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Let's get that until sorry about the rerun last week that I was. I'm still sick today. But I am repealing veterans Maybe every five percent less coughing but expect golfing. It's Jim Gal it's wrestling observer. Live at Saturday and we are. We're live we do this seven days a week Monday through Friday for Eastern Pacific Sundays which I'll be hosting tomorrow six. PM Eastern threes and Saturdays One PM Eastern Ten am Pacific all across the continent streaming everywhere around the world here on the sports byline broadcasting. Well it is that time again. It is royal rumble season. Probably honestly usually my favorite pay per view. WWE's every year. It's just fun. I don't know why I I love the royal rumble. I always have you know and it's also to be honest. It's that time of year where we fans pretend more than like three men or three three women have an actual shot at winning the world rumble and main eventing and being one of the main story lines at Wrestlemainia. Yeah totally Otis is really going to take. Hey get this year. We do that every year. Don't we we always always always fall for it really with the Royal Rumble. The only real question is which member of the revival breaks the record for the quickest elimination Dash Dawson both at the same time. I mean until they signed a new contract. Ah I honestly think that's likely to happen. And that's too bad because they are super super talented. But I mean it doesn't matter anyway. We all respect them in. No we don't what's up. As as I mentioned I'm on today and tomorrow I will tell some Tokyo stories on Sunday but a lot of newsworthy stuff out of smackdown. So I want to focus on the news today and will preview hard to kill it everything tomorrow but I took it to the judges and they've determined check. Check your calendar. They say yes. Ms Morrison turned because of the fans stand by for that I promise Jim Valley Wrestling Observer live sports byline broadcasting network. 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One of the most iconic drummers in music history passed away age of sixty seven also reminds me of the Carl Stern show if you listen to wrestling observer radio subscriber love Carl Stern all of his history pieces. He is fantastic. Steve you if you are a subscriber to wrestling observer and you haven't checked out Carl Stern. You're doing yourself a disservice. He's an incredible historian. And an amazing gentlemen I just the nicest most decent person and he watches wrestling. So he's the best. I love him so he plays that song a lot. He's a big rush fan so I'm sure her he's probably taken. The loss of Neil peart very hard another connection with wrestling. Who else used rush as a theme song Kerry von Erich? Yeah Tom Sawyer. The Modern Day warrior this border Tori and went crazy when those songs would play those rock. DOC anthems and I don't I don't know for some reason. WWe Jim Johnson. Johnson does some incredible stuff sometimes the music. And maybe this is just me. It's not a comment on the music. Sometimes it doesn't even register feel awful about that but they've done some really cool stuff off but so many iconic songs you can think of that you just associated with wrestlers. We'll have to do a music and wrestling show sometime in the future. But I've got the other things to talk about today. Jim Valley Wrestling Observer live. You can tweet me at the Gym Valley or you could also call one eight hundred eight seven eight play. Play one eight hundred eight seven eight seven five two nine as you can hear. I M still sick so keep that in mind if I if I say anything that might be troublesome blame it on the NYQUIL okay overnight. smackdown posted its best rating since November. Wait wait football. Football and wrestling gets better ratings. When does that happen? Oh every year it was up four percent to two point five million. Somebody tweeted the demos and the smackdown. Well the demos and for some reason this person thinks like I would be upset by that. And I'm saying this on on purpose because people are going to take out of context and that will help you determine the people who have agendas and an ax to grind. This show is is not about me being right I will never lie to you but this show is about me proving how smart I am or for how great I am or look. I knew there's no one else at no not at all. I want people to succeed. I want wrestling to succeed and look I saw that the the the number did well for a w and the nightmare collective crate give the fans what they want. That's what they want. Then give them what they want. I want people to succeed. It doesn't matter if I like it or not. I'm always going to give you my opinion. This is the show. I've got to do a show if I don't have an opinion. What's is the point of that