Ep 203 | Trump the Dictator? | The Chad Prather Show


Hey folks welcome to another exciting episode. The Chad Prater show. We're going to get right into it. The left exploded on Sunday. After president trump attended the Daytona five hundred and use the infamous armored limousine nicknamed the beast to conduct the ceremonial first lap. On the track. The New York Post blasted the president for the misuse of taxpayer dollars. Did TAX PAYERS PAY FOR AIR? Force wanted to fly over and deposit trump to be driven in his limousine. And all the secret. Service must have entailed. Wow No do. We dare bring up numerous overseas trips. That taxpayers were forced to pay. While the Obama family toured Europe. Imagine that left is finally showing interest in your taxpayer dollars. After they've spent years decades even throwing your money down the drain and since win the leftist elite begin caring about anything that happens at a NASCAR race. That's right. As soon as the president got involved they blasted the stunt as an early campaign moved to try to swing Florida voters. And so what is it a surprise that trump is planning a re election campaign? I mean he's going to win the thing especially after reactions like this from the left now. Some link the President's appearance at the annual race to that of course Hitler and his lap around the track at the nineteen thirty six Berlin Summer Olympics. Would you people please give me a break at this point? Comparing trump to a dictator is quite a stretch. But that's exactly what the left wants. They want those images to become synonymous with the way the country views trump Maga- the working class Republicans at large. Yes you the more of a connection they can draw between these two images. The more uproar they can cause in November now twitter users were quick to drag fans of the Daytona five hundred by saying that the president was merely targeting his core demographic or as they put it a group of obese toothless heavily tattooed drunken fans in their husbands now. The left is accepting of all the people right. All the people very tolerant. They preach love and acceptance. But only if you do the right song and dance. News outlets verified twitter accounts and keyboard warriors allied called trump's Daytona five hundred appearance example of propaganda used by classic dictatorship. But that's far from the truth. Let's be honest. This is not a true dictatorship. Come on people. This is not true authoritarianism. And it's far from it. You see we as Americans listened to me. We don't know real struggle and that's the truth our generation and the generations following us are the most pampered self-serving selfish group of individuals. We have listen. We haven't suffered folks not the way our grandparents or the generation before them did. We didn't live through the Great Depression. Drought Famine. We weren't drafted. We have no reference for standing in a bread line or using segregated bathrooms. We are a lush society spoiled. Even that's our reality and while we sit in the land of the free crying out for Gluten Free Cage Free Vegan non GMO locally sourced ethically cared for and soy based organically raised foods others around. The world are facing the realities of real hunger and starvation. The rights we are quote fighting for well there. I were luxuries. Compared to other places that are still fighting for the right to live without overarching authoritarian rule. Nations were speaking freely against those elected office is still punishable by jail. Time or even death. Now I want you to think about that. For a second one word that could be perceived as critical or harsh. And you're done. While American winning protest attacks on tampons women in Iran fight even show their faces while Bernie. Supporters are crying over his support of the dairy industry most notably during one of his recent rallies. And all the while. Bernie I'm Bernie. I'm your biggest supporter. And I'm here to ask you to stop popping the dairy industry and to stop popping on the animal having hopes her and all the while eight hundred thousand Syrians are displaced in their homeland living in overcrowded camps finding for food while others fight to have lgbtq plus representation in movies and free use bathroom some just to be seen as human some struggle to survive in countries that are hell bent on radical those who identifies anything but straight and we as Americans know nothing of true struggle. We are pampered. We are spoiled. Do you want to know a true dictatorship? I want you to look no further than Vladimir Putin where school children are encouraged and guided to refer to the president as Uncle Vova. They worship him like an idol a living deity not out of choice but obligation. He's turned the entire country into his fan base. But not by free will. He's a man who served two presidential terms one spanning from two thousand and two thousand eight and the current beginning in two thousand twelve and projected to last until twenty twenty four so the people of Russia are careful to express their disdain for him