The Films of Johnnie To - Part 2


hey welcome back to this vaccine. I'm steve joining me this week. The most convincing man. I've ever seen in a rubber muscle sued. Jackie gleason steve. It is it is a skill. i say i mean we. We are talking rubbish today for sure but incredible incredible rubber muscle suit. Were probably the best. I've ever seen in one of the movies we talk about today. So that's something to look forward to also a man that i doubted sean. Glenis turns out sean. That albert pune if we do a multi part series about our pune. That's not as popular as johnny toe. Yeah i got nothing steve. I feel you constantly warning. I'm like what if we did like two episodes on tim thomason. And you're like. I don't think anyone's going to care about that. And yet we made pod mass like for each each of those correct we did. We did we did. I mean there's i figured there are more dull man super fans out there but turns out on the only one awhile and finally we got a very special guest today. He's a freelance film critic with bylines places like the film stage and reverse shot. And maybe you've heard the sweet dulcet tones of his voice. Podcast catalysts and witness ryan. Swin is with us they ryan. How're you doing pretty. Well thank you very much for inviting me. This is a this is very exciting. Thanks for coming on man. I think like super short notice. Usually we give people like several weeks to a month of advanced notice with you. I think we're in. We're just hanging out with sean last week. And we're like yeah you know anybody that wants to guess. And he's like oh. Let's talk to ryan swan. Thank you very much for all of you. And for sean to sean for inviting me. It's very it's very fertile topic definitely and listen to your first episode in this series and it was quite good. I'm excited build upon that. Thanks i promised you. the quality is going to dip. Because i'm back on. The point is the first rave we've ever seen my god. I'm happy in bronze hanging on my wall. This is sort of my personal victory. Lap because I just filed my taxes for the first time ever by myself so i'm rushing pretty high. Honestly wow that's impressive. How how many did you do the turbo tax easy file. We just got click three times. Does it say how many dollars are you getting back. Journalist like buddy yeah. It was awful. I hated every second of it. Really isn't miserable experience. That's why i filed an extension today. So that i can prolong the misery for even longer now. I know our audience is really into finance. But i figured we'd probably just jumped toe down episode two so this is our second episode of the. I'm calling it down. But i don't think we officially named it that i feel like our first episode was kind of like your johnny till gateway drug. So you get a little taste of the good stuff to kinda get you hooked and now we're going to go on a little bit deeper and we're gonna we're gonna jump from like johnny one. Oh one into a selection phones. That i think kind of break away from the action cinema that he's primarily known for in the west and i just want to say it cannot be understated. How prolific and consistent of filmmaker. He is especially even if you compare him to other big titans of hong kong cinema. Whether you know. That's like long. Core wide john. Woo ringo lam people like that because these are all guys too that were in some way shape or form either quoted by hollywood whether they directed american films are had their work remade in the west but not johnny and at the same time. He wasn't just pumping out sequels to exiled or something he just kind of hopped between john rose. In a lot of cases he completely defy genre classification or he would deconstruct conventions like it was just no big deal just like oh johnny. Tell us what i do. And he was a fucking around and doing it as just a fun exercise. He was made these brilliant acclaimed and popular films and for some reason for some reason. I can't even watch most of his shit without hunting. It down on a private torrent tracker. So i guess i'm going to throw this out to esteemed guests ryan twin. Where the fuck is the toll respect. Why can't i get this stuff on blu ray man. Well i would. I say that it is like even for the figures like you mentioned like say prime period blue or ringo lam that they themselves even though they don't have especially consistent track record in terms of home releases and blue like popper the proper channels. And i think that's hong kong cinema in general has has suffer further from that partially due to sort of scattershot interest from the west partly due to dodgy tangled financial financing things and. I think that that still applies to toe. I think that tokyo is an interesting case. Where he has had films have sporadically become relative. Hits in the west like say p to you or or drug war. But he hasn't had that sort of consistency. I think that it's in some ways highlighted because of because he's made so many great films and yet because there's just been so many it's been the. Us market hasn't been the best in keeping up to it. So i think it's more like it's not necessarily that. He's a particular case in which it's been particularly laxed is just that because he's just had so many more. It's just compounded in a certain way it's not like it's more cases that than i also missing now. I think you're totally on point with that. Because i mean even even if you have someone like the guy who does hong kong rescue those releases where he does really nice releases sort of on the down. Low unofficially What he's doing. Something like john or something like that. Like he's he's only looking at three or four different movies that he needs to really focus and remastered and released but which only tell you take twenty of his films and easily just start bumping him out so it's not like there's there's just like two or three great ones that you can just cherry and be like okay. This is the definitive work. Because i think this this episode of the podcast is going to be a really good example. The guy can do pretty much. Anything it really. It's kind of mind blowing and one of the movies that we watch this week was was running on karma and off off air. I was joking with you guys that like. How could you even begin to explain this movie to someone and more specifically even if you did how could you be like at the also kind of teared up at the end and a really profound viewing experience for me. It's just running karma more so than anything else. We watched this week. It's just completely blew my mind in terms of what it was. I mean if if i were if i were to describe it to somebody i would probably say something along the lines of among turn bodybuilder with the gift ac- into people's lives befriends of female copies gift to change the force of carmen her destiny. I mean it's really kind of god a did you do you write a lot of. Imdb didn't even mention the muscle. Seuss like some sort of radio would probably say a six point six hundred ten here. It's popular with friends. David ehrlich's review would be like it's avatar. The last air bender meets magic mike. It's really strange film. Because it's kind of when you start out in this movie. It looks like it has to be a comedy. 'cause what career and even is a star. He's literally in like the aforementioned rubber bodybuilder sued like he's in this pathetic sou- which is at at. I instantly looks fake but also way more realistic than i'm comfortable with new to actually want jumps. It's very strange effect. And and he's in the suit for pretty much the entire movie and so you think okay. It's a comedy there's a he's hell. He's got a superpower he can see people as karma so you know it's like he any health teams up the cop to catch criminal and multiple criminals. It it makes a lotta sense. It's kind of genre film. A kind of a kookie comedy mismatched cop. Payer superpowers tracking down criminals. And then it's not really bad at all but by the close combs kind of a meditation on kind of action. And what you know being in the world and you know the idea of what it what it means to do good. It's really no it's actually it turns into like you know all those revenge movies that are about how revenge is bad. Actually this is actually better than ninety nine point nine percent of them on that exact topic and several were. It's a strangely stirring film. But you know when you walk into it. It seems like this is a comedy rush and then at a certain point. It's not some terrible things happen. Ambled the guy still in a rubber suit. So so you're kind of saying it's like Hong kong's Rebuttal to cbs's early edition. Yes worked at from out exactly what it is. Sean that's nailed it. Man absolutely nailed it. Yeah i i don't know it like jack said it really does kinda pull the rug out from under you a but also i feel like that's what johnny capable of doing and get away with more so than any other filmmaker like. There's so many movies that would piss me off or would feel like whiplash if they totally jumped around the way that johnny toe consistently does or tried to pull off some of the endings that he does but the way that he just smoothly transitions between a superhero movie. And a buddy cop movie and over the top physical comedy and kung fu action. And