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The Miz: Reality TV Star to WWE Champion - IMPAULSIVE EP. 176


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Asked you know what's worse you know when you put on a sweater and then you take off said sweatshirt fuzzies on closer you like and then you have no lint roller because it's the apocalypse twenty twenty and does nothing to available in stores. Nothing to available. I said this is nothing to vail on stories. Welcome back to impulsive the number one podcast in the world. Although we can't speak English just me. Honestly but yeah. Yeah we're back it's quarantine trying to stay sane. It's going okay. I'm doing weird things. I'm really like pushing I'm doing things. I'm not super proud of but I would be. I would think it's weird if you stayed sane during this time like if you're cool with being locked inside your house twenty four seven. That's weird to me I get. I'm not saying introverts I'm saying if I don't know just the state of the world that ain't for me. What was that are the gray he leaves like this and I don't know how to stop it. The guy the family who adopted him from set. It means he's excited his pumped up. He's he's he's he's happy to be living and he's taken a liking to me. I think I mean you. Can't you can't get mad at the guy for the Ataman if I'm happy about it? Sometimes I wake up and makes it sound soups unhappy about being alive. Yeah totally Danny. I'll also we're out of paper towels right corner stores those. Cbs Like little Convenience store types are the the the the bread winners here in the apocalypse paper towel store. Real grungy Shit. Yeah you gotta you gotTA smoke shops. Feel like have the best chance of having paper towels. We're close to wiping our boat with leaves. I think nothing. That's like that troublesome. We could do it. We also like your different with the beard. And all you're probably you're probably wipe your your ass with that. Well that's like one of the best ways to do it really you guys. You've never really asked me about how I how I want my ass. Yeah I gotta ask what the Fuck is going on right now. 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Logan just pay five dollars shipping. Fbi E. DOT com code. Logan so we do have a guest coming on later in the episode. His name is the MS. He's A. Wwe SUPERSTAR AND WE'RE GONNA cover his road from reality. Tv started making his dreams come true becoming WWe champion super cool guys. That should be good but until then I mean here. We are back in the Maverick House. Day Day to day one because shot the other episode date date. It's tough you can tell that we've been working hard today. Lots of Lots of just WanNa tell. You ought to be honest with them about the course of pastor. Podcasts DO WANNA tell them sometimes productions weird and we already shot the MS interview. Which I'M GONNA throw to in a second because it seems like we're out of material then shot the podcast you saw on Tuesday okay and now after both of those were shooting the intro to the MS podcast and then after we rolled it was we're going to do in less than sixty seconds. We're GONNA shoot the Altro for this now that said let's zoom call the MS the WWe superstar who is going to carry this episode. Because he's a great guy he's fascinating the. Wwe is also doing a great job of maintaining their business really tough Financial Times. So we're going to dive into a little bit of that ladies and Gentlemen. I'm going to introduce him in the next clip. This is a zoom calls. Ladies and gentlemen our guest today is the currently Falk. You already bro. I'm GonNa read this like Dylan. Wrote it now as the currently one have the SMEG. Fuck you what HAP is. Currently what have you can't just be adding articles two sentences whenever you feel in depot on our guest is curly smack tagged tag team champions who can also be starring alongside his wife and family in the series. Ms and Mrs on USA is a former. Wwe champion and he's Awesome. It's WWe superstar. Kim Kaufman Brother Weird right like like somehow. Everything is devolved. Zoom calls. What FIRST ONE? Two days ago with my buddies birthday anders like fourteen of us and he was actually a lot of fun there. I'M NOT BAD. I think I've ever heard knew what it was. And so now yeah and then. Everyone's celebrating their holidays. Like I know Danny had Easter with all her family on zoom call. My Mom and dad don't know how to use technology so that was impossible either like no one knows how to use zoom in my entire family. So can't do that right. So Bro how you doing first off your W W car and ww was the first sports and entertainment company to publicly continue operations without audience. Yeah so it's totally different. I mean it's we rely Matt relied but like when I'm out there performing like I enjoy hearing people boo piano Or just being involved. Wwe's all about like going to a live interaction. It's it's basically the entire audience interacting with a hate there during that love. You know they have their own chance. I mean there's so chance from this is awesome. 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It's completely weird but I enjoy different stuff. I enjoy Trying to use this type of unique atmosphere necessarily to my advantage. But just to you know showcase exactly what I can do and why I'm so valuable to the wwe for sure that's awesome because not a lot of people can perform without that. Adrenalin rush of having an audience. 'cause that's a different type of feeling. You gotta find a different way. I guess to get the adrenaline and utilize. It reminds me almost like I used it as like almost a Japanese crowd Japan and we performed for a live. Audience is very very quiet. What thought once you hear when there's a big move all do you. Don't get the big reaction of the all insist crickets. Every time we know that in the audience they're watching and they're invested in everything you do though in my mind. I'm just picturing the people at hall being invested in everything that we're doing so every little maneuver count so it's actually making me a better performer. In for sure I feel like there's a lot easier said than done though. Like not like really not hearing the crowd and like being able to use that energy. Do you find yourself having to push harder when you're in there. I mean there's no doubt that everybody. Wwe's pushing harder when they're carried in the ring now and I think it's going to translate win. Whenever