Golf Postcast: 148th Open Championship at Royal Portrush


The Big One is the open and is the Gopher Post cast on Bruce Minton and delighted to be joined by two tipping Titan Steve Palmer and in the studio the one and only the legendary Mr Jeremy Chapman and we've also so go Glen Day from Scars Star Sports. He's the very much informed Glendale because last week he's liking for burn visa which showing itself on recent post came up trumps as he won the Scottish open at forty two one also found in the foot by the Maestro Mr Jeremy Chapman who also tips at twenty one winner in relief goosen in the senior so the boys are in full and they've been studying hardware coming up all the best bets not Charleston who's going to win the open. Market's winning score is going to be taught they taught that absolutely everything so grab a pen and paper and hopefully we have got all the winners for you but first of all before the tip start flying Glenn Take it away with an eye deep show betting thing from star sports on the open fifty all the vices this subject so Roy mcelroy folks out Old Saints One Jim Rome Sixteen to one dusting Jolson twenty to one justin rose rose and tiger woods twenty two lower zen show fillet twenty one Francesco Molinari and rich Denison justice. Thomas and Patrick can buy twenty. I`Ts Adam spell on so measly would not the rookie found out that he's Rees Jones Space Jason by Matt H._R.. Voters wanted outlets others will play Glenn and just a taste of what the market has been doing in the lead up to the action starting on Thursday at Portrush who's been most popular. The good spent a business no one massive liability but more efforts on Justin Summers Rousey pipe well in Scotland lost weight a good makes the rain up into Macaroni Rob tekere absolutely friendly mix of business excellent right and we won't you'll main tips now now chats just the one if you only have one Jeremy Chapman on this who would it be an why John Rome just one to two to Irish open already on similarly cautious and no one goes into this one is this worry about ten promote onto what he did the other way lean chance at that because he just still seems a little bit like a volcano white into erupt for me helps them <hes> <hes> okay so so you think shown everything points to him does does the coal sue I mean. Is there any difference between this links in any other rulings. It's generally my good friend who won the Irish open the other a day and they said well it's all I think that's a isn't it if he doesn't blow it so easy if if it blows it's tough business looking and the ones in because wonderful of the mountains and save it. It's handsome coalition. It's beautiful but I don't think about it. Okay so you think Rahm is I'd ill-equipped for the Test Steve One only on show. We're going to be having more than if he were streets. It's one who would they pay. Wamba only will be rory mcilroy. I think there's one party in put Russia on Sunday when the local hero wins <hes>. It's been a lot of talk about whether he'd be able to handle the pressure but I think he's he's a more mature character. Never now I think since tune in thirty <hes> again married every measured calm thoughtful character I've seen the season he seems to handle setbacks better and he's <hes> he's reading the same books me at the bone I she's reading the put me onto this book his the obstacle is the way the obstacle is the way to get into the philosophy of stoicism and I think he has more stomach this season and he very consistent you may ease eleven top tens in fourteen starts <hes> <hes> two victories. What was he won? The Players Championship which is the strongest field of the season won the Canadian open with a frankly ludicrous standard of golf. He won by seven shots there so everything macro he's done. This season is encouraged me towards his ultimate ultimate goal and I'll think he can handle the pressure of the hometown hero. I mean you've got to remember we talk about the call. Spin classic linked same as everyone but not that many players played their competitively and I think it's a significant different nationalities. He's grown up playing the famously shot that sixty one is a sixteen year old there in the north of Orlando Amateur Championship so I think that's an edge and I think the first few holes are quite easy in comparison to the rest of the cool so so it's going to be key for macaroni cost on get the crowd pump in they can bounce off each other and you know those early hose provided that opportunity. What's that book about? What's the K. learning you've had from the what's the obstacle is the rock? The obstacle is the way our on yeah yeah you turn adversity adversity into advantage aren't nearly stages of at the moment but some year rather than capitulate when