Michele Mouton, Queen B of Group B


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We'll keep you up to date on everything you need to know in the world of texts including all those weird tips that make your life that much easier. We're always trying to help people like you including all the tech nerds going super deep in the weeds on every phone smartwatch connected car and. Computer. We can get our hands on and not only do we keep you informed on the latest tech, but we also occasionally have interviews and special guests like shark. Tanks Kevin O'Leary and apples creek. Fitorija don't miss out on a single episode subscribe to wait for them to MK PhD podcast on Apple PODCASTS spotify or if you're us have a favorite podcast APP, just go listen and subscribe to. San Remo. Nineteen eighty-one The Sun beats down on the seaside town as the French woman with dark hair and a wry smile whips her quattro s one around its hairpin turns exuberant fans lined the course only feet away from her on either side. Her navigator calmly utters directions as they rally over tarmac and gravel there in first place. But not by much fearlessness focus enjoy the ride where'd she lived by and words that would launch sure across the finish line to Make history as the first woman to win a world rally championship event the First Lady of Rallying Latham key the ranch, the French Tigris you don't earn this many nicknames by being mediocre. So it's no surprise they all belong to the fastest woman in the World Machel. Madan today, we're looking at this rally icon and the twelve year journey that would cement her place in automotive history as the most tenacious and successful woman in any top level motorsport this. Is passed gas. Yeah the the black volcanoes such. A great nickname. Welcome back to pass gas everybody. I'm your host Nolan Sykes joined as always by my toe hosts James Humphrey Chug Chug Chug Chug toot. and. Are you are you taking? Are you taking travel Scott's ad-lib? I. DuNNo. The decided sounded like you said it's in a way. That's. Yeah Yeah. So The way. Way You're saying that. How did you come up with that? Just came to me like I was like I thought something was lit. That I was doing and. It's Like Damn Start I should start saying that. We'll come back to that and my other co host. Joe Weber. Fired up and keep it jus. That's a new one I'm trying to get I like it. I think the more catchphrases you have Joe, the better job we got that video by those guys in Super Cool Huntsville Alabama. That's right. Put him down for Huntsville. That was very cool. If you guys are listening big shout, they said our catchphrases with more confidence than we have ever said them. We should just have him on the podcast to do. That to do. His. Yeah We'll look into it. Yeah. They can do my we the best. I do not care I think you're gonNA run into some legal issues with that one we the best podcast another one. Yeah. So today we're discussing Michelle. mouton. A woman. We've this is this the first time we've discussed a woman on the show. This might be the first episode dedicated to a lady. which is a bit embarrassing. I would say so yeah. But no better woman to start off this trend with and Michelle. She is easily one of the best rally drivers ever. She's a beast. So I'm really stoked that we can tell the story even if it took us a little while to get to it, that's on us but but it's interesting because motorsport is really one of the sports where women and men compete against each other as true like she's not the best. Female driver ever. She's one of the best rally drivers at. Yeah. Regardless of gender she's one of the greatest. and honestly like just watching a video of her rally driving makes me sweat. Over, yeah she's like she's the person who when we talk about. Like rally cars now are all-wheel-drive. Wheel drive. But when Audi showed up with quattro and just started smoking everybody that was Michelle. Meantime that was young Mouton Bay. mouton on the track. Yeah I mean. To your point James like drag racing of course is or was kind of dominated by women at one point all the force sisters were just tearing it up. There's really no reason. For it to be separated by gender in in Motor Sport Really of course right now there's the there's the W. series, which is a like a women's open-wheel series. At I think that's more for them to kind of get exposure and it proved themselves in like a formula car but I'm looking forward to seeing some of those drivers come up in the formula. One. Soon hopefully, it would just make it more interesting for crying out loud if nothing else I agree let's get into it a. all right. Let's fired up. All Right Michelle Mouton entered this world on June twenty third nineteen, fifty one in the French Riviera more specifically the idyllic town of grass cross grass Ross. The Idyllic town of Gross France, the perfume capital of the world grassi surrounded by fields of aromatic flowers and home to Francis. Oldest perfumery GALLIMARD. Look I'm friend by far French is the language that I have the hardest time pronouncing both words and names I apologize profusely to anyone with a modicum of sense of how to pronounce stuff I. Think you're doing great. I think I think here like right there. Thank you, Joe, unlike many drivers whose family have a history in the sport returns family made a living growing roses and jasmine for the perfume industry mouton spent her youth skiing doing ballet and excelling in school. But just beyond the flower fields sat the mountain. Stages used for local rallies and wouldn't be long before the engine notes trickling down into the valley beckoned to Michelle mcgann discovered her love of cars at fourteen years old when she would steal her father. Pierre's Citron to seavy and take it out for joyrides. Quote for me at the time a car always meant freedom and independence she said but driving wasn't something she could possibly see a future in it for anyone to envision that path for mere enjoyment to making something your life's purpose but you could argue this especially from. Models for women on the racing stage were few and far between. So after graduating high school Bhutan took up odd jobs working as a ski instructor, a Care Assistant in a home for the disabled and eventually at her father's insurance company until she began studying to be a