the time comes that we can have an audience back because everything that I feel like we do in. Wwe that's different. That takes out of the box we utilize it and say you know what? What did we learn from this and how we use it? When we're back to normal right how the how the fans reacted to it. I. I've only seen one clip. So far I saw Rob Gronkowski jump off of some sort of elevated platform and eight dudes to win wrestlemainia thirty six and the feeling of seeing him soaring through the air and absolutely no sound was one of the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen but it was just amazing. How are the fans reacting to it? I mean if you've if you've watched wrestlemainia was the most talked about most watched on social media more than any other wrestlemanias in history so the fans are really getting involved with it and it's allowing us to do different types of matches like you saw the firefly funhouse Johnson Brazil's reverses of Bray Wyatt fien. It will as one of the coolest matches I've ever seen and I've seen it all. I felt like but that was so different and so unique and a utilized Bray Wyatt in the scene in such a way and it showcase what exactly John Scenic do and a showcase kind of what Sina was before and what he is now at. I think it opened up a whole new world of what. Wwe could do. Then you watch the bone yard bachelor tweet. Aj Styles and the undertaker which was kind of the same but way different. They is the same in the US. Kind of a cinematic feel towards it but man it was just. It was so interesting to watch and I just love that and then if you watch our match the John Morrison Who SAYS I the new day I was in it but John Sleep. Took a are titles challenge genucel as well as Kofi Kingston for our taxes title and it was a ladder match and it was entertaining. And let me tell you. Matches hurt that that that whole kind of Feel that that that adrenaline rush when you don't have that adrenaline rush. It's a whole lot harder. That's what I'm saying. It's it's probably so much harder to match that pain. Yeah I mean. Imagine if you're on your boxing matches and literally. There was no ought to face something about about the crowd and the lights. And and everyone watching you. You can take a bit more than you could win. It's silent but you. You beat some legends man. You resume twenty-seven you'd be John Cena and then I have a clip here. I WANNA play you beating Randy Orton here. This was to win the title correct. Yeah So we had money in the bank which I believe was July of that year and I want the briefcase which the Greek case holds a contract that you can Cash in anytime anywhere no matter what so if I leave this the you're gonNA show is if it's Randy Randy's just went through a match against next which was like nine guys like through all match. You got beat up you got taken down and I was like you know what this opportune time to cash in my money in the bank briefcase randy was up but he was definitely injured. Yes I took advantage of situation and what my first ever. Wwe Championship Jeff Title. And it was one of those things that like. As a kid growing up you would see hulk Hogan Ultimate Warrior you know all these legends growing up with holding the title that I wanted as a kid never ever do as a arm. Ohio Represent Ohio. Yeah go what was your mascot? Forget the Parma invaders so we were the invader. Yes that's awesome. Well high represent about the play this Clinton so randy where he tried to slithery umbro with. Ko and Jaffe Taff Man. That is exciting. I don't know how you did that without a crowd. Now it's crazy. The funny part is I went through so many emotions. Wait I want the title like you watch like afterwards? There was a feeling of excitement. Like Oh my God. I won the WB championship then. It was like then it was like Your your mind going in twenty different ways all these emotions cert- coming out like there was a moment where I felt like I was going to cry and I was like waiting for twenty thousand people in Orlando cry. Wb champion you're trying to hold it all back so if you're almost proud that have tears then. I get that back because of WB champion on a HA- superstar can't do that and so and then there was a moment where I hunt the guy a healthy throughout the day. There was so many emotions that went through. Let me ask you. Did you have a now moment? Allow a lot of champions and superstars that we've had on this show tend to the they've explained how when they win the thing and the that had been there two gold their whole life. They have a what now moment and it and it leaves them kind of feeling alone or confused or are not sure where to go next. Did you have that? I think everyone goes goes through that and honestly I still have that to this day. I WANNA smack down taxing championships and I was like what now like everything is always. What now like miss and Mrs is a hitch on the USA. What now but then I wore like I wanNA make the smackdown tag team championships. The most coveted titles in all of WWe. I remembered as one of the greatest tag teams in history when I was. Wb champion would be the best ww champion out there now. Did I accomplish that? Some say sure of most will say absolutely not so now. What is my goal? My goal to get the W. Championship back. So why so? People can look at it and go while he was forced to be reckoned with. He deserved that title. He held that title Prestige with honor and like with miss. And Mrs Reality Show Okay. The ratings are amazing. People love the show. What can we do more? I want more people to watch. I want more people to watch like Princeton. Measure you're like our channel. I wanted to be the most locally. Renown you two gentlemen all right. That's a few like some people have that that that mentality and other people are just place to where we were there at which is fine. Yup totally I was just GONNA ask. I know we've talked a lot about the boys of wwe today but the the biggest story coming out of the wwe right now is a girl by the name of Ronda. Rousey who. I'm sure a lot of people watching this. No from you have see right she. She went on Steve's podcast recently and called and said and blessed her fucking grateful fans whoa and called wrestling matches fake fights and this is big news. This New York Post and paid six in the whole world's talked about what are your thoughts on the Rousey drama Like that that would be a way for me like if if it was me and I I was saying that the faith thing