Dan Patrick Show - Hour 2 - Tim Kukjian (10-08-18)


It's all about me. Dan, Patrick gas, there is more where that came from. Click back for new episodes all week log. This is firefighter Raphael poor yet for firehouse subs. Introducing the new firehouse pub stakes up with savory steak, crispy fried onions, and are rich Belgian beer cheese sauce on tap for a limited time or yours at firehouse subs dot com. Today, remember a portion of every sub you buy helps provide lifesaving equipment for I responded firehouse subs. Enjoy more subs, save more lives, limited time, only plus tax participating locations. Firehouse subs don't even minimum one billion dollars in two thousand eighteen firehouse subs, public safety foundation by donating point, one, three percent every purchase broadcasting from their Mercedes men can. I think Aaron judge make everybody else around him a lot better. This is Dan, Patrick hope had a great weekend our to the program more of your phone calls best and worst to the weekend, Tim kurkin from the mothership. We'll talk about the baseball that happened over the weekend and baseball later on today. And tonight. Astros Indians dodgers Braves, socks, Yang's, and then pop it all on with the Redskins and the saints. Eight, seven, seven, three DP show our Twitter handle at DP show. The glove has a poll question. I believe from the first hour. Why put up just as a placeholder was the post fight may lay good or bad for the UFC sixty five percents a good so far. But we also have some of our famous Monday morning dude poll option. Okay. As in starting with dude, what are you doing? Let's start with the Oklahoma defense. Oh boy. Owed l. Beckham for making critical comments about team, Blake Bortles for being bad, Blake chiefs, and Mason Crosby obviously missing five field goals for the Packers. Jason Garrett not going for two fourth down the hobby camp and Habib for jumping the octagon. And I actually per our pre show conversation would put the Shawn Watson out there for just running around too much dude. What are you doing. Yeah, you're watching him get hit. And you know, this is such a sport of attrition like you just there's only so many hits you can take before you're going to be sitting on the sidelines or you're going to be in a hospital bed. And this is a guy just he's coming off a CEO. You got to protect yourself because we know who's backing you up. You have to stay in the lineup. Self-preservation is so important for these quarterbacks and I don't care how big you are. It's going to hurt somebody's eventually going to hurt you. Somebody's gonna eventually gonna hit you and you're going to not be ready for it. Cam Newton still gets it gets hit hard, and there'll be a day when he probably doesn't get up or it gets up and you know he's limping off the field. You saw that, you know we, we've seen that through history and even though they're trying to protect the quarterback, you have to help protect yourself a little bit here. And that's what Shawn Watson has. Got understand. Because if you don't, you're not gonna make it through sixteen games. Mclovin. Would you say the same thing about Carson Wentz. Andrew, lock? Yes. All of them. Carson Wentz had had major knee surgery, nine to twelve months recovery. I understand if it's a playoff game, I understand it. But even then I, the risk and the reward, the have to weigh that out. And I, I wanna know if you're going to be there long term. For me, the reason why there are certain there's a handful of quarterbacks who played as long as they've played is because they have self preservation, and that's Brady and Brees, even Philip rivers. Although rivers got popped yesterday, but they're going to be moments when you get hit, don't don't open yourself up to getting hit. The referees are going to protect you. So use that to your advantage and make sure that you don't put yourself in harm's way. You don't get any style points for going out and took on that linebacker, but it's going to fire up our team. I go back to Jimmy Garoppolo. What are you doing to get one more yard in September, and then you lower your right shoulder, you're throwing shoulder into the defender. So you compound already a stupid mistake by not going out of bounds, and then you could have injured your shoulder. You have to. If we're going to teach these defensive players, we're going to reprogram on them on how to tackle. I have to reprogram some quarterback. You can't do what you did in college. You're just not going to be able to be around into Shawn Watson last night here. Just Shawn Watson, talking about self preservation or maybe lack thereof. Do as best for the team. And I know sometimes for the best for the team as pretend to myself. But no, are we down at the goal Ryan? You know, I'm trying to get an end zone. That's my mentality. So regardless of what I gotta do three dues like it was tonight. And most of the times I'm trying try to find my ass off to get in the zone, and that's what I'm gonna, tally, whatever it takes. I'm Bill to take those hits. No, you're not. No. We'll bring that back in six weeks when he's not playing, he lost half of his rookie season is a guy more known for his injury problems. And that's the exact opposite of someone built to take those and you're not helping your team. Like that mentality. Sounds