you make a bogey or <hes> you know something goes wrong at work you yeah you dig in Antony she the positive tune into an advantage fantastic writing plan. What is your number one pick on his way? He's Henrik's Bentsen refund any full race. Wait subset previous when I applies will in late pulses I nine full sing for lost time at the Weizmann a good drive away vs free would <hes> Talk Stats in driving accuracy in these last four route seems awfully taping it on the show. Stop is going to be Kane. It's way cheaper narrates. The grains hasn't been patent so well race may also basically I saw way end and it'll by his own plot well. It's thought that an awful smack matt safe right to Harley in the stats ball trust be all as he's dimes. Ghodusi prove can handle the pressure and then again at a loss random through a few years ago <hes> I think if he certainly had a massive weight possibly big night second Kate Steve Only come back to you and ask you which attributes you think is going to be most important as the winner of the twenty one thousand nine hundred open the when we look back on. Would've done what best approach shot strokes gain on approach and scrambling to the two key stats because the approaches very very tiny targets on approach because it very heavily undulating Greens they feed off towards the bunker so you've got the Roy section of these green or you're in trouble so actor approaches and everyone is going to be missing Greens because they also difficult to find so then you want to be scrambling well when you miss him so yeah the key stats I'm looking at okay. Stay Jeremy Give us your due to mine dangers to Jon Rahm who is twelve on his open debut US Shenzhen lovely debut and his come on this one memorials on the most impressive aforementioned this year and if very good on the majors nine to the MAZDAS and in all areas pity I two very good majors out of three so he's a big occasion plan and he's not over faced himself and the nice run and you'll be up for this. I know who else she likes to give rom the most to worry about just in rows of Kathy's because it straight and tell me straight hit it is with a good strategy who who's she couldn't win by rose when it was not your honesty and it blew then did it fair enough. Okay that's good then all right so rose and can lead to give rom the most thing about Steve Complete your podium. We'll do the the outside is but if we're doing a one-two-three number one rory and who's going to be turned three number two is Joan Rahm. I think preparation is key to winning the open championship eight of the last nine winners played the week before <hes> Joan Ron played at the hinge the week before last which was good preparation Paul McGinley latter that Hinch Golf Club setup as close as you possibly could to <hes> to this way he wants to provide the players with a good good lead up to to the open and the Ron blue the field away their sixty four and sixty two over the weekend the win that prior to that he finished second outer armor <hes> despite feeling under the weather and plan a course which plays against the strength so <hes> the love the way ROMs coming into this tournament wouldn't wouldn't worry about as open record. I think he's got links golf now. He's for tremendously young people forgetting how good roms become with so little experience and he twenty four is not play that many tournaments and one bundles of already and major victory is inevitable. I think I think chaplaincies Roy Nazi Second Irish Open when his way you must remember I it is I already show when we came in two thousand seventeen pull shoe it which is just up the road from portrush in Northern Irish Benue so in this part of the world is being deadly and <hes> yeah there's nothing particularly frightening about whether cost is weak the wind speeds and not going to be extreme so there's plenty of birdies available to keep Roms pecker up so yeah I think I think the biggest danger to to mcelroy and then complete in the portfolio big approach. She's got Lou used housing. I think is the best of the mid mid range prices former open champion won the two thousand ten edition by <hes> seven shots in Andrew Runaway victory that the home of golf and <hes> yeah that's not the flash in the PAN is majors record. Generally annually superb is twice lost in playoffs to bubble Watson in the two thousand Twelve Mosques Zach Johnson the twenty fifteen open championship. He was second in the two Thousand Fifteen U._S. Open second in the two thousand Seventeen U._S._p._G._A.. So major venues typically bring out the best in news thousand probably because they're so difficult normally he's still such as solitaire degree game swings very consistent swing churns out fairways Greens number one is R- <hes> macro to run number three who