is like kind of a trigger word for some superstars for me. It's like I look at it like this I don't wwe. It's like a movie when you watch a movie. You're looking to be entertained. And you're not worried about this real. This is fake. Are the moves that we do absolutely they? They hurt what we do in. Wwe A lot of Ma superstars have tried to come to wwe and haven't been successful. Ronda Rousey has been very successful. She was able to pick up. Wwe very very well and so Her to say like the fake word I I mean. I think she's just trying to use a trigger word to get a rise out of people and I imagine it definitely got a rise in got a lot of attention through twitter through you know all the news factors all she's GonNa Faint. What's going to happen? We need to have someone come from. Wwe take her out sir. These are fuel one of what moves In my in my book I look at it and I go. Oh she must not want. The fans to be behind your. Maybe she'll come back someday. Maybe she want. I don't know I haven't talked to Rhonda Rousey since But if she did come back. I imagine she'd be the biggest young. Wwe And you know we have huge Superstars and wwe that would love to take Rhonda Rousey on. How do your own personal desires get taken into account like if you WanNa be the WWe champion? But the office doesn't agree how. How does one navigate that that's That's tough because you know if you believe in. I think that every superstar in. Wwe believes that they should or want to be WWe champion. That's the goal of every superstar. But it's not your goal. You shouldn't be a WWe superstar. You have that mindset at all times if you know you know it's not going in your direction. It is your job to make sure that it goes in your direction right now. I am fighting each and every time I go out into the WWE. Bring to make sure that I am worthy of a wwe championship shopping. And if people don't believe it then I it's my job to make sure that I sure that it starts fast that sense star believing that you are worthy of the wwe title. Then guess what everyone else is. GonNa start believing everyone else is going to start coming around and it's your job to everything you can to make sure that happens and if it doesn't I always blame you. I always believe me I. That's just how I am. Yeah what are you doing When you're not on camera to to maintain that that I mean okay. I'll give you a for instance John Morrison and myself Decided that You know we were going to write a rat now. I am not a rapper by any means whatsoever but John Morrison. I were driving in a car. We were having a four hour drive and like you know what we should write a rap and see if we can get a beat and see then we can do it music video and this could be a whole thing leading wrestlemainia nigh so literally we. We started doing Ryan's Sir doing bars. As they call them around world and then we then we we asked for a beats and wwe beat and then we went to our digital team and said hey can we can you film like a music video for us. And they're like well. What do you mean like? I don't know we're just GONNA start doing the rap and do music video so all leading up to our WRESTLEMAINIA match. We had a rap video. Basically you know talking about new day talking about the USOZ talking about how great we are new day. That shows are the people that we are going up against distract on new day and why we are so amazing why we are the smackdown tag champions. That is something that we went That's going above and beyond. That is not something that is asked of you for smackdown on Fox or whether it's your on raw and USA. That is something that we went and said we can do this another thing. John Morrison I did. We did a trailer We did a rip off of once upon a time in Hollywood which can see. Wbz's Youtube Age We literally did Wrote like kind of like directed you know had a say in all the editing and all the parts and we did a trailer basically about story of what we were doing for our match and so these are the little things real nuances that we do. You know a lot of new. Ww superstars that are coming up into wwe always asked me advice. I listen you need to find every single avenue every tool that. Wwe has you need to utilize those tools. And sometimes people aren't GonNa ask this up you. It's your job to go out there and do the best possible. Thank you possibly can to get noticed. Give talked about. That's what John Morrison. I are doing right now when you even with fourteen years fifteen years in. Wwe still doing it instead. What about physicality? Y'All y'all are in great shape. So what does your work routine look like so I have so As of like buddy almost a year ago I would say I my body was where it it it was at I. I'm coming close to forty and like I never Been injured per se in. Wwe where you know. I had to take a long time period out. You know when we hear when week there but has never been gone for so long. Wwe and. I'm trying to make sure that I'm able to do that while keeping wall travelling out. Wwe You know before the whole Thing that is going on right now. You know W we would travel every single week to so many different cities. Like how do you keep your body in shape? Your heels correct hired chef that basically got me gluten. Free dairy free And then I hired a trainer to get me in chicks. I don't like going to the gym as a matter of fact I hate the gym. I know that like I was saying before you need tools to get everything that you want. And if I want to be w champion I have to look like a champion present myself. Like a champion and I have to be able to withstand anything in that w ring so I have a trainer that understands that. I'm not twenty five any more than thirty nine that I need to be did. I need to train for what I'm doing and it needs to be functional so I basically have kind of done that. Yeah Dude I did I did literally Bray for for for a show that was being called Logan. Paul versus and this particular show is a long process. Lucia Lucia tour and It was it was one of the hardest physically taxing things I had ever done. I actually I am unable to do it because of how hard it how rough it wasn't my body. I think a lot of people underestimate. Just how hard it is to be throwing yourself off the top ring and slamming yourself onto the mat like I I got. I got a concussion from this show and I've already suffered you know a handful of concussions from head trauma and high school football but I mean is you just mastered the the I guess technique or a. How