but don't think for a second that you know? I am upset if I'm wrong because I'm not you know the other day we we've talked about before in the past. I Rio has been much more successful than I anticipated. And I'm happy to be wrong about that. I'm happy to be wrong if these numbers are better. That's awesome. I'm on the side of wrestling. I'm on the side of good people succeeding. I was even when I am critical. I was trying to frame it with some sort of have positive solution make jokes and absurd sometimes because wrestling. It's absurd but I'm certainly not malicious and I'm certainly not out here to prove anything to anybody. I'm just a guy doing a show. I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut. So move your butt to the dance floor things that make you go. John Morrison returned last night. And you know something. I think it's great great Miz and Morrison and the day Marquis viewed gives both teams affordable big name opponent. Great idea and Morrison when he returned. It really made me remember. How many terrible nicknames he had Shaman of sexy is still popular? I literally do not now. I'm sure people still practice it. I mean it's cool but is it still like a popular exercise fad. The thing I don't I don't even know. Is it like saying jazzercise or is it still popular literally on its question but John Morrison take nothing away he has been amazing outside of WWe quick. He established himself as a talent a star and someone one with a high wrestling. IQ nothing but respect for what you accomplished whether it was legit underground or impact or for independence all over the world. I really hope the. WWe Fans seem as a bigger star this time around. John Morrison drew McIntyre. They made their own names. They showed their passion and intelligence outside of wwe they showed their value to wwe w. e. and that's great advice. No matter what you do no matter your job you can use that make yourself more attractive to to your employer or your former employer burst Richard another example of this whether you like him or not. He made himself more attractive. Because those podcasts odd casts are incredibly popular. And that's a big reason why he's back and succeeding. So keep that in mind in your jobs as you go no forward make yourself as attractive and seemingly as valuable as possible to potential employers. Have that Bait. That they want and they will come after you. It's IT'S A it's a lesson for everybody and I hope John Morrison succeeds this time around as well now. The he'll turn will get to that standby for for that Hashtag because of the fans I feel like that Robin Williams mean with a long beard. What year is this smackdown in Evansville Indiana a USAA S. H.? Breaks out for Lacey Evans in credible. Speaking of me being wrong of you weeks ago when Lacey Evans did that weird heels heels earn where she confronted Sasha and Bailey and it was kind of awkward and it was maybe filter or maybe a baby face turn well it was and I said Yeah. There's no way that's going to happen. She she can't compete with Sasha even as he'll everybody lives. Sasha she's the coolest little did I know Lacey Evans. As a doc has a daughter who could teach Ricky Morton about selling. Who Knew I mean Lacey Evans? Don't get me wrong. She's very green as far as in the ring and she has had her blunders on the Mike but she's always had a certain poison charisma even when she was the the pinup up Sassy southern Bell Betty grable whatever she was supposed to be Lana Turner whoever. She was but now now that she's herself. has this patriotic. Former marine vet supermom super wife breath girly strong proud. She's she's everything seriously wonder woman looks at her and goes damn. Where did this come from? I mean I got this wrong but who could have seen this coming. It is amazing. Oh and by the way wrestling fans I I love the USA chat but just to be safe if say Lacey wrestles the Kabuki Warriors. Or something I don't do that. That would be. Let's let's even if you mean well. It would not UPI taken while so don't don't do that but think about what Lacy Evans's done and just a couple of weeks lex Luger couldn't do it with. Vince McMahon the US intrepid and a pretty sweet bus behind him. The Patriot couldn't do it against red hot. He'll like Bret. Hart Lacey Evans has done it. Somehow she's chanting. The crowd was chanting. USA and you can say it's all because of the location Middle America that that's fine but either way it worked. I mean she's literally like the new sargent slaughter but with a real military career and I don't even understand that slaughter thing in the news a few weeks ago when Lacey Evans turned who knew this was going to have and now she is one of the most unique characters and as a ton of potential. I want to go into where I think you can go with