stays in and <hes> Glenn Glen. You're going for occur. Remember gun for number. One is it stinks and then who's two and three well. She'll how many going to read real actions website's the second choice immigrant phone probably system as have applied the guys driving activate and scramble well. He writes by the fantastic how he dies. We'll see co pay five a week and ACRO. Abating quiet counts made last summit. Yes I'm an old cy writes impacts degrading regulations. I own the Kate. Hey all so he's dying. We're working well. Brilliant is it because the commission free thanks flower lates Albany's shot. He's getting in to grips with it will mature more impactful shish. I Mo consistent say and again kind of the shots will be aids this. I think he'll think my anyone else. You need to mention Jeremy Very Fun than the chauffeur pronounced that right he's only played into every second nausea in time and you know it's. It's just tremendous underrated. It doesn't look bomb proof doesn't he right temperament on big occasions when the torch engine is no is very much contender yeah excellent Steve. You've got one more near a massive massive price. That's why followers remain Lang ask it to two hundred fifty two one. He loves links golf. He won the twenty Fifth Championship at Carnoustie. Obviously an open venue brilliant last week at the renaissance cub a really really good open warm-up finished third in the Scottish open hits his really well so he can handle tough tracks or good pick you like I found him very much for the top. Some of the top Frenchman top French favorite Lorenzo varies favorite the four were very value Rhyming Gordon stave off that ringing endorsement. Tell us more. I just WanNa say play the cutler majors when he was an Ama- Tony finished thirty ninth from the Masters and sixty fifth in the open so this is I started is a professional in overseas is much more confident much more. Well rounded plan these days so yeah. I'm expecting big things. Remain on you. Ask Okay and Glenn's to from left field. He promised us who are they. It's a young man funding. Stay on the page. I had a good end Sir two thousand eight saying I've see three top seven finishes and my parents in Australia. Just riding on a five shops proved that he could get the job done. I'm Wayne on the web comes in and out season twelve thousand applies to go performance by well on the sun guy at Google targets the ladies <hes> I in the travelers recent Jason May indicate while nine states in the Orange County. I look at Link Scout Reserve very promising performance. GET DRAWS ABLES strike good hot not gonNA describe his stat side big net fill <hes> improving season by season nine hundred and fifty dollar Mexican winner J. Lo Trevino's who knows Hoffman was he won the Australian up which sounds wonderful about five the winners already fulfilled okay a new Seattle one thing Glenn 'cause purely on these driving actually ingrain regulations. That's he's healthy batteries. The last five complaints Oedemas they ranked in the top seventy driving stays in May two goes on to win a finally <unk> US when he <unk> y seven shot laid in the bombs insurance. I could easily of four of the right of that the next week from behind off. It's afraid rounds. The Guy Needs Swing tonight in the coastal Friday in this way anymore crisis he he is two hundred fifty two one bob. Okay yeah is that site <hes> property and I said to the top ten mafia good value side is guys well proxies becton. PERHAPS OF MARVELOUS US okay Steve Wildman draw any sort of advantage because we touched upon the weather and it is crucial in terms of if you having bets on the winning score the players on the Paul. I'm in the full. The latest focused I've seen is going to be pretty damn poor week pretty really windy on Thursday and Sunday not quite so bad on Friday and Saturday so what's your reading of how the conditions could play part in the outcome this tournament get huge jewel. Boss Thursday is going to be the windiest at the days <hes> but it's going to be pretty consistent dice just slightly more wind in the afternoon so yeah the only star should have the best view on Thursday but it will flip around on on the following day <hes> not heavy breeze on Friday Saturday and then a bit more on Sunday so yeah. I don't think it's going to be huge. Severe test of breezes we think the winning score will be as highest ten or twelve under par. Yes quite lush. Venue CHAPA stole my handsome is is a very lush links and I see <music> similar schools. How Pebble Beach Played Pebble Beach was a very lush links Davis to thirteen on the powers and it so yeah I think ten if you get ten under par you got a winning chance I think maybe twelve what we needed to lift the Jug Insurance Summer Evan Jaren eighteen gene on the