and yet and each election. He wins by a landslide. Now that's collusion of ever seen bombastic displays of propaganda riddle national television in two thousand eleven deep sea expedition involving Putin was broadcast on national. Tv He sank twenty feet down into the water and immediately discovered buried treasure neatly placed at the sea floor a national hero paraded across the TV the renaissance man. He can do anything. Last May Putin participated in a showcase of one of his favourite pastimes hockey. He dominated the rink. Unsurprisingly singlehandedly scored eight out of ten winning goals. What a renaissance man. He can do anything. Can you imagine being on that team? I wouldn't even want to touch the puck and God forbid anybody checks him into the glass. He lives for applause. Praise Admiration and glory and he wants to be coveted and he will do whatever it takes to get it. This is a country in which those who speak up and speak out against Putin and the regime or forced into modern day gulags and work camps or worse some are even met with bullet but appears to be a vicious political assassination popular outspoken critic of the Russian President Vladimir Putin shot in the back. Right out in the open. Just blocks from the Kremlin. Now let's take Boris Nemtsov as a prime example a journalist unafraid of speaking the truth when it came to Vladimir Putin he paid the ultimate price for his free speech in two thousand fifteen when he was mysteriously assassinated out for a jog in Red Square months before his death. This is what he had to say about the supreme leader. Do you worry about what's going to happen to you? Everybody who are against you must be very careful. I think that re must replace you because he did resent against an interest in my country. Hey America that's what a dictatorship looks like. Now you may be thinking Boris was assassinated all the way back in two thousand fifteen shirley. This doesn't happen now wrong. G asked over a week ago. Prominent Putin critic and Chechen Blogger Imran Alli. Ev was found dead in his hotel. Room no not just dead. This man was found with his throat slit and dozens of stab wounds in a crime scene. That local French police can only describe. As a product of extreme savagery Allie was a native of Chechen Republic and another great example of true dictatorship and abuse. At the hands of elected officials the president of the Chechen Republic Rumson. Cobb your off is quite the charmer in his own right. His big enactment. While in office has been to purge the Chechen republic game in many of whom have been kidnapped beaten and tortured by groups hired on behalf of the Chechen government to purify the land. I was taken and held for three days. They brought me back home in a sack and threw me into the yard and said here's your son. He's gay one who asked you about the alleged roundup abduction and torture of gaming in the Republic when that's digital near tune has give is canal would local. But that's just the way the Dakota of the food folks. That's brutality that's hardship. That's a dictator. So you want to sit up and talk about trump the dictator how `bout you live suppressed and oppressed life under the trump regime. Right you know. Being denied basic human rights like free college free Maxi pads free gender reassignment surgeries while others across the world dream of a basic level of freedom and human dignity. We take for granted every single day. Feel free to complain. Continue to type out your frustrations to the world about the oppressive society. You live in express your disdain for this unfair president because you live in this country. You got the freedom to do that. I'm sure you'll find someone to sympathize with you but it won't be me. So here's a tip for those of you on the left. Check your privilege Hey guys you know black rifle. Coffee Company is a veteran owned and operated premium. Small batch rose to order Coffee Company for people who love America people like you. They import only the highest quality beans from around the world and always rose to order their coffees. After you place your order to ensure that you receive the freshest coffee available. 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The Discount Code watched Chad you'll receive twenty percent off your first order of any coffee products and guess what it includes the Black Rifle Coffee Club. Go there right now. It is party. Mom In trump's dictated America is dictator to word candies. This evoked. Yes yes news neyland dictated. I feel dictator. D- Do you feel dictator? I'd do man dictated a lot do you. Donald Trump makes me feel dictator. I mean how dare he come? In with that Brash display on Air Force One over the Daytona five hundred with thousands of fans screaming because they are forced to do so Man Who knew that at a NASCAR race you know trump rally was going to break out but that's exactly what happened for sure. I love that trump. It continues to go to all these sporting events whether it's the national game of the National Championship game for the College football or