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The Georgia Guidestones


Imagine trying to build a piece of furniture with no instructions or even trying to remember your grandma's recipe from scratch each without a recipe. Oh now imagine the world has ended those few that are left have to rebuild society and Instruction Manual manual could come in handy. That was the thinking for the residents of Alberton Georgia in nineteen seventy nine. This town is home home to six large slabs of granite sitting in the middle of a grassy field in an x shape. These stones are massive standing at approximately nineteen feet in height with one capstone piece of granite sitting on top and one piece of granite acting as a central pillar. These stones are there's sometimes referred to as the American Stonehenge or the Georgia guide stones. Each of these stones have unusual engravings. Some believe these are guidelines to rebuild society in the event of an apocalypse but thanks to instructions like maintain humanity under five hundred million in perpetual balance with nature some believe the stones have threatening satanic origins encouraging the the destruction of most of humanity. It's even been called the ten commandments of the antichrist. The construction of these stones began one hot hot summer in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine a strange man appeared in Alberton Georgia seeking the ideal location for his granite monument that would ensure humanity's survival. This mysterious man went by the pseudonym of our C- Christian to this day. Only one person knows his true identity welcome to conspiracy theories apar- cast original on Carter Roy and I'm only Brandenburg every Wednesday. We dig into the complicated stories behind the world's most controversial events and search for the truth. Neither of US are conspiracy spiracy theorists but we are open minded skeptical and curious. Don't get US wrong. Sometimes the official version is the truth but sometimes sometimes it's not you can find episodes of conspiracy theories and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts casts to stream conspiracy theories for free on spotify just open the APP tap browse and type conspiracy theories in the search bar at park cast. We are grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. This is our first episode on the Georgia Guide Stones a strange monument located in Elbert County Georgia the massive granite stones attract ten thousand tourists per year in part because their visually arresting but the contents of their engravings is even more intriguing and the mysterious secrecy surrounding the construction most interesting of all this week will discuss the facts surrounding the Georgia guide stones the strange process through which they were constructed and the controversy that surrounded them next week. We'll delve delve into some of the conspiracy theories surrounding the man and the group who designed these stones. We'll explore some potential intentions in their message as as well as some modern interpretations of what they might mean the Georgia guide stones are located in a grassy field not too far from downtown Alberton Georgia off highway seventy seven at first glance. They can be daunting at nineteen feet and three inches. They loom over the Green Grassy field. If you were to visit today you'd probably see a metal fence surrounding the stones as their common target target of graffiti. The stones are arranged in an x shape with one central pillar in four stones that fan out from the middle with a capstone on top an engraving on the top capstone is written in four ancient languages Babylonian classical Greek Sanskrit and ancient Egyptian in hieroglyphics when translated to English the top capstone reads. Let these be guide stones to an age of reason on the four other stones are also engraved on both sides unlike the capstone. This text is written in eight different languages English Spanish so healy Healy Hindi Hebrew Arabic traditional Chinese and Russian and on these particular stones are the ten guidelines number one they maintain humanity under five hundred million in perpetual balance with nature number to guide reproduction wisely improving improving fitness and diversity number three unite humanity with a living new language number four rule passion and faith tradition and all things with tempered reason number five protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts number for six let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court number seven avoid petty laws and useless officials number eight balanced personal rights with social duties number nine prize truth beauty love seeking in harmony with the infinite and finally number ten be not a cancer on the earth. Leave Room for nature leave room furniture to the west of the monument. There is another granite tablet that sits in the grass this tablet outlined some of the most most unique and odd features of the guide stones it reads astronomic features one channel through stone indicates cates celestial pole to horizontal slot indicates annual travel of Sun Three sunbeam through capstone marks noontime time throughout the year it signed author R C Christian. A pseudonym on the word pseudonym is spelled incorrectly within them and at the end of the word as opposed to an m the next line of the tablet reads sponsors a small group of Americans who seek at the age of reason and lastly it mentions a time capsule placed six feet below the