Hour 2: Shaquille O'Neal


The. We give them a lot of passes. I feel like it's unfair because any other superstar in the league don't get as many passes Steph curry listen. I'm not taking stuff man. He's a he's go down all time great, but his finals the way he performing the finals. I mean he, he gotta get some kind of, you know, criticism behind it 'cause I mean, what's this feel finals? And, you know, he have yet to really show up. Let's see here in Utah. King, former NBA champion Kendrick Perkins on the Brian win who is in the hoop collective show podcast talking about Steph curry continuing to get a pass for poor performances in big games. Ryan. Perks criticism of Steph is if they're foul I expect this from you, I expect from you, but park you align big dog. I got you got who played the game you know, Steph Curry's impact. Here's the reality. Steph may not be the best one on one guy in the game. The guy who creates his own shot, but with the ball in his hands he's magic. And it's not just for himself is not just shooting. Threes is the impact he has on other guys. Now, if you look at the game in the finals, he goes off for forty seven points, the rest of the games when he passes the ball. He can't help. If Klay Thompson eight on a floor. He can't help if IGA dollar won't even look at the rim. If Draymond green, we'll look at the rim Kvant loonies missing bookie cousins cakes up over a phone, book, credit card. Silk. Oversell kober. So we blame Steph curry keep in mind this shot that he missed, okay? The shot that he missed that would extended the series out. It was the hardest shot in basketball. A wing three on the move is the hardest shot in basketball at get it hit. It hit it. There were times when you watch the series, slowdown take a breath of fresh air. He was triple team bro. How many players get triple team, your coli literally get triple team. I've, I. Kawhi Leonard dribbled around then Simmons, very good fan and shot the three in the high balls of Joel Embiid. Everybody Fender to hit the three to send them to the next hour. Horrible. About how bad that was because any good defenders not go. Let kuwa- Leonard get to his right hand and get their Embiid. So to cut them off. We're not argue that, though the reality is Steph, made the correct basketball. And when he was swinging, Draymond green shots, what t- two percent from three. What does he's a minute ago talking about how great the warriors are all these great players now dissing? We're not talking about the hurt we play because right on the money, and I'm quite sure Perkins will also give them credit for what he did. Well, although we debated Perkins said the forty seven points meaningless I disagree. They needed extra offense from Steph. They didn't have clay. He gave it to him. I give him credit. I saw a lot of improvement in the finals from Steph in these finals improvement. But he ain't there yet you look. What is what is there? He's HMO. Explain six foot three. And under you could argue is the best whoever did it and this game selects out for height because not your case, but most people unless the river. The river women elevated. So the taller, you are the better like it's to your advantage. Even small venture logic even swan is that your logic being taller better, even by not near case. But even when you play small mobile. Mobile means is you have a diverse set of skills. If you play small ball with tall players, like LeBron dear about to do you'll see it's even better. So I give Steph amazing credit like a huge credit for being as is for six three and under. But perkins's, right. Let's examine this he's played in five finals. Let's go back to the first one LeBron was twice as good as anyone else on the floor that they're so much better than Steph. He's been. No his team lost. They had to give the MVP to the guy who defended LeBron. Yeah. He was not to LeBron being, that's once, underperformed in those final second finals, seventy three win team at home fourth quarter zero points, four minutes, and twenty two seconds. The greatest conductor in the history of half court orchestras, couldn't play any music with chips on the line and had they won. They have been called the greatest team in the history of American team sports. Lebron one that was the second one. The third one. K D gets there. No one can do any. Of course, if you add to that mix to step excuse me do a stem. Not saying that's what you're saying. No ryan. Excuse me. It's in big moments were not arguing steps knock. Everyone knows steps is great. However, big a fool you think I n you even can't think on that ticket flood. Collide. Lynyrd deferred, impasse, the shot to Banff lead who wanted to lower who missed the shot. Deferring timeout. Are we questioning how many finals played in how many finals he pleaded what two three three finals MVP's? Does he have? So. Now because over the plate nineties talked about that mum job at all the place because you keep it to that moment, though, because you're talking about Steph big moments to say anything about court when he passed the ball if you pass the ball and they hit the shot and you win the game. Good for you. But why did he pass the book because he was double team. Right. Why do you pin allies Steph when he passes the ball when he's double co I could've handled that double team better? He could've dribbled out sucked out the defense a little bit. He no one's perfect. But Ryan, let me finish. What I'm saying. So it's third and fourth finals. Katie's the MVP now you gotta fit finals peel, Katie off the team, you still got clay. You still got great. You got it dollar. You have enough. Stuffy had Hawaiians MVP. It's you play. He had. Finals win. Will one you say this. You can't say he had Klay Thompson Klay pulls hamstring MRs gained three and then pulls his ACL. How many games did they play altogether? What three? Six games as I predicted Toronto, one in six just as they. Klay, one cleanness six quarters sticks six quarters out of six games. He had