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The. Happy feedback Friday everybody was a comeback Mogi and other amazing week here on feedback. Friday. Sweet really good emails in the House. This episode is sponsored by influence from subject lines, supreme header tax, called action, button, placement, email content, header images, and more. You contest up to five versions of an email with influence marketing platform get a demo at the link below that. helbig. I've been using the real good to kind of track some shows and see what's out there on the streaming services. And Dude I just love these emails I think for a dark theme email, they're just killing it. It's going across some of these things that I really enjoy the most, which is one live taxed woods oop But then also not everywhere like this is an image but you know they do cover it a lot and what they are doing really well is keeping the design system really tight see how consistent these fonts are see how consistent the layout is giving me this very clear sort of movement about what real good does for me. So Hey. Service on one APP. All right. Let's see what this is about. I WanNa know and then I can see what's playing and I can go watch it one learn more they dive me in they give me this thing and then they tell me okay sweet I can add this to my smart TV and so this is a way for an email group to be able to lead and tell a story to An audience and I really liked that, yeah, I, think that the neon green on black kind of gets a bad rap sometimes but I think it works pretty well here and I like how they're adding an icon to the CPA I've seen some brands to of distinguish by adding an icon on their seats to give you heads aware they're taking you. So maybe they're trying to do something like that with this. My only critique really on that bottom block section it. It feels like a little bit too tight to locked up when you're playing like sorta badges I always sort of expect them to be click. -able individually and I don't know. I really sure that they are in this case I think I would maybe try to frame that in maybe a different way. But sure they use a gradient is kind of interesting to maybe. Bring your eye down to the bottom of the emails. Well, yeah. Cool. Let's jump into the next one. So now this is partly just saying Hey hoopla is on you know real. Good. So if you're not familiar who blood's pretty Rad, it's like the ability to. watch a video listen to a book I think even read some books using your library card, which is super tight. So That's pretty neat that you could then watch it on your TV. You know not just your device and being able to see that. So they're saying hey HOOPLA is now on real good. We just made this new feature and I can add Hoopla or I can discover what's on. Hoopla I can see what is who played in case people don't know which is smart and then cool i. can you know get the real good APP if you're not already familiar if you haven't taken the plunge so I think you know this is a good way to get it done like there's very little that needs to be in this email and they've covered their grounds here. Really well, one thing I'll say. typographically that I don't love this a little bit challenging is I. See a lot of brands doing this right here. It's a hard one to solve for, but it's a centered heading with left-aligned copy typographically that that just doesn't work what works is centered aligned heading with like blocks of content like this or if you centerline and you have a block of content like this, it takes up the full width. What doesn't? Work is when you have what's called rag right when this is over here, it creates a an unsettling feeling. So it's a nerdy typographical thing but I wouldn't do it. So instead what you can do is make this heading left align put it over here and then put a rule like a line essentially dividing these or you can change the color of the background between these sections the other thing you could probably do. This is a little bit long to center the text if you could shorten it up to just three lines, then you could have just centered that Texan would feel great. Just a small thing. I like how they're mirroring what I think. The APP probably looks like with these sort of cards I sort of feel native and I feel like if I got this in my inbox, it would sort of. Stand out to me with the different colors and I wonder what what is Hoopla if that deserves its own little SORTA card or it? If it's better as like a subtext, I'm not really sure. I think it was still is okay as a subtext because it's not. I mean focus it's not really click -able and with these cards I kind of feel like they're almost more like really big. You can tap them. Yeah. Interesting and also here's another one discover what's on Hoopla That they actually show you some of what's there instead of just saying discover what's on hoops I think that's really a smart play, right? Oh. Rick and Morty like I want to I want to watch that show it's hilarious and I can watch it for free. All right. One more on the series again same thing. So peacock this time again, we can add peacock we discover what's there we can discover what's on peacock premium right so apparently that's a different level, and then again they use the same you know what is peacocks same issues as the one before but you know I think that this is working pretty well, and you just see you know from one set to the other like how flexible this template set is or really I would like to think of it more as like a design system that is working really well where you have these different blocks that really translate well across a grouping. So what would you change about this email if you could feel like it almost needs like a solid white t. t a similar here sometimes I feel like when people expect you to click on something, it's not abundantly clear and I think these outlines and How they look like cards SORTA look like they're tap. Especially on mobile but I think when you get to desktop sometimes I just feel like if people don't have a real defined see ta or c. t. a copy, some people might get lost. So see white CTA or Catchall and I feel like some of these links especially in the what is peacock even sure if there are links but it is getting a little hard to read on this contrast overall. I think you're right that the template is pretty flexible in Nice to nice little product update and they don't really waste any time the Kinda get right into it. I was GONNA say that they might be using rounded corners on their CTA's to really drive hard the idea of CTA but they've got rounded corners on these boxes although this box is a CPA that you can click, which is interesting that was. Not what I would have expected, and then this one it looks like the whole thing is applicable. So that's another thing that you can do. I would say they're being just slightly confusing here like this is the main seat Ta and then to your point, they do wrap this in green to maybe make it the focus but these are wrapped in other colors but they're using rounded corners but sometimes what? You can do is you can use just some consistent unique symbolically to say this is the C. Ta like on Brooks that we did last week it was always blue almost every single ct that I think I remember seeing was blue and so that was the consistent thing where as for real good here it feels like generally they're trying to say anytime that you see a big rounded block or a green. Ta those of your clinical spaces but I think that they could drive that home a little bit harder learning the design language learning the visual language. So cool. Well, this was a good set. I'm into what they're doing anytime. We focus on a brand hey, real good team. Let us know how things are performing. What are you learning we would love to learn from you. We'd love to share that with our audience. Loved the product that you're building and hope everybody is having a great time. In life despite the challenges I hope everybody's Stan Safe. We Love Y'all we hope you're just thriving despite it. All all right everybody. Have a great one out there. We'll see you soon zero blind. Thanks again to influence for sponsoring this. Book Your Demo with the link in the video description looking for more email inspiration, get access to the world's best emails from the most successful companies up your email game by collecting, organizing, and sharing your favourite emails with your team.

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