Episode 243 - Eleanor Kerrigan


Okay, inappropriate Earl, sound cloud and items today? I'm not gonna waste your time with any long winded. Bullshit. Introduction. We have royalty on the couch, it's not gene Simmons. Paul Stanley, it's not John Matuzek. It's not vents. The guy that did a movie, the eagle guy. Let's Malla. It's not Jerome Brown. It's not raunchy war ski. It's not do Staley. It's not blue iris. We have comedy store royalty and the house you've seen her on dice clay Showtime, show you've seen her killing it at the comedy store. You ordered drinks from her at the comedy store, fifteen or so years ago you've seen her in Vegas currently. She'll be in Vegas next week. I believe with Mike favor. Mun very controversial. Guests on inappropriate are all put your fat disgusting, greasy hands together. For the first lady of the comedy store? Well sack would might well Mitzi of course. Sean Polaski, Vicki Barbara lack. Whoa. I don't get some numbers. I, I'm trying to, you know, to flies just Lou out where they fly or they alive. Great. Eleanor Carrigan forget that for the I tunes people. Do you think the flies were dead? I just gotta ask because no, I think they were from the trip and on Thursdays crawl out like. I feel like if I went like that, they would just guess who else was it? We were talking about the Rams game. Yesterday, a lot of people went to the Rams game. It was very exciting game. But Ronnie was there my ex, how exciting could fold around in the bathroom. He was there. Now, do you guys still get along? Is nice guy. I mean, I, I get along my access because who does it really hurt if you if you hold a grudge or unless they really did something horrible. I mean, I do have one particular case where they're, you know, they're still some very, very hard feelings, but you know if somebody smashes the shit out of your heart or like, you know, fucks your sister or are we allowed to curse on this? Oh, yeah. This is the real deal. This is not. This is this is not just because I love it. I love it for those of you who aren't on my Instagram, live feed eleanor's students, severe calisthenics. I didn't know you were flexible. She just did the stairs and Santa Monica, wrestler, Earl, we're going to get into that. You know, I lose remember the night. Your fucking friend almost tore my ACL. Can you explain to the crowd you're in the crowd you had performed just performed. But Earl before that we were doing a day all came to see me in Long Beach at the laugh factory. So we've been out drinking and I think they even had rehearsal for. A wrestling event that was coming up. So they were why they were like, booboo, you know, they were all hyped up and then they're drinking and we went from Long Beach to all. No, I know what it was. They saw me open for dice so they were wasted. Where did you open for? Does on beach, wasn't the laugh factor? I'm sorry, it was another place and I can't think of the name of it, but we drove back together. Some of them came in my car. Some of them took an Uber, so then I went on late night at the store. You went on after me. Talking your shit wrestling shit. You never do that to a woman with a mullet. Why didn't know she was like a real dude. You can't look at her and say, I mean, her nickname is the real deal, Selena majors. I mean, I thought she was like a Rhody for like you write a heat. All right. That key. It's a tough call. I get it, but I'm, she's got a look arm. She had good arms. Oh, she's got a great body. Dick, you know, she's a little Tam. Farm, and I think Alabama. She had a chicken ranch, sold her chicken ranch. She looks like the type that would have a chicken. Well, she put you in a figure, four leg lock, which is RIC flair's. I mean, it's many people's finishing most primarily known for being reflected finisher and it's a move. Where on the surface your legs are. I mean you're the rest or how would you describe what the figure for it? I mean, it's a weird. Your legs are entered tangle just like all locked up in Roddy else's hold and it's a woman. So it's even better because we have like strange. So that's our strength right there. So she was holding you down and got you. And I remember you saying, hey, I have a bad ACL on one of your tortoise. She writes, I, which is she went right to it ACL it's like it's like a rubber band. So you know, if you stretch it enough, it will snap, and mine's already been snapped. So here is hockey or yeah, need any hip plane hockey where my knee literally went in like it went the other way it and it's napped. But the problem was the raiders new doctor who I went to all this is when they were in LA, went to one of their train. Oh, wow. Where he was in at this is when they were in LA and. Well, this guy sees this every day. I'll go to him and he misdiagnosed. He said, oh, yeah, man, you just just pulled a ligament, maybe a bone chip, you'll be all right, couple of weeks and then a couple of weeks. It was doing x.. Ray and everything. Yeah. No, MRI at the time. I see. I think it was so puffy that the x. Ray wasn't didn't show the full damage. So for the next ten years, I'd noisy out but didn't know it. Wow. Wow. So then about two short about two thousand five. I started getting these horrific pains on the side of my knee, and then two thousand seventeen got putting a figure four leg lock by, you know, Selena majors who based up with kick at, oh, she's killer. She's like the fabulous moolah. She worked out. Wendy, Rick. She if you really want to wrestle was all those guys flare all those. She went all over the world. You could tell that she could hold her. Totally. Yeah. And then she started working my knee. I told her not to work. Okay. You gotta fucking. And then I just remember you capping one point I was in so much pain. I was tapping my own knee thinking, oh, she's not gonna feel this 'cause he was mine knee. And then I think you came to the side of the stage, hey enough to pull her mullet back, say, hey, so she could hear me that gets clouded some, hey, Selena, you gotta get. Well, that's why I have respect for pro wrestlers even though it's I say, it's fake. It's not fake. I mean, it's scripted. It's scripted for sure, but it definitely goes off the rails, but those in that's why a lot of those guys kill themselves. Yeah, because the pain is, I mean, I didn't wrestle long enough to have nearly what Selena probably lives with or real wrestlers. I hate to not call myself a real wrestler. You are. I thank you. Thank you on pushy it, but I'm saying like they. They went everywhere. Selena, I'll never forget. We did the pay per view of it, which was sterile 'cause we didn't really have viewers. So we didn't know who is gonna pay for it. So it kinda shit the bed. But the production was so elaborate that it we were in the form in Inglewood and we had the big steel cage match, like everything was going on and Selena being coming from a school of all right, this is how you get viewers. So she gave herself a tiny cut Brayden. Yes. Has they say in the biz and I kept thinking the fuck is she doing? You know, and I go Selena, and then she goes, don't worry easy is going to be good to the peg is going to keep hitting it and it'll open up out there and she's drinking beer. And she goes, the beer helps to come out and I'm like, fuck like this is we're filming this. This is, you know, and then all of a sudden cut to it's so big 'cause Peggy hit it and opened it more and then accidentally. She hit it on the steel cage and it opened up shedding at twenty seven stitches. She was looking to gory film like, look like soon. They're going to cut her head off. Was that bad. I mean, I don't think no one watch the pay per view. We got cancelled immediately just Sino. Well, I mean, pay per views unless you're WWE. It's tough. You know, it's tough sell, who the hell did they think they were doing that? What now what got you into wrestling. Oh, it was an audition. It's truly exactly what goes on and glow where it was like she went thinking, it's just an audition and then I thought I don't. I just I grew up watching wrestling and I still didn't even get that. Oh, we're going to have to wrestle, right? Like I just talk shit. I'll do it. I do, and I went in with a baseball bat and I was like hitting things I was doing a, he'll because that's the ones I always loved growing up. So I was like, all right, don't just do this. And then I. Went into did it. My friend Cory was one of the. She wasn't a production shows PA. She was. She was working for the producer, like his assistant kind of thing. So I guess that would be a production assistant, but she she didn't work like on the set. She was just his personal assistant and then so she was there and it was at a hotel which you know it's a good audition in a hotel Ella. Yeah. And I went and I did it and it was great. The guy loved it. They laughed because I hit him nearly hit him with a baseball bat. So I was just being silly. I didn't think I get it. They gave it to me. I called my mom like mom don't get mad Kush. She's like, you're such a tomboy when he ever going to be a lady. You know, she used to tell me to wear makeup to work. So I get more tips at the comedy store who Mike, whatever lady, I'm just fucking working, but she was always trying to get me to be girly. So I called her. I go, mom, I'm gonna. Do this wrestling show. Don't get mad at me. She's like, oh my God. I'm so excited. I go, you are. She's like, yeah, they have great women characters on that show. Like, what are you talking about wrestling show. So I was mad because it was seventeen years ago on a cell phone eighteen years ago now. And I said, mama call you back when I get to house called her from a landline soon as I called her she, she was like, my sister, Karen answer. She goes yell. We're going to be on west wing. I what she told everybody sold the whole family. I was going to be talking west wing it. What was the name of the wrestling? Well, women of wrestling. So for years, we always said wrassling. So my mom knew what I was talking about. Now, this wasn't the one with that big white chick Queen Kong. No, June. I'm talking about shit. Glow. They had more character driven girls. They never train them. They re the real hot or real odd-looking or repeal look like they, it was such. They're doing a great job in the Netflix show because that's the same guy that started glow started. Well, his name's David Maclean. So he started in the eighties, but then they sold the rights years ago because they were trying to start up a new one and just had a lot of shit hanging over. So it sucks because all the success would glow on Netflix. They got nothing to do with it. Welcome to Hollywood guys. Oh, fuck and business. Nice guy to like the guy that I think I met him. Yeah, at the store he comes, he's so nice. And so he started while in ninety nine two thousand. And then I think we were on air two thousand two thousand. Yeah. We did two seasons, but it was great. They basically hired me to talk shit. I mean, I was still chain smoking. Selena, the one that put you in a figure, four leg lock was my trainer. She's the one her and Peggy Lee leather also known as thug who was my partner. They hired me because I was making them laugh and I'll shitting on everybody, but I had, no, I had no business. I had. I'm an athlete growing up, but I stopped doing it like I was twenty eight when I started wrestling. So which is old for the wrestling? Yeah, but somebody's girls I wrestled with are still wrestling like Eric porter, she's phenomenal. Her name's jungle girl. We're the same age suspicious. Unbelievable. Well, some, I'm like, you're gonna break a hip older than us. She's she's still doing it. She could be the should've. Streetfighter wrestling was hard wrestling was weird 'cause it was controlled the like I remember when I first fought Selena. She was like, I'm going to call the match on like what she's like, yeah, I'm just going to call it. So I was like, okay, and she's whispering in my ear in the form that people are screaming, easy, easy. I don't know what's happening there screaming for Selena. She goes to hit me with a chair. I was like, oh, fuck. Like I went to St.. I went to grab it and I broke my pinky. 