are you not? I don't think you could ever master the technique of being a professional wrestler. You know it's Russia. Wrestling is just so unique. And if I mean if you look at you know Gucci Libra. You guys like ray mysterious. I mean he is the best I think at literally Bray and not only that would bring to the WWe style. And I mean he is one of the most popular among the most notorious for just you know he. I mean he's not the biggest guy but you believe every time ranger goes into that ring no matter how big competitor these going up against. He can defeat that person. And that's the genius of Ramos Stereo as well as just you know with with moves in everything that we've done. I don't think you'd ever master being a federal wrestler because there's so much to digest every audience every setting is different. You know whether it's zero audience in the crowd or they're you know hundred thousand at Wrestlemainia. There's a difference between you know everything so you always have to make sure that you're doing right. We're watching a little ray mysterious right now. This man is quick. Like these movies are crazy dude. My literally fell my brain bouncing off of my skull. And that's when that's when I stopped doing that for did you. Did you watch a wrestling? Grown up big wrestling a lot of my friends. I'd I'd catch it occasionally. I was a huge fan of the undertaker and also the ultimate warrior. I watched all that stuff growing up. I'm thirty five mics. I've I'm probably similar classical you watch when you grew up. Is it the same undertaker? He's got to be thrown rumor right. Like there's there's another runner ticker there's one undertaker let me tell you something would you when you're standing in a ring and you get to watch the undertaker's entrance there is no one more intimidating than the undertaker. It's it's there's only one and they're only can be one and there will never be anyone like the undertaker ever get. How tall is one of six ten? He says Oh yes yes. It's a scary dude would mike. The pallbearer died right. What the guy he used to come out with all. Yeah yeah fortunately passed away. Yeah Yeah so so okay. So I'm imagining that. Just looking through my soul and I said through my soul specifically because he doesn't look at your solar looks mighty you Mike Similarly to some people do with the rap game. Do you look at the days of like the days of the past. It's like the good old days reminisce wrestling works like I used to. I used to watch all those guys and I do think those were the prime days or is it better now. What are your thoughts? I mean since in it of better now but I I I study like study everything I study everything I do. I study everything that that other superstars do and I studied the past. You know the past you know the ultimate warrior I look at like would you ever watched Yeltsin warrior and you look at it as a WB star now. I look at it and go. Wow all this guy did was like three clotheslines and a splash and everybody erupted every time. That was my favorite. Wwe superstar and that's all he needed to buy. All you needed to do was three close. Run out there with all the energy shake the rope and cope rides on. Splash. One-two-three done in Ottawa's happy. That was the most amazing thing so then I look at that. Wow my character doesn't do that but I wanna make sure that I take that type of energy to the ring every single time because that energy was it made me want to watch it. It won't be wanting to engage. Now why did I like someone like Hulk Hogan like Hulk Hogan let me tell you something broiler? Everyone still knows that that that. Let me tell you something. Brother and vitamins eat the vitamins. Because Hogan told me I then you'll get like a rock and had so many catchphrase whether it was routed gas or like you know. Lay The smackdown. Like you're you do very good rock impersonation you know what the Rockets Cook in Hock was was my favorite in the attitude era ultimate where. It was my favorite during the eighties. And now obviously I'm my own favorite but you know it's it's like I study everything I watch everything. I watch everything there is because I wanna see what everyone else is doing. And if I keeping up times Kinda you kinda remind me of the heartbreak kid a little bit. I don't know why maybe maybe it's nice is yeah. I don't know why that's the first time anyone ever said maybe this rate is our in the W in Iraq should be happy. You came on Paul's got a great. I got here on my sheet. Says HE DID NOT COMPETE IN WRESTLEMAINIA? And you're supposed to pull out due to illness now. Do you have covered. No okay. That's good. It's very good. Trust me yes yeah. I got tested. I got tested negative. But yeah the doctor is deemed to meet your wrestle at Wrestlemainia so I go off what the doctors want us to do. So I was able to speed then but I am going for the smackdown tag championships in a triple threat. Match on smackdown so So it's a tag team like matching tag team titles but I have to defend them by myself against two other people which means I don't have to get pinned. I could lose my titles now. We can I lose my tunnels for me. I can lose it for my tag team partner. John Morrison so smackdown. It's going to be pretty intense. This Friday got a lot on the line. Hey Ma am I got one last question for you? What is what are the chances we can ever see someone like? I don't know a Logan Paul in the wwe. What do you think that looks like? Look I've seen his oxy matches. I mean obviously. He just said that he tried to libra and he couldn't hack it so I've seen him in a ring war as a boxer but I just don't know so much. Wwe And do this Guy Logan. He's he's talking to fight. Start interpreted anyone from Cleveland Ohio. I believe in because I think people from Cleveland have a mentality where no matter where they go in life. They're always trying to do their best. They're always trying to one up themselves and they have goals when they have goals and they have a vision. They go after it. So that's what I think of people in Cleveland. So if if it Logan is from Cleveland. That's how you definitely do it. Him and goals are powerful. If I if I set a goal I mean look. I'm going to be honest for you. A question anything you want with when you were in Westlake Ohio. Did you have a dream of going to L. A. and then then so then you moved to La you got your own. Youtube Channel started getting a little Alert righty where did this all stemmed from? How did it all come