30.06.20. Roadkill in the road


I'm welcome to another episode. Golf. Your. Host Joe home we hear from the around. Around the continent around Europe focusing on events that occurred this week in the primarily what a momentous week it's been we've had. An. Insane amount of full just looking at the fixtures that. Self goes talked about quite finance fit land but we're going to give you an overview of things that have peaked our interest and with me this week to continue the roundup as will fresh from a caravan down someone Komo are you will. Get, I'm refreshed from some from seabreeze and Cornish pathway. Let you pass these. On. You'll be glad to know listeners that Marcus got rid of his dog So His his blood pressure will be much much lower this week mark I will you make? My. I promise you is a glass of red the I'm drinking the. Area. And and to finish up the group is a your listeners will be a bit of artwork that Georgia's done as a an owed to what Liverpool of achieve this week that he's going to talk more, and also a superb little bit of gold of the week creation which I think is hopefully going to be a regular thing. Now, George can take ownership in that Caesar can commit to it live. On the Corden but I think something that we're going to do. But Yeah Defoe George how you may find to Light Beers Nice Long Day work in. Getting ready token some Yoga Benito. Yes. Fantastic stuff. Well, well, let's get back to it. Let's get back to the main story of all football shows I imagine cross the continent at the moment. Liverpool on now unquestionable champions with the points difference that they have in the premier league over Muncie and Sony Right our resident Liverpool Fan George. You know you share with those and how you felt how it Will come about where you are. Yeah. Go deep. Yeah It's it's been. It's been an eventful and uneventful couple of days as still technically in eleven lockdown that the country said watching Sport with my partner he's been incredibly patient as I've listened to remix his of you'll never walk alone around the fly. Video. Jewish. It's been it's been of we can possibly share it. I. Don't think Joyce CD. Yet. But the but yeah, it's been. It's it's a strange thing to to wait. So long something that not really show with anyone you love that said the biggest thing I could take away from the kind of weeks. If I was was it was blinding four nil at Crystal Palace Yeah I mean I. I I just WanNa say before we really took into the into what they are filled. The destruction. Is The the the memories for me remember two thousand fourteen really well, and I remember watching I think we were at Palace when we we'd lost a massively it was three nil lead. Dwight Gayle. destroyed a heart's Suarez left the pitch and cargo was spitting. Fuming in-country as we left which again spitting once again. Jamie. and. Yet we are. You know I'll never forget like. Kind of looking at storage was the worst that day storage being this person he wanted to become good so bad and it was this journey in the story and you could see the stories for all the people just dissipating or the players. They just dissipated these stories left and Akon Radi believe the it landed on the palace much i. just kind of Bang it home even though we're twenty seven points ahead of what at twenty said, it was a policy much was going to do it and I mean yeah. Where do you want to start is for me chronologically makes sense it's the lads at right-back. Alexandrovna to pop in possibly the best free kick of his career. One of a a beautiful way to begin I'm interested to see what you guys think could hop on hours about how much this means to me. It's been a journey and and what I'd like to do is to more about the match though. Yeah. Well, think for me when we spoke about earlier. George. One of things that. I thought was a beautiful way of looking at it is this is the last time. These group of players will ever stepped on the pitch and not be seen as champions when they when they stepped on the pitch against city, they're going to be perceived rightfully as champions now, and this was their. Last. Moment of not being actual champions and you know will you spoke about how clock spoke about it after the match and my God what an? Absolutely. Destructive display and Liverpool at their very, very best, and we'll let you jump in. But for me, the standout point was thinking first six minutes or so as an attack and of six players inside the box lie. You know that just goes to show. Yeah was a complete domination from the minute. The whistle went anything KLOPP. Lovely to see him of just absolute beaming pride. Obviously, this didn't like George Saddam would have been nice for this kind of cement the most champions, but it didn't but it was a performance of champions elect and they went out with admission and it was the Liverpool that we've seen all season they have been able. There's there's a lot been said about the fact that can grind out results. But even when they do coined results, they us, we've used as word before US sixty eight teams and palace just had the life squeezed out of them in this game, and it almost became a bit of a celebration of the season. Like you said, the trend Alexander article. That of it did feel like it lifted a bit of pressure our thoughts and you could see the players get into that groove a little bit more after that and I think it was very fitting that. Managed to get that goal, he's been such a ray of hope. A symbol of everything that Klopp has done at the club. And then from there, it just was a complete performance there pressing klopp came out and said. was. The most complete pressing performance. He's ever seen behind closed doors, which is a lovely sentiment. Counter pressing performance ever behind closed doors. Yeah. Just a little caveat IBM there. But I mean this was just a masterclass class and it shows everything that Klopp is done for that club and the ties. He has the emotion that's poured out since just a bit even as A. Fan. You just been taking your off often say what a team I'm really glad that. This team will be talked about as champions and the record they could potentially go on together I mean George Hamsters I actually. Yeah I was I was about to say the kind of the thing our member because I was going to say thanks very much should be in a nice Monday night. finacially. Thank you. Many of us. To to a couple of friends. On funds an and there is a kind of general. Respect I think for what? Liverpool achieve much like you know when a watch the united teams of your up I actually forget the years because there were so many but particularly, the front three of Rooney renowned Tavarez while like I remember I honestly used to look in pure admiration and hope that one day we could emulate that we saw in under Vernon you guys were going for tap. Things would different back. Then we were starting not Kalani and always was shrinking on Monday night we were going out and dominate in matches with the likes of Berbatov come a little bit later like myself. So interesting as well as. But ended up prestige. We did an all these things and like it's I, don't know if the tables of fully turned. In a sense of like using that time because they can just turn back whenever you luck. But what Liverpool F S G KLOPP whatever you want to put it down to I think a lot of it, the the German muster. Liverpool of Bill, a very solid foundation, and one of the key parts of this is a peak performing twenty, six age group plus and above new peak age area for their attack. You know I didn't really realize Henderson into his thirties. You know this is a team that's. There actually peak. This is great like they've there's a couple of years. The arguable around that But when you have an attack that's combining as as a fluid peaking attack in every area, it makes me wonder what we could achieve next season and from honest I think the biggest thing in their minds would be doing once again. So they could have that trophy lifted in front of fans that would be that would be true too much. You know what? Graham ovation? Almost like unfinished business now definitely am. Georgia's just absolutely ruined my analysis that boy going through everything I've got. School Age Twenty to twenty nine peak in brackets new. To. The scored as well because you've got Melanin who's been there done it before he's the oldest in scored at thirty three and you need someone to talk one championships before he free. I still remember him. Lead is a sixteen year old. He. He took the record didn't they win a when Bernie was the youngest player to score? Like sixteen however, many days milner later came on and did the same for leads in the same seasons arena record lasted like a couple of weeks. I think. I'm looking now as well. He's nearly played more games than city but. But. Now you you're in what you say about operates the clock but the Family Sports Group The thing they've come into Liverpool done is they've sold well. Another sounds the city thing to say, but I think before that Liverpool. One get in what would do for players the family