very serious. You know philosophical drama. It's it's wild absolutely wild things fair to call him a dexterous filmmaker. Are you still not the. Imdb pages of your voice didn't lend that sort of a depression. Big any trivia at this movie. You'd like to share. Sean sean sean. While you're on the imdb trivia page. I need to know because it all serious. This is a great movie. But when i was of examining the beauty of the rubber suit i was trying to find the seems like where the rubber ended and and the man began whether rubber method kinda. Yeah that type of thing. And i think the hardest part for me was when he was completely naked. Was that israel ass or is that robert suit ass. I don't know it's it's part of the suit is this is this. The johnny toews like most Like farcical film in that regard or like that touch is like the most like of farcical. Because i know just based on like watching exiled like that like i said last episode like plays at sort of like you know sort of magical realism or whatever. You wanna call it. So yeah i guess like is that is this kind of as wild as it is in terms of just like one sort of aspect of the film that lana died in a certain sense because the facts suits in that like they have different. Sort of more obviously pitched the comedy. But like i think maybe because it's located in this particular way and should say. I don't think we said that was andy lau in a. He's wearing the muscles that he's weighing the fats in montana which was two years prior and so i think partly it has a lot to do with the familiarity with him just with because he's not by any means especially builds or like he's average and to see him in it and give lenses lenses a great a great jolt and you never really get totally like the points they you never get totally convinced by it like it always remains in. The strange in between place wins vibes in a in a certain way. Yeah i think. I think the the effect is really interesting Like you say. There's i think there's kind of a meta textual joke in. That is just a few years prior andy. Lau was an enormous obese man in a pre and now he's a bodybuilder. Complete physical transformation achieved through literally no physical effort artist district on like say for example. The mcu marvel universe and their steroids procure methods etc. And everyone going out and getting ripped over overnight for whatever older taking and be had there. There's kind of this strange element the body willing suit. that is. it's kind of like a monk. He plays a monk who his friend is murdered and he. He's very upset by this because he wanted to catch the murderer and he can't and in his anger about this he kills a small bird and this forces him to he meditates over. The bird's body is a monk because this is he. Is you know taking a life anger by accident. And he gained insight into into karma into the flow of you know the balance of darkness law i guess and once gains his inside he he leaves the monastic life and he joins a certain secular life. And there's this sort of strange. Like i don't is a monk. I guess he was also very large but he kind of towards the end of the movie. He slims down once he gains like a full enlightenment and he returns to the bunk life. They're sort of this. Balancing act between the secular life. Seems to have this strange on reality to what i mean a lot of the choreography of the fights etc very strong like heavy wire work kind of you know anti gravity elements to it's going to. His muscular physique is sort of an almost like a packaging. Almost like you know kind of external end the shield against i think the fact that he's trying to engage from the world he's gained insight into the world that he doesn't want to he. He basically tries to stop acting in the world to some degree and in the secular world. He just just nonsense stuff. He andrews bodybuilding contests and he works as a male stripper. You know he's he's just kind of like you know he's not doing anything great and only towards the you know he meets this call that he kind of becomes kind of enamored with and also like a you know. It's not not even romance there. Which i think you know you'd almost expect would be would make sense. You know you a man and a woman meeting a movie. Normally that's an angle you duchess naturally fits in and toan wi fi. Don't don't fall. That had just seemed like their kind of colleagues and they kind of help each other out but it's really just meeting her and seeing that she's in danger because she has bad karma effectively that that he starts to integrate back into the world and starts try to take action to change the world and the the film subsequently is basically an examination of what the you know what his actions will accomplish which turns out to not be what he expected to accomplish. And who's really interesting. It's kind of difficult not talk about this the ending of the film. If you haven't seen any of these movies do go and watch them. I i guess. But i'm running karma has again the surprising thing of like the woman the corpse karma so bad she heave reckon. She's going to die and she does. She is murdered. that happens. That wouldn't happen. Probably in a western movie short of like seven or something like it would be if it were to happen more. Typically in western movies at a main character like that would die on into brutal fashion. It would gruesome something that would like to american audiences. Will you would just go down in cult film lord like could you imagine doing that. And in this is kind of like it becomes almost incidental because it's he starts to understand that greater flow of things and yeah. It's just this film really more than any other film that i can think of really repels john. Complete because sean rick categorizes world in a certain way and this becomes a meditation on kind of how the world really is or how you know. It's strangely in. Its in its own reality becomes about how we you know what we do in the world and that kind of means can't really take shortcuts a lot of this to at so it's a very strange way and that. It's a very heightened reality. That i think actually come through with a very kind of real message is really impressive. Piece of filmmaking. This is just such a strange film and an will that you know wrongfoot you continually like you will. You don't know what's going to happen. I just told you what happened you to vote in. You have no idea absolutely no idea. I'm glad that you mentioned back there. Wyckoff who i like. He is along with like one of the most important people milky way toes career. I think that in essence you can divide sort of toes photography into the films that he made with lycopene without like there's sort of this this film in particular was co-directed and there are a number of films that are directed though not the other ones. They're covering on the podcast. But i think even more than that. It's more the films that has been involved in whether it's writing or producing on other films. I think there's a very clear break. And running on karma is sort of a prototypical example. Because it's all about s- essentially wyckoff is wheelhouse which is essentially plot twist almost meta fictional aspect at times this spiritual epiphany striving for spiritual enlightenment to a certain degree but it's it's a more valley the way in which characters relate to each other into the world which is very different from the way that that tomes operates them. We can definitely get into this more with other films experiments since his very clearly a toe only film but you a lot of allow the romantic comedy set. Toe is made have involved. There's my left eye cisco's which is a really really beautiful film and especially a lot of his films in the twenty tens have have been very heavily influenced by why even something like drug were which which would seem to be the outlier. In which i know you'll cover is very much alive influence phone because of how its characters sort of pinball and this almost fate this fashion very much dictated by fate and an almost farcical nature to the violence which is very distinctly different from how to by himself would make it so and we can definitely end to these more as as we go through other fellas but i think it's very important to know and it's i personally. I'm not exactly certain in what way the co directed films are necessarily distinct from the co written or produced films that why is done with toe but vise career in another self is fascinating. I i know especially the film filmed. I've seen of his directed too many ways to be number one from nineteen ninety-seven is one of the best films. Also and a very different one but it has this incredible approach structure and to character and starting to lend which is which is absolutely great. And i think that the the why the why touch cannot be underestimated into his career Yeah you mentioned sparrow is a good time to jump over into that movie because it feels like almost. I'm glad that we watched this in the group that we did. Because i think running on karma and then going into sparrow. It's a good transition away from his more action oriented stuff which is also kind of funny. Because i feel like. I don't know like the last sequence of sparrow which i will talk about in detail is like one