about? You might have already answered this on on your show I. I was just curious because when I was reading When I was coming on the show I wanted to know a little bit more Wesley. Wow I wonder how he did the transformation because I know happened for me. Yeah for certain. It's a good question I mine is on the classic tale of I was. I was doing youtube and I was making videos before it was a cool thing. I just like liked making videos with my friends and actually you can't see him but the person sitting to my name is Mac has been my friend Sixth Grade. He shot almost all of our stuff. Coming up Through through the years and acting in la or loved the weather. I know I I came here to be the biggest entertainment that possibly could and acting was one of the verticals that I wanted to try and but that happened when I was eighteen. Nineteen I like. I said I happened to get good at the thing that I love doing. And people happen to enjoy consuming it so the pieces kind of fell into place for me but or not really if I get bored. It's that's that's what I know. I gotta I gotTa switch it up like the my rule that I try. I try to follow his. If this starts to feel like work shift the moment I start to force my content. That's when the authenticity happens. That's when I'm disingenuous in like people can feel that through the screen and so I I gotta I gotTa make sure to keep it spicy and especially now during quarantine. When we're forced to push ourselves creatively it's cool. It's challenging it's fun we've been able to do some dumb shit around the house where I. I spent an hour two hours before this podcast on a log in my pool attempting to learn how to log like lumberjack. Learning Guitar. No how's that going. Well so far I know. Come as you are next teen spirit. I learned blue Monday by orgy. And you remember that one. That was that was juicy now dress. Oh I have a Rose Garden and I guess what I really want to do as a plate every rose has its the word there you go in my Rose Garden. That's why I didn't realize it's kind of hard like it. So far trying to learn the chords in it's just not. It's not doing as well as I wanted like. Come as you are with really easy. How long you very with that? How long you've been playing honestly three days. That's eight. I also learned Tara's walk I tried to I promised myself that I would give at least a month before I quit so I gave it a month and then I quit so good for you man. I'd done that. I've done exactly what you said you've done like so. I used to bring a guitar on the road. Sounds like on the learn Guitar Waller Guitar I WANNA do a performance is just before elisas doing is at. I remember the rock used to do. I want to be able to do that. And after like three months I was like. I don't think I've ever going to be able to do that because one I can't play and sing at the same time like it's just and I've been trying to come as you are while singing by the way I I don't have a voice sank. Secondly it's just I lose all focus. Yes so two things at once to very typical. Doing one thing at once is difficult. How allies does we have w superstar in Elias. That is just completely talented and is going to do a lot of great things in. Wwe And he has done great. Thanks so far but I think he is. Future is bright And so he's been able to really utilized the guitar and do concerts for everyone in his always helping his game and creating good special contents. God like Champions Elias Sometime into a guitar but I don't think this is GonNa work. It's Gordon my Rose Garden. Yeah I mean it's hard my fingers don't don't bend like that is why I stopped. I realize like my hands for some reason. Just not built like curl around the is it a neck and so I I I had to stop. I always felt like I was never good at anything I like. It always the same amount of time. I never one of those guys that could just take a football and just start throwing it baseball star three guitar playing like I was just never one of those guys. I always had the practice harder than everybody else to be. Good at something. I'm the same exact way. Usually usually I start off at the thing slightly above average. But then I'm I'm stuck there for a while like it and it's actually funny. You say because I had to stop the other day. It's like everything that I've ever gotten good at. I've gotten good at I have. I've not been like a gifted with a thing that I was suddenly amazing at like I look at some up and coming singers like especially the young ones the artists like like little tackle Billy Irish low Mosey and these people. Just have it the fucking cool. They have a lot of talent they can they their voices are in. Djelic right off the bat and that never meet. I wonder what but I wonder if any of those those people were just right off the bat seen like that were. They had to actually develop for the classes for sure. The overnight success happens in ten years of work but I would. I have to believe that. Billy is who's been singing and making music since since he was fourteen like some sort of god-given innate ability to do this at the highest level at fourteen fifteen years. Old like that's that's next level outer worldly shit that I just a kid from Cleveland. Ohio do not do not have and it's actually a message that MGK Kinda has it like you watch like MGK's like instagram. Like machine gun. Kelly is immensely talented. They'll just start spitting bars then. He'll play guitar who relates rounds for sure. I like my God. This guy is this guy can't do now. He's amazing but you also he's he's been doing it forever but he's young is really young like this guy gets you such an elite level quit work did you see him out. Did you see him out? Jack Harlow the Jack Harlow on instagram. He murder that. What's what's poppin. Beef beyond his instagram. And Anyway and beat the fucking Knelt Boys. A beer pong. Can't the guy he's good. That's an all around. He's you're watching. Your played played Tommy Lee to perfection. Incredible credible and bird box and mgk's dude who is good at things. He's just he's he. He probably picked something up and he's like he just slightly above average the average person we did the. All Star game like we did the All Star game in Cleveland for Major League Baseball this year. It was Cleveland the world. Why you were there. I don't I do not know what did I do. I did a softball. I don't think it was that one you're supposed to go to it and then on happened. Elliot's leaving I was there and MG gate