clay for plenty of that series. Let me say this. Steph curry is arguably the best shooter basketballers ever seen. No. Okay. There's a list him clay. Reggie Miller Ray Allen me and then some other guys at the bottom, but as a shooter, you're going to do this. Okay. You're going to be up and you're going to be down. And it just so happens in the final situation match. He's been trending down. Okay. Okay. Understand what would candidates saying aka swamp thing. I know you watching right now. To say would have. It's fouled it's but you if it so happens. This is the way the analytics guys that you don't like are on your side about this 'cause I argue with them if it so happens that you're constantly down when your team needs you the most, if that's so happens. And then you are choking. Not up. No. Let me. Since he's so bad in these moments, the jobs, we see players and clutch moments. Why are they chasing him off the screen? Why are they scream worst field goal percentage this the greatest shooter ever facing elimination, I listen max, hold on. Hold on Ben and a lot more. George. I know you've got two left the goat. No one's comparing him to use Jordan, as an example of it is possible for the best players who face doubles to elevate. Clutch. See a collect player not in the finals game on the line, you wouldn't want him. What am I this is so funny to me he wanted in New England? Four the series shot on the line. Be what did he do? He scored twenty two points and hit the open twenty one minutes. But it's different though max because thank you. Andre IGA dollar is always open. I do. She. For crisis Toronto, plate box in one. Okay. But he's doing a lot of running around or whatever. So that's why I'm saying as shooter, we look at him. And everybody says it he's the best shoot we've ever seen. So as shooters. You know it's up and down. It's up in always down when it matters not all the time. Just so happens in certain situations, the finals when he in down. Okay. How trends down whenever you need them in the final, because I've seen him in the final because before this one win against him as a coach in the first four finals before his fifth one and I'm telling you right now, I say something we were doing everything we could can I say something. Pardon? Yeah, I get real look, I would say this. He also tries to play defense but he cannot stay in front of his man that's half the game. Gives me on offense. I don't want to overstate it. Steph, does a lot of good things like you both mentioned. He makes the right decisions with the ball. The ball doesn't stick with and in that first final. It's the. Never res not open. How I'm in big time you guys won't concede that he doesn't hit shots when you need him. 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So when I get started today, go to better help dot com slash take simply fill out a questionnaire to help them a session knees and get matched with the council. You'll love stop bettering yourself today. Head to better help dot com slash take. That's better help dot com slash TA. K. E. I take coming to seaport district pure seventeen. Brought to you by chase now according to these IRS, the Lakers are the favorite to win next year's NBA crown with three to one. Odds over the bucks and clippers max Kellerman. The Laker should be the favorites next season. No at this moment, Toronto should be Kawais still Toronto Raptors. And when you consider the Anna nobody will be healthy, and then ascending player, Seon OBI. Think of what's hitting threes now maple trees. That's the point did used to hit threes. These are young sending Ryan it all some. But we don't we don't know he's sending players. There were two of them. I have my eyes on this team. One of them was hurt this year. Yes, I have high hopes ran and nobody. And Siaka is still ascending. He's getting better and Kyle Lowry. Now's a very good experience in the playoffs under his belt. He's now a champion. We'll see how that affects him because Lowery, it was never, like he's not an elite point guard. It's like in the playoffs he something less than elite only in this series. He was excellent in the finals when they needed him most on the road at oracle he was probably the best player in game six. So this is a different situation for the rat. Thor's with a healthy Kawai when you look at the rest of the east, the Celtics are in disarray, Jaanus needs. It needs to be someone better than Bledsoe. Like a guy who can get his own shot. And do you want to call? Why do you not acknowledge him? Why don't people around? I just saw that Kawai got Janas. So that changed. I go based on. Did you if you just change at the Sixers and health can't be trusted Simmons has stalled? So the rap is going to get out of the east, again with now you look at the Western Conference, Denver is going to be good. Maybe not quite good enough. The rockets we've already seen what they're about the Lakers have the right pieces yet around LeBron d it's going to take them year to put that together. Meantime, of goes to the clippers it's the same situation with the rockets. They just took the warriors six games. Now, you're just going to ask why with a healthy Kate, you're going to add to that mix. They're going to be the best team because it's already a team just going to add a finals MVP. So the Lakers should not be favored, the answer to the question, who should be is whichever team co is on either the raptors clippers should be the favorites. Okay. I'm gonna say this. Not this past playoffs the playoffs before and Novi. Okay. Siaka the babies that Toronto Raptors team got swept by LeBron James lead. Cleveland cavalier. All right. No kawai. No quiet doesn't matter. Doesn't matter who finals who is the third best player in the league, I best behind LeBron James, and Kevin Durant is hurt wasn't as good as healthy. Lebron James, Kevin Durant Leonard. Okay. Now, fast forward, LeBron James when he takes the four this season. Seven months of rest. Now, you tell me what that's gonna