70: What Was The Best Part of Your 2019?


Hey guys it's Rachel Hollis and I'm here with my friend. Trent Shelton was originally. How you doing? I'm living the dream man. We you tell listeners why we're hanging out together right now. We're hanging out because we're launching my new podcast straight up and I'm super excited so rad. If you guys are not already familiar they were threat. He has millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him for a very unique style of coaching. Yeah we're unique straight. The point is really as I can put it straight from the heart and breaking through those negative mindsets breaking through of what's holding you back in people's lives and long form love that so if you guys want to hear more you're already listening on podcast platform go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton. Let's go let's get it. It's the morning show that no one are knows I'd no one is talking about. I stayed no one is talking about but if they did they probably the best way to start art happy Friday. You're joining us at the. You could see my hand right above your head hello You're you're watching the start today morning show with breath me. I'm Dave who are you know. No no you're not Bob Are you Bob. Oh Bob's with us. Today oh I didn't know Bob was with us today. Oh my goodness well. Welcome Bob. Thanks for being here. And who's this this baby baby junior. Oh and Baby Juniors here ladies and gentlemen welcome Dave Bob and baby junior on a Friday morning Bob. How's your Friday going on? Did you know it's Friday the thirteen are you sliding what is happening. You're supposed to be. The Co host is with the most this when you hear this year this coughing. That's what's happening at the Hollis House right now. That's why Rachel Hollis is not going to be on this show this this morning because he has been struck with Dang Cedar Fever. What are you GONNA do? You'RE GONNA come back and do the morning show. Okay have yourself a good morning here take baby be with you. You'RE GONNA come right back. Sounds good well good morning everybody. Everybody's having a nice start to your Friday like I said my name is Dave. I'm GonNa fix this camera because we've lost our small human. I am a one man army today. What else is new? This week has been wonky Anki for US humans but we are finishing out. Oh we on the start today morning. Show my wife Rachel thing it allergies Jeez in Texas are a thing apparently had zero concept of this coming into. Oh you're back. Oh Wow I don't think you're back. I think you're GONNA go drop Jackson off at school. You're oh you're back with close okay. I'm not a I'm not going to be getting address right now. I need you to get dressed. And we'll take Jackson to school and then come back. Ok seen a little bit good morning. Good morning everybody buddy. All right we'll see a little bit. Come right back. The allergies are her thing. If you move from one place where you have not up previously experienced allergies and then you get to a place where all of a sudden they've got a new spore a new poison in the air. Well you have to deal with it and right now. We are dealing with Cedar because Cedar is a stinking thing in the hill country of Texas and it is out in a vicious way for us. I don't know if you can relate but darn it we're going through it. It's Friday the thirteenth. Welcome you're only going to have an unlucky day. If you believe that you I will i. Just don't I'm excited about my Friday the thirteenth because today is the night of the Hollis Company Holiday Party and I am. I'm ready for it now. I'm ready for it in part because I love a good holiday party but I'm also here for it because yes I am going to experience a holiday party through the lens of something I have never ever experienced and that is I am going to a place that produces alcohol very delicious alcohol and I am not going to be drinking the very delicious alcohol and I'm going to watch the people that I work with every single day and their significant others most of whom I've never met drink way too much as we have a DJ playing music because they have us taking care of them with ride home. And so I am going to be the sober observer of behavior when alcohol is introduced. Let's let's go. Let's bring oh in a second. Did you get dressed. Oh no how the Scott dressed. Well come on back into the old morning. Show that nobody's talking talking about. Wow that was quick. Change all right. Welcome back I'm happy to see that your back. I got a camera I mean. I've got a camera here. It doesn't matter if you're watching on facebook you can see the top of my phone. I can't do anything for you. I don't know how the technologist of the start today morning show took today the day off. 