he went to Army Navy. Anti Navy the SEC. Champion fly by at the stadium. It was brilliant. I got there early just to watch it somebody. I made a comment the other day to someone where I said. Trump is genuinely a redneck. They said No. He's not. I said look. I've traveled all over the world. And I know that. Redneck is everywhere. It's everywhere it's all over the globe I've seen it okay. People are people trump. Yes he's from New York. Yes he's immobile yes. He's a billionaire. Yes he's a playboy. Yes he's been all these things but he's a redneck. Look I don't have hair like that. And not be a redneck. You got a little bit of white trash in you. If you have hair like that. I mean I'm just making sense Steve. I'm just making listen and did you. See Steve's Mugshot Victor. On his new t shirts he was really good looking. He was kind of know what happened. But you couldn't even have a girlfriend back then on an EPI- soon. We're going to show that much shot because I really want to break down. That mugshot picture for everybody. But but it's it's the pure redneck now. Trump trump is just in his element. He comes out he just with his people and like we were talking about with Charlie Kirk the other day on the show I said you know how is it? That trump relate so well to the common man and Char- Charlie had a perfect answer. He said because he spent his whole life walking. Jobsites talking to these people and and you know spending time with people who work unions and work hourly wages and all of these things and I know everybody's GonNa sit there and say earlier but he's mistreated all these people blah blah blah blah. Okay whatever but I got the text message yesterday from the Mike Bloomberg campaign. I was very nice. You know can we. You know with so much at stake. Can we count on your vote for Mike? Bloomberg is very polite. I said well with this booming economy and This record low unemployment rate. I think I'll stick with president trump. She said okay. Thank you for your response. Hope you have Nice Day and I said I hope you do too. That was nice. Isn't it great muter year? It wasn't a real personnel. Is Maybe Colin Sarah? Maybe Sarah maybe it was. Maybe Colin Sarah when somebody shows up in there not in your era that freaks me out because it does it pulled from your emails pulls from everywhere. Yeah of course at some point you've email some Democrat so whatever I don't Care Yeah I love people. There was a statistic. Candlestick came out this week. This was an interesting thing. It said that eighty four percent. I and I'm guessing you're getting close to it. I can't remember the exact statistic but when polled like eighty four percent of conservative said. They would be friends with liberals but only twenty five percent of liberal said that they would be friends with a conservative so they couldn't do it now. That's an interesting statistic right there. That doesn't surprise. Surprise you based on what you've seen yes right. I don't like that. That's that's a horrible fact. If that's true seventy six percent of all statistics or made up yeah Mark Twain said there are lies Damn lies and statistics so who knows. I just know that I saw video yesterday of Caitlyn Bennett and our buddy Anyway you did you see that where they were at Ohio University. And they were getting water thrown on them and they were getting cousin. They had joe passer dot had his big four by four. And Joel's Black Guy. I know who he is. So Good. Good friend of ours. And he's got that train horn on his truck. It's great honor but the name of his truck and by the way it's all jacked up in its painted orange and it's called the trump -ken so that's pretty pretty solid on jobs part but I mean just to see how people getting treated with stuff like this and they got water thrown on them water and coffee and you know just you know the mass of people that were around there trump crowd in them and things like that and the cops were there just kind of standing there watching the whole thing the crazy left right because you and I have liberal. I have liberal friends. I don't talk politics because that would just be a big fat waste of time but people that I respect that we respect each other and I. I like them. You're crazy left. You know might crazy right. Well the thing that bugs me at this stage in the game is when you have people who say well Chad. You're being divisive. Why are you a part of the problem? How am I being divisive for having a conviction about what I believe in stating what I believe and what I feel as good why do I? How is that divisive? At what point in time did just stating your opinion become divisive? It is okay for us to disagree on things. It's okay we live in this crazy crazy world where people are supposed to put their head in the sand and not discuss anything that they believe in anymore because that is supposedly divisive people are so thin skinned that it's offensive and I just don't buy into that philosophy so yesterday yesterday candice you'll find this interesting as well. There were people who were watching the broadcast