lawyer but something unexpected would quickly put an end to that career path her entry into a competitive rock and roll dance contest. That's how you got started right James Yeah I entered this rock and roll dance contest and danced real good this rock and roll. And Bing Bang boom a recruiter from donut bobby. It was danced till you drop and people had to dance more than twenty four hours. I. Didn't even drop. It was Mr Beast. Video. Jenna Marbles Marquess Brownlee they're all in the same contest they dropped they dropped you pie dropped, which is weird because these these are all youtubers that are way bigger than me. and. Somehow I was in contests before I even worked for doughnut. They saw you in that Victoria justice movie and they're like Hey. Man. Yeah didn't, and then it just so happened that keep star dropped out last second james filled in. They saw me say one line onto broke girls and they're like that guy he's got the good. Nine hundred seventy two Muthana attended the contest with your friend John Taibbi Taibbi was a car enthusiast and was about to make his amateur rally debut at the two KORCEA on the isle of Corsica. He wasn't getting along with his co-driver and asked, Mouton to practice the narrow twisty course with him. Instead she was a natural and became is go to navigator in Nineteen, seventy three. They entered the first ever world championship event at Monte. Carlo just a quick refresher here the world rally championship or w RC is a rallying series organized by the FAA or the Thera Seon. Internacional. Automobile, it's evolved since its inception, but generally speaking the series is made up of special stages where drivers each paired with co-driver who handles navigation compete over the course for multiple days, they're driving on closed roads against the clock often in treacherous conditions with driving surfaces ranging from gravel to dirt ice and snow. It's international and therefore the most competitive but Mouton also competed in the European Rally Championship or Er C., which is similar to the WRC just. Confined. To Europe, as well as national rallies affiliated with neither the WRC or er. So there was twenty one year old mouton no experience under her belt. One of only a handful of female entrance at the starting line in the passenger seat of a Peugeot three or four s two, hundred, sixty miles, eighteen stages ahead of them you can only imagine what was going on in her head, but they won't be racing for long because they didn't actually. Finish. And they were hardly the only ones out of two, hundred, seventy, eight starters only fifty one made it to the finish line and that was in large part because something insane happened on the at Plateau. One of the mountain pass stages a blizzard caused a huge snow bank to form on the raceway with only fifty one cars making it through before the road was completely blocked rather than suspending the race organizers insisted the. Stage would still run and disqualified the one, hundred, forty cars at showed up after the blockade. For lateness this disproportionately affected independent racers or privateer teams like Taibbi Amazon who had later starting times than the factory teams in protest a bunch of the disqualified privateers drove to a later stage and then blocked the road for the factory team still in the race and they had to be disbanded by the police. This is wild. That's crazy 'cause they would've had to like turn around and then like go around. Yeah. So. Bogus like three-quarters cars are like too late to race. That's when you like July right? Yeah. Definitely, no you know we should do guys. We should go around and block it. They can't. Even I love it. Like a number of people who have. Shows that sounds like a good idea. Let's go do that together. Undeterred by lackluster first event mouton continued to co drive for Taibbi. I. She participated in more and more rallies her father worried for her being and figured she'd be safer behind the wheel rather than the passenger seats. So he bought her a one point six liter out Pena Reynaud a one ten. The best. French. Rally car at the time data things rear engine. It looks like a freaking not like a big kind of shark. But like a like a sleeker kind of shock like a blue shark I, love these things A. I've never driven one obviously because we don't have them in the US. But in dirt rally, it's my favorite car. We just saw one in the in the Peterson vault like the Alpha on. Yeah. We just saw that like a year and a half ago when we went there I, think it looks kind of like an upside down. Bathtub. No Way. Not a bath. I think it's. kind of silly looking you're silly looking. No. This whole thing. I didn't know such sensitive subject I'm sorry anyway her dad told her he'd finance one season of rally racing for her to test her medal as a driver, and if she failed, she would have to go back to law school. Dang. What an ultimatum hey, you either have to be really good at racing or you're going to become a lawyer. I will support this dream of yours. I will now used car. I will pay for fuel. I you buy usually tired I will pay the entrance fees but if you're not good at racing, you must return to law school and become. A, lawyer. As. Credit sounded exactly like Mr Mouton. How do you say? How do you say thank you in French missy Missy Book Cool Papa. Speaking of mercy, my one of my favorite bands is go Jira. There are metal band from France and on their live album after like every other song. Reciprocal. So good. Mizuko. Logo. All their songs, all the lyrics aren't English but then the break into the French for the. It's so funny. He's still have to be like have stage presence, but it'd be like. How do you tour as a metal band like how do you do that every night and just growl to your throat collapses I've no idea that reminds me. I was like a week ago when we Canaan Joe and I went. Camping. I was supposed to see deaf tones and go jira that night. But because of The global pandemic I wasn't able to but I will say our camping trip was a very suitable substitution. Yeah. I, pooped on a tree on a tree. Yeah I what I brought a shovel with me. This might be tm I abroad to shovel with me with the intentive digging a hole. But see I had whiskey for dinner so I didn't have time. That's something happening. So I just had to let it go. On a tree though So my whole