when they won the Irish openness? I seven years ago visit much toughest difficult cost to new holes in so you would quite me a full non from nineteen fifty one earlier. Tell us about that. One giant Baloney Plastic Paula is very western window. It don't be that when this one was two eight five three on the power and the power seventy two now. It's only seven to wasn't him. I remember that when you say what the initial demand what was the first new into it was the one that Tony Lost Seventy Trevino ship into exit right then so let's look now add some of the tops markets because this is a chance maybe for the guys to put up tips the they weren't quite confident enough to tip them on out right but they think this value elsewhere so Jeremy. What are you? What have you got for us? Well very much life Brendan to be. I'm Steve Steve's led the page on it and the wonderful pull out who's written most of research if new U._S._O.. Came over here and qualified and it's not strong advocate is the next best just one of the Japanese practical Kanaya European champion Schmidt. He's particularly good and this fellow's news was overshadowed by the Hoffman. Where's your plan sober so Britain and finished twelfth but he played the blind? The Terry finished level with his day in two eight five five and Brandon Woo as as the more or Patsy Kushtia can talk Frenchman mentioned Runanga very good project to fall they may Lorenza Verron the favorite one of this. I saw and he's playing really well this year. He's been reimbors- so bloody miserable time not as positive as August I into Mr j Korean Lambda four that was pretty good bet and also talk Wti nine two along with what came name and from Chilean eh those are the two nine kids and they're only M._S._a.. As well because so many of the established players never seen portrait before the first time is not so disadvantage advantage as they would normally okay exit vote on Jason Gems in there Steve. What have you got for us in the tops markets in the chops brandon who is the only top alive so chapter stolen under their own brand of water? He's the best amateur in the world finish thirty fifth in the U._S.. Own but then he jetted over to qualify for this and you go in by rights he went to a final qualifier and Sin Sin Andrus famines in Andrews and it will not by three shots I mean that's an incredible effort to just bowl over from California and yeah yeah you never know played any links goal for the e sixty four sixty seven to win that so yeah I think I think who is the standout amateur in the world. I think they've got some talk. Cuts come to missing might the cart so we'll do them in a SEC after Glenn's given us his top tops oops all Asian market L. C. Maxium Chung that mark good way jazz geno Nelson Young by really well in they have P._G.. Near full basement is that by committee go on track. An iphone was on the on the on the Lesser Belie in Japan inviting strives thought he's had no. Aw finishes this year and so wins so he's pay good goals all year round is in good form a moment after this question marks headed them all hit six things. I WanNa thank you very good price. An each wine. Trust spend on well. They stay by not is one stop South Africa van Royan again these lovely racing they always as well. Is that a very consistent year resnick Glenn always out there isn't any age the way back to that. I'm a laid off three dollars a massive mystic out which was disappointing a good loss way up so you had a mass thoughts around full. We'll go back as ice confess. The lobster guy against the blue used is an on off any is in contention yeah. He got his own. He's only hall of awfully officials of late flaky for me. Just go through the motions Rodman Greis Tonia misfold lost five gaps infidelity when the last week John Day they geisel Weiss struggled backup faster way dot com all-seeing contended justin hollering phone H. Y.. Royan bemis Donna Sola there and Asana one subterranean bannon implying imply a as it may and often especially guys against him in apply online admittedly never piloted young say size nudzejm say we came is too movies are beat rivals about guys again so the answer foam three to one that is lovely stuff to miss the Kutcher for former champion in two thousand fifteen it one play often he's back on the outrun is hopeless which many hopeless he's wanted nine ten thousand nine to office being atrocious. Che's really money there no top tens and only one top twenty okay well that that brings us onto to make into miss the Cotton J. Your Bank of their exact MRIs interesting it does it has made the most of the but don in fifty eight hundred fifty nine. I think it really right for N._F._l.. Okay Steve. What have you got for to make an missed off? Wake up with three British players to to