her. And then we will get to Hashtag. Because of the fans Jim Valley Wrestling Observer Live Sports Sports bioline broadcasting gambling reserve. You're listening to wrestling observer. Observer live on the sports byline broadcasting network wrestling observer. Live Jim Valley. One eight hundred eight seven eight one one. Eight hundred eight seven eight seven five nine tweet me at Jim Valley. Luke Harper returned last night. And that's good because I was Jonesing for Lucar Return. Here's a minor league hockey game. The Corpus Christi Ice Raise tweeted a picture of the future. More than likely Brodie Lee and and Sammy Guevarra Wearing Jerseys and Harper's Jersey said Harper on the back. I last night recorded a wrestling observer. Live with Dave Dave Meltzer. It's up for subscribers at the website. Right now He thinks Luke arborist aws bound. He's not positive. You Know Robert Rude returned to smackdown down last night. But it's just not the same nobody. Nobody can return Luke Harper. There was just something something about it. Also something about Lacey Evans. Last night on smackdown she was a star and even when she was a heel and it was awkward sometimes for sure but she you gotTa Poise and a charisma and yeah. She's not very experienced in the ring. She's very limited but honestly that can be hidden with experienced. Talent like Balian begins. Sasha and I think that Lacey Evans has potential to get over enough or that could work. It's not going to be Okada versus AH BUCCI. But that's that's okay. It's smackdown it doesn't have to be plus Kevin Dunn Made twenty-seven cuts right before she cocked back and gave the women's right so she's in very good hands and hopefully they can protect her and see how much money and how much potential Lacey Evans has. Now I understand this. I'm not saying that. She appeals to me. I'm just saying that I think I see something. And I see something that is very marketable to a section of the audience. I mean and just a couple of weeks. She went from like. I said like like Benny page. Or I don't know the ASI southern bell some really old image to a persona to now it's modern. It's living breathing. The the all American mom veteran proud American and someone who lives these values she makes no apologies. And here's the other thing she's girly but she's still tough my wife when I was talking to her about it. She made a food analogy. And she said Lacey Evans is like kettle corn she. She's sweet and salty and you have to often in the media and I'm not talking about real life in the media a woman is portrayed as one or the other you know. You're neither strong and tough and cold and steel and rigid or your soft and sweet. You're never both in the media in real life. You're you're probably thinking of five in your real life right now and so am I so understand. I'm not talking about real people. I'm talking about a portrayal that I think should be more more common. But in Lacy's case I think is very unique. I hope I'm wrong on that. I'd love to see more. But again character portrayals and Lacey Evans the character she has been on a roll but some people said yeah she got the USA chant going which I didn't even think was possible anywhere. Not even Evansville but I'm looking forward to seeing if she translates in places like say Portland Oregon are Madison Square Garden or me. Most important of Paul Tampa Florida home of Wrestlemainia this year. And I hope I hope there's something significant for her. I have a feeling that there is but I feel that Lacey Evans has a potential to be a big star with this strong powerful impactful image. I think she's going to gain a lot of traction listen. I've got some friends who are very active military bombs. They're like the same person. I see a lot of the same characteristics values. I'll bet you they saw Lacey Evans would love of her and I'm not saying again. These are my values or even your values wrestling is a community. It came from the circus and I hope that in twenty twenty the the tent is big enough for all of us lots of different people from different backgrounds coming together and putting on Black T. shirts as one I think Lacey Evans can be an ambassador and appeal to a very passionate and loyal segment of that fan in base. She is not the best athlete. She is not going to have the best matches. Dave will not rate very highly. But Vince McMahon and say what you want about him but you gotta give them credit. He's found a lot of talent and he picked this one where nobody else did. Yes he's in his seventies yes he's eccentric and a radic but you can still pick stars and it's possible. I'm not guaranteeing it but it is possible Lacey Evans could be in my mind the new face of the wwe we will see well. I watch smackdown last tonight and it didn't even register with me and then I started