'cause I wasn't paying attention if I would've just let her hit me properly, which people say it's fake. I would have been okay. I would have been sore, but I wanna have broken pinkie. I mean, I, I hate saying it's fake because it's it's, it's choreographed, but it's still like when you see like Rick flair and sting doing our match. I mean I- hairline fracture my collarbone from that shit. I hit my head on pyro and split my head open. Thank God. It didn't go off because I would've went on fire, but you know, on the like when you come out, they have all this. So we were wrestling on the ramp and it was caged heat who I loved working with 'cause they were fun and they, they knew what they were doing, you know. So we've got along great and we would mess with the crowd. So she threw me and I leaped back and I thought I was like, oh, this is good, and I was so high. And then I came down and bam, and I was like, oh shit. And then I just felt blood rushing and I was like, Tam it. 'cause you know, even the smallest cut in your head a lot. So I had to do more match. And the makeup lady was like, I can't get this blood out of your hair, Mike. Well, you gotta figure it out. So we just like mad at it down and then fixed my hair over it. And then I had to go out and do another match, but I was sweating so much head like dry blood, loosening up and going back down. So it looks ridiculous. Look like sweating blood when Owen Hart died when he fell, I haven't leave a really close. I remember that Ingram was in the crowd. Oh, she's is the Kemper arena in Kansas. That's right. We, he told that story on the podcast where you on it or somebody was on. I probably Kyle dunnigan. Okay. He told the story, but just to show you how cold wrestling might be even colder than stand up. Yeah. Own hearts. Best friend, Jeff Jarrett was in the next match, and they literally pushed him out and said, when not stopping the show get out. And I guess he told the story that whoever he was wrestling through him into the corner and he looked down and there's heart's blood like they didn't clean the blood. We don't have times clean it get out money. So the production when it set up at sat up, there's no. Okay. We'll start up. No. Why is to see these matches. At Birmingham. Highs is done by company x. p. w. and they had no money, and it was owned by a porn company said they were wild. I mean, they're ring announcer would come to the ring in Nazi outfit doing the goosestep all the valets for the wrestlers point stars as in the head, these wacky that a gay character by the name angel who you know when he would his finishing move, was he hit your whatever, and you end up on all fours. And instead of the rest in so the Rev hitting the mat for the one, two, three angel would pump you in the ass three times. Oh, amazing. And the crowd. And I mean, this was a very there to shut down the company because at the end they had a big pay per view and and on their website. They had a live Cam of a puppy and the owner was going to kill it right before the pay per view started just to get numbers. I mean, they were. But you know, but they truly did shit to get numbers. And that's what Selena was thinking that day. However, she didn't realize we lost our money, the investors were there, and they were like, hey, we thought this was like a kid show, he know for little girls to go up to. And then here's Selena, lay just covered in blood. Now my phone's about to die. So this is going to be the end of the Instagram live thing because I didn't do my makeup. I just I don't look to me do, but I look like half the people. You mentioned Paul Stanley, I know, I know. I mean maybe a little bit like ace back in the day ace without makeup, Twitter, Instagram for the Instagram freaks. Where can they find you? EJ EJ Kerrigan Eleanor carrying anything. It comes up, whatever you Eleanor Carrigan comes up, but it's usually j. Kerrigan become a fail of eleanor's. We're gonna talk for another hour about wrestling the comedy store. All that bullshit. Now, what brought you in the comedy store because you're from south Philly? Yes. And you came out here to make it move to move to Los Angeles trying to make it. Lived in a house. We talked about Richie the manager of the comedy, legendary Richie says, last name. I character at the comedy store, a great character epic. I mean, the kind of guy who cheats. During the comedy source softball league. Remember that quick pitching talking shit to the other teams. And I'm like, dude, I'm here to hang out with Eleanor and Tammy Jo. We were having fun which he was like doing pushups in between. I'm like, dude, I love him. He's an athlete. He's great, but I like I'm not playing in the softball league to relive my glory years. You know. It's fucking softball. I don't even know why we had gloves. Well, we were the only team that didn't have matching outfits. We literally look like the white shadow where, like you gotta yellow shirt on. I had a kiss shirt on Tian had a Georgia BULLDOGS jersey. That's right. Tammy. Jo just Tammy gel, legendary. Maybe one of the greatest athletic performances ever when she walked twenty one straight batters. And Ritchie was yelling at her. I thought he was gonna petered death with no one else wanted to pitch. Right? So because then they hit line drives, none of us have insurance. Why are we playing? You know what I mean? Like some of the other teams they came in like cleats and matching you forms, and we're like some all of them and look at that team. We Josh Martin and right field. Yeah, it was brutal, but you didn't play earlier like way years earlier. We had Don barris Don barris faking a limp, and so he didn't have to run around the bag. But he would like walk go to first base and then like he would. They would walk them. He get on first base, he'd go real slow, and then Susie got to the Bank. He trip and roll like three feet like to fuck dealing. And then he'd be like, I need a runner and I'm like, nobody was around you. But it was everything was goof video of a play. He'd lay right in the lane while running surpassing them like doing. Don, but Don like I could see him being a great athlete. 'cause he's built like Babe, Ruth. He totally is without the alcohol. I could see done like being like this doodoo. Just on the visual, you discuss? Probably not that great of an athlete. But if you see him stretch and stuff on stage, I. So I could see he was good. He was goof though. He didn't care. Yeah, that was richest problem care too much when we get the people that care. That's when it gets boring and your riches roommate. So what happened was moved to LA from Philadelphia. I had done a showcase in New York just trying to work how monologues and get him with figuring out with this acting thing is because when you start saying you're going to be an actress in Philadelphia, they're like, oh, you think you're better than us. You know, they don't give a shit. Yeah, they're not so. They're like, yeah, you, you know. You go ahead, try that you gotta give up everything for that. You know, know, you know, you think you're cool. You're moving to Hollywood, whatever. So it was like a pain in the ass. And I was thinking of going to New York because at the time I was doing New York student films. So a good friend of mine Janis en- Gani Janis. No couple years later I met you on that. But my friend Johnny was at NYU and he would bring me into the student films. So I was like, all right, this is good. And we were like, I was learning, but then New York was so expensive and LA was way cheaper. And then I met these guys outta showcase. They had a big house right up on queen's role behind the comedy store that they could. They had a big house of the comedy store right behind the comedy store that a bunch of people were paying to live in. So I thought, all right, you know. I'll have automatic friends, you know or something and Richie was one of those people that lived in the house. He was trying to be an actor as well how he wasn't cast and the either goodfellas anything he such a. He was. He was good too. He was fun. I did a lot of work with. We did a lot of scene because in the house she didn't just get to live in the house like you had to do. It was like workshop you had to do seen study. We had on cameras, stuff like every day you. You didn't just wake up and go like they kind of tried to help you get a just it and you paid for three months. So if you got a job, you stayed. You know, like I met my roommate that I live with for twelve years. Soon as the real rag tag group up the there's some. Some of them are assholes and name. Let's name name. I gotta be honest. I don't remember their names, but like Richie Jimmy, Chris mile roommate, shit. Cathy Lewis did this program before us. She's the blind broad. Doesn't she blind? I don't know. She just has so many diseases poor thing. She Scott heart disease. I think she now has breast cancer. Yeah, that's brutal. She's going through. I mean she but she's like Keith Richards to me, she'll never die. Yeah. She's just she's all life support, but like she'll live. She'll outlive us all she call her like a cockroach. I mean, Vargas is bring her shows. I mean, comedy shows they keep her life blood flowing. Both of them are paid regulars. That's pretty impressive. For when they were coming in? 'cause it was the way early nineties which was kind of the. You know, you had the comedy, boom of the eighties, kennison Ling. Ling than the nineties were is it was kind of mirror the eighties metal scene where you know the eighties were huge in the nineties came and. I think there's so many comedy clubs popping up. They kind of oversaturated. It's kinda like what's happening now. It'll pop podcasts. Yeah, I think the good ones will last. Absolutely. And you do the comedy store podcast with the great regained Grimm which is once a week? We do it once a week. Yeah. Do you do yours once a week or twice a week? I've had weeks where I've done four in a row like Monday through Thursday. I do whenever someone can come. Oh. Oh, I mean, I do think it's better to do one a week and just so you're fans though? Monday night at eight PM. The comedy store podcast is we got, it's, but it's also like Ricky stay at home, dad. So it's, I mean, my schedule's fairly wide open in the date like. So the two of us just don't get involved. You said. This is taking a while to make happen is you're busy. You know, you're toying with dies, trying doing your own thing as well. Well, that's the good thing. It's like he's the day job. I hate to say it like that. 