spot normally a plaque that commemorates the time capsule indicates a date for win that capsule should be opened bud the granite tablet does not specify a date for this time capsule to be opened. The time capsule is just one of many questions surrounding these stones before we delve into the spiral of theories that seek to answer answer these questions. Let's look at what we do know for certain. We'll start our discussion on the day the secretive. RC Christian first appeared in the the town of Alberton Georgia Elbert in Georgia is self proclaimed to be the granite capital of the world. The guide stones are far from the only only granite constructed wonder within the city limits. The city prides itself on monuments such as the twenty thousand seat Granite Bowl which is the playing venue for the blue devils ALBERTANS local football team. Alberton is located in Elbert county in northern Georgia one town over from South Carolina. Its population is approximately forty five hundred people within four square miles of the city proper. The Saga of the guide stones all began on what seemed seemed like an average summer day in elbert county one quiet hot Friday afternoon in June of nineteen seventy nine a man entered the office of Joe H findlay senior president of the Alberton Granite Finishing Corporation he introduced himself as RC Christian. The first things Finley noticed was Christians attire. He was wearing an expensive suit clearly dressed to impress but it was Christians passionate description description of an ambitious building project. That really grabbed findlay's attention. Christians fervor was family noted Cookie Christian wanted to to build a monument to the conservation of mankind and he wanted findlay and his team to be the ones to build it but Christians Kookiness was not confined to his excitement about his strange project early on in their conversation. He revealed the family that are I see. Christian was not his real name to explain his choice of a false identity. Christian claim to be representing not just himself but a group of anonymous people. He said they were a small group of loyal Americans who believe in God are see Christian was the name that spoke for all all of them he specified they were not Georgia natives and just wanted to leave a message for future generations. This project was their most important work. They had been working on the plans for it. For Twenty years at first family did not take Christian seriously. He wondered if this was a joke joke that one of his friends or co-workers was playing on him but his Christian started going into the details of this monument. Finley's ears perked up Christian and seemed intelligent in his confidence in the reality of this monument was impressive. Finley started taking notes beginning to wonder if Christian in West for real they went through the specifications together in findlay. Put together a rough estimate for the project. He explained a monument. This size had had never been constructed in Alberton before and gave Christian a cost estimate of at least six figures explaining the amount of resources this project would require wire after giving his high quote Finley Watch Christian carefully wondering if the reality of the numbers would end the game but Christian was not deterred instead he requested the address of a local bank fennelly gave Christian the address of the Granite Citibank can with an internal shrug half expecting to never see this so-called are AC- Christian again but vaguely hoping that he would Christian Christian following Finley's directions made his journey through Georgia's June heat the Granite Citibank and the Office of the Bank President Wyatt see Martin Martin when Christian approached Martin he gave the same pitch that he did defend Louis describing his ambitious monument with excitement. Martin echoed Finley's skepticism he explained a project of this scale had never been attempted in Alberton before while Finlay was worried about the money Martin was more concerned about the secrecy of Christian and his group's identity in response to this skepticism Christian said the group feels is by having our identity remained secret it will not distract from the monument and its meaning the message to be inscribed on the stones is to all mankind unkind and is nonsectarian nor nationalistic nor in any sense political the stones must speak for themselves to all who take note and should appeal to believers and non-believers wherever and at all times Martin was curious but he still didn't understand why I a monument like this was necessary it was a waste of money he said but Christian simply shook his head and insisted you don't understand and then he compared the Georgia guide stones to Stonehenge he explained that he had traveled and visited many monuments throughout Europe and stonehenge particularly resonated with him Christian and his group of anonymous sponsors had put together a note explaining the importance of Stonehenge in relation to building their guide stones it read Stonehenge and other vestiges of human thought arouse our curiosity acidy but carry no message for our guidance to convey our ideas across time to other human beings we want to erect a monument a cluster cluster of grave and stones which will silently display our ideas when we have gone we hope they will merit increasing acceptance in in that through their silent persistence they will hasten in a small degree the coming age of reason it may have been the message