thing was like I'm Gonna I'm GonNa like lean against it in a squat, and then I then I like I'm not going to poop on my heels. Okay. That's pretty good logic. Teach you that in the boy. Scouts. Bhutto made her driving debut in nineteen seventy-three three. At the ER, see all women's rally Paris Saint Raphael Feminine. Long name. Yeah. In a surprising finished for the newcomer, she placed fifth overall in I in class. Bowl jaw law. School. That's hello. Uh School A. Bowl Soi law school. As, this new young female driver clocked consistently good results throughout nineteen seventy-three close-minded spectators and emasculated competitor suggested she only drove so fast because her car had special engine. Is She's got a a an LS swap. Reynaud. It is impossible for a woman to drive this fast without a special engine love love Magic to Jj. DETAILLE. zygotes. Other reason she's really it's really funny. Man It just never changes dude. It's the same that you'll. I'll be like I watch a lot of like I've been getting into NASCAR oval racing a lot lately and I've been watching the ARCA series, which is like one of the feeder series for NAS car and. One of the competitors is Haley Degan. Brian deegan daughter. Just social media presence of like any driver she and you know that. Like. It's just. Like she can't catch a break when it comes to like people like particularly people in twitch chats. It's like if she's not having a good race which happens a lot in oval racing and it's just like it's it's a it's a flip the coin like she gone, and then like if she is doing well, then somehow it's re the racist rigged to make her look good. It's like no, like you guys were all the same people watching this every week you guys know how Oval Racing Works Right? Like she's a decent drivers she's good like give her a chance. They don't say the same things about like. Other drivers in the series, and it's just because Haley is a woman and it's very frustrating but it's Even more frustrating to read this about people saying. Musha moutome was heavily different engine. Now. Especially in gene anyway. Sorry. Continue much like Haley, begin who on ignored the haters s she geared up for the real event of the season, her driver debut at the nineteen seventy, four world rally championship at the Tour de Corsa we're only a year earlier she had competed in first race ever as a CO driver just twenty two years old Mouton drove her out in one. Ten to finish twelfth out of one, hundred and two an amazing achievement for first time. WRC driver at their first international rally. But Muthana held a more personal victory in all of this finishing this high in WC, round meant her car was subject to a thorough check by officials insuring it met regulations and complied with class rules it of course did and so the rumors about her. Engine stopped. By the season's end Mouton was crowned both the French and European ladies champion the following season. Her car was upgraded to a one point eight liter. She bumped her twelve place toward a course of finish up to seventh and she maintained the title of Overall Ladies Champion Hell Ya, and keep in mind. This is a rear engine rear wheel drive car that she's taken all these courses on. So that's pretty cool. I E. IT'S A squirrelly boy. Do you ever heard a snap oversteer? Don't lift off the throttle in the turns Michelle I know I don't have to tell you that I'm just saying explaining. remains. One of the greatest drivers ever drive a car I've never driven. Outside of W. R. Rutan Dabbled and other types of racing and nineteen, seventy five she entered the twenty four hours of the Maw with an all female team made up of two other French racing. Christine, detrimental, and Marianne. Their chariot was Simcoe powered Moi net ellen seven five with the transact transmission from a porsche in the middle of the race it began to rain hard while other drivers slowed to adapt the elements. mouton threw caution to the wind charged full speed ahead on slick tyres she started passing car after car even more powerful ones as her crew radioed in repeatedly demanding that she pit to change to wet tyres but Michelle Mouton didn't like to be told what to do. She ignored them. You must come Tuesday Pete. We must put the tires with this with grooves on. By beep. Michel she has turned off zero I can't hear anything. She hung up on me she. Anyway she ignored her team and she switched on her rallying brain and continued on the slicks. The team ended up finishing first in their two liter prototype class and twenty first overall class victory not bad. Baton says she was pushed to do more circuit racing after this especially in formula three, which might have led you know up to formula to perhaps like Ayrton Senna maybe up to Formula One. But she said quote, it wasn't my cup of tea. It was not my cup of Merlo I loved racing alone against the clock. My character wasn't cut out for circuit racing. You know they can only call it Merlo it's from. I was GONNA say trader Joe's Merlot boxed wine That's the real real deal stuff while she didn't leave the sick Dila soft with a thirst for this kind of racing she did leave with the interest of her first major sponsor, the French oil company known as Elf. In. I've always actually wondered what else was because I've seen that on a lot of vintage race cars and now I know it's a French oil company. So not very surprising elf-sponsored Mouton for the nineteen seventy, six rally season where she earned an eleventh place finish at the WRC rally Monte Carlo, as well as an impressive second place finish at both the rally by own Basque at the ER criterion out being. Not. So mouthful however, car trouble prevented her from finish the rallies at San Ramo anti-bse and the grueling car breaker tour Decossa or only eleven of eighty eight crews even made it to the end. Wow. The seventy six season SOM- UTANS switch cars for the newer a three ten but moutons career would really pick up speed in one thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, seven when she was signed by Fiat she was now officially a factory driver she had made it to the other side of the snowbank. Have you seen this a-3 ten I've never seen this car before it's so cool. Things pretty sick. Like A. It's got French. Three hundred Z X. Vibes I wonder if Our Boy George Eto design this. Oh. It looks very