sports group of sold well better players in, and you can see the quality that runs through the squad some of that Possum Stotz a ridiculous from defense and midfield it averages over ninety percent completion of passes, which is unbelievable I. Mean I am a friendly united fan because I do think Liverpool open absolutely. Fantastic. But I think if they've got a weakness, you can call it la It's their away form because they've drawn to in las one this season. Looking at the looking at the match against police one of the things that stood out for me is that if you wanted to take every player and show some on the best example of how that player plays, you could show that much because salad was like a solid best. Solid does familiar was doing what he does best I. Just. Fell every single play just like you did exactly your best job in the best capacity. You know. Twenty I think they made like seventeen tackles of a total twenty-seven in palaces, own half and shout out to to check. Is it check? Who got close this? You got closest in the seventeenth minute to actually penetrate individuals of box but didn't quite make age just outside the. Eighteen yard box you know nobody got inside the eighteen yard box is just insane. and. If this is the template to come then. Gosh. You know the standards going to be so so high, which leads me onto George asking. where? Live foods mindset now, they're on eighty seven points. They've got seven matches left. We've got sit your way at home Brighton. Away Burn. Arsenal way. Chelsea. At Home Newcastle Way Possible hundred seven points on. ARE THEY GONNA go free or they gonNA maybe get the youth in Elia Nico Zucca. It's a it's a question I keep. I keep asking myself I think. It's a it's the the thing is, is that Liverpool fans so much in the past I've been so hopeful of like this kind of diverse they want to see the youth in the cook and the strongest team in the League and but you know when you're in this weird position where you just win the league with seven games to go the fastest ever. It's this extremely strange position I will say is that club is is a guy that it tends to kind of do you think he's doing or at least I think how you think he's thinking People ask him things. He tends to say that he is involved by the season bothered by that. He's he's quite stoic in his approach in that sense. Now I, think it will be one hundred percent on that man's Mar as a glorious champion the. It'll be on his mind together send Syrian point tally and I think it might be on his mind to to potentially beat the event is hundred two point tally. Which I think is the record nationally, I think that was set Baloi I. Think it was two thousand and four, thirteen, Fourteen Event Esteem and Jurgen Club has that in distilled in play these targets he knows easy target must apparently it's it's a very prominent feature of his backroom staff as well to constantly what target. So I think he'll go for it I. Think we're GonNa see the likes of cater come in more I think we'll see the likes of. Necker. Williams. At right back. Thinks outstanding with potentially Alexandra on. We'll take the other night that the things I hope to see but he wouldn't deviate far from the rotations. He's been using which Oxley for. Saleh For me nope swapped out for a regency so. I'd love to see his that Santeria Let's see. It's exciting the way. Shall our as well to his his rotations because rotations a flawless all season and is probably what's kept you. So relentless is just the fact that players have been fresh enough to maintain these almost perfect standards just a quick shower off just a quick question for me to you, George. We've talked a lot about Trent and. Tell me is at twenty years old I mean twelve assists twenty years old and and nominate into the. Believe. Where did you see his future? Staying on the Roy or do you see in dropping into midfield? I think that I think given how exciting Nickel Williams or neck oh I'm not sure how to say his name is it right back that's the only reason why could see club engineering some sort of system where he could push into sent amid or into right center made I mean. All I. Personally think that with this Liverpool team, if we discussed weaknesses. I think that we do have a weakness in midfield. Now it's not a weakness that scene is lose any sort of ground in the in the League but in the Champions League on a couple of times against elite fences. Awful Hodgson's Palace Riggan Really GonNa test is too, but we did see against nonchalantly Everton the other day now, the type of passing systems and the type of. CUTTHROAT decision making passes the Chubby Lonzo estimate back in the day. We've missed that for longtime Henderson a good role of fillon areas. One hundred could job with villain areas. Alexandra could potentially come in and excite that position change things. Those players are getting older. Will they do that? It seems incredibly risky and I think that Clugston too much work to revolutionize the fullback game. In the national save you know the the way that fullbacks performing his teams I think he's done too much work and I think I think it will stay there and I think that the Author the game will change around it quite lock. It's it's a nice where in the lobby piece of artwork that you've done Chris as well. Actually. But if there's anyone who who's nice way of signing off Liverpool of achieve this this season, it's A. It's tarrant Trent's Dhabi isn't it? Yeah. Name across my shirt. I believe Trent Alexander Arnold too difficult one. Let's move on. vk plaudits to live full and achievements. Independent Liverpool success obviously, everybody watched the match on Thursday Chelsea versus city Man City. That is Chelsea came out winners to one and the sounded Liverpool their first title in thirty years and I just found this game absolutely poor say in from start to finish. From, the off. Chelsea set up with forty three. Cherie down the middle villain and demand who have just fallen in love with Pulisic of what a player. And on on seaside, they start with the front three without really recogni strike her they went with silverstone in. Morris. Question marks over whether that really works tool a think what came out of this is the brilliant solicit on the question marks of Muncie Defensive Unit Defensive Now Think are no. Will you know you've got question marks over Audrey? But less star on a on a positive. Folk when Christian Pulisic came from from dormant last year I, don't think there was a football fan who wasn't excited that he was coming into the league. You know he it exploded. On. Dortmund seen being therefore since his since youth is Nathan quality broke into the team at the age of sixteen. Khanna tremendous talent there and I don't know if it was because he hit the ground running so well, and then he faded a little bit and just say faded but I mean adjusted and adjusting to. Speed of the League and just living in a different country as as we talk about. But this guy, you still wait in seven goals this season. And every time I watch him, you know mark and I talk about making a difference when when you're player and he is someone who makes a difference and if I think Gosh, they're going to have. And VERNA and him up front to play around with next season. We'll is excited. Yeah. It was really interesting. Coming into this, a lot of people seem to be into the restart. Sorry. A lot of people seem to be down on Chelsea and everyone was going to say you're going to overtake them. I think they'll be the team to fall out and they've come out I think was. I'm not even any names that were. I I wasn't sure I'd I've definitely been down Frank Lampard at times but? They've come out and they've looked very good. Implicit it's been a massive part of that and credit for Franklin Lampard slip in I. Think you. Quite right in the fact that he burst onto the scene at Dortmund almost with Hawk Hogan I am a real, American? came out and just like this great American hopes that. By the way where? Thanks. Woman Day. And then his started fade bit and it was a bit of a strange transferred to see him get that big move to the league atime when his star wasn't is brightest and he hasn't come into Chelsea hit the ground running. Watching that game and you're absolutely right that this was a game where it's probably the first actually watched it forgotten that there wasn't a crowd really felt like a fantastic game. dated. Whether that was because the title was on the line those mentions of Liverpool at the hotel watching it and things are that I don't know that it was a fantastic game to watch. Police, it was the biggest part of that and his goal was absolutely scintillating the way. He can carry the ball at pace in dribble with both feet is so so exciting to watch and that front nine is going to be dangerous. That one V one. When he was through just the little dummy drop, the shoulder and away and the calmness composure in that finish it was blessings news. Amazing. The wages robbed his foot around it just a curly in that far corner was just. Textbook sociopath. Is Hat trick