of the most impressively choreographed things fair life. I mean and people like you know. This is jaw dropping or something like that. But literally i was like drooling on myself as i was watched. My god But but sparrow. I guess we had to some this one up again. It's another one of his films. That defies categorization. But is this sort of just johnny toe making a bet that he can make a french new wave movie. That's better than most french. New wave movies. If we're gonna continue the earth thing this would be like Ocean's eleven meets like love on iran or something. There you go wow us. A particular particular issue is. Is that the one i mean. It's been forever since. I washed danielle series. But is that the one where he's like the clip show. One is the last one in this series. Never whistle on kisses. Or yes yes where. There's like sort of that caper aspect There we go nailed it. So if you're listening we'll do. Erlich reviews for you exact. Same thing we do it for half the money. All there is like the opening Twenty thirty minutes is just like such a like joyful experience. That like really did. Bring me back like to watching french films when i was seventeen years old. And just being like this. Just delightful is so fun and the music just like so upbeat. and just high-spirited filmmaking. Yeah i honestly. I felt the exact same way like the first time. I watch breathless when i was in high school. And you just get that. Cadillac jolted energy. And it's one of those things where you feel like you're never going to get that feeling again you know it's like hey remember the very first time you smoked a cigarette and got bad rush and then after that you just become addicted to nicotine and you never get rush again but this is like you're getting back it really is. It's like energizing. I that level. It's like i'm reminded like you know famously. Jackie chan what. It was making somebody if he's used to just kind of wander around and look for locations. Were props that. He would then integrate into his movies like a lot of his movies. Just had improvised kind of physical elements. He just like find a poll. Maybe i could climb that and that would make its way into the film. This film just feels like johnny to- walked around hong kong and it's just like i bet if i frame this junction. This would look amazing. It is building in this part like the whole film. Just feels like just as a portion of these just picture-perfect frames and the one. Perfect shot account on twitter. Could just like literally. Just make a kill off this whole movie and and in contracts running and carmen like this is. This is a plot. You could almost some open like one sentence. It's kinda like four pickpockets. Who find out. Someone wants to stop them from pickpocketing. And a woman's fate hangs in the balance in the middle of it and that's that's the whole thing hits him again the rebuttal of the concept that the script is the phil like. This is absolutely realizing something in a way that you could do with no other media this this film would not. You couldn't make the play of sparrow. It would be goofy as hell and no one would talk for long periods. It wouldn't make any sense. Yeah this is remarkable film. That french new wave area elements. To of course i think weighs heavily. We have we have an entire choreographic. Umbrellas that finalizes the film that pretty on mistake -able reference but in a very different milieu. And it's it's strange because it's kind of got that gangster feel of some of toes who other work in. This film are literally and kind of like their pickpocketing. And someone doesn't want them to save need to stop and that's it and the and even the woman they're saving right it's like a. It's not like they're saving her from certain death or something. She's just like yeah. I'm with this old gross guy. And i don't want to be and the consequences of them not successfully. Rescuing her are she has to wait until he dies. And then she inherits all of his wealth. Right yeah so we're structure play. It's gonna straight any you think realistically this is kind of this. Remind me lot off throwdown. It's kind of a film about just people kind of relating to each other like suffused with a style that really kind of jails that makes no absolutely like a incredible work of cinema again. That really can't couldn't be done in any other way. And i like this one more than than throwdown. Honesty i think is one of my favorite of toes films. I think like anything. It feels like your favourite film. It's kinda like if someone says like why'd you really liked this movie. Wise on your favorites. He just my brain shuts down like. Did you like fuck up into may just self evident drill making like just like a joyful but also does have like Sort of a western. Feel to it as well like this like this band that is going up against this one guy and also this woman kind of comes between them and His his just vocab like going through these films. His vocabulary of cinema just like is just really aggressive. Yeah this is my favorite toe. And i think that this sort of like the allies among the circles like the prototypical like these two are like the favorites throw on is one of my favorites though the top ones but i think that the one that this really has. Dna in common with. It's like both films star. Semi both films are were shot over a couple of years in college. And i think that i don't know exactly the process by told me to buy. It definitely has the knowing that accentuates the feel of this being sort of like a film that was made out of a hodgepodge of locations and a sense of what would be like. What would photograph grow of course but also like how would it into this sort of ballet this sort of interlocking nest of of parts glitz. It's so fascinating because it it in essence like that sort of ballet. That sort of lightness is is mashed. Together with his very hawks. Fan approach to dynamic on the floor pickpockets and also the like there's also a certain darkness or it's a like it never even while the characters i think all the charac- pretty much all the characters are sympathetic to one degree or another. But they all have this darkness or the instability about them. I don't know if the phone would. Maybe be even better. If it's completely silent or like completely without dialogue. i think it could function that way. But even so there are these toll like will impart like a key piece of biography and like a single line and the not referred to again like and in that way. It's sort of like the progression of your understanding of the character of each character is as is defined determined far more by the way they the popular facial expressions that they make this sort of the keys. Seen or the key moment when when. Simon yen's character. I seized kelly lynn's while taking the photographs and the sort of strange smile gets halfway between like lear and a smirk and Like an almost like a grain of comfort or something like that it's within all these different levels and it's and it's hard to parse nocera way and i think that's entirely to the benefit delegate. It conjures the feeling of this city as something that's both inviting and strange and and a little bit sinister times and certainly the that. So much of the film takes sat satellites and in this sort of sense of of of like half total darkness. It's it's it really gets to me in that turned away and just the just the variety in interactions the how different each of the ways in which kelly lynn gets one over on. The men is just endlessly fun to me and the and how the each a different body part broken a collectively there. One man by the end. I i don't have like the widest vocabulary of a modern hong kong cinema. But like the way that he shoots. Hong kong looks different to me like it looks. It looks particular to him and More than that like Like when he shoots especially down like streets and stuff. I noticed between this and don't go breaking my heart. That like his match cuts are so interesting like match on action. Stuff is just like. I feel like maybe this is just part of growing up in the in the west in watching those films but i feel like you have expectations of match on action cuts and his. He just seems to have. This is where to put a camera in like in it's always like continuing movement that you just you you. It's almost disorienting efforts in in a very pleasing way just like. Oh okay now. We're like moving from behind her shoulder at this like medium shot and we were just like seeing harold from like two hundred feet away and i don't know i didn't do either of you or interview come notice that or have any thoughts about that. I think there's a certain element to it. M the gonna remind me. I'm not i'm not conjuring up. This is the one that i watched the first Back at this point so not picking up the the immediate like examples but yeah. I do think that he's like. I wonder how to works. Because this reminds me somewhat of like you know. Hey john ford famously knew how illich he would film scenes. He caught them in his head like he was able to do that on sash. Which was kind of like he just knew the craft that well you know famously would claim that there was no craft. She would at all which we all know isn't true because we see movies