'cause it's Friday the thirteenth and we got a holiday party going on tonight. The bottom line is I am excited. I am going to be like a sociologist allergists. I what are you doing. You can't come onto the morning. Show that nobody's talking about take a nap. You have to be entertaining or not being on the show. That's the the only way that this works. That is the only way that this works. Are you here for this morning show. Are you committed to this morning. Show then you better tell us a joke logo August. I do have to go to work today but I haven't even changed out of my workout stuff yet. I don't know if Mommy is going to go to work. I don't think she's going to go to work today. I think she's going to try and be well so that she can go to the House Co Holiday Party tonight where she would probably have a little bit of something that you're GonNa the beat you're gonNA leave again. Okay go come back. Come on back whenever you'd like I'd appreciate you coming back or not either way. Oh you're GONNA come back Iraq okay or don't either way I don't want you to feel any pressure to come back. You're okay head on out of the room. I saw you kick the wire it don't matter. Yeah you're fine. The wires fine have a good day. Close the door. I love you you you coming right back coming back already. I don't know that we need you back yet. I just checked your call sheet. You haven't been called back on set yet. Oh man the wheels are gone. There weren't ever wheels on this show. Oh are you coming back. If you're coming right back where you are actually back. You're actually back okay. Okay welcome back. Welcome back so anyway as I was saying oblong applaud your breakfast Taco all right throw in here we go breakfast tacos coming in ladies and gentlemen a breakfast Taco for no Hollis the Rectus Taco. Wow a new feature on the star today morning show breakfast tacos with Noah. Wow how I know. This is where the ratings bonanza really happens because all of a sudden people are like wait a second. is she going to have a breakfast Taco on a Friday yes she is welcome breakfast Taco. No one needs to see you eating with your mouth open though I am going to tell you that right this very no one wants to see this stop. You are a monster and you are. You're ruining everybody's morning nope you need to stop right this second all. I'm encouraging you Bob Bob you know that this is not a thing that we need in our lives. You happy what is happening. But Bob Hollis you need you need to Jill your food you need to chew your food. I need to find a way to make a personal development analogy out of. I'm not chewing your food so that we can no. I don't I just need to laugh the fact that you're a small human who likes to keep her mouth open with breakfast Taco anyway. If you come to the House Co Holiday Party today just know that I am going to be wearing a safari hat. I'm going to have binoculars on and I'll be sitting in in a purse like I'm on a safari and I'm GONNA be watching for wild animal behavior because I'm GONNA be sober at the Party can't wait and I can't wait also not that You need to have alcohol to be a good dancer but I need alcohol to be a good dancer. So get ready for my dance moves because sober Dave dancing to the greatest. Dj this side of the old miss is going to be a thing. I am telling you I'm GONNA break out all of the over over by robot I'm going to be doing all those things and they aren't going to be fueled by what normally was fueling. My dancing moves which was basically vodka. What happened you're just a character? You really are everyone here. Thinks that you what I bought. Oh you're coming right back. Okay have a Good Friday. We'll see we'll see you tomorrow. Oh you're gonNA get your shoes. I hear I hear coughing. Rachel Hollis Ladies and gentlemen making a cameo on today's morning show. It's Rachel Hollis. Ms Cedar Fever for this is amazing. We are so excited ladies and gentlemen who who knew that a Rachel. Hollis Cameo is in store for us today. This is amazing. Oh Wow so anyway the music's GonNa Start like the beats it's GonNa be like boom boom boom boom and I'm going to be like what is that is that the beat is that the beat. Is that the beat. And I'm going to start doing this move. This is my. This is my move. I just start like boom boom boom boom and I'm GONNA I'm not gonNA stop. Just GonNa Dance Dance. Dance my hartaway and welcome to Friday. Listen if you just stumbled into this you like. What is this dumpster fire? Is this what happens every day on the start today morning show. Yes yes yes it is. Welcome grab a skewer Sa- marshmallows and let's make some s'mores the dumpster fire. That is the start today morning. Show welcomes you from the the illustrious color-coded studios the hill country of Texas. I'm happy to have you my name. Is Dave Welcome. We went to dinner last night. Went to dinner last night and in going to dinner last night we went around the table. Our Friends Sammy and beans. Things are here Beans is the hostess of the rise conferences The MC I think they call it more professionally and Sammy. who used to work at the company is the person who is behind the scenes helping produce the event Person named Rosie is in town. Rosie was the human who was working on the marketing side of things back when it was still called Sheikh in La. She and her husband were unable to move out to Austin Texas. She's amazing and while we have someone on maternity she stepping in to bridge this person leaving on the marketing side while she does does the work so beans and and Sammy and Rosie in town we go and we have a conversation around dinner and Sushi. It was oh it was so delicious and in the conversation and the question of what was your