look like going forward in this season. And on top of that, you add another top five player, Anthony Davis. Of course they should be the favorites to win the NBA championship next year. Ryan floors, yours talking you talking stuff. I like to hear man opening big ears. Can you hear this? I want you to I want to make sure you check this. When you give LeBron James help this man handles his business in the biggest thing he got when Abe began basketball beyond eighties, rebounding shot-blocking shooting jumping leaping, ability, whatever it may be. It's motivation of motivated. Lebron james. That's who is. Now a lot back in the basketball makes you favorites. Now, you add help now you take, Katie out the equation. You take clay out Kawai littered. Listen ain't nobody else gonna be able to join him now. He's gonna go to, to amazing situations either staying in Toronto or going to the clippers. No one can question that. But you win with superstars when you die sec the NBA finals, the playoffs the further that it does everybody knows your place. They know your sets and players go out and make plays in if you add, Anthony Davis, you've got LeBron James, and I'm expecting. Another star comes if not a solid group because that's the realistic thing if you're going to go and take a pay cut as for. A championship. And when you look at LeBron James, he's the most proven in the NBA right now. And even. And even if we're going to say your father time, father time, LeBron lots of step. He's still an incredible athlete. He's still he's still a top five athlete. And I was saying before the start of last year. Lebron's worth any two MVP's. Lebron was so much out. Help is. The Braun is going to be two years older by the time the playoffs rolled around when I said that he had a big injury and the deplete the wall. All big games. Now growing tweaks. Really the entire playing it safe man, not a big. And so he was a big injury was. Did they make the playoffs? Have you had a groin injury? NBA played in ROY. Answer the question. Did they make the playoffs or no no? Why didn't they make the play you didn't have help around him? Not got her. You play maturity they did. Big injury, seventeen games, hold couldn't beat the Knicks the Knicks sign come up on and LeBron James and AD your multiple superstars. It can't just be one in the actually LeBron James when he first got to Miami, had weighed and Bosch, but it was year one they hadn't figured it all out yet. And they lost to a team with one superstar because it was a real team. The Dallas Mavericks, what was the other team, they lost, because they didn't win four in those four years they want to? No, no, no, no, no to the question. Who did they lose to? They lost to the Senate Tonio Spurs really and who won finals MVP. How? He shouldn't one baby. He didn't let me those teams that you mentioned right? Would you say they're veterans squads? Would you say they know how to play the game? Or how would you label the Brian James now veteran? Right. Of course, savvy veteran that he was not a better than any couldn't show. Three gamers. Stop reading here. Spurs the last year, Miami, he was not only veteran he couldn't shoot look at the shooting percentage, any had weighed and the ad Bosh any Admiral players and they lost to the Leonard lead. He was the finals MVP as a B E before you could even score lead, Spurs now who is in full bloom. He's going to be on to fully your team's the raptors or the clip thing, as far as basketball savvy knowledge know how that's the same LeBron James that lost thing that you see now that he does and running all that better than this liberal. He doesn't know how to post up go. Get busy on the block. He doesn't have a three point shot. He can create off the bounce. He's not clutch. The best LeBron James that ever was was the third season in Miami. That's as good as it got. He's not as good now as he was, then he was more. You gotta understand the older. You get we can't rely athleticism. So what's the Brown James got a post game d? Deep threes game. Then he's still don't right? He's still Deng right now. You do don't get me wrong. Twenty seven eight years sixteen when you rather have that LeBron that Browner this LeBron the third season. Miami this LeBron where am I going crazy? I won't LeBron anyway. I mean. Don't matter. I like this guy who can close games for me because that's what he couldn't do then LeBron James couldn't close games. And they're alive. Marsh, Mariah any shooting at three a lot better. No, actually his best three point shooting. Here was in Miami. I believe it was the third year. Also. Also. When it went back to Cleveland this shooting coach, it does the Brian James close games better now. Or then I would say Jew, put the by with saying, I would say, I would put the ball of his hands at the end of games by the second or third year. My answer. The question though. Does he now or right, right? Right. If you had a game winning play or shut do you get a ball, LeBron James Okawara Leonard, I'm going. I'm out of here. Hey, listen. I appreciate you. But we need to call HR. Komo some feelings are. No, but. No. Oh my. You telling me that you're going to take a wide Leonard in a game winning situation over LeBron James. Yes. All right. But my point is. Throat cracked a little bit. You said it. On that. Let's take the Los Angeles Lakers storage branch is has sixteen championships was a second all time. NBA history each of those Laker titles set an NBA legend at the helm starting all the way back to their first title in nineteen forty nine cents. Then the likes of Jerry, West magic Karim shack. Kobe all have brought titles to Laker nation now. Lebron James we'll be joined by Anthony Davis as they try to bring the Lakers championship total to a record tying seven teen on that note. You guys see this empty chair right here bring us back on camera. That's a big chair. Big chair for big guy. Shackle be here in just a moment. Just finished up on good Morning America rushing over here. So