at weren't may john. So m toe. Has that exact same kind of mastery that everything fits together incredibly well with in very intricate ways. He's righty cuts on movement. To woods is incredible fluidity. He frames compositions. Like this film is just unceasingly interesting to the every single piece of verse every person moving in the frame every building in the skyline kind of like creates this incredible like imagery and it just feels that he just someone who understands. Quit like fundamentally how a film is constructed. And i don't know if he is like i don't know if he storyboards feels like a lot of his stuff is made very quickly so i'm guessing he doesn't. I'm just wondering if he has like john ability that he can just move the camera around on the day and just know that the shots will work. You know. I don't know how it feels like. There must be just some incredible innate understanding of how to structure film. Yeah i i don't know much about his his process. But i'm i'm kind of the same my where i don't know logistically how he could story board but also just with his technique. I don't know how he can frame the shots the way that he does and draw my eye to certain parts of the screen without storyboarding everything out so i think he's just working on a completely different love. I think he's got the john ford brain. That's the only explanation leads to be the the other thing about the city in this. And so i think i mentioned the last episode as well. It's something that's kind of interesting to me. Is that when. I think of hong kong a city. I've never been to you know. And if you watch a lot of hong kong movies hong kong is sweaty and thronged and boss alling and just full of people every shot. there's people everywhere. And i know a lot of like hong kong films like they They sneak shots on street level. Because you know permits and stuff. I think it's pretty similar to america. Permits can be a pain in the ass forget. Sometimes it's just easier to the camera down. Grab what you need in run and so a lot of this but there's people everywhere it's just all kinds of stuff happening all the time toes films don't have that he has inspirer was well. Tomorrow has some sequences in like the central business district. I got they have to rob someone so there has to be so when they're they're still just empty space on the streets. That is not something. You'd find in like john woo film or a ringo landfill. Where if pull back on a sidewalk in hong kong. They're just be. You could barely move. Every chase in. Hong kong film is like just pushing through. You know ten layers. Deep of just bystanders. So there's that stylize ation and i get. I don't know how he does that. Used has has his technique for clearing people out. I guess he must get permits for some of us and but yeah he's a very. It's a very different vision of hong kong. Actually it's something that would contrast to maybe as won't don't go breaking my heart which is probably the busiest to- film i've seen like all people are so that's kind of an unusual but spiro is actually very sparse really be everyone into frame seems to be required in the frame. It's especially noticeable. I think insperity just because it's such a airy almost the'real film like there's there's a lightness to it that i can't really articulate very well without saying get just just go watch this one you'll get it and what you're talking about to that that lack of of the crowded sweaty hong kong that we're used to seeing really emphasizes that and also don't go breaking my heart you're right it's. It's probably the one film that we've watched where hong kong actually feels like a little bit more crowded. But even at that point it's crowded as what like tulsa oklahoma it doesn't feel like a humongous bustling metropolis it. There's still a level of intimacy we should. We should mention like as we're talking about. Sort of the mood of sparrow that like music plays a large part of it and sometimes it changes so drastically. Sometimes it's really funny. There's definitely mention the beautiful sequence between simon and simon yam and kelly lin. Where their car. And they're smoking or she's like lighting up a cigarette and passes it to him and he just like is like the most like gesture alike sensor oriole like moment that you will see. That's not like a long car. Why phone but has these like funny. Music cues that just keeps it from I mean it doesn't really keep it from being something just is something else you know there. There's a lightness curiosity to it. You wonder if elevator to the gallows perhaps was a french new wave connections. You know film that had improviser score that maybe he had that in mind absolutely music is integral to the structuring and the rhythm of the film it's very playful too because i mean it's it's extremely jazzy but then it dips into. I don't know some kind of like old. Hollywood mid-century musical sensibilities and then it kind of oscillates back into more traditional chinese music and then there's parts to. It's very deliberate to the point where it's drawing attention to itself where it kind of switches gears into the only way i can describe it as the nintendo. We menu music. This is kind of like. It's this very relaxing artificial kind of background. And i'm making it sound like it's you know it's terrible so it's not like totally. It draws your attention as it has a very distinct purpose to it but it's also the kind of thing where if you were to tell me that a movie with a predominantly jazz driven score would would suddenly pivot on a dime into a you know a song that sounds like that. I would call you crazy and here we are. Because we're we're talking johnny movies and that's just the way it works. Yeah definitely is meant to like shift. You understand the scene or or or reconfigure in a certain way especially especially in the umbrella rain sort of finale where it has this very like. It's like sort of halfway to intense. Like it has like definitely suggests that that sort of thing that you would expect from such a relatively momentous rope momentous occasion but it always keeps changing even within the scene in a way that corresponds to the very stages that simon has to go through it has. This is a very strange but very wonderful effect. I really adore the score. I want to talk a little bit more to about the umbrella sequence at the end because it really is just just the culmination of all all the little tricks and things that draw your eye in sparrow. The things that make it so special. It's almost like at the end. He's like okay. So now i'm going to take all of that and just give it to you in the biggest dose humanly possible. It really is. It's almost like a sensory overload. And it's i dunno sean. Help me out here. What makes this really is like. It's the kind of thing where it leaves you. Speechless it absolutely utterly beautiful. Through like i was talking about with exiled last week of like that opening of that film in how much is done through gestures. The same thing is here in like win is just this large patch of film. That is like that. There's no dialogue and it's all done through looks and movement and rain. Plays a huge part in in this as well but He just like cuts in between these like tight spaces. These people moving between doing little tiny clandestine things with their hands. And you just you just understand it. All and it's it's very playful but intent. I eight. It's a musical effectively. Am yeah and you know at another french reference. A kinda reminds me of totti's playtime in that kind of idea that it's it's like the rhythm of the musical. That's not a musical table and no one breaks into song or anything but the kind of incorporates the movement of the different parties and in this film. It's kinda like we. It ends in basically pickpocket face off and you have one group thing buckets versus another group and they both know that there were you know. They're both trying to stay one object. They know they're trying to steal or maintain so so they everyone's briefed involved. They have to do when they all know what each other looks like. So it's like the ultimate the ultimate trick in being a pickpocket is robbing from someone. Who knows who you are and that you're trying to rob them am and it's a cycle through all these different groups and kind of like building and building. We kind of work at who who swear you know in relation to each other. What are they doing. Why are they doing this. And that. and there's this rhythm that create essentially a dance number and it reminds into the conclusion of playtime where you know. It's kind of like they dance through. It's like a roundabout full of traffic and the whole city becomes kind of like a dance number. But there's no you know it's it's not a traditional dance number. Two dance number made up of people who are not aware. I guess or earth consciously participation you know. It's kind of an unusual effect but yeah it's just a incredible lyrical piece of cinema. And you say there are. No one has to say a word. It's all up there and it's it's a religious god. It's just incredible incredible piece and we're like this movie. I can't like honestly. This movie is not talked about that much. I'm just kind of blown away by that. 