data. Yeah Dude if you had that, you're like the king of every west La car show did like if you if you should up to dais in that. Oh. Man You get a free coffee for sure. So many bees would be jockeying you. You'd get high five to death. This is like the most leather gloves driving guy car I've ever seen. This was huge from Utah who drove not only for herself but for her earliest supporter, her father he loves driving she later said he loved fast cars and I think he would have loved to do what I did. Peer father had been a prisoner of war for five years and never had the opportunity to compete rally but his daughters rising success allowed him to live vicariously they were off to Fiat. The. Nineteen seventy seven season Fiat had mouton driving the one thirty, one, a barth and Muthana. Hated it. She said it was like a big truck mounted car and called it terrible to drive, which is hilarious because it's a tiny car. Yeah. I'm sure Fiat was totally excited about regardless of her feelings about the avars handling mouton achieve consistently good results in it over the next few years and at one point she also raised Lancia Stratos. H F driving it to seventh in Monte Carlo. That's cool outside of the WRC however, Mouton was searching for a car. She felt more kindred with than the Barth and she found one in the Porsche nine eleven career are s I'll hell Ya this classic rear engine, Rear Wheel drive car was a step. Up from the Fiat and a perfect match from utahns fearless driving style, she drove the portion of victory at the race rally in Spain, her first R, C victory, as well as three second place finishes at smaller National Races. In France, that year she finished runner-up in the overall ERC to rally icon Bernard Darn each back on the WRC states twenty-seven-year-old Mouton was racking up podiums in her Fiat one thirty one a bar here in third at the rally den tabs again, the eclipsed by our Nisha Darniche. Again. Being eclipsed by Dr Niche but won the nineteen seventy-eight toward a France automobile a huge accomplishment the season she plays fifth in the standings and fourth in the FA Cup for drivers she was on the rise on the path to being a great driver, but it was an unexpected call from an automotive giant would put. Michelle. mouton in the halls of racing. Audi yes. That Audi extended an offer to mouton derive for the manufacturer in the one, thousand, nine, hundred, one season and she enthusiastically accepted she said quote we. Signing without he meant. Sheared. The on a team with her longtime idol how new Michaela enland he was always way up there for me says, mouton one of the greats Meka proved an enthusiastic mentor. He shared his tricks of the trade and taught her left foot braking, which radically improved her driving. I that's crazy. She got this far without doing that. That is, yeah. He also helped adapt her driving style to fit out radical new rally car that they'd be debuting that season the turbocharged. all-wheel drive quattro s wind. Audi's Quattro s one was two point one liter fuel injected straight five to to making five, hundred, forty her spurs to the crank beyond that it was the first turbocharged and first all wheel drive rally car a vehicle that would revive interest in the sport and also changed the game forever like like we people say changed the game forever a lot but rarely does something literally changed the game forever you know. Like. This is like a new ball in basketball like this is like the three point line like I think it's like like in flubber when he puts flubber on the bottom of his shoe and he's really good at basketball. Yeah. Remember when the talked about that in the last dance that was like such a huge moment for the NBA. Yeah. That then they were finally able to beat them on stars. And take take their back or whatever happened but beyond Mikola or the legendary quattro perhaps the most notable thing Audi gave Michelle Matan was twenty six year old Italian co-driver Fabrizio ponds ponds was focused calm and endearingly quirky with her thick oversized grandma glasses. She likes really like now she looked looks like a hipster like if she lived nowadays but back, then it's like you're twenty six year wearing these like granny glasses. She's cool. She's super cool. She had formerly been a motocross racer and rally driver before. Switching to co driving experience and knowledge that undoubtedly improved her work as a navigator cars coming go. But the partnership between Mouton in ponds would last a lifetime Audi debuted the quattro at money Carlo in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, one, a handled the treacherous snowy roads like a champ totally outmatching the rear wheel drive cars like Opel a scanner four hundred and the Renault five turbo unfortunately though Mikla and baton were both forced retire Mikla after a crash and Mouton do her feel being contaminated with sand. Sanit gets everywhere. But even so they're stunning performances and speed in the earlier stages. Prove the Karachi was a force to be reckoned with things went better at the WR. In Portugal Mouton, was the first Audi to finish and took fourth in the rally overall. But then the season took a dip camshaft gave way in Corsica forcing her to retire and she was excluded from the Acropolis Rally after. They were discovered with her and her teammates cars in. Finland. When Nikola squeaked out a finish third mouton was back in thirteenth. Then came the serpentine multi surface car destroying rally in San Remo. With ponds calmly uttering directions mouton tore through the course over tarmac and gravel. But. On the final day, they're driveshaft broke but they were in first with Finnish driver Henri toivonen pushing hard and second with one stage to go mouton turned to her co-driver and said quote one, of us, meaning her Henry will make a mistake and not finish the event. So for me, I will take the stage as if it was the first stage of the. Rally not the last one like there's not any pressure on anything. That's exactly how she drove and sure enough. Henry Toivonen made the error mouton ponds beat him by over three minutes making history in the process Michelle Mouton. Not only secured the first win for Audi and all wheel drive car but became the first and to this day only woman to win a WRC rally. So the drive shaft broke, did it just become