he'll join us during this segment. Yeah. When it's rainy, people hand dry, when it rains, it's like this big deal. I don't know. Let me ask you this max will the brand Ventura be on the Lakers. Mount rushmore. No. And I want to correct. One thing it is misleading when people say they have the second most championships. Celtic seventeen Lakers, have sixteen. The Celtics won the vast majority of their titles in a league with very few teams. And they had enormous talent advantage, the Lakers in the modern speaking of Mary. I'm sorry. I was on my way to allay. You know what's going on? Could be one of the seven feet tall. But what was the question? Lebron ever been the Lakers mount Rushmore because now with Anthony Davis joining somebody could potentially get pushed off the great bugs Kellerman finish. Don't call them the answer. First of all, the Lakers versus great, first of all the Lakers head or had the most championships in the modern era start with the absorption of the team, the three point line. They have ten second is six. Let's be honest about who has so all time. Yes. Seventeen sixteen but modern era of the Lakers are killing everyone. There's no. The second part to that question. My question is, does he have to win multiple championships to be on that mountain? Does he just have to win more than multiple? I don't know. I don't think there's any room for on the mount Rushmore or you on a leak. You won three titles. And I'm saying you don't make the mount Rushmore. My on it. Do you make them mount for listen for moved as? I am on a but let's say Karim we'll definitely on a magic how wills. Quills Rushmore is what four or five people four or so. For code means a lifetime, Laker twenty years, five just magic lifetime, Laker five champion. Jerry West is the logo was considered one of the best players everyone. He played in the greatest executive in the history of the league, you're gonna take Jerry westoff. So there's one slot. Go to shack does it, who's it go to does it go to will to Kareem, Kareem right five chips? So what I'm looking at my mount Rushmore for the Lakers. And I'm looking at the Brian James it my mind LeBron James of the greatest basketball player who ever lived ever play ever. So my bigger wrong as. As. Never saw. Okay. Everybody's everybody's fight with the Brown is that he doesn't have the killer mentality man in a playoff. He's got the killer mentality Jordan's numbers his defense, his scoring his championships as championship MVP's, his finals MVP's, I would like to people to start defining players by aero Michael Jordan to the best. I've never heard Michael Jordan say he's the greatest, but he said he thought it was disrespectful to say he's a great. It was great before. I think we should start doing a by Byron. I mean this era, LeBron James era. It wasn't a Brown. Jay wasn't the best player, you know, that check this though behind closed doors and, you know, Koby you know Mike. They all will tell you that a best in, if we go on a show, we say, son, they text eight yeah. He's big dogs. Kobe thinks he's better to Jay. We seen it and Mike will tell you like, you know, him the best and that's what you attitude you're supposed to have to be a champion. But Mike makes the greatest point. I'm not going to do like for me. I'm not going to disrespect will Chamberlain Kareem and say, I'm the best, but in my mind and my house on the court, I am the best. I think we should just start defining by air. But think about this though. We have accents access to athletes now in which they speak their minds allowed to tell you, who they are what they think through social media do branding, that guys didn't have before. So you do have that privilege to actually know what LeBron James, thanks. You do. See those things. Now, I just want to me and you made history today, Stephen Smith knew we was coming here show, short joke, and give me a camera. Stephen coming. Thirty four. Five years, want wanna show, you, baby girl sallow. Anyway, it's all tall. Biggest first. Gimme gimme your mountain. Said the Brown James at greatest player of all time, if he gets championship which I expect next season with Anthony Davis. I'm putting him on a mount Rushmore. It's gonna be impossible German ship. He's I think that you played for the clippers. They've never made a com- Lakers six one three row. Yes. This was the dominating physical presence since Wilt, Chamberlain a love you. I love you won three petered three peat at as finals MVP, and he's here to tell you he's not. The bronze going to get one and make did you hear if you ask him behind the seat and Campbell? Hold on. Here's the mount Rushmore Jerry West. Magic Johnson Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Koby Bryant. I'm putting up for four the Lakers. Now, if you have a big man mount Rushmore, I'm deaf anglers. That's, that's all. Liga pleasant. I'm probably nothing. Argument for shipping. He's right. You can't be on that list just by winning and listen, lebrons my guy, but and LeBron probably says you just can't be on the list by winning one. I'm gonna let me get three in a row. Definitely. These out I'm gonna look at the difficulty though. This man is doing it outside of his prime. He gets a championship. He leasing their Kobe was union prot. Corinne was a little later. We'll give him that in. Magic we've got the best of their gear Bill in the mount Rushmore. Lt win one. You can't do it. If gives it one and the difficulty in general. Okay. Then why isn't Shagged will got to the Lakers one one with the Lakers one and they were favorite to win multiple times. Hold on. Hold on Corinne to the Lakers linked up with Magic Johnson and later James worthy. And Pat Riley and Jerry West and Jerry Buss running this end. Great role players and other all stars never three shacks showed up three Pete. And he's telling you, he's not on LeBron. Gonna get one which, you know why say I'm not on it because I go back to Michael Jordan theorist disrespectful. I think would kill