against Burnley earlier in the season he. Capitalizes on a moment just like that a mix up between two defenders insensible when breaks close to goal but it's interesting template for it. One of things that are looked at and the thing that strikes me with police it is he always seems carry the ball really really far always think whenever he gets on the ball is actually distance in which he carries the ball. So I went through the league goes looking at the heavy hitters like. Zara willion Allinson maximum a trail ray. Grayish. Also those kind of attack plays and despite only plane the way behind on minutes he's played about thirteen. Full onto ninety minutes. He's he so dangerous you progresses the ball think like two, hundred, twenty, three. Just, superb and he's always trying to break into the box. That's not. So he tries to to gain entries into the opponent's box. Good George. You can't do this we or you would just busking annual Liverpool glory I did of course, I was I was very much attentive the. Yeah it it was. It was weird because I kept forgetting that Liverpool were about to win the league because the mattress so good just really was scintillating as we've said, police it. Didn't catch him a Dortmund the signing was hefty sixty, million, I believe fifty, eight, million. So. He came with this tagline of of fast. Fast play extreme nick that accelerating player. was was, does anyone feel like police it at the moment benefit from having some like Livia Giroux who you know he's areas Joe Ratings are extremely high. He's Luckily Delay Offs and you know short passing game is a lot stronger perhaps than someone like Tommy Abraham who had built a relationship with Mason Mount I feel I feel even though Jerusalem he come into the team and appeared seven times Pulisic now is benefiting from having someone who leads the line a little stronger perhaps in Tommy Abraham. I have actually I think maybe he's going to be best suited to. To to more what they're looking for win in. VERNA. I think Jerry always be a superb Linka player. And I suppose years that great pivot where you can play into him and and fast plays move around in But I don't see. You can't tell me that I'm part going to sign verner and then mess around with Harbinger. Rudin Vernon I'm what not Agree I. Think she ruse you know. That the Jerus- come in a really strange time almost to show opposition position that Chelsea one only using timing Abraham that they only had botchy Warri don't even believe really comes into the picture as such. Sunny thrown out as this as this alternate plan Z perhaps. But, but it just interests me that someone is fast as Pulisic. seems to play a little differently when Jerus- leading the line at a reminds me a lot more of of teams which have benefited from that type of hold player, which we watched the great light Berber to mention Berbatov earlier and that that Ferguson Team Berbatov. Held the bull incredibly well allowing you Ronaldo's to plow. Pass. Players and it's devastating publicity similarly the other night I think he's class I, think van and police. It could definitely play with chivalry but I also think that the creativity that they've got coming in Zaire is going to be absolutely key to that front three and I think he will be able to play number ten perhaps zero up top perhaps tummy I think he will still get bake gametime. But yeah, that's that front line for Chelsea's going to be so fluid next season, which is going to make them very, very strong. One of the things that the vanity you kind of made me think was. Chelsea, such a record of failed strike. Do you go back through like? So. So many players have gone there with a lot of hype. Back to the earlier Abramovich, days. Maybe drop. Only one that's really worked out Acosta. Yes. Had some very prolific seasons but did it could be really really worked out for him at Chelsea furnace different gravy. Know. Guys like everyone who forgets Andrei Sherlock is what like the that? You just don't know you just hope Charlotte is not team Verna. Under Shell is still came with a law pedigree and let's let's forget team run is record he team run is only just I'd get becoming mega prolific. He's he's been teetering towards or he's twenty four but let's let's say. Let's say right blood's go task on his hands. The balance between rich was I h position Verna. VERNA leaving leading the long hair, where does that leave locks Tommy Abraham? We still have other attackers in that in that in that system. I believe Patriots Aroma. So he's Kinda out and Williams can leave. A lot to balance with. Will I kind of feel like something's? Going to be. Twenty, a favorite team. I hope it does because. I wanted to work. I don't want it to work I just maybe they could take the mantle from palace elephants graveyard of strikers maybe. Maybe while while. Team I've. BEEN BANGING GOES since. Two thousand sixteen seventeen. I'll think he's Torres was. Saw Him. Do you know what? Georgia's a theory about what happened Torres sorry. If we're if we're going to go down this about do remember sharing it that you said that when he left, there was a collective like moment of. All livable funds in the world just like being so angry about an all that negative energy just stayed with Torres when he went to Chelsea and he could never get rid of it. I can vouch for that because all so. For that because kitchen joe when they signed remember George. Strait. Josie. You're so upset I tell you what that's a really good segue into another really strange to flip it onto Manchester City's defense of another really strange transfer saga is emerging today only five hours ago we've got absolute plethora papers saying that colored Doklam Bali's pretend transfer from Napoli to city doesn't look like it's going to happen and it's at Lea- live potentially lodging. Lovran against it now whether or not it's all speculative. It's good to stay off these things a little but city's defense in that game. It was all all right and it. It needs a low of work I. I think you guys have touched on it before in a previous port. Put it shocks me. To see how our of torch now of communication mendy particularly as with his back to. Center box rather I, think he's a massive question mark I. Don't think he'll be there at the start of next season. which begs the question is in chen-kuo enough or are we talking about another expensive upgrade? And begs the question of you know what we do with Fernandino. Is. He remained in Santa about position if that's the case is. Working out as a satisfactory replacement for him in midfield wash your thoughts on on the robbery situation yeah. Every time I watched. Feel like he came in hype in obviously. Caucus. So Roger, fantastic midfield three, four, athletic I when they played and sometimes it's a four. And he's come in nothing everyone kind of thought that was going to have missed this books gets type player, which is completely solid could dictate the game as well as having this physical presence and really solid defensive protection to offer the back back line, but it hasn't worked in he. He's not as mobile as Denia. He certainly doesn't read the game as well. I do think is passing is very good and I think there is a player there that. Perhaps you know we talk a lot about the climate period for players. Give him another year absolutely. But I do wonder whether they will go down the route of A. Bit More of a stopper over San Antonio multiplayer I'm obviously massively in love with Wilfred indeedy and I think he could thrive there someone that would just off of that complete protection, but they are going to need some sense box in the left back as well. My opinion and car walkers getting there as well. So it's Whether consult can fill. THOSE BS Remember Manchester United last. season. Looking around for defensive midfielder would fit the mold and improve the team and it drifts gay attitude was available in PSG. Snapped him up. For a very low fee and immediately improved the team mobile central defensive midfielders love that there are few available at the moment and you agree with you well, you can't argue though that would improve the team because that seems to be real lack of marshalling which is something that's been the linchpin for that team for so long Refund Dino the movement of Defense and marshalling people over to the Roy over to the left over to the Senate to stop attacks and I can't see how that's going to improve without signing. I do think that. Without. A resolution to Finito in midfield. I think you'll be a another situation where Liverpool now seem to be an ascendancy of players. Being used in the correct positions on I. Think once you start steer away from that. You start to you can have a great manager Pat Panic can make it work but after a while You know does it does it starts strain. Is Gabrielle Jay. Z.. Ser- to Kinda guerin moving on I. Don't think he is a no use a very good striker, but he just doesn't have the authority that I think city need as a for striker be mobile striker. I'm not saying you classic kind of physicality has to be type of mold but someone