like two wheel drive then? I would assume so. I'm betting that the drive shaft like probably get win the two wheel drive and they were able to limp it to the end stage, replaced the shaft, and then just drive calmly. But high fliers don't fly for long ask a bird following the San Remo Victory Mouton saw stretch of crashes and finished eighth at the end of the season compared to her teammate Mikolas third. One thousand nine, hundred, two seasons started with a return Monte Carlo Rally that proved problematic from Utah time and time. Again, it was stage twelve. You just set the fastest time for the treacherous Cold Tarini Mountain Pass was cruising in third when she hit a patch of ice slid off the road and slammed into a stonewall at seventy miles per hour ish co-driver. Upon. Suffered a concussion mouton knee injury. But both made a quick recovery. They return to the rally stage this time in Sweden. So just to clarify on that San remo rally that she won her crew. helped. Repair the broken driveshaft, but it cut it cut the lead down to thirty six seconds. They were like three minutes ahead. They broke the driveshaft the dudes came to fix it, and then she barely got back in time to like maintain her first place. Wow. That's insane. So it broke on the course and they she was so far ahead that even fixing it on the course wasn't an yeah to while bringing back. That's crazy. We'll get back to more passed. Over sponsors. Support for this podcast comes from Microsoft teams. 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Forsberg over and D our Buddy Chris four spores Berg got the Hendrick motorsports team Yuck Klay. Milliken over there in Nhra top fuel and. Brandon shepherd over in the world of outlaws late model class. Thank you valvoline so much sponsoring donen sponsoring path DASS. The Swedish rally is a notoriously difficult rally through the snow that generally only saw top points going into the local snow acquainted Scandinavians Mouton shook that up in her debut performance in despite a crash in the snow with teammate Nikola that knocked her out a third place she managed to secure fifth in Portugal she found herself back at the top with with her second. WRC, went at the Acropolis Rally in Greece. She earned another finishing six minutes ahead of her arch-rival Walter Role of Germany beating Rolla was especially sweet to Utah not just because he was the front runner having won the previous year's WRC. But also because he was an unabashed misogynist as the season progressed role said, he would accept second place in the championship to Michelob. Song. Dot because I doubt her capabilities as they driver. But because she's a woman Jesus Certified Yuck Rutan Enroll would face off again at the Rally of Brazil chaotic four day fifteen, hundred mile car destroying event that would end up being canceled just a few years later due to poor organisation. Some of the public roads weren't even successfully closed for the race crews dropping like flies in one of the final stages Brazilian driver Thomas Fuchs flew off the road plunged sixty feet into a lake. In was killed. Eventually Newton was one of only five cars left including role but on the last day of the rally, the German driver lost a wheel mouton clinch I for a third WRC win that year a spot on the podium and a slap in the face for role. Nice. The end of the nineteen, two season salsa and personal hardship for thirty one year old Newton just before the start of the Cote d'Ivoire rally in Africa. News that our father peered passed away this was especially hard from Utah who cited her dad support as the secret to her success he and her mother had attended all of rallies fittingly. So peers dying wish was for his daughter to start the race. So Tom blinked away tears suited up and set out to make her father. Proud. She dominated throughout the long sweltering rally where the temperatures inside the cars were estimated to be up to one, hundred, fifty, eight degrees Fahrenheit what that's like literally the temperature that you are supposed to cook chicken to. Get Sick. That's when you pull it out of the oven. So yeah, you don't because it keeps cooking it's one sixty five but you can report out about at about one fifty eight because it's GonNa keep going did. I. Cook. Cook I've never cooked before everybody watched you do. And then they're on top of that, they're wearing firesuits and homeless, which is one of the hottest hats Yep. Not Hottest Hat. I mean I can't think of a hat that's hotter than a helmet anyway. Halfway, through the race she was leading from role by over an hour low even after losing twenty five minutes, the transmission issues. That's crazy. I mean not just shows one her ability but also like how freaking good that Audi was on day three, this lead shrank to only eighteen far the hottest had I have. The hot hat Berar audio listeners. James. was put on his his helmet. To Great, comedic, effect. I, wish you casino that if she could beat role at the Cote d'Ivoire, she'd reduce his lead over her in the overall standings to a mere two points on the final day with mechanical problems mounting Rutan's car had to have a complete fuel injection system swap she enroll renown neck and neck. But on the last leg of the race Mouton went off the road and rolled her car. Amazingly. She drove her battered quattro three more miles but his busted beyond repair and she was forced to retire. That's always so amazing when you see like a rally car drivers like flip and then just like. Start Their car again and get back on the road. Oh Yeah. The different different breed men who tom pushed on and the nineteen eighty two season still proved to be your best. She clinched second place at the C. which. Made out of the first German mark to win the manufacturers world title. That's amazing wow. That was the first time at the season's, and she placed thirteen points ahead of idol turned teammate, Hannah Mikola. But despite edging out her rival role in multiple rallies remained twelve points behind him in the standings and placed second overall narrowly missing the championship. Her amazing season did not go unnoticed however and that year she was given the international rally driver of the year award at the inaugural autosport awards gala even for Breezy upon one big receiving the how the trophy, the highest honor for co-driver not