the open and whatnot and stories each crammed into into the car with you know three of his brothers in fort brothers but through the living in a time and they all like just like dressed up in however many layers is it required a watch the game and negatives did you wouldn't show but there is own accord sweating their their their butts off the ground outside young wearing like five coach and then they walk outside and it just like immediately freeze over so he he like i believe when you watch the game but the more time goes on apparently apparently a hundred out of the game you know riverfront only held like it used to i guess i guess that's just the nature of the game in just the the the the legend of it so that that's a good one though yeah it's it's like the fishermen story right i i was there were either yeah this this is a great dynamic between us with your games and i'm i'm gonna stick with the more modern one my my number two is gonna be a game i don't think a lot of people remember but it was it was just like a hot like moment for me 'em during the twenty fourteen season news like late october ravens came into town another great game just bengals ravens always play each other close stricter in marvin lewis error tori in the moment dawn air and on things easily found on the way on top more often not again asian ravens were down by free a late in the game after on morning joe flacco launches a moon ball to baltimore even at the time steve smith an i think making the cat he makes the cash in or no on our honorably exactly what happened but a few simple called off at the pass interference i remember him or green so on the field is a big controversy emma and whatnot and eventually like a ten yard penalty and they'll be like for him tony raven sink and bird indulge deals but just like this just seems to shift on on the field whining and crying or but if you i would just so blatantly obvious do an opening for two on the year at that point but that was just a good one yeah that was that was an all star today runner was in the middle of a ryan where the bangles just they had the ravens number and i think one of the only loss is the bengals had during eight it pretty insane stretch of games was an overtime loss where dalton through a hail mary mary degreen at the very end of the game tie and then the bengals loss on a field goal in overtime like their only loss in a stretch of likes seven games or something so yeah that that's that's a really interesting one i am gonna go a little school i did have a couple a tour at the beginning were a little more recent but i am gonna go old school this one look i i wavered on which one to put number one number two this one is number two because it occurred during eight bengals loss 'em so you know it's hard to it's hard to kind of say a you know she sipping moment here when you're when you're you know tasting the sour taste of of a law so a in nineteen eighty nine sam head coach sam wage offered some of the most iconic words in bengals history when the bengals were playing the seattle seahawks a a game in which they lost twenty four seventeen at the time going into the game they were a they were seven and six so they were in the playoff hunt they have three games to go at the time seattle was in e f c so it was kind of a critical game for the bengals in in potentially making the playoffs after losing the super bowl year before so 'em you know this one in in what's really really interesting about this game in a lot of people don't talk about this aspect but the reason why sam why shuttered words i will mentioned in just a second is because be officiating in this game was really really for an the bengals fans knew that this game was important for playoff purposes an end everything an you know they start throwing things on the field they started throwing things at the referees fans did in the stands a kinda like stuff that was happening in the wildcard game in twenty fifteen but a all of a sudden you never see this happen in in modern games by sam weiss comes on be the ph system within the stadium stadium and he offers you know the next guy you see throwing trash on the field throwing things on the field get him out of here you don't believe in cleveland you living cincinnati so the chiefs sipping moment there is backhanded insult to one of the bangles biggest rivals while telling the fan base there to knock it off so a just an amazing amazing soundbite in it's probably just a ten second sound bite i probably should have had a cute after play by a if it wasn't wearing that would have been number one in my book by a it made number two for me eat any december we got i saw you listen moving yeah yeah hey patel editor in chief of the verge host of the verge cast revamping the more and more lately in coming out episodes twice a week sometimes even third bonus episode on tuesdays i talked influential people around the world of tech like microsoft founder bill gates and other tech exactly founder of lime scooters ceo be on me we've also been talking a lot of reporters and academics but the major oppressing policy issues in tech like facebook's content moderation great each hoops harassing plan or lack thereof and whether or not the government's break up amazon which they should every friday i sit down with executive editor duty bound and paul miller for chat show we cover the latest in tech news and product reviews ran are other reporters around the verge that show is a party you should listen to you all that more if you subscribe to the virtuous wherever you get josh refer you to listen to join us again subscribe to the virtuous wherever you purchased shooter this is care swisher i wanna tell you about my podcast rico decode every week we have candid indepth conversations with people like ilan must nancy pelosi and kathy griffin who talk about how they got to where they are today and how their work is changing our world new episodes of rico decode released every monday and wednesday and we often have bonus episodes on friday subscribe for free to be the first hear them on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app before we get to number one john there were