'cause the shows are so good and so much fun, but it's he's the day job in that. You know, that's like my my, I know that happening right now and who knows? He might fire, you know, he, he always threatens to fire me. It's my favorite thing. And so never on the off weeks. I headlined so you know, it's great and he's helping me get more headlining gigs, which I love is a big Toby bear. Here's a big teddy bear. He's just a big, he's he's a good guy. He's very good to me and he believes in me, I mean, I know before he became famous a standup as the dude from crime story. I love max goal. Mun. I love that you know, crime story and he remember searching high and low. This was years ago, we were going out. Hi and low looking for those tapes because he doesn't have them. And then Finally, I could never find them, but now with all with their Amazon all the stuff, his ex wife because we became really good friends you dated after he was, did you date before his ex wife dated in between his second wife and his third wife Oga? What is the NBA player meant to is he gets married all the time to send. He's a hopeless romantic that just he's like a dog that doesn't learn. I'm like this going to be bad, but he was married way in the beginning of his career to real piece of shit. And then he got rid of her to shoot lie to him and said she was pregnant. This right? Is he started making money right in the beginning, probably doing crime store. No. Maybe not even doing crime story because he met his second wife who's with for seventeen years, and he has children with that. He's also still very close with. He met her in Chicago while filming crime story, and then. They broke up after they broke up. We went out that after we broke up, I was trying to hook them up with whoever would come by victimes and I just can't. That's who I am. No, if I break it off and I am not, I don't. It's not like a lot of atom ac- or nothing crazy happened. We just kinda grew apart like IT's on radio interviews. I say, I regained consciousness. That's why we broke up hates that. Those really get it. Doc, that jokes joke or I know, but yet so so then he started going out with his recently divorced wife, like maybe a year and a half, Valerie who I love. And then I was dating her own coll- Rony degrade the legend of run at legend of Ronnie. Everyone I told he goes, hey, I want to come to the story go, hey, man, you can go to the store anytime you're more missed than I am. When I Li like people ask me all the time. Run is great boys and all if they would've seen him at the game, the other day, he would have been with them all day. Now I see going to your bio. One of my favorite movies of all time is fast times original high. Oh, I know where you're going this and I was always obsessed with the guy who played Ron Taylor, the car stereo. No, the stereo sales, stereo sales, very good looking guy. He was also in the movie mischief. Which came out in eighty six the great DWI Brown. By the way he's brilliant. But here's my thing to Joan Barone. My sister went to the same school. Okay, and I'm not cracking on him, but in this almost goes into how I feel about comedy teachers like. You got value out of the class? Yes. Yeah, I, I was a big Meisner. I went to play house west with James, Franco in them for a while, like I was in the same class. Goldblum was my teacher over there, but how does go Brown look at you? And I don't know. I never met him. I'm a fan. I love that. So am I going to get to first base tonight? Jio Tofte cold in this dugout speeds. Somebody. Icon. She just she wanted it. She got at like. That class and hope to get his blessing that I'm gonna make it because DWI Brown told me. So I mean, like, how does he tell people? In fact, this going to sound awful, but his wife was the more prominent, the two, meaning her voice meant more like she, she definitely she gets more work. She has trained and tutored more stars. He she was his coach and then they fell in love because I think she played the if I'm not mistaken. She plays a lot of principal, sue principle in valley girl. She plays a lot of roles like that where she, she just did won't Melissa McCarthy that was great. That scene was hilarious. Happy time murders. No, that's that's later. But this is a couple years ago, like Melissa one of her shit. I can't remember what it was, but they were fighting and I can't remember the name of the movie because it was. Oh, great, right, right. She was real. It was great seeing. She was really funny in it, but if you Google her all her shit comes up, but she the thing was DWI was he was charming. He was funny. He was smart and he wouldn't let you get away with shit, you know. But the master class was taught by his wife and to get into that, you had to go through the others. I so no, I didn't. I didn't hope that he, I just hoped I could learn something out of it and I did it. He, you know, got me to be more me on stage just more present or not on stage, but in a scene or TV, you know, 'cause everybody wants. The camera's turned on turns into somebody else for some reason. I guess. I mean, I get self conscious. Everybody does. It's a normal thing, but that's why love to invoice overs. Oh, you would only God. Do you do a lot of voice overs you. I mean, I know the jellies, but do you do more than that the only white guy in all black cartoon. How do they have an episode where I'm at Takashima Tommy's whatever that day NATO, why? Well, but that's. But that's crazy. You think my not hatred towards Tommy, but my frustrations with Tommy led me to doing that character on roasts battle that eventually got me on TV that got me this voice over gig. I can't wait to see the next character because of how angry are of roast battle. What characters gonna come out that I keep it real. I love that you have to man. I don't think it pays in this business to be honest. Oh, absolutely. Not. And I remember like my first ex-fiancee a couple of my first ex-fiancee. He shattered my heart in a million pieces. I thought I thought we were going to have ten kids together. This was the guy. This is east coast talion from New York, not an inner city guy like, but from like mount Vernon. So not like a super wealthy guy, but like you know, fun normal down to earth and his uncle played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Ralph Branka. And yeah. So I thought, okay, here we go. I'm gonna have my athlete. That's because I played Pat of football my whole life. Nobody once they stopped me how to work the markers. I was like, this sucks. Hey, paying. A girl, but I was better at those kind of sports. I was a great quarterback. I have a great arm, so play baseball, but they kicked me out at a certain age. So I was like, you know what? I'm gonna have kids with this one. I'm gonna. Have a baseball player. Didn't do that. But my nephew plays for the Minnesota Twins. So we got one in there. We go who my little Jimmy, Jimmy Kerrigan. He plays, he's in their farm system. He's a AA advanced AA now, but he's played single AA, advanced AA and AAA, and he's hit blast every time like they love him. So he's wide. He's white. Yeah, dude, he, that's what he says. He's like analog this room and he spent around it's all Dominicans, which is great. You know, whatever, but Jimmy's holding his own. So I'm proud of him. I mean, but all I was gonna say my first extra. So this is what we were talking about, like he had. He was an agent. He had superstars. He had Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker. I mean, I, Chris Tucker later. I got him Chris Tucker, long story, but Chris rock, like those were the guys. He mold it from the ground up and they blew up, you know, Adele givens and. Angela means by Felicia that one like she, they were all comics guy. Torry Joe Torry, Tommy Davidson, Joe Torre, the baseball now, Joe Torry guy. Tori's older brother. But he they were all his clients. And so I always ask him because he watched especially Martin and Chris rock become superstars and Tommy Davidson, to an extent Tommy kinda messed himself up. I said, do you have to sell your soul? And he's like, oh, yeah, yeah, and it hurts and it's and it's awful. Yeah, and that's why you see Martin Lawrence running on Ventura with a gun hand. That was me. That was me at one point. That's where you get the central office's. Why just you know. Chris rock would just back out things, but after a while it just, you know, you just wanted this appear, what's I can deal with rejection? I'm fine with that. But what they want you to be what they expect you to be once you sell out in a way in. So to speak, sell out. And you know you make that crossover into business and I've been to premiers with them up into, I watched Chris Tucker blow up. He was. He came to call me store and within three years, maybe two and a half, he became a superstar. And that was the weirdest thing I've ever seen and what they turned him into that quickly. It was all the sudden like powerful people all around him, like basically mapping out what he has to do, what he's gonna do and asked the question. This is the answer you give, and if this and it made him fucking crazy. It was too fast. It was too much. They started shooting heroin. I mean, it's. I mean, I've seen that with people. We've been in it so long that I think if we ever got the break, we just be like, look, I don't. I don't wait already hurts. I would be so appreciative after, do you think I wonder, I do wonder. I mean, I know you know, with rose spousal, it was thirteen years in. I was like, this is amazed floor. Yeah, you do whatever you want. I was so thankful to be on comedy central five nights and six days after literally thirteen years of not one single TV appearance. This is this is like a sexual feeling like the nays, but then you get like the behind the scenes like are behind the curtain. Oh, this, there's politics here and, oh, the politics grouse, and I always knew they existed, but like this is my first time like, oh, I'm on the wrong end of the stick here. Why is this person getting treated better than me? Yeah, when I helped build a show and oh, they have a manager, right? Oh, now I get it in that little click right now. I'm not so, but like on the jellies. It's awesome like because they're, they're just more probably appreciative. They're all just hardworking people that sold something. It's not about. Millo about agents and pushing and moving their client forward. I mean, it's like Tyler, the creator's, like I think it's you're right. It's his baby. It's a one man gang and like as long as Tyler's happy, everyone's happy. Yeah. So it's like Neetu and he takes care of everybody like no one's made to feel inadequate from the writer's assistant who's not getting paid to made to fill the mar- who's like the Wayne Gretzky voice over actors like he's a m- he's like mind blowing data. Everyone's major feel the same. And you could like feel it in the booth, or you know you're just like, this is fun. Yeah, and it's way more relaxed when it's like that. Like when dice dyestuff doing the Dyke Show on Showtime, like right in the beginning, like right when they they, I think they were about to sell it or something, and it sold it right. I wrote it. There's been a call wheels, but she's called cannoli dice, but I, no, no, yeah. He so bizarro. But what the guy, Scott Armstrong that was selling it. You know, they were still in talks and dice as a goof was like doing all this stuff online and making these crazy videos. And I mean, we were in the middle of, no, I think we're in Indiana. I'm trying to think of the Fort Myers or something. I'm trying to think of a cop car that kept going by and in middle nowhere making a video and they called us and they're like, take it