'cause it's incredible and sean mentioned you know there's their strong western analogues for this film. This feeling it should be an easy sell into the western market and yet honestly this got a dvd release in the uk. And i'm not sure if it was ever released in the us so that sox released the kind of movie. though where. As soon as i was done. I just started texting. People like listen. I'm going to send you a google drive link to this move. Just watch it just watching it to kind of us. Run up to people and shake him and tell them to watch it. It's also pretty. Lean run time. Which helps. yeah well. should we move on. Let's do a baby. Why don't we talk about. I guess from from this group probably the most traditional of all the films that we watch but also another one that is i mean. It's just as playful and and good at subverting conventions. Is there anything else that we've talked about. So don't go breaking my heart ryan. Have you ever gotten more emotionally invested in a frog before. I can't say i have. This is also one of my very favorite toes. I think in some ways. It's a very a very clear mission statement in a certain way especially for the films that he would make in the two thousand ten's and certainly post the recession yet. He had definitely loved films. Interface with that very directly whether it be my thought principal or office Extent and. I think that this one especially feels very much a mission statement and its mission statement in in march because it almost like leaps over or it it. It's a very event that happens within the narrative. But then it's almost gloss over which lends a very interesting inflection to allow the allow the goings on. And i think it's a. It's basically like a perfect romantic comedy and certainly a lot. Yeah it's there. You mentioned the the economic crash because that does seem to be something that plays in an because i know throwdown came out. I kind of anthro. Throwdown was film but like kinda keep jin open. Keep going and that came out. I believe ride on the back of like the sars epidemic which hong kong was a devastating blow to their economy and to the film industry of hong kong which was already not great shape in the early two thousands so there were certainly kind of potential reading for that film as a kind of an encouragement to the hong kong film industry or hong kong audiences would see us. And that's interesting. 'cause this phil has this almost comical view of financial trading and everyone in this is in the works in finance but they mostly just kind of like talk about buying or selling without mentioning wander by selling. There's no specifics involve which frankly might be closer to the truth. And we'd all like to admit. I don't know but yeah this. This is strange. This is what's about watching. This was that. I just came off the back of watching. The movies were watched the first episode. All these gangster movies by guys having conversations with each other through gunfire and then you watch this movie which is really kind of a bright bubbly romantic comedy kind of realize that there's an enormous amount of structural similarity which is a little bit weird and in the way that toe frames a city. The way there's so much in this gesture am. I think like hollywood. Romantic comedies are very traditionally driven by dialogue. Hollywood generally i think is driven by dialogue. Everyone talks too much in hollywood. Movies has been a consistent complaint of mine and people talk more in this movie than sparrow. Certainly or many other. Johnny to- movies but they're still entire passages take place without you know without dialogue being particularly key issues kind of little nuances and glances and little shots that match together to create little stories of decanters expectations and longings i and whether they are there sated or or rejected and really. This is just like a really good wrong. It's so inviting and yet is so so much more interested in this kind of made me watching this. I just kinda realized how we made are so many wrong calms. Now that this movie you know you don't have to like rom coms to like this because there's just so much in the frame they're so much happening and there is also a frog. You know wonderful things john too. I think i told you guys like f. I watched this was like god. This is amazing. It's literally one of the best romantic comedies. I've ever seen and it would be so easy to to remake it in america and just have it starlike bill hader and emma stone it would fucking suck because everyone would just talk endlessly at each other and the the real beauty here is i mean. It's a love triangle. But before the triangle fully forms we get to watch two characters essentially build this romance between each other across a street between two office buildings through two glass windows and then later you know these. These romances they blossom or in some cases fall apart over time so the other part of the triangle is someone who had literally one evening of interaction with this woman and has sort of built this mythos around her and turned his life around based on this one interaction. He had with her and all the memories that he took from that experience. It's it's fucking beautiful and the way it plays out so beautiful and there's no way in american film could ever touch this. Basically we've talked about the frog and So the fraud plays this symbolic importance between these two characters. That are like sort of back and forth Out of touch with each other after this. This great like meet hugh where they're like sort of helping each other out and But the film even before that like opens on the disillusioned on this of this relationship and Which the frog was an integral part of that relationship and one of the things. I was struck by that might might come across a small but it was just one of those things that you're just not used to or i wasn't used to after watching so many american ron comes. Is that this symbol was able to be transformed from one relationship to another without this like baggage. You know like it now means something else. Yes it meant something to me with somebody else before but now it's something else that is like was kind of powerful to me. I really appreciate it that same absolutely. Yeah i think that what you were saying about the sort of the beauty of the one night meet q. Is it precisely because able to make you feel the impact of it make you feel. Just how spontaneous and an effervescent it is in like and it culminates in that like maybe like the best shot diet tells ever made of of of and holding holding up the gesturing with that whiskey bottle urging urging to go on and be able to turns life around the as the bus headlights. Illuminate her shadow which then inspires him to make this ultimate in incredible skyscraper like an to sort of juxtapose all those things within the single frame like it. That's sort of a key. Example of how tos able to transform and and inflicts these moments of both these moments and these objects and how he's able to keep them in mind while also juggling all these other things because this is definitely a much cloudier pottier. I guess from the other all the toast but certainly a good portion of them. And i think that it's definitely important that he's not shortchange. Either any of the any of the polls of the of this love triangle. Partially because louis koo is this decade this sort of inaugurated like this incredible decade of of performances and also forms another link in sort of cycle or continuing physical debasement that he goes through a lot of a lot of films including allowed to films and it it. Has this like the way that uses him and like at openly acknowledged his failings his from security while also showing like how how how much of a galvanizing and genuinely compassion force it can be at times. It's it's a very remarkable absolutely. There's this move as a strong horn is not a crime shows. A major part of louis koo is subject to horny innis a she. Actually the pla boise gates. He's he's he. Its nose bleeds from every sees women with big breasts and he sees many of them in this. It's a recurring problem. Meanwhile daniel playing a recovering alcoholic is very true. And he's very classically morally upright man. He's he's very principle. He follows his dream. He he kinda gets back on the wagon and becomes very his. His love is very true and beautiful. And and i guess that's interesting there isn't really a villain either louis coosa tumbles. But he's not a bad guy. He's not like you know in the standard modern wrong concerts. Usually where they find out one guy is cheating or one guy is you know. He's he's got some kind of malevolent alterior motive which ruled him out entirely from being chosen by by our our heroine. That doesn't happen here. Louis koo steps. It's very clear that both of these men have a very passionate feeling for the for the leading lady which makes the final the final showdown of this the showdown where for two men propose marriage to her genuinely kind of like. I didn't know which way it would go on known to me. She like what's nice dynamic is like you know. She is clearly more interested or like her. She has more feelings for the guy that she shouldn't. And while this other things kind of