getting tweets and everyone's like Jim. Did they say what I think. They said Ms Morrison. Did they do it so here. We are not even to four weeks into the new year. And I'm already Getting tweets about John Morris and on Friday night smackdown. Did he do it. Make me say it. You know that I'm Jonesing for the first I want but I wasn't present sure so I took it literally. I asked it impartial. Judge literally and he said Yes. One hundred percent hundred percent that Miz and Morrison did A. He'll turn wait for you know it's coming. They turned heel because of the fans. Now look if you're new to the show in December when Seth turned I talked about about yet another he'll turn because of the fans blaming the fans talked about Bailey. Bailey is well I mean look at what we have done to bailing. We always change these people. They come to hate US and they turn bad because of the fans and in Poor Bailey she used to be an idealistic Listrik little kid and heartache changes the person. I know that I just never knew that it changes the person to someone who looks like they play keyboards in Bon Jovi. Never go full. Bon Jovi my mom by the way hates Bailey. Not because he'll because she bought all the clothes out at Chico's so leave some for my mom Bailey so last night i. I don't even know what happened. We had interaction with Bailey. We let down Seth rollins that was us. You could see that John. Moore's has been gone hate. Here's John Morrison isn't back on smackdown five minutes and he's already blaming us for everything he's turned he'll say it with me because of the fans and Bailey. It took time before they hated US John. It's minutes but look I. I don't know if you can blame him. I mean we as WWe fans in the WWe universe. Divers are responsible for no less than six marine movies and we couldn't even buy one copy of bone the bounty hunter. How terrible are we think about this? Ms Morrison I believe they're and they're entering their third decade of Friendship Morrison. I was compelled to come back because we treated his friend. Ms So boiling do you realize what that entails bray. Wyatt broke into his friend's home and could have kidnapped or harmed his eighteen month old daughter. I mean that's dateline stuff right there. Call Keith Morrison. which would be awesome? Because he's got a cool voice and I'd love to hear him say it but because of the freedoms that wasn't bad actually anyway boy but apparently according to John Morrison we are worse than a potential psychotic kidnapper. I mean come on really I can hear the law order theme playing right now dumped on but apparently were worse. We've caused more damage. How do the creative meeting Gopher Morrison's return okay? Who's going to say because of the finance I'll do it? No no Bob. You said it for sap that was just a week ago come on. I'll say it. No Kelly you said for barely a month ago you gotta give somebody else turn you know as fans didn't didn't you and I talk about this on the show last time. Didn't we agree. This was a new year's resolution. We were going to get better and not even two weeks six in the two thousand twenty and somebody. We barely even see us. Do we do we need like. DDP Yoga Maybe get some Zima and drink it and relaxed. Tom ohashi I don't I don't know what to do. I do know this therapy is expensive. And we as wrestling fans we want to save our money for Wrestlemainia and star Cast Jericho cruises so I they have an idea. Let's book an appearance on Dr Phil. He can give us the tough love we need so we'll stop hurting these baby faces and Eddie play for our transit. Ro tails can you see it now we show up on up on stage. Why do you keep hurting these baby? Phases raises. What is wrong with you? Don't you know. WWE only wants to put a smile on your face. Yes we come out on stage and a sweatshirt and jeans jewels all of our back pockets. We've got a tough smart on our face but we look at him when we say gets me on Friday night. How about that? The crowd boos we pretend love it but really we're putting tough face on the inside. We hurt no one can hear cry for help on the inside I've been to raw. I've been to smackdown but I've never been to me and seen there. You go the first one of twenty twenty because of the fans to have to do this stuff every time now. Oh my God I need to make these things for. We got more talk about your emails or calls all that stuff. Jim Galley Wrestling Observer live sports byline broadcast again It Uh we are the debt destroyer network. Eddie you have credit card tents student loan debt call now for free information formation. That helps you destroy your dead. It's great advice plus when you make this free call now. We have debt destroyer experts. Ready to help they can show you how to destroy earlier death and get your life back on track debt problems don't have