down an Andrew like what? And he's like, we're trying to play a game here. We're trying to make something happened, take it down and he had like ten up and he was having so much fun, like making something on his own being goof being the silly guy he likes to be and they made any called like, can't do it buddy. The politics just no good. Like you were trying to get here and you're. Messing around and playing mid level shit dice getting. Oh. List thirty years in the business superstar screamed out on the road. All of us got yelled at after I, they called me and I didn't answer because I was in the middle of video and then they called wheels, and he was like disowned so's calling me. And then they called dice and they, they met us all stand around and yelled at us. Just crazy like, oh my God, you'd think this many years later he still be allowed so to speak to do. So. Now he don't have the die show. He don't give a shit. That's why he does what he does on Instagram and his podcast. Now, what's his podcast? I didn't know he had won over here at the dice cast and it's it's called him over here. Obviously, coho co-host or no, I'm on it a lot, but I'm not. I don't wanna be the co host because I have my own, but I do like get hit, but his is like a reality show. It's not like see how we're sitting here. Normally, talking his holy, the room. He's got video. He's fuck as he is he going. So it's just retarded. He's but he loves it, but it's him full control, having fun same with his Instagram. He puts up whatever he wants. Talk shit about who everyone's. He's done. He's over it. Which is what I love about this podcast in UN wreck. I think I don't wanna put words in your mouth now. Go fine. Somewhere in charge. Exactly. I know you guys to different degree after probably make sure the comedy store is cool with now. We have a disclaimer. We got trouble in the beginning with Sam Tripoli because he kept saying a certain persons name over and over again and talking about how they would do coke and she would give head. Really. What we were saying was she made the comedy store. Great. And she got mad about it. 'cause we were like people like this is what makes gives the comedy store the element of craziness that it needs. Does that make sense? Like I know it's greedy and it's thirty, but it's the, she was like a groupie Anna comic and whatever you give me a hint. Give me a hint as to who it is j.. Oh yeah. Yeah, I think a periodically I get. Messages from her asking for a ride cigarettes or cash, not me anymore because she hates me and I'm like, do I? I ended her and said nice things, but they weren't saying terrible things that makes that like I mean, I guess they were. They do Co. they do was blowing them if you're at the comet at the other girl who didn't mind at all, either she didn't get mad. Her name was Katie. Arcadia. Truncating are not my waitress a different one. You know him talking about our don't, but there's so many. This is why it's hard to explain the comedy store. The people know factory do your show you leave much improv very nice club. They don't have enough hallways, like we do comedy stores, ant farm of the and Star Wars. Like you've got every freak even today that you still have freaks up there. You know, you've got. You know fast Eddie up there who just say, may or may not deal in powdered refreshment. You've got, I love the mayor may not the Mike David who's not even quite sure that has been rich guy from the laugh factory who just parks his car outside the store jumps in and out of it to impress like whoever any brings like. Like dozens of candy bars and van. Van. Candy who's bringing candy, like lots of it, like dozens of butterfinger bar wanna butterfinger Mckee, fucking weirdo. Just a little bit. Yeah. I mean, some, you know, he strikes me some a lot of dot org websites. Internet catch, but I try also explain to people that the store is tame to what it used to be Okasha. Well, because Rick and I love to talk about the dead years. The dead years were knowing was watching knows watching in the lineups for Sebastian like, well, he was coming up. Yeah, coming up finding his way. I guess like I started in ninety three and there was still like dice coming in Bob sag once in a blue moon, you know, like there was still some heavy hitters come in through once in a while, but then we got like Chris Tucker Holtzman showed up joy Marham. Oh. You're a marble. Masih he would my favorite was when he would just stand on stage wedge himself. Like in Macur put two fingers between his legs, hold it, a solid minute, raise them slowly to his nose and go. My persisting. Six, like never breaking it like the poses stinks. And I'm like, what? The. I love. I'm joy, mar MOS. A blow up doll. It was amazing joys like that's like that's intimidating about this business. If someone like him to me a super fund and he just basically moved to Florida, but that's mental and meaning like he met someone, he fell in love. He had kids and mentally, you have to make the situation. Can I struggle with my kids or do I have become a person, this hobby? So it's like a choice you have to make, and he made that choice and the hobby slowly dwindled out because in the beginning when he first got married and they had, he was still doing commercials who still get work, he was still performing at the store. I remember his wife. She's love, yes, she they've been together forever is almost like learn and his wife. It's the same thing, whereas galore galore, hilarious. To me. He's like one of my absolute favorite comics. I could watch him. He's very, you. Galernter Holtzman ultimate ridiculous can't. But I also when I look at go, how's this guy? Not famous like no one is like all tried. Earl, we all try let me and tried to explain to me one is again, I took him to factory and like, you know, he's a little too hard core for them. They picked up. He didn't wanna play the game and play the game. He's the complete opposite of what Hollywood wants. Now when I talk about my first ex-fiancee there was two comics when I when we started going out and he was a booking agent for comics, I said, you have to come see these two comics. One was Chris Tucker. The other one was Brian Holtzman. So Chris Tucker was in talks to do Jackie Brown. I think with the Bruce Willis and I thought you meant the tall black comic at the store. Who's check is there a comic Nicole? Neum big lips expel is named Jackie Brown girl is her name, Jackie. Jack, hey Brown. I can't keep how Larry to ease anyway. So Jackie Brown was a movie in the nineties, and. Chris Tucker had a small part in it. Then he got fry. Then he was like, you know. You know, people from Friday's came looking, whatever. So Billy my ex, he jumped right in on it. He was like, okay, guys, great. Signed him. PA's, got him work and everywhere. Great. So that worked out then I say, you gotta come see Holtzman so it's like, all right. And these banking on, he came to see him. He saw him have a great normal host. Many said he goes, this guy's great. So he sets it up packed in the original rooms, nineteen ninety-five, jam-packed everybody from William marris's air because that's where Bill used to work. Billy Martin Lawrence, Martin Lawrence call Billy that night. Heywood he doing he was gonna comedy, storm showcase comic. Maybe I'll come down ochre we know how crazy Martin was going at that point. You know, he was doing the pills and whatever. So he comes down Kony store, the showcases all set up. I'm excited. I'm waiting tables. The manager, Nancy were all excited. This is all about Holzmann a big deal. And Brian goes on. He's two seconds in I joke dead all sudden accrue people walk in. It's Martin Lawrence and his entourage. They sit down and well, thanks for showing up. You know, he is. He starts yelling, you know, then they start heckling him, won't you say some funny motherfucker. You know, whatever you think this is easy. He is easy and immediately starts. To lose it an unravel. See. So unlike fuck and I'm panicked because I'm like, get back in the pocket, getting the stay in the pocket and. Martin starts doing more shit. You crazy look, the other. You look like whatever. You know, you think this is easy. You wanna come up here and he starts walking toward him Holtzman and then he gets off the stage and goes toward. He goes, you think I care if Billy marris's here to see me. I don't give a shit. I don't need this Hollywood bullshit. He loses his walks off the stage with the microphone to ward Martin's crew. I don't think he knew it was Martin as soon as he got like this, like an inch from are not an inch, maybe a couple inches from Martin Martin's bodyguards stood up and knocked him out. It was. I'm standing there with a traitor. You gotta be fucking kidding me. Wow. I've never heard that story before first. They thought it was a joke like up Brian's on the ground and Nancy, the manager comes in and it's like, what the hell are you doing yells at Martin? And he goes, knock you cut. She's like cut, and she goes after him and it just turned into me him. And then we had a clear out the whole thing. It was awful. So that was the first time I tried to help Holzmann. That's how it went. He was like, that guy's credible, but we can't, you know, and then we're being Bryner in the back and I'm helping them ISIS face, you know, and he goes, should I su- I knew it was Mark because of his is I saw his ears, you're sick, mother fucker. We took pictures and stuff, but he never sued. He wouldn't do that. But then flash to, let's say, six years later. My ex is out of the business. We broke up. He whatever. So I see Jennifer, Craig. I don't know if you know Jennifer, Craig, aka, Jenny, Craig, good, Jennifer, Craig, the not the weight loss person, but some people call her Jenny Craig. I should say like some people call her Jenny. And I said she was at the comedy store. She was the head of film and television at William Morris. She was the boss. She was Ovitz have been courting her like, this is the biggest big time right then. And I said to Jennifer, hey, you one of the comics a female comic walk by and she said hailing or, and I said, hi. And then I introduced Degen Jennifer, and they shook hands and she goes. Are you funny? And Jennifer looked at me and I was like. 