on YouTube. And if you notice down at the bottom in the live comments there's a little dollar sign where people can donate there. Were people donating money to the podcast yesterday. Unsolicited unasked for because they said we love speech. That's not politically correct. And the fact that I called out. Asean called her a slut. They said we love. The demand will still use the word slut in the twenty first century. And I said I'll use the word slut for ten dollars every day. Now you can call me a whore. Can I get a dollar? You get no money Steve No money. Anyway it's a fascinating world. We live in. I don't believe in political correctness. I don't think it's demonic I. I think it's straight out of the pit of Hell Right. Yes just something. That corrupt society like for instance. We have certain things that we sell on our website at which Wash Chad Dot Com. Sometimes they're politically motivated. They have are things we do. The same thing on our shop dot blaze media dot com site. Where the PODCAST merges. You know the crazy thing is is when I try to boost those posts every now and maybe three hundred bucks at it. They won't let me do it. They won't let me do it because it's politically motivated. But yet I see ads all the time for politically motivated things. 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And I need you to see the site for details on Amazon because Amazon is not a sponsor of this promotion when we come back after this brief little break of boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. We will be bringing you. Today's headlines Hanging there. We're coming right back with more of the chat show back. Playboys in playgirl studio twenty two. I I we were praying yesterday. Listen TALKING ABOUT DAYTONA. Five hundred a horrific wreck right there on the final lap as they finished with Ryan. Newman thank God. Yes he wasn't killed. I mean this thing was I mean when you look at. This is nineteen years ago today. That Dale earnhardt died at Daytona and was very similar crash in the instant that he crashed into the wall the way Dale did when Dale earnhardt crashing the wall Daytona. It didn't look like a major accident of course when you're going from two hundred to stop that fast it's a different deal. But the the technology and the safety that has developed because of jails death at Daytona. It's amazing how they've progressed with all of that and you can't say enough about one the grace of God in that situation but the technology and safety equipment in those cars because that was savage. What Ryan Newman through yesterday? In just the just the way thing flipped it was on his head and then he went. Airborne landed on his head again. It was a bad deal Ed So immediately in a lot of folks I mean. Twitter erupted with that and of course the report that came out was he's in serious condition but is not life threatening so thank God for that. Tough deal tough deal Anyway Anyway Let's get it in a couple of headlines. Hear this a lot happened at Daytona. It was a very dramatic. That was a very dramatic showdown. It was yeah yeah congratulations to Denny Hamlin and the Joe Gibbs team. I'm not an ASS car guy right. I'm not a NASCAR guy but I but I appreciate those who are right. I mean that is a that is a wild following their back. My mullet days. I was a nascar fan but let the mullet grow out. And you know outgrew it. I guess I'm just not him. Nascar guy I mean I can appreciate the last three laps five laps whatever. Yeah but I mean just to sit there all day long and I have a friend. That's Jackman for Richard childress racing. Jack Man Jack Man that right I could be further fuel. Put Her in her. I don't know what it is but So He allowed us to get on pit row and when those engines do fire up and when they do pass you it's it's a pretty powerful feelings powerful and his like loud and you get hit would specs of rubber. Yeah right sounds like your prom night. Doesn't it took like I can't understand what Adler that is my life like? I'm just you know I I go hot fast. I went to a race at Texas Motor speedway for years ago. And you know the cars are coming around in the rubber hit in the face. And this guy's you know he's collect the pieces rope rubber. Hit me in the face and he's putting it a little box because he was keeping it anyway. The Mayo Clinic's the Mayo Clinic. Everybody if you WANNA go to medical school I would apply at the Mayo Clinic because they got three hundred. Sixty four applicants that came in applications. They accepted all of them by mistake. It was by mistake. So remember that when you go in for that. Major surgery may not be qualified. There was a glitch. Always a glitch. Right and that's what happened they The admissions Dean told CNN. That can you imagine getting accepted the Mayo Clinic to go to school and then all of a sudden they're like oh wait wait you called all the family and you've told them a man that's and then to have to be the guy who makes the call and say sorry. Sorry Bro mission email yeah madness just kidding yeah just kidding. So that's that's disappointing. Anyway