who can authoritatively lead the line. It doesn't have it for me I. Don't know how much Gweru go in his his tank I don't know what you think. He's got another year the highest level not set, but it's it's whether or not he remains or whether or not. He moved back to Argentina. I'm fully aware as his family Argentina so whether it's now the time has come for him to go up. I want to wind down slowly on the family life. With replacements. I don't see any form. Honest. Dunk thing has uses the answer I think has a very good player, but I think you need. Still with him more experienced striker to play alongside. I'm maybe the only one I can think of, but again, it's not really the destroy. It's going to hold the ball up for you. It's more of a plan. The last man at very talented player is the man that struggling at Barcelona in Antwon. Whether here to for months city I, don't know it's not really working at Barcelona in my opinion at the minute for him, and that's a guardia asks of team. And also, there's a financial implications of someone getting someone like end. I'm not sure who they've got in their in their ranks at the minute who would be fulfilled that role beyond. Over say has. Is So. It's going to have to be an investment, but he does at void donor I honestly don't. Know. Well. Like we said, that was a rather congested primarily fictious last week we had tottenham away at West Ham with with hurricane on a sync into his knees. Run on to go with a lovely three ball and finish, which was good to see. Wolves continue with two wins to just mount really serious challenge. For Champions League places and are going to push away sheffield united seem slipped up another they've lost today we'll talk about them later on in Africa but a three, no defeat away to Manchester United on Wednesday as probably destroyed their comeback a little bit I don't know. If Chris Wilder spots is happy with the comeback performances so far, and we'll let cover any of the stories of the the to show when we come to these shores for these. FA Cup. Brown. But. From there I think perhaps we should. Look to move on across to the Bundesliga shows where. As we're still kind of basking in liveable tying up the title we we see Bay Munich Dune very much the same. But in a very different manner in in the sense that if we looked at the start of the season Niko Kovac at the helm of communiqu painted a very, very different pitcher for the other Bundesliga teams. Who must have thought? Yeah. Okay. This is absolutely great. Got A SPLITTER IN BAY? Munich? Team? Jadon Sancho firing in. Niko Kovac season with eighteen points from possible thirty middle falls apart. With a terrible smashing by entre Frankfurt and signals the end of him and incomes Hans-dietrich Flick assistant manager to your can love at certain points in the national setup and. God what turn around it's just unreal going through it. As we're looking into this, he's picked up sixty one points from a possible sixty six. He's twenty games. He's lost to an eastern one knows two losses were think we're in the first three opening matches of the season? Just absolutely imperious turnaround. By minute seemed to be backed, they're just relentless German machine. Again, there's just like just as the sun rises and sets by Munich Win Games and destroy teams. Is. Really strange to me that. So many players that are looked at. Undercover Watch and I kinda thought I'm not sure if these by Munich players Marshall that these are the kind of team that will eventually Joe. All of a sudden now, they just look like such a fantastic team. They seem to have a full squad of really good players as well. Someone like Alfonse Davies is come in and it's just revolutionized the left opposition. Again, we talk a lot about house. We took a lot of fullbacks are and he my God if you can have that speed of recovery. You can take so many risks. But. One player that has stood out to me that has been there for a long time and enjoy the law success. The man that beat Cabras assist record this season twenty one assists Thomas Miller the original routes like. Unreal. What's? What's a player like Thomas Miller has just been one of the most imperious impressive. Consistent. Relentless footballers of our lifetime and yeah. Wash out to him. He scored their final goal yesterday. which was a kind of came across an ended up he took a touch and it kind of bubbled up and he just stepped back to a right foot to it and. It into the top corner and it was so mullah. So by and Munich. And they've got a lot of players of our as well. The season you look at. Hand as he's struggled for fitness as well. I think when all of these players are coming back when the Champions League rose around, this is going to be some team to to try and try and stop. I find that with with with Munich as well that they that recruitment strategy. Symbiosis between this recruitment strategy and the homegrown strategy or recruiting youth as well as something that it's really admired. It's ready of my to the to the to how devastating it becomes because once you build a culture much like going back to club at Liverpool once you build a coach of youth working with Prince, which you see in here, you know in the in the likes of in the likes of funds Davies. Learning from from the likes of Muller and Co.. I mean donkeys thirty, one they you. They really do build squads and teams that work increasing by Isis and when you have a leader that can put twenty one assists on the board and takeout title. A World Cup winner. Like Thomas. Mueller. You're talking about a complete package right I mean it. It's GonNa. Be Really interesting to see what this squad do, and if they stick with the coach which I just believe Joe you, you have some strong feelings about Kovac. Yeah just think he. Well it's always an exactly what you guys have said about Mullah because you look at what happened to me at the start the season under coach and he just let the Thomas, Miller that we knew and all the things that you did it. He wasn't allowed to do. All he was trying to use them in a different way it was like. I think if you want to get the best out Bayern Munich, then you get the best out Thomas Miller and. His his fingers went just from. Just from a fractional of what he contributes no passes into the penalty area. Key passes passes into the funk third. Does what it just gives you every gain and. Goes from. Kovacs stifle. To flick you know just flicking the switch took for about word and and here he is. He's back and to think that. Bay Munich have achieved what they've achieved this season. In spite of their start the season. Is. On one side an amazing achievement for flick and it's an absolute enthronement of teams like Dortmund because as much Dortmund flouted. This was another opportunity that for whatever we can say about, Dortmund they failed to capitalize on. Yeah. I'm not gonNA waxed lyrical about Thomas Miller because we all know those statistics fantastic. But I'm just going about eleven dollars gay thirty four goes in thirty one starts this season not just in the league phenomenon return from an experienced striker that we expect. But also, I see powerlessness by Munich team with the Liverpool team looking at them. The core of the squad is between twenty three and twenty nine years old and you've players like now bray his second top scorer. You've got players like Gretzky Kinik Pavitt, they're all twenty, three, twenty, four kings, coma, twenty, three years old. This is a team is effectively future-proof. So. They're going to be challenging Liverpool European honors. I would say and I won't be surprised to see many by Munich Liverpool fornos assuming that both on opposite sides of the draw because. Like I said it it it is built for the future. You don't really have to do much to this Munich side of the next five or six years. Yeah I think that's one of the most worrying things as well for offer at all in this. Talk and. Munich now look set to dominate leak again and yes Dortmund have this really young exciting team we all know that players we all know the excitement that surrounds them they've got. Rain coming through as well as the likes of Harland while the Sancho is going to be one day now. They've lost Takimi as well that all of a sudden Dortmund gone from this like the darlings of the Bundesliga to a lot of. A lot of question mark being asked about them now and I don't know father is going to be the right man to carry leading them. It feels like there needs to change. They're not necessarily in the playing staff but the coaching we'll find out soon enough we'll because as a meeting on Monday between. Zork Father Sebastian Kehl. Summer and Vodka think that's Very. Good. German experienced. Thank you very much and they're doing a postseason analysis. Mateen. On Monday apparently. But the the C. Outsca is giving his four. To father and said that he is the man to lead open in the future. I'm not so sure for me really don't. I don't know if if he's just another good manager. And if you're going to beat Bay Munich, can you the great manager? A worry is now