a couple of suggestions in are live a youtuber jacket i want it to to get to before we we unveil or number one's a christian mccoy says gio running all the way around the dolphins on thursday night football in spain yeah that that that was crazy that game is just a a bummer for me is that was the one where the bengals loss gino atkins but a yeah that that was insane play their 'em bill williams talks about giovanni bernard is well gio running the ball and the steelers on monday night for the breakout run slash win i think i think that was a screen pass actually a but yeah it because the bengals ended up beating the steelers on monday night football their christian mccoy says obviously the comeback versus seattle in twenty fifteen dolton won that game end nugent that game was awesome a that game with well let me put let me rephrase that the fourth quarter and overtime with hot zone a leading up to that not so much but a a good one there a so a couple of of interesting ones in in a good honorable mentions i guess royalist on those officers like t sabinas in this scenario but watching the bengals somehow get their few billion on the field w nfl game it was like the most shocking thing seems like the fact they were the ones who do that like of all teams it was just i l one yeah don't got rocked memory that and he got out federally rocks and they couldn't he he was like stumbling off the field and the any other group had had the sprint on that's a good point it's like it's like the team that has the worst clock management issues this is what you're gonna get here in time i slept lally gonna do this the oh my god they got like a big one in one right yeah but yeah that that in terms of just call the games and washable it's hard to watch but my number one is number five just being tired johnny menzel like i had five to leaders of tlc strengthening i i remember i i famous picture of all the bengals who ended up doing the the money manville i go i believe that that's that's walled bilberry best remodel uga inbound in johnny menzel state the adam jones on the sideline looking at the camera obviously 'perfect after tackle freaking brandon thompson got it on the action and i think after like a tackle for loss and obviously don't let after the past is watching that and i think he was manzo first start the it was the second browns game that season the first one obviously remember who is dreadful the brian hoyer brick house down thursday night in my browns fans i my brown my friends who were brown parents after the game rubbed it in my face is all about so that was great revenge and the fact that it was it was made the playoffs and his first start and they just just adding onto that that it's just a little bit more yeah that was a that was especially i did realize that many guys it wow yeah that's that's pretty much what granting thompson is basically like trash talking you know you you you yeah yeah yeah that's a good point a i for my number one i am going to stick actually have it occurred a week after infamous you don't 'em you don't believe in cleveland you're living cincinnati game one week later again on their home field turf and looking to a take things out on somebody and it was sam washes arch nemesis jerry glanville who is these then head coach of the houston oilers a on december seventeenth nineteen eighty nine the cincinnati bengals absolutely took it to be than houston wailers sixty one the seven and i remember this it and i always i always a little guy but i remember watching this game because the oilers at the time going into that game were nine and six the bengals were a eight and seven 'em i remember so you're going into a the fourth quarter here the bengals you know they they get a touchdown a ten yard touchdown pass that eric will home in the game irish hillary catches a touchdown pass 'em this is this is how much sam whitish disliked the oilers dislike jerry glanville west i i believe i don't have the exact time here a in terms of time left but tours the very very end of the game up fifty eight the seven the bengals are driving driving driving just kind of killing clock block and instead of kneeling on the ball of fifty eight seven sam weiss obsta go and try it out jim breach for thirty yard field goals set of kneeling all an and all of that he kicks field goal at fifty seven to go sixty one seven ingest embarrass the oilers now you have to get some historical context of this there were games where the oilers were doing all kinds of late hits that's the kind of stuff jerry glanville allowed they were they were they were kinda cheap shot artist but they were a couple of years they were tough to be with warren moon a drew hill haywood jeffries all you know all kinds of got lorenzo white i think was the running back so they have a lot of good good players on that team but there was a lot of there there is no love lost between those two coaches andover is actually very interesting nfl top ten countdown if you've ever watched that it's an older one a basically what is top ten rivalries and one of them was jerry glanville against be all day fc central at talked about how sam weiss chuck knoll and a a marty schottenheimer at the time the browns coach all despised just jerry glanville a hand a just the way he his bravado and all of that if you can find it on youtuber something like that i highly recommend you check it out very interesting stuff very funny glanville is just a cartoon character of a coach early day greg williams yeah some kind of yeah a but glanville with a guy if you don't know me as a guy would leave like tickets at the box office elvis presley and a you know james dean in you know just cartoon character of being but a it was just hilarious that instead of showing good sportsmanship and kneeling on the ball up with such a high score wife says no way were getting more points a an in talking about the game jerry glanville said a i think i think sam would have tried to beat us by a hundred but the clock ran out so a if he could have so a you know a kind of a comical game but a it was a statement game especially after what happened the week prior with bad officiating in bad loss that