great. I'm a fight my ass off to get in the goal. You know, getting the ends on every time. It sounds awesome. It's a great sound bite, but in reality, I think almost everybody on the team is like, do what the hell you doing I, but you have to imagine that way anyway, cowboy fan. So I feel your pain today. You should have gone forward. Fourth in one and yes, I have the benefit of knowing the end result, but I. I got that line in that running back, I have to be able to get a yard, and I got a quarterback who can do the quarterback, sneak. And I realized the coal and the result, two different things, but I would have I would have gone for it there. I want to win play to win. You need a win. They played not to lose, and that's the big difference there. Jerry Jones who you know, he just can't stay away from a microphone. Says, I'm not going to second guess you know the the call and then he proceeded to second guess the call say, we, you know, we should've risked that that's called second guessing it. Yes, he's, it'd be constantly undermined in public by your owner. It must be just infuriating. I don't even know if he knows that he's doing it. Remember when he was trying to tell his audience in Dallas that the Cowboys offense is like the Rams and I went, no, it's not. No, no. It's not not even close. I got a brilliant offense in mind in Sean McVeigh. As a quarterback whisper, and I've got a whole lot more weapon. I've got wide receivers. You don't have that in Dallas, but for him to still think that he has that you don't. You chose to take a linebacker instead of a wide receiver, and I get it because Sean Lee is injury prone, but you don't have a go-to wide receiver here and even Zico Elliott. He didn't have a good night, but I have to believe that office at member that offense of line. No, it's been banged up. I gotta get a yard, right to carries. Can I get one yard. I got a stat of the day, and it's kind of a surprising stat of the day has to do with Patrick Mahomes Seton. In the first three games. Patrick Mahomes threw thirteen touchdowns no interceptions in the past two games, he's thrown one touchdown pass and throwing two interceptions his quarterback rating for weeks. One through three was one thirty. One. The past two weeks is quarterback rating is seventy five. But you won those games. Nobody's going to talk about that. But Patrick Mahomes he did have rushing touchdown, but the last two weeks is quarterback rating. If you follow such numbers is seventy five. Let's from trae. Daniel question. Can you fire a kicker after he kicks game winner, Greg, Joseph for the Browns Mr. extra point missed wide left. At the end of the fourth finally hit the ugliest game winner in overtime. What should the Browns to with their kicking troubles this season? I'm gonna go back to what I'm telling him Packer fans today. Yeah, you don't want Mason Crosby, but who are you bringing in. Mason Crosby is one of the better kickers. Greg, Joseph is not, but who who are the Browns going to bring in. Yeah, we got to get rid of our kicker. Okay. You start to bring somebody in. Let's see. This is a. Tweet. Thank you, Dan, for green with the rest of the Cowboys fans, Jason Garrett. You have thirty minutes to collect your things before security. Does it for you? I don't know if it's that drastic because if Jerry was going to replace Jason, would've done a long time ago, Wednesday night, it's hockey where the stars come out to play Stanley Cup, final rematch, Vegas, Golden Knights. Taking on the Washington Capitals, Wednesday, eight eastern on NBC. Yeah. We talked a little bit about Ghana McGregor and Habib that fight and in the post fight will dive into a little bit deeper in an hour aerial hell want covers the sport will join us. Also, Reggie Miller reg making a rare appearance prior to the start of the NBA season. That's great. He had some things to say about the post fight. He said, reminded him of the malice of the panels with Ron r. tests there think the mouse at bounces worse than that. I don't think you go to an NBA game. Thinking of fight could break out in a stand. I think there is the small possibility in MA that something could happen that you hadn't seen before. Eight, seven, seven, three DP show Email address DP Dan, Patrick dot com. Get your phone calls coming up by the way our stats of the day are brought to you by continental tire, no matter what you drive, where you drive, how you drive. They have a tire for you. The great folks at continental tire dot com. So baseball today, Astros Indians dodgers Braves, SOX Yankees. Brewers advanced to the national championship series, though. Wait the winner of the dodgers and the Braves to Scott Michigan. Hey, Scott, what do you have for me today? Hey, scott. Five we'll call it one sixty five. Let's see. Best to the weekend is a try factor. First off Detroit. Lions pulled off the hat trick against Green Bay, even with Aaron Rodgers at the helm that was nice to see university of Michigan doubled up on Maryland, moved up in the polls, Michigan state lost to northwestern out of twenty five. And I would have to say the worst of the weekend would have to be a rate. As do you think Derek Carr is going to try to would work try to work out a trade at the end of the season to get outta there? Or do you think the allure of Vegas is gonna