I. think they had. Great players. And I'm not too sure if they've got great players now a think. and. Look A. Activate is very good at what does I'm just thinking on a creative level. We've got royces star kind of fade in hasn't really featured the season. Thakin House out is is a really good player but don't think he's at an amazing play. He's not Jadon Sancho and for whatever reason centuries not playing he's clearly not injured. If it was to protect him, they wouldn't put him in the squad. So I think if you've got a player of Sancho talent. It's it's the manager's role to get that guy playing, and if you can't get and play and that's been a breakdown in communication to the level that you, he's not featuring in the capacity that years coming on a half time. Yeah. Jadon Sancho is a starter for teams and it's not happening. And How can how can they go from? You to know to get smashed four nil by often Heim and making A. Andre crummer rich look like. The I like that awesome. Heat map you showed US small. Super I, just want to drag you back to Earth Oregon has always get the impression. He's like you know when you car boot. Sale and you see like Amani stuff for sale are Kinda feel he's how old But you know it looks the same. Thing the weird thing is, is I think that the massively imbalanced? The, you have this. You have this extreme youth like nineteen and twenty for your lead scores okay? For Holland Jaden Saturday that's so young. So that this precocious young talent and then these these kind of agent heads homos invincible and so on. And Royce all fe one. And I find that I find that the balanced. Previously just commented on UNIX beautiful fusion of Youth and experience and not picked up pretty well on that kind of. Key H. around the twenty, three to twenty seven. That Gray Area Dortmund lacking the law and I'm lacking in key areas. And I think I think they're gonNA suffer I think I think father might be might be the wrong guy to I. Don't i. don't see back toback seconds as a strong enough thing for the legal I. Think probably the law the problem yesterday was there nothing to play for and you could see in Harland space matches few when they'd lost the title that he was. Law. Exactly. Happy about nothing. That's actually quite interesting because he is clearly someone is very driven and it's very much a winner even. How young he is he will be that driving force next season you look at dusk and his goal tally that has won by Munich games when they don't deserve to win games at the Ben's LICO thirteen goals in fifteen games for Harland since joining, he will be doing that for Dortmund next season. So yes, I. Think by Munich will be a force under the right management. I do think Dorman have the playing personnel to mount not. Challenge Holland their massive power that I think, Brandt? Has, been really good. It's been a really good signing and chance to write since coming in I still think there's a lot in Hummels Zach. Who'd still quality in this team? So I do think that they they should be doing better nothing falls on I had. Yeah just a quick for majors before we start finishing upon. It's been reported in the media and there was a press conference with the CEO of Almond and he did question the attitudes again against Hockenheim, which makes me question whether there's one or two players in the dorm squad. They've got half an exit light. You said we'll because the league's gone now. So maybe they're looking at their future now, the heart's not in it and I certainly felt that way with the last game we saw. Just the last point Dortmund may be Mara Gutter still only twenty eight not is. GOING TO BE Dolan. You feel like his stars of waning it's really quite sanders America yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's dying like piece of roadkill in the road. It's kill. It's it's road killing the road roadkill. Yeah. Let's just leave. That's it. He's killing the road. With. With with to finish off the Bundesliga. Couple of changes around the top and Labor Kussin. Haven't haven't been really informed greatly. Last four drawn one lost one Gladbach seen to be in full last three, one three. Will know your big clapback fan and mock arose urged shout out for weather at the moment and what they're achieving. Yeah absolutely they've got really exciting team I absolutely love player her harambee. With bream, Berra's well able to contribute to that front line. That's such. An exciting cool marker. Rosa is my guy in towns of an exciting manage to watch I. Don't think he's ready for a move just yet and I hope that tour around player and Rosa all stay because I think that's a really exciting. Team to watch next season. I'm just really glad they got Champions League, and our hope that they can use been. Investment think someone like croissants going to buy Munich last summer for like ten million euros hopefully, this year have a bit more investment. They don't have to make this kind of sales. I'm wondering if they're going to be next Champions League's Atlanta Azlan to sorry. It'd be lovely with that kind of quarter trio really excite yesterday's. Fantastic. Blitz, teams on the way any for Lucas, more to break their hearts seconds left. Silence of Bavarian. Talking about fencing filters earlier. I was GONNA bring up as a car is impact on the on the clapback team and you talking about someone you can Marshall and move defenses from left to right. He does it bad and most I know I wouldn't surprise if he's not to put somewhere a little bit more competitive perhaps in the future a really. Shared sentiment nine up. On this team to to stick together for fun because. It's just so fun to watch them like it. It's it's it's fast fast football. It is fast football lesser. Let's move on from the been sleek and fast football. Let's hop on a plane with Ashraf. Keaney who? Again just to further what Dortmund Elise in is on his way to intimate Lan Okinawa seemed to take the place of. Antonia driven down down the Ryan side. What an asset he was to receive Dortmund and whatnot say he's going to be for container just think he's GonNa fit absolutely perfectly into contain system couldn't think. When you put it together you like. My goodness yet that's like us. Exactly. The Playa. Wants for three full three kind of shape that he plays. Them. You know moving onto. Syria. Will. I know we WANNA get to get to the hot topic, which is just having loads of fun talking about Atlanta way you see in the top of the moment of the of Syria with Ebay. Tentatively holding onto their four lead. Yes surprising that it is quite tentative. Isn't it? You look at the look at escort we talked the by me maybe. On the couch when they weren't performing even if. That that players didn't look that fantastic even if. You've had lost three in a row. Still Look Squad and thinking is probably the best squad in world football. Players. They have is ridiculous. But they are four points clear of. is thanks to drop important Scans Atalanta. To They had a really good win against determine. Let J.. But they want looking. I would say dominant until a red card, which was what really changed this game, and then there were some really good goals. That was a fantastic finish impolitic Bala A. Penalty from Rinaldo a really nice backyard assisted take a pair of a deflection and then going great finish. Delete look pretty good at four. Yes. It was against him and people could come forward in a very comfortable car in the ball. And then. The final goal of the game was the. Delicate. Header from from across from. Douglas Louise. I think they're starting to look a bit complete so I really hope these big games that they've got coming up there at home to Lance on July the eleventh. Lattanzio on the twentieth of July. So I really hope that there is some points to be dropped in that to make a really exciting. Time to chase the end of the season. But you look at players and you just think surely not surely they will run away with you. It's it's question marks over perhaps. Salaries. Management style in the sense that he the style of foot with eight hundred play mark that there was a period of betting in. Chelsea that people took a lot of time to to adopt to bring it. Eugene allowed into play that kind of really controlled. Movement of the ball switch play this tool that switching. Peniche with autre from Boston might be able to to move to a model closer to that. But again, it seems to be that's taken a bit time to bed in. Event to accept Kinda Saris method of play. Do you think that there's an element here that the midfield of you've agencies in Nice she good enough and it's something that you he's been is is pretty easy to highlight and I think that they had Sarah similar problems Chelsea when you move into these and it was clubs midfield to so hard to to to get right at the moment you know everyone they're always hard. They're always hot but but I think when you have a problem like Ph aging and Mitch weedy off his. Daily thirty three or is thirty three. He's older Ramsey's injuries a mad and Raviolis is fluctuates constantly. Well some career I'm not even