played phenomenal and literally when we're running out. He Goes Hey. They want me to go to like like shorts were. Es Opposition. And I go. It's over there. I was like enemy played so well. Now yeah some some people are like way since you are from Cleveland. When I was there my glove gave me a brand new club. Kenny Lofton I was like God is. Love is so hard to argue closed. Kenny Lofton came over. He goes here in broken my glove. Nice so I could play. I was like that. That's that's a box checked for sure you know who else is. I got to go to things. Bieber BIEBER's Bieber Justin Bieber's good at things like and he comes to mind because we had a trainer. Overlap in boxing trainer was ideal at its Justin Bieber. But he can hit pads the longest more than my boxers. And the like. He's saying he just he's GonNa Shit. I think something boxing for them to two years now two years. How do you like it? I love it. And it's unfortunate that I love it because it's dangerous so In Highschool got got into a fight and my dad was like all right like you need to learn how to like really protect yourself so he got in boxing classes so I took a bunch of boxing classes up from my all the way through my senior year. The entire time like I'd go to basketball practice. Don't basketball practices. Go Straight to boxing? Practice practice against this guy inspire against guy that was like sixty six two hundred fifty pounds and just he would just beat the crap out of me but I loved it like I enjoyed it. There was something about it that I really enjoy it and my uncle Grew kind of grew up with it. Because my uncle was a special boxer. He's like Niko the Golden Great. But you wouldn't know it is but in Cleveland. A one day on the golden gloves and on so he's in the boxing hall. Big Bro So I kind of grew up with and then And then in college of data guy and there was a room brawlers and win three one at four us now looking for looking for like a trainer to basically do some hand to hand combat nine. Just because I don't know I like it. It's enjoyable kind of releases. A lot of stress for sure and endorphins For me I have like a like. Add and so. I get bored. Really easy and boxing is so much more fun than like the Monotonous. Picking up and putting down weights. You know and I don't know hitting things I like the fact that it's a real life skill. It's practical like when you lift weights. I what do you exercise by the way everyone exercise obviously but not is it for aesthetics which is totally fine but for me. I can box. I can look good because I'm getting a workout and I'm actually learning how to defend myself and I've said this before on the show I would recommend everyone take some sort of combat sport class. When I was in high school I was. I was the smallest guy and I didn't. I had this fear of being beaten up in school fight so I was like fucking. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA LEARN HOW TO FIGHT. I'M GONNA RUSSELL. I'M GONNA take jitsu classes. I don't know how to strike and Just being able to protect myself even as like my friends. Call me shrimp my confidence skyrocketed. Because I was I was just I was comfortable in my own body. And that's probably part of the reason. I love Combat Sports so much. Because I've been affinity for like what they've done how they've changed my life for sure definitely like went out with my girls grow up. I definitely want to get them. Like one of my friends is Henry Gracie runs basically Gracie Academy and. He's like you know soon as they're like four you know you can sign him up for Brazilian Jujitsu and watching some of their stuff on their instagram. The you know just to protect So my girl's will to protect themselves. You know at all times. That's one of the things that I look at and I go. That's number one. I want them to be of the handle themselves for suitcase. They're entering the situation that they need it for sure for sure. I you talk about a lot of stuff ooh sh. What's your plan for the rest of the quarantine doing anything fun? Am I doing anything fun? I feel like I'm doing everything like what's fun for me is to hang out with my girls. Monroe and Madison. So we've been really enjoying it like yesterday. You know. Or I don't know when you're airing this. But Easter we re colored doughnuts so instead of coloring eggs we colored donuts and you know my daughter loves to draw and paint up and my other daughter is irritated by her so she's only two and the other one's only six months so You know just find things to entertain ourselves with just been enjoying the family enjoying about this like my mind is always racing. It's always going always going always going. There's there's actually a moment here where I really feel like. I can actually all US in China. Just let my brain relax just not used to doing and so it's actually given me an opportunity to kind of relax. Yeah very cool man. I hope everyone takes his time to kind of unplug for a little bit because if this is good for one thing it's definitely good for like finding yourself or something new that you love to do exactly like told you can find anything you learn how to do something. Yep Yep totally I will do. Thanks for coming on. I appreciate you taking the time for sure. Thank you very much appreciate it. Enjoy everything and Go browns. We're GONNA find join instagram at Mike the Miz and make sense brother. Thank you so much again. Appreciate you man. Stay safe stay healthy. Sounds like a plan later by peace. I like that guy. What a nice to WHO fucking dude. Cool Dude you. You could tell when when he started off with the guests when like halfway through talking about just random shit like we were talking about wrestling anymore. Go browns Six and ten last year. Seventy you better than you don't go back then like I don't know two years on the browns record but don't talk about twenty seventeen. That's okay No I like that Guy. I think the one thing that you Him just in and educate all have in common is. You're so obsessed with the thing that you're putting your energy into Linden doesn't matter how long it takes much effort. How much energy you're going to do your best and you're going to learn how to be the best. That obsession healthy obsession. You have to find that spark of interest or at least 'cause I always it's hard if I don't like somethin'. I have three ten seconds before I stopped doing. But that's because you know that you're not gonna be willing to put the time into yet. Yeah but