make him want to, you know, work out? I don't think I don't think he's going to one out. I think it'll be Jon Gruden wants him out. Thank you Scott. But I don't know why people expect out of the raiders. I don't expect anything out of the raiders. I mean, I thought they got six winds, it'd be what I expect out of the raiders. This is this a two year process to go to Vegas. I didn't see them if they thought that they were going to challenge. They would have kept colo- MAC, that's really what it comes down to, and the bears feel like they're ready to take the next step in challenge. That's why they went and got Coloma planet simple. You got Trubisky on a low contract right now. You've spent all the money on car. If you had Trubisky is your quarterback in Oakland. You might have kept colo- MAC, if you had that contract, you might have kept to maybe. But I mean, we won't know, don't you get the feeling that John gruden's gonna take a quarterback in the first round of the draft in two thousand. I would mean in this next drafty takes a quarterback in the first round yet because I don't. I don't know. That's another way to buy yourself for years draft, a young guy out of wherever state and yeah, but he dare cars trade value, I would guess does, but I don't know of. I don't know if he's resigned to the fact that he's not his franchise quarterback because I think it's I felt like he took the job because he had a franchise quarterback. I was told that John was waiting for the job now turned out to be the raiders and of course one hundred million dollars, but he needed a franchise quarterback because you you're lost. If you don't have that quarterback. And I think that that was part of the reasoning behind John. He was gonna jump that one hundred billion dollars one more phone call. We'll take a break Travis in Ohio. Hi, Travis. DP is maybe the best in the worst for you. Best of the weekend, obviously them brownies pulling out that w against Baltimore, worse of the weekend is still the terrible officiating us Browns fans have had to deal with in order to get that w. keep your head up. You know what I loved about Baker Mayfield yesterday. It's not always pretty, and it's not going to be pretty with the Browns, but man, he, he's not afraid and he's competitive. I, there's energy there. Like when you go into the huddle, it just feels like, you know, there's this Connecticut energy that he's like, we're going to do something here. We're gonna get something and look. They're kicking field goals there, but you know, the Browns defense going to keep them in games. Every game Cleveland's played. It's close. But you're winning a couple of games and and there's a little bit of, you know, there's something happened in there. Really is now, it's not just Baker Mayfield, but I think when you have a leader when you when the defense can look at the offense and go, okay, you know, get some points force because that defense is really good, and we'll keep them in a lot of games this year. More phone calls coming up for the weekend will give you hours. And once again will dive into the fight with McGregor and he'll be a little bit later on aerial Helwan wanna covers the sport as well as anybody and Reggie Miller also some thoughts on it as well. That'll be coming up next. Our Tim Kirch in in the on deck circle and we'll talk some playoff baseball with him. Eight, seven, seven, three DP show Email address DP Dan, Patrick dot com. 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Introducing the new firehouse pub stakes up with savory steak, crispy fried onions are rich, Belgian beer cheese sauce on tap for a limited time or yours, firehouse subs dot com. Remember portion of every. Hubei helps my life saving equipment for I responded firehouse subs. Enjoy more subs, save more lives, limited time, only plus tax participating locations. Firehouse subs don't even minimum one billion dollars in two thousand eighteen firehouse subs, public safety foundation by donating point one, three percent every purchase. Poll question mclovin update that Tim Kirkman will join us. We'll give you our best and worst of the weekend coming up. So we started out with was he post fight, lay good or bad for the UFC. And right now it stands sixty eight percent so good. I think it was, you know your calling card is Conor McGregor. Aside from that, you know. Are you getting three million buys with anybody else? You know that that's why you know Dana white talks out of both sides of his mouth here. He's a necessary evil for the sport. Yes. Mclovin had a problem though. He's getting older, you know, don't they need a pipeline? Yeah, you would think. You know that you, you milk somebody as long as you can and you know, Conor McGregor coming back. I, I wonder how long he's going to if he's making a couple of hundred million here. Now I come much longer. Does he do it and then does he do something different? Does he get into wrestling? Does he get into movies? Does he does it become an action hero? That's the, you know, the a zone, Claude, van Damme kinda guy. I don't know. He's got a lot of charisma. I just wonder how much longer he continues to fight. Yeah, he's thirty. I don't know. I don't know what considered old. I don't know what's considered old, the sport. I mean, I, you know, look like chocolate l. I