sure what to say about some Kandara identity them. It feels good enough and I don't I don't know what you can do. You Know Sarah has a lot of work to do that. On the club has worked shortly before they can even adopt sorry bull and the and the idea of ticket Taco which is. Really important to flow through up spine, they've got to improve that midfield. I think when you look them at field, it's full of the also rans. If you know I mean you've got players like Robbie who has never the Stara. PSG He was always support mine. Ramsey another example is no good player but was never a mile is a superstar Ross no, he wasn't the top boy Kabira. It was always, Qadeer noser. as it was always the star in that and how his stars fallen by the way. So I think what they need is the one I mean the habit in pulp Pogba Kanye says. That an POGBA lost it. And I think they've never really replaced that they've never really had that one welcome class midfield to build around. We're discount Rinaldi from this as well. Roy. Forward. Yeah. Yeah. Completely discounted from the I mean youngsters like Benfica of C-. Came from the South America think he was at River Plate correct me if I'm wrong you're gone. Looks at a good young prospect. Again, I don't think he's ever going to be the main mind. So maybe it's time they do get that one kind of world-class midfielder who can run the show and dictate play from midfield and build upon that solid. Beta. They've got defense I mean they're synonymous with having a great defense and you look at offenders killing a minute superb Alexandro and they've got a good forward line as well but it's just it seems to get lost a little bit in the middle. Maybe that's where the not. So dominant in the League compared to the by Munich's Liverpool's. Bench, go whenever I've seen him. So I made to pick you up from Baka not river was. One of the other you know there's Argentinian furious if. This is I'm so. But Yeah I think his. His performances seen him. He looks very good on the ball. He's got six assists this season he is an accomplished. Tidy player. I think with someone else alongside them I think he could look very good. I think probably suffered for is a lot of change in philosophy. Go into sorry this season and I think it's GonNa take time to to get there. I'm not sure whether there was one hundred percent buying from the squad I think there is a lot of egos in that team. I almost feel like they have relied on the older heads more than they should have. You got plans like Dibella who is potentially on his way out minority looks like he's on his way out. So there could be a period of transition that. Haven't been hundred percent. Dominant Nissim salaries not in charge transfers anger control everything type of manager. Right Now but he will want his own players that he wanted to get someone ledger genia in right from the start when he took over lucky dead at Chelsea and I think the art is. Really interesting for for that because here's someone who. He can definitely dictate tempo. He is a fantastic circulator of the ball. Seen panics go the other way I think piano, which will pass the ball forward more adding Arthur doesn't necessarily take the risks that are champion asked would. So I'm interested to see how he will pan out by doing more salaries kind of player. I guess my my thoughts were that maybe it's always hard to instill a different tactical philosophy on successful team. And Essentially has joined do when when he stepped into Greece boots, which were massive boots to fill just ask David moyes feats. Yeah. Less not less. That's not that's not ask him anything. They probably would know the. Boy's death with some thin miserable. Like Emma Dale. Province. Moving down to second in the League is lot CEO and I just love the fact that Simonian Zarghee who was always in. People's like Szanto as plays. Never quite the career, even close to people and Zarghee, but still really respectable career. Is really cutting the mustard as a manager and got props for each achieving lot co although an I think probably a nice little crossover with the Atalanta. Much. Essentially. They they they go out gunned by the heaviest his in in town but it's nice to see plays like melancholy savage coming back to the forefront and starting to convince. What was clearly talent when he first got hit scene but seems to have now recovered a little bit ability to control matches. At done if you caught the Atalanta year much but it was an absolute joy. My heart is still beating. Twice the rate should be because of that game it was obsolete. Tomorrow, what Georges? Elia. Speaking of savage, he hit a fantastic goal in that game like this strike the dip in the sweat absolutely hit my first instinct was occupy should be saving that because it came across him. But as he when you saw it from behind him, the angle was perfect because you just saw the just the dip in the sweater keep it didn't have a chance and that was after A. Really entertaining own-goal from during were just came across the box and he just smashed it. Smarter. That milinkevich savage Goto I watched the highlights. Got My fell I'm a little bit football insane at the moment. So squeeze it in Lusa Berta is past was was an interesting one he he? He's Liverpool reject I. Don't know whether you guys know this and and it was really interested in seeing come to come to lie in this last year score because I really liked him in the Times that kind of come come on the pitch at Liverpool he's incredibly composed. And it's just it's just you know thirteen assists this season two and he's a in that peak peak part of his career Yeah. Just a special shower from really I. Think I think quite special player. He's one of these fringe Spanish plays too. You know like is he going to break into a? Memorable. Woke up winning by Spain squad perhaps not. But at what he's doing a lot co is just it's fantastic and yeah that game was. Pretty nuts pretty nuts I really hope Syriac nights with a few drop points from its all to play for. Just time they take the field Atlanta. You're just sure there's going to be goals and when. Up. I did kind of think this is probably have been five minutes of the Games of continuing. You just felt like actually the way I answer plane they easily score three goals and get back into this game and that's exactly what they did. Obviously, it was just such exciting football and they dominated a sixty one percent possession twenty, four shots, twenty-three chances created. Four hundred and sixty five accurate passes eight four percent pass succession by they would just absolutely dominating second place in the League when you think lots Yo have. Immobile having superb season. Go score at the moment possibly will be Capo culinary, which is just like the best word say isn't it TACO scorer? And to Outgun, then you look at top scores and. Have Such. A spread of plays marielle potter. Twelve goals and over They are just the most short heavy team in Europe. Let's get onto Atalanta. Average nineteen point eight, five shots. Match. That beats sit eight Napoli by Munich. You've eight Madrid Bossa. Just absolutely unreal only against today us, incredible I didn't even that's just loads of fun looking into them. Only at city of the registered single figures for shots in match the season that was eight. And the lowest in the League was fourteen. I was going slowly knowing that outfield players average over two shots per game. What's a really interesting point? It is Gasperini and. I'm what? Chief and you often think like who is this man and and if you took him out of the setup and plunk them into a big role like he suddenly just filled the boots of someone at United of someone, would he be able to achieve what united won't which is high scoring games but is there just is just a belief. Atlanta is it just? Is it just a pure belief is and it's a beautiful chemistry, right? Well, Gasparrini. Was He was at Genoa when Melito I went to Genoa before Melita went to into and it was the season Melito hit twenty. An midfielder had Tiago Mater. Rich and there was like a template there for what he's done here. That was like back in. Two Thousand Eight two thousand nine and you can kind of see the east found the players almost to. Not, not necessarily fit that but this is like. What he did that just on, you know overdrive because. You've got you've got these cool tat of players who between them just dismantle teams. Just, with sheer firepower, one of the interesting things as well is that a lot that goes coming from the follow up, follow up shots so she saved she. Shoots fleck follow up school. It's just insane to think. Potter. Papa Gomez, you know these guys who? Old That's what I love about. Illegitimate, you want to practice twenty eight murals twenty eight. Gomez. Thirty one it kind of makes a mockery of of of what we hoped about, which is like young. Bundesliga brats pieces all about you know young quick attack in Thailand and and he got voice heads making really smart decisions when they play really good ball retention and shock creation. and I wonder if there