will. Yes. What does this day pave the way for me? They showed me what it was to be a great, you'll gravely, putting them on. So you agree if we go off. You can't put me on there. No, I'm not on that. Because rain was the demand. Let's loud. We talking about him when, when it comes to the Bank of the greatest players of as a big man. I'm a major name to hold a whole new set of the Brian James, the great plant ever. What about Michael Kobe? So you just gonna pass. I'm a I'm a pass Kobe. I'm a look at Michael. I'm a look at the. I. Patrolling America cut me Bryant, couldn't fail or Michael Jordan, Phillip Brown shoes the impact that he's had with different teammates organizations. Would you be if I just walked off the show? Are you aware that this from the Klay doubled Michael, Jordan, insists this make other plans better? Now, I'm gonna say one do max. I don't know the numbers like you do. Migra join is what in the finals six and what all is the Brandon funnels. That's all. How many? How many did he? Jayco two zero zero. Times MJC the warriors. Oh, oh, I'm glad you brought that up. You stopping this. He's going to beat the warriors be can't Campbell. Your dad time when Julia higher. No. They would one laps run out bulleting. Are you kidding me? Okay. Let's go play by play. Go play player point guard. So you got point God, you got staff whose gotten Steph pip. I'm asking. You're just take him. All three. Of course. I guess what? Guess what? So you got Steph. You got clay. You got K D. You got dream on. And we whoever at the five whoever they're going to beat that team. Yeah. To mention they're not gonna guard Rodman, and they're doubling every time MJ I gotta hit those stories. Okay. Another question era. We plan we plan in the big boy air where you cannot people answer. We plant in this little cupcake air, think you can't touch these era. I think they winning both heiress will you stop? Hold on is Clayton tough clay couldn't play. Whoever's turned him to say. Stop it. How did Dennis Rodman played defense? He he, he put in like a man. Play defense. Jordan played. Good time here on I take NBA hall of Famer Shaquille, O'Neal, still here with us guys. Anthony Davis case you, haven't heard yet. He's joining LeBron James in L A via trade. That sending Lonzo ball, Josh heart in Brandon Ingram to New Orleans with future first round draft. Picks max. I'll start with you here. The Lakers need another superstar. No, they don't need. Another superstar. First of all, K D is hurt Claes her. They're missing next season that takes care of the warriors. They're not going to win the title. You look at the Western Conference. James harden, has not gotten it done when it's mattered most Denver is on the come up, but they're still missing that finals MVP as much as I like Yokich usually that guy needs to be paired with the guy who can get his own shot on an MVP kind of level. I think that. The lakers. When you look at LeBron AD have done the formula has always worked for them. Great little great big right? So back from Jerry West and we'll magic and Kareem Koby and shack Koby and Ghazal. They even tried it with Kobe. And Dwight but Dwight's not on that level. Kobe was older. Now they got it again, with LeBron AD what you need is to flesh out the roster with a with a dribble penetrated who get his own shot with a three in d either back court or win. But some guy like Danny green type of guy with a guy who can score off the bench. There's not enough money to get a superstar in and you have a bunch of minimum players. You got to superstars flesh out the roster. I would agree with that you definitely need more shooters answer to your question. Molly would be nice if they can get another superstar of Jimmy Butler. Kawai linter. However, there's a guy who team have superstar potential. So if I'm him, I'm going to be also that's called Kouzmin. I'm saying you know what I'm playing with a Brown. I'm playing with AD. You guys do what you do have a lot of opportunity to get over. He definitely had to take advantage of all the open rooks. He has to play, well, he has to be that third. And if you have those three I definitely like those three, you feel it with some shooters of a couple of guys and if everybody can stay healthy. They make noise in the west. I don't know if they win it next year but they definitely make a lot of noise. Big fella night. You talking to me, now you're talking to me. We don't plan your air anymore, and that's no disrespect. But this air wins were superstars. Got away. If you make a lot of money if you sell all that nonsense that you right now to the people, you have a hell of a book. I'm still upset, you even those it backup. It is a tough mind. Okay. We're back to the one thing that they need is a superstar who could shoot the deep three off the bounce, then you go, and fill in three guys, you get a versatile center, Kvant looney availed McGee something there. But you get a guy who can shoot a deep. Three is space of the floor. You relieve pressure from everybody else. That's why there's a big urge from LeBron James call inquiry saying, Cowdery what we gotta do he's hitting the Kimball walkers at road. That's why today's the NIH is about space on the summer. Stanley K D being hurt. So there's an opportunity capitalize on this next season. I agree. Of course, that would be nice. That would be ideal. But when you say you just have you get three in guys three and guys are not on vet minimums, real three and d guys. Get eight ten twelve million dollars a year. You will have no real three and guys on that and not to just throw it out, because I'm not going to, you know, dump on people have an experience and guys who have been there before we wave Danny green in Cleveland. I didn't wait. So don't take any green with the San Antonio, and blew up. Trevor REEs it was a guy who's finding ways get money what a Houston. So guys can develop my point. I'm not looking for superstars. I'm looking for specialists. Right. Would you say we need to gather