think was coming back and they've Randy couture these guys fighting till their mid forties. It feels like. Tito Ortiz. How about this guy? Habib is a star. I don't know. I don't. I mean, it got a lot of name recognition, but as exciting. He's like a wrestler clinical. It just feels like. He's just a great wrestler and once Khanna Gregor I thought the con- McGregor would be a better boxer because he had been training as a better boxer, but you know you're too in tune your last four fights. And once he went to the the ground, I just thought he has no chance here. He's not a better wrestler than this guy, but I don't know how much more you can get, you know, looks like you know Dana white. I'm like, you know, can you can squeeze out another rematch here. You know, we saw the, I didn't think it was a great fight and think of as interesting. That's another thing normally he's interesting wouldn't. This is sort of like employed Mayweather. I didn't think that was interesting at all. How about for the preliminary between the new, the Conor McGregor. Next, the rematch one of each of their cornermen have to fight in the pulmonary wanna Connors guys want to abuse fight. They wanted to fight cool. Strap them up and do a real fight, and I'm not even joking about this one get one corn amount of each that represents a similar way class and put them out there. Well, I was gonna, say, has to be sanctioned, but then I'm sure Dan alike it somehow saying things in sanction. It's like sanctioning, John sina, fight or something, and we got a sanction. Gets more phone calls coming up best and worst of the weekend, I watched a lot of baseball. I watch the aunties and the Red Sox curious about that thought the Yankees were gonna win the series still feel that way. You know, the five game series, you know, David price in as much as we bang on Clayton Kershaw joining anything in the postseason. But then we look at Kershaw differently when the great pitchers of all time. David price. A lot of money, and I'd have no confidence in him not. Sale look great. There's a lot of fun. Brewers brewers put away the Rockies and watching the dodgers, you know, AKU hits grand slam, and he was told by reporter after the game that, hey, you know, you're the youngest to do that in a playoff game since Mickey Mantle, and he wasn't sure he didn't know who Mickey Mantle was, but that's okay. That's all right. Tim, Kirk Shon. He'll be joining call ravage the rest of the ESPN baseball tonight teen. They returned to regular nightly addition throughout the baseball postseason and Tim Kirch in joining us from the merge mothership. Hi, TIMMY. How are you. I'm great. Dan, how you doing? I'm doing okay. Oh, where are you going to be watching the games today? Well, I'm gonna be in studio today. Truth be told I'd rather be at a game, but when you're in studio, you get to watch every pitch thrown of every game, which I will do today, and therefore I will least have a working knowledge of what's going on in all the series. When I get to watch games on TV, I'll be sitting next to Edward operas which is a treat. So it's the second best thing to actually being at one of the game, the brewers put away the Rockies are we are, we rooting for the brewers because it's new and kind of a neat two story, or should we be looking at the brewers as they are the best team in the National League? Or maybe it's both. It's a little of both. I'm not sure they're the best. Even the National League is I still need to see what the dodgers are going to do from here. I still think the dodgers have the most talented roster, but there there's nothing cute about the brewers. Dan, they are relentless. Their bullpen is stunningly good. One eighty ninety area since the start of September. That's almost a run lower than any other team in the major league. They bring wave after wave of hard throwing relievers out of the bullpen. They can hit the ball out of the ballpark. They have a great infield defensive won eleven games at a row. They are really good right now, but that dodger team is really good also. And I think we're going to get and LCS where the two best teams in the league or playing which is all we can ever ask. But you get these teams in disputes like there's fate. I don't wanna say destiny, but it feels like the brewers have that going this year. Yeah, I agree with you, Dan. I saw them quite a bit at the end of the season. I did their game one sixty three against the cubs, and I don't care how corny this sounds. There's something special going on there and maybe this sounds ridiculous. Maybe it's the manager. Maybe it's Craig counsel. Mark grace. Once he went to Notre Dame Margrave, what's described him as Rudy with talent played on two championship teams in his career, he understands the job of managing. He's a Bill walkie guy, managing the walkie brewers. He told me that four years ago, Hank Aaron was making a speech on stage in Milwaukee, and he called Craig counsel who was working for the club, but not as the manager, Craig, you have to come up here. So Craig counsel that I can't go up there you're, you're hanging. I came to you, you're Hank, Aaron, I'm Craig counsel. And then Hank Aaron started asking him questions told me, oh my gosh. Hear me questions about baseball possible. So that's who were dealing with as the manager