'cause I, I don't endorse what I don't like it. You know, I'll just smile and be polite, or I'll say their new great personality. Exactly. Like if somebody's not what I know this woman's looking for or the person, whatever I don't push it, so I just kinda not it, and then somebody else walked up and it got distracting, thank God. Thank God like I didn't have to deal with it. So then Hultman walked by and I said, Holtman and at the time, Jennifer, Craig was with my friend, Stacy Mark, who was Billy's assistant at the time and is now like the vice president of the PA department at William ours. So I said, oh, this guy's funny, and she turned go. This is Brian Holtman, and Stacey was like, 'cause she was there when Martin knocked him out. So she's like to two and I go, he's hilarious, relax. And so I go, Jennifer, this guy is somebody you should know. And I think at the time, Damon wayans was putting Brian on his show, what was it? My wife and kids. Okay. Yeah. So I said he does, you know, Damon, wayans everybody US anybody, Brian hold and Jennifer credit goes. Look. Fellow Carrigan says, your funny, you're funny, here's my card and he handed to it and he looked at it me saw Jennifer, Craig and immediately thought Jenny Craig. And he went, I don't need to lose weight bitch, and he ripped up her card and threw it in her face almost ship my pants. The head of television. Sweet always play the game. So when you say Brian does play the game, it's he's not even close. I mean, he should be like to me, he's like kennison like, I'm sure when kennison was I doing the whole preacher yelling. I don't think he would ever do that to a tech that now I don't think he would ever do that to a. Are they filming. Oh my God, ladies and gentlemen show that to the fans. We are filming on Facebook live. I'm not going to say who a dumb man is, but people get programmed when they call a lot. But this is last name rhyme with Ray. Yeah, that'd be great on air, but you know, we're not getting Johnson palled. Yeah, yeah, Jabber. He would like it. Sometimes I do at the store. I'll take a, I'll take his call. Well, he would like it because I always talk to them about making the grade when he was the security guy. I very rated dice film, but this is back when he added the Judd Nelson movie. No way he was the like the nightclub bouncer in making the grade hall. Hold on, I think, might have to take a call or we're gonna we're, I can pause hold on before you before you do your thing eleanor's to take a phone call. So so I've never, but let me shut the Facebook live off before I don't want this. We're going to be back in three, two one. Okay. We are back. Sorry. Elinor had to actually take a serious phone call about something unfortunate that just happened. So. You know, that's only happened one other time when I had the great and legendary Rick Overton on. And came wreck is. That's another. Well, Rick is kind of a big deal. Like I love rank Overton Holzmann could be like a Rick Overton time and in the middle of the way more structure. But well, I think Rick plays the game a little bit better like he gets it. But in the middle of our podcast, you got a phone call that Garry shandling pass. And I was like, oh boy, hey wreck. So tell us about the show settlers drawn tomorrow night. So sorry about that, but sometimes guy's life gets in the way of maybe at your podcast earlier killing off all our friends. Tell you that this is a crazy thing to people who done inappropriate died. No, yeah. Rowdy Roddy Roddy piper. By the way, the number shot through the roof when he died, could be honest with you. Thank you was the best. He was great. All right. He was doing standup I, I'm not sure if he was doing stand up. He was on stage. But I was the last thing he tweeted he his last week before he passed with something along the lines of if you mess with me, you get my partner bigger or so all these news outlets thought we were like best friends, which we were good friends. So they were calling me to speak about his death. I'm like, I'm not really qualified to like like, you didn't know him. No. Different part of his life, and he trust it. You guys tell you guys stories and hung out and felt accepted. And I mean, that's like you don't get that at the laugh factory or improper rowdy. Roddy piper coming into do stand up or when David Arquette used to come in former w game yesterday or two days ago because I, he goes to a lot of Rams games, right? So I told him I was going on Thursday and he said he was going to get there late. But then I, I got so into the game, I wound up not seeing because I forget that like most people go to a game and they're like, oh, it's an event. We're going to say hi to people. I don't. I watched the game. I'm like weird like that. Like I actually sit studiously and watch the game while I'm the same way. Like when the Steelers play people like it's not an event, I'm not talking anybody. I'm watching look. I wanna talk, don't talk about stand up. Don't wanna talk. Stories, watch alone. Most of the time I do because I stay a lot of racial slurs. So watch shoe. I mean Hieaux when me barris and sandy dantonio go to the the house. At the end of the driveway of the comedy store that I mean, it's the most amazing house Pauley Pauley on per minute. I think he's still does own the one on the other side. This is the house where dean, the legendary dean Gelber. He lived in the guest house. Here, but it was it. You know, from the street, it doesn't look like that sprawling of a complex though the other on the other side, that place was great too, because mitts used to let the comics live in the cottage at the bottom. But Bobby Lee, didn't. He live about Bobby libra FREDDY Soto. I don't think Bobby lived there. Bobby lived in Polly's. This was Bobby lived in Polly's part. Paul when Mitty owned the other house, we had like Brett bowl house a huge pro. The nightclub promote. Yeah. So Brett was up there when Freddie was there all manager. Debbie lived there. Patty Ross live there. Like I don't remember Bob Ross, Pat t. Rowe spent on same size, different person, watch wacho. My mom, I only everybody knows that what we would meet bears and sandy would play Madden up at the top. It was like the castle. And let's just say, I'm glad those games when videotaped. Oh yeah, we and you know, you know, Bob. Oh, Shak. Right. All that. That's another guy. I mean, we could do a podcast on comics who should be huge. Oh, yeah. And what's I? You know, I don't know. Unforgivable. That's like, oh, he's not. Yeah, but I'll never be that funny and it's like how like like, we'll we'll text and he's like, dude. I was on Oprah on my key still uses credits on like the late show. No, but it's more of a goof, like bro. Big, you don't. You have new credits. You have rose. Battle is a newer ish credit, but I used bench warmers for so long as credit benchwarmer still isn't as old as Bob sag bringing. Bobble Shak on Oprah at late nineties bird like sterile, but he is. Ballboy thought, oh my God, we've had some private conversation, but we, his wife is a sweetheart, very clean cut like extremely clean-cut and me and FREDDY Soto. And sometimes this other guy, Jason hearts, we would leave horrendous. Messages just to make him nervous, and you know, like, say, ridiculously racial things about why people, Mexicans, black, whatever Asians, we're big on hick and on Asians for a while just to leave him on Bob's machine in hopes that his wife came home first and he would get in trouble for it like it was. It was truly all a goof like nothing other than to get him in trouble. And one time FREDDY went town on the machine. And like I mean, has a Mexican from El Paso. He came up with some slurs that I never heard and we from, I know we were crying laughing in the background, and then all the sudden the phone picks up and it's Bob and he's like, stewed. My in-laws are. Like echoing through the apartment and as inlaws are visiting his wife and his wife was like, that's his friends. Those are his friends, but that's the comedy store humor. Oh, she hates us. I mean, the comedy story. I always tell people, it's not for everybody. It's not even today. It's so. You know people only at the comedy store could've show gross battle happen, certainly, which is borderline bullying early on as bullying. Today's word bullying. Why think as an shows gave me everything so the in, you know, I had a meeting with comedy central this week, all is well. When the Viacom lady, I play the game a little bit with Geordie. I love George Geordie FOX on the podcast. I can tell about all the time he had a breakdown and kicked all the walls and put holes in them. I would love to have on the podcast guy who did the opposite like he went from being a comic to. Yeah, the gatekeeper. And how do you make those decisions? Like again, it comes down to kids and stuff like can I support myself as a comic as a struggling comic and a kid and kids, rather, I mean, that's like I think in two thousand six United was dating my girlfriend at the time, Shelly for six years, and she literally never missed a show in six years, open mics, and I'm talking. I was playing some pretty bad rooms. Wow. That's a good girl. Oh, I mean, she's amazing and we still talk, but like I, you know, there was a time when it was okay, I now I gotta try and get into the comedy store and I've got a, I'm starting from scratch essentially because everyone loves me, but I'm not in there and it was I had a choose between her and another. Oh no. I mean, I, I mean, so we broke up. But while I am king of the open my ex, but at the comedy store, I'm starting at the. The bottom again. So I was just like you have to pick one or the other gas. I don't think you can do both people ask all the time. How do I get in there? And I'm like, I've been here since nineteen ninety three not as a stand up twelve years as a waitress never doing stand up. Mid-sized assistant left for year and a half. After I got a gauge the dice then came back as a comic and now have been doing, come comedy over eleven years like, but even when I came back doing open mics, like I wouldn't just do the store, but to get into the storing to get that respect, took a long time, took me close to thirteen years and it didn't take me that long, but it took me to establish and get because there he knew it took three years three and a half, but it felt like thirteen years. Yeah, because she showcased me three times and what was I mean, that's the one regret I have is never been showcased by her just because it's Mitzi like she's the godmother exactly and especially me because I was her sister and she was pissed when it turn. When I told her I was doing a woman show. She was cool with it when I. I said, I'm doing stand up. She was like, oh, Honey, 'cause she hate it. Waitress turn comic. That's usually the, you know, I've seen a few or mentioned names. Oh no. I saw a lot doesn't, but I blocked their names because I don't ever wanna thinker. See that again. I can't block their name so I can't not say Matiz wrong. Does that make sense? What in your case? She what's true, but now I've had waitresses that came in as comics and aren't terrible, they, they were good. They weren't like watching the show and thought I could do that with people think I did. And that's not what happened. I never watched comedy star. Like, I never watched shows and there's acts I can do verbatim. I never watched the, oh, that's easy. Even the bad ones. I just thought, why would you do that to yourself? I think some people are so baked and delusion. They don't. Yeah, there's definitely that runs rampant. We're all delus- everywhere. Certainly, negotiable, we have a an, we're on the spectrum, but I think like you and I are delusion is based in reality. You're funny, there's not out of the realm for you to make whatever making is in this business. Right. I would say the same thing about me, but when you see like. Certain people who never do well, and they think they're going to be the next Jim Carrey. It's like like Richard krewe said Stallone. At the end of Rambo, in the warehouse, it's over Johnny. Come on home, nothing. It's over. Nothing makes me happy then how well, you know, movies, what got me. It got us through life, but I'm like, Rainman Saint my brother Chali ill, jolly billion myself. We're all around the same age. Will do you just be while you'll say align and they'll be like, what movie and very rarely do any of us gets dunked. I mean that it is sad, but recently it helped. I just in this concern like I'm bragging or whatever. You know me, I don't. Brag is really not. Brag, you wearing red white and Blue Sox def Leppard shirt on. I got Adidas waiter shorts on waker, Wigger waiter approve the, you're not gay in this neighborhood is that was happening. I mean, I think if there was a yelp review for my PP at the comedy store, it would get five stars. I would be the first to give it because like RIC flair said girls is one thing that ticket to space noun. It's another thing that ride it. Szeswith RIC flair whenever I'm bombing thirty for thirty. I was sad. 