three? I'm looking around at the draft forever guy like shoot because guess what? Lebron those guys patriot guy going to be wide open. You know, it's not like you're not planning to create Jones. You got to stay out there and just do what you know, he wants he wants three and dues for the money you wanna spend three ordeal dudes. You're not getting three indeed dudes. You can find you can corner threes. PJ tucker. He's a guy who developed his three costs money, but what I'm saying, I'd rather spend the money on a guy who can shoot it off the bounce. That's why there's value for Steph Kemba kyri. Those guys can create their own shots and space it. And now Bron can go do that young play off the Bono. Who else can do that instead of spending max dollars on a small guy who can't defend right? Why don't you get you locate the next Jamal Crawford, the guy's not going to get that deal? But he's still. He's still he's not he's not gonna play defense. He's not gonna do certain things. So it's going to keep him as a six man type, but he could dribble penetrate and he can shoot you can find dudes like that. Lebron's has always one with a medium level specialist. Mike Mila was all-star wasn't a great player. Mike some personal. Lamont. But he was a specialist. He's a raise way got two championships. And my of course you Ray out into that. Dollar contract. Minimum minimum brought and maybe mid level at best, right? Proves my point. I'm not going to big time guys at one all the money I'm going to God. That's a special guy that's gonna work on a guy that that's going to relish, and enjoy the opportunities. That's what I'm going to say. The question for you here changing topics. You mentioned that you felt like the Lakers, we're gonna make noise. Right. They're gonna make noise, but not necessarily a lock to win the chip who's giving them a run for their money. I mean, is it the rockets is that the wounded warriors? Wars and rockets. And then again, I'm you know, we don't know what's going to happen to someone's going to be very interesting, some, I've, if I'm coli, and I'm the king and the emperor of account, I'm staying a lot speculation. Clippers legs. We don't so I really can't answer question now. I was it'd be better if the season starting next next week. And I have more information, but this katie's coming back with vengeance Claes coming back with vengeance. We all know recital, whatever they're doing. But it takes time takes time time time jail because we got we know we got clay AD. We know we got LeBron. We all know about the other pieces. What if they don't go out and get any specialists? No guys can play defense. You know, it'll be another tough tough tough year phone. But right now, they make a lot of noise, you gotta Brian, you got AD everybody's going crazy. But it's still a lot of teams that hunger, Houston like I'm here and some stuff. I'm not really. You know, if they could get out of the Chris Paul deal, they probably would right now. All contracts. And that there's potentially beef with Chris falls, new briefers speculation as far as I know it's speculation. But, but Jack, I want to ask you a question about the clippers I look at the clippers I look, Jerry West Jerry West is the guy who kept the Lakers. Good. But kept the cap space good, because he saw two dudes. He saw Shaquille, O'Neal's going to be a free agent and that kid. Kobe Bryant's going to be one of the greatest ever. I'm going to I don't care about anything else. I'm getting them. This dude shows up in Memphis powerhouse, he shows up in the warriors. Their dynasty now he's with the clippers just like that identifies the right guys. They took a team with K D six games if they add Kawai Leonard to that mix what's going to happen. A lot of noise, and they have a chance of ever. Real good chance to win the championship. However, they still need to three shooters. But they definitely make. No Jerry has always had that ability to see certain things that other people don't see when I was one hundred twenty million dollar contract. First thing he said, hey, I'm bringing this kid from Charlotte. Nobody really knows about Kobe Bryant him to win multiple championships. I'm like, okay, whatever. Just let me. Having to me. But and then, like, you know, he brought in, you know, Robert ory, Rick Fox, and you know, traded naked and Eddie away, you know, said and, you know, all these guys and he's always had that ability. And I would like to say him back with the Lakers just say, yeah. It'd be great. In case, the clippers. Nope. A Laker on a per stop. It was going on everybody. Welcome back into I take here. NYC shacks still with us. Good to have you, sir. Let's get into what you're doing out here. Please tell me about being carnival's chief fun office. Cruise line chief when I'll just want people when when they go on a carnival ship when on cruise, I just have to choose fun over number restaurant. I last year called big chicken Vegas, add onto shifts radiance and mardi gras spring, twenty twenty and it's the best out of Vegas you get to eat free Vegas. H out of business shack Jews Walker. No. You don't get behind. You also. We've got the shag daddy, and we've got the MD there. Okay. Let me tell you something. When I get there, you got to tell them. The patriots. Gets up. All right. Officer. Gonna cruise you and your husband because we would love to go on a cruise the seven day to curb, I'll take it's not one of your July Santa Claus or okay? Homos or anywhere. Beggars can't be choosers a love it. Going. Mcmahon. There was tension between the rockets to superstars James harden. Chris Paul Houston, GM, Daryl Morey that yesterday on Bullock and wingo that any arrests between the two stars simply because both players want desperately to win the rockets to step back in their quest for title last season. Check are the rockets still contenders. The right way tension is good besides much showed as my favorite show, and I see you, we're not you, but I see you Stephen yet tension, every