and that kind of communication and that kind of every day man that he is, I think, really aids in how well this team is doing. Clayton Kershaw said he had nothing to prove to have to prove anything to anybody. I felt like he still maybe to something to prove to himself, whether he'd admit to it or not. He was brilliant in his last outing, but those Clayton Kershaw have something to prove when it comes to the postseason. Well, I really don't think so. Dan, I, that narrative is over however, we know how this works. You have to win the World Series. You have to win big game to help win the World Series before you're not just going to be anointed as a good postseason player. But as one of the greatest pitchers of all time, you have to do something in October and help your team win the World Series. Is that fair? Of course, it's not, but that's start the other night. Was brilliant. I think he's got more of that in him and I think he needs just to have that one seminal moment where you know he pitches a great game and the dodgers go on to win the World Series, which is is a possibility this year. Houston's in. I don't know if they're underdogs. They're just under appreciated. And here they're leading Cleveland to, oh, and game three today in Cleveland, assess this Astros team this year as opposed to last year's team? Well, it's potentially even better because they have Garrett Cole who just had a twelve strikeout no walking. He was in a gay. He was bright, ever had a thirteen strikeout no walk game and coal. Just put up the second best. One of those. It was ridiculous how good he was, and he's added to the team this year. I just worry that offensively they're not the team. They were last year. Carlos Correa has bad back. He hasn't been the same player, but that little Alex bregman guy has become clear on the team. Danny in the postseason this five foot, ten inch. Third baseman has two homers off a Chris sale. One off Kershaw one off kenley Jansen one off. Trevor Bauer and one off Corey kluber in the post. Alone when the game gets the biggest, when the situation gets the biggest, that's when that little guy is at his best and man has been great, and I think he adds a little extra to that Astro team going into more games. You're the postseason because he's even better than he was at this time. Last year. Janki is Red Sox tonight at Yankee Stadium advantages. Well, I gotta think it's the Yankees because their home and they've got Louis Severino who's a nineteen game winner and is starting to find the great stuff that he had the first three months of the season. And I think more than anything they're starting to hit on that Yankee team. Damn, we've been over this before one through nine. Please tell me team that could beat you with the Homer ball like this team can. It's great as home run hitting team in baseball history, and now here, Sanchez, catchers that such a miserable year is really starting to swing it. So I think that gives the advantage to the. The AKIs, but anyone who thinks, oh, the Red Sox are big, big trouble hasn't watched the Red Sox all year. This is going to be great series when I just think it's destined to go five games. Yeah, the pitching with the Red Sox, you know sale. We weren't sure about because he loses velocity this time of the year. You know, David price is really the conundrum for this team. Yeah, he's right. He's a conundrum for all of us, Dan. This makes absolutely no sense. He was so good for about two and a half months to start the second half that you just thought he was a given going into the playoffs. And yet the Yankees clearly have is number. He has terrible trouble at Yankee Stadium, and now they're gonna have to figure out how to beat the Yankees with David price still in the rotation. He's gonna have to pitch again or maybe they'll just use them out of the bullpen. I don't know, but that has to get fixed if they're going to get past the Yankees. Great stuff is always tomb till coral and everybody else said, what? Oh, that we set alot and have fun today. Okay. Dan tech so much. See that's Tim Kirch in baseball analyst. That's a guy who loves his sport, loves his job. It's really, really, really rare, and I was only there for eighteen years. So. I, I don't remember Tim where he would ever negative about his. He was always trying to find the positive about his sport and. It's a credit to him. He's a great reporter, but he'd he embraces this sport. Any add something to it. He always gives you, you know, details. And when he starts getting all excited and get that voice up a little bit higher, it's the best Hank Aaron said. Next, I think on Craig counsel. He's a treat best and worst of the weekend. How about ours? Fritzy I'll start with you best in worse than the weekend. I'm going college football with both best Texas, Oklahoma, Red River showdown lived up to the highpoints. Again, ninety three total points scored most in the history of the matchup exciting from start to finish. And then we asked the question is Texas back worst of the weekend, Florida state blowing a twenty point lead in Miami first time, the Seminoles lost at the hurricanes since two thousand four in the defensive coordinator for Oklahoma, Mike stoops got fired and give up what forty eight points. What if what if Oklahoma won that game fifty one forty, eight