make the cut because I think there's a lot chaff in this field and three players Algae Gangsta mate the pool wearing shorts brought to them. I don't know why Paul wearing which odds against the easing really good Nicholas Season He loves link skull Birkenhead loud ease links natural <hes> finished seventh in the Irish open the other day on a lynx tracker due to qualify for this and he was tenth in that twenty twelve Irish open it so portrush show issue hit the ground running the other big bras con con assignment seven hundred and fifty to one in the outright market and Matthew Baldwin Twelve Sir fifty to one was in the I mean obviously there quite ambitious best but if you have laughing Jay why he pledged to cuevas adults often times when we finish let me finish. I was GONNA say they all ambitious wage agent you go top twenty. I mean with these majors. They mount markets and you're gonNA talk for he taught forty exactly you can have spreads pets if you're if you're so inclined so <hes> Kona saw him in Matthew Bowl much better than and they're also suggest <hes> both one very low great events this year so I'm on the challenge toward the end. I won't potato one in Turkey. The challenge tour <hes> E- Salad in nicely groupies links national twenty four year old Scott Aplenty second open so nerve shouldn't be an issue and then Matthew Baldwin if he's twenty third in the open birds the smirk on your face Bruce. I'll just think where would they have to finish for you to entitled to an apology from Jeremy there to make the Commun- Baldwin's eleven to four two may the sime seventy four to make the cut so the book is presumed. They're gonNA miss the Cup of are these to play well on the Gulf and Medi Cal. You're going to get old Kevin Keegan on. I would love it if they want it right. Okay any Michael missed. Cut Fence is Glenn Hayes what we're going to do next. We're GONNA both through some of the players we haven't mentioned and I want an eye snappy line from each view on their prospects. K. Jeremy Will Start With you on Brooks PCA Johns. I mean nothing against him until there's one floor of the last nine majors played and doesn't win the Moon's light Asian doesn't bother with the other events reason fullness irrelevant Kudu member to roll portrush as three majors and his memory. It was a fall around themselves a heady. Is it fine for himself so I haven't been advantage to Dream Team to stave dustin dusty wise becoming the majors bridesmaid now and Rickie Fowler <hes> gets called the nearly manages but some Johnson's finishing second in Italy's majors. He's still only one one two thousand Sixteen U._S._O.. <hes> and he's not doing great nick so don't fancy in this week Glenn July Tiger nine also injury scheduled out so it's not being applied since the U._S.. As well as I think it's a tough all this week on facts into missed the cut Jeremy Gillette the defending champ mm Francesco Molinari why air has plans while it was this time last year came into the up and formed and I write sort of game for the course but I'm GonNa tell you into it now. Stave Adam Kim fine young man yeah yeah he's got a lot going from actually got fantastic open record but just can't trust them on those short range party. I E you can imagine if he is in contention over the weekend. You misled you short putts. USTRALIAN and <hes> Glenn tell us about the chance of Tommy Fleetwood so just not very good whole bit recently and often major parents <unk> RADII sixty in years. I struggled in those under the radar this year no pressure on compared with last year when it was up and around laid all the time the same might be said Jay Justin Thomas what you think Justice Thomas Lives John's has been injured image somewhere and it's been billy up and also came rattler end to just out in the first five or seven but it's very good effort and I wouldn't wouldn't be surprised Steve. Do you gave Ricky Fowler any chance. No I think the major frustration is bubbling over now. I just think he plays well. Don't ruin McAfee plays. Well planning to win a major isn't he. Yes oppose he is. I suppose he is but some yeah there's others much before this week and I have my coacher of Mon- Money Glenn also mill game like just with the white light last week it was in contention in the purser and double bogeys backpacking around so be rabbit as well in unlinked Osaze Abacha when he comes second space here. It won't for Joel Jr finding they belong here. We buy yeah I'll say wait just doesn't win getting ten places you might as well back in each right because you never know to hear Johnson in the first five yeah right then one more h <hes> you can go first Jeremy with Jason Day. No I don't tell anyone there was in two thousand sixteen when he was the best player in the world quite some way