best memory of two thousand. Nineteen is thrown to the table. And we're going around the table answering what was what was the most important profound. What stood out as a thing in the midst of two thousand nineteen for you and we started with Sammy? Sammy said this beautiful thing about a trip to Mexico and we said then beans and beans had this amazing observation. Rosie had this amazing memory of her husband. Sammy beans having and Rachel. Rachel had this like beautiful memory of when we nude our vows on a hillside in Ireland perfection and the thing that I That identified as one of my one hundred percent best and most impactful questions. Our experiences of two thousand nineteen was the feeling of coming down. The Gondola after are we finished our thirteenth ascent during the Everest expedition that we went on where we climbed. Twenty Nine Thousand and twenty nine feet I know we talked about it a lot when it happened. But a few months back we climbed up and down this hill for thirty five hours and the thirty fifth hour. The last climb of that hill for me stood out in two thousand nineteen as the thing that had one of the biggest and most profound around impacts of for me on the year. And here's why and why I want to bring it up. I pushed myself in that exercise to do something that was unbelievably beyond anything. I would have ever contemplated I was capable of doing and in in having pushed myself further than was previously believed possible for me I reset. What is possible for me going forward? And it's not a thing that I recognized was going to be the outcome of climbing this mountain but Dang it as I sit in December on December Twelfth Health and now December thirteenth of two thousand nineteen and look back on what was what were the most important things that happened in two thousand nineteen as much as there were plenty not of things where all we went on the trip. We had this great meal. We had this opportunity to do this earlier. Like standing backstage at a rise event. Believe me there were so many things that I could have picked but I picked this one thing. That was the feeling of completely reframing what I am capable. Table of persevering through because of the power of that experience resetting. What I believe? I am capable of pushing through any day day of the week and twice on Sundays as I look forward to twenty twenty right yesterday we were hanging out together. Talk about the fact that we are heading into the twenties. We are heading into a new decade right and as you walk into this New Year as you think about what is possible for your life as you cast a vision for for who you hope to be as you cast vision for what you want in this life if you aren't currently pushing yourself beyond the boundaries of what you think possible possible you may not cast a big enough vision and so part of what I loved about that experience was I had eh in pushing myself way beyond what I thought was possible what I had as a gift and a curse a gift and curse out of that experience. The gift was wow. You are capable of doing way more than you ever thought you could in the curse was if you ever choose to decide to settle for something. That's unbelievably less than what you now know you are capable love love you are actively choosing mediocrity. What a gift and a curse right the knowledge that I have though of what I'm capable of ax? It's now as a as a as a as a threshold that I have to live up to. It acts as a as a bar that I have to every single day. Remind myself you've shown shown yourself how much you can do. You've shown yourself that you're capable of doing more than you believe you've shown yourself in the face of thinking on the second ascent that there was. There's no way you could finish thirteen that you had eleven more in you and now that you know this truth if you deny the this knowledge the existence out of your body you're choosing mediocrity and so as you walk in it's one hundred twenty right if you can reframe the way that things things that happen to you in your past actually are preparing you or have already prepared you to go into twenty twenty to go into the twenties and chase something bigger than in do something harder than you think you are capable of. Then you will but if you haven't yet had an experience that pushed you beyond your limits and have framed the way that push beyond your limits. His now not up to forever think differently about what your limits are about how you can persevere through about what it is about. How in twenty twenty goal all setting and achieving things more audacious and bigger than? You are comfortable with our a thing that is for you. That is a part of your journey. Then you'll set goals goals that are more easily attainable that are as aligned with what you historically been able to do. You push yourself past what you think you can. So you've gotta decide we got. It's what is it December thirteenth. We got seventeen eighteen days. Eighteen days left in this year. You're in this decade right. You're going to have some time to do some thought. I hope that you can do what I gotta do. Break away and find some clarity but if you can't at a minimum sit around a table of people that you care about an ask a