to stoop still does he does? He get fired in a win. Maybe mclovin best. And worst. I'm gonna go the opposite for the defense from both Texas and Oklahoma. I, I'd never see every cliche about big. Twelve defense was proved in that game. It was unbelievable. Screen pass was seventy are play. Every time best is the artists banks. He, I think we all know the story. So I if I still see here he his painting was auctioned for one point, three million dollars. It's how the bees, and then he raked it automatically shred. So shred right after the purchase a rock in front of people. So they bid on this. I think it was one point, four million it went for and then all of a sudden the painting starts moving and he had build a shredder into the frame. It's so great and on Instagram on his Instagram. He showed how he did it saw the planning. Now, the ironic part so that I was going to do the same, the Andrews at your worst. That was my best. Oh, that was your best. Sorry, I didn't mean to cut you off. Good. No, I. I knew the whole time I was stealing from Seton, here's my question. Are you proud if you bought that? I'm psyched if I, I want point three million, I was told watch. It'll be worth more money because of what happened. So my best of the weekend was gonna be banks shredding own artwork. My worst of the weekend is that it backfired totally. And now it's worth double what it or it. So when it sold for the one point, four million that was triple what they thought it would get. And now it's already doubled from that just because it's the shredded one that is the world is fascinating. Well, he likes to thumb his nose at people. I mean, banks, she if you if we don't know who he is, but there's a documentary and it's it's so great of what Bank sees done and all these pieces of work throughout the world. Any loves to thumb his nose at the art world. When we when I was in Amsterdam, they have a Bank see museum there that he, they're very upfront that he does not support the this museum and he'd none of this money goes to him like he's not in which could be a front to, but it's all done without his permission, but it is fascinating to look at the the work that he's done and sort of the message the messaging behind all of it is amazing. Yep. I think this thing is a big big scam. I think a bunch of group of artists came up with a fake name of a fake person. They're trying to do John Paul Basquiat or thirty years later, and I don't believe it in any way was a person. I know I know, but I'm what I'm saying is they're trying to create something fo- I don't believe it's a real person. I think it's a collaboration of three or four people who created a fictitious person that can never be found if there's no real person, you can never find this person interview 'em. I'll bet you ten years from now. A story comes out that this was four or five. Artists who said, let's do something where you can really make something big, make some money off it. It's working take the opposite because they do our share about a person banks shower shame. Yeah, maybe banks, you can create the shower of shame for and even still even if there is no Bank. See, it's still awesome. Yeah. Then those people who created it are fantastic and the artwork is super cool. It's sort of like graffiti ish. Either way. The story is great then but banks, he would do stuff where he would do street art and nobody knew that it was banks, and then he would sell it for like ten dollars and it would be worth one hundred thousand dollars, but he just wanted to know if somebody would buy this art on the street, not knowing it's a banks because soon as you say, it's the banks, then they go a million dollars and and so these people bought these street pieces of art for like twenty bucks and they're worth hundreds of thousands of dollars paulie best. And worst of the week I got to best university Colorado buffaloes or five. And when was the last time that happens? Seems like it's been awhile for Colorado football. They have tough schedule the rest of the way, but that was a fun football program to watch back in the day and same thing, university of Texas beats Oklahoma. But the best story of that game is they've got this young star wide receiver. He's six foot four to twenty two freshman wide receiver. His name is lil- Jordan Humphry like little Jordan Humphry. Lil Jordan Lil apostrophe Jordan Humphrey, and he's not Lil and the name comes from his mom wanted to name him Michael, Michael Jordan. But she went with little Jordan. So his actual name on his birthday ticket is little Jordan Humphrey, and he's awesome more phone calls best and worst of the weekend and in a pretty incredible stat about the person who should be the leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy. That's right after this, everybody's got it to do this. I get one from my wife drop off the dry cleaning, pick-up some milk, figure out something to get out of the house so I can relax. Here's an idea. Let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance. The good thing you don't have to drop off or pick up. Anything all you have to do is go to Geico dot com. And fifteen minutes. You could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance. The like extra money in your pocket. 