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We all have something to say. Things Anchor Hell was sup guy swore back. This is story spill of being spot guests the version. I be non story podcast so guys. I'm back your host. And today we have an episode com a very special episode the day or tonight night off months. We are going to have a movie review clearly. So out and denounced southbound or I'm going to discuss the you about some movie. I just watch so it's on Netflix. On it's a Netflix. And it's pretty popular Mitchell Dome moving thaw even trended on twitter so Brendan Salita going episode and Peter Pan Stock. That'll she goes on Gog. Only on staff impetus netflix's Netflix Makita. John Nayoan movie now. The half of IT I. It's still on the top ten list movies in the Philippines so this movie is very much watched the mark Levino so on demand Button Papin. I guess you're missing something out the missing something. Very big side trending movies nowadays. So let's get to so Dunkel son but on the half of it so basically so I don't have any kind of I didn't do any kind of research towing the opening in so wikipedia. Google or something like that Para mhlangana Synopsis Net. Don't move in Dorsey in doctors in Bonn and like that so we need a Manhattan element platinum and this really interested. You can just go out. So I'm telling you my own perception my own soon office of this scooby and I'm GonNa Review for you guys. I need to some movie now. Rick style or a Mug Ligo don't ancient times. They used to believe among how a thou- one so Martin how those dot they play Mary on my album OPPA so you one thousand Tau Mukasa Marseille. He's got one so died. Dow with Greek gods now that he beating them up our complete the housing. You'll have enough attach nestle unlock arm and then a long time or Marcus. I'M GONNA say it's one so marcus. Among the Long Tau unusual I know Agung meant to be for each other or young the other half sold more so he among Greek goods though Bara Hindu worship died not done Garcia Young. The other health la so buying Dina Salah worship for your door my away on getting to what Down Zoos. Dow Towel so the only thing that own among dishonesty soccer while taking so we are not getting in foul looking and the low income my bar and then the other half ninety though some left in the the Kenyan other half and Hindi see laugh. I lend my muggy. Or if goal. Makita Muncie Kalani. Longmont exert up efforts. Mcdonagh I'm try US beans Kim Diana this old that's That's the movie started that explanation and they shared with you guys because I found it some kind of interesting lawless Mahiga Greek mythologies own not done. And it's not after needed believable. Federal Mukundan Shung DC. No so Iraq about the movie and so this is some kind of unjust normal teenage movie. about some high school students so there is this girl. Show you be the she ease at Chinese national. Or She's and Chinese natural born Chinese off America and that that they freight don't shop by all by yourself but America and even though they're Chinese people and don't don't see China's Moore Lombardo Ellie Truth so often get bullied doesn't cigars a nationality now in discerning so we'll be chugging to to with our shining organon owned classmates now and barely talk to why. Matalin she's a smart kid so go on Ya. I laugh last name on a whole of class. Shaven Google dot must be not bad going and then one time Osama allow Newmar. Bits on so he's name is nothing host rely so then looked up at Lucia di Toy Ellie mugs lung love letter. Now in love. Shots is on by by his bye-bye Pedal one third battle. He's trash so Nisha Mongolians words so remarks none love letter N. Indicia Maroon saw buying listing. Aso Can reach out and promised to pay her bones. Elio that love letter and Neela number a see Alexa. So Alex name but I think it's. Alex started with letter so normal. I O pretty bad memory now up at all so by the way and waste is on later lung younger in the any light ball eventually Byron that challenge at. Don't say Lico say CNN Bucknell Labor at Z. Alexa and college see dialing CNN. Bucknell let me ask there so astor. Baio name law-abiding with Tony Party in the Alex. So non violent now aster so and didn't really Louis so Luma knee NEC. Paul are say these Sonya bodyguard don't Alexa. But in the alumnae edgy. Now suddenly now for fall measure asked her so yes smell right so this is some kind of Not Ordinary lab story because a girl fell in love with another gird so loop around Mike it own mark twist movie all which Find it so interesting so does Promote any kind of Lesbian love like that. So the story is more Focus on the meaning of love itself. So data story not gone. Alpine Dini Discuss Telugu been a point. I WANNA battle Agai young through meaning of love so we all have our own perception of what of is but this movie gave us another meaning. The what love is in fact to Said some thinks that might change your whole life on your perception about love burying us of being the to support NATO so they must have been things about love Union Fina mcgann being on best part some movie so Palette. You find out for yourself so I'm saying to you. I'm encouraging new. Persuading to watch the movie to find out for yourself. You Need Eddie to meaning love. And I'm telling ace. Nah It is I open it is a life changing perception. Meaning of what enough his so for all those guys or girls or people out there looking and learning for the meaning of what love is there being confused about what love is. You're struggling and want to know so. This movie's for so long story. No movie so not bargain. Dan Movie so smooth Transition Ramona. Unexpected turn of events so may circumstances they may mullane grants then Bara Hindi Ma Huang Manabe still like Aster Flores. The engage the someone else fix marriage shop battle. Ionia Guy and Mr Young I love about bottom full denture. Detroit better at don't cad Novel Dinner Deep Though. I asked her so mixed love. Triangle perreault in Michigan Mustard Elegant Chilanga. Movie that are going peaceful. London vibe and Dino storyline donegal smooth smooth smooth transition among a scenes Lou Senior Bowl groupies to modern day. One end up arguing that the story in bargain story so Life changing we can say that way life changing by off in there and Agung. Matatu rank added to some moving and no wonder combines elegant popular purplish be deep into the day to Assay dellagha McDowell. You know go. On about the meaning numb he'd be so cheesy no federal think about the dice mobile delegates. You'll meaning them love missile. Maybe you're loving someone and I anymore anymore. Love young armed. Herman more but still confused about allegatio. Meaning love so of Indian cayenne aches clean by roots so by watching this movie. So maybe you can have. You can have a dog dito kin or some kind of perception so that are GonNa be day don moving throwing meaning about the Agung love. So if I'm going to read this over guys. Cunard is a storyline scripts. After Being Cecilia mcdowall grumpy trans- suck show and out of Pale. Peto moving though so now who missed points? So we'll all muggy though. Mugabe or necessarily events without homemake minor sprained could eat so Indian Japan fuel seeing and touching ending ending indicia in expect ending a audie so not barkat ending so you'll ending of Egypt a guy you'll source mapa wish can sign now might part so that's it guys. You'RE GONNA a buying part if you're listening now. Please like this if you like. This episode subscribed US side thing. Youtube Channel Subscribe mcnall subscribed the and then dingle willpower notified desimone adding more episodes than part. If I'm not buying and apple podcasts and Google or any platform so follow me I make general follow both on and then as a binding social media balance of just throw this models so far so we can interact more. Badu guys and you story. Suggest joins content suggestions. Yes comedy down there guys so some algorithms by shoutouts a home it now you may see change so feel free to do that so once again citing a start get Jan similar agai. Sp Family and mass stories Philippines podcasts. Family thank you guys for listening to this episode sign amongst one. No your movie compartment. Orderonline really encourage you guys Panera on our new movie so thank you guys once again. I'm your host rap saying good day or good night all of you. Thank you guys.

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