simple question. What was the most profound important impactful experience experience of this past year? That informs how you're going to walk into two thousand twenty and if your answer is one of hopelessness helplessness. You need to refrain your story if your impactful story of two thousand and one thousand nine is something that brings you shame or brings you guilt or brings you pain or brings you a belief in how you've been held back you are setting the stage for twenty twenty in a way that does not serve you. Some of you have gone through terribly miserable things and I am not trying in any way to minimize the thing that you've been through but you have to decide now that you're standing on the other side of having survived those terribly miserable things if the story of survival is one of victimhood or Vic tour right you are on the other side of it you were on the other side side of it. It didn't get you it didn't kill. You didn't take you down in not having got you. It's prepared you if you believe. That's the story. It's prepared you if you believe. That's the story so when you think sit around the table go and have a glass of wine. I'M NOT GONNA judge having sparkling water last night but as as you sit around your table right and someone asks you what were the most impactful moments of the year and you've been through something terrible miserable. People people treated you in a way that you don't deserve to be treated. You tried something and failed scale. That is unbelievable. Someone was unfaithful to you. You someone was mean to you fired for no good reason. Whatever the whatever it is if the story that you're telling around that terrible thing thing is a hopeless story? The chances of you telling a hopeful story of what's going to happen in twenty twenty is near impossible. I love you I I promise it is so much more difficult for you to reach for a hopeful story. If the way you've attached any kind of any anything a motive to anything that's happening in two thousand nineteen is hopeless. If you have a hopeless view of what happened this past year your opportunity for hopeful things these to happen is compromised. Hope in the present is power in the future. Less Brown hope in the present is power in the future. If you'll be hopeful it feeling for what sorry hope in the future is power in the present hope in the future is power in the president so if you have a hopeful vision of what's possible for you in two thousand twenty you can be powerful in how you stand your posture today. We'll be powerful. Hope in the future is power in the present present said by a guy named Les Brown. He's fire-breathing powerful speaker. Gay Hope in the future pound present but if the story that you have coming out of your past is hopeless the chances that you have a hopeful vision for what's possible in your future or compromised and in that compromise states states it will reduce it will compromise the power. You have right this second so you have to reframe. You have to think differently about how what you've been through through is changed. You is prepared. You has made you someone who has a survivor. Standing on top of the triumph of those terrible things is now ready to go. Do all the things and it's A. It's a hard choice man. I know it's a hard Dave I don't feel like I know there's days where I don't feel like I could either. I have been through a crazy year. It has been the greatest year of my adult life and it has been the hardest year of my adult life life. I have made choices that I'm not necessarily proud of at the beginning of this year. I was drinking a lot to deal with the anxiety of doing this work with Rachel to deal with the anxiety of the business growing so fast to deal with anxiety frankly of coming on and feeling like I could do a good job on a morning show right and I made a decision man. I did not do that but when I think about my choices to cope when I think about my choices to cope differently I am proud I have I have a narrative around the bad decisions that I made and the good ones I made out of the bad that have giving me a hopeful story about what I've been through this year in a way that allows a hopeful possibility of what's going to happen in two thousand twenty a reality right. I am comfortable talking about what has gone wrong because the value that signed those bad things are positive. I'm not proud of the way I wasn't showing up for my life over the last three years but I'm comfortable now. Assigning positive value to what I learned learned from having Doug my own ditch and then getting comfortable living inside of it right just because I was there. Her doesn't mean I'm a broken person doesn't mean that I am a victim of I was there. I WanNa honor the fact that I was there. I want to learn. Learn from what I what what led to me being there and in learning from it turn it into power so the story have in what happened. This past year is as much anchored in my having pushed myself past what I believe to be possible and doing a lot of work on storytelling. I see someone's comet easier said than done. Yep It is easier said than done. It is easier said than done like this isn't is it like. Oh if you just wish on a star it's going to