only is Walter rural like I my like view of him has gone down since reading all this his name is also really annoying to pronounce yeah. Like every time I, see it in the in the script I'm like. Walter Roll. Roll rural rural. Too much. going. On Your name dog. DOTS and alienated up. You're not. You got three consonants in a row dog. Get some veggies in their. Is Invalid in there you Dork. When. You were in school where Utah like that continents were boys in vows were girls what what's way kindergarten? In kindergarten, all the vowels were girls at all the incidents were boys and I guess. Why is like? Fluid. androgynous. Yeah. I didn't I never heard that. I think it's like like there's like this teaching kit that included like some like personified like letters. that. Whereas on our wall I think it came with a song. You know. J. The letters. Yeah and all the continents were there was like I'm. As cucumbers and And all the vowels were girls. I mean, that's I don't. That's weird. How like once you start realizing how everything is so gendered yeah it's crazy. Yeah it's it's bizarre letters. Like, literally do not have gender but we're GonNa make twenty one of a man. Now here's here's my question where do number what were the numbers like? They weren't. Nothing they were just numbers. That's so weird Bonnie it's like it's like somehow somehow they figured out how to make women less represented in the alphabet. Everyone knows S, is a woman, right? Guy. What S S is like a curvy woman yea. Yea. Let's. That's unreal. Now I that's so crazy. Looking back perhaps for the best that moutons father a man. So concerned with his daughter's safety passed on when he did because an even more perilous league of rallying was about to be born. In Group B if rallying was already an extreme sport, nineteen eighty three's emergence of group B. Took things to an insane next level just finishing these races of live was a feet. So naturally, Michelle Mouton with her world famous tenacity and need for speed was all in. Group B, is awesome Groupie cars are some of the coolest cars ever built group B. is a bad idea. While Group A cars had more restrictions and were essentially production cars turned into rally cars. The Group B rally class had very few restrictions and its cars were designed for rallies specifically then turned into production cars They're basically like in. McLaren series we talked about the Canam cars in the seventies. These are basically Canam cars that you drive in the woods. Yeah. Driving the woods in Finland. group-group. Your B. is like if he took the NFL right, you took football and then you're like, all right guys no helmets no pads. You don't have to wear any of that stuff. Also, you're allowed to do any drugs that you want. You can do steroids you can do math you can do for PCP though. Start. Your engines have to wear pads you can do drugs and also here's a car. So if you have cars. Yeah. So groupie cars needed a roof two seats and you had to keep its weight as low as possible, and that was pretty much it. These lax regulations resulted in superlight aerodynamics speed racer's with all wheel drive and huge engines. Then some cases cranked out more than five hundred horsepower. These machines were perfect from return who never shied away from cars that were considered too difficult to drive more and more manufacturers entered into the sport spectatorship rocketed Groupie had ushered in the Golden Age of rally. We'll be right back with more of this story, but I heard from our sponsors. Support for this podcast comes from state farm with surprisingly great rates. State farm is the real deal when it comes to home in car insurance. State. Farm. Agents are in your neighborhood ready to help personalize your insurance and you can manage your coverage, pay your bill or even file a claim right from your phone with the State Farm Mobile. APP. VISIT STATE FARM DOT com today to a great rate without sacrificing great service that State Farm Dot Com when you want the real deal like a good neighbor state farm they're. Huge crowds would come out to witness automotive power in its rawest form up close and personal with fans lining the treacherous courses. Laid himselves were the barriers. It was like spectators at a golf tournament only instead of a golf ball being chipped a few yards away fire-breathing road monsters were screeching and skidding around corners, missing spectators by literally inches or not missing them at all. They're unconfirmed reports of mechanics finding blood hair and even severed fingers while cleaning out air intakes rally cars. Oh, my God Bouton said, one of our biggest fears was that something would break in her car preventing her from hitting a spectator. Being able to compete in such conditions, pretending the fans along the course were trees sometimes, I pretend to be a tree. I'm not a Tree Michelle. I'm not a three. moutons, I group B race at Monte Carlo ended terribly when we turn once again, slid on ice and slammed into a stonewall and over sixty miles per hour according to Michelle. The accident happened because she was forced to dodge a photographer luckily, she and ponds went unharmed but the car was wrecked. She did well in Portugal at the exhausting Safari Rally Kenya one of Moutons favorites where she drove on three wheels thirteen miles to clinch third place she she even managed a fourth place finish in Sweden as the only non Scandinavian to place in the top twenty. Nice. At the tour, of course, Mouton debuted Audi's Quattro A to this newer model was one hundred and fifty five pounds lighter with an engine that put out thirty more horsepower than a one. But mouton was forced to retire when her engine caught fire her car caught fire again at the rally in New Zealand but she was able to salvage it and complete the race by taking teammate Mikulas advice to drive into the lake. Lake. Crashes in fires and other mechanical failures would continue to drag mouton down in the standings she finished fifth overall. In nineteen, eighty-four Bhutan scaled back and only race has a part time team member, but that didn't stop her from taking second in. Sweden. For a non Scandinavian driver in a long long time in the highest finish for a French driver for thirty years until Sebastian Lobes win in two thousand and four but more mechanical failures made for an