developing and she goes back and forth. And i was i was taking with how much it goes back and forth like. Don't know it was like. Oh they're still half hour laughed even though she just liked joe's the right one or whatever which is nice. Yeah well and you mentioned too ryan mentioned it that this is this is one of the more plot heavy toes. But it's interesting to me because the way that it it it kind of lays out the plot you have essentially in this love triangle. You have to separate but familiar romcom archetypes right so you have this one guy who's like fundamentally a good person but he's an alcoholic and he's completely passionate about this woman than this other guy who. He's he's rich he's good looking and he's successful but he's a he's got some womanizing. Problems needs to get his shit together. And like you said there's no there's no bad guy here if these characters were separated. These were two separate movies. Which in american romcom. That would be it. This would be the guy that they both be the guy they both be the one that she would pursue and ultimately be with. And that's what makes us so fun because you've seen a million movies before with one of these two male leads and so it's really a fun exercise where you don't know until she actually choose one of them which one she's going to choose because they're they're both. There's no wrong choice. yeah i think we should. We shouldn't discount as well. I think that a lot of what makes us so funny. This is an extremely funny. How how tos is very willing to lean into the extremity of the situations in the scale of what goes on like he will have like when when when because those clinton when when he first comes in because he's the new boss spits this entire this entire mouth water. All all over. The board members are when when like in early an earlier time when those who said that that would have to be a martian or something to be from to be able to be loyal to a single woman and then and then a daniel was assistant mentions later onto to him that that she literally calls like the martian and then immediately pulls out some blackened since furiously christly dabbing his face or in the climax. Where the danny will literally eases the lights of an entire skyscraper to propose and that's contrasted with this image of those students that called this amid very nicely done very large banner but i just cannot compare it to this entire skyscraper lights there. There's incredible like match off between intellectual versus physicality in that one guy makes buildings and the other guy climbs buildings and you know and it kind of is this elmo that they both have an incredible amount of passion and she is torn between them and like ryan special. Do i do think it's worth mentioning like lamps. Away is a wonderful welcome presence in almost all johnny tohfill here. He is amazing completely comic. Bumbling row he is just incredible throughout inches. Mostly just running around with a cell phone. This is the movie about everyone. That's like twenty twenty vision because entire conversations of this film into ill people picking out details in the office block across the road lamb. Saw is yeah. He's he's mostly just on a phone screaming things. Were looking into another piloting. And it's it's kind of amazing. How much how mileage. She gets a real. I guess he's he's often physical presence and johnny toe films. But i never seen him like this. Before re-lane the closest. I can think of is at watching broadcast news where he had a very comic role as a kind of a civilian caught in the middle of a of a hostage situation. And there's this like weird slapstick relationship with him. The kind of like giving into the hostages and kind of sensibly like earth the terrorist is like they're very violent. We should just do what they say. And he's still on who's very morally upright telling his old man that he's like a coward. There's there's weird tension in that. That's probably the only other what i think that really gets the same kind of physical immediacy of this role where he is just like running around and always like just a half a beat behind everyone else. I'm just nails every time. Just absolutely fantastic subplot to this film. All every single one of great in basically any alcohol felonies in which is a lot and always in this in the serveral. And you'll definitely see good amount in the next episode as well. I'm not sure is it. Is it because. I think i heard that he wasn't originally an actor. I think was was johnny to- who pulled him in into fill. I'm not sure if that's true or not. I think i saw that somewhere that he was like a crew member or something and he just got pulled on screen. But i don't know if like he didn't go the traditional route. I don't know if that's true because he's obviously an incredibly gifted actor. So maybe that's maybe that's not true. That seems too good to be true. Perhaps speaking of actors union offers as a segue sorts bone before move. I should mention that the sequel don't go breaking. My heart is in some ways and even more interesting film. Both shotgun morgan. Who've been my essentially to- china's especially to those stars like they actually prefer it in many ways. I think it's also one of his best films and it's very it's also mirror image or like the antithesis of this. It's it has its own sort of light elements and is very funny but it. It doubles down in a way that almost exposes the flaws or the dream fantasy of the first phone because it has like interest as another central couple at it puts in all these different linkages. It somehow like quadruples the exertion of the of the climax of this of this film an incredible way and has this very it's not bleak necessarily but it has this sort of downbeat called. That's really fascinating. I think it's a. It's definitely a major for me. I certain i don't like it as much as this one. But i think that's because i literally just watching earlier today and honestly i don't like it as much because it hurt my feeling seattle back to it later. I love the first one more because it doesn't like at the second one does hurt me in a certain way really interesting. I i will mention just since we. We just talked about availability and at the recording of this podcast. Both of these films. Don't go breaking my heart. One and two are on netflix. Us so they are probably the easiest. You will ever find to find some johnny to- films so do check them out. Yes blended active also which is another pairing. The of the two main actors earned next and our last bump. Well we get one more left to talk about. So i feel like the last one. We're going to talk about here is romancing in thin air and i feel like with this one. It's is this just johnny to- scolding younger me for like mocking classic hollywood ending or just taking too personal reading with swat. This movie is great. Okay so my summation of this movie is essentially for like two thirds of this. I was watching. I really enjoyed. And i'm like this is a lovely drama. This is a nice boost. My mom was like this and then the final third is like fucking my watching cinema reconfigured. And it's incredible. I think this is honestly creeping up there as one of my one of my favorite toe films just this one. Just let me kind of sitting in the senate in my seat. Just kind of going. Like what wa- again like i keep saying. These are like magic tricks when i watch movies. This is another one. It's like what the hell. How did she do this. Yeah it's wonderful film. It's another film that deals with a triangle as well and it really fascinating way involves a movie star on like a bender. Who what is he doing. Like ends up in the wilderness at his number one fans like cabin as drunk and he falls in the back for truck driven home with her by accident because he proposes to his his lifetime. Love who uses coast are in his last movie and like his muse inspired him to make this film that won a top award and we proposes to her publicly in. They're going to get married in public and her her lost love almost like a whole other film. We didn't see her lost. Love shows up out of nowhere and they made an open. They re she elopes with him so he starts drinking and yet faults and literally falls in the back of like little moped thing and gets driven home and ends up in in weirdly. A place called shine crew law which i looked into this because it was like. Is this where you know shangri la. It's like a paradise place on. Is this where that came from. No shangri la a fictional creation in a book by someone. I've never heard of before. But apparently this place. In china they just renamed shangri la in like two thousand eleven to troll tourism. So it's really seems terrifying place on earth to me. I mean there's a small town and there's this hotel but it's just like well don't go in the woods. They call what he got bears. Now it's not it's not animals you walk into the woods if you walk more than twenty yards. You're going to be lost for seven years eventually. Die set incredible point in film where it's something that toan at awash and weicker fires. Well probably why five maybe more in the writing of things where he creates these very literal symbols of the film and integrates demand. But the aren't distracting to me like like you