morning, when also realizes there's respect racks, you always say what you say but known you for. And we all know Stephen as he say, say, but you guys respect each other. That's why this one of the best shows same show, me and Kobe tension all the time, but respected, each other respect each other so much out, the we wanna for championship. He's the first guy to jumble arms, so you can have tension you could say, hey man move the ball. We all know the game one guy's not going to do it by some one guy take him forty fifty shots. Not going to everybody has to be involved. My problem with the rockets. They give the ball to one or two guys, just play one on one Chris to dribble seven that's not gonna go say, my favorite team because they play the right way. They got three or four suicide. But it's being being being everybody's involved touch Patrick mccartan, even now has three championships now because. Everybody plays the right way. So I don't mind them having tension has to be respectful to because holding has and having a great show and holding has a great championship. I never heard that story all the stories I heard about the past grades attention. They had beef. But when you step inside the lines, you got to respect each other. So. Way they've been playing the right way to play. It was going to be there's not going to be any other great teams. That's playing the right way, you know, because in order to like, I'm always the first year I got for chairmanships, but not what big shot Bob now without Brian Shaw, not without Rick Fox like I could've took all the shots. But that that's not going keep them ready. So you always got to keep the guys and I always say this team that this term others, you always got to keep the of my favorite others. Clippers Chicago blue versa, Utah Jazz. Michael Jordan's drinking glass of water, and Steve Kerr's, Mike did doubling you kick to make it might says, okay. Got you. He pump fake John Stockton kick the star of to Steve Kerr, he knocks down so you definitely need the others. But if you hold on the ball, nine ten Levin, twelve segment, try to give to the guy in the shock a lot. He's not going to be a ribbon. You gotta keep your guys in riddle. So you think that's the only thing holding back from championship. Yeah. We've got to play together a shack. Here's one more. And you were great passer. But you didn't wait until you know, you had no option then. You got the you got the ball. Two guys on their steps in position. I think the number of rhythm that's a number one indicator of whether or not they're gonna hit the shot. Right. Is the mess, but also in the finals when your team needed you, you pulled out. And I look at James harden, even playing this way, it's make or miss. He's not like take game one. He jumps under Draymond legs. He looks to get bailed out by the ref. How about hitting the shot. I'm going to do. She's James harden and say, he's not a bull. Thank you. I'm not saying. We all know here's ability to to score, but if he did, both like Eka scoring everyone to, but let me kick the PJ Tucker, he just hit a three. It makes it easier for you rather than trying to score five hundred points in four games. So if he just get off the ball every now eight. Eight. People. He can't take every reason they're not contenders is because they don't have the right personnel. James topping. James's a woman pass when he passed the ball to PJ Tucker heat three and he shatter rim. Then you talk about Golden State. You hit Iggy. He shot fake. Reme dribble second third play. Those guys. Drubel impairs, not put it between your legs, ten times and wait for the shock like to come down. But I'm saying if you go in double Jane's, which he was doubled in that series every time he came up pigro, he makes the right play if those guys aren't making the second and third place on the backside, you hit Draymond green when the suitors are there. He's a second secondary point guard. An office achey Livingston those row players versus Houston's row players without Trevor Reza. What are we have Trevor reason they had Trevor REEs a PJ Tucker the whole crew? And they didn't get it. But you look mature lose Trevor reason you don't come back with the same squad and Chris Paul a year later in his career. Give you the same thing shack. I wanna get back to why some players like in the finals when your team needed you putting up forty points. And it seemed to be like every time I'm not about being disrespectful to James harden, because I'm just telling the truth. All I got him play in the league. I just have to tell the truth as I see it he doesn't. I thought he looked to get bailed out by the ref and the first game I've seen too many games must win games. Where it's like, well, he just didn't hit the shot, brother. You gotta hit the shot there. That's the difference. You're right about that. But I would like to see him do both. You gotta keep everybody involved. And you know, especially in fourth quarter, if I was a guy that could shoot like that. And had adequate, okay? Players around me. I would see what they're gonna do. First quarter. Okay. Y'all ain't doing that. And I'm taking over give them a chance every quarter do something. And then a fourth quarter I'd have the Kobe Bryant. I pass nobody, but let me throw this out, though, and try when you played your personnel all those guys had to make decisions correct. But no. Because we made the decision for this as a toe to me saying that they're going to you're not going double barbecue chicken alert, you going double, Rick. You stay over there. You stay with that actress pot Kobe, you down case, I do backside bigshot Bob, you other corner. But I'm the decision forever pass you making triangle dictates what's going to happen. But, but you got allow you guys to being rhythm and you got allow them to play. I can't take every shot Rick shoot. So now. Boom. Mega hard dribble, double. We see what you got Rick Fox, Rick, Fox hit one. We run the same plate now feel we're not