there was. You see the picture of you know we. We got in trouble last year when we were talking about the service animals. We talk about service animals all the time. I love to make fun of it. Look if you need a service animal more power to bring services do whatever you gotta do to be you. I don't really care but I I reserve the right to make fun of it. I can't stand somebody. Who brings her Chihuahua Service animal through and it pisses all over the floor and it's pooping in the Turkey because that's not a train service animal it's like we were talking about coming out of Florida a few weeks ago West Palm Beach and this. This couple was literally dragging their Boston. Terrier around it didn't want to be there and it just wasn't moving its feet and they're just dragging it behind him like a brick on a league service dog vest on. Yes thank. You can't breathe. I'll flat faced and everything. But anyway we show the picture we talked about the service horses the mini horses because those are many horses and dogs can be registered. As nacho libra. One this is the one I don't know the name. He the same one. This is not the same lady as it that now visit Different Lady. New Lady that this addresses them up like Nacho Library in this and emotional support animal. Yeah so stay on to stay on task. Y'All it so the other day brought Fred that the one yes. That's not your Lebron okay. I don't care the Lucci. Lever is dressed to look like a wrestler a Mexican wrestler. Okay yes so. Which is Lucia liberal? I'm talking about Mexicans right now. I don't WanNa hear about they. They put them in. First Class and people got upset in their starting. They're going to outlaw. This right so this just weird. There's a tiny little horse. Put Him in his little outfit. He has that little cute for a minute. And then it's like no. It's not at all for a minute. You're like but not on a plane. I think he's cute not an airport. Not when you're sitting in First Class HE SMELLS YOU. GotTa do last week who the woman's reclined and the dudes in the back row in the thing and he's punching the seat you know punching pushing a four hit if he ran. He's got people who are going to get on. There have been people who you know who got on with the Guinea pig. You know we talked about the Guinea pig thing where the girl got pissed off and just flush down the toilet. Because they didn't want so she took her guinea pig and flushed it. Suck it Wou- those does airport. La- I mean those airplane lavatories are violent dude like I hate them. I always hold my ears. Yeah it's like our behind. Did I ever tell you about the time I cleaned out the hamster cage with Shop Vac? And you sucked up the Hampshire. How did I don't have a hamster cage clean out anymore so anyway? Us Transportation Department recently announced plans to tighten the law so that only dogs actually trained to help. Disabled qualify for for flights Support Squirrel kicked off a flight. The woman got kicked off. We were all there was the peacock thing I don't know I hate people yes. Yeah Jeff bezos. Who What richest guy on the plan ever whatever you know who founded Amazon Dot Com. I've helped make him rich. My Wife's definitely helped. He's going to donate ten billion dollars to fight climate change. I mean talk about pissing your money away. Give Lord About Home. Some home Homeless people he's done a lot of charity. He's done a Lotta charity. I appreciate that. He needs the tax. Write off and and stuff like that but okay. So He's starting a new initiative called the bezos Earth Fund It's you know it's going to help people well Amazon. The company runs has an enormous carbon footprint. Lashkar Amazon officials said the company would work at one hundred percent of its injure energy Come from solar panels and other renewable energy by twenty thirty. But I don't know why because. Afc is already said that the earth is GonNa die over twenty third. So what the Hell do we believe? Steve I don't know Amazon is going to be like delivered in a Prius or like what? How's it going to be delivered? Let's take a look at the artist's way you'd have to put it in plastic. That's all based what they got to deliver everything they'd take planes and trucks and vans to ship the billions of items all over the world. That is that's a fossil fuel right so It's it's okay. That's that's what they call a pipe dream because it ain't going to happen. It's just not going to happen. Yes not all. There's just there's just nothing that's there. There's nothing this there. Hey a when I say climate change and I don't care who gets pissed off climate change. That's what happens is called seasons. According to Yahoo Finance the global superfood market will grow by two hundred billion from two thousand nineteen to twenty twenty. Three and experts agree. That eating superfoods is the easiest way to get nutrient knits foods. 