sort of thing and ultimately that that game the week before costs the bengals a playoff berth as did they lost the next week against the vikings and the final week by 'em between those tough losses were they very comical very entertaining game a thanks to sam why so those are our top five t sipping moments by the cincinnati bengals a as we as we head into the july fourth holiday weekend tipple says how about the patriots game when huber kicked a bomb from the end zone in the dirt driving rain yeah i don't i don't sorry sorry kevin and you were i don't really remember the the punter all that much necessarily put a bill williams on the one that i said says jerry wouldn't shake sam's hand after the game yeah he just ran off the field a good one from keith undefeated chiefs when they when they lost the cincinnati you know three that was a good one 'em so some good some good memories and you know what john we wanna do this because we feel like this was a positive thing after some bad news the bengals nation received jona cams last week is kind of time to set up the positivity a little bit as we continue to march towards training camp this orange and black insider bengals podcast you sean sheeran i'm anthony kazan's if we just talked about are top five she sipping moments if you will of the cincinnati bengals an we did nominated couple of potential pre season heroes as we get into a get closer to the training camp you could get this program on i tunes on stitcher and spotify on google play on megaphone you can get it on youtuber in cincy jungle dot com john i think we've got a few minutes left talk maybe about a couple of potential breakout let let's do one each depending on the time manageable here a potential great bengals breakout players in twenty nineteen so for those who have either listen to this show or or mostly if you've read a lot of articles on cincy jungle dot com this is kind of a yearly feature feature that we have done a whiff with regards to the bengals and as they enter training camp as training camp kind of starts so we hope to kind of keep this a going a little bit continuing this over the next handful full of episodes but basically relocate guys that we feel could step up and contribute at either end relatively high level or pretty high level depending on their role the previous year where they were in terms of eighteen the previous you're a if it can be a rookie it can be a veteran it can be one of those guys that maybe two years in three years into his career and maybe looking to take that big leap so you know that's kind of the criteria little bit on our our list here so john gave me a name that you think could be potential breakout guy where we sit wow you know didn't really wasn't really on our radar last year be it because he didn't do much of the bangles or was on another team and or as a rookie and now i think immediately in twenty nineteen we're gonna be talking about him as one of the guys that can be attributed to the teams potential success so when thinking about guys like this i looked at the criteria of guys who falls in the same the footsteps of like tyler boyd because before boys breakout season these like really stepped up towards the end of twenty seventeen season we're a lot of hype about in that you know since the fallen off season about how he's really taking that momentum in put his horses further development and then he recruited and twenty eighteen so looking at guys who really stepped up towards the end of the only twenty eighteen season first cutoff hot mamas sam hubbard and you know the first eight weeks is getting a pass rushing sexually just fifty two in the last two weeks of the season he raised three of the seventy six which is about a couple of points below and then carl austin's overall roll briefer last season when he was still rushing the passer pretty high rate so they remember finished last season extremely well it's a pass rusher a double just pressure is during the amount of time you really have a really good game against oakland but oakland had horrendous type of play turned the game and that's really just bandage buddy play well towards the end of season as well you know the browns game it's just gave me a handful of carpet as well and destroys the middle of the season he was really just in that the really big low 'cause he was playing more inside an you know the run the country you wasn't very well new life there and just wasn't getting opportune pass rushers from inside when they had no minimal depth there when you started playing more on me as just getting more of a field sit for both sides you just really starting to get getting more comfortable and don't really have to take over that michael johnson role and he's already a good run defense i don't have an issue with i don't think he's gonna struggle or have had any sort of drop off what would replace in johnston there it was always just taking that next up as a passenger because you always explosive he was always a flexible as an athlete but just completing altogether with his hands on with this counter moves and all that kind of stuff that's gonna that's what it's gonna take preempted really elevate himself as a pass rusher and taking that momentum but he had last season when his words a full twenty eighteen twenty nineteen season could go a long way because besides you know they had lost income tax yelled and they basically have no one as a metro suppressed and so have hubbard really step up and you know breakout as a legitimate pass rushers someone looking count on for all three down to if they need to that's very important and i think the e is taking necessary step solution last season to push you know gain some momentum going into the season but he sells make that jump but i think he's he's got he's got the you know required athleticism the do it's just a matter of queen altogether now i like it a so there are a couple of rounds that i would would wanna start with 'em you know there's actually a couple of veterans that i'm thinking about a footing on this list here but all kind of go with a little obvious and one that is a rookie rookie but what a rookie who is going is slated to