to be overwhelming. You could live stress-free and debt free credit cards medical bills. IRS interest tax problems even student loan debt learn about free programs offered by the credit card companies hospitals and even the government that can help slash your dad call the debt destroyer now for free information call now eight seven seven three six. Oh zero four zero two eight seven seven three six zero four zero eight seven seven three six zero four zero two. That's eight seven seven. Three six zero four four zero two. You're listening to wrestling. Observer live on the sports byline broadcasting network wrestling observer. Live Valley back. Live Saturday one. Eight hundred eight seventy eight one. Eight hundred eight seven seven five two to non. I'm also tomorrow. I'm in for Brian and simple Vivey so I'll be live tomorrow. Sunday six PM eastern three percent. And don't forget get Brian and Michael here. Weekdays Monday through Friday three eastern noon Pacific Sports byline series. XM Armed Forces radio so many opportunities to stream and listen live whether you have a sports byline affiliate or anywhere. It's it's incredible the reach that this show has and I really really appreciate all of the feedback and support. The police tweet me at the Gym Valley. And don't forget Hashtag because of the fans last night Dave meltzer and recorded a special wrestling observer radio for subscribers it's upright now through websites wrestling observer dot com. We didn't really have an outline. We're just kind of talked act and we did like over an hour and a half which is a no no. I shouldn't have done that but I did this. One Time I. We covered our time in Tokyo recovered. All Japan I've your big fan of cancel Miyahara. We talked about him and Jake Lee. We talked about Mardi girl and ring. Honor We talked about I. You mentioned a Brodie Lee Luke Arbor. We talked about a ton of news. Plus if you love history Oh my gosh we did probably at least a half hour on the late Pampero for bow and then we also talked about the late. Charlie Cook who Russell another Florida and then we ended up talking about Donnellan the promoter from NWEA Pacific northwest. and Roy Shire odd because there was a time when Roy was going out of business where don in and his wrestlers like buddy rose and others would work San Francisco and the cow palace. And there's a famous story. We'll talk about more later. But or buddy rose rose was upset with Roy Shire and in front of the entire ground in nineteen seventy nine so think about that for a second. He grabbed the house Mike and and told everybody. You know Roy Shire is terrible. He's an awful promoter. Why do you think Ray? Stevens is GonNa Pat. Patterson has gone. And why do you think this. And he basically just shot on the whole place He's buddy when he was alive he told that story many many times. And it's a legendary story and I'll get Dave on the Portland within wrestle. CAST sometime in the near future and we will talk about all of that but tremendous history. We're talking about the hall of fame. There's so many things that I can't even list but a lot of content for subscribers literally something for everyone if you want modern it's got modern. You want Japanese talk. It's got the Japanese wrestling talk. And if you want history it's got a ton of history as well. It's I don't know how we did it but it's literally something for everybody. Check it out. It's up for subscribers right now at it Wrestling Observer DOT COM amazing. The time splitters are back. It's not twenty twelve or twenty thirteen Kushida Ashida and Alex Shelley teamed at the White House. Show in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Friday night. I couldn't even remember to look it up when they were together. I would've guessed what do you think. When when did they win all their titles? Fifteen eighteen not that long ago two thousand twelve thirteen suddenly suddenly. I'm Matt Damon Getting Older. I was like oh my gosh whereas all the time gone but there to time I W GP junior heavyweight tag team champions other last held that title in twenty only fifteen but they are awesome. They're going to be in the dusty classic tournament on Annex T and that's worth streaming that for sure see the time splitters back together because she is an incredible talent and I hope he finds a spot in. WWe North American. You know. Maybe he's certainly certainly as the talent and everything to go with it but maybe he just needs a little guidance right now and being with his buddy Alex Shelley and a tag team and Alex can kind of you know show them the ropes and get him up to speed and everything. WWe To have a successful singles career when when the time is right just by chance I was falling asleep listening to a youtube last night and our friends alphabet fed mia clip from