must be a level of. Toughness because. They just dish out the goals. On fifteen surpass thirteen along with Marielle. But it really is a joy to watch any listeners you who aren't familiar with with Atalanta. Checkout Luck City Atalanta. Champions League. That's less like a nice standpoint and from now, you can kind of just explore more but any anyone else on on the Atalanta love train it's leaving. I am I just I just wanted to quickly say the Champions League. You know. Wouldn't it just be beats food if if they did some in there and we my fingers and toes appeal crossed for for an exciting, that's Lanta. Performance in that I just wanted to add. Piggybacking onto use had really severe noise CONNAH's team Athos. He's got them plan together as well because clearly that squad, there's no real standout superstar networking in that they all play for each other reminds me almost of what they're doing if. What Lester of done over the last few seasons I mean obviously lester the talk, win it five, thousand to one. No one expected it no one expected them to move on from there and obviously they're doing things in the pre leaks dylan there amongst the top six clubs in there and it's kind of a similar structured what they've going that yeah, I guess it kind of as in a in a sense as well and I like to know this similar population sizes around them and followers and so on. That's teeny tiny. It's a Bergamo, isn't it? The city of Bergamo? Lago incredibly complicated tactical systems as well. I'm not even going to pretend to understand CASTELLINI stops play because that superb movement fill in spaces when defenders move on with. Bull. But yet really excited. I love it when teams like this come along just every every now and again you get this kind of a now you can call it dark horse inquiry hips team you cool whatever. But those teams that release their Monaco with forbid, and then I actually there for an Atlanta picked picked at the Monto just cool attacking teams that doing cool. Different stuff just to kind of close Syria is I think described it to to will and a mark it was like. It's it's Kinda. The slow rise of Christian Erickson getting back to is really good self. At. Insert When you with your? Slip with Mrs and you see are out with luck. Really hot. She's lovely tone. And of watch the of him watch the three three. Against Swallow and and. He was theories about your was in he gonNa make just great little interactions and he's not even got close to to where he is very was spurs but you can see it and I was like Oh. Yeah. You're you're going to do really good things now just laying the ball into the cartoon stuff you know. Yeah. That was hard is the only place I've seen nutmegger keeper from a Corner Yeah Yes absolutely. Beautiful. Well a finishing up with. Essentially Christine Erickson just. Sticking the dagger and again. Onto a fun topic of today. The greatest oldest most special memorable insert prefix here. Cup Competition is here. It's the FA Cup guys hold your horses now. Not to be too sniffy is really lovely at a kind of just forgotten about it because the idea of the league's SA-. So enthralling. And to think that the cups are kind of coming back into life as well as yes. Just going back to normality a little bit but it's still feel very strange the round of finals held over the weekend starting with. Norwich at home to Manchester United. No, you always cool this. If Montessori just watch the highlights morning. And couldn't get over how much you know. It's an essentially struggled to break down. A Notch team at Donahue, he wants to jump in and kind of climate all these defense. Far Away Lot. Oh, take that. When you look at it thirty seven shots, Manchester United had so I don't know how we can consider that struggling to break them down and less local mention our previous parties, people out Bruno Fernandes taking potshots from outside the box and not hitting the target because only a of those shots were on target. But six. Yeah Sixty, four percents possession. Did catch. Of gotta a bigger demonic Garner the I. He's been brilliant for Manchester United didn't think he would be. five goals in eleven appearances. A thing is is a great return for striker on loan or wouldn't. Really want to sign him permanently. I think he's been a good loan saw in. But I do find it odd that will looking at panel is. Until the magic comes up from. Buddy who scored again. Who Scored Alaska? Maguire, hiring go of course was yeah. Yeah until Maguire stepped up. Towards the end and one for them but this is a team in Norwich the. Bottom of the league in conceded fifty six goals how you can get to the verge of penalties against a team. That is when you're club of Monday night stature is is hard to digest for me think there certainly needs to be Mubarak. Going forward for new Aaron Breaking these teams down awful. They were really poor authorities pulled for months. I Dunno about well I just found that the the lack of guile and the lack of. Lack of energy and the final third was it didn't translate well at all onto the pitch, the the plan. Yeah this is exactly my issue with social and people get excited about united the minute because I don't think. I'm not necessarily bad. They threw out the score gladly agree is A. They flats to deceive, and this showed that the depth that I have is so thin like you put matter is gone his legs are gone I. Absolutely love him but he needs to go to to quit my friend and he needs to go out to Chinese Super League massive wage, and then donate all of that to his charity because he is not. Anywhere near privilege stand anymore it breaks my heart, but he's not. Arab by a really want him to be good but he's Basically. Our Web design a call in gave a shout-out tim crew who basically turns into vintage David Seaman every time he plays against Monday night. which was very true yesterday, and that speaks to you to your shot count. Mark. But. There's a such an over reliance on Brunette Fernandez seven shots outside the box. Yeah. Love the fact that he is like. Someone, he doesn't really play football player football video game. He just gets the ball and passes forward and gets the ball Ford like straightaway every single time there's no like reserve fitness in that is just WanNa go out and score goals, and that's what we're here to do right and I do love. I Man I think is what makes him so endearing but why is he playing one hundred and twenty minutes in the FA Cup when you are really chasing the top four down in Chelsea looking strong together out there understand it. He really is going to become so relied on in so many matches, Bruno authentic of seen a general really reminds me actually of Luis Suarez transfer. To live obviously George's liberal dream but when we signed a player. The every single person around me knew was class, and then he got on the pitch. Go to class and finance very much that type of play for united however live of from it to you know relying on players was. A massive downfall of the scored for about five seasons. You know we had torres and then Suarez, and it's not a great thing to to fall into an united yesterday looked lacking definitely. Yeah and it was only when Publica- monomers able to show his quality as well. So he had a really good performance from the bench marcial also looks really good. Yeah. He looks great man he absolutely loves playing for transfer. I think speaking on all is well, just before we finish up on that. I think one of the lads said he looks like he just. Pick the team out of a hat in the changing rooms and then says. Cornyn lots go out there and have a nice time and just played football in enjoy it and from his body language on the sideline. kind of that might be true. It doesn't seem to have the passion that other managers have when the Sima Plan and that worries me. I wouldn't be buried. He's doing a great job. Keeping the. Gum. Any any manager that can instill his entire back four to shoot on sight. Is. A good thing I think you'll back full should always be she in instead of strikers just like an all the players shot yesterday like wise. Fred Shoe Invoice Bailee Shoe Invoice Maguire. It just smacks of like a free fool without really clever gain palm. Lakeshore even had across the went back to the halfway. Just. Really. Embarrassing Moments and it was strange because. Only up but this team because he probably not gonNA come out and be very open which they have been and they weren't. They just crowded the box and frustration. I did and it's what's worrying to see is that they united relied on Harry Maguire tackle to give them the win. It was basically a tackle ended up in the back of the net. I don't think they would have definitely gone our penalties as well. So it was wearing. Still can't break teams down I think. Sunday against him cruel as they need to. They need a Bruno phenomenal. Player. Sowing the the new owner. Hey Super Todd. Well as Negative naming football because he actually can well, he he shouldn't be put himself download that. Pizza for wordplay. And I think I think Romero was at fault for that I. Think he's cool