potentially how they big role on this team in twenty nineteen that's jemaine pratt 'em and he just seems like a guy who does everything from that position at aj adequate to above average type of level a good tackler he's got good football like you he showed some some promising promise in rushing the passer a little bit in college 'em he actually ran relatively fast a in the forty yard dash we've got decent speed he has the ability to step in and be very valuable piece on this defense and really if he does break out that's great but really if you're gonna look at breakout players the guys they need to break out this is probably one of the guys at tops the list because that linebacker group is is releasing a stand behind preston brown jemaine proud in and others nick vigil and and you know there's the whole middle east jefferson mystery in you know who knows if jordan evans is shown enough to stick around so 'em you know i think i think they're pratt is going to be a big piece in a big key into turning this defense around from a deplorable year last year and a guy that is is is good decent or good a lot of different aspects of the position and i think the tackling thing we've talked about it a little bit in previous episodes john i think the tackling thing is of paramount importance you know i think the past few years and i'm not really sure why i could probably we'd be attributed to a lot of different things injuries in a coaching malays firm or marvin lewis whatever a an really not doing a lot of stockpiling at the position but tackling has been one of the biggest biggest issues on this team in really has caused this defense to fall off a cliff and i noticed that a lot last year even when they brought in a guy like preston brown who is also known as one of the better tacklers any nfl so 'em i i would say germain pratt should should be breakout guy and hopefully is because the bengals we need him to be you know in the dallas definitely his biggest strength coming out call it's just a shirt tackler and someone who just catch the ball care quickly and that's tributed instinct distributed being a leader on the defense knowing no you know knowing how to diagnose plays at a at a quick pace because you know playing fast and comfortable is so important in especially with a defense that you'll have a lot of struggle just sort of communication just rigging plays in in general just having that upgrade is is crucial and sweaty sign and he's gonna be a crucial part of the that of all of all the types of linebackers of this that they need he basically fits to a t exactly the things we didn't have and i know he's not done why he's not the bush so they drafted as for reasons but when you could have gone by and i'm thinking there's just there's just no other linebacker they give them exactly what they need yup yup totally agree so those that's the start of are potential bengals breakout players in in training camp and preseason into the regular season this year so will continue to do did that over the course of the next handful of episodes and obviously will have a maybe some others that'll be a little bit more debate inducing than a the ones we presented tonight john any final thoughts before a we we sign off here worthy for the holiday weekend yeah were about two and a half hours away from the fourth in my only advice is don't be jason pierre paul yes yes yes be very safe all everyone out there whether it's you know having adult beverages in handling a vehicle or a handle my handling fireworks a or you a dealing with individuals who are neabry aided an being aggressive anything like that just be careful out there but have a good time a lot of people what do you do in for the fourth manner you are you doing anything fun i i found a pool but now it's a family friend were going over there escaping the heat is on the golf course to so we might catch some some fireworks the fairways so she falls on nice good good 'em you know of course i want everybody to have fun like i said but i don't wanna put a damper ntn here but i do wanna say that it's it's been a bummer to hear about some young current and former professional athletes pass away at a really young age is a tyler skaggs it'd be it'd be loss angeles angels and then i i read today john a guy who is kind of a be a kentucky ohio area jared lorenzen a lefty 'em you know he passed away now i guess he had some some long standing health problems that have really caught up with him i'm sure it has to do with at least in part you know his weight gain and all that kind of stuff a so kind of a bummer think of of those families a further i mean tyler skaggs was got twenty seven something twentyeight a really young guy but 'em just you know kind of a bummer but keep their keep their families in your thoughts it's a as as you're having fun and enjoying the holiday weekend you know it's not gonna be happy for absolutely everyone out there so 'em you know try and keep things in perspective a little bit but how fun be safe and enjoy you're for some t i guess while you're out there right john maybe maybe ice tea since wearing summer but go ahead and sip some tea even if you're a bengals fan that's okay so some limited in there may be in the slush and bourbon there you go that's a good way to enjoy again this is only black insider bengals podcast he is john sharing i'm anthony kazan's you get this program on a number of different platforms have mentioned it before i tune stitcher spotify google play megaphone youtuber ansi jumbled also subscribe scribe door channels get in touch with us we will see the holiday were not gonna be doing a listener questions episode this week but we will be doing one next week and will probably start kicking off you fantasy football segment in other segments on our a episodes rather coming up on a podcast so if those subscribed or channels and yet somehow you can will see next time enjoy your holiday and at the end of the day man they they knew they knew hey it's medically hosted eater up so before you jump to you're next podcast i wanna tell you about new event that's happening later this summer in 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