the latest. Jim Cornet experience and he watched this week's Awa. You mentioned that it was commentated by Dave round. The Memphis legend the broadcasting legend like the number one broadcaster in Memphis for generations nations. Not just the number of weather guy but the guy on TV for forever. He had so much credibility and no he wasn't as good as Lance Russell. But that's like saying well you didn't make as much money in movies the rock. You're not quite as good as Michael Jordan. I mean Dave Brown is an incredible broadcaster and a credit to wrestling and cornet. I respect him a lot. Understand that but I disagree strongly. What he said here he said something? Like I guarantee you that Dave Brown down for the first time in his life after he saw Awa wrestling he thought that he had taken drugs. I know Jim Cornet is using hyperbole. I believe in being funny and again a lot of respect for his knowledge and his accomplishments and I love memphis wrestling. It was sports entertainment before there was such. That's your term. You look around the world wrestling. You don't see stuff like Portland. You don't see stuff like midsouth. You see a lot of stuff like Memphis. Maybe the most influential territory story. Give it some thought anyway. Dave Brown the most respected broadcaster probably in the South think about this. He had to pretend that. Dr Frank a Frankenstein was real. He had to pretend on memphis wrestling. Tommy Gilbert wearing a rubber mask. Ask was actually Freddy Kruger. You know what I'm going to guess. The Dave Brown was probably fine with W I have a hard time believing the Dave Dave Brown who introduced take our Lord of the volcano went. Hey are those three. He'll groups all dressed in black now. Sorry I'm out I'm done right. Cross the line. They brought us a quality person. A pro's pro when it comes to broadcasting odd casting called Memphis wrestling for decades and look there is nothing. Aws done or has that comes close to any threshold for Dave Brown. He's unflappable but I mean come on. I love Memphis wrestling. It's awesome if you watch it on Youtube but let's not pretend it's wrestling at the chase in nineteen ninety-one would ultimate warrior was gone from Summer Slam. MEMPHIS created a guy with the same makeup and tassels kind of a bodybuilder look and long hair and called him the warrior and if you're wondering if they were trying to confuse most people they literally used a picture of the ultimate warrior Jim Hellwig on the graphic to promote his debut at the mid South Coliseum and this warrior. I don't even know who he was. If you know. Let me know tweet. Jim Valley Even cut a promo so I'm guessing Dave Brown is Fine Orange Cassidy or anybody else. Actually you know something versus the Warrior Award on Wwe. I think I would rather have the Memphis Memphis Warrior award. You don't have to be ultimate to be a warrior. y'All have him come up. Maybe his wife Tammy Memphis Warrior could give the award. You know what it's not a bad idea. Okay let's table that we should give out the first ever Memphis Warrior award to someone who's deserving someone who's worked hard and deserves the honor by the look it up on Youtube it's under us. W you can see it yourself. I am not. I'm not even making that up. And not being critical Memphis had so much talent Jimmy Valiant Dutch mantell Jolie Duke Bill Dundee the fabulous ones the rock and Roll Express Jerry lawler the dream machine gene ridiculous amounts of talent and they also made people better than they were and they did a lot with a lot of creativity and not a lot the money and they did tremendous work so I'm not taking anything away from them when I point these things out. I'm just saying that I'm sure. Dave Brown's is fine with Memphis and he's fine with with a he w let's keep it all in in perspective. Both can be awesome at the same time. I Love Memphis. I support a w they're not mutually exclusive. So I'm actually looking forward to Dave Brown on Awa dark this weekend. Early Wednesday are Tuesdays Tuesday on dark Looking forward to that look forward to the ceremony looking forward to all of it. I guess. EXCALIBUR IMITATES Lance Russell. I hope it works. I hope I hope it works out well and it comes off perfectly perfect. I really am rooting for everybody in this situation. MEMPHIS is the best. If you've never watched it it's all on Youtube it's all categorized pretty much by year. You can pretty much follow it. From basically nineteen seventy nine all the way to the end for the most part and they do some incredible things that bill and buddy show is awesome awesome where Bill Dundee and buddy landale come out and bring out a table and a desk and basically hijack the show and start announcing and that angle led to last sell out ever for mid South Wrestling for Memphis wrestling at