mentioned stephen. This there is a forest nearby. This woman runs this hotel and she's waiting for her husband to return. Hopefully and her husband is lost in as far as the forest has a mine with the matter which gives off magnetic interference which means that compass don't work so people just get lost in the forest and they can never find their way out which is obviously a metaphor for everyone in this move. He tried to find their way. But it somehow and particularly with the conclusion which will get kind of like really racks in the whole role of cinema in the whole process of storytelling. In the reality that we're witnessing it's not distracting. It's cheesy in a sense but it just suddenly. It's transformed in the finale and it just works really seamlessly. I'm just kind of again like i. Just don't understand how these movies are this good and we just keeps making them. We also have the go. Remy symbol stuff in this too yeah. There's a lot of stuff like that is on paper or like in again like an american analog to this like some drama romance drama where it would just be hitting it really hard in ways that it just kind of like okay we have the symbol and this is going to do all the work for us and like just always goes beyond that i was gonna say if you wanna get into some real. Grandstanding like power of cinema of stuff. Jack you mentioned it. I don't know which one we were talking about. Maybe we sparrow. Maybe it's running on karma but basically of these johnny thome movies. The connective tissue here is they are proof positive that the script does not make the movie like this is any of any of these movies without johnny till just just words on paper. There's so much here where you're like. Oh god why is this the metaphor. Why why is this happening. Why why is this going on. None of this should work and the way that he just pulls the rug out from under you consistently i mean. That's that's like that's like even a part of this film. Mike meta tax trillion. There's like a script written by the android character. And she reads it like he makes it for her forgotten n. she reads it and then you see her go and actually see the film and it's just like an entirely different experience that she wasn't prepared for ya on the film. This reminded me of a little bit as a completely different film meeting glorious bastards which is the same kind of tone at all. Let me let me tell you but yeah. This is almost like a movie. That's almost like cinema control. The world thursday that kind of like end kind of like culmination that our hero ultimately uses the power of film to not quite tell the truth. Tell i guess like hertzog would say like an ecstatic truth. Something that exists beyond the truth something greater than it but truer than than what actually happened to reconcile his relationship with the woman who jilted him at the altar and then also build a new relationship with another woman he he g basically he. He makes a film about this woman's husband to it. Turns out eventually has died in the forest. Which is the everyone knew. After seven years in a far chances are you know probably not come back out again and so so you know he. He makes a film about this and but his film doesn't follow the orders of the events. We have just witnessed we saw in the film. What actually happened. The film tells a different account of events book. It's in the same spirit. it's kind of captures. How film works. How fiction can work to illuminate the reality and illuminate. What's really you know. Kind of i guess the deeper truths of things. It's just really i. it's it's firstly. it's just so unexpected. Just didn't know what was happening. I mean they literally go into a movie cinema and our our though. The woman is like who has broken from the guy because she thinks she's getting back to his old ways miss star his stardom and stuff. You says she sitting in a cinema watching watching the movie. And i thought that was going to be like you know. Five seconds to clarify. She'd seen the movie made but no we live like shirin. The curious tommy film. And here's tom a major touch point in this as well. We sit in the cinema watching the film in the film. It's a you and it just stays in there with her for a significant amount of time as we watch the the climax of the film within the film. It's just re contextualize everything that happened. It's just incredible on just hammered with this film. This is just wonderful it's not just Like a wow moment like that just happened but like what really comes off as just like this man using this thing that he has an his pot former whatever you wanna call just as an act of grace and that is like. That's that's the whole thing like it. When i finish watching this movie like i really liked it but i was just kind of like doing some household chores and just like just it just continued to move me like how gentle end powerful. It is just somebody doing something for someone to help them. Get through losing someone like. I'd really love this film. Also and i think it's in part because i never know quite how i feel about the sort of this metaphor of cinema this particular relationship because it's almost in a way like shapes sandwich character like her entire life in like in her entire like her her history with her with her husband and how he would he could never match up like he was always trying to imitate those coups character. Like so that he could be like this. This this Like idealize man and he could never do it of course and then now that he's shown up long after her husband has has disappeared strange like engagement with wish fulfilment which then gets another layer added on with this with this with this film within the film. And like it's like. I never know quite how to feel about because on this one time. It's was like almost reminding her of what could have been or like what happens and self is extremely painful and extremely difficult to bear. But then it's also this act of grace like you said like this act of of illuminating. The way in which seen senior stories can can give different light to it. And like i think that guy character gets replaced by a semi Like gets replaced like sandwich. John sees herself onscreen like interacting with her with her husband in this really really strange way almost subliminal subliminal intimate image. But it's really fascinating way of of of using and fiction as metaphor that. I still don't know. Quite how i feel about. And i think that's what made me so much also should say that this is sort of. This makes it very interesting. Flipside with drug were because both films were released. The same year were filmed largely in in mainland china. And they have this. They both have very distinct approaches to hong kong perspective on china at this particular time. That's very very key to toews career at this juncture interesting A total non sequitur. Just 'cause i'm curious. I've noticed that the literal hong kong title of this high altitude of love to does anyone know what part wanted his simian factual film within the film within the film. I just like it just called high altitude romance into okay. That's even hoping the answer was going to be like. They released like stallone's cliffhanger. I we get to we. Just compare this to inglorious bastards and drug war which were not the same kinda fill at all. Yeah it certainly and again. It's interesting that that interplay and this one is curious because yeah you're right. It has those increasingly far as into mainland china in work. Don't go break my heart. Also ventures into mainland china at. This one does in love on a diet. he goes to japan. And it's it's kind of interesting there. There's a fluidity to the you know it. It doesn't seem out of sorts. Like the the film still feel like very much like a johnny to- film but it is. I'm not quite sure how they would interact now. I mean i kind of when. I was growing up watching hong kong cinema. It was all of their like the late eighties early nineties variety and it was really net knowing now i mean it was all kind of suffused with the anxiety of the handover in nineteen ninety-seven from britain handing hong kong back to mainland china. And then i kind of felt like everything. I watched was really from period when it was still an autonomous territory effectively and so i'm never quite sure how those two industries interact with each other. I don't know if romancing eras kind of choice to move into mainland. China is significant for marketing or for other reasons. I you know. I don't know is. Is there something in nash. While i'd like these like especially drug warlick was made as very conscious like where where you can see like if you viewed it from one perspective you could see it as glorifying the police but if you see another like this intense criticism and election films especially election to are largely about this and it's very very likely that that's why election three will not be able to get made because the because it's toes Ideas for our to run to afoul foul. The sensors that. That's what i for i. I said that that election three he couldn't make because he feels he be in danger from people which defensive fight yeah till has made like films in mainland china chasing dreams most recent film which is Which i actually