#1NewVoicemail Do you budget??


along please leave a message. It's Whitney all right I've got a question super kind of random but it's actually not so I'm wondering if you budget satisfied with your message press one to listen to your message press two are you still there apparently meant slash into it whatever it's called now is like the number one budgeting tool and the second budgeting tool is like have a bunch of this budgeting stuff kind of built in to my my bank but I'm curious league if everybody else does so anyway super kind of not random but also and something else within a I don't remember but I'm very interested to see so my bank has its own like budgeting tools up on the grim but let me know I feel like I do a little bit of research today while I was like in the bathroom and random so let me know also if you do it with like excel or you just do it by hand for many years I just did my shit by hand like on a piece of paper so this week who is going to be talking about budgeting and money a little bit but I'm just curious what everybody else's so I figured I call and ask if you don't get a chance to call me back you can hit me like your bills and your money and how you do it yeah that's the question I have today because I actually have somebody on the show you need a budget y. n. a. b. and then there's a couple of other ones and then there's some that I guess acorns or whatever was a big one for I guess saving and there's this other one oh and that worked for me I guess I wish I had saved more but you know like save more in my savings but for the most part I did it by hand and I didn't use an APP even though technically thin and it's only savings bank of America I think it was Bank of America who started that round or keep chain shit a couple of years or a few years back

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