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Yes lag would cut. Somebody's throat come. After you write a little bit come after you had an episode that happened because you are aware Atlanta Atlanta this last weekend for Cheer Competition. You had your daughter with you. What happened you. Were getting on a plane and what happened did so. This is a southwest flight. Names all right South West South West. I mean South West. You'RE GONNA know it anyway. Because on South West you fly they order ABC. I was be twenty two. My daughter was see fifty eight okay. She's ten years old so I had an. We travel the time and they'll allow her to get on with me at twenty two because she's ten years old anyway. I got up to handle the ticket before you get on jetway and she gets mine scrape. She gets my daughters and she goes. Oh She's going to have to wait and get on the plane at sea fifty eight S at. She's ten years old and she said I know she's going to have to wait. I said I'm not leaving my daughter in an airport where you are running every thirty minutes a human sex trafficking. Psa over the loudspeaker. And she's like well you can wait and get on with her well then we won't be able to sit together because you it's first come first serve on this plane. Now that might be the rule at southwest. But I've never had a ticket taker not have enough emotional intelligence to realize let the ten year old get on with her daughter. I mean you gotTa take it you know step by step anyway. People in the line started backing us up. And they're like let her get on the plane with her with her mother like every but didn't care you know and so we're GONNA wait 'til C. Sixty visits riots begin mark. But I think right here how riots began buddy. I can imagine fifty cheerleader. Moms ganging up on one tanker. So you're groups. You don't won't after your ass and let me tell you that one 'cause mine reasonable and asking for that for my d for four. My daughter. Another mother. She took the ladies ticket. Went on the jetway. Then she ran down there. And said one of your. I need to double check your tickets. Show she pulled them off the jetway which they had already gone on and I'm over there huffing and puffing some waiting for C. Sixty and she pulls him off but before she checks in fixes it she was in the B. Section. She let all of C. One thirty go on now the MOM just getting fired up because she's not gonna get to sit by her children she starts pipe in and I'm like you're not alone anyway. Poor Lady I should say poor because that's what you get. I mean. Quit acting like a brand new cop who can't wait to give a speeding ticket out like your power. Hungry rules are rules Natalie. I know you're roads. You GotTa obey them. This is a trump dictatorship. We live under now. I did it. I didn't go total. Mama Bear because you know she does have enough power to probably not allow me to get on the plane so I I did keep it in check but she did know that there are a lot of cheer. Moms who were not happy at that moment surely didn't care. You should've used her. Hey I'm Huntington's natalie that well did. I don't know that she's our audience street. Cred I don't know I don't think she was your target audience. Chad okay enough said yeah I mean if you know you're who are demographic yeah if they can read mechanize us. She didn't Red Neck. She did somebody s. We live people. Yeah that's where we live. Someone at the airport did recognize me night. Very nice gentleman named Michael came up knows a Chad. Prey their show so that was awesome. The thing that bugs me and we're in the airport every week the thing that the thing that bugs me air travel doesn't bug me. The airport bugs me. There are certain elements that are just. I hate the rental car. Shuttles hate hate hate. Rental cars shuttles Just being crammed on those buses with all the gear we have to travel with and just people breathe in your face and then being the way they are when they're trying to win the stops and they're trying to get their bags and it's like just be patient. We're trying to get all the stuff out of your way. Hate him but the airport. If you just wouldn't scream at US like we're five year olds. I don't talk to the TSA. Yes and I don't WanNa pick on the TSA. They're there to do a job. It's worthless job. I look I'm not saying you're worthless. I'm just saying what you do. I don't believe in it now. I have to be careful what I say to the. Tsa Because we get recognized all the time. And I don't need your bs coming after me but you don't have to scream at people like they're two years old belittling yeah. You don't have to do that. I mean I'm sitting here. Tse project. I'm a member of clear. You don't have to scream at me about what needs to come out of my bag and that my shirt or my jacket off whatever the my boots need to come off and he and then the tone the condescending tone which you do it really makes me want to pitch so that does. That's worse than all of them that we've had that we've travelled this year so far. There's power hungry. Houston everyone we dealt with in Houston had attitude. Some of them are okay. Yeah because they're just like yeah. Okay you're flying out of Sydney Montana. We trust you're not gonNA fly in any building. Why not any right does get out of frigging