Trailer: How To Cut It in the Hairdressing Industry Podcast


Thank you for listening to help. Cottee in hairdressing industry podcast. I'm your host amla and you are listening to uk and island's leading hair industry podcast since two thousand and seventeen every week. We bring on some of the hammond leading the rising stars digital business experts and noise from the creative fashion industry who come onto the show to share that incites. Inspirations and information to take you hendrickson. I'm barbara and careers soothing. Next so if you look into discovering your next step with barbara an industry. This is the podcast. So dive deep into our extensive library of interviews as we uncover the stewardess. Earth gone our guests to are. And if you like what you hear. Mike schultz subscribe to and by doing so. You get an automatic notification straight to your device every so what are you waiting for. Get stuck in and get listening and please do. Leave me some feedback on what you think. These talks

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