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And for all the doers out there, timberland pro has the hyper charge work boot designed for optimal performance in comfort anti fatigue, technology delivers underfoot comfort for long days on the job site, composite safety toe powered by carbon shield technologies, stable stride technology. There's a lot of technology on your feet people. Okay. Premium, full grain, waterproof leather. I could go on and on talking about. I haven't even gotten to the breathable moisture wyking lining, antimicrobial treatment for odor. This is a must have boot for doers. If you're a doer, you need to look into this hyper charge work boot from timberland pro. There are talkers and there are doers. Timberland pro always do never done. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of AP news headlines right after this podcast. Couple of tweets here. Best works to the weekend. G GT seven five seven. The best I say of Crowell two hundred nineteen yards. Rushing on fifteen carries the worst Mason Crosby kicking Basco. Ben Hostetler three best of the weekend. Lions win, Kenny Golic as brutal stiff arm on. Clinton Dix and the worst Sean Watson's foolishness. Getting hit 'em you ward two thousand seven the best brewers getting the sweep of the Rockies getting some respect in the national media and the worst Packers looking like garbage in Crosby, missing five kicks or if your phone calls invest and worst of the weekend coming up. Here's some numbers for you know, Nick Sabin was railing against the student body. You gotta show up, you gotta support, you know? Well, Alabama has been ahead by twenty eight forty forty two eighteen forty nine and twenty seven in their last six games at halftime. So once again, Nick Saban Nick, you're the problem. Your teams are so good that people are bored by this. Now they expect this. Twenty eight forty forty two eighteen forty nine and twenty seven in the last six games this year. Now there's a lottery for tickets. So if you get a bad game, you're like, okay, how long are we going to stay? Go to the tailgate, maybe go for the first half. And also with two tongue of Iowa. If he wins the Heisman, he'll he'll win by playing half of their games because he's extremely efficient, and he should be the leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy. It doesn't mean he's going to win it, but you have Jalen hurts. You know, maybe Nick Sabin was being honest with hurts and saying, you're gonna play because he realized that too is going to play first half and you can play the second half and feels like that sort of plan out that way. But with Alabama, blowing people out. Two is going to put up great numbers, but they're going to be first half numbers. Yes, mclovin see who weighed in on the fray, Tim Tibo on ESPN called Alabama fans entitled and said, your daddy's buying you, these tickets, you better show up. It sounds like a messy. Some old wounds still remain. Yeah. They they are a little bit entitled, but this they have to have some close games at some point, right. This can't continue. I mean, I know they've LSU in Auburn. Yeah, but I don't even know Auburn lost again. So I don't. I don't know if we look at Auburn and go, I know you're supposed to throw out the records when those two schools get together. Yes, for going to the stadium, November seventeenth, watched him win ninety two to against the citadel. You know, there's also some some questionable schools on their schedules. Well, they got some tough one. I don't know if Saturday November seventeenth. That's I don't think coach statement can expect a big packed house for them. Yeah. What Tibo had to say. I think the fans are getting so entitled there at Alabama's specifically, the students listen is student. You've done nothing to win all those titles. Okay. You spend a little bit of your daddy's money to show up at the game and go to school there. You say you're the best fans in college football where you need to show up who said they're the best friends in college? Football. I mean, are they the most intense? Are you the most intensive? You don't show up or you're apathetic. You're entitled. I don't know. Yeah, mclovin. Yeah. Are they the best fit your? They're being criticized by your coach. Now, Tim Tibo I can't think of a one that jumps out is more loyal Elias state LSU. I have a dilemma. It's not a dilemma, but I'm going to be in Ohio thanksgiving weekend saucy well, Ohio State Michigan. I believe in Columbus, and that's on Saturday. So I was thinking it's a noon start become a nice to see everybody for two days, and then they'd get tired of me and I could slip up to see the buckeyes against Michigan. Okay. What's what's problem? You did your time couple days at the house and don't always work that way. You know, doesn't always. I just don't. I was thinking of maybe like Saturday morning going out for coffee, and then just driving an hour and a half to Columbus and then state a few hours watching the game, and then come back with coffee. I don't know. I've been to college football games you. I don't know if you're gonna get a lot of rested that Ohio State Michigan people know you're there. I know they're gonna come up to you as at the horseshoe. Oh, I know. But I don't like to see how state Michigan again, you have to maybe go incognito to a game like that for you. Yeah. Yeah, maybe I'll