be easy and happy if you could find a picture of a Unicorn and put up that says believe in your dreams everything will be fine no so it is easier than done easier. said it is easier said than done. Of course it is. I have to do this every day. And every day I don't wake up like you know what I am super stoked to go out and try and lead this team to try and do this morning show to try and write these books record these podcasts but uh I have to choose. Am I on this planet to do this work if I am then. What if I am interested in the life after? I suggest that I want then I need to do these things. And it's easier said than done but I still have to just decide to do it. You're going to have to make that decision vision to it. Starts by looking back on how you pushing yourself into situations that were harder than you thought. You could ever overcome Tom. We're for you that they changed the psychology of your ability to be resilient your ability to get back up your ability to persevere through conditions you. You didn't think you could handle and frankly you didn't deserve but you not deserving the bad thing didn't make it not happen it's still happened and I hate to break this to you because man I've done so much work on myself and I feel great about who I am and what I'm doing today. It doesn't stop bad things from happening in my life every we day anyway. I'm just changing the way that I think about those bad things being an opportunity for me to grow instead of being an indictment on me being bad or somehow maybe victim victim to life not showing up the way. I'd hope happy Friday the thirteenth. Everybody I mean why am I yell and yell talking. It's only the eight thirty in the morning. What is going on Y'all this morning we've had a sick Rachel Hollis we've had no Hollis demonstrating how to eat the breakfast Taco like a champion and suggesting four times that she would be right back a little storytelling and more than anything? I hope a call for you to think about the kind of work you might WanNa do between now and nineteen days from now when we turn the corner into new decade and ask some questions what what were the most impactful things that happened in this past year and ask you talk about them really pay attention to whether you have assign positive or negative attribution to those impactful things. They may have in fact. been things that you did not deserve. No Oh and deserves some of the things that you have been through but they still happened so having happened how can we find positive attribution for your surviving them for your getting shell for you getting a muscle because of having had it broken down right do that work. It's going to change the way a honestly that you approach thinking about. What's possible for you in two thousand twenty nine thousand nine days left? y'All we've got nineteen days is left. y'All it's time you know it's time to think about what kind of twenty twenty you want and how you you start the way that you think about. It is going to be framed in large part about how you associate value of two thousand nineteen. I want everyone to have a fantastic Friday. If you're wondering what I'm doing an I just remember safari have binoculars taken notes on how I'm not really going to. I'm just going to have a great time at a holiday party. I'm a dance without alcohol and I'm going the celebrate a year of years for the sixty three employees at the Hollis company and all of their partners. We're going to get our dance on and then get everybody home safe. I want everyone to have a fantastic Friday. We will see you on Monday. I can already tell you. Go ahead and put it in your calendar Rachel Hollis is doing QVC UV. See on Monday and I'm not saying she's doing a segment. She is doing a twenty four hour segment on. QVC On on Monday. Twenty four hours. Twenty four hours. She has four solid hour segments and every hour of the twenty four pops in for a few minutes. Let's go. It's just a warning because I am going to come in hot fire hot and you better be ready for a little Solo Dave time for Monday Tuesday. Yes she is travelling back and forth to Pennsylvania. Have yourself a fantastic Friday. If you do believe in thirteenth and bad luck then you are choosing to go route two day on a mission to have your hypothesis validated. You will find signs of bad luck if you go looking for it instead. If you just decide to head on out and look for signs of being a great day you will also find evidence of that choose wisely. I personally recommend that you go out and just decide. You're GonNa have a great day. Have a great we can. We'll see on Monday blah blah. He guys thank you for listening to the start today morning. Show podcast if you want to. Actually we see the episodes. Make sure you tune in the morning every weekday eight. AM central on facebook and instagram. On basically every every channel we have our theme song is from Sarah Sunshine. Follow her at these Sarah Sunshine. Our executive producer is Cameron Berkman. The show is produced by Chelsea and Kevin Westlake with production. Help from Nicole Fisher and I'd like to give special. Thanks to Hawk the fish that will never die yeah.

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