like today when you were doing log rolling and you tried to stand for more than ten seconds or what you got to like seven seconds. How'd you feel about that so hard? It's so hard but I Within like the first fifteen minutes I looked today and he was like sometimes. This happens when we're doing our shit. I'm like real. I find for some reason rolling around logs in a river. I enjoyed so yeah. We did that for two hours. I think if we take that to the ranch at the lake and just get a big. We have a ranch regatta and then we have log rolling competition. That's going to be awesome. Just a giant fucking log for like seminole us to go on huge. That's going to be sick if you love it. That much could be the best. I mean to Max Point Dude. I said it on on a show the other day that I did. In the interim you work harder than anybody. You work and I bet you. That's a that's a reoccurring factor between all those people that we were just talking about. You know it's not always some like insane fucking talent like he's funnier. He you work harder than anyone else when we first got to L. A. Jake would always say to me. Hard work beats talent and for the longest the longest time. I would disagree with him because I look at like the rappers who have one hit song and like all they really have to go to the studio. You have a good voice that you were born with and I thought I thought that was a conversation to have and it's just not hard work always beats talent and when you have the talent that works hard. That's a wrap. That's that's when you get a drake grant or Drake Bell Drake Bell Vice Alexander Graham Bell Drake Drake Drake Aubrey Aubrey. Anyways I think it might have something to do to with the transition nontraditional media. I think at one point talent talent was probably closer to being. Because you had to impress some vocal coach you had to impress some room of video exacts or they had and they had the keys now that every creator has the keys the Internet and the entertainment world as we know it today favors consistency and they favor hard work and they favor you showing up every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday. When you say you're gonNA drop a fucking blog and so you have always showed up and that's a huge part of what makes you as powerful as you are. That's that's one strong word consistency. I think talent could wasted. If you're not consistent with it for sure. Oh Yeah for sure. That's it all the time all the time we're talking about it yesterday. It could honestly could happen to me at any at any point like honestly could happen to me at any point like I consider myself. I would hope you guys can serve me to be funny guy and talented whatever I do but honestly like there are a lot of days or get up and I'm like those power through them but you never have you always show on Bruno. No no no. I have those days where I doubt myself to the fucking T- bre yesterday actually I. Yes this whole weekend. I have my mind. Hasn't been racing like like it usually does which kind of makes it hard to host a podcast when you don't not having thoughts about anything like like really like? I don't know if it's the Corinthian I've been locked down for too long. Oh you know. Honestly it might be him. I voted my dad. Now Your Dad. I've littered devoted all my energy to compare it so anyways no yesterday I was like I have no idea how I'm going to go on a podcast but what I always rely on is is that spine of knowing who you are and what you're capable of and there's a flip that switch when you're doing that thing that sparks your instincts and this like I don't know talking in front of cameras. Does that for me and so I always even though yesterday. I'm like I have no idea how to do it. I know as soon as you come come on and we start rolling. Yeah we're going to be good to go then you get momentum and then you keep going and Iraqi GonNa say oh because now work coming not onto the end of the interview but onto the end of what we talked about after the MS interview right. Tricky Dude it's like a choose your own adventure book where everyone loses. Yup We should just read those adventure books and go back to see to try to win. Like if I knew I was going down the wrong path. I was dying like in goosebumps. I will go back read so I win like when Black Mirror put vendor pump rules watched no is the one video game episode slander month. What was it called home? Fucking motherfucker was way does censor approving video game episode. What striking bipolar so not. Choose your own adventure. You should've tight nine. But I watched I went on all the PATS. I had to go back because one of when the guy would get unhappy chose the route one we got. We got to go fix. Yeah right what else? What other programs have you been watching Tiger King? How are we going to do this? I don't know we we we we we be suck general it just see. It's fucking two three months after the shit was hot. And everybody else fucking Watch Watch A. He's I'm GonNa say because I realize I realized there is there is no there is no real takeaway from this. Jirama slash comedy May to entertain you with no conclusion. Here's the conclusion everyone's faulk Craig's ought not crazy. There's other there doesn't have to be conclusion. I guess that's the main conclusion of it. I mean to your point. These people are all fucking crazy but I think everybody that watches that series comes out of it with a certain thought about some of the people on it and I had a very very specific list of the people I hated. What is it if you watch that series and anyone above is on your list above the number one spot above Carol Baskin? You're a psych of? I hate that I care baskin I I fucking hater. I wake up some days. I'm like I thought it for whatever reason because by the way she she was probably trying to do good shoes probably trying to help out but somewhat but she she wanted to fix all the the laws and big cat rescue breaks ever seen in my life then number two K. O. Basket kielder husband went to meet the Tigers. They basket David Slapper. Slap number to the fucking her new husband. This mother fucker number two number two. This dude people have called me a SIMP- people have called me a simple and I've even at times been like fuck it. I'll just play around own the word. This dude is the king of the fucking Sims. Show me this dude. This guy this dude he means you you see that fuck. It does not matter what that woman says he is. He is sucking her Dick Dude. Twenty