or perhaps the expensive expensive suit but Christians confidence in intelligence impressed Martin. If Christian provided deposit Martin agree to act as the financial unsual intermediary for the project under one other condition he wanted to know Christians true identity will this is the question that still on our minds today while nobody but Martin knows Christians real name we do know a few facts about our see Christian. He claimed to served in World War Two. He described himself as being a patriotic American in every sense of the word. Perhaps it was the patriotism or or just Christians pure confidence but this gave Martin Reassurance. He needed to give his stamp of approval to the project. Christian left Martin's office that Friday they afternoon agreeing to come back with the money and the necessary paperwork he had not yet revealed his identity over the course course of the weekend. Martin and Finley discussed their mutual meetings with this strange man who seemed to appear out of nowhere both of them were impressed assed Christians expensive clothing and his educated speech as well as his clear passion for the project but Finley was still worried that Christian wouldn't be able to put put his money where his mouth was once the weekend was over some days went by with no sign of Christian Finley started going back to his original general theory that someone had played a prank on him a few days later however Christian returned he approached Martin with a deposit and a nondisclosure agreement for Martin to sign stating he would never reveal Christians true identity the agreement also stipulated that Martin would would destroy any information pertaining to the construction and development of the project after it was completed. Martin signed the forms in regards to the financial deposit. Christian sent Martin money from multiple banks across the United States so that he could not be traced. It was clear clear. This man was serious about his secrecy but he did seem to have the money to pay for the Stones Finley agreed to start on the project and he never inquired further about Christians real name nor the truth behind his anonymous group. It wasn't his business as long as he was getting paid. I I work to this day. As far as we're aware Wyatt see Martin is the only one who knows the true name of RC Christian and per his agreement. He never shared that name but Martin kept secret for a more ominous reason than legal liability. When asked why why year after year he kept Christians identity a secret Martin said they could put a gun to my head and kill me. I will never ever reveal his name in my age and profession you stick by a promise of confidentiality but Christians identity isn't the only secret crit hidden around the Georgia guide stones coming up. 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Fi and anywhere he listened to podcast or visit podcast dot com slash sports criminals to listen now now back to the story in June nineteen seventy-nine a man working under the pseudonym of RC Christian made a deposit ause it to the granted Citibank the money was to go toward an ambitious project a kind of granite constructed monument the bank's President and why is he martin agree to act as a financial intermediary on the project and Joe Family Senior President of the Alberton Granite Finishing Inc agreed to make the Georgia guide stones a reality with a ten thousand dollar deposit in the bank and Martin's financial go ahead head findlay and his company officially started working on the construction of the stones in the summer of nineteen seventy nine in total. These stones have been estimated to cost about three hundred thousand dollars. That's approximately one million in today's dollars though no one knew how Christian had become so wealthy he seemed unworried about the cost but after twenty years of preparation for the stones Christian and his group were ready to pay the steep price price the material Christian approved for the stones was pyramid blue granite from Finley's pyramid quarry when the minor started on the project act they pointed out that it would be almost impossible to move these enormous stones out of the quarry hole but Finley was up to attempt the impossible all has Finley's daughter Melissa Finley Caruso would later explain my daddy loved a challenge and he said this was the most challenging project in the history history of Elbert County Finley individually hired specific craftsman crews to work solely on the monument it took weeks to quarry each piece piece of pyramid blue granite over the course of nine months the team trimmed away for tons of matter from each stone while Finley in his company began their enormous undertaking it was up to Martin to help scout potential sites to place the stones Christian had requested requested an area that was visible to the public but not so central it would become a tourist attraction according to Christopher Cuba's vice president of the Alberton Granite Association Christians initial plan was to place the stone in southern Georgia Christian had chosen Georgia for a few reasons he mentioned his great grandmother was from Georgia and Georgia's mild climate would protect the longevity of the stones but most importantly he gravitated towards the natural wealth of granite. He was attracted to the south of the state because the land was flatter. Christian felt this landscape with len the stones the the most visibility but Martin convinced Christian that shipping the