don't know I want something to him. I mean we're going to do next because that Steve Steve Tell us about Jordan spate of bats into missed the cut well a win win. You might win 'cause he's teething student. He's he's putting again but <hes> you know going to get to the green in regulation play. I must say by the way I think we just besmirched Jon Rahm than we same Faraz. The Best Player never won a major. I think rahm takes that first because it went montgomery to Westwood Fowler now you think that man's leads with Rome Yeah Yeah I think that will end on Sunday and then we can send it back. The foul could oaks and finally Glenn what you think Oh you've mentioned that so the price into Shambo this funny feeling in the wind the might just come back to former call. I think they would have been twenty two one for this so easy a bell forty old ways evening as well <hes> well by well last concern. Having a good way is up to lock are now. He doesn't hold a in a strange way for most of the results of multiple to win links. Go may be a little bit early ray yet. He said he got the game so compay certainly waiting WANNA put y'all okay Stephen Jeremy do things in very unusual old ways as well but by very effectively they do. We'll give you a blast for this. It's available in own news. Agencies is free in the racing post today. We'll see go by the Racing Post Page twenty four pages pat with absolutely everything you need including Steve's play-by-play guide I mean this is a work of art and I think John Lewis saying thank goodness invented after you stop doing it because it some piece of work is awesome orange contribution very well read the- Molin train coming up and it's a masterpiece really lovely stuff okay now. Let's talk about first round leader Glenn. Hopefully you've got show to hand while you are getting that Steve. Perhaps you could tell us whether we should be focusing on the morning or the afternoon stars and then maybe pinpoint a couple of bats yet we should focus on the morning stars because getting less breeze and obviously the freshest of the Greens and there's two like really massive processor route really early Zander Lombard two hundred to one. It's very interesting really inconsistent. South African player chart go more confidence in no carry-on Lombard. I mean I'm not use Lombard Fan but he does not this clerk of amazing starts and then pitch. He's a minor curry's is the people in the know for sixty four in the Arshad. Louise opened the sixty four finish second off the round warm and then and then says you often does but I think he can hit the ground running in this particular because he finished runner up in the two thousand fourteen hundred championship pool Russia was competitive positive course experience and in his previous two opens. He's been out and gates like a like a ground so the ground do is foster out the gates. The champ WHO's flying my hat to nothing is selection is your other one stevie and the other remaining ask Roy found thank you found is a game on on Sunday that he stood in the Scottish open if he carries that form to put Russia which Abo Abo about the the gates of the starting stools or whatever you want to call them very quickly spin on basil brush this isn't it with him. Interrupting dropped the time plumbing ack Famille Glenn Fuego a show of betting on first round leader. I it deals six as well in small groups rory mcilroy when he thought Jim Rome twenty one dusting Johnson Tiger Woods needs to one justin rise traits Francesco Molinari intend to show and I thought to one Patrick and my forty two Jason Digesting Saunas Rickie Fowler and any particular strong views on morning afternoon for Thursday clem unsurprisingly amazed they took another gone Yup. I made on the site. Go it. Just it's just the Hawk and the arid club tonight. We're winning the I've been of years back. They will die in Buffalo. He's not going to win a tournament so he's more than capable of shooting stars round. Does it say regulate US say bright line in a very next minute. I'm Bob. He does lay westwood good links foam or the law Jeremy Jeremy at the State House said it's pretty brown I the last time I saw is that wide. Remember the jungle boat with the big snake. Is there like that Jeremy's is a lot sources. She can't believe it. Can you say you're going to be back in west. I wouldn't be surprised here's your let it last week and let me down so they might do listen. Listen listen never mind who you're theorising and this one to knows that Charlie Hoffman the king of the first row need is in the very first group. We just back Charlie Hoffman. What price is the half plan? Oh It was twenty. One is being all day this week and it's Charlie Hoffman first round leader in any other business Jeremy's anything else you WanNa