four I hate that fucking dude number two on the fucking list. That guy look at his blank fucking stare dude like well. They tried to come at us and we just put in more money to our lawyers. I hate that motherfucker guy. He looks like a dude who would say he's been Ainley pro by aliens. Oh Yeah Oh yeah everyone on on this show by the way and these two my two number my to number one and number two produced a picture that is infamous of her holding him on a leash and and I don't know when this will air but me and Lana are recreating the phone. Siri rely series that photo right there. Yup Yup Lana has wedding dress the flower crown and outfit and the leash ready. Are you mad that this kind of looks like you in? This sounds fucking. I can't have today because it upsets me wrong. Come on you can Harry Potter glasses and some salt and pepper hair in a little cheetah. Tarzan outfit you're going to be good to go and so we're taking on the beach. I think we're renting a house. I would get the picture done. It's GonNa be fucking crazy. My God who's number three number three make it quick and final do jeff flow the do jeff low that he befriends go. Just emits scum. Dude just emits from every orifice of his body duty. Breathe Breathe scumbag. Do you could just tell him the way he talks broke Bro. He would throw Exotic Vegas parties in his hotel room and have the Tigers wheeled in little suitcases. Have be thing that brought the girls come on getting head and having sex orgies based off the strength of his little kiddies how many dude he sa- he said he said a little kid gets you a lot of Mata Kitty sir. He's talking that have gone dogs so that they can all. I'm sure more exotic with EXOTICA. Even before I mean if there was if there was going to be a number four I guess it would be. It's gotta be Joe Exotic Dude. Come on come on. Come on come on the way. He was painted in this series. But you Kinda feel bad for the guy I just I. I didn't finish walking here so mind. You have only seen what I've seen in have yet to have any inkling of an idea that Joe exotic might be parted but bro when you burn your alligators when you burn your alligators. Because because they said that he was the reason that he started the fire for the house. Yeah that's like that's like one of three things that he did killed a bunch of big tiger and just like at one point dude. It's not a good person. He's funny manship but in real life like you'll fuck this dude. Fuck I get I get it but I think why he wasn't at the top of my list was one. Because he's kind of the crafted protagonist of the program. Yes yes and also because he had a lot of times just the way he is. No axe seems like the lesser of the evils. And so you're right. Maybe maybe his four maybe he is four and I hate to say that. I'M JOE if you're watching this I know you're not. I know you're not watching impulse. Y'All EXOTICA if you're watching this program you fucked up you fucked up bad do also. I found out that his infamous music videos ninety him singing rarely. Yeah we've been let let down down the path of lies. I mean put a he killed five cats also him him attempting to off. Carol basket like come on guys. What's what are we doing here? I mean is big fuck up. There was a duty hired. I mean that guy was five. She's fucking do you see that guy just completely. I mean he would say for crack rock hitting facts a good on the directors and creators of the show. I've never seen a narrow craft it in such a in such a brilliant way where they would the characters the characters tell the story. There's no narrator. It's the characters all telling their stories against each other. It's fast. It's like David Dobric WLAC but with methamphetamine right. All the characters are are the story yes and when I watch. I'm watching because I'm learning. I watched how when the when the there's one guy specifically sometimes appears on Camera. Who's that smokes the single old? And no no no no not that guy and by the way I I also I I made a nose job this channels TV. We make it out alive on it or knowledge that cool. I don't know maybe deviated Septum from cocaine use. Do we also talk about him. I'm talking about the coup. Created the show tiger kings and the other guy. That appears weirdly. So sometimes you hear him. Ask questions camera so so this. It's it's social manipulation. He'll ask certain things to get people to say soundbites that work for his narrative that is perfectly crafted in his mind. It's brilliant. They'll have them repeat so you hear one of one of the Times. Can you say what you just said? And the person not that incriminates or like a further is the agenda. That he's trying to. It's it's brilliant so for that reason. I really enjoyed watching. How this story was was on craft craft the one person. I will say or the one scene that I think. I hope Everybody would agree. Makes the entire show. Is I think the guy that you're talking about that got asked to say the same thing again. Is The PUDGY air. Yes in episode seven. This man rides a jet ski in. What is one of the greatest scenes in television? Please please try to find it. Please try to find. It makes the whole show. It makes the whole show. It's the most important just right. Jetski seen tiger king and see if it pops up what happened. He wrote Fat Pudgy Man. Diner came jet Ski Seen Tiger King. Oh my God yeah. I know it's just comes out of nowhere. This is just no way Mike Y. And just so you know. That's not the music. They replaced the music because it was like. I think it was. Welcome to the danger zone. It was it was. It was the only copyright dat scene and I think a lot of people have echoed that narrative out there. That scene made the show. I mean. What an incredible incredible optical illusion of sorts of just what life can be like Pudgy potato on eastbound down classic. He reminds a Friday. Kenny powers. Jetski just ripped through a leg. It's beautiful you know as a as a as a book a book end and this show. Now it's dying down now and I don't know why it took us so long this show created a ripple in time and space. I mean that's probably good for this episode Mrs Weird frigging chain of events that led to what turned out to be a sculpture of an episode. We do we did stay safe. And they're in quarantine guys where your masks. We'll see you next time on the number one podcast in the world has called impulsive subscriber. And if you're not subscribe bye bye.

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