wherever to hair has Always just remarried critical. Consistent whatever replace the problem is time worship for them but talk Kim well. Enough. Career of not really having enough of some. Ever really. Arrive Romero. Yeah definitely. World's best number two. He was fine against last. Thing. I we agreed that tod campeau would probably improve most top six teams because I think he. Doesn't if it proves raw. Teams most most think not look. What you mean is Roy let's just say four out of six. I love him. I love him I think he plays with off think he plays incredible maturity is passing. Looking at statistics for four passes. He beats a lot of players in the primarily for passes. He he's not mature at all. That's one of the things I love about Oh. Okay. All right. All right. We're going into the mid white lines of the MINUTIAE of maturity here. Yeah, and he knew. He does seem to He does seem to have an immature characteristic but. I think telecom was I think he's impressive and if you if that team goes. Down then he's going to be an snip in someone's GonNa. It's a it's a wild side style signing guys come on they're all doing it. You know. Your mind. I think it's gone to your head. Lets me gone before a George spouts nonsense about Todd Conwell supertalk ten well, supertalk com. S Say. To It's Today's matches earlier on, we had Sheffi tonight lose away to Arsenal and Chris. Wow. That must just truly hate Var just truly hated. They had to goes off for offside in this match both fairly given very, very close. For me to come away from this match is nice seeing. A. School, just to kind of. You up really, mark, Think-i like since you've to go in. Funded. Grief but I Think it was smart. Wasn't. GonNa. Come. Get I think you might be me Joe. Yeah. Sorry Man I'm just GONNA put my hands up right now because it's I asked the first question regarding arsenal, which was what is pepper again well, take back. At guys osmose defending full chef goal. Is just so beautifully bad. It's so bad comes from a corner and then something happens a think someone misses ahead socrates. It comes socrates where he tries to play hits another awesome play And it's just like a don't know how awesome do I don't know how you consistently be so very, very bad at defending into. So many different permutations of that team different manager, different personnel, different coaches. Still. Utterly Terrible. Just yeah. As if fascinating Nice little move, you just give them new contracts. Absolutely that's the key. That's the key. I. Think. Mr. Keep playing the reason the stuffy the back. It's just a wonder isn't it? Just, yeah it really is. Nice Nice. Goal at the end for Danny Cevallos that was annoys. Passing move. To capitalize. On. The End. And we finish up today with what seems to be a win for. Chelsea. Against Leicester. Chelsea kind of looking good on all fronts because she really think about the phones that they turned in against city and a really quick turnaround with a good personality game. Chelsea starting to show that. They've got a good squad depth and if you think you in Vernon's, yes you've got really good squad death we saw. Today. For half match and billion plane You know a nice little feature and. The player who I think we spent a lot of time knocking over last week with Ross. Scoring scoring the decisive goal anything on box league is not allow but what can we say about Real Sparkley We've been talking about Ross balked if he is how he's he's the next big thing in England's midfield and he's never ever court delivered. Nice to see him get on the school sheet but. Can Imagine it's going to be the first and last for long time. He was a substitute today as well which might maybe that's his new feature. You know maybe he can only do it for a half. Maybe, that's what he needs. He needs to be the impact because I think he's he's not he doesn't believe any lasting impression on midfield week after week. Perhaps. Coming coming off in having been told what the impact is dependent on the on the on the first off perhaps it's a row other nine Russ Barclays, an enigma to me just as much of a Nicholas whether or not I never know he's growing hair not. In constant stasis. Between being bold and then having a great on the only person who's hair grows backwards. So it's a very confusing play on so many fronts i. think that should be as thoughts name Ross the impact Barclay from now on. So. That's how should be known. Any of the business guys on the on the FA Cup roundup all in general before we bring to close the show, I wanted to comment a little bit on Villa's form. AM The the form of the League relegation battle. But particu leave the I find that every game into. Is Victory. The drawing losing at the moment. Is anyone else feel like you turn on the BBC Sport Villa's played four games since coming back and seem to be the drawn or lost the it's just it's terrible times rust and villa. Feels like those two are going down now does it feels pretty now on the bachelor again, just one four point for me. Am I WANNA I wanNA say some positive about Austin today. What's in the game against Southampton Adding Katya. brilliant brilliant pressing for the goal forced the. Great Finish it seems that the minute are tatters preferring to stop him over of times. Overseer Nice Nice to see in English youngster getting the nod against such. Such a wealth of striker in the Premier Lake. And even though it does look twelve years old or think he's a very bright future in the arsenal side providing the improve on the defense. Yeah. Yeah. Fingers crossed. Well. Other than that guy would just like to. Say. Thanks very much for come together. Really lovely to get the ball rolling on another episode of Yoga Benito. been great stuff on the website. There's been some grace going up mark contributed this week to their handsome piece him. We got a couple of Liverpool pieces next week. We'll have a roundup of of last week's action. To drop during the week as well. Probably tomorrow use. Big Shout out to everyone who is supporting and following and Sharon the show. There's some fantastic listeners from around the world just having friends who've contacted us from Singapore and. emplaced lost radio. So it's lovely getting the word out. It's lovely that the support is there an Feroza Benito in any questions? Any interactions any? Material on social media platforms please let us know From me massive. Thank you will. Thanks for being here again buddy as always. Thanks very much may look for to the next one. Lovely stuff mark off you go buddy to take your dog out do something with that attaches guys that was a pleasure. Thank you very much for me on again lovely stuff and and G. Great Avenue May as always loved the material that you put together for it is superb. Please going find George's work at some point listeners he will figure out. How to get on twitter? And you'd be out to kind of get close to his work. But until then he's he doesn't really have a social media platform as a tree while tests are will or will I will get I'll get it all online Yeah. The late space on Trent Alexandra up and you'll never walk alone goes. Absolutely. With that I we'll wrap up the show with a pilot from Andy who is contacted us and I'm past one in. This is a wonderful riff on on essentially the full is for everyone is something that always resonates ahead and Andy encapsulates this fantastically in his a poem about park being the entirety of the world. So from all of his at J B from well. This is well was in the palm thanks for listening and speaking. But walked the streets of these estates. So was it just a dream where connor and cody Kalomo playing football with Nadeem? Then Shantelle said to Kamara going AC- from Winston Zara on not going to be sidelined we've got the makings of a team and Gary in his wheelchair and Petra who was Paul said I'll get my sister deploy up front and you can stay in Dole than boys and girls. Men and women of every shape and any hugh came pouring out with their houses. It was a Helluva Hullabaloo it didn't matter of, in fact I'm sure. So you're a new and Michael from the hairdresser out and proud and gay put his whistle up to his lips and heralded the start of play as the game developed. It was tricky to sue was winning. I. Think it was a team player. Left to Roy as most of them were green than someone from the council got wind of this fabulous event. Sit on the grounds of health and safety. We've got an accident to prevent. He said I don't WanNa be a killjoy. His name was mark. He said, why don't you get it off the streets and take it to the park after the initial disappointment and everyone out of think it was. The. Ideal time to take a break and cool down with a drink and so it was at that happy thrown with a smile and a skipping laugh took themselves off to cook worry green to play the second half. It was fabulous. See such people mixing Lark you could being forgiven per se in the world was in the park. Oh. Yes. The world was in the park. Yes. Yes. The world. The world was in the park.

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