doing that. We were on the same old Ricky that we run the same place to stop it. And that's how we were able to win 'cause you definitely got James Keith. Keeping kicking it to the corners, and nobody's making place. No, no. Then you take over. That's not a personal problem note knows personnel. Because listen, we you guys everybody was talking about them. All year is for reason, because of him and Chris, and the personalities. How about Houston, not like down there? The personnel was adequate enough to get it done. But you gotta keep those guys everybody pointed all year law when you lost Trevor REEs that you lost a lot now Trevor may be known as at three D got. But in big moments are in place, he's going to make a play off the bout. He's gonna make the second and third play. And they. Let's take a look at the top potential free agents this off season. Because this class is deep headlining lists are finals MVP. Why Leonard along with injured warriors superstars. Kevin drain Klay Thompson. Also backward stars, Kyrie Irving. Jimmy Butler Kemba Walker will be in high demand shack, which team you feel like is under the most pressure and this free agency with all those ks that deep list. To be Golden State, and you have to say as the only do wanna go to hundred million dollars over salary cap and it was probably. No. So somebody's going to have to go. Now, the question is, who do you let go that Katy go? You let Klay go, you let stuff go who's going to go. I don't know. And then for the players perspective to choice, you gotta make I want to get paid. I wanna win championships. So for K D V wanna win championships. Do you take less money? Pat Riley did me like that. My last year. My he said, let's check twenty five a year before. Whatever. Boom, you could take twenty five. I said, why you of government? If you take twenty five I could bring in GP Posey Antoine Walker down, Pat, you killing me right now and I decided to take less money, but longer years, and it was, you know, help me get my fourth championship. So do you have that conversation with those guys take less money and keep winning winning champs? I don't really. A lot of those guys. So I don't know what their mentality is. But your question is Molly. Golden State has the most pressure. I Tom Brady style right there. I think I think less, they moved things around there really stuck with that, that roster and is not going to be this year, but the next year and Bob Myers is going to have to earn that, you know, GM of the year ward, I think the pressures on the Lakers. You gotta think man when you trade, the fourfold round pick. Brandon Ingram four first rounders. That's your future. You're going all in on now. And when you have a town of, like LeBron James believe you got to do it. And if you're the Lakers, you gotta do it, and it's a superstar driven league players win gained shack, you said earlier years. Do LeBron has. Two years. He's got this year next year that a high level higher level just play period tilles to forty. Four years. How many gem ships you think they get invoices? Give one get to give them to. 'cause it depends look look Katie is going to be back in a picture, Claes going to be back. It's no time like now. No time like the present. So they had to capitalize on his moment. The raptors just did it their injuries. Katie was out. He was out, Golden State was pushing fully loaded team. And they added a finals MVP the Lakers are coming together like voltron, it's gonna take more than one year, just for many times, those opportunities. How many times you look around locker room like man, the most pressure on the, the New York Knicks who traded Kristaps Porzingis on his rookie deal to clear cap space to sign two great free agents right? And after all, this, they will get no great AKa skit K. Here's the difference. The Knicks are the number one team in New York for so long because the nets were in jersey. Nets in Brooklyn. Now, the Knicks when you look at the Forbes list the franchise mixed four point five billion. They haven't won anything in forever. Why? Because they think they got the New York market, all to themselves, they strike out in free agency the nets. Continue to improve. It's not a four point Philly. Leapfrog Nixon, one year leapfrog, that Nicot one. Yeah. Yes. So you're. K D, if I'm Katie. The nets worth I'd have to look it up. It's not four point five. Let's say the difference. Let's say. Let's say the Knicks strikeout the Lakers struck out a couple of times the free agent. They just chill. They just wake James, I'm Knicks fans and some a little kid waiting on line overnight, for the nose bleed seats with Charles Oakley diving on the hardwood. Right. That's why Dolan I always waiting who who shack gonna sign with not the Knicks shack will sign opposite. That's like saying the clippers could take over the Lakers in a year notes. Not hugh. Molly. Who's the best team in the clippers clippers now? I mean stay here. You have to go by year by year this year. The clippers will better than I'm not saying better results. The franchise to me, it's totally different though, shack because the clippers can't be good for a couple years, Lakers, fans got their loyalty rewarded with chip after chip after chip. Knicks ever done for you. So the net suddenly become great. You're not replacing the Lakers, replacing the Knicks at big. I want to bring with you. We played against each other. Elbow. You still got. He keeps the nine NBA two out. We got the video the judge what's this about these work? Floreo you'll look untouchable. What are you talking about? Oh, yes. Up crying vici. Hey, man. So we're playing against the ball. My hand is there you just rent to know. Even know you were there and there's a fantasy. Come on. He's an okay home. God it was. Matombo big. Cruise to Russia. Hollins by the way, in case you've never met. Fifteen day cruiser rush. Max. Thanks the podcast. Could I take weekdays ten eastern? ESPN.

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