talk about the we haven't mentioned. I'm interested President Thompson him myself. I thought top center interesting as namely fear. What isn't it rubbish Jiminez Darren Flop Poll Lauren? Tom Lehman everyone's dipping laming because he made the the regular tournament. Come name is ton ceased is all the laws from two to retire in ten years to cloth and loyal been difficult and I I wouldn't be really lovely fairytale Taryn cloth done so how much rain this tournament to to island as I of it thirty five now playing with Hoffman and two good finishes on the champions tour played that well the rest of the time but say nail position is not that great so you're gonNA pop down Klein Brim as a great great man and I hope he has a brilliant week because he's done so much as you say for Gopher Northern and as an absolute superstar Steve Wells. Have you got for us that we haven't mentioned the forecast now. I was GONNA throw in for better the week coming up so I keep powder dry for that one and then anything else who I mentioned that you want to get off your chest nine mentions summarizing when be sectors I showed up take the tapes and Stanley has talked ten. Oh Yeah of course yeah that's the great thing is as we say I do with the top ten. There's no point just back in the top thing because so many firms are doing or templates you minds back meet try and then because you kick take yourself to kingdom come wouldn't you if someone top ten and then they GonNa win but top twenty and she sales whether it's thirties and forties so there's loads of different ways to back the players you fancy before we get the best bets the way. I want to know what the worst tip you've heard from the other two tonight Jeremy. What's the worst tip you've heard of the Steve or Glenn noticed that you were laughing at most of the money I wouldn't be surprised in the first round Dave the worst? We've heard from one of the other two secretively Hawkeye I I a Colo Stanley's majors records. I'm louise terrible honey. There's absolutely no doubt about that right and never mind the negative. You've already got one bell on the open this week. WHO's it going to be Jeremy? Chapman brander move into retirement okay Steve Palmer Laurie mcelroy Jon Rahm Ju four com here what prices that hundreds of one one hundred to one one hundred older yeah either a jewel Focus Yep Glenn Twenty okay lovely and finally we must reiterate the outright selections. We always do this jake because if people have been listening missed something but we're GonNa Nice and sensibly reiterate your main fences are so to win the twenty nine th one thousand nine hundred years is open championship Steve Palmer. Your Selections Are Rory mcilroy Jon Rahm Louis used his remain Lang. Ask Glenn die and websites and Apron and Carlos Stanley Jeremy Chapman given your outlook columnists weightless could take quite a while on John Rum Patrick Justin Rose Gender Show on Brilliant Weld on nights. I was absolutely superb. Thank you so much Jay. It's been a real pleasure to have you in the studio you an absolute legend I ever fantastic. Wait what you're going to be doing sitting at home and lapping it all up and Bush David will always know. When was the last time you went C.? J. Didn't get done sandwich next CICCONE. You do a wondering if I'm still alive. You'll be there stave. Your is Jeremy touched upon. It's the first time in how many years you haven't been in yeah yeah. Two Thousand Three was Moi. I open at Sandwich so I'm looking forward to getting back to SAM which can't be a bit sandwich notching closed for us so ed I mean we know we're not support rushed him germ last year we look to Airbnb and we were looking at combinations. It's hopeless isn't it none of very expensive mission that so yeah we can afford sandwich next year then chapters and will you be blogging awake Steve or giving joining US regular updates some wrenching post dot com. I'll be doing all I possibly can bruce. You know me fantastic excited. We'll price win money this week things. They've very confident this week very comfortable. I'm confident most weeks and we haven't had a great year but I fancy rory and Rahm really caught strongly yeah excellent Glenn it must be really busy for you is head Honcho of Star Sports Golf Department you in every day or did you get any respite now tomorrow. By old dial the state with the about how pass rate on the on the Gulf coast native here working Friday Saturday on on the side of some back to the conclusions takeaway should be good. I don't even know what the tournaments all next anyone no. We go next week yeah because the W._G._C. now running back for that Steve swanning off somewhere. Now I'm here I'm here. I'm here awake you back next week Glenn.

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