flying. The same person checks the bag for you. Put It on the plane for you and flash the plane right. There were Nice Chat Thorns Barrier Buddy. Who does some shows with us every now and then got that bit about when they way you they weigh your bags and I've been on those where they have to weigh you because the plane so small and said this great big woman was in front of it they said how much you weigh. G hundred forty pounds. He said they said. Are you ready to get on the plane? He said not to you. Get her back way. One hundred four one hundred and forty pounds understand so you know. I don't be so condescending. Don't be doing everything we can. And by the way let me tell you something. Tsa Cannot make me run this through the conveyor they cannot make me run this hat through the X. Ray I know guys in Rodeo who traveled with a little laminated card with your show. It to you and they'll say no and I have them every now and then L. A.'s. The worst Chicago is next. New York is terrible. There's certain other places. La Is the worst like they've got. How dare you wear a hat in here? And I'm like look man. You can't make me send this hat. Which by the way is I'm not gonNa tell you what it retails for branches x-ray machine. Yeah I'm GonNa tell you what this hat retails for right. You're asking me to send it through on that dirty conveyor every time when it comes out it's going to have a black mark on it it doesn't fit your stupid bins and I don't WanNa do it. Yeah I don't I don't put my ball cap in there either. I wear it right exactly and I'll take it off and hand it to them as they look at you naked through the deal your hands over your head and then you hand them the thing they feel in here for whatever. They're feeling for drama. Some of them they rip the pull. The the SAT. Now right here doesn't is. Why don't you touch it right? They always do this right here but I see him. They'll pull that back in the front. Where the I mean come on. We're not peaky blinders here. We're not geared razor blades in her cowboy hat. Meanwhile you can fly without your ID. I've done it twice. You actually can i. I was in Florida my friend and I she. She held my license for me. I forgot it. I was flying back from another cheer. Competition from summit. Anna got there went through security. I did not have my idea because it was still in her wallet but I had my state register issued licensed to carry and I gave them that and I go. That's not gonNA work. It state registered like that that was given to me from the state. And they're like nope. It's gotta be your drivers on what I don't drive it. Just that's not going to work. But I have flown twice. You just have to go through additional screening and background. I've flown twice without having my picture. Id meanwhile your hats being ripped apart a little out my permanent next time to see because it looks like a driver's license. Your they're not they supposedly. This guy was like nope does not work. I'M GONNA that's frustrating. It's all frustrating frustrating. I mean that is that is I wanNA fly in private. I WANNA fly private. That's density. Well that's just not environmentally friendly garden messed up Martinez Mark but anyway back to the point. I'm GonNa make it really quick will do anything for our kids. And apparently the boy scouts is declaring bankruptcy. Because they're not gonNA BA. They got they're going to have to pay out all these lawsuits yes the sexual abuse and harassment and stuff like that gone back on that you never know not getting any money. Steve Statute of limitations. And if you enjoyed it and ask for it Steve. I'm just saying I got a son that's about to be an eagle and we've invested a lot of money and I'm GonNa need him to hurry up and get those badges terrorists. Get this thing knocked out. Let Me Tell You. My wife is so supportive of it. She's involved with all of it. She's going to be an eagle scout before him then mother now they still call them dot com mother. She's she's one of them. She joined the Colt. Join the impressive. So Anyway Hayes had to get that out I apologize. We'll be right back Hey folks as you know we appreciate you. Tune in subscribing leaving a good rating and review five stars. Because that's what we deserve. You GotTa do that. We're podcasts. Offered you know. What really ticks me off really ticks me off. Stupor gear comes out with studios American by his his jet rocket sal to the top of the charts. The thing that makes that happen is ratio process. When you go into places like apple podcasts and you leave a rating and review. It tells them that you're interested in the thing and so they give you a high ranking so we tend to hover around one fifty mark which is a great place to be in rankings. When you talk about all the podcasts that are out there but in day of air we typically bump up into in the top one hundred at. I'd really like Krista kind of get up there and just go after Glenn Beck come back but I want you to come out and find us on the road. You get my tour schedule. 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