wanted defenders of like is very much mainland. Tom in in an interesting way. Yeah he definitely is. Maybe more fluid than one would expect in terms of his engagement because he is very much. A conflict mckinney has such innate understanding. But he's able to draw outs the like the sort of subtle yet important distinction. I like even for. Don't go breaking my heart. Daniela's a chinese actor and his his sort of proximate like his in the second film his essential removal from action because he spends most of the in mainland. China is a key part of the key. To the dynamics of the film she has really interesting. Interactions super mainland. All right boys. Well we're run a little bit long. So i think we got to wrap this one up ryan i know we we kinda we gotcha at the last minute to be our guests in and we appreciate that and we did a really terrible job a brief anew on how the podcast runs so we do this thing at the end of every episode called put overs and so what we do is basically anything. You've you've read watched. Listen to doesn't matter anything at all that you want to say. This is great. Doesn't have to have anything to do. Johnny tells you mean unless you want to put over some more dose so just just you know. Get to the to the gears turning so jack. What are you putting over this week. I'm going to put over. I've been watching pretty much. Nothing but Toe films our refrained from recommending them. Although i do recommend them pretty much. I'm going to recommend. I don't think i've put this over. Four and steve will. I think fully approve. I'm going to recommend a movie. Called death promise directed by early. Richard robert warm flash which i have no idea if that's his real name which isn't a poor note despite his name being robert warm flash. But it's it's an amazing late seventies kind of revenge movie vinegar syndrome. Just put it out on blu ray. It is literally a movie about landlords being trash and property developers being trash and two dudes who just know kung fu go on a revenge mission against landlords in new york and it is every bit as awesome as that sounds. It is amazing so fully recommend that one death promise. Check it out. Yeah i'm gonna check that one as well fully backed and supported. That's a gift. The optimism vaccine seal of approval. Sean what he put over this week. I've been just watching these movies. But i did get into like this. Really good podcast recently. Super smart guys called wiseman podcasts. Yeah you can find it wherever a yeah. I want to spoil what it's about. Just just go into a smart guys throughout history. It's christian themed like the three. Yes episode ones about frankencense to about the explicit bar is just because we get so mad at at what people did to jesus. We're all mad about. Yeah he really had a bad time. Didn't they put put over the men. Podcast get and people. Find that sean wherever they get podcasts. All right well. I'm gonna put over. I'll put over wise men podcasts to it's pretty solid and i'm also going to put over jackpot over and in general i think it's extremely cool to kick your landlords ass so if that's an option for you please do it for me personally. I'm gonna put over some some music inspired by jack ason who had way too long of a conversation in the group chat industrial music with there. Was this fall to yami star this fall. Yeah it's entirely his fall. We're going to go ahead and blame him. But that got me thinking about the band killing joke because you guys were talking about the ministry and the two thousand six killing joke album and a lot of us saying why. Don't you put over eighty killing show. Of course you put over eighty s killing joke. They're great but we're talking two thousand six. The album is called hosanna from the basement of hell. And it's it's great. It's fantastic honestly is probably like top three killing joke album for me which may make some industrial music nerds angry. But i don't care. Because i don't know you're you're just a guy in a fear factory shirt wearing eyeliner. I don't what are you going to do about it. Killing joke is always had this really abrasive quality to them partially because they're singer jazz. Coleman has this like naturally gravelly very scary intimidating voice and. This is the first time where i feel. Like the production really matches his level of gravity gruffness and it is it is intense it is the musical equivalent to getting punched in the face repeatedly and enjoying every minute of it so Check that out killing joke coziness in the basements of hell and finally esteemed guests. We've given you exactly two minutes to come up with something to put over so ryan. What are you putting over this week at. This is something. I watch recently or dow i. We don't give a shit you can put over anything i mean how are we gonna know w washed out definitely watch that. Yeah just fucking lie man. Well i'm not gonna lie but watches last year but this is also another. I think this is maybe the best non tiller y milky way film which is accident by. So chang who did. Spf two time for consequences. Which is one of the great martial arts films of the past twenty years and his accent is really fascinating also with those coup. Where it's in a sense. You could compare it to the conversation that where he plays the sort of hitman who who who kills us targets by engineering these accents. These incredible things like this set of interlocking interlocking things that makes a window smash and like kill. Kill the target with with the shattered glass and he gets drawn into this thing where he's unsure someone has been targeting is talking to his team or not and it's very much in the milky way style and it's interesting to see a different take on on on the tour. Why i'd recommend that it's that one is also on netflix. Us right now. Which makes it acceptable. That's wild. I would not have expected that all right well. If you enjoyed this podcast do us a big favor. There's there's a couple of links in the description. One will take you to our i tunes page and you can give us a five star review and you're probably saying to yourself steve. Why would i do such a thing and the answer is man. It just helps us out. Just do it if you haven't done it yet. It takes two seconds. You can just give us five stars in the little chap typing box pop up and you can type. I like jack even though. I hate the irish in general. And that's okay. You could say that that's fine. Jack won't get too upset about it a little bit. But he'll get over it. It's fine he'll get over it The other link will take patriarch page. And if you're feeling i don't know benevolence if you've got a little extra scratch you weren't decimated by the pandemic help us out. Give us like a couple of bucks and it'll help us pay for this podcast because podcasting a cheap you gotta pay for hosting a pay for other stuff. There's things there's expenses that would really help immensely and for all your trouble remember until i run out of shit to send if you donate to our patriot literally any level whether it's three dollars twenty dollars whatever you want. I am going to mail you. A random movie from my collection could be a. Dvd could be a blu. Ray box set. Maybe you're like the new criteria wildcard. Why set totally ruined in the mood for love and then my ass is going to send you that criteria. How great would that be for you. Think about the possibility sean. Why you like just shattering their dreams here. You doing the opposite of romantic air. You're you're taking it into your is supposed to be an act of grace and you're shattering it here anyways i'm rambling the point. Is you give a couple of bucks. You get a shout out on air so you can be like you could be like paul or you can be like dustin if you hit that five dollars here you get your name. Read aloud on a podcast. And isn't that the dream ladies and gentlemen. That's what you all want so. Yeah make sure you do that. Otherwise you can tweet at us at optimism vaccine. You can email us. Optimism vaccine Send us all your death. Threats marriage proposals content suggestions. Whatever you want really ryan thank you again for coming on the shore notice man. We really appreciate it. Where can people find you on the internet. Sure thank you again for for inviting me. My twitter account is one underscore ryan s. to b. e. n. underscore r. y. A. n. Where you can fall my sort of ramblings and whatnot we tweets and my my website is taipei mansions and that contains a lot of superfluous lists and links Parley links to to the reviews pieces at they've written and i have my podcast. Callous witness a press slots versions festival and that those are a far longer episodes about near one. The films that are discussed their in. And it's it's a long set. But i think it's a gen generals a fruitful good. It's a good. It's a shower. Podcast by call them so every day i listened to fifteen minutes of it at a time and then after a week i like halfway through it. So it's it's nice. It's good it's all right. Good shower podcasts. At least for me. I give out of in that realm so thank you. I'll give it a listed met. It's solid. I think that just about wraps up so yeah we'll be back next week with three of the toe down.

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