Researchers discover how coronavirus affects brain function


As washington state prepares to receive more covert vaccine doses from both pfizer and now medusa scientists in the north west of solved. A mystery connected to some of the diseases more. Puzzling symptoms like lasting brain fog and fatigue just burns reports researchers from the university of washington. School of medicine and oregon health and science university used lab mice to test if a key protein in corona virus can cross from the bloodstream into the brain itself. Uw medicines bill banks says there's a barrier that usually protects the brain but every once in a while there's something like a bacteria or parasites that figures out how to trick. Its way into darier. Get in banks says if the protein can get in it probably can cause problems like inflammation and it means. It's likely the whole virus can get into the brain as well. This new understanding of how coronavirus virus works provides insight into possible treatments for the disease. I'm just burns reporting.

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