under whelming season and that Sweden number two would prove to be here. Last WNYC. Podium finish her debut at pikes peak international hill climb in the US. However was a different story for those who don't know hill climbing is a form of racing. Where drivers compete against the clock on an entirely uphill course and back when Mouton was racing it, it was still unpaved. So the course was on gravel. The pikes peak race in Colorado is also known as the race to the cloud with cars reaching such high altitudes. They'd emerge above the clouds, some drivers even where oxygen mass as first time entrance mouton ponds play second overall and won the open rallied class now known as the unlimited class they. Had averaged ninety seven miles per hour in their five cylinder quattro. Now, modest specifically for for the hill-climb climb was six hundred horsepower beating all the more powerful V eight single seater race cars. That's pretty cool. The following season thirty, four year old mouton continued to scale back on WRC driving only competing in one major international race the rally cooked d'ivoire she damaged your car but kept racing after she seemingly recovered only there was scandalous confusion about what? Car She was racing in exactly Audis, team was accused of cheating by swapping moutons damage car for one of the mechanics high speed chase cars despite denying these claims, Audi wouldn't produce the missing chase car when asked and despite finishing fifth Mouton was disqualified while the incident didn't cause lasting damage to her career Bhutan was a proud woman in the whole ordeal was an embarrassment. She finished a disappointing twelfth in the driver's championship. One point behind Walter roar. Now. And pikes peak seems like. I mean when it was dirt one of the scariest things to do Oh. Absolutely. Yeah. Just driving like on stunt or like one of those canyon roads is really scary. Our turn to the nineteen, eighty, five pikes peak hill climb would overshadow any bad press mouton set her sights on eclipsing last year second-place finish and taking the title outright as a solo driver event started out with drama as John was caught speeding just five miles per hour over the limit in the pitch. During practice, the organizers decided to make an example of her according to Mouton. It was like it was the first time they saw rally car or turbocharged car even a European or woman they put her before small tribunal lectured her on safety find her then had. The audacity to penalize her by making her start out of the car a seemingly arbitrary punishment at the mouton would have to jump in belt up and then go like they used to do in the mall but Audi made the obvious point that such punishment for moutons previous safety risk was an extreme safety risk. Yeah obviously. Yeah. Organizers relented and let Mouton start belted inside the car but a mechanic had to push her to the start line in new troll and she wasn't allowed to put the car in gear until the clock started and we tons own words. When you make my life difficult, you give me more motivation. So dumb it's like you're you're going a couple miles over in the pit now, you have to start with a blindfold. Only one arm it's like. Okay you can only wear you can't wear any shoes. You use your one big toe. The race to the clouds ends with four turns. Three of them drivers take flat out, but the second turn is too treacherous to do. So and drivers lift off the gas to avoid soaring out the edge of the cliff at outrageous speeds mouton with more to prove than ever decided not to lift. She took the second corner flat out the car was on the edge, skidding the line between victory and death that day it be victory yeah. Even with the deck's stacked against her Muthana set a new record on the course beating competitor. Bobby. Unser nineteen eighty two record bite incredible thirteen seconds unser did not handle his defeat with grace as he angrily spouted off from being beaten by Frenchwoman in German car. Rutan's cool. Response was. If you had any renewables you'd raise me back down as well. Hell. Yeah. After a mixed final season with Audi mouton moved onto dry for Peugeot. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, six, she'd get behind the wheel of the two five t sixteen after five years with Audi said. The Peugeot felt like a very nice toy. Abruzzi I had gotten married and taking a break from rallying. moutons new co-driver was the perfectly named Terry Harriman. who had previously CO DRIVEN FOR PROLIFIC? Rally Ari Vatanen unfortunately, a mechanical issues prevented Matan from finishing either of the two WRC eventually ended that year Corsica and the ever troublesome monte-carlo at the German Rally Championship. However, she won the majority of the events and took home the champion title, the first and only woman to do. So there's a really funny video of Terry Harriman. Like actually being his pants as a co-driver, but they're going through this like mountain course and there's a point where there's like cattle gates that make the road narrower and the driver loses control Ripi for the cattle gates lead you hear them go like Oh dear God, and then afterwards he is like talking to reporters something he was like, yeah, poop my pants. It happens when. It happens yeah man you get older you start poop in your pants once in awhile I probably will I'm like dude, just for foot. God It's not fun. Don't I mean unless you're on a in a rally car it's probably pretty fun. Yeah. It's pretty that's the only justification. Anyway Groupie was on its way out safety concerns had already risen after a series of high profile accidents in which drivers and spectators were killed. But the tipping point came that year at the tour of Corsica Henry Toy John and his co-driver Sergio Questo one off the road in Orlando Delta s four and plunged into a ravine with a car exploded almost instantly. Twelve hundred and Christo were killed and the FAA band group within hours. Groupie was done and baton decided to go out with it. She announced her retirement after the eighty sixth season quote. Henry's death was really sad because he was a dear friend and we had very good times together. But it was the decision that followed to stop the Group B cars that ended rallying for me. That end the desire to start a family with longtime boyfriend cloud gagnaire, a