the mid South Coliseum so tremendous work brilliant brilliant stuff but it was ridiculous sometimes particularly Jerry. lawler he loved the Comic Book Stuff. So that's why you got. Dr Frank can Freddie Krueger and I will say this you know some the Freddie Krueger. It sounds terrible. But Tommy Gilbert made it work. He is playing it beautifully. He got over with a Freddy Kruger mask. Something that sounds ridiculous and cringe and low rent. He he made it work through his experience and his knowledge. And honestly I mean Tommy Gilded a lot of cool stuff but that some of that psychology login to do it with your face covered up like that and that's probably up. There in my mind was some of his best work as far as quality wise and shows a German already used this show the wrestling Iq. So I'm sure Dave Brown is totally cooled by the way it's being Lance Russell In Two thousand sixteen at Cauliflower Alley I was lucky enough to talk to Lance Sunshine. Great Guy back. And he arranged a half hour interview I did with Lance and I have it on my soundcloud I tweeted it out. I'll tweet it out again. We don't talk about Andy Kaufman. We don't talk about all the usual stuff we cover completely different things by design and probably the highest compliment I could ever get is when we were done Bowl Shane and land said as one of the best interviews. I've done I mean Russell outside of wrestling a broadcasting God and hear that from him even if he was lying at least he was nice enough to do do that so I'll read tweeted out. It's good it's like I said it's about a half hour. If you WANNA hear Lance Russell definitely check that out and one more thing with the death of Pampero firpo cauliflower alley. I was searching on Youtube and pepper. Virgo was honored by in two thousand one and someone shot the video. It's not the best video but it's good enough and everybody puts over pamper for both Antonio Inoki hokey puts over Pampero Danny Hodge Luther. Says knickknack winkle Bobby Heenan literally like a dozen legends in this tape. As is that Pampero verbal gives his speech Amazing all the re tweet that one out again too. But if you're not a member of Cauliflower Alley I one. Oh my pet causes. It's A. It's a nonprofit. And they give money every year two wrestlers in need not a lot a few thousand here a few thousand there cauliflower alley club dot org for more information not bad relatively little coughing. We've got to wrap things up. We'll do it on the other side. Jim Valley Wrestling Observer. Live sports broadcasting You're listening to wrestling observer. Live on the sports byline broadcasting network wrestling observer live Jim Valley aling sports byline broadcasting network a couple of notes to wrap up loose owes on smackdown last night continued their teaming and association closely with Roman reigns. I think it's a good thing I will say. This allegedly have had some impaired while driving. mm-hmm incidents allegedly. Please take these more seriously if they are more than allegedly people's lives are at stake. You you make off Monte get a cab get into new ver- get a driver do something. There's there's no excuse for that if it's happening allegedly in twenty twenty we want you to succeed and we want everybody to live tyler. Breeze made his five live debut. Beat Tony's Love Tyler breeze. I'm not trying to sound like the jerk flipping when I say I didn't even know that he already had not been on two of five live so extremely talented at wrestling and psychology and it's sports entertainment you. Maybe if he does some stuff cool onto live maybe some sports entertainment fans might want to check it out. I take nothing away from Tyler. Breeze all the credit to him and what he's accomplished and all the respect that he has also to five Lille rush and is as Scott. Swerve teamed up that that could be cool. That could be. That could be good. I like that idea so maybe maybe to a five live is getting good something to some the checkout. Hey man more good wrestling. I'm always in favor of that. Follow me at Jim Valley and I will talk to you tomorrow. Here on wrestling observer live on Sundays and that means six. PM Eastern Three PM Pacific. And we'll take your calls and all of your tweets and all that stuff but thank you for all the Nice words in Tokyo. Everyone so so nice people talked about the cody show and because of the fans and my health everybody was so great. I'm sorry I wasn't well enough to see everybody. But maybe in the future sure but I really appreciate all the well wishes and I'm glad you're here with me in twenty twenty and hopefully we'll listen fun stuff and Next Hashtag because because of the fans. Yeah you're listening to the heart. Nantou News for the Radio Network Line at Hartland NEWSFEED DOT com.

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