stones to the south of the state was an unnecessary waste of resources plus. Martin explained explain that historically local Cherokee considered an area near Alberton which they called Ye Li although he the center of the world this this God Christians attention. He agreed to let Martin find a location for the stones in the land around Alberton. Martin scouted out one plot of land in particular. Take your that impressed Christian Wayne and mildred Mullenix owned a family fawn that included a grassy grazing field. This grassy field was perfect. It was near a road so it was easy to access but not too close to the town center and the land was flat not perfect for visibility on some have pointed out that the connection between the plot in the number seven may have attracted Christian as well. It is located off highway seventy seven. It's next to double seven farm. It's seven point two miles away from Alberton Proper and seven seven point eight miles from Hartwell but whatever is reasons. Christian accepted Morton's choice and went to make the Molin X.'s and offer for their land he offered them an agreement in which they were allowed to generations of grazing rights surrounding the stones but the stones would be forever housed on the grassy land end for five thousand dollars. Mullenix signed over the five Acre plot of land where the money set and the land acquired it was time for Christian listen to disappear. He bid findlay one last farewell at his office once all the pieces were set in motion that summer of nineteen seventy nine nine before leaving he said you'll never see me again and just as suddenly as he had appeared that June afternoon he disappeared appeared into thin air moving forward with the project all future communication from Christian was conveyed through Martin in regard to their future conversations. Martin said all of Mr Christians correspondents came from different cities around the country he never percent anything from the same place twice but Christian made sure his monument would be made exactly as he wanted it even without him there to oversee its construction construction. He left Finland Martin a wooden miniature model of the stones as well as ten pages of detailed specifications for the design and in that ten page list of specifications there were details. Finley himself could not implement Finley specifically needed help when it it came to the orientation of the stones with regards to the sons migration after all findlay specialized in granite not astronomy me per Christians request. The Center Com had to contain two peculiar features. The first feature was holding the stone where one could see the Northstar at all times to make it accessible. This whole had to be at I level. The second feature was a slot that aligned aligned with the position of the rising sun during solstices and equinoxes the specifications also demanded an aperture the goal always for a beam of light to be able to pass through at noon. Each day would serve as a calendar for each day of the year. The idea was for the stones sounds to act as a sundial where you would be able to tell the time. Finley had to seek the help of an astronomer from the University of Georgia to bring Christians designed to the life and word spread that the stones would function as a primitive observatory but astronomers in recent years haven't been so impressed in two thousand thirteen astronomer Loris Magnani of the University of Georgia explained. I visited the guide stones in order to see if they really could function as an observatory which stonehenge could have the guide stones are an abacus compared to Stonehenge is computer cuter. They're very ordinary. You could do the same thing with concrete in your backyard to see the North Star which is at a latitude of thirty four degrees. He's you just drill a hole. Due North at thirty four degree angle the hardest part is drilling the concrete as an astronomer. I can tell you there's nothing much. They're still Finley built the stones as instructed following Christians simple astrological specifications once the correct dimensions of the stones were cut. It was time for the engravings in late nineteen seventy-nine findlay hired sand blaster Charlie Charlie clamp to attach the four thousand individual letters into the stone which required hundreds of hours to complete the first stone alone took three weeks to engrave as the weeks passed citizens of Alberton became curious as to what the message inscribed is going to be after all this was a time consuming endeavor when word of the ten guidelines got out. The rumors started. Some whispered whispered that there was no. RC Christian at all in findlay and Morton were behind the stones they claim that these two men were just looking for some attention and it crafted craft a mysterious persona to build on the Mystique of the stones on but if that's the case then where did the money come from and why the cryptic guidelines Reverend James Travel instead a trusted local minister was one of the first skeptics voice his opinions given the ten guidelines sidelines. He predicted some day sacrifice will take place here. He thought the stones were the work of Satanists mini agreed with Reverend Trav- crab instead and requested all work on the stones be halted. They accused Martin of being part of an occult movement in an attempt to dispel these rumors rumors both findlay and Morton agreed to take a lie detector test at the Alberton Civic Center to prove they weren't satanists