go dressed is curb street. He go. Yeah, so I don't know. I was thinking about that. Maybe I. Maybe member Gregg Allman was married to share, and he said he was going out to get smokes, and then he never came back. You know, maybe I just do that. I look, I'm gonna go out. I'll get coffee front, you know, take take all the orders. Everybody who tell me what you guys want. And then it's about an hour and a half for me to get to where I grew up to Columbus. Are you? Would you wear fake blue contacts Kirby. Wow. What wait? Wait. Wait, what? Why are you shot. Those are real. What if you had it like a sideline pass, then you don't get hassled. You can get there on the twenty yard line, chop it up with Eddie, George and guys like that. Surely Georgia's on the sideline of if Michigan's sudden takes a lead, you just saunter ODA this. I can't do that before, but not do it at Ohio State with Michigan. I couldn't do that. You in both Cabrera out. I couldn't do that. Again, I'm thinking about that sideline pass. That's the way to go. Yeah. But then you know, my son's gonna wanna go like already passing. It calls me. Game two Red Sox Yankees. He said, hey, I'm at the game. Let me know if you see me. I go. What are you? Where are you? Because I'm on the monster. I said, of course you are. Of course, you are. Man. When I come back, I wanna be my son. I do say where where are you on the monster? Okay. Feel I said, I'll look for you as Aaron. Judge is home. Run blows by. Jacob, Wisconsin. They Jake. What did he? Yeah, a little good little bad for you. This weekend. We didn't even care about the Packer game for well over that by the time, the started really forget this. There's a bar, the closest bar to Coors field home plate entrance is called swankies. It's a brew Packer bar packed to the gills with people. You had to wait outside to get in one person, one person. So I'm next one in, you know, send some guys looking at really weird. They walk in like you, Jake. Good for you. Good for you even care about the Packers. No team Mason. I always used to being on my my bad list, but I didn't even care. Keep them on the team. Like you said, there's no other kickers. Everybody wants to cut kickers. And I always say, who you replay, there's a reason why these guys are employed. There's nobody else to employ so, but you're, you're going to be traveling with the brewers. Probably take off the and I'll see us and save the money up the world. So that's my, that's my plan. But so I got a question for you, so I flew out five. Oh five in the morning, super tight. I didn't even go to bed the night. Prior is just stayed up drinking and went on my flight. So then when I get to the flight assigned seating, right, we'll twenty six f window seat and as I'm getting there, I'm like one of the west persons on the plane to get to my seat and there's a little six year old girl sitting in my seat. So was it wrong be the kicker or should I have let her. Where were the parents. In middle c and then twenty six ABC with the other kids. I eighty c e and I had Ethel now you should've taken the window seat because you're going to sleep in instead of, you know, being in the middle or you know where people can't get in and out that you were. I think you were doing people at service by, but taking the window and crashing. Nice now I don't feel like such jerk. No, that's fritzy who usually does stuff like that, but thank you, Jack, I'm so selfish. You are so so so Richie kind of quiet today. The Broncos loosened. All right. Over when move on. We in the Rams next two and four four game losing streak. Reggie Miller coming up next hour and aerial hill. Wani talk about fight over the weekend. Final hour coming up. Everyone. It's Ron and Kelly Nash from MLB network here with our new show baseball and chill exclusively on podcast, one sports net each week as we cover all of the action on and off the diamond with player interviews and in-depth storyline analysis of what's happening in major league baseball. Whacks with us Tuesday on baseball and chill right here on podcast, one download and subscribe to new episodes exclusively on apple podcasts, podcast, one dot com. And the podcast one app also rate us Eva speed back. We'd love to hear from you would. I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute tropical storm. Michael could be a category two hurricane. By the time it hits the Gulf Coast in the Florida panhandle, governor, Rick Scott is put twenty six counties under a state of emergency forecast, move slower and grow stronger. Make landfall as a category, two storm mid week long, northeast Gulf Coast. The NTSB is investigating why a limousine ran a stop sign and crashed in SCO, Harry New York, killing twenty people, NTSB chairman Robertson. Well, this is the most deadly transportation accident in this country since February of two thousand and nine one resident tells us locals, consider the crash site. Intersection, dangerous to Americans will share the Nobel prize and economics, William Nord house of Yale, and Paul Romer of New York University. They study how climate change and technological innovation intersect with economics. They'll be swearing in ceremony at the White House tonight for new supreme court Justice, Brett Cav. Inau I'm Rita Foley.

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