'cause you're like, I never want great. There was some great line. Oh my God. I mean, I think like I never wanted me people like him who. He's pretty shitty dad to be on like a horrible husband. Just got married a fifth time. Did you see the wedding pictures? Yeah, the recent, it's the creepiest thing I've ever seen. He's however, all the is and his wife is significantly younger and thinking of the, they did show some pictures on the Thursday. No, no, this was the TV is due to come on any second now. So we're gonna mute. The sound. Atanas timer. What do you got timed out are just it'll go onto MSNBC. I'm fascinated with the supreme court thing. Are you serious? Well, yeah. Just like it's the alternate. He said, she said, how you fight that? What do you do. I don't like politics, but I hate nonsense more well, I just love going back and forth between. I watch all three networks CNN and MSNBC or basically the same network the, hey, Trump just Rippin cabin. So and then FOX is like the complete opposite. So funny to go on like Don lemon tonight, and he's a cabin a maniac. He's a rapists, he says, and then you go to Hannity and Laura Ingraham. Like I thought he did really good at on the stand. Fingered me once and it was great. I didn't even know he was doing it for like ten minutes, but then I was like, okay, cool. Well, it goes into. I'm just saying it's like the other day. I said that we, we have touched good seats at the Rams game. I said to my little sister, I'm feeling up some of the players and she goes, don't do that. They're going to get mad at you thirty years later, and I go all I'll be dead by them, but it's true. But yeah, I was like crazy to look. Women are people not just women, men and women. We're shit happens to. I have men, friends and women friends that have both been raped, whatever came out. One, not immediate. The guy always takes the guys even longer. I know that sounds where but the girl came out. Pretty quick to them, and nobody believed nobody believed was the guy raped by another guy or another girl. I mean, I was raped by an older guy. I mean, you know, guy was raped by an older guy who was part in that fucking rang that Sandusky was running. It was a good linebacker. He wasn't a football player. They had even more crazy shit. They had the young football players, but then they also had these young kids that were like inner city kids that their parents were kind of like this Kip specifically. His dad got killed in the line of duty, and then his mother was just a single mom with five boys. And one of them was the number one kickboxer in the like they have anger issues beyond anger issues like there were mess. So they didn't have a lot of money because the mom would go to work and they kind of they were like, hey, won't give you money if you do this. So they were basically like fucking brainwashing. This kid to be a prostitute. A young fifteen year old prostitute or I mean, that's what they would do with the team, maybe ring boys, wrestling crazy like, oh, if you set up the rain, you can meet hulk, HOGAN hawk would rape them. Know these guys would fought my. A friend like do other stuff. And now his family doesn't believe them doesn't believe him, and they won't let them around the kids because they think he's a pedophile my what. What like with this cabin thing? It's a, he's saying, no, he didn't. She say she's one hundred percent positive was Hammett boy. The priest did somewhere Chit to him and he has no evidence. Everybody believes the little boy and I'm like pre shipping jail, right? I mean, I was made to nothing happened, but what does that mean? I would, you know, touch my name. No, I wish I was touched by someone on that show. It'd been good credit like one of the heads of cast in at FOX. Right? Right. You tell the story. Yes, yes, I had a million by the way I just but you know, it never really bothered me until this came. This is like, oh, yeah, I guess I was kinda fucked up what happened to me or the attempt of what this guy was trying to do. Now. There was a guy and he was a supposedly a big producer. I've looked them up a couple of times. Nothing really comes up like a couple little things, but maybe at the time he was. Hot, but he probably did this to other people and I was probably twenty three, twenty four, maybe and my friend, his this guy's best friend wanted to date my friend and he they picked us up at the comedy store after us, wait tables on night in a Rolls Royce. And my friend said, although if you let me drive, she grew up in California. She's like, watch this. I'm like, he's gonna let you drive a Rolls Royce bit. Of course he did. He let her, I don't even think she, I didn't have a license. She did maybe, but we drove up and down sunset. She topped gorgeous. I was like, oh my God, doing, you know, right out of south Philly. I'm in a Rolls Royce on sunset, strip, the fuck. So then he's like, I live right up here in the hills, so we go to his house, phenomenal Brady. I grew up in a row home. I'm completed. I'm like, wow, I'm looking around. So I said to my friend, are you okay? Because I don't wanna leave her with fucking stranger mistreat fired. I could take both of these guys. I want to go on in the house if I didn't think I could. So she goes, she goes Tokay and the guy was perfect. Gentleman, her guy. So the other guy goes, come on show you tour. I show you the house Israeli, right? I didn't know about the commerce through tours yet, so we go look around the house. He goes, this room, this room this. He's not even doing anything. I'm like looking at everything then of like on the balcony, and I could see the comedy store like way down the hill. You know, like, whoa, this is beautiful as we're in the master bedroom on the balcony, looking out on like, wow, this is awesome. I turn around like David, you gotta come. See this. I turn, I'm sure he saw it a million times, but I was so like excited. I was like, come see this, and he turned, I turned around and he was. Balls asked naked and I go. At first because he was older, like in sixties, you know? And I was like to, you got to put pants on. That's fucking girls, right? And he goes, oh, this makes you nervous. I put a pillow and he took. He found the little fuck and heart pillow and put it over his little gray nuts. Right? And I was like, what are you doing? And part of me to pull your pants on. That's ridiculous. Like I'll kill you and he, he just looked at me. He goes, oh, you one of those knobs and I will I put your fucking pants like now I got pissed. And at that point I'm looking around for like blunt objects to fuck and just kill this guy, maybe throw him over the balcony. And there was like this little statue that I was just ready to just pound his fucking dumb head in with, and he got up and he was like, oh, and he's putting his pants on. He's he will never work in this town. Again, I, I don't wanna work in fuck in town, five to look at your gray nuts, you know. And he's starts cursing me in some whatever. Isreaeli. And I go all fucking kill you, like I was. So I turned right back to who I grew up at, and then I went downstairs and I was, I saw my friend and I'm like, look, this guy's an asshole. And he's like, what did he do? Like his friend and I go, he's a pig. I'm getting outta here. Are you coming? And the guy drove the nice guy trove us back down to the comedy store. Was Jamie Masada? No. He likes Asian girls. He wouldn't come after me, but this guy must've been in like Caitlin Jenner. Oh, no. Have bad. Napa jokes for? Yeah, sixty five year old right. Usually sixty five. This guy was probably sixty five. Like that's gross to a twenty three year old twenty. Yeah. I think I was twenty three. I mean, I've had a twenty seven year age difference, but you know, yeah, legal, my brain and my anger Salmi hurling that motherfucker over the balcony like it was nothing because I knew of these other people that God forbid, if something happen, they. The two girls definitely report it immediately and nobody believes them. I mean, the evidence is hard to find like. This girl, the other night she was wasted. She was like, I was just raped because I think everybody's in this go, hey, man, we gotta go get a kit. Like was nervous at the comedy store. She was wasted. It was late, closing the doors, and it was right after the Emmys I think. And she was like, are you all right? 'cause she looked like she was walking from the parking lot. She goes, she called me an asshole, but she was talking about no one. And then because there was nobody behind her and they had already locked all the doors. So I don't know who she was talking to, and then she walked out and she goes, I was just raped. And I was like, hey, we gotta go get a kit. Like even if you're fucked up, we gotta prove this. We need the kit. You gotta get the whole thing with the supreme court themes thirty years ago, how is supposed to know and if this guy didn't do anything other than. I shouldn't say didn't do anything, but apparently he held her down correct while he's he didn't do anything. He's saying he didn't even basically, he doesn't know down where unlike, okay, I got figure out how to get all of this fucking thing. I mean, I don't, you know, I I don't like being too violent with girls and the only way I get off. I understand. But if you go too far and I don't give the okay, but you know, I mean, the last girl I was with a she was a little aggressive 'cause they're safe or it was fuck me, harder. You faggot. So when she said it that mean you had a fucker harder. I mean, no means, no, I got, you know, men's, I. Oh, keep going. Well, he because you we've seen like. I mean, you're at the store in the nineties. I was there in the dark ages, dark ages. You could walk into the main room and there'd be three different comics. Fuck in three different areas of the rue. Like. People think the stores wild now and it's fun, but it's not like it used to be in terms of the outlaw behavior. Rooms are locked. Now, one of the comics right when they started doing that, he had medical and he walked back and he didn't know, and he. He will. I guess he started to go on the tour and then he turned around and he went, oh, we're locking doors now. I mean, and he was with the really cute girl and was like. Yeah, they started doing that. I think it was the great Eric Anderson, the legendary managers like, okay, guys, this isn't you know, aboard, Delo anymore. We have to like. Per se. I mean, there were times going the main room with a lady friend and I'd sit down and I hear like Dave Taylor Earl, can you move down a bit? Oh sorry, my bad, my bad. I it's hard to explain it to now. I know there was one girl. I don't remember. I might mess up this story, but they've told it on the comedy store podcast. Quite a few times. I believe she Balu. Sam Tripoli are Shapir. Tony Hans clips and then was outside on the patio making out with some guy like from Australia or something. And he was like, Hollywood's amazing actor. It was like a reality show. I I know I'm friends with the girl, so I we won't. You don't have to say her name, but it was just like, but they were. There was a