although they both both passed their tests the true story caused even more stir among Albertson's residents. The local citizens were worried about what the ramifications of of a monument like this would mean for their town weeks before the unveiling ceremony was scheduled many accused Martin of collaborating on Devil's work and begged him to halt construction but Martin and Finlay continued on determined to finish what they had started nine hundred fifty one cubic feet of granite in two hundred thirty seven thousand seven hundred forty six pounds later the Georgia guide stones were completed completed in March of nineteen eighty. The unveiling took place on March Twenty second roughly four hundred people gathered to watch attentively staring during the black veils the stones a few television crews from Atlanta even came to document the event the Mayor Jack Wheeler and Congressman c'mon Doug Bernard Junior led the ceremony in a dramatic gesture Mayor Wheeler and Congressmen Bernard whipped off the stones black covering and thus the Georgia guide stones were officially revealed to the Public William G Hutton. The President of the monument builders of North America spoke about the legacy of the stones. The guide stones are what may be one of the few lasting mementos of a civilization that some thousands of years hence may not exist it would be very interesting to hear the remarks if some future residents of that far off time say in the year ear thirty five eighty six happens upon them and decipher is one or more of the stones and says something like. I wonder what went wrong here. You're reverend. James trav- instead was also in attendance but he maintained his hostility toward the stones he said look look what it says about the unity of the world especially with the world court. That's where the Anti Christ will unite the governments of the world under his power the power of the devil. I think they will find this. Monument is for Sun worshipers for cult worship and devil worship or a C. Christian. However was nowhere to be found? If he was in attendance nobody saw him but he did leave a statement with Martin which was meant to be. He read aloud to explain the purpose of these stones part of Christian statement explained our message is in some areas controversial we have chosen to remain anonymous in order to avoid debate and contention which might confuse our meaning and which might delay a considered review view of our thoughts this statement echoes the beliefs of a book titled. Common Sense renewed written and self published by none other than an RC Christian coming up we'll delve into common sense renewed and the statement RC you Christian left with the stones in addition to some of the aftermath in the wake of their construction and now back to the story On March twenty second nineteen eighty. The Georgia Guide stones were unveiled to a public audience of roughly four hundred people are C- Christian Kevin who commissioned these stones was conspicuously absent. He did however send a statement to be read aloud as well as a book entitled God Common Sense Renewed which he had written and self published in a statement Christian said that other stones could be erected in the outer circles to mark the migrations of the moon and possibly other celestial events although his anonymous group of sponsors had given the financial angels support for the six pillars of granite constructed his statement made it clear he had hoped this message would inspire the construction of other stones. The speech ended as follows with the completion of the central cluster of the Georgia Guide stones are small sponsoring group has disbanded handed. We leave the monument in the safekeeping of the people of Elbert County Georgia. If are inscribed words are dimmed by the where of Wind Kim Sun and time we ask that you cut them deeper if the stone should fall or if they be scattered by people of little understanding we we ask that you will raise them up again. We invite our fellow human beings in all nations to reflect on our simple message when these goals are are someday sought by the generality of mankind a rational world order can be achieved for all in addition to the speech Christian also sent one hundred copies of his book commonsense renewed to the unveiling the book echoes the message explained and in the statement but is significantly longer at one hundred and twenty four pages. Christian requested these books to be given to anyone who made significant contributions contributions to the construction of the stones. They were printed by the Graphic Publishing Company in Lake Mills Iowa in one thousand nine hundred six. This book goes goes hand in hand with the mission statement of the Stones Christian sites. Thomas Pains Common Sense as his inspiration. The last few paragraphs of the book's looks preface read as follows collective. Human intelligence is capable of discovering acceptable solutions for the problems which confront us we must work together to direct political and moral influences through channels of wisdom not channels of brute force or ambition using common sense as our guide. We must unite with the entire human family in establishing a limited world government capable of settling international disputes through a system of law. We must establish as a parallel objective the building of an enduring balance between human activities and the world of nature these will be the first steps in creating an enduring age reason despite the backlash