Corsican sports journalist their daughter Jessie was born the following year and Mouton began the longest toughest most rewarding rally over life motherhood. After retirement Rutan kept a low profile but didn't step away from the racing world entirely in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, she co founded the race of champions in international motorsport event in memory of her friend Henry, Toivonen, that events still around to this day. it's very interesting to watch that I mean they they do a bunch of different style of racing. It's really cool that same year she joined the Peugeot Service team for rally raids driving a Peugeot two five, t sixteen grand raid chase car and transporting spare parts for the drivers. That's pretty cool. That's cool. Retirement for rally driver. Circle at the Tunisia rally she not only carried out her service team duties, but also participated in the racing coming in sixth in a chase car. That's so bad. Awesome. That's a you can't turn it off at that point. You're like, okay I'm here to help but I really just Kinda WanNa race over the years people tried unsuccessfully to lure the mouton ponds Dream Team out of retirement but they finally got their wish at the International Rally of Otago in two thousand eight where Mouton and Fabrizio Pawns both in their fifties now reunited for the first time in twenty four years to drive their forty third rally together in a Ford escort are S. Eighteen, one hundred where they placed thirty fourth. It's when you watch video of this, it's. Amazing to see these like women just snap back into it and just be like. All right. This is exactly where we left off. It's really cool video of this. It's like when your mom and her friend go to like Santa Ynez to do wine tasting but instead like. We're going to go compete in a rally. In two, thousand, nine Mouton helped create the FAA's women in Motorsport Commission and has served as president to this day because the title of president wasn't good. Enough time was also made a knight in the Legion of Honour by French President Sarkozy in two thousand eleven and in two thousand twelve she was inducted into the Rally Hall of fame. She's now a representative for the FAA and oversees the World Rally Championship amongst golfing traveling and spending time with her dogs. Hell Yeah. It's important to acknowledge the significance mouton being a woman brought to the history she made. It's just doesn't porn to not confined her legacy to that. mouton. Her womanhood to set her apart she simply wanted to be seen as a driver and as a competitor attacked last interviewer once asked her if she quote shared most girls nervousness when the next corner loomed to which mouton confidently replied everyone shits their pants sometimes whether man or woman. It's only a matter time. James. It's only a matter time jinxing myself and rise. So much. You're talking too much on James. Among so many other milestones Michelle Rutan is still the only woman to play second in a world rally championship and the only woman to place I in a WRC event. These titles were secured nearly fifty years ago. That's too long. It's up to all of us to put an end to the gate keeping Antioch. City. That has dominated car community for so long I mean that's part of our ethos man if if you haven't figured that out by now, that's donuts about share mouton story with two friends share this podcast with your friends support the women in your life who are also into motorsports. It's not that hard. And make sure your daughter knows that she could grow up to shit her pants in the driver's seat of a world class? Rally. Car. Great posing. Man It's okay I was thinking about this. It's just like. Who Cares. You know if there are women are not appreciate their raw talent for what it is. You know we don't need to like a scribe certain notions to it or whatever. We don't need to put an asterisk on any of their wins because of some dumb like. I think we should be required in Asterix by anybody win if they poop their pants while racing I support I support that 'cause I wanna know that WanNa. Know. Okay. I've heard two stories in this podcast of rally drivers poop in their pants. How often does it happen? Do you poop your pants once a season? That's why I would never wear a white racing suit. Yeah Here's the deal. Here's the deal like when I was a kid, I did junior drag racing and. As I mentioned earlier in the show, drag racing is as far as like men and women competing together goes. It's not uncommon for a woman to be in the sport and as a kid, the girls had better reaction times in the boys. But anyway, the point is like at a young age I think that's where I learned that like. Oh women can be just as dominant as men in Motorsport. Everyone drives a car the same way you know good car and skill. If you have a hard time accepting that I hope this kind of open your eyes a little bit because Michelle Matanza. If you're gal out there. If you're like a young Gal out there, you want to get into racing you Ken we need more women in all aspects of cars anymore. There's a lot of frigging white dudes around here. Yeah. We got ninety seven percent male audience watching donut. We'd love to even that out a little bit. Yeah. Let's get rid of these white guys with facial hairs on podcasts. With that. Thank you so much for listeners episode out of Great Time doing this one I don't know about you guys I just want to I. Just want to mention this was written by a woman and it's GonNa be edited by women Thank you bridget the new editor of this show flash producer and Rachel foreman my soon to be wife and writer of this actually would like to extend a thanks to Canaan our producer. For, so long on the show. canine really led the charge on making this show really good and what it is today and He's he's helping out Jeremiah with bumper-to-bumper Canaan did so much to help the show and I'm really I'm. Thank you can thanks for watching. The show to your friends if they need something to listen to subscribe to donate on Youtube, if you haven't already gentlemen take it away must've on the be. All right. Follow Joe at Joji Weber Follow James that James Free Palm at Jay Sekulow donut don't media became juiced Kipah juiced went quick nation. Ravi said something my customer. Yeah. 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