love with her. That's the best kisser ever. I'm like, yeah, how are seem and tastes, but it was always like Ari and and Sam and Tony were on the podcast. Oh, you let her kiss her like on the patio. Not the podcast on the patio. Like looking at her like, oh, good because I think it was all on the same night or the same boat. It was all within the same like hour and a half. Okay. I knew it was something crazy like that. The only reason they knew is because they saw it on the cameras. They had just started banking which makes it even tougher. We always had the cameras. We just couldn't afford to keep them on and record and shit. I mean now they're like, it's the movie. You're going to the comedy store. Managers offices like the Houston space center. Like there's thirty high def cameras running around the clock almost mean it's like, dude, you don't trust us. But in some cases it's good. Like, you know, because there's a lot of riffraff at the store now where you don't know who they are. People are coming in like Yelm comic like Bobby Lee told story on his podcast that this girl was walking down the hall and she's like move. And I was like. Were you standing in the middle of the hall? And he's like, no, I was just walking down the hall and she was like, I'm a comic here and he'd never heard of her like he'd never seen her heard of her and she goes, so you got to move. He was like, are you. She goes. He goes on comic here too, and she goes, oh, really? I just got off stage and he was like, I'm gonna show you something. And he went in the back and he got a glass and he walked back in the hallway and he threw it at the wall. And it goes, they'll do nothing to me. But if you did that you'd be thrown out. That's how much power I have here and I go, you're such a dick and he goes, I know. But she pissed me off. But at the same time I understand what he's saying like these people are like, excuse me. I were a comic here. I was just on stage in the belly room. Oh, I see that a lot lately calmed down. And then you get these comics from other cities. Like there was a comic about three years ago. Just kind of like twenty one pretty young dude needs from Philly, and. Nice enough dude, pass that the seller. I can't say it's not true, but like that will at the time I'm like, he seems a little young to be passed at the seller. And then he headline Philly. And I asked Pat Barker whose villi comic very funny. Saying rose battler because he's a comet, does both. He's one of the few who's good at both Joe dash to Joe's those people that know the other side of it too. They get it that it's different is definitely like, I mean, I think it's like like the slam dunk competition. If you look at who wins the slam dunk competition most years, it's not the best player on the time. It's just like, oh, he has good vertical leap. You can't dribble, but you know he can done and if there's a defender, right? It's a little harder. Like, you know, I've done some shows recently with Ross battle. Heavy com. Well, you got to rely on your jokes instead of going, hey, you're fat, you're a whore, but this guy from Philly was like telling he was headlining clubs, all over Philly. Philly apparently is somewhat small comedy, right? So. You know, you get so many people like that who it's like this comedy store, you're not gonna bullshit Eleanor or me or Holtzman or barris, or bullshit Holtzman because he doesn't hang out enough, but I'm saying like barris we're there all the time. Yeah, all work there all the time. I mean, I don't usually go unless have spots, but I usually get a decent amount of spots that I'm there quite often all hail king Adam. Thank oh my God. I say, thank you them a million times over I heart is like, I wish I could. I wish I was famous too, so I could get you a job. Yeah, I want him to succeed. I if he gets to move up because even though the comedy star is very corporate now, which is also uncomfortable to what is weird or it's never been more popular, but it's definitely more straitlaced. Right? Which I guess is good. I don't wanna say it's bad. I mean, it's making money. Any hand over fist, and I mean even late night when I go on you on later, it's crowds, whereas you know, to get a twelve thirty spot in the mid to thousands, early two, thousands. You're playing to renaissance in Yousef in the back like we had called on again on and I didn't realize he got passed in ninety nine and so she will give him spots Mitzi and he would come ninety nine two thousand and he would come from Santa Monica, and it would be like five people and he's like, I drove alway. Governess for was fifteen dollars at the time or maybe even less, I don't know. But it was just the weirdest like I can't do this. So he left and came back now. I mean, that's right. Like have to, you know what? I came in two thousand. I mean, literally, ever forget I walked into the back, oh, are stairwell Scotty? Barron was onstage talking about fucking Britney. Spears in the ass with drumstick I said, okay. At maybe bit. Maybe I should wait outside and then Gaylord Englander was the second person I met. And then I, I stayed because Dave Tyree got me a spy best. I paid him for jokes. I look. I just looked at them recently. These were all stolen Joe's. You're kidding. No, but that night I got to go up and Brody was the himse and he made some guy from the Hoya cry because he had bombed and brought. He was like, where are you from. Yeah, basically. Where are you from the Hoya drive? Just got a lot longer year. Got it. Got it. I was like this places and for me right now, I don't think I could hang here. It was scary. I mean, we, there was nights. I can remember Brody on stage. Oh man. It Brody onstage. There's six people in the audience. He's trying to get a goal Freddie sotos just hanging out late night and me. I was waiting tables and be sitting in the back. And I remember painter, James painter was working the door. So. I forget who is in the cover booth could have been anybody at that point Daghma now she never worked for us, but she worked Hilo. She. So we were sitting there fucking around and brody's. I'm ready sotos in the audience and I want him to be impressed with me and this isn't going well. I have scars on my face. It was right when he got burnt. He got some laser something and he got burnt. So. Freddie. I don't remember what I said. But all I know is the painter came up to me goes, you could very well be the meanest person I ever met my life like whereabout Freddie like it was roasting to FREDDY. Got him. Good. I remember Freddie's lines Freddie was he's like, I can't be an actor because I have burns on my face Freddie's like Brody that's not true. Edward, James almost. Rhody was passed and he's like, FREDDY, you can't relate. You have good scan, and he goes, no, I can't relate because when I drive home on my street, there's potholes and I hit those little saying like he had holes in his face like we were. I thought Brodie was going to kill themselves and I guess I chimed in on some. I just don't remember what they were. Well, that's why so people who like I was just the way. I mean, it was a free for all back. Then the people who rose battle is mean-spirited like you got no one roast bad would last in that era. Never because it was you were tested. And if you do, you think comedies I clicky now then when there wasn't fear, we'll go on and just fuck with my waitresses and say nasty ship, then I'd have to come in and school him. Yeah, when Danish donate owed host, potluck. That's my favorite. They'd rip into, you know, Hinchcliffe or you know, I mean, I used to watch Benji. Have you like comics who are going to bomb? You're gonna love this next act like totally bearing them. And then you know some young open mic. Bring me up this girl. She only fucks guys that we're fingerless gloves road, all like you, son of a bitch and then like they would get jealous. Tommy would semi to the Hoya lot. So they'll be like, oh, you could see her in Hoya every week because the town coordinator wants to fucker like just like, do Tommy's in the puck and don't. Right? They're like awful. If you want to fuck me, I just I need the money. I mean, it was just and Tommy being in charge was like added to the craziness of David Taylor used to you, see the white trash man took. You took your money as you walked in. He's down coordinator. Oh, my treads, David. It can't do that. The only thing saving your skin color. Got up, bring that up mean any would he would throw the curtains together so angrily because he used to keep the curtains open. Now he would close the Taylor would rip them the shrimp smoke some up pack with burger. Mitch Tomi up past looking guy. But I mean, just having him in charge is like adds to the insanity, like Tommy was the airi'q Anderson and Jodie and Adam all rolled up into one. He was the guy. What's weird is it's gotten back to when I started when I started town coordinator, it was hard to get to them now. I mean Adam's accessible, but not it's brutal still. He'll just like the guy that when I got there with Scott day Scott day was there for seven years at that point. Like he was, I think I worked with him for two years. So he was, you know, five years in and then I worked with him for his last two years. But you know, he went through the eighties like the end of the eighties with it in the beginning of nineties. So he. He was kind of coming off the dies granison it was, but he would have to do things like fucking band, kinison and band dice, and then they'd be like fucking Scott day. They take it out on him with sure. Hammett's Mitzi. But now it's like Adam doesn't have its Mitzi. Or thing, but he does have. Yeah, I can't help you like just do that. What's day would do to like, dude, I can't help you Adams honesty. Yeah, like straight up. You can or can't do you, don't? I my favorite line that Tommy is to say, well, you know, fit into what we're doing here. What are you doing here? Do you mean comedy? Because you got to change what you're saying. You don't think they're funny, that's fine, but don't say you don't fit into what we're doing here. Oh, is my car? Okay. Outside we're gonna. We're wrapping up. Okay. I'm excited. But we're good till seven really. But I mean, I can't imagine what Adam goes. So I mean, I know either I I have no pull. And even when I worked for Mitzi I really had no pool. She wouldn't listen to me if I say, do you have to see this comic? She loved me because I didn't want anything to do with that shit. So it was she didn't. She didn't have to worry about what I was going to ask for. You know what I mean? I never ask, got him know. But comics go to mid eighties, bring her her favorite cookies. Or something bring music to try to get her to fucking like them to start helping, you know, and they'd be like, can you put a word from him like, no, 'cause I don't have a word people used to think that I got not only did I get them more stage time, but I would also get them no stage time. I'm like, that's not real. I never did any anything like that to mitt to your up any of the comics? I won't do it. I mean, I just think that. I just think that people don't understand. There's not enough spots as. That's right. Like Adam could whoever takes job after him and. You can never have another showcase again. And Adam still going to be like, okay, I've got two hundred comics worthy of one hundred spots. They're all on TV. Pepperoni. Ah, I've had people come up to me and you know. So's on the lineup funnier than them like, no, no, you're not. And that person's getting a one o'clock spot. One AM spot. You're not beating out the one AM or so. And he goes, I went in, I know Ian Edwards and I think I should go on earlier. I'm like, dude, you're out of your fucking mind, and he's a sometime or comic. Oh, because back to delusion sometime are deserves a samurai right across throat. Well, if you look at the lineups tonight, I'm going on a twelve fifteen. What I like to go on eleven fifteen. But I look at the lineup, it's I don't know who it is time particularly, but it's probably in Edwards rogue, and she has Chris porter, THEO van who should I people out of town like it's the weekend, but it still killer like, wow, I should be going on at about twelve fifteen. Let us put you in between Sebastian, but mitt to do shit like that. Like with Sebastian, she would put like he wasn't that great when he he was terrible. Actually when he first shift showcase and then she put him, he would put him like prime spots and people get pissed like this guy sucks. Why is he getting out of Mike? This guy sucks like this is her thing. It's her cloud. She's she, but she knew what she was doing. She was developing them, putting him behind comics could barely follow, which I think is fairly open. Let alone barely follow. But that's in a way would Adams doing now with like the door guys. And girls certainly making them do the cold open, which admittedly, tough spot. 