backlash the stones received by People Christian would deem of little understanding. There were also a number of supporters of the Stones Joe. H Finley himself was proud of the accomplishment he said I think this is a unique thing for Alberton and the whole state it is something we can all all be proud of and people will marvel at it centuries from now only time will tell if these stones less centuries but they have drawn spectators from around the world for the past forty years from the beginning some have claimed a certain kind of energy can be felt when near the stones in nineteen eighty. Nonni right-back elder attended the unveiling. She was a self proclaimed psychic who attended because she truly believed. There was something magical manacle about these stones. Multiple visitors have noted feeling a strong energy when visiting these stones which might explain a large part of their appeal during construction even sand blaster. Charlie clamps said he heard strange music and disjointed voices when he was carving the stones in in response to this Energy Finley stated this is just another of the mysteries surrounding the Georgia guide stones and their purpose in recent years many Elbert county citizens have started eco-friendly support in pride of the stones the stones attract thousands of visitors which brings things business to the county so it's no surprise they've won over local businesses but given their growing popularity. The stones are often the victim of graffiti viti throughout the years. The stones have faced red spray paint messages such as the elite one eighty percent of US dead nine eleven inside job death to the new world order and council on Foreign Relations is ran by the devil in other instances as the stones were sprayed with polly your thing which is difficult to clean in response to the vandalisation of the Stones Gary Jones publisher of the Alberton Star. A local newspaper said there was a general feeling of disgust. Those stones stood there for thirty years without disturbing anyone. They're a good thing for the community. In September of two thousand fourteen there was another vandalisation and anonymous penman scrawled. I hi banish all darkness. I am Isis Goddess of love in response to this specific instance someone from the Elbert County Maintenance Department notified the FBI about vandalisation in an interview with the New York Times former Alberton grant association employees Hudson Cone Said said to some. It's the holiest spot on earth to others. It's a monument to the devil today. Many citizens of Alberton written are in support of the stones after all. They're a popular tourist attraction and they attract on average ten thousand visitors per year which brings in customers humor for the city. There are a few prominent supporters of the stones. Most notable is Yoko Ono widow of musician John Lennon in one thousand nine hundred ninety three she composed a song called Georgia stone for a tribute album for composer John Cage in the Song Ono chance be not a cancer on earth leave room for nature which is the tenth guide engraved on the stones and in her fervent support for the George Guide Stones Yoko Ono said I want people to know about the stones. We're headed toward a world where we might blow ourselves. Dell's up and maybe the globe will not exist. It's a nice time to reaffirm ourselves knowing all the beautiful things that are in this country and the Georgia's stone symbolize that regardless of the support or controversy surrounding the stones the speculation over the monument leaves an abundance abundance of unanswered questions. The Georgia Guide stones were constructed nearly forty years ago and it doesn't seem like any of these questions or any closer closer to being answered. There are many theories that seek to put the puzzle pieces together to help us solve this mystery. We'll dive into the most prominent. Imminent one's next week are first theory is that RC Christian belongs to a Satanic Society related to the New World Order of this theory focuses focuses on the mysterious time capsule hidden among the stones. Our second theory is that our C. stands for rosy cross which is an emblem emblem of the Rosa Cruzan order. The road secretions are a group that studies the metaphysical laws of the universe believers in this theory think. RC Christian was granted the Elixir of life and our third theory which is the most common is that RC Christian was part of a group of paranoid. Wait about a Soviet invasion. The stones were built in the midst of the Cold War when this kind of paranoia was common and the idea of a doomsday hitting the United States felt like a plausible reality. If one of the three people who knows Christians identity would speak publicly really all these theories would be put to rest but Martin now eighty eight has chosen to remain silent Joe h Finley the only other man man to have claimed direct contact with Christian passed away on May thirtieth two thousand five and the third man. RC Christian himself is he's nowhere to be found for years. Christian and Martin continued their communication via letters which according to Martin stopped in two thousand one run around the time of nine eleven on the murmur around these stones is veiled in the mystery surrounding Christian in those mysteries stories have led to the conspiracy theories will delve further into in next week's episode. Thanks for tuning into conspiracy theories. 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