'cause you're going up when people are not getting their drinks, giving their drink orders. So no one's really listening to you, you know, but that's gonna make them better comic taking bullets bullets making some of the late night comics follow. Strong comics, you know, better comic when I follow you because you kill that. I mean, I'm being completely. Yeah, follow somebody. That's good. I follow you a lot, but when you like. Like it's going to be on my toes tonight. No, because you're killing. Saying it's still people that are murdering, not all the time, but most of the time he keeps it a steady flow all the way to the end. Oh, yeah. I mean, it's the perfect, but you know what I mean? Like. But you know what I mean? Like people like I deserve that spot. I'm like, dude, persons annihilating. When those people are tired and fucking, you know, looking at their phones almost Uber's going to cause. And you got to keep their attention and keep them there. And then the people who park next door at the Qatar allot poses a two. So they're like, okay, it's one thirty. Five, I'll give Eleanor or who Jomar. Jack night, you know. Yeah, Jessica Michelle. Okay. They got five minutes at she not killing the fucking back end and I blew my car too. So. Well, Eleanor, I've got so much here on my legs from your dog for my dog. This is your pubic hair. This couch. This jerk off to has seen more s than just Scott in the mid eighty. Some good FM. All right. It's a nice place. I mean, I only day comics which what? What's all I'm around. It's all around to. I haven't dated a comic in a long time. I mean, my last three girls series girlfriends has been comics, but you know, I, I'm not. I'm not around lawyers, doctors. Oh, you date lawyers. I'm vibe person, so I would date anyone if I clicked with them. You know, like if you look at my last three girlfriends day, all three or so visually different from each other, just clicked with them for different. What's his type advertise? Everyone thinks like huge Tets. Elliott. Yeah. I mean, I know Don always kids me about, hey, you see their comic in the back. If this chair had tits, he would fuck it. But, but I've dated girls who were slender and you know, just click with again it. So you know what's next. I have shot. Oh, great. It's possible. You're like a sister. I know you're hot to me, but it's just gross. Like it's too close. So. Don't you think though there's so many people that like people like you go on the road and you could be guys comics and don't, you know STAN share in a room and I'm like, Yep, it thoroughly not real. Give it your so highly regarded in the comedy world with comics like you're right, and I think I'm in the same boat. We're comics comics. Yeah, which is sometimes good. Sometimes back then is the industry we're not industry rise? Yeah, delay delays an industry comic Unired. As predator. Did you know that he told Santino you should grow his hair like still Leah. And this was the guy in charge, but he's also the guy Santino with his long red hair. It told me once you got to move around on one of my, I'm not saying I'm like, I, I'm like Steven, right? Like I'm stationary for the most part. The mice in the UAE. Likes. I hate him if I love him, but I hate them meaning I hate him like the kids say, I hate you because that's funny. I wanna go. I. We're gonna problem with them the fucking guy, and I don't hate on the people who didn't have a problem with them. Like, you know, he liked Willie on her. Great. Like, you know, easy. Just fucked with you. That's all I thought it was unnecessary. It is unnecessary. Like if you don't like my comedy or whatever. Just tell me. I'm just standing because my legs are getting. What like going back to what I like about Adam is. When he took over. I think everyone was telling you gotta pass her. He's the guys. He's here the longest. He's fucked over by. And Adam just came up to me and it was like, dude, I know everyone loves you. I'm going to showcase you, but if you don't do well, I can't pass you. I wouldn't have wanted to be passed because I had, you know. Honorary Passey. We have a lot of those. Right. Like you know, the comedy star counting. You know, certain. He showcase for Mitzi. He had a good set. Well, anyone's capable, having a good. And that's the thing that's the problem. She passed a lot of people, but then she stopped giving them spot. 'cause she realized what it was so well, I mean, I just wish Tommy would have been hated. There's just too many people up here. Just been a little honest where I think Adam is, and people get mad at him for being honest. But to combat, I've seen Adam essentially say long. These is what you do isn't for me. There's probably, but I would rather have had time say that, yeah, no, I get it. So where can now next week you're at the laugh actually in Vegas, actually Vegas and, oh, look at this mirror with the great Mike favor. Mun Mike favor men and there's one other comic we'll be telling pig story hollow. I don't know. There's somebody. I think so. But anyway, the first second, third headlining in Vegas. It's very exciting and I get to work with my favorite, which is amazing, but also October tenth and eleven at the Balasko theater while women of wrestling, I will be doing the announcing comedown guys season girls wrestle. They're phenomenal downtown Blasco theater. You can come get you tickets, you know you sit next right next to MRs Stallone jelly. Yep, it'll be really Jeanie Buss is part of it killer. Yeah, we got good Frank Stallone on the podcast friends of Frank you, I'm gonna get you Frank. I'm Frank b, but he's hilarious fascinated by him how you could be related to probably legit the biggest star of our time. This is Frank. He's got an Oscar, what for his accuracy than staying staying alive. That's his music. He's fucking brilliant. Just a mental case. That's crazy though that your brother's films have made literally over billions. I get it. Yeah, he's definitely. I mean, that's my brother. I mean, that's my pseudo husband Stallone fan. Okay. Sly. Nobody can talk shit about sly sometimes fight with Ricky Ingram 'cause he says, rocky stinks and beat him up one day and we'll see what happens. But I might get Frank to come on the podcast just to piss. No, you're probably podcast. Offer it because we only do comedy, regulars stuff. But I'm sure he'll do dice cast because him and dice are very good friends. And when I was dating dice, I'd be like, who singing and he's like, this is Frank Stallone. He has like thousands of this out there. His music is really good. He's back was like big song and dude it do. Listen. Get me wet, not on this couch. Listen this couch, I'm going to sell it when I move. It's going to go on EBay. And if you put a blue light to this couch, it's going to light up like the Vegas strip. Earl, you're not in my pussy. Oh, sorry. Where can people find you on Twitter and Instagram? J. Kerrigan or Eleanor Carrigan. I don't know what I grew up in a typewriter store, but I think it's EJ Kerrigan EJ Carrigan EJ. G. a. and eleanor's. Literally one of my favorite people on the planet. She's funny become fan. I mean, just real like he got to be a real life sucks. I mean, you don't have to be a phony Palmer. Do you like that? Thank Challe adopted. Your funk shows real deal. He's, you know, there's a new helix booth girl. No, keeping young girl. I like I just the white pink pussy boy. Looking at this girl just gone. Just keep your head down here and just Funkhouser how you saying fungal. I thought it was fun. Gel might be right. Just looks like something like that. Mr. shod at a couple of years ago, watch out. I think he died in the first Rambo, move it. Not that it's over. Inappropriate Errol soundcloud and I tunes but also into the comedy store podcast with Eleanor and Rick Ingram where they and it's kinda cool. They only interview paid regulars at the comedy store, which is we go out of the realm, comedy store associates, and where can people find that tens and all that? Yeah, it's all things comedy network. And it's, I tuned sound Clough all that shit. I don't know. Ain't it all the same. Who knows? I'm podcast in it comes up. I'm not on a network. I'm rogue, which is great. You're smart. Well, not really. I will say if I was on a network, I would go to all things. Great. They're nice people there. I mean, they are like they keep it real. Yeah, so inappropriate. All sounds loud nights follow Eleanor Carrigan we got Tom green coming on next week. FREDDY. Got fingered. And as von Johnson, the new, I think he's an LA guns and faster pussycat. He's not fucking around time. I second best friend, Tom green. Oh, so maybe one day bring it up. I I know it's probably doubtful closer. I would be humbled and honoured have Dyson just to talk about making the grade in crime story and the great movie with Johnny Depp. By the resort where he was the horny vacation. Don't forget this. Check him out in a stars. Born October, fifth playing lady Gaga father, excellent. I mean, he doesn't get the credit for being an actor now their billing in this film. So I I'm going to watch it because of dies. But I just has a kid seeing those billboards with Kris Kristofferson Barbra Streisand. But please what? And I like lady Gaga. She's great, she greatness and she pays Oma. She knew respectful, extreme respectful, the the saxophone player from Springsteen's being clearance Clemens. He was dying and she put him in her big hit. What was her first big hit on the edge of a broken hearts poker face on the end on the edge glory. That's it. That's it. She put him in the video and I thought, wow, that's pretty cool. And she had Brian May in video. So now I hear she's kind of hot in a weird way. Beautiful. Forget the money like, okay, she's got tons of money, but like